Dragon Ball Super

Goten is NOT Black. He's a good boy that would never want to destroy ningens.

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Black is the evil in Future Goku.

He knows IT.
He knows Kamehameha.

You're right. It's Bardock.

Black is Bardock, which is how they're going to introduce the Time Breaker Saga


>using that telekinesis pull to set up a karate chop to the back
and faggots be sleeping on Toyotaro's fight choreography

Gonna leave this here. Let's look at Goku's face rather than get angry with Minus.

Not canon

I think mystic trunks probably surpasses mystic gohan.

Not even sure mystic gohan was on the level of ssj2 trunks apparently seems to be. It's time to admit gohan peaked at 12 years old

Black is Gine. It all makes sense now.
Going to kill myself, by the way. I have discovered it all, life is over.

>Mystic Gohan on SSJ3 Goku level

Would someone mind translating pic related for me?

Also, in future Trunks' timeline, was Mai de-aged and now roughly the same age as Trunks, or is she like 50 years old but just happens to have the body of a 20-year-old like Bulma?

>mystic trunks
Not such thing exists.

>Not even sure mystic gohan was on the level of ssj2 trunks
Manga or Anime?


>SSJ3 with Super Saiyan Beyond God
Komeson with Base Vegeta power >>>>>>> Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks


There's a 2 page mini chapter showing they were deaged into babies right before Piccolo died.

No Towa? I wish Towa would corrupt me!!!

Pretty sure Mystic Gohan was stronger than Super Saiyan 3 since Mystic Gohan had no problems to fight against Super Buu.

She was de-aged in that timeline too.


Mystic Trunks? Wut?

That's Buutenks, not Super Buu. SS3 Goku almost got his shit wrecked by him too.


Hubris. It was Gohan's hubris that did him in in that fight. He got caught off guard and Super Buu capitalized the fuck outta that, leading to him getting stomped hard, and then absorbed.

With all these Weekly shonen jump series ending, I hope Shueisha adds this manga to the magazine

I miss past vegeta. he was like a villainous good guy. I also miss past videl, she at least had more personality than really nice girl. I miss non-full retard goku that didn't go around punching everything and especially dubbed goku's voice.

Trunks only trained with the heavy Z Sword (up to the point where he could easily swing it in combat even in base, without showing any problems with its weight). He didn't actually get the Kai power up.

Who's currently translating the super manga?

It'd be pretty great if Super got the opportunity to go weekly.


>All that cussing

Might as well go to niggastream.


>supposed to be a manga for kids
>all this swearing
What the hell is wrong with this people?


Black is evil Pam and he is also tranny.

Why doesn't Goku and Vegeta just fuse and stomp a mudhole in Black? Or any villain for that matter.

pride and stubbornness. I really hope they don't pull the fusion card ever again, it just doesn't work well for the series.

lets settle this

Like I said, Animelabs.


Why doesn't Buu just absorb all the Kais so Beerus cannot die?

There was a whole movie and TV retelling of why they don't quite recently.

Toriyama forgot they could fuse.

Vegeta doesn't know the fusion dance in canon and they haven't had access to potara.

Why does everyone think fusing makes them invincible?


Not invincible but much stronger.

Couldn't translate the first panel, but here is the rest.

Trunks: Oolong-sama! Transform into Mai in a bunny outfit! Please!

Oolong: All right. *transforms*
How about it?

Trunks: You're the best! I'm gonna take some pictures!

Oolong: Pictures! Here, take a pic of her tits!

Trunks: Don't act like a slut, you bastard pig!

Oolong: S-sowwy!

It doesn't but you'd be stupid for thinking that power boost from fusing wouldn't be immense.

If we take Goku as the base. He went from being barely on par with Majin Buu, maybe even weaker. To literally being able to toy with Super Buu+Mystic Gohan

They fused once and hated it, Vegeta even said he would never fuse again with Goku and destroyed his potara.

He didn't absolutely hate it, a lot of had to do with muh pride.

It's impossible to choose because GT Pan = DBZ Videl, and all the rest are shit.

>Not invincible
Yet we have people making baseless claims like this

>stomp a mudhole in Black?

We have no way of knowing if Goku and Vegeta fusing could beat Black and Zamasu especially since the latter is immortal. Also Black and Zamasu have potaras too so fusion is a option for them as well.

Ahh, thanks. I forgot Oolong could transform.

Man, Trunks is an asshole.

>Also Black and Zamasu have potaras too so fusion is a option for them as well.
Would them fusing make the result immortal since Zamasu is?

Where are these from and does anyone have a non-cropped version? Please don't ignore this post if you have sauce, google gives nothing nor does archive.

half immortal


just search for "Dragon Ball Mai eng" on sad panda. There are only two doujins with Mai in the cover and those images are from the first one.

>baseless claims like this
>stomp a mudhole in Black
Anyone who Goku or Vegeta remotely stands against, Vegito can annihilate.

>Anyone who Goku or Vegeta remotely stands against
Well I guess that rules out Black and potentially Zamasu too.

thanks user

Why is he like this?



Go on Nhentai. Type in 'Dragon Ball Eng' They'll pop up as Behind the Lines or something similar. Can't miss it. There are two different comics.


Someone has the "leaked" titles of the next episodes?

last thread people were talking about where trunks power level would wind up had he cracked it and unleashed elder kai

Trunks had surpassed gohan in every way barring the mystic power up.

All without teachers or competent sparring partners or gravity chambers or luxury of dragon balls

>Trunks had surpassed gohan in every way barring the mystic power up.
No, not really. He only beat Dabura because Kaioshin was holding him down.

trunks was handicapped trying to protect them and fight at the same time

meanwhile both vegeta and goku were stronger than he were and could joke about how weak he was so gohan didnt have the same stress Trunks has in that fight

In Trunks universe death is a finality.

Surpassing a 9 year old after all this time always gets brought up. Just how fucking strong was Gohan back then that even after 7 years people still mention it

Gowasu its Black, think about it:

>Zamasu told everyone Black its an ally, not a subordinate
>Gowasu being a Kaio, could explain why he has a similar Ki like Zamasu
>Gowasu being Black explains why he is missing in the future
>Zamasu could control Gowasu through some shit in the Tea, so he wouldn't suspect
>The old Kaio from u7 managed to resuscitated Goku, Gowasu could do the same, at least to transfer his soul into Goku's body
>Gowasu is interested also in Goku, he literally couldn't apart his eyes from him on Kamitube

The manga leak suggest that Black already killed all of the Kaios, (Beerus being killed in the process) But Zamasu and Black are messing on a different Universe so why the God of Destruction of U10 would give a shit about other Universe

I dont disagree that teen gohan wasn't the shit

too bad he wasted it.

