Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V

Episode 124: 蘇る幻影騎士団 - Yomigaeru Fantomu Naitsu
(The Revived Phantom Knights)
While searching for Yuzu, who was captured by Serena, Yuya runs into Ruri. While Yuto is rejoiced that Ruri is safe, Ruri suddenly initiates a Duel!

Episode 125: 烈火の竜 - Rekka no Ryū
(The Blazing Dragon)
As Yuya and Yuto try to save Ruri, Serena appears before them. As according to the Doctor’s plan, the Parasite Monsters drive Yuya and Yuto into a corner. Then, something abnormal happens to Yuya!

Episode 126: 悪魔が生まれた日 – Akuma ga Umareta Hi
(The Day the Devil was Born)
As Yuri attempts to turn Sora into a card, Yugo appears before him and challenges Yuri to a Duel. While a fierce battle between Yuri and Yugo unfolds, Yusho, as well as Reiji and others, manage to reach Akaba Leo. Leo begins speaking about the Demon Duelist who leads the world to destruction, as well as the four dragons. What is the reason that the world is divided into four dimensions?


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Xth for Phantom Knights!

Phantom Knights will never fall! No matter how many times you destroy them they will always revive!


I want to join Ute under the sheets


Can we get the animators to go with this?


I just watched the episode.
Well, fuck. The duel was pretty intense, and Yuri is a total psycho. I liked it.

Saying good things about Arc-V is forbidden here.

>linking the old thread
Are we going full general?
Reira looks like he's PTSDing out a little more than usual

Is this a new meme?


I've seen things nii-san
Terrible things

It was one of the most entertaining episodes in a while, shame the japs got triggered harder than tumblr.

The next episode is animated by Hasegawa's squad right? No wonder it looks so bad. I can't wait for 125 and 126.

I guess they're more emotionally attached to Asuka than we ever will.

Crystrons are

>trying hard not to laugh

Oh shit. You're right.

I feel like Arc-V would've work better with Zexal budget, especially with the action fields.


Ebina is doing 125. Good knows who's doing 126.

Any anime would work better with a bigger budget user

I just want Reira to be happy

The best things related to her are porn and Hirume

They look like they're holding their breath

126 is by Toshihiko Masuda. He's one of the best animators you can find, but none of his Arc-V episodes look particularly good so far. He probably isn't doing any work and just has a team working under his name.

user is salty

>Serena and Ruri's pussies destroyed in Ebimation

Couldn't have asked for more

Maybe we're getting an underwater action field


>just has a team working under his name.
That's exactly how it is. They've been in the production cycle since episode 27, and 0 episodes under Masuda's name have looked better than mediocre. Some have been kind of QUALITY, especially if it involves characters moving around. Not the worst team, though.

I was really impressed by their reaction. I didn't think so many people actually liked Asuka.

By the way, how did 2ch and other Japanese fans react to Crow being carded? I'm wondering if their opinions on the legacy characters are the opposite of ours. I mean, save for a people, most western fans I see are glad they're getting sent their way.

Egao ga soko ni aru kagiri

Enjoy a shitty shop

It's just one more thing on a long list of stuff the show has done to fuck over GX. Anniversary series are supposed to celebrate the older series and their lore but this show only really celebrates 5Ds with Zexal getting some love too.

Yuya is such a great big brother. Unlike a certain bespectacled literally who.

>Are we seriously supposed to pretend to take Ruri seriously?

>lost to Little Fairy


True , but late Zexal looks pretty much like movie quality sometimes.

thank you user

Shun calm down, Yusei christ

>Kaito has almost none of his chuuni flair
>Ciphers are useless, almost offensively ugly, and don't even compliment his Zexal archetypes
No one wins.

It looks really great for a TV anime, but movie quality is like DSoD or Koe no Katachi nowadays. With god-tier CGI and cinematography.

Wanna keep on shinin'!

Being an anniversary series sure is hard, huh...

Really, I would be ok with just passable looking stills even if there's not a lot of motion (which is pretty limited in Yugioh anyway). In Arc-V, it can't even manage that much a lot of the time.

Also Zexal had good production values for a tv Yugioh, but let's not push it, the show was still obviously way more limited in its animation. But there was some marginal effort in making it feel more dynamic and animated than it actually was.

Who is Shun?

Not at a base, no

Not really. It is very good and more importantly consistent for a TV anime nowadays, but it's not up there with movies.

So is this how he got Super Poly?

Kaito wins tons of duels and even beats named characters. The GX duo haven't beaten a single named character and Edo hasn't won at all with no way of winning in sight. Kaito, Crow and Jack all beat named characters and strong duelists. Edo and Asuka don't win shit and are used as fodder to named characters on top of having their personalities drained.

Not really. Gokaiger is celebrated for having so much love for old series. So much so that actors from old Sentai were begging to be in it for multiple reasons. The cameo characters were so good that the Gokaigers themselves got shafted in development but he fans were happy because of how good the previous characters were. Gundam Build Fighters too. Even Kamen Rider Decade gets some credit. Then you have cameo characters appearing in many recent sentai which are usually really popular episodes.

This show is just shit with all characters.

So does anybody have any idea or guesses on how Arc-V is going to finish ?

user Yuri isnt a slut ok

so nips only love DM and GX, we should trigger them hard and make Jounouchi/Kaiba get a cameo and job hard

>Then you have cameo characters appearing in many recent sentai which are usually really popular episodes
That three-team dino-crossover was hype.

Why do you talk like you have any say in what happens in the show?

his Mom's boyfriend works at Konmoni

>we should trigger them hard and make Jounouchi/Kaiba get a cameo and job hard
So basically no different from how they were in DM?
I don't think these two have ever beaten an important character in all of DM, just fodder nobody cares about.


So where can one find DSoD anyway?

Doesn't seem to be on nyaa and I need something decent after the last few episodes.

Wait for the bluray.

