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ayy lmao

>am i kawai uguu

She was warned about the dangers of shoujo manga


>not australian

I feel so let down. Fucking hell, user.





>youre waifu become real






Can't find it. Name?




She did nothing wrong.

Uchi no musume


We doing this?




Amazing what a little editing can do to make someone look not-murderous.




Doing what?
That manga is so fucking full of stuff that can be posted here

Can I do it too

Just read it already if you haven't

aww yea, my favorite thread
just finished reading this last weekend, what a fucking ride

I can't stand all the forced drama and the pedopandering
They finally fug or something?

Yes my friend, yes they did fug

"It's been a while"






One of my favorite pages



I will forever hate slow releases.

Why is this even a viable schedule?

Based. Their whole family is best girl material


20th century boys

Ayyyy lmao

I really wish that people would learn to post the sources. I've downloaded Saucenao and it's failed to deliver on every single image I've wanted to find a source for.

Google search can find like 95% of the manga posted in this thread.

Maybe. But it's annoying that they can't just save people the effort for the fairly frequent occurrence where saucenao totally fails.

>I've downloaded Saucenao

>what did he mean by this

Protip: Saucenao won't find you the sauce for manga that isn't hentai or isn't on danbooru or pixiv

Right, but I use the extension so I can search that, Google, IQDB, and TinEye. But even together they really aren't that great at figuring out the source if nobody leaves any kind of clue to go off of.



>nothing happens to the guy who rapes Sadako
What a disappointment. I mean nothing against the guy but I was waiting for my Yukino Minato-style horrific ending.

Was re-reading this series due to the recent storytimes, and I never really thought of how odd this page is out of context, so thought it'd be good for here.









is this NTR


New chapter when?




Seek help user.

>and then the darkness aged them 10 years and forever ruined them

this looks familiar, could i get the sauce please?

>I've downloaded Saucenao

Tineye has it.

This series gave me such a huge amounts of HEALING.

Is this that isekai mango from trinity seven author? it got translated finally?

>not posting the confession instead

Yandere Fox Girl by Barikios

Mate, where's this from?

Sorry, please excuse me. I'm retarded.


>scanlation 107 chapters from o
Not this time fatherfucker

Fucking Lain


Theres so much healing. I feel too unclean to read this


first time visiting this board after 2014

really glad you guys still doing this thread

Would this be possible?

Asking for a friend.




can i have the name?

source please?




First post best post.

I love how h doujins always have "The artist presents... double loli trouble!" like its some kind of blockbuster film.

Guys where the heck is this from I harvested it from an older thread but havn't been able to sniff out the source by any methods. Lend me a hand would you?

Do you know what google is

But the title is right there. I could only read the first kanji and the hiragana and I actually managed to find it.

Okay what the fuck is going on here last week I threw it into google and got cartoon network'd followed by sauce nao giving nothing and iqdb giving nothing.

>Posting the old version

Live action BD rips fucking when.


Keywords; Difficult, Love, Otaku

I can't read kanji


Nakahara kun no kahogo na imōto

(((moot))) joined google.

i don't remember the name, sorry, but its about a girl who falls in love with her middle aged divorced boss

so try googling that

Same artist, 1st chapter got translated a few weeks ago

this could be a super rad t-shirt



Sauce on this please ?

i feel my testosterone levels rising already

Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa


Is this the same artist that did Usagi Drop?

Unlikely. Styles are different.

Did granblue fantasy come out with a new manga?



>tfw I'm not sure if that's legit or an edit
Kaguya is so good.




Ookami Shounen wa Kyou mo Uso o Kasaneru

A lot of people get that reaction to Noi.


This is a diving manga.

Did someone say Noi?

sauce? Korean runes are pointless and google translating them seems to bring me further away from it.

100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatte Iru

imagesearch doesnt help

Kakegurui my friend. It's about gambling and crazy gals.

Kakegurui from my results

thanks bro

This has happened several times
I guess because of the "personalized search" shit
goddamn google


Without killing them?