>trunks was handicapped trying to protect them and fight at the same time
Nah, Trunks didn't protect shit.

>meanwhile both vegeta and goku were stronger than he were and could joke about how weak he was so gohan
Still did better than Trunks.


>Gohan "fans" continue to be outraged at how he lives happily with his beautiful wife and child, in a big house, pursuing his dream job.


Is it really that hard to be consistent with ages? I'm shit at math, and even I know that he was at the most 10.

hot damn

The character has no feelings though. He exists to entertain us.
As a fan, I'm disappointed he can no longer entertain us.

New Dragon Ball movie when?

Fuck off Herms, nobody is bitching about Gohan. We're just discussing his power

Not for a good long while. Toei has their own series to throw new ideas into, there's no need for movies at all now since the story isn't following something already established.

Roshi's such a bad mother fucker. They need to include him in more fighting games. Especially since he just fought more recently than Yamcha or a lot of other characters who are still grandfathered in.

Thank you very much based anons.

How isNhentai compared to Exhentai?

>How isNhentai compared to Exhentai?
Nhentai is ok for just browsing but not for saving because they downscale all their images.

Z isn't canon

dragon ball isn't canon either

This, Dr. Slump is the only Toriyama canon work.

tfw real universe is a simulation therefore not canon

>GT Pan = DBZ Videl
And that's why this exists.

We're not a fan of him as a person; we're a fan of him as a character. The problem was that they ruined his character by making him happy.

Vegeta's really an inverse example because he was so loathsome at the beginning, but once he settled down he began to mature and develop as a character. Gohan just regressed back to being the nerdy douche he was at the start.

I was about to complain that the staff should have broken after that. But then it did break. That's some pretty sick attention to detail.

It would be pretty awesome if they made a movie about the manga version of the Trunks arc.

Would she fuck Gohan?

while calling him daddy

I like how future trunks timeline portrays lesser villains from the main timeline as real threats. (android 17 & 18, dabura)

Gohan needs a purpose. As far as Gohan is concerned, there's nothing wrong with how the RoF arc played out, with him wanting to be strong enough to protect his family. It's just keeping him out of the tournament and Black arcs makes everything RoF did with him a complete waste of time.

If he's gonna be a scholar and nothing else, make him study something relevant to the plot. If that's not going to happen, then he should hit the time chamber and catch up. There needs to be a reason to care he exists, and his normal life doesn't give one.

>Goten ends up being Black
>Chi Chi ends up being right about education and shit
>They defeat him by making Goten go to school
Imagine that twist.


there's no more good english translation community for dragon ball, what did we do to deserve this?

It would be retarded.

I'm pretty upset by the lack of Piccolo
what do you imagine he can do this arc?

like for example fight Zamasu becasue they're both green

he will likely have some exposition line and that's it

guys what if piccolo taught goku the splitting technique as a last resort to get revived despite dying of a natural cause?

obviously super retarded good goku must have offered himself to take the place of the original goku so Black could return to the realm of the living

The fact he was shoveling dirt into holes showed just how far he's fallen, it's time to let go.

Zamasu, after learning everything about Goku, traveled into the past and prevented Goku from hitting his head.

Then he trained with him and turned the bloodlusted saiyan prodigy into a GoD.

Fusing - giving up the self - is a horrifying last resort that only children would take lightly (and the result of a fusion of children is insane and ineffectual).

Piccolo was okay in the tournament, first real super arc, but it's just about trunks and his friends, goku, black and the gods right now so no room for anyone else.

there's even no reason for vegeta to be fighting, he's just there to make black look strong.

>this could actually work

My dad works for Toei animation and is best friends with Akira Toriyama and he has confirmed how the Black arc will end.

>Goku learns that for some convoluted reason Black will stop existing if he kills Zamasu
>He needs to go Kaioken x20 Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan with a max power kamehameha, but Zamasu is too fast to hit him
>Vegeta agrees to keep him Zamasu occupied, but jobs
>Goku charges up his final attack anyway
>Zamasu smugs grinly, commenting that Goku must be getting desperate
>"ZAMASU! Where is my tea?"
>Instinctively Zamasu looks behind him where his old master is waiting for his tea
>This gives Goku a small window of opportunity to hit Zamasu and wipe him out

Screencap this post.

when would black get his clothes torn to show off his titty like my good old dbz?

But Gowasu is going to die in two (one?) episodes.


black is someone who took over Goku's body. Goten isn't even born cause of androids it's a bait.

Friendly Reminder


>bulma lineage
>not having her unique hair color

Present Trunks is smaller because he lived in a peaceful timeline, Gohan would have been tiny at first if the saiyans hadn't appear.

He and Goten still haven't grown a single inch since the Buu Saga. Its been 6 years user, and they're both teenagers now.

Besides, there is no reason for Kid Trunks not to look like HoT Trunks, genetics still work the same.

who could've thought that one girl would be taking in loads from a half saiyan stud after so many years

Let me guess, the reason his hair is purple is because he lived in a peaceful timeline and the reason Future Trunks has blue hair is because he lived during a time of war?

that's toei, not toriyama though

Don't know if anybody has seen it yet, but DBS Ch. 16 translated.


Honestly its easier to just assume as Trunks gets older his hair will turn more blue. I mean he's like 34 by the time Super takes place. Doesn't make much sense, but best I can come up with.

you know we talk about blue vs purple haired trunks but nobody talks about the fact bulma's hair went from greenish blue to actually light blue now

I would theorize that saiyan genes makes them get growth spurts when in dire situations.

Future Trunks had to live with the androids, and Gohan had to fight against the saiyans, Frieza and Cell.

Goku spent most of the time dicking around, and is after fighting Piccolo and training with Kami until Piccolo junior appears that he gets his.

How come the time ring pulled Black out of the present? When both the manga and anime already established that with a time ring you can freely jump through time and through different parralel worlds. Is it because Black didn't have both earrings on?

>vegeta was never stressed before he was an adult so he stayed a midget forever

you can't go back in time with the time ring, so it merely reacted to the hole sent by the time machine


So that is how Trunks ends up SSJ2. Considering how much his power has grown to be FP SSJ2 and near SSJ3 levels, I'd imagine Black gave him a lot of Zenkai Boosts.