That's one of the ways the filler screws with them. Without that, Kaiba lost 3 times (against Yugi) and Jonouchi helps in a lot of games early on and only loses at cards twice, once against Yugi and again after passing out from pain.
Probably not until 2017.

I think the DvDs and Blurays come out in 2017

>Yuri isnt a slut ok
If Yuri takes to the bedroom like he takes to dueling, then I'm going to have to disagree.

That face is yelling incest

BD in March 2017.

Shun seems like the kind of guy that would just hug her tightly if she said that and not let go even if she struggled until she gave up, apologized, and hugged him back.

no he is pure

Noh is my fucking hero.

>Yuri wanting fuck
He wants everyone to die so he can be the strongest. No sex, just good old fashioned genocide.

Holy shit. Is it happening?

Is there an another with this kind of perspective ? Pic related

Mah Gawd

This perspective was used in BBT, if that's what you mean.

Maybe. Could just be Noh drawing shit. He seems to like the idea of the ruris being brainwashed.

I was certain Yuzu would be brainwashed and duel Yuya, but since he's dueling Ruri and Serena and Hitotsu Ni related things will start happening, I'm not so sure anymore.

Shit I forgot a word, I meant another anime. I feel like I only see that in yugioh. It's an awesome perspective, It's pretty dynamic.

>Yuzu has cowtits at age of 14
damn nigga

Hugs solve everything.

This pleases me.

>using poly on Yuzu and Asuka

Well she's filling out Asuka's old cloths. Just imagine her in a few years.

You sometimes see it used when a character is running, though it's a little more common to be a similar angle at the face.
I agree that the perspective is aeesome, and it makes me hate cartoon princi0les that limit cinematography in the west.

So why didn't Yuri rip off Asuka's card?

and so according to staff word, Yuto would come up to about here?

muh fuken dik holy shit

Anyone else hyped to see Yuya and Reiji rocking out? I'm pumped to get the ARC-V Best. Theme music was great.

What is this ?

>all that hype over the Yugi vs Kaiba duel
>it's literally just 10 minutes long and Yugi gets cheated out of his win anyways.
I should have known to never trust Konami, Yuya vs Reiji 2 was better than that.

of course

Yuto's hair would be reaching their ankles.

One of the Vocal Best albums with all the songs from the series.

Each series has an album with all the OP/ED songs. DM includes the Pyramid of Light song, and 5D's includes the insert songs.

I want to see it.

>He seems to like the idea of the ruris being brainwashed.
That's because they're even more boring otherwise

>that terrible german
I am triggered.

You haven't even seen it.


Neither have the anons who praise the movie.

That's because he knows if the brainwashing was truly undone, Ruri would bend him over and start fucking him.

is that why he befriended Yuto in the first place?


Leo being the nice guy he is gave him a vacation instead of firing him

Having someone to take the burden off his asshole certainly helps.

There are clips of it everywhere and it's just Yugi outplaying every single of Kaiba's glass cannon dragons.
>Blue-eyes dies to a trap card
>Chaos MAX dies to Magician Girls
>Deep-eyes dies to Neo Gandora
>Yugi then banishes everything in the graveyard and summons Dark Magician to attack for game

From a critical standpoint I agree with you.

But they tickle a few fetishes of mine so my dick doesn't let me think too hard about it.

does someone have that webm of kaiba minusing hard to summon neo dies to castel dragon

Well I'm betting he's getting an early return call from the Professor now that's figured out that Yuri was never house broken properly.

I want Yuri to interact with Serena!

She looks older. Timeskip confirmed??? ARC-V 2 Confirmed???

She looks pretty bad desu.
>Bpring face
>Big boobs

>hurr durr the result of the duel is more important than the lessons each duelist takes away from their respective battle

This is what's wrong with YGO nowadays.

Zexal has that kind of perspective in a lot of duels.
The Zexal guy who made that worked in the Movie thats why it has them too

"Reminder that Yugo was originally meant to work for Roger so tabs could be kept on Rin until Leo made a move, but because Director Ono wanted 5D's characters back Yugo's backstory had to be changed and a large portion of our episodes have been rushed with characters only fully speaking in one episode at a time. It's also why Rin wears jewelry and Yugo's bike and clothes are so pristine despite being Commons.

"Jack and Crow replaced Shinji and an unknown character who were supposed to be friends as Commons along with Damon and Tony. The Friendship Cup was a tag tournament where the Commons would have a chance to participate and "prove their bonds are anything but Common," with the finalists having to duel against duelists of the Council's choosing -- always ending in defeat for the Commons. Yugo and Rin were supposed to be the player killers for Shinji and Jack's character. The Jack replacement used a deck that requires heavy Life Point sacrifice, and instead of losing with Shinji he sacrificed Shinji's LP so he could beat Yugo and Rin and become King, while leaving Shinji to go back to Commons as a failure. Yugo was supposed to have a rivalry with the Jack replacement for being humiliated in such a way, and Shinji was meant to call the Jack replacement a traitor for literally stabbing him in the back instead of "not doing anything for the Commons" as it is now. The Jack character was Kamishiro's self-insert, because of the color-name puns. Shinji Webber is now instead Crow's friend and was trying to revolt against the Tops for no legitimate reason (because Shinji is Kamishiro's design and there's no other way to use him).

"Just a reminder that the Friendship Cup was supposed to be much shorter because it WAS a tag tournament as a callback to 5D's WRGP, but it was used as a singles because the animators were scrambling to get all of the episodes fixed due to DSoD taking animators and the production company being unable to pay certain big-name seiyuu."

He will return to duel Yuya again and he will get Egao. Its obvious

That doesn't make it a bad duel. I don't understand why people are complaining about the dragons losing to strategy and that clip didn't show the end of the duel. It went up to Yugi summoning Gandora. Duels are about the emotions the characters feel as well as the actual game being played. One of Arc-V's biggest problems duelwise is that there is no emotional investment in the duels.

