How do you rate Kyoto Animation facilities?

How do you rate Kyoto Animation facilities?

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>using fans when drawing
It's shit/10

I don't care/10

It's a little wooden.

The interior feels like a log cabin. Must be really nice working in that kind of office.

The new PA Works office has got even more wood in the interior.

looks like hell

It really IS all women. Wow.

Is that a animized version of the people working there?

I don't care if they actually hate each other. That's the most adorable thing I've seen in ages.

It's pointed down the hall, not at the paper you dong. I doubt it would be creating enough air flow to shift paper, especially not when that paper is in use.

You'd think the studio would have air-conditioning.

They even have their own fujoshi in the first pic of the second row.

All that wood looks like a fire hazard but also very comfortable.

I care about your quads.

It's the Koe no Katachi cast.

I care about your trips.

That's odd. You can't even.

It's not uncommon when people dislike each other at their workplace but what make you brought that up?

It's where the greatest animation is made


That must be the only form of exercise they ever do.

The guy standing next to Yamada is blushing

They all look dead inside.

Is KyoAni in the wrong for making a new season of Free?

I would hate being forced to do this almost worthless "exercise"

Sahara is best girl.

It's not really an exercise.

I know. And it doesn't amount to proper stretching either, which is why I am glad that doing it every day isn't mandated at my workplace.


Kyoani confirmed sunbros

Look at them, being treated like slaves, almost like a holocaust camp, no wonder kyoani has such good animation.

I think anyone would look dead inside if they had to work at least 12 hours a day 7 days a week and not being able to ask for a raise because asking for a raise is "dishonorable."

Are you being sarcastic or something? It has no effect.

Except they only work 8 hours in a 5 day week and aren't allowed to stay overtime even in the rush period. A Kyoani director even complained about this.

This reminds me of the mandatory 10 minutes of exercise a day things schools used to do.


>I can't stop thinking about it
I want that fucking shirt.

Oh a dark souls reference? I'm a dark souls player myself. We two are hardcore gamers right?

Anyone have the new P.A. Works' facility?

>went to Japan last summer
>made the trip out to the KyoAni building despite having a terrible hangover
>literally nobody outside of it, only way I know it's the building is the tiny sign and a few Hibike posters
>walk in the door because everywhere I step is America
>see slippers beside the door mat, tiny desk fan whirring away to the right
>feel like I just stepped into somebody's house
>just barely see some guy at a computer in the next room, he looks over at me
>lady appears out of nowhere in the lobby and gives me a tiny map for the store (pic related)
>walk to the store, see old ladies sweeping in front of their houses and high school kids walking home from school in their uniforms
>store itself is tiny, only like 2 other people inside

comfy/10, so comfy it almost feels set up

Happened to me as well, I thought that building was also the store.

That's lovely how you can just walk inside and they'll kindly redirect you to the store instead of kicking you out or not even letting you in to begin with.

comfy/10, sasuga kyoani.

>get the fuck out you drunken fuck. Go buy our stuffs

I wonder how many confused foreigners they have walk into their building every day. I kinda felt bad for just walking in, but they really need a sign or something outside with directions to the store.

But I guess that's the sort of warm, down-to-earth image they want to maintain.

>I can't stop thinking about it shirt
wait, Kyoani is selling Cred Forums memes?

I don't really like those cubicles - it seems they would become really isolated?

thats every animators desk, at least the Kyoani ones are tidy

It's all wood as well IIRC.

>In English because of all the gaining
Can't imagine what weebshit they have to put up with

>but they really need a sign or something outside with directions to the store.

I bet there is but your foreign ass didn't bother to look around.

That's got nothing on Trigger.

>seven ileven


>walk in the door because everywhere I step is America
This user knows how to travel

Oh man. Ai Yukimura left so soon. The call of being a wife got to her.

I hope someday she comes back. She was shaping up to be one of KyoAni's top tier Episode Directors.

So she became a housewife? Man, she was doing well an an episode director.

As expected, they're manchildren.

Anime is obviously made by manchildren for manchildren.

i wouldnt have it any other way

She got married and moved to somewhere else.

Why clutter the desk with all those figurines?

Being a manchild, is he gonna pick one up and go pew pew pew with it, whenever he feels like it?

I went there as well, but I didn't make a mistake since I had looked up the address of the store on their website beforehand.

pic: walking to the store.

Did you buy anything?

When are they opening their video game division?

>Japanese animator that works at animation studio making animations for a young audience

What is he supposed to be doing? Running regressions in bloomberg, checking his rolex and not bothering to dust off a framed picture of his bitch wife and ungrateful kids?

At least let SOMEONE live the dream

The next person who goes there, find a brick, write this on it" どこ涼宮ハルヒのシーズン3は何ですか?" and chuck through their window.

Why not decorate your workspace with things that make you happy?

Should be 涼宮ハルヒのシーズン3はどこですか

You should be asking Kadokawa.

They're quite modest.

What does it say user

Most of the shot they make is fucking garbage

They don't have air conditioning?