Whats curious though is that the Old Kai didn't release despite the sword being broken, I'll accept that due to the petrification, and the fact that Dr. Briefs doesn't remember Future Trunks. I know they met during the Cell Saga at least when he was working on Android 16.

Another curious thing is that Black does refer to himself as a Saiyan or at least Saiyan like, maybe a hint to who he really is in the anime? Maybe he really is just Goku, Whis' explanation can't possibly be real, too obvious.

the cucking he got is worth 10 robot apocalypse and 4 dead gohans, poor trunks will get that growth spurt soon

>King Vegeta was tall for having been the King and having to deal with both Frieza and Beerus
>Raditz and Nappa were both tall for having to deal with Vegeta on missions

You'd think Bardock would be tall for having to constantly save Gine then, maybe its because he was already an adult.

dabura would've been stronger, since they appeared years later in their world as opposed to goku's timeline

Fair enough. I'd imagine Black would have had to give Trunks boosts either way though.

It's not because of the petrification, it's because Dabura incinerated it

Yeah, the last page practically confirms black is goku turned bad, or someone who has taken over his body.

The anime is so shit, it's unbelievable.


I just realized a flaw in the Future Pilaf gang wishing themselves young.

If Piccolo is dead, how do the Dragon Balls still exist? Piccolo doesn't fuse with Kami in that timeline, at least not by that point he hadn't. Which means either Dende somehow lived for some time and made new Dragon Balls, or the Dragon Balls just don't exist period for Pilaf to have made the wish in the first place.

They made the wish right before Piccolo died, this was explained.

It's her reward for remaining pure for so long.

Piccolo was dead user.

Nothing suggests Dabura would be any stronger. Both timelines are perfectly consistent.

It's explained literally on the same page ffs.

He died right after the wish was made.

He's the Son family butler now. His last chance to shine was his fight against Frost, but that didn't really go so well for him even though he was about to win since Frost is a scumbag. Unless he's been doing some hardcore training, future opponents are going to be way out of his league.

damn they need to give chichi her bangs back just give her a different hairstyle, she's been stuck in that do for years

ss2 trunks wasn't really hurting him, so it's safe to assume future doubler is stronger than present doubler.

I agree. Her current hairstyle is ugly as fuck.

How can you have so little reading comprehension?

there's always this style if they wanted a mature chichi but they feel compelled to make her butt ugly show off the massive forehead

A worthless piece of crap on your back!

>11 years old instead of 9/10

Isn't he exactly as tall as Krillin during the Cell Games?

Also, since when was Goku's age revamped? It's entirely possible that his birth year is the same, it's just that when he left the planet it was three years later.

You mean how her hair could be any color between superior lavender to blue-green, to blue, to red in the early Saiyan saga thanks to improper coloring in the manga.

Seriously though, change her hair back to lavender.

Krillin's daughter triggers me. She's fucking 9 yet she still does goo goo ga ga voices what the fuck AT

Man, the Pilaf Gang were a bunch of unknowing assholes. I mean, they were dicks since the Pilaf saga, but still.

>one of the hottest Chichis in existence
>ruins it by absolutely crushing one of my top three human characters

t-thanks Funimation

I've seen faggots defend that because Krillin is short she still looks like a baby. For fucks sake it's not like Krillin is a Pygmy or anything like that.

Even if it was the height, the baby noises are disturbing for a 9 year old to make.

she has a developmental disorder, what you get when a noseless human fucks an android

>Man, the Pilaf Gang were a bunch of unknowing assholes. I mean, they were dicks since the Pilaf saga, but still.
It's not like they knew about the androids. They were going to rightfully ask for their wish, Bulma and Gohan were trying to hijack it.

>she later has a noise during EoZ

Besides, 18 is a cyborg. It's not like Gero removed her uterus. Even if he did, Krillin could just call Shenron to give it back.

Thats what happends when the fanbase consists of spics and niggers you get dragonball G

babidi went to earth a lot later than goku's timeline

Shu warned Pilaf about some monsters (talking about the androids) but Pilaf ignored him.

Namekian dragonball can unfuse the potara fusion. There is no drawback anymore.


Spics, niggers, and rednecks user.

Not wanting permanently fuse your wife and daughter into perfect being.

Gohan was 11 when he came out of the time chamber. Though I never understood why they called him Teen Gohan in the games.

As for Goku's Age, his original year of birth was 737, retconned in Minus to be 734, and his age at the beginning of Dragon Ball to be 14 instead of 12.

Though I imagine the latter was Toriyama just completely forgetting and basing Goku's age on what he said, not what it actually was since Goku didn't know actual math. Though it raises the question that if he actually was 14 and Toriyama just retconned it, then Goku actually was right about his age and everyone else just told him he was wrong, which means he remembers at least somewhat of his Saiyan toddlerism.

When was first appearance Goku ever 12? It was always 14.

>when I get older dad's gonna make me train martial arts
>and mom's gonna make me get a job
>fuck it I'll just pretend to be a baby forever goo goo ga ga

Nobody besides me gets the animelabs reference

Fuck Cred Forums makes me feel old

if only kibito waited for 5 more seconds until trunks breaks the z-sword which releases the old kai.

It was established latter that he's actually 12 but didn't know how to count properly.

He got his age wrong. When he learned how to count he mentioned he's 12.

Damn, I forgot all about that.

i had weird dream about dragon ball plot:
what if goku and zamasu are bffs and goku agreed to destroy earth in future just to help future Trunks to become super sayan god and prove to zamasu that every mortal can go beyond his form so future trunks can discover everything, transform, defeat Goku, stop him from going into the future so Goku doesn't kill anyone and all death and destruction is just a prank on Trunks?

Super Saiyan Blue and Super Saiyan God arent' triggered by anger but by acquiring god ki for Blue and by a ritual for God so your theory doesn't work.

not how it works, in RoF it states "SSB" is just SSJ while in god state (SSG)

so you do need rage and you don't need a ritual

don't forget trunks super saiyan green he will get when mai is touching him

Nah I get it too.

>Non canon movie

I want to start watching this

Should I watch the first 27 episodes or just the movies instead?

save that 200 minutes of your life, watch the movies

Gohan & Bulma's wish wouldn't have helped desu

And Dabura, being an immortal demon king, is just as strong both times.

And there's no drawback to waterboarding.

The trauma is mental, even if the physical effects can be wished back to normal.

so vegito can't come back

Shit, if they had time to revive everyone or at least heal them, Vegeta would have had a zenkai boost and Piccolo may have fused with Kami.