What the fuck is this, and who wasted time typing it

Reminder that this isn't proven or based on facts.

all I know is, Banana is qt but dumb

>Just a reminder that the Friendship Cup was supposed to be much shorter because it WAS a tag tournament as a callback to 5D's WRPG

makes a hell of a lot more sense than what we got

I think it showed up in other series a few times at least, including all the way back in DM. Except for possibly GX

>tfw you were hyped for this card since it had cool artwork and all it needed was the effects to see how they improved over the original vanilla.
Never getting hyped for Nostalgia products ever again. It's literally an infinitely worse Chimeratech Rampage Dragon.

I want to believe.

This is why we can't have nice things.

A bullshit post from the archive.

nostalgiafags please go and stay go

>thinking it would be good
>when Konami still owns this game

Good things will never happen as long as Konami is around

I can't believe Asuka tried to turn Yuri good. Fuck that whore glad she died

who rustled your jimmies?

>lvl 8 Blue-Eyes Ritual is better than the lvl 12 Blue-Eyes fusion retrain
literally what the fuck konami

I wish Yuri ripped her card off.

If the friendship cup would have been a tag tournament, which Lancers would have tagged with which?

Since when did it take being a nostalgifag to not trust bullshit on Cred Forums without a source?

>"Just a reminder that the Friendship Cup was supposed to be much shorter because it WAS a tag tournament as a callback to 5D's WRGP, but it was used as a singles because the animators were scrambling to get all of the episodes fixed due to DSoD taking animators and the production company being unable to pay certain big-name seiyuu."

This last part sounds rather plausible, even if it is just made up bullshit like the rest of the post.

The name firendship cup and the early emphasis given on Yugo and Rin entering together make more sense for a tag tournament.

Sawatari and Serena would be nice , and make sense with the 4th ending.

I can't tell what was worse. Yuri's shitty sob story or Asuka trying to EGAO him.

I just find stupid that she tried to make Yuri who is a complete lunatic a ally. Bitch wanted to turn the only decent ARC-V villain into a pussy. FUCK HER.
Goddammed fuck her. Hope she never returns

Snack Princess and Snack Butler
Yuya and Gon
Shun and Bennis
Ninjabro and Reira
Reiji and Scarf-kun

>sawatari and gong
>dennis and shun
>serena and yuya
>yugo and yuzu
>tony and ayy lmao guy
>crow and shinji
>sergey and ni ni nana


>the Lancers acted more like a team in the ED than in the actual show


>Yuri's shitty sob story
Was it really that shitty? Fucker was just saying how everyone feared him and he was completely fine with that because he wants to kill everyone

No it doesn't sound plausible because the movie was being worked on years in advance. Animators weren't taken from the show just when it started getting advertised.

>Shingo having a shit ton of sugar packets
>Yuya thinkgn of Yuzu with a citrus drink
>Serena being the only person eating
It's the little things that count

>I was too strong of a duelist, dueling was fun, no one wanted to be my friend, everyone avoided me, but that chick, she's also a strong duelist, yet everyone woos her, fuck I hate everyone REEE, Leo gave me a reason to card people even though I have my own reasons now.

>Good things will never happen as long as Konami is around
>what is Cyber Dragon Infinity
>what is Masked HERO Dark Law
>what is Netabyss the Atlantean Prince
>what is Gofu the Hazy Shadow
>what is Galaxy-eyes Cipher Dragon
>what is Treatoad
Konami can make anything good when they want to.
This one card powercreeped the entire Blue-eyes deck in the OCG now that burgesstoma got imported.

Nah, it's just the cliche "OH THEY HATE ME BECAUSE I'M A MONSTER WAHHHH ILL KILL THEM INSTEAD" Yuri is just a "broken" kid who never experienced any genuine human interaction and decides to kill others as a way of giving his life purpose. He's basically a shitty Gaara from Naruto.

The Friendship Cup could've been like pic related

It was cliche as fuck and rushed. It's easy to see him getting egaoed since his problem early on was having no friends because he was too good. Yuya will relate by saying people hated him because of his dad. Yuri randomly having backstory with Asuka was forced too. They had to try and make the duel personal because both characters were so underused that they barely have a personal connection to any other character on the show.

typical person was too strong and everyone avoided him therefore him becoming a loner yet someone else who was also "strong" had friends, fuck this world

Did you even read the script?
Yuri never cared about being friends with people. He was happy carding people and being the strongest. Leo told him about the ARC Area Project, where he could card anyone he wanted. Obviously Yuri jumped on board, realizing he only felt happy when he beat people. Now he's turned into a complete psychopath, only satisfied when he can kill and card everybody in the entire universe so he can be called the strongest.

Wanna be the perfect

I thought some animation directors did leave, or at least decrease their arc-v workload to help working in DSoD.

Well, good to know I was wrong then. Bonds Beyond Time didn't reapeat itself.

I'm dreading the prospect of Yuya reaching out to him and doing the
>you were really just lonely all this time, like ME!
>I know your pain 100%, look at what an empathetic soul I am
>even though I grew up knowing my parents, Gon, Yuzu, and Shuzo back then
and then egaoing Yuri.

>Yuri: As far as I know, I’m just an Academia student.
>I don’t know any relatives, nor did I have any friends.
>The only time I can connect with someone is when I Duel them.
>It was fun defeating my opponents through Dueling…
>I was so strong that people resented me…
>Eventually, nobody even bothers approaching me.
>That time…
>A man known as the Professor called out to me.
>The Professor told me that when the Arc Area Project begins,
>I can Duel as much as I like, and I can turn the people I defeated into cards.
It seemed more like he had fun dueling, and wanted to keep on dueling and having fun, but no one wanted to duel him since he was too strong, therefore him becoming lonely

naw, Yuyas more the type to let his dueling do most of the talking now

Yeah i kind of agree. Its cliche as fuck but at least Yuri doesn't act like Gaara or and edgy loner like Sasuke for example. He is funny and likes to kill for fun. Ih he were serious all the time i wouldn't like it but the guy is full of life and happiness like a kid in a candy store. He is a different type of Cliche so i can give it a pass

This fucking retarded-looking toad powercreeped just about everything in its niche, too.