Yes but not for long.
Also depends on how those flowers are held on.
For an actual practical application you'd probably just put a plastic cover over the exposed brain said cover will also hold the flowers


google scales it down not me
you know, you click the little arrow at the topright corner of the post, image search --> google

is it better if I save the file and upload it to image search?

okay, I'll never use 4chimz search again

saved the pic, image searched it that way and I got the name of the manga

~ the more you know ~

I've never got this, people say they need to save the image then upload it to google afterwards, why don't they just put up the google images tab then drag the image to the search bar
Its too damn easy

Just fucking install image search options.


or maybe you could just, you know, enlarge the image, right click and search this image on google.

here's another option, enlarge the image and then use the extension

here's another option, use saucenao which works 90% of the time

on the topic of extensions, which branch of 4chanx is still alive and should be used? firefox.

try yandex or an archive

Learn to capitalize and punctuate faggot.

I watched Bloodlust recently, it was great.


These two are absolutely the best. I love them.

Isn't it tradition that now you have to post the whole thing since you bothered that?

>but I guess maybe Chise is still to small for that
This reads a lot oh h-manga if he can immediately think of the size difference.

Fuck, this girl is great.

Poor girl, she probably doesnt even know that her jealousy hurts other people, does she really knows how her powers works?

Fuck you, that shit can make some damage to a man's mind.

those things remember me of the common demons of khorne.

No, is about finding your, around 10 yeard old, little sister sleeping with your best friend.

Also the sister is a huge manipulative bitch.

Fucking everything about that piece of shit manga pisses me off.

Not a doujin


>rub rub

Fuck your one page rule

Good fucking riddance.

>they killed reddit

It's pretty great how this actually brings consequences to the table later on, it was already good even if a bit generic with the characters but it gained some depth.

Why is everything by this artist edgy as fuck

You make me so horny, generic-looking protagonist

Fuck you for posting that every single thread. Be original for once.

I haven't even come to Cred Forums in over a week and that is my 3rd total time posting it. Fuck off m8

Do you even know who he is? If you do and think he's edgy you're dumber than just not knowing who he is.


She's going to be abducted or otherwise hurt.

Mark my fucking words.

Stop reading while you're still happy.

Yeah, he's the fag who wrote biscuit hammer and that reincarnation shit, which is probably what you posted. The guy cannot live without character death shock value every few chapters

That's gotta be a doujin, right? There's no way they progressed that quickly


Whose hand is it then?

But that's wrong. Pretty much all of Mizukami's stuff is positive. Read Sengoku youko.

it was ghost

So pure.



>people say Oda sucks

he has his moments

whats this from?





He's the absolut madman

You didn't even search hard enough.

Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths


>implying he bothered searching
It's the second result if you reverse google it


Every time.




Of course she did, it's why the moment he returned she told him he wouldn't leave. She can probably curse people just by knowing their name.


Did you not see the voodoo dolls in the background?

source ? google ain't helping


That's a neat art style.

>All this saucing of newfags.

I'm not going to sperg out over it, but I will point out that teaching a man to fish is much better than just giving a man a fish. If you want people to know what you're posting then put it in the filename, otherwise, make people put a bit of effort into finding a manga that catches their attention, it'll only make them enjoy it more in the long run.

keyword: drakengard 3. utahime 5 i think. kinda edgy

New chapter when? I need more daughteru moments

I read Utahime 5 and I was gonna say I don't remember that, but on second thought I do think they all get torn apart in the final fight and I remember one of the girls' face in there I think.

>but I will point out that teaching a man to fish is much better than just giving a man a fish
true fishing is self taught, sad user, for without the Will to Fish you'll never gain mastery. it's like the saying goes, you can bring a horse to water, but you can't make him fish.





What's the name?

It takes two seconds to google.

everyone forgets base BANDOU



I wouldn't have asked if google wasn't being complete shit

>Image size:
>84 x 125
i'm glad i was born with autism

>Image size: 84 x 125

It's because you're reverse image searching the thumbnail, idiot.