He meant you can't fuse fusions.

vegeta knows about fusion dance

That doesn't make sense, he was 4 when he first appeared, and if you add up the years until the Cell Games, he would only be 9 years old. If you include the RoSaT, he's 10.

Also, it would be weird for him to forget that detail about Goku's age, as he did finally reread his manga after all these years.

>fused with a presumably human witch (if Baba is human)

Does this mean he has a literal boipussi? Poor bastard.

What was their wish?

Well Vegeta was dead when Vegito happened so technically since he's been revived...


I always wondered how that witch got into the Kai world.

feel kinda sorry for him. Hope he gets his moment later

Witches are apparently allowed to enter Otherworld as they please. Baba sure does.

Case in point


I always forget that she's Roshi's sister. I guess ridiculously long lifespans must run in the family.

>The Earth is trash incarnate. It's the perfect place for him.


He had a pet phoenix that gave him eternal life iirc.

But that was DB before the Z, so who knows.

Do you think Baba and other witches count as NINGEN?

The time ring is a back and forth thing.
We know black used the ring to go to trunks time, so he'd have to go back to his own first.
He slipstreamed trunks' time traveling, which subsides and the time ring puts black back where he's supposed to be.
No kaioshins are dead yet, and black killed u7 kaioshin last, which suggests the real black is from the current timeline but didn't know about trunks.

>tfw was planning on just farming gems/metal fruit until the WT
>decide to do multi-summon
>pull new STR SSJ3 Vegeta

fug now I have to farm these awakening medals before thursday

Yeah, he was given immortality by his pet Phoenix who he inadvertently killed by feeding him bad food or something. Though Roshi's immortality only stops him from dying of old age. He can still get killed by any other means.

Minus does indeed change when goku arrived, as he arrives while jaco is on earth, and jaco arrives only 10 years before dragon ball starts. This suggests goku was 12, but almost 13 when he gave his age at the tournament.
Not knowing his own birthday would also lead to his given age being a few months off.

>can't die of old age
>molests the wives of some of the strongest fighters in the universe with no major consequences
>lives on his own island in a pink house and does whatever the fuck he wants
>is still one of the strongest humans on Earth

Is Roshi the most successful character in DB?

We've never seen what happens to majin enchanted people over time.
Based on spovovitch, it looks like it unlocks new avenues of power, not just an instant power up.

No, satan.
Has a huge business and legacy based around other people fighting, has a daughter and granddaughter that are stronger than him at his peak, despite easily being in the top 10 strongest pure humans in the world (sitting at 10 most likely), has a fucking city named after him, and his best friend is fucking magic.

How'd Kuririn convince 18 to live with him?

With his dick.

Super getting a new ending starting October and new theme "Chahan Music" by Arukara

>in the Kaio Shin realm

Only anime. See again

I'm surprised they still live with him. It's not like he's going to die of old age ever so they can get the house to themselves. Krillin might not mind living with his master, but I'm sure 18 minds living with an immortal pervert. Especially with a daughter.

Good, now we won't have any more dramatic cliffhanger endings followed immediately by "SHUN SHUN SHUN SHUN SHUN SHUN SHUN"

hope new song doesn't mean the current arc just ends and they move on, need to keep f trunks and mai just a bit longer

Isn't Goku supposed to be dead because of a disease on the future Trunks timeline? Unless present Zamazu traveled there with time rings, the whole things wouldn't make any sense.

didn't the RoF arc switch songs midway through?

BDs come out in late October so don't expect Black arc to go past that month.

I still think the first ending is the best out of all of them. They just got progressively worse.


Post your best Kamehameha, Cred Forums!


2 > 4 > 3 > 1 > 5

I don't have a mic

Then where was he when a witch stole his earrings?

> Potara once in your lifetime

He simply meant that you cannot un-fuse

But now that DBS introduced the idea that you CAN un-fuse (with the Dragon Balls), Vegetto is still within the realm of possibility

Whatever you do, skip the movie re-tellings.

If you want to start DBS, I'd recommend:
> Yo! Son Goku Returns! OVA
> DBS Episodes 1 + 2
> BoG (Movie)
> DBS Episodes 15 - 18
> RoF (Movie)
> DBS Episodes 28+

OR you can just start from Episode 28

This makes perfect sense.

>implying Kaio Shin never leave his realm

Does Trunks has a fanbase now? How? I don't remember him being popular back then.

> I don't remember TRUNKS being popular back then.

Are you retarded?

Trunksfags are just as deluded as Gohanfags, they're just a lot less vocal since their character was properly written out of the story until now.


trunks was always popular

You made one mistake.

Instead of "Pictures! Here, take a pic of her tits!" is close. But it's more like "Picture! How about if I show you a puff-puff?"

You probably didn't know what a puff-puff is, but it's basically a Toriyama running gag in what he works on such as Dragon Quest, DB, etc.

Arc is already confirmed to last until at least episode 61. And even title for that episode doesn't look like final one. I think that is safe to say, that arc will go even beyond October.

He's always the support character in the games

Future Trunks has always had a fanbase. It's present day Trunks that people don't care much for.

I can't beat the SSj3 Vegeta event

I have a mono Agl team and he still stomps me

fuck this game

Anyone else here read the manga before watching DB/Z?

>watching DB/Z anime
Nice joke

More or less. Before these threads I didn't know the anime was so much more popular. They're different in some significant ways, so it's weird reading people having a different sense of what Dragon Ball is. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

this would be impressive since that would mean you didn't watch dbz as a kid on toonami or whatever else. did kids like this actually exist?

No. I'm an American that got to watch Toonami after school. But I definitely enjoyed reading the manga at libraries more because I could take in the illustrations, which helped because I wanted to learn how to draw.

Toonami isn't in my country

link to the new manga chapter pls

Or lived in a country where Cartoon Network wasn't available / your parents didn't have it.

when they said life in a third world country was terrible I didn't believe them

I live in Finland. I noticed that DBZ was coming from TV when I already had many volumes.

So if Trunks future friends and family ever get revived would they know about the past 20 years of what happened or be clueless

We don't know

I live in a literal third world country and we had toonami.

It's been like 15 years or so, right? Which means that in all of those 15 years, Trunks and Bulma never thought of travelling to Namek to get the Dragon Balls there. It'd make sense while 17 and 18 were around since they were constantly under fire, but there were periods of peace between then and Babidi. Surely enough time to get to Namek and back. I wonder if they'll ever "explain" that.