He's just a boi that wants to play Duel Monsters

I wanna ruffle that hair

None of the notable regulars on DSOD (like Noh) really 'left' for Arc-V. They had DSOD as their main priority as soon as their work on Zexal was over, and did some Arc-V work to help out occasionally. But a huge portion of existing staff up and leaving in the middle of the show was never the case.

The in-house guys that were mainly on Arc-V from the start (like Ebina) had DSOD as their 2nd priority and were invited to do a little little key animation, but again, didn't sacrifice their job on Arc-V for that.

His desire to duel and constant search for a challenging opponent make it sound like he would enjoy losing or something.



Exactly. We can already see him turning. He'll find Yuya's dueling entertaining and fun. It won't even take as many episodes as it took BB to turn.

That's a big forehead.

Next episode is gonna be full of QUALITY.

It's going to be like 117. Full of QUALITY but with a few moments making it worth it.



Subs out yet?

I haven't watched Arc-V since 109 because of work but keep tabs on what's going on but I now have no desire to continue on.

Fuck Yuri he's just a poor man's Vector.

>fuck yuri
He seems more like a top to me. Insane powerbottom.
>poor man's vector
no, vector is vector.

Yes. In Chinese.


The lack of Synchro Reiji definitely shows that the Synchro Dimension was rewritten

> Synchro-Reiji got shafted this hard.
I don't even care if this is fake, it sounds way better than what we got.

What's happening with subtitles as of late? Last I checked monosubs is usually late, but never this late. Then PoS subs are riddled with shitty grammar and incorrect translations, but I can at least get by with what little jap speak I understand and yugimons to still enjoy the series.

They weren't aiming for Vector. I can't even compare him to other Yugioh villains. Yuri is a hyped up character who scares other villains with just the thought of him. We haven't really gotten someone like that before. Sadly he's been handled like shit and has a bland backstory that sets up him becoming good.

>what could have been

>these clowns are doing the 6th OP


no clue. If it gets too bad I'll rip the gooksubs and run them through google translate, and load them here as arc v's duwang

I'm surprised they seem to have dedicated fans (if they aren't their moms/relatives).

Arc-V handles both its cast and its OPs the worst

those aren't necessarily good things

Current year... heh. Current date! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

This isn't looking good



I think they won a contest or something.

I'll wait and see the opening before complaining.
Before Dualism of Mirrors debuted as a opening I thought I'd hate it. Turned out to be my favorite Zexal opening.

I know Reira,

I know


Are we going to have a rap this time? I'm assuming it'll debut on episode 126

I liked Dualism way more for the visuals than the actual song. The vocals were so mediocre. Before Yuuki Aoi fans get mad at me, I like her as a seiyuu, just not as a singer.

Still better than Light of Nope, though

I'm hoping studio mixing can save them.
A lot of new idols, male and female alike, are absolutely terrible at lives but their studio stuff is passable.

I like her even as a singer. Her Symphogear songs are alright. It's the other chick I dislike.

And that's partially what I meant, the visuals are a big part of an opening to me.

That's true, but it just inspires more faith if they were older than ~14 and decent by themselves.

>Help! Our budget ran out but we're only 1/2 way through mixing the song!
>FUCK IT! Just release it anyway. These fujos will buy anything YGO and the burgers will steal it anyways


Reiji pls

Yuzu looks very confused.


OP are you going to continue this? Because I suggest just to put this week's summary and cast list to make it more convenient. That's just me though.

>Yuri is a hyped up character who scares other villains with just the thought of him.
And they're still trying to push this shit by having Leo freak out about him despite him having done fuck all.

Reiji is a player

Since this is their fist (somewhat) big job I'm hoping whatever label or producer is behind these guys put some effort into making a good tune to mask these guys obvious lack of talent. Then we maybe have a chance of getting something ok.

I hope at least the visuals are better than the current opening, if nothing else. I liked the visuals of the previous ones.

That one is an okay song.

how did it powercreep blue eyes?
Basically treetoad encourages you to make bahamut shark the deck.

You really need to listen to more music

>Don't duel me or my Reira ever again

Weeks later and I'm still aroused by this face.

Go back to your cave, Reiji.

me 3

I'm still aroused by that episode in general.
Not only her expressions, but her voice tone too.

I hope Ruri in the next episode gives off a similar feel.


>Nice nails

Are we sure isn't true.

pretty sure


It's not difficult to build a plausible narrative like that around random elements of any show without it being true.

Treatoad is his own deck with Frogs or Burgesstoma.
Blue eyes stopped topping as of late in the OCG and is all but dead now

Treatoad is the property of Heroes Incorporated.

Just use some actually arranged video, than recordings of live performances and everything immediately looks much better.
For example if OP will sound like this:
I will be OK with that.


Tretoad is CD Infinity for Heroes, Burgesttoma and Mermail/Atlantean

Who are Xyz and Fusion Reiji supposed to be?

No one. This is a stupid meme from back when we didn't know shit about the dimensions and assumed everyone had a counterpart. And Shun was Reiji's.
By the time these arcs rolled around most people had already stopped looking for patterns in the clouds like that.

Next series is Build Fighters.
Supports older archetypes and has players play every mechanic.
Would you watch it?

They just tried that and it was shit. You also posted the bad Build Fighters.

Who was just a poor man's Bakura.

Now that was a big disappointment. Bandai trying to replicate the first BF sucess without the same staff and clearly with people who did not understand why the first was a hit in the first place.

At least it gave me one of the most fappable characters in years. Despite her shit developement during the series, I will never be able to not love Fumina

Fumina actually developed backwards. The fact I actually liked her to begin with just made her devolving into nothing but a pretty face was just one of many things that rubbed how disappointing Try was in.

Not unlike Arc-V, really.

