Purity Thread

This is a thread for pure things; pure waifus, pure daughterus, things worth protecting from all the evils of the world.

Post pure things, fellow anons.




Nice job. Thread's already ruined.


Fuck you, Galko IS pure.

But user, Galko is a pure girl!




user, we both know this isn't true.

I want to stick it in.

How? Galko is the purest girl ever made.

I know, user. I wanna cook her tasty food too.

My wife is 100% pure. We've been married for four months now.

>being this delusional


The absolute pure, I would fallow him to hell and back



Delete this shit

The Anime director's a lolicon, he made Tsumugi do that.

Manga Tsumugi is purest of them all.

I wanna spoil that creature

Kobato is purest girl



And within two posts the thread is ruined.



She reminds me of Slimer from ghost busters.

Kill yourselves.

My imouto Akari is pure!
pic related


Why is Sakura the purest girl?

she is not pure. case in point:

>wears a skirt while flying around

She was made in a time before CLAMP went balls to the walls nonsensical.

Must protect my daughteru.


>Retarded = pure
user pls

Kobato was such a good anime.

bump for more pureness

Konjiki no yami a Shit
Lisha is The Best
Lala a Shit
Tohka is The Best