It'd be hilarious to see everyone come back totally clueless, but I think the ability to watch from the afterlife can make short work of the confusion. No fun.

He was the face of DBZ for a while back in the day
Kids thought he was cool because of the sword

Namek blew up and they didn't know where New Namek was.

Well, beat me. I was like 6 when I watched DBZ on tv, so I guess it's my memory to blame here. He never caught my attention much, anyways.



Oh, that's right. That does explain it. Thank you for the clarification.


Hopefully vegeta kills black

Fusion dance won't work, they need to be of the same height

Be funny if they comeback with the same mindset. And character pre cell saga with no knowledge of what happened on earth for the past 20 years

I consider that Garland comic canon

>anyone but goku getting final credit
wouldn't be dragon ball

I fucking wish.
This too. But you faggots know its going to be either "boring clone" or "Present Zamasu's soul". or some shite.

I hope Trunks achieves SSB, becomes stronger than both Vegeta and Goku like he said he would earlier in the arc and kills Black. Gets mai pussy and remains the protector of earth in his timeline.

Essentially; what Gohan should've become.

>what Gohan should've become.
Nope. I hope Mai dies and King of All kills Black.

Wrong pic

goku didn't get final credit for freeza or cell

I want the energy generated by their fight to release Buu & have Buu absorb Black & Zamasu.

by the time he makes it to earth he's trivialized to a minor villain. it's like counting vegeta's kills on namek.

This. I have little hope that they'll let him defeat Black though.

I was disappointed in the reveal, looks like a babies ass.


>implying they won't travel back in time & destroy Zamasu before he gets Black



>tfw you will never see Piccolo revive Demon King Piccolo, fuse & then go to Future Trunks' timeline, make Dragon Balls, & revive & fuse with Future Piccolo, Future Kami & Future Demon King Piccolo

That and the Champa arc would be pretty cool.

where did you find that

He might be happy, until a much stronger enemy appears and kills his family because he was lacking in training and his father wasn't around.

Gohan is literally irresponsible with his power. Uncle Ben put it best, with great power, comes great responsibility.

Responsibility is cool, but there's more things in life. Like getting your dick rode all fucking night.

As opposed to his dad, who:

>feeds bad guys senzu beans for a fair fight
>lets fully-evil Vegeta go heal and train because he wants to fight him
>lets gero build genocide bots because, fuck it, it'll be a laugh
>doesn't bother to ice Majin Buu because them durn kids'll never learn otherwise

No shit he's irresponsible with his power, it runs in the family.

>lets Gero build


I think he means Gero didn't build 17 and 18, since they are cyborgs, but remodeled them.

Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, Whis, the rest of the Z fighters etc. Besides Freeza was the strongest mortal in the universe, from Gohan's prospective the chances of "a much stronger enemy" coming about should be quite low.

Why do all Gohan "fans" hide behind this Superman/Spiderman crap when all they care about is watching Gohan punch someone and being the strongest so they can self insert?

Oh yeah.


I mean, he never wanted to be good though. Gohan's a total fucking nerd. Toriyama just can't write worth shit

But he is literally daddy


I wish we got a 17 cameo in Super, since he's alive with his own family. He would have been helpful during Frieza's invasion since he can't run out of energy. Does 18 even know he's alive and well?

There's a AT interview somewhere where he says he's in contact, but doesn't visit 18 + K because he's embarrassed about his wholesome lifestyle.

Toriyama forgot about him.

>tfw you're so perfect, when you kill yourself, Gohanfag's parents die instead



Goku can solve this whole mess by pressing the button summoning zeno and having him wipe out black and zamasu out of existance

The arena for the U6 vs U7 tournament looks so much better in the manga

At reast Piccoro gotta powah! Gohan wirr not even fightu!

>feeds bad guys senzu beans for a fair fight
Didn't mean shit, Gohan still won like Goku said he would. Besides Cell probably would have gone sore loser kamikaze sooner if he lost at a disadvantage.

>lets fully-evil Vegeta go heal and train because he wants to fight him
Fair enough, but he made sure he was stronger than Vegeta for next time. Great ape Vegeta=Ginyu in terms of power and Goku was able to handle him without Kaioken.

>lets gero build genocide bots because, fuck it, it'll be a laugh
Went against his principles besides everyone trained for the androids. >doesn't bother to ice Majin Buu because them durn kids'll never learn otherwise
Making sure the Planet would be safe without him. If he wasn't there (through a one time only coincidence) the Earth would have been fucked, he wanted to change that.

"Or some shite"



Is that pronounced sha-eet?
Or shit-aye?


Gotenks' interactions with Piccolo are the greatest.

>The arena for the U6 vs U7 tournament looks so much better in the manga
The Egyptian motif matches Beerus and Champa too.

Buu saga rules.

Gotenks is such an idiot.

this is one reason the buu saga was so shit. toriyama just could no longer take anything seriously and it became a big joke. as shit as super is, at least it doesn't have that.

The Buu Saga is trash. The worst boys made worst boy. Fuck Gotenks.

>Buu saga rules
This, underrated as hell.


>The Egyptian
i wonder if we will get a female cat god of destruction since cat people are call gods of destruction

>Muh serious deebeezee is about FIGHTS AND BLOOOOD

I wonder if Roshi sneaked up on 18 and Krillin while they were boning

>comparing Akira's gag phase to his other arc phases


Why is the sex robot winning?



Since SSJ levels are just a multiplier to ones base power
Does that mean that base trunks is stronger than base goku with god ki?

being silly every now and then != being mostly unable to take itself seriously. dragon ball was its own style different from z+. z, and even dragon ball, was able to take itself seriously when needed. anything that cannot take itself seriously is irrevocably garbage like the buu saga.


>even dragon ball, was able to take itself seriously when needed.


No. Base goku is the strongest base guy except whis and beerus and black and hit and zamasu


I wonder how the frog is doing.

Namek exploded, so it's probably dead.

That's the point of Akira Toriyama. Get with the program or fuck off.

Wouldn't it be teleported to Earth thanks to Dende's wish?



It doesn't appear with the other Namekians on Earth so it probably didn't count as a person to Porunga.

AGE 801
Son Goku disappears
Realizing his death is imminent, Goku, who wanted to settle their rivalry, left the Earth with Vegeta. Years later, a supernova explosion was detected; perhaps caused by Son Goku and Vegeta’s battle.
[Ref: From the DBO timeline.]