I think Try was far, far worse than Arc-V. Even at it's worst Arc-V can snuck in a few good moments,

Try was just escalating disappointment with each passing week. I know some people here are extremely sour towards Arc-V, but to me it never reached quite the point of disappointment Try reached. I can still find some enjoyment in watching Arc-V like with every YGO before it.

Thinking about Try just makes me sad and torn apart by the fact I liked the first BF, I liked the Try characters at the beginning (Fumina in the first 5 or so episodes was fucking great. And Sekai was bearable), but the show actively went out of it's way to shit everything. Arc-V is just clumsy and incompetent.

Sent the post too early because I'm sleepy.
Arc-V is just clumsy and incompetent, it feels like they know what they want to do but can't do execution for shit.
Try was an empty travesty of everything that made Build Fighters great. And Arc-V never really became that for Yu-Gi-Oh. It's a whole other level of disappointment.

Did monosubs ragequit?

>just tried that and it was shit
Miami Championship, Friendship Cup and Academia survival duel are shit tier anyway.
You have to admit that Standard was comfy as fuck the only thing that fucked this series is the egao my villain to death and dimension hopping faggotry.

It just makes Leo look kind of silly and oblivious, reacting like that to his own close subordinate

Oh yeah, I absolutely agree. While Arc-V's flashes of brilliance during the sloggy and shitty parts are actually satisfying, even Try's good moments are just disappointing in their own way like Minato proving he would've been a far better main cast member literally every time he shows up to the point where Yuuma is literally portrayed as the antagonist during Minato's episode. It's really something else.

I haven't seen a single flash of brilliance in Arc-V in a long time.

Next series is arc-vi. We get Yuya's and Yuzu's daugther.
How would you feel?

This. There was Rin's 1-2 cool moments I guess. But brilliant?

No dumbass

I never said there was one recently. The closest would probably be Rin, yeah.

Terrible. Arc-V needs to be forgotten about after it ends and sequels starring the kids of characters are shit.

Arc-V will be remembered. Not necessarily for good reasons, though.

>sequels starring the kids of characters are shit.
That Aila and Reiji's daughter and she is just minor character.

I know who she is but she doesn't really go with the post she was in. A sequel to Arc-V would break even more records for low viewership and the writing for Arc-V is already bad enough. It doesn't need more time. The next series is going back to basics with no ties to previous series. Probably will only have Ritual, Fusion and the new summoning method too.

What is it then Smartass?

Man. I'm so ready to see those first images of the next series at the end of December, if they come.

Why don't find out yourself you baby

Just downloaded YGO, any beginner decks? Is it possible to get MAXIMUM OVEREGAO deck?

Just use the starter deck if you have literally no idea what you're doing.

Arc-V has 20-25 episodes left. I have no doubt they'll fuck the pacing with these episodes. BB just got 4 so I expect something else unimportant to get a large group of episodes.



Why did we need BB, Sanders, Jacob, Emma, Bernie, Ted, and Ethan again?

Who knows, BB may actually return.

BB's voiced in the next episode so he might do something. Could just be a flashback though.

Those cheeks are begging to be pinched.

I doubt he's coming back without Jack and co.

So this is the final season of Arc-V?

Final season started 23 episodes ago.


Does Yuya even share anything with his dad? Holy fuck

hairstyle, that's pretty much it

He must have been on his way to becoming a cute girl only to have a dick at the last minute of Yoko's pregnancy


Yuya is Male! MALE!

Explain his cute feminine face and fat juicy butt then professor Oaks

there's a penis in there somewhere

inb4 "yes,mine"

Its not gay if I pound his boipussy so hard that he stops struggling and submits to his fate as a girl right?


If his D-Wheel somehow gets rebuilt, do you think he'll finally get those added missiles like he originally planned?


He's going to get it modified so the D-wheel can fly by a giant robot made from the 3 most painful points in his life. Then our boy Yugo is going go Syper Saiyan Gold in across the four dimensions as he Delta Accel Synchro Summon with the 3 other dragons.

>Delta Accel Synchro Summon
isn't it limit over accel synchro that turns you gold

make galaxy-eyes deck to get started

Am I EGAO Jesus yet?

OERD when?

Believe it or not,it's been confirmed that Professor Chronos is a straight man.

Just to know, what happened to episodes 122-123? I can't even find the raw version for episode 123.

The person who usually uploades the raws has been having problems encoding HD Raws for the past week, which means no HD Raws anytime soon. Mono currently is working on the 480p ones.

Mono became so fast when PoS started releasing the episodes. Oh well, I'll just have to wait.

Which of the Cast's Cardfus is your favorite?

I admit it, I love Serena a lot, and her Luna-Lights are pretty much the best ones for my tastes.
The Dancers are pretty much the best looking ones, a Belly-Dancer Cat, a Lewd-Brown-Skin Phanter, and the Lewd-Legs&Outfit Lio.

>I can't even find the raw version for episode 123.
It counts as RAW unless you read Chinese

123 Script here you can follow along with:

>no one posting what we've waited for for ages

more jewzu

super sneaky shun and sawatari


>That scarf

Just looking makes my ankles feel cold.

>Buying food for Yuya

Calm down Jewzu. You aren't married yet.

But it was one of those 4-hour only sales! You know discount bargains like that don't summon themselves everyday.

Why is Yuri's secret of being so cute?

since it's the manga wouldn't it be
>But it was one of those 4-hour only sales! You know discount bargains like that don't summonS themselves everyday.


>dem thigh
>dem armpit

Duel when?

Is this metagaming?

I took a break during the time EP106 aired, so I'm sure someone already made this but I didn't want to have to /r/ it, so here.

Serena and Yuri tag duel when?

Serena is kill in two weeks

ALL Ruri v. ALL Yuus Battle Royale when?

4 vs 3 isn't very fair, user.

I can already hear the "He's alone, just like I was, so I'll be his friend."


Just give Yuya two Duel Disks and let him Mind Shuffle.

Nah, it'd be 3v3. Ruri lost to Sayaka, so she's basically a non-factor.