Well shit

I clicked the fucking image search button next to the fucking post, why the shit does that only search the thumbnail?

Because everyone uses Cred Forums X anyway.


Shoukoku no Altair

You son of a bitch


Mahou Tsukai no Yome

Holy shiiiiiiiiit.




rest in rip lil foxy loli

>rest in rip
nice reddit mentality.

if you want a maze...

Oh, you mean the manga where one of the female leads is turned into a rock for 1000 years?


It's only around 12~13 years, actually.

How can one manga be so based

This is... unsettling

Are things happening in this manga? I might read it again

>things happening
>in Magic Dagashi Kashi
Things are happening about as much as that pochi book getting scanned

I like how threads like these are supposed to get people to read new mangas they haven't seen before but the most pics posted are purposely posted with no way of finding sauce because the tools(ie. google, iqdb, tineye, yandex) don't help at all.

Oh but if we're to ask for sauce, most of the autistic Cred Forums croud will tell us normal people to "lurk more hur dur" :^).

Actually wait nevermind apparently Dagashi Kashi is ending on a depressing note or something.

Uh, basically nothing happened.

But it looks like the dude confessed to her and shes rejecting him from that pic

If you want to curse someone, curse your own powerlessness.

Tokyo DTED




That's only what it looks like.
That's not what happens if you read the rest of it.

Pic unrelated, translations never

Isn't that the Drakengard 3 manga with the Intoners as MCs?



>This isn't a doujin series
Life is simply not fair

Japan never ceases to amaze me.

This is the least unsettling thing in this manga.

The MC is like a wizard here. Absolutely no feeling of right and wrong.

Which girl wouldn't want to be friends with a tentacle monster

I actually tried and couldn't find what it is.
How about I trade you another friendly tentacler?


Google gives me nothing, source for how you got those sick doubles?

Give me the source for that and I’ll repay the favour.

Boku no filename


Nevermind, already found it.


Dear god...when did google image search get this bad.

its always been pretty sucky as far as i remember, you just have to use yandex, tineye, saucenao

use your google fu and search for the themes and character names too

When google hired moot.

wtf, top panel dude looks like an Urasawa character

source ?

fuck that, just reading about it made me sick


what the heck

Anyone feel real bad for her?

that's already out?? holy shit.

What's there to feel bad about? She's a cute anime girl.

Nothing out of ordinary, just a manga about an armorclad highschooler fighting a gang of supermutant rapist bullies.

Jesus fuck this shit legitimately scared the shit out of me

Best girl


So, everyone that screws her die?

>dobule spreads
The absolute madman


How does this work in the printed format?



i was so fucking sure the author would pussy out on this

shes mainly working on a new series called "Parapara days" and the occasional oneshot.

it shows up on saucenao and yandex though

Motherfucking middle schoolers.

>I demand you spoonfeed me because i'm too retarded to learn how to reverse image search using the tools specifically made to cater to me
>just demand sauce because i am le special snowflake and don't know how to lurk

>why google not work when i search tumbnail
>Cred Forums sekrit club REEEEEEE



what is the name of this?

no luck with google

tineye or



Same way a playboy pinup would work, maybe

>not knowing google is personalized

source, all I'm getting is yaoi

I still get the same shit in the screenshot when I'm logged off or on a different browser. Where is the personalization saved?

google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=turn off google personalized search

Worked for me :^)Make sure you aren't searching the thumbnail you idiot.

I turned it off and I'm still getting the exact same results. Are you sure you're not reverse-image searching the thumbnail like

Click the arrow, move your mouse over "image search", then over "google". Right click and hit Copy Link Address. Remove the "s" from the url and make sure to change the file extension from JPEG to the original file's.

Nee-chan's unjustified ragings

Fraken fran was some shit

Just like its ending

source in this doujin?


thanks senpai

>try Tineye
>2 imgur links

You are shit

I meant positively.

not the ending that was actually bad

Thank you for reminding me of Bandou. He carried the weight of that fucking shitty-ass manga.