4/10: No copy of the Animators Survival Kit

>meanwhile at PA Works

>The promo camera crew is coming by soon, Satoshi
>What the fuck is that thing?
>That's Kumiko you swine
>No you fucking faggot what is her picture doing on your desk?
>Do you even waifu you goddamn normal?
>And what do you think will happen when the camera crew gets a shot of one of our competitor's characters on one of our fucking animator's desks?
>Well fuck you, I like her
>Just don't let her face show up when they swing by your desk.

PA Works after moving to new building built specifically for them has lot more room and comfort. That said, wasnt there talks about KyoAni moving as well?

Is there toilet always clean?
Do they have elevators?
Is there Fire Exit?
Is there canteen?

>Yamada still having Tamako and Mochizou pictuers on her workplace

She treats them like her children

> they really need a sign or something outside with directions to the store

There is a sign with directions by the door, you just can't read it.

The ladies in the shop are really nice too. Chill place.

So this is where remnants of Aum Shirikyu hidden after the Tokyo Gas Attack

Does anyone have the ufo one with the gigantic cinema/cafe below the studio?

>K-On wallpapers on monitor

>he's never radio/terebi taisou'd
Don't hate on old lady stretches before you've tried them, user. I used to love doing that shit in the morning.

Their new building is under construction. I think they're going to move Studio 2 and the KyoAni shop into it so that they'll own all of their buildings and not have to pay rent.

How stupid do you need to be to join some retarded cult with apocalyptic ideas?

Ask billions of Christians and Muslims

do you mean this?

The Japs don't need filthy gaijins to teach them how to animate.

Aw yis

All that aniplex and type moon money

they look like mongolians

Love their cafe, comfy stuff

>best WUGs

I want to work at Colorido once I get better at Japanese.

The ASK book is mandatory even in jp anim schools

What animation software are they using?

Clip Studio Paint

They use RETAS Stylos and Clip Studio Paint.

Probably they don't actually give a shit. All the studios do subcontracting for each other, so they're unlikely to get all CANNOT BE SEEN LIKING OTHER COMPANY'S ANIME.

Just think about it, all of that was built on before fate/zero.

KnK really carried the shit out of them.

old gym/10
But, how A-1 office would look like?

A sweatshop full of Koreans

SHAFT wins again

I am fucking jealous. Just imagine a girl pressing her sweaty, stinky foot on your face; this is pure bliss.


I read somewhere that Hideaki Hatta was a real estate investor so there's a possibly that the current studio 2 building is his too.

Fags who couldn't let go of haruhi

Sounds fucking gay. Keep your thoughts to yourself footfag.

Except Haruhi is still better and more fun than everything Koyani have done since, except for maybe Hyouka and Amaburi.

Delicious tears

You just know Asahara was doing stupid amounts of LSD and banging all the women, including the girl in front.

Yes, yours.

He has like 15 children

What is this? It seems like a proto-oneshot.

>all this 3d
I always regret witnessing IRL nips.

link to video please



>all those qts in an animation studio
this is nice


>The face of fuck you no nichijou S2

It literally looks like a sweatshop.

Do you find the building of making the Hentai's?

I was able to read this but shouldn't it be *when* instead of *where*?

Not necessarily; "where is X?" is perfectly valid. If it's 7pm and dinner hasn't been served yet, for example, "where's dinner?" is a way of voicing that and even implying displeasure more so than just asking "when's dinner?"

Eh, fair enough. My Japanese is pretty rough at best, but if where/when works just like it does in English, then all the better.

This, I have no problem with being given the opportunity to stretch, but when the mandated activity is actually worthless it really boils me, even more than when people slack off during an actual stretch.

I'd probably never make this mistake, but I'd do it just to get that map to commemorate the visit.

You do realize that there are fundamental differences in the ways that people animate and that ASK is based on the traditional Hollywood System style right? You don't need to keep it on your desk.

i think the most common way to say it would be "xはまだですか?"

>Hyouka's boxset
I recognize that desk.

That's Ai Yukimura's. I hope he come back to working in anime

She just came back from America today.
Her husband is an artist at CyDesign (formerly studio Kusanagi, now Cygame's art department).

It certainly looks the most colloquial.

It's CyDesignation.

Because it's a WORKspace, not PLAYGROUNDspace?

Her UFO episode was great. What a shame.

They've already surpassed Haruhi many times over.
Cry more.

Wow I've seen communist political laborers in Yugoslavia do better then that...

With what shows exactly?
Please don't tell me it's shit like KnK, Tomato Market or worst of all, Hibikek.

Haruhi was their downfall.

Their top was when they did Full Metal Panic.

It's like they just completely lost their taste in humor after Fumoffu.


Amaburi was on the right track. Same writer and all.

>animated 9fag panels

Your post was funnier than the entire show, desu.

So? Most people's workspaces have various things not directly related to doing their job decorating them.

Does shaft let you tour their studio?

Nichijou was funnier.

Every single kyoani show with good humor has had gatoh involved. He seriously needs to stop fucking around and just join them for good.