You mean 2v3.
Ruri and Serena are getting CHINS up their pussies in 125.

On top of that, Yuzu is a useless damsel, so it's not like she'll matter.

So it's confirmed. Rin is the best Ruri.

Bell Pepper a shit.

Will they celebrate their new found friendship with 'fusion'?

Keikaku doori

Poly, Power Bond, Dark Fusion, Future Fusion, Super Poly, you name it.

I'm still not convinced Reiji is the odd Akaba out with Leo & Himika secretly working together and Reira's brainwashing has made him a Manchurian candidate-sleeper agent with a trigger phrase.

>tfw no good use for Power Bond

I wonder what their Future Fusion would spawn

Ancient Gears will be able to make use of it, and might have to since most of their new Fusions have low attack.



Tell me about Yuya, why does he wear a pendant?

>they're not tsun to each other anymore
>next time they just keep at it without any care of what some says

>“Deck Destruction Virus of Shadows”
>Normal Trap
>Tribute 1 Dark Monster with 2000 or more DEF; check your opponent’s hand, all monsters they control, and all cards they draw until the end of their 3rd turn after this card’s activation, and destroy all those monsters with 1500 or less DEF.

>this will get the Secret treatment
>only riches will have it
>no fun ever again
You know it's gonna happen

Lots of loyalty for a EGAO gun

He is a big gay

i have a job to support my hobbie, so i dont care

>hard to get
you have no idea what release crush card was like do you. We're never going back to that level of rarity for a staple. Not to mention viruses aren't even that good anymore, especially that one.

I heard that there is a Japanese Asuka fanboy on 2ch that wants to destroy Yuri for killing his 'waifu'.

you're slow Cred Forums


Cannot be Special Summoned.
1. If this card is Normal Summoned or flipped face-up: You can target 1 face-up monster on the field; Treat that monster as a Spirit monster, and it is returned to the hand during the End Phase.
2. Once per turn, during the End Phase, if this card was Normal Summoned or flipped face-up this turn: Return it to the hand.

影のデッキ破壊ウイルス(Literally translates to “Deck Destruction Virus of Shadows”, yes, it’s a virus trap)
Normal Trap
1. Tribute 1 Dark Monster with 2000 or more DEF; check your opponent’s hand, all monsters they control, and all cards they draw until the end of their 3rd turn after this card’s activation, and destroy all those monsters with 1500 or less DEF.

>this is happen by episode 10
All those potential

-10 spell when

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>can turn your opponent's monsters into Spirits for removal

Too bad it targets, but still kinda neat

Will the XYZ Resistance ever return? Although now that i think about it Yuya already turned half Academia in allies so maybe there won't be any need for them to appear after all.


If Grell Sutcliff from 'Black Butler' was a character in GX in what dorm would he be?

When this is all over, they better adopt the candy boy.

How many would join standards yusho xuel school

After watching Shun Vs Ruri i can tell Shun was always a asshole even before the War. Maybe living with Shun was literal hell for Ruri until she met Yuto.

Yuya - tomato
Yuto - eggplant
Yugo - banana
Yuri - cabbage
What are the bracelet girls then?

That's why I love birdman. He is the kind of guy that could card an entire school and listened to linking park. Thank the gods that the war happened.

>until she met Yuto.

>turn opponent's monsters into spirits
>Legacy of Yata-Garasu to draw 2

oh shit secret tech

Favorite summon method


Yuzu - Citrus
Ruri - Plumps/Grapes/Purple Fruit
Rin - Green Apple
Selena - Blueberry


To this day, I still don't know why people call Yuzu Citrus. I may be ignorant on this one, but as far as I know, a pink citric fruit doesn't exist.

Look at what's on her fan handle.

A Yuzu is japanese a fruit similar to an orange

Yuzu literally means Citrus, the lemon kind.


He is dead now so it will never happened just like with Yuri x Dennis

Baka kouhai

So I'm catching up on my yu gi oh watching, and I saw these Thorn prisoner cards today. They kind of look like creatures Bakura or Marik would use. Which made me wonder, what modern cards could you see characters from the original series use in there decks? Could also be cards from booster packs if you feel like discussing this.

Yuzu is a pink lemon (the abridged series said it best).

Motherfucker, does this look pink to you? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuzu

Would Yuzu make a great mom?

I can't hear you.





How dead is Ruri in 125?

As dead as the ratings.

Already happened

if dead you mean somehow bracelet-kun and yuzu conveniently arrive at the scene then probably not

In more ways than one

yes senpai (?)


Post a cute innocent-looking little cabbage.


Is it just me or would the whole super polymerization reveal would have worked better if Yuri was against Shun and Sora?
>They both would have one their many ace's which would be Dark types thinking they have Yuri on the ropes, then all of a sudden he uses it to bring out Starve Venom.

One of these two will die by the time the next OP comes out. Who will it be??


Why is no one talking about how Leo was surprised when Yuri didn't want to be friends with Asuka?

Sauce pls


Learn gook speak.

Is it just me or did it seem pointless that Dennis carded himself for the sake of rushed drama after flat out seeing how Academia is at this point very easy to make a Heel-Face turn in an instant after one damn duel?

Leo was more surprised of how incredibly crazy Yuri really is or him may/may not be the Demon Duelist they've been talking about.

Okay, about to download Gook subs.

Is there at least a translated script out yet? If not, when can we expect RAWs? I feel I know enough "anime Japanese" that I can watch it but I don't want to be REKT if the RAW is coming out later today and subs tomorrow.

I will never forgive the writers for what they've done to her and the rest of the original casts for the sake of nostalgia and plot they wasted so much time on.

if you read the announcement of the delayed raqs you'd know that subs won't be out for at least 2 weeks so feel free to download it now

More than rushed drama i think it was the writers trying to get rid of characters for more Yus screentime.
Examples: Asuka and Crow next one is Jack

I liked it, but it would've been nice to hear or see some more concrete reason for him to stick with Academia for so long instead of just running off at the first sight of entame unlike pretty much everyone else. Not saying Yuuri, but I'm saying Yuuri-

You mean Demon Duelist vs Semen Demon Duelist?