Hate to ask but I can't remember the name of it, but does anyone remember the manga (it's recent) that has some dude going to an all-girls school and he has to fight them and the leader is his edgy yandere childhood friend or something along the lines of that?

This one?

I remember the design for the heroine was a bit more rough looking, kinda had that Tomoko vibe in which she was a total introvert

maken-ki? does the cover have a girl with a very endearing ass?

looked at it and can't say that's it

as in recent, as in from the past two years or so

maken-ki looks kinda solid so I could give that a try, so thanks on that

Which both contain the manga in its entirety.


Try to be more specific if you can

Hold up, found it. It's Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism. Probably hot garbage but I enjoy schlock like this. Thanks though.

art looks familiar, is it by the same guy did apocalypse zero

>one page only
How about a full chapter? 1/2

update when

>updates never

why are we still here? just to suffer?

Sorry that was 2/2. This is 1/2

Good news, it's getting animated!
I also enjoy silly edgy things so this is going to be great.

but she hadn't done anything wrong yet. No landslides, or flash floods, or epidemics, or brush fires. Not a single thing,

What is with her face?


That's cool to hear, maybe that means we'll get more translations perhaps? Gonna just go out on a limb and expect that the anime is going to be total nonsense.


ProZess, king of the fags, makes a point of dropping everything that is localized, no matter if it's shitty. However, some user posted v6 raws on a scanlation thread about two weeks ago. Now if only I could find a translator.

What do you mean?

Try posting the raws sometime, I know the manga has a decent fanbase on Cred Forums, and there's sure to be someone who could translate it. Over the past few days, someone's been posting the raws to Grand Blue and they've been doing decent translations for those who don't want to wait every week for the next chapter.

The way this artist draws facial expressions is just very strange, I guess.
Also what's up with the machine translation? Are there raws up?

Pretty sure translations won't get any faster because they're adamant on translating LN haremshit instead of this.

I fully expect the anime to go early Kill la Kill levels of insanity, and it will be glorious.

sounds dangerously cheesy

i like it

and to be fair, this seems like it's going to be haremshit too


That dude who is trying to fuck the trap better become a trap to try to be more feminine.

If he does then it will be a 10/10

i remember reading this

I'll admit that it is harem-y with him conquering the five queens, but what I'm talking about is pic related

yeah, that kinda gets old after a bit

so, who's adapting the series?

>machine translation

the ending pissed me off more than bleach

MAL seems to say Silver Link?
They handled Rakudai alright so this probably won't be an A-1 tier trainwreck.

source please?


It's either a machine translation or horrible ineptitude.
It reads horribly.

It's just Bat actually but in Spanish

Nah, you're just a faggot.

Different guy.

I wasn't and it wasn't working and now it is.

no clue

I've been looking around for a certain series that has a cute chesty mummy girl as one of its characters. The problem is, I can't remember if it's from a light novel or manga. It was posted on a thread not too long ago but I can't seem to find it in the archives. Anybody got any clue?

Most obvious axe ever. I've always wondered about this. How was the original japanese pun supposed to work?I don't see how iku would work there.

Eh, I'll hold my breath and see how it goes. I'll presume it's coming out this winter?

I'm guessing it's this: mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=120279

It's not revolting but not very interesting, either.

No idea exactly when but I wouldn't expect it before next year. Konosuba is this winter so so hopefully that and some others will be enough to tide the wait over.

Did any more after 31 get ripped, or are we caught up? I binged vol 1-3 and the constant buildup is just amazing.

I'm not exactly too worried because to be quite honest, I don't exactly watch much anime anymore. Kinda stick with manga, but every once in a while I check something out.

Yup this is it. Thanks a lot. I just want to check it out for the cute mummy.

You didn't finsih reading it did you?

I've fapped to this one like 5 times now

>this was fucking axed
why live?