Goku vs Vegeta in DBS better be fucking GOAT, Goku vs Majin Vegeta had amazing set up but was criminally short in the manga.

I want to see this version of Goku fighting.

>58-year-old Goku
>69-year-old Vegeta
Are saiyans' lives shorter than humans?

nah, and it wasn't even funny either like just pure unadulterated shit
>What the fuck?! Who's the asshole that just ripped a smelly one?!
I'd expect buu farts to smell like bubblegum though

>Majin isn't funny
Shit taste confirmed.
inb4 hurr hurr dub

I hate niggerstream translations

No, but they're almost at the age where saiyans finally become old.

Just finished my Vegeta. Opinions?

Buu saga took it's self seriously loads of times. Buu has the highest on screen kill count in the series.


Looks decent, you'll probably find a lot of jobs with it.

>Im here for the job


>blue hair

suck it trunks hair is blue

Trunks's hair is always blue, but the anime for what ever reason choice purple.

Honestly I'd have no problem with it as long as they had retconned present Trunk's hair to blue too. Both having different hair colors is just dumb.

> interviewer shows his Piccolo Tattoo and calls security

To be fair, his hair color (and Bulma's) is inconsistent in the manga, so it can be either lavender or blue. The only rule about Trunks' hair is that it needs to have the same color as Bulma's.

I guess to make both trunks look different much like making goku black's hair 3 hair spikes while goku have 4 in the anime which is dumb.

that coloring doesn't feel like akira's usual color work...perhaps an edior what colored it and with with the anime design?


toriyama probably insisted on blue but lavender trunks was already there, the anime staff never thought they'd have to add future trunks later

lol toei fucked them selves like usual. I guess they would be a laughing stock if they chnaged little trunks's hair to blue and didn't ask akira first.

They're both irresponsible then. It runs in the family.

>mfw I'm a Piccolofag

Because it's true. Gohan himself said it that he needs to be strong to protect those he loves. So much for that shit.

I'm fine with Gohan not fighting actually, but don't tease us, Super.


Its from the new full color version of the manga, I think. But still, here's an artwork of Trunks with lavender hair.

>no slug antennas

>Gohan impregnates that
I can imagine the family tree looking like pic related

>there were legitimately Xeno Fags that thought Time Patrol Trunks was canon

>I saw it all
He saw Gotenks' fusion.

this pic isn't from the time dbz was still running right? where it from?

Maybe all that advanced aging in the hyperbolic time chamber messed up their ages.

I don't know where is it from but that's definitely Toriyama's new artstyle.

Yes. This way, Freezer wont go invade it.
However, it contrasts with the whole "Earth what a beautiful planet I could sell it" we hear everytime an alien gets there. It's just bad writing. Fuck Minus.

please, this will never happen, no more vegeta vs goku

I don't think you understand. If Black or Zamasu were Vegetto-tier, Goku&friends would already be ashes.

Sauce on pitgirl?

I don't know if you guys have gotten your hands on the English Chapter 16 but here is one on Youtube.

I don't think you understand. If Vegeta hadn't saved them that is what would have happened.

>the pilaf gang cause the death of thousands perhaps even millions

Not really.

Not like that. I mean, instantly turned into ashes. The two of them would have gotten killed within a single blow. They wouldn't even notice the fight starting.


Just.. let it go

>implying anyone who Goku can reasonably fight can stand a chance against Vegito

DBZ in 10 minutes

It took over twelve seconds for Black & Zamasu to win. Vegito stomps.

>The two of them would have gotten killed within a single blow.
Obviously Goku and the others aren't going to get killed or else Black and Zamasu win. Goku,Vegeta and Trunks did no damage to Black where as they were getting rekted easy.

Stop with this Vegito wanking.

>no one will ever surpass Gohan

this isn't fair, i understand he is supposed to be the strongest but why cant piccolo or the humans be relevant again

even ssj3 goku is nowhere near as strong as gohan.

Poor Veggie :(

>did no damage
Blackfags everyone. Next you're going to say that Black can beat Whis.


It's not wanking, Fusion is just that strong. There wouldn't even be a fight against Vegetto. Shit just multiplies your powerlevel by hundreds, thousands, or more. And we saw earlier in DBZ that even a slight powerlevel difference meant a stomp.

>anime Bulma-Bra-Trunks hair color
>anime Kaio Shin oufit color

Vegito is stronger than Gohan, if you count fusions.

>did no damage
Show me then.

>There wouldn't even be a fight against Vegetto.
Except they would

Someone get that webm of Trunks kicking Black & Zamasu through some walls.

Also didn't Black get stronger from fighting Vegeta here?

No, I mean, Goku/Vegeta or Goku/Trunks against Vegetto wouldn't be a fight. It'd be over in a second. You can't tell me Black or Zamasu are 10 000 times stronger than Goku blue and even if you did Vegetto could still probably handle his own.

I don't think you appreciate the magnitude of difference there is between normals and fusions.

Buuhan's regeneration didn't help him against Vegito. If Tao Pai Pai was immortal, he still get his ass kicked by Berry's.

Are you new to Dragon Ball? That didn't do shit.

>wants to become perfect
>not already perfect
The Cellfags will have a field day.

>they didn't do shit
Even that blow harmed Frieza. Even Android 16 injured Cell.

>No, I mean, Goku/Vegeta or Goku/Trunks against Vegetto wouldn't be a fight. It'd be over in a second.
And I'm saying your wrong.


we've seen bulma's cleavage but will we ever see mai's pits?

Source? I'm 50/50 on whether or not if it's a girl or trap, but I'm betting on girl.

>Even that blow harmed Frieza
No it didn't.


>Black cock suckers think Black & Zamasu can beat Vegito
Turles can beat Zeno.

>And I'm saying your wrong.
Please tell me how I'm wrong. Vegetto is at the very, very least 100x Goku SSJ3 level, going by very simple maths.

Goten + Trunks (ok SSJ1s) became SSJ3 level. That's a huge power gap there. They would get instantly killed by Gotenks.

Remember Vegeta vs Kiwi? Yeah, 24 000 vs 18 000. Vegeta could blow up Kiwi just by pointing at him.

i guess gero
remodeled 18's shithole

How many fruits would he have to eat to get near SSJ levels of power? Was there a multiplier ever put forth for the fruits from the Tree of Might?

it wasn't even a sneak attack since trunks dropped in and blocked with his sword for a good few seconds before they started going atatata and THEN the kick happened. which is slightly better than goku's first bout with beerus, even if it didn't hurt him.

