ITT: Mangas that are officially unofficially dead

ITT: Mangas that are officially unofficially dead

It was just getting good too. Been 7 months since an update

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Stop reminding me, it hurts so fucking bad!

How about stop being a little bitch about it. 7 months isn't that much.

I just want more dresses

I wouldnt mind if we got an update on the mangaka's health.

Went to the hospital for an unspecified illness and there has been 0 word since

How long was Iris Zero out?

We all do.

Maybe chapters are still releasing and we just don't know. I just wish DanceFag would give us an update.

Maybe because people realized there is no reason to translate a faggy dance manga


I thought Teppu was dead but it finally came back only to end in like 4 chapters.

Just read Seisuji.

Japanese cold?

take that back

just came here to say

My favorite mangaka was sick for TWO YEARS, and she only just started working again because she's feeling a little better. Instead of resuming the series on hiatus, she's working on a new short series, only releasing PARTS of chapters ONLINE. And that's nothing compared to others, like NANA.
I hope your series continues so you can enjoy it.

Who are you talking about?

>Nobody else will ever draw asses in dresses as well as this mangaka

My fetish is over.

Seriously, what a fucking time to end. The MC and heroine had so much chemistry and the arc was at its peak. Then poof, I had nothing left to read.

I'm really happy that one of my favorites was picked back up after almost 9 months or something.


Oh yeah I remember this. How has it been coming along recently (story wise)?

There has only been one chapter since the drought. So I don't even think I can answer that accurately.

Fuck, what a page. Thanks for the post, I was coincidentally just about to go looking for it after remembering it.

Fuck did it get canceled or shit end? The first volume was about to come out this month..

Didn't the Birdy manga stop getting TL?

It didn't end, but we're not sure if it's been cancelled. The last we heard the mangaka was sick and that we'd be waiting two months at least. If anything we're waiting for Dancefag to give us an update.

Corpse Princess. God damn I need to know what the hell is going on.

She just fuckin. Flies off. Does she find the island? Who knows! Fuck yooouuuuu

Stop. The pain never ends.


Sauce? Reverse search returns nothing.

You are impressively retarded user.


Oc user.

>lie on the ground
>try not to cry
>cry a lot

stop reminding me

I'm sorry user, but we're going to have to remind you as often as possible until we get results.

it fell off after the beginning chapters
still worth the read

>it fell off after the beginning chapters
How so?

>tfw indefinite haitus

>yfw picked this up to kill time over the holidays (last year)
>read it twice in span of a few days
>last chapter was released shortly after
>waiting for new chapter ever since

the pain...

volume 5 came out a couple months back. maigo's just scanlating them as whole volumes come out so it's not really on "hiatus"

Chiichan is perfect in both body and personality
she is already confirmed end game
glasses fags and loli with pads pedos on suicide watch

>only to end in like 4 chapters.
I hated it.

Is the manga dead or just the scanlations?

Just ran across something similar to this. Online manga I had been following abruptly ended. See a message from April on Twitter of the tank coming out, please head if you can, etc. Then she mentions having bronchitis and the flu and not a single tweet in 5 months now...

With all the stuff in the news about this, that, and the other mangaka getting sick/dying, it always makes me a little worried these days when they drop off the face of the earth.

Damn, and I was about to read it too. Oh well.


7 months is nothing
I've been waiting years for a new chapter of HOTD and Iris Zero (This one came back recently)


>a new chapter of HOTD
It's not coming.

Did Kannagi ever recover? I recall the author being sick but stating the manga would continue but last I checked it had barely any chapters after that point.

The mangaka is sick that's why the manga is currently on hiatus for 14 months but the LN is still ongoing and getting translated.

I know its not dead. Just needs to get scanlated till the end.
I think its Tsukasa Hojo's best work. I didnt particularly enjoy Cat's eye or Angel heart and Family compo was just bad I wish I could get back the time I spent reading it.

I feel like the only person reading this one. My Favourite medical isekai manga at the moment.

Fuck you Type-moon.



This manga almost tricked me into taking dance classes.

Beet returned after ten years. Seven months is babies first hiatus.

I am genuinely confused, what's the state after vol. 26?

I want Chiichan to gently take my reins

A old one now ...

author died

Have to correct myself, I meant vol. 27.
I've been waiting for over four years for any news now.

Hagiwara is redrawing early volumes, already nine released. Also he is a lazy cunt who comes from a rich family and tought Togashi everything he knows about hiatus.

>Also he is a lazy cunt
Kinda got that impression from him in his anecdotes.
>Hagiwara is redrawing early volumes, already nine released
Oh fuck man, when did the major artstyle-switch happen? Vol. 20 or something? He's gonna redraw until then?
At least you confirmed that he's still alive.

never gonna happen author is dead iirc

Don't fuckin joke with that nigga

>last chapter was more than 2 years ago
Fuck everything.

This. Are newfags really this soft?

Natsuki Takaya. Bless her frail soul.

>7 months

Babby's first indefinite hiatus?

You were never going to read it anyway. Reading is a massive undertaking in this day and age, especially for underage like you, so no need to make excuses for yourself.


>telling someone to read a dead, unfinished series

>7 months

13 years

Holy fuck I totally forgot about this one. Shame, I liked the main character.

Also, this one:


Did he die? I don't think so?

(You) of course.