Other user here. Nichijou and Fumoffu are very different shows - both are funny, but Nichijou is definitely more hit & miss and made for a much smaller audience. That said, the scene where they meet at the shrine and then it starts to rain is the funniest shit I've ever seen. I literally had to pause the video because I was laughing so hard that I wasn't able to pay attention to the rest of the show anymore.

Nichijou > Fumoffu > Amagi > Lucky Star > even fucking Free was funnier than PW > Phantom World

I think Phantom World could work as a video game.

All those people in a tiny room with no windows open. Must be a living hell.

Interior like that (pine) was really popular in my country in the 80s and 90s, but now it's really unpopular. Weird to see it used in another country.

It's commonly called "pine hell" ("furuhelvete").

Their future is bright. that a fucking gateway logo I spy on the desktop?

>using winblows instead mac
That's why they're losing to Shinkai.

I don't understand the hibikek hype. Show was boring as hell about lazy people pretending to care.

Violet looks interesting though just because of the time period though.

I actually like it because I played in a band. Also I kind of like the drama, there's not many shows that dare have drama like in this.

>Show was boring as hell
'the hell? No, it wasn't! It had no supernatural elements or action and rather subdued characters (by anime standards) - it's pretty much the only kind of show I can stand nowadays. Maybe that's just not for you?

That's because you're a lazy person who didn't realize it shits on lazy people.

>middle right photo

I might have missed the news of them having a hostage situation in their offices.

Don't fucking try shoving some deep hidden meanings into it.
I know exactly what it was and how it told you that if you want something you need to work for it and even then, there's not guarantee of success.
It was still fucking boring as hell. It literally only appeals to people who have been in a band too and know that this is exactly how it is.

>has Hyouka BDs

>PA Works
>Has Hibike! promo image on their desk

>K-on! background

KyoAni loved by everyone

>all those women
How do the men get any work done?

very cool opinion


Better than yours, at the very least.

Not all men think with their dick, Yamakan

Found the lazy slacker.

The madhouse one is an ex-kyoani animator you faggot.


All those women are ugly and they literally create perfect waifus for themselves on a daily basis.

Which one would you prefer?

So what? That's still a desk at Madhouse.

I used to go to a uni which had a pretty disproportionate amount of men and women, there were 3 women for every man or something like that. I didn't have much trouble with it, but there was always a super delicious woman who made it hard to concentrate on reading in the reading quarters (I don't know the English name for this, study room maybe?). I kinda failed a class once because I couldn't concentrate on reading, I was just thinking about a woman sitting cross over from me all the time.

I just checked facebook and found out she's working at where I'm applying for work. That kinda sucks.


Nice blog.

Yeah, I'm almost tearing up just from reading this.

Yes and?

nobody gives a fuck about this shit until haruhi is back.

nobody cares about haruhi

Using small full hd screens, no ultra wide.

Also they are using windows, no mac.

Also look at the chair, very poor.

No AC, has fan instead. very poor.

Why is japan so poor?

Shut the fuck up

Why should studios waste money on Macs when Windows gets the job done just fine?

Too bright, I'm guessing the next one will be just a white screen

I thought KyoAni was never going to animate Haruhi again because of Endless Eight?

No just no; ES is plenty better but Free's retarded drama drags on too much, it's not funny either but then again it wasn't intended as comedy

Thought it's a video game adaptation already, the OST is already more video game-y than all other kyoani stuff. They used some tracks for a number of their CMs too

ES has good comedy.

Why would anyone want to touch post Steve hardware?

>no ac
Fucking blind AND stupid.

I'm an office worker (purchasing) for a large multi-national corporation (you most likely have used or been in contact with our products) and we don't have AC either - no one I know does. Also, cheap displays and old computers with Windows 7. And we're above the U.S. on the Human Development Index, so that says nothing.

Japan? Poor? This is the studio that did Sidonia no Kishi. Do they look poor? Do you see the size of their screens?

The cutest studio

I don't remember this.

If it's not from an ex-animator from kyoani, then your argument would have a point.

Just give her the dick when you get there.

That pic was taken when she's still at Madhouse.
She moved to KyoAni later that year.

Why are there no KyoAni staff on twitter?

There are but not many.

Got any links to them?

They closed most of the accounts when someone linked them on 2ch so I guess I shouldn't link the remaining ones here.

Fair enough, is the studio strict with social media?

Based Kyoani

basically haruhi s3 when

They don't want to be sent penises

poor guys, their shit flopped so much they cant afford AC anymore

From what I heard, yeah.

Not sure how or when it started though.
Ishihara even had his personal homepage linked on the company's website back then.

Maybe since Yamakan joined twitter?


double retard

Quite neat



Now I hate them.

>Robotic Heart Update anime never.

I think it will get an anime next year.

That place is actually boring. Its nothing you havent seen before. Just merchandise and cubicles.

>all that kamen rider figurines
Hell yeah

Apple is really going down since Steve Jobs death.

tis the season

Why do you relate everything about Kyoani to Yamakan? You don't realize how annoying that is? I doubt they think about him that much.

He's Yamakan himself.

>Also they are using windows, no mac.
>using macs