Admiral Ackbar is coming to collect his winnings soon.

future mai's going to die, I'm calling this

Zamasu was able to hold down SSB Goku and Trunks with relative ease and has immortality.

Black one shotted Vegeta and two shotted Goku, while taking no damage and gets stronger everything time he fights, feels pain or learns more about Goku.

Also Black and Zamasu have potaras too so fusion is a option for them as well.

Just stop. You're cherrypicking to make it look like there's no fight at all, which would be the case if Goku fought Vegetto. Potara is just that absurdly strong and there's no justification to why nobody does it.

>it wasn't even a sneak attack
Yeah it was and regardless it did no damage.

they're going to need a deus ex machina to win at this rate
maybe if you have 5 purehearted saiyan gods you can create a super saiyan titan aka a hair color change to green


>literally did more than many of Goku's hits

that reaction was still in the block. it was a sneak block, and everything after was completely fair. compare that to piccolo coming out of nowhere for goku.

>relative ease
>got knocked around
>Black can't even one-shot Goku

Yes, it is. There are various webms of Goku and Trunks fighting Zamasu and Black. You're justifying them with some lazy "two shots" excuses. There'd be no "two shots" against Vegetto and Vegeta wouldn't catch a punch of him, because the fight would be over way before Goku or Vegeta would have noticed its start. That's just how it is.

>thinks anyone who can't even beat Goku in a minute can beat Vegito

man, I hate dragon ball threads

>SS = base x 50
>SS2 = SSx2
>SS3 = SS2x4

Goku x 50 = Goku SS
Goku SSx2 = Goku SS2
Goku SS2x4 = Goku SS3
Goku SS3 ≈

I'd like them more if people had a better grasp of the series they're discussing. It's really not that hard, I suspect the anime's fault.

>Vegeta damaged Beerus guys!!!!

>got knocked around
That explains why Goku and Trunks got hit by the Black Kamahamaha.

I accept your concession.

That's why DB threads hate you
That's why this threads killed your father and raped your mother


Let's get these out of the way:
>SS2 = SSx2
Canonically wrong, as Cell is "2 or 3 times stronger than Goku SSJ1, yet Gohan SSJ2 tears him a new asshole". Also, never stated in the series, so not canon.
>SS3 = SS2x4
Not canon too.

SSJ1 x50 is not canon either, but as Freeza 50% resisted the Kaioken x20, I'm willing to give you that one.

So yeah, let's get back to the part where you're being a fucking retard:
>Gotenks SS3 (post) ≈

Sure he would.

>Beerus's literally has holding back & so impressed that he noticed Vegeta

Remember when Goku held Radditz on place despite being half-dead and Radditz being twice as strong as him? Yeah, me too.

Just moves like that, or discussing "who got hurt", stuff like feats, they won't lead anywhere because these things fluctuate a lot.
Magnitudes of differences in powerlevel, however, are pretty solid. People get instantly fucked up against people hundreds of times as strong as them, that's at least true.

>Black & Zamasu can't beat Goku in less than a minute
Hang on guys, Blackfag here thinks Raditz can take on Buu.

>he doesn't know that multipliers are in Daizenshuu 7
>2 or 3 times stronger, source your ass
>"if it never stated in the series, isn't canon"
>calls another "retard"

>we're talking about SSBlue Goku/Vegeta fusing into a new, SSBlue Vegetto
The point is to know how strong is Bu saga Vegetto about Bu saga Goku to imagine how powerful would be a Black-saga Vegetto

how many desserts can I buy for 4 dead gohans

>in Daizenshuu 7
Yes. Non canon. This book is filled with multiple mistakes.

>2 or 3 times stronger, source your ass
Vegeta's statement after Cell told Goku to take a senzu.

>"if it never stated in the series, isn't canon"
If it's not stated in the series or directly by the writer, it's not canon. Toriyama didn't do the whole Daizenshuu, he just ok'd it, like he did for the anime, which isn't any more canon.

>The point is to know how strong is Bu saga Vegetto about Bu saga Goku to imagine how powerful would be a Black-saga Vegetto
Yes. And as said earlier, Buu saga Vegetto got hundreds of times stronger, which means he'd instantly wipe Buu saga Goku. Meaning Black Saga Vegetto would do the same with Black Saga Goku. Which Black couldn't.

Nice headcanon but my point is just because you moved someone a bit doesn't mean you did damage to them. See Saitama vs Boros (Moon kick)

>Remember when Goku held Radditz
Yep totally comparable to Zamasu holding both Goku and Trunks with ONE arm each.

How do you multiplierfags explain Gohan saying his power was halved when Cell fucked up his arm? Shouldn't that have brought him back down to the power he had as a regular Super Saiyan?

linkin park

I think she's going to be fine. She even shows up in a new 2017 calendar wearing new clothes.

>Yep totally comparable to Zamasu holding both Goku and Trunks with ONE arm each.
The difference being that Goku was half as strong as Radditz. While you're arguing Zamasu is at least 100 times stronger than Goku and Trunks.

Why didn't Goku block it with a Kiai?

>While you're arguing Zamasu is at least 100 times stronger than Goku and Trunks.
Please stop putting words into mouth.

Raditz's ribs were broken by Gohan's attack, that's why he couldn't break free.

That only works on weak attacks.

Also, it'd mean something like :
Gohan SSJ1

His powerlevel went down, according to his words. He was still stronger than Piccolo at this point and a lot stronger than half-dead Goku who had lots of bones broken. So basically, it's still (wounded) Radditz > Piccolo > half-dead Goku.

>Black saga Vegetto-tier.
Isn't a thing. Stop pulling stupid numbers out of your ass and quit Vegetto wanking.

That's an hypothetical thing we've been discussing since someone said "why don't they fuse". Someone even posted a blue Vegetto.

>General Black's power level: 8
>General Black in mech: 100

>Vegito's power level: 8,000,000,000
>Super Vegito: 400,000,000,000

So this discussion is just satire right? Vegito can kill Black by just thinking about it or sneezing.

My point is you don't know how strong current Vegetto is, so Black saga Vegetto-tier is stupid speculation/wanking


SSJ4 Gogeta is stronger than Super Vegito.

>isn't canon because have mistakes.
Good, so DB manga is not canon too

>Vegeta's statement
Not in the manga. At least not in my kanzenban edition.

