Things that make you mad in anime

They give the loli character fanservice

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You must not get mad any often then.


>They give the loli character 0 fanservice

>They don't give the loli fanservice.

Who was that loli with the devil heart tail and MC goes to her world and she's like gonna hit puberty and become super devil loli. There's a picture perfect artistic rendering sexualizing this loli that I must see.

>no loli fanservice




They don't give the loli character fanservice.


Why does that make you mad?

Lotte no Omocha!

the mc actually has a daughter with her mom, image related


Are you a fag?


I remember seeing her and loli nuns tits and just being caught off guard by it.

Can't remember if they showed anything in the actual show.



I really want to fuck this cat.


Feel like bad anime loli fan service is an under appreciated niche. Just remember some getting through some of these episodes was a struggle.





You two would get along great. Both off the deep end of the autism spectrum.

More like dementia for me, Carl.








No, but seriously she's an autistic psychopath hiding some of the most glorious child bearing hips.

Mods asleep?

Can you dump some more Lotte? I'm bound to find my old stuff eventually..

I require more of this girl.
I know who she is. She my favorite girl in DxD.



>mfw sexualizing strawberry mashimaro






>they draw the loli character getting fucked by her older brother
>but it's a videogame in the show

>op right now



OP knew exactly what he was doing with this thread






>loli has adult underwear
Absolutely haram


when MC and love interest find a random child that attaches to them and starts calling them dad or mother

No fuck you. It makes it better.

they have cute bellies

Thanks user, ends up Lotte never got a folder, but that's about to change.

if you're gonna post lotte at least post some of best girl








Those fucking hips.

not clicking the spoilered ones

I want to pomf=3 the mini fujo!
Some times it's good to have lolis grow up.

Especially when Lotte stays DFC.

maximum overpuff

The best~

Bigger cup size, Ashua or Lotte?

has the mc plowed lotte yet?

or does lotte know about mc and her mom

Hunt that loli

That's holy good sir


>tfw you'll never console your little sister...'s suddenly no pantsu

Ashua out grows Lotte. Lotte is permaflat.

that's his daughter, not that it matters


That's his daughter.
Would still dick.

3cm short, Lotte 134cm master race

MC knows everything and got the oyakodon ending.

Doesn't the main dude in Lotte no omocha have a monster dick? That's dangerous for lolis.

I was talking about the chapter MC went a few years into the future.

I'm pretty sure succubi can take it.

Man, that's right. Can't wait to rewatch.


What a coincidence, so do I. Easier to self insert.
I'm slightly feminine too. Go figure.

Dear diary,
Today I have found the gayest person in this entire world.

Loli Hunter in action

>being mad at something that's 10/10
You're the biggest faggot I've seen all day.

>They give the loli character fanservice

That's not a problem.

I want to fuck the religion out of that nun.

Why a panda?

Confession your sin is the first step to heaven .

If heaven is the inside of her pantsu, consider me sinful. I'd confess to her all night.

I want to jam it in her butt praise the Lord.

Missed Cred Forums when this donald loli trump was trying to make anime great again. Please dump, she's a more than qualified contest lolis running in this thread.

>Loli character
>It doesn't have a pissing scene/sleeping with the MC scene/Ultra lewd scene
What's the fucking point?
On a more serious note.

>The episode ends in a cliffhanger
>Next episode is anticlimatic as fuck
Why the fuck did I wait a whole week for this.

Satan, guide my cock!

who's that sporting this glorious cameltoe?

Using a condom on her would be a sin, right?

This girl. Has a nice puffy vulva, but sadly is not a loli.

Who's this semen demon?

>this thread

There's really not enough elf lolis in anime.

You're not buyfag unless you own these two gems, but instead probably just a fag who bought other things.

>There's really not enough lolis in anime

Too poor. If I had the dosh I'd be buying lolicon paraphernalia left and right.
I need my elf fix.

Would you let your daughter dress like this, Cred Forums?

only while I fuck her.

>dicking your daughter



Anyone have that Shot from Milky Holmes with that one girl holding "looking for a Pervert" sign?
I liked that girl.



This? What is?

Where did my pic go?

>things that make you mad: when the anime isn't just 22 minutes of fat men fucking because you're a huge raging faggot
I also dislike blatantly inaccurate firearm and automobile representation.

A boy.

You're seriously telling me we get to see both of their sexy fucking pairs of budding, underripened lolitits? Not just the chuuni semen demon but the sexy little nun too? Alright, I've put it off long enough, I'm watching this next chance I get.

what should lolis wear under their skirts


Shorts or leggings. They're gonna be tumbling around and flipping their skirts up constantly so put some real clothes underneath 'em.

Kuma pantsu



Pumpkin panties

This wasn't supposed to be a loli thread.

These lolis - the threads are intensifying to the point where we may not be able to contain them.

You must be new.

Health and Physical Education for 30-Year-Olds

Show is basically a dank romantic comedy starring two ~30 year old autistic virgins of the opposite sex whose only hope for ever learning some basic level of social interaction and forming a relationship is divine intervention by their own personal god. It's also a parody, field guide, or self-help series for encouraging Japs to get out and at least make an effort to slowing down their declining population.

Nnng yes, a tiny net is a death sentence!
It's a net and it's tiny!

>Threads been up for nearly 10 hours now

Mods sure are heavy sleepers

So, did he bang the loli succubus or what?

Apparently all janitors and mods are either asleep or fapping.

Mods must be lolis

I like your style of thinking. Have a loli grandma, quite sad how fast they grow up.

It's the best.

What sort of music room has that many desks?

Yeaqh, well what pisses me off in anime are big fat smelly tits and overweight old hags. How do you like it?

Isn't that a boy

Does it matter?

I was gonna say music room storage but the presents, pillows, opened tube of glue(?), and strawberries just raises more questions.

underrated post

Why is she putting glue on food and then eating it? Is she suicidal?

It says milk on the container

the one wearing the panties is a girl



>dat scene where she's naked with lustful eyes and a randoseru

Who's this semen demon?

What is this abomination, adult face and arms with loli torso and legs.

Tales of Zestiria pissed me off. Right after you recruit your smug loli party member you can find a backpack cosmetic and it's not a randoseru. It's not even close enough to color it red and pretend. What a wasted opportunity.

That's an odd way of saying child of lust.