Him getting carded by Yuuri would have probably been better, plus that would have been more for Dennis character for trying to redeem himself rather carding himself (which in my opinion gives too much of a cowards impression of running away).

They just saved Jack. If he was going next he'd have died already. The fact that Jack has another duel lined up is stupid.

Jack at that time and even here pretty much existed to ham on how much Yuya is EGAO Messiah.

Arc-V is a perfect metaphor of the book of revelations.

Its obvious that Yuri will be the one to kill Jack. Then Yuya will get to duel him and turn him an ally

>delayed two weeks?

Why? Any earthquake again?


Pardon my fujo, but I was thinking more along the lines of Dennis not wanting to leave Academia because of Yuuri. Not wanting to leave or turn against someone would be good enough reason to stick with Academia.

Personally I think the way he carded himself fits his character very well. He was always stuck between entertainment and Academia and thus ultimately couldn't choose either of them. I just wish that his death would've had a bit more impact. Maybe someone other than narrator-Asuka will mention it one day.

What would be funny if they had Yuri vs Yuya duel while both have their dragons out:
Jack invades activating a penalty while summoning his dragon
>Jack: Do you know who I am? I'm Jack Atlas
>Yuri: I don't care. But now I activate Super Polymerization combining by Starve Venom and your Red Deamon's dragon to form ??? Now I attack you. *Jack's LP is 0*
>Jack: Sakaki Yuya, remember to EGAO *Jack is carded*

Have you read revelations? The parallels are quite obvious.

>I just wish that his death would've had a bit more impact. Maybe someone other than narrator-Asuka will mention it one day.
The reason why it never did fit was basically because he had very little interaction with the team and his reveal as a traitor really didn't leave much impact. You'd think Reiji giving him a shit ton of pendulum's in comparison with his other Lancers knowing he was a spy would end up biting them in their asses if Fusion ever invaded but that became a wasted opportunity. He also sad he felt bad for betraying Shun as well when even the latter flat out suspected/knew him about from the started and ended up pissing him off after their second duel revealing he was involved with Ruri's kidnapping and green-lit an invasion by choice.

Holy fuck i can read this

What are the chances of seeing all Ruris and Yus as parents in the end?

Holy shit what is that theme

0, thank the fucking lord.

Yeah, I know how irrelevant he was in the grand scheme of things, but a Dennisfag can always dream, you know...

well then what does it say?

50%, or we see or we don't.

Seriously. People need to remember what they're watching. This is Yugioh. You aren't getting kids from the protags. 5Ds is the only series with a time skip and there are no couples in it. The Yus and Ruris barely interact in series anyway aside from Yuya and Yuzu.

I can't believe based Yuri almost died to a literal who. Oh well at least it wasn't his real deck

>I was merely pretending!

There's nothing wrong with that, it's just incredibly sad that the writers are now rushing as much as they go along after they finally realized(or at least I hope) how much they fucked up. The BB arc and it's poor ratings in general was a guaranteed result of all of that.

Yuri is a better entamate than Yuya. Look at this spectacle, getting cornered on purpose to make a stupendous come back.

I'd settle for decent raws

Nyaa still only has 121

But I like Vector more than Bakura though.

>The Yus and Ruris barely interact in series anyway aside from Yuya and Yuzu.
The funny thing is, Yuzu was pretty much the only bracelet girl that actually had more onscreen interaction with the other Yu's compared to her counterparts(not counting flashbacks). Her over interactions with Yuri could have probably been used as more of trying to get to know him or understand before she finds out how messed up he is but instead the writers used bracelet-kun for him without trying to make any limitations leading to this rushed including of Yuri and restraint for Yuzu.


Anyone noticed how the background for yuri's super poly looked like there where cards on it. maybe it was fuelled by carded people

Yuto's deck must be pretty strong if it can beat both Ruri and Serena who are power up. If it wasn't for Ruri coming back for a bit Shun would have lost

You're seeing things, man.


>If it wasn't for Ruri coming back for a bit Shun would have lost
That itself seemed like nothing more than an excuse for Shun to win after constantly getting beat/injured only to have him passed out. It probably would have been best if Brainwashed!Ruri did win after ranting on about her wanting her own independence, tries to proceed in carding him only then the real Ruri finally regain her consciousness.


Honestly, though, while it may have been the parasite skewing her perception of the relationship, Ruri came off as having genuine problems with the way Shun treated her sometimes.

It was a pretty bad message.

Well shit
I didn't even notice that

Serena and Ruri is most likely going to give his deck a run for its money. To which it'll end with Yuya pulling out that Edgy Odd Eyes dragon, Killing Serena and Ruri along the process

Must be an Arc-V Super Polymerization effect

What if Yuya absorbs them like he did with Yuto?

Now fuck you two

Why does Yuri have super poly in the first place?

That gay af nigga

Shock value, poor writing, disrespect, etc

Poor Ruri. Her brother treats her like shit no wonder Yuto will be the one to get her back completely. Brotherly love my ass no one can beat the dick of a Yu

>Shock value, poor writing, disrespect, etc
2chan please go be mad somewhere else

It's just a regular, if very rare, card in Arc-V.
It's the same way Jack DOUBLE TUNING's without being a Signer, and Shun/Yuto Rank Up without Astral/Barian/Yuma/Tron energy

Ruri is dead nigga.

japan plz

He's too stupid to lose.

>Implying it wont be a jobber like Odd-Eyes Rebellion

Place your bets:
How is this going to attack?


Odd Eyes Rebellion won its first duel against the jobberlisk force. Ruri and Serena are jobbers, so it makes sense for it to obliterate them.

We have Ebina animating the attack, so something good.


>We have Ebina animating the attack
But it'll probably be cgi


Why didn't Antiku Gia have CGInanone?