What's this about


No, seriously, why.


>tfw the user dumping this is kill

What's this manga called

second page translation

You're back! Did you have a good time with your friend?
I haven't touched the cake yet since I was waiting for you.

source if people want,
Eng translation very far behind though.


fourth lesson is dismemberment

i fucking love this manga

Gook and chink shit are not allowed on Cred Forums. Fuck off to /trash/, parasite

>I thought you would marry me.
Only the edgiest of heroes can make that cross.

Is there a translation group doing Bkub?
I've only found the odd strip online.

The fuck are you doing stupid chink ? no one want your bootleg here.


Thought something bad will happen but then read file name and came to understanding that its for the best.



underrated. im glad they finally finished it

he did it, the absolute madman

god dammit, i got banned for posting this once. fuck you

i like everything about one piece except the fucking cluttered pages and lengthy text. its a shonen, give me a break

>96 posts deleted
Mods are on fucking fire

You have everything translated on the secrit club


i hate doing this but can i get a name? im turning up nothing even after resizing and makes it sound worth it

heres a favorite of mine

seekrit klub? Madokami?

>flat realization


If you hate doing it then don't do it, retard. Check the archive before you shitpost.

Why tho I thought the new rule was spoon feeding was encouraged for these theads

can we get a fucking tutorial for this shit stickied? how the fuck are we supposed to know all this?

Uso? I think you mean kuso.

Lurk more and don't post.

Look, just googling all three keywords get the manga
I'm not giving the title since the post itself will possibly be deleted by mods

Ookami Shounen wa Kyou mo Uso o Kasaneru comes up but i was thrown off because i swear the art is different. thanks for the help

Will Shaft do this justice?
I've never read this before, but it looks pretty interesting

Does she implying that she's older or younger? Cred Forums learn me English.

>being pure entails not having a five-pronged dick
I must be the mahatma then.


On me. Like on top.

What's that?

Googling Chise and Magus should have been enough to find it. Also, try this character's name.

>mfw When they started walking up the stairs


I kind of what him to dump her over this. I would be OK with such an ending.

Why? Because she briefly held hands with the rest of her dance group when they took a bow in front of an applauding audience?

No, because she's consistently being a bitch to Tomoya who had to put up with her shit all during the series and in return, at the very first instance she's separated from him she neglects their relationship completely. She's selfish and self-absorbed. He can do better.


But lesbianism is haram



I want more vanilla tentacle stuff.


Reminder this manga is about diving.


She's 18, Amira's 20

user who posted the first page. Seriously, guys. This is a diving manga.

Saucenao and other failed me, anybody willing to share?

Works for me, but Shinazu no Ryouken.

I really enjoyed this manga.

He whole manga has been shit and she's a cunt so I would actually like her to get a bad end.

>this image is getting bigger and bigger

Do they flee after being it once?
If they don't, I'll be very upset.

>Someone else who read Nicoichi
Translations never ;_;

Honestly? Me too

Is this made by the same guy who made As the gods will it, where specifically high school students from around the world are in several death games to become god?

No, you total idiot.





>As the gods will it
Literally no one calls it that, nigger.

This manga confuses me. I pretty much lost track of everything that was happening as soon as the whole future flashback arc kicked off.

Teach me how.



I didn't wanna bother looking up the Japanese name and remembered the translated name.

>Can't be bothered to look up Japanese name, something that would involve typing 5 words into google
>Can be bothered to type out a 20 word post explaining that he couldn't be bothered to type 5 words
Can you stop with the juvenile posturing you fucking autist.
>Hey guys look how cool and apathetic I am xd

>Am I fitting in yet?



Since when was sankarea a gag manga? I haven't read it in forever but I don't remember it every having gags like that. I thought only shomin sample did the gets thing.









delete this now


exposed nipple was axed?

No, the other thing he did. The one about a beast taming NEET.

Which Ryuta Amazume work is this?

the one with the dick where it shouldn't be

So why...