>like he did for the anime
Anime and others Daizenshuu are authorized by Toriyama, but Daizenshuu 7 was approved (not just authorized).

>Buu saga Vegetto got hundreds of times stronger
That's literally my point.

>the character whose power suddenly increases according to their emotions every 2 minutes until becomes "ultimate"

>non canon hero is stronger than a past character
oh gee, who would've thought?

Also base Black was tanking hits from SSB Vegeta

It's speculation for sure, but if the boost is the same as last time we can tell for sure Vegetto would still be as OP as ever.

Black and Zamasu are the ones with fusion earrings right now. One of them would only only need to swap ears too.


>Matching clothes
How adorable

>so vegito can't come back

That landscape is beautiful. It just has this great sense of scale, even in the craters, which I find hard to pull off


Is she already in Bulmas womb?

Will she be born after this saga?!

Toriyama, dont fuck with me.

Have you ever considered masturbating to Bulma?


>Trunks and Mai as babies looking at each other

Fucking cute, but fucking Dark considering they fucked up their world by using their last wish.

Can't Trunks go to Namek and use those Dragon Balls?

Why not just borrow the Dragon balls from the current timeline to his future, ask to revive Piccolo and shit.

Also, wouldn't it be interesting to see how the Z warriors in the other world from Trunk's future reacted to all the shit going down at the moment?

already been born. Why do you think Bulma's tits are so big and milky in super?

Hopefully never

I only ever watched one episode of DBZ as a kid. It just happened to be one where Goku and vegeta where crawling around inside Buu, which creeped the shit out of me, so I didn't watch any more for a long time.

possible and you forget to quote?

>it's a "Vegeta spams Ki blasts" episode

>It's a "Gohan goes berserk" episode

>It's a "Goku finally arrives" episode

>It's a "Philosophical Piccolo" episode

I feel so sorry for you. You had no childhood.

Poor underage soul with shit taste that likes super.

>they fucked up their world by using their last wish
It was Pilaf's fault. Mai looks confused like she didn't know what Pilaf was going to wish for and Shu told him that wish wasn't appropriate at that time because of the androids, but Pilaf didn't give a shit.

>Can't Trunks go to Namek and use those Dragon Balls?
He doesn't know where New Namek is and Kaioshin died, so he can't teleport Trunks to Namek.

>Why not just borrow the Dragon balls from the current timeline to his future, ask to revive Piccolo and shit
I don't think that would work.

been doing that since the 90s

Because the times it has been used, it has been fucking great for them, yes even counting the fucking movies and GT.

Either way, Vegitto is strong as shit too.

Now, Vegitto Blue with Kaiokenx10

You mean SSJ2 or SSJ3 Vegito.

Not fan-fiction deviantart shit.

they shouldn't have brought up kaioken in the anime since it was clearly going to be a one time thing and now people are expecting it again

fuck... is this?!

Dragonball Multiverse. Shitty fan comic by French DB fans.

Black and Zamasu are going to fuse anyway

Alternate universe where Vegetto stays Vegetto, fucks Bulma and spawns this little shit

Honestly, who gives a fuck about Bra?

How hard is beerus going to piss himself once he sees SSG Vegito

only gtfags and superfags.

>Because the times it has been used, it has been fucking great for them
Doesn't matter, it doesn't make them invincible.

Don't worry, most 3rd world countries got Dragon Ball since the very beggining before you were even born, instead of starting with Z with a dub so shitty, they butchered the intro and the original soundtrack, way to go America, glad we got DB before you pigs, because once you started getting your dirty hands on Anime distribution in the continent, shit like the One Piece 4Kids dub happened and that one got to the whole American continent.

Other examples of raped anime by you that the whole continent had to suffer:
-Yu Gi Oh
-Pokémon (At least you kept the ost, you shits)
-Gash Bell

Thankfully, our countried got a wind of this shit, and stratred airing their own versions, like Digimon, Sakura CardCaptor and they even redubbed One Piece with the original intro back when 4 kids was still airing it.

I love AT's art to death.

Toriyama got really lazy with his arstyle, looks almost like togashi

>Kaioshin is dead

wtf? I mean, yeah, but why not do this shit after he beat the Androids, or tell Goku to teach him instant transmission or some shit like that?

>looks almost like togashi

Reminder that Kaios are literal fruits

Toriyama is a god at making interesting worlds.

No wonder he got so many video games jobs.

Read the latest manga chapter. Kaioshin got killed in Trunks' timeline.

I'm kind of hoping that they make it canon that humans have some special thing that is unique to them.
It could explain why the human saiyan hybrids are so much more powerful like...
Humans have an unlimited ability to use and manipulate ki and can store an abnormal amount compared to most species
But they are hampered by being a relatively weak species.

Say...if krilian was the same level as SSJ1 goku on namek.

While goku would be sucking air and tapped a human would be able to limitelessly use ki attacks and mold it as well. Like goku uses one massive kameha wave, but a krillian would use multiple slightly weaker kamehawaves and not feel very tired at all.

it's too late for that

No they don't.


Dude, let's get two things out of the way. Without the dubs of yugioh and dbz NEITHER of those would have taken off in america.
Neither fucking one.

Naruto? Yeah that shit's complete trash.
Pokemon? It's actually cute.
Gash Bell? I honestly can't even remember that.

No it isn't Just show a human being using more ki attacks rather then more powerful ones.

Why are you faggots hyping Vegetto so much when we yet have to see Ascended SSG, Ultra SSG and SSG2.

Vegetto is stronger than all those forms outside of fusion.

Because a potara are getting a lot of focus this arc

What? Hell no, Bulma is digusting. Are you a fucking faggot?

I fap to Chi-Chi like a real patrician.

Bulma aged like wine
Chichi became worse with age

Oh shit ningga, ssr vegeta leaked

this was the only good version of chichi though

you're not tricking anyone

Damn it. Thanks user.

This fucking scene made me drop the universe 6 saga

This is the most powerful villain of Dragon Ball here and he's reduced to shit. Almost like when Buu was nothing compared to Beerus

Bulma looks worse back in EoZ than Chichi. Those Asian genes work.

New thread

>Almost like when Buu was nothing compared to Beerus
Who care Mr.Boo (Fat Buu) has been depicted to be mediocre for a while now son.

That's what I mean by almost. It was shocking at first then I remembered it's just Fat Buu, but either way the cuckening of Piccolo is much worse

fake and gay like vegeta.

Want to know something interesting.
She's the first person in all of DBZ to use an energy attack.
The first one.