Either CHINS or Raisen no strike bursto x100

He already lost to Rin but i honestly believe that he will get absorbed by Yuri. Think about it. Yuri's backstory screams of Egao. Yuya will be the one to defeat Yuri not Yugo

Legit I wouldn't be surprised if starts breathing out molten lava since the episode is called Blazing Dragon.

Yuya and Yuto destroying Ruri and Serena's pussy in Ebina animation. What else can you ask for? Just hope the subs are out by then

>Imagining Yugo stuck in Yuri's head
Yuri: Magic-caado; Yuugou hatsudo-

Andy Click and Friends don't look good in CGI desu, just look at Chaos Giant.

Actually, that specific sequence where Serena's playing cards and the effects on her duel disk are out the ass was Junpei Ogawa's key animation (along with Cat Dancer's summon).

I feel autistic for remembering that, but still

It's like Odd Eyes went to hell or some shit.

The hound family looks like shit, Chaos Giant looks extremely basic for an ancient gear monster, now think about the turning of each individual cog/joint if it were something like beast/wyvern/ulti golem

It's like Odd Eyes finally remembered upper body workouts

Alexis made Arc-V relevant again for a short period of time in Twitter. So she dying and triggering the nips was to be expected.

How do even know that. You know nip?
Now that i notice that duel disks has too many lightning effects

>Bullying the cabbage with that stone cold face

Comically cruel.

1. It's really easy to know which sequences are Ogawa's since the way he draws smears and effects are always the same and really over the top
2. his name was in the credits
3. I think ebina tweeted about it? (or that could've been another episode)
4. A nip I follow on twitter who is also autistic about Yugioh animation was sure that was Ogawa's work
5. When Ebina animates particles/effects (Yuma's shining draw vs Eliphas is a good example), they're much less all over the place

Would you /arc-v/?

The kanji might make the meaning different but
Jewzu's line: そうた is souta but with out a clear scan of the kanji's reading I can't understand it's meaning

No. Bitches that can't even be bothered to read their own cards need to be extra attractive in other departments for me to want to bother with on a sexual level.

...that felt really autistic to type, but still.

hell no

She beat Ruri at least......two times

Her next line そうたな "translate to is that so"
Most likely talking with Yuya.

Next one that is easy is でももうすぐ translates to:"but very soon"

What happened to him?
When will he be relevant?
Where are his doujins?
When will I get to see him scold fairy jobber?
When will I hear him shout IRON WORUFFU again?

I'm really new at this but if a user in here is experience and could help ,point out if I make mistakes, he would be invited to join.

When do I get to see his Mentor/Mother?

trapped in Incest Jigen

yeah! sure...

From what i can get from this clearer Scan is that Reiji has ordered Sawatari and Shun to do some detective work

Is it just me, or does arc-v have the most potential OP's for plot, yet it always somehow gets shafted (Allen and Sayaka in a burning tower, Roger being a good villain, The 4 Yuus actually interacting)

again im just a newb take everything with a grain of salt

he was the best villain

He was built up so well, even before the loop bullshit Keikakuman threw up, he was shown to 2v1 Sora and deadninja, AND gravely wound them. Plus, he had a good design and used BUY ANCIENT GEARS

>he was shown to 2v1 Sora and deadninja,
He is a fucking cheater. Only reason why he beat Sora and Tsukikage was because of the hologram shit. Based Reiji put him in his place

He didn't do that much though, and failed at everything he tried after being relatively inactive for the first half of Synchro. He was also a loser at dueling and couldn't win against Sora and ninja without cheating. Jean actually having a personality puts him ahead, but only because so many of the other Arc-V antagonists are so throwaway and/or boring.

The hologram thing was only done through his weird projection room, the way we saw them lose was through a monster attack in his office.

>Failed at everything he tried
What about turning Yuya HITOTSU NI?

Hitotsu nii wasn't his goal though, was it? He just wanted control. If triggering hitotsu nii is all it takes to call a villain not a total loser jobber, why not give Mr Level 0 a round of applause

he will come back to fuck reiji mom, screencap this

Nope, Tsukikage noted that Roger used the eternally resurrecting hologram trick against himself and Sora after Sora had landed a finishing blow. Eternal jobber. You can check episode 99 for yourself.

Roger didn't know anything about HITOTSUNI though. He just wanted to release the beast side of Yuya, in which he got info from his duel against 227.


>Found out that it seems new Vanguard series will be directed by 川崎逸朗
I wonder if it's good or bad thing. It feels weird seeing him and 吉村清子 on same series with same staff position after Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu.

>not yuya


Yuri bathes in their tears.

>Least popular yu/ruri combo
>Least duels
>Shit deck
>Shit backstory
>Now hated

I think he's the one crying.

I can't wait to see their faces when they get slaughtered.


>When your playing against ddd's and super poly opponents field into Starve Venom.

He enjoys being feared and hated though.

He's a hurt and lonely boy deep inside and Yuya will egao it out of him

For what? Beating down background characters?

Please, he'll break down crying when Yuya egao's him.

tfw never good ever again

Someone post Yuri x Serena pics. I believe there was one where They were having sex without showing anything lewd

I want to see Serena cry.

>Cucked out of vjump spoilers by Sora with only 2 cards.
Now we have to wait another month for stuff for Yuri's lovely garden.

Do the writers understand that when Yuya EGAOs someone they take a shit over all the characters who job and were villains?


If even casual watchers can pick up on it, I think they know. I mean, they're the ones whose jobs is to think about this stuff and translate it to the screen. I guess they don't care though


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New thread

Ignore it period. He didn't make a proper thread.

No, this one:
Here is way, and you know why.

>3 threads made while this thread is on page 3

I hope the mods bring the hammer down

This is retarded. People are just rushing to make the next thread.

No, people just need to choose right one, to get our probably only chance for decent raws of 122.

Bring the hammer on that and the retard that keeps linking the old thread and putting the summaries in the OP.