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13 year old boy from ukraine


>tfw i have the same KC shirt

Joshu is the main hero.

Lets just try and forget about this mess once and for all.
Please, I don't like seeing these threads in a state of havoc.

Joshuu is most definitely "our guy"

Gappy makes me happy

These faggots who always try to calm things down "p-please no negativity" are the worst god damn people on this site, I'll tell you what.

I can't believe our main villains are weak ass stone people.

Young Joesph can kick their asses with his eyes close.

I just don't like shitposting, that's all.

Stop posting the same shit over over and over again on every thread you retard. It's not because it's a general that you HAVE to make it shit, you know?
Or do you not care about the quality of the posts especially because it's a general?


Yes he is.

What happened

the new arcadefag fucked up.

13 year old boy from ukraine

>SOUL'd OUT will never do a jojo OP
just kill me

Check the archives if you really want to know.

So game is kill right?

>Joseph finds Aisho
>Tries to fight him using hamon
>Dies because of his own breathing

meme dad

>Young Joesph can kick their asses with his eyes close.
I mean, Gappy has been pretty much doing that so far. The Aphex Twins are some of the biggest jobbers yet.

I can possibly explain how this shit happened.

I live in Ukraine, and currently, russian social network and youth itself pretty much influenced by anime. There's literaly shitton of teenagers and kids that watching some shit like naruto and then going on something harder. Currently, JoJo is extremly popular and you need to blind just not to notice "Le funny gay poses za warudo xd". I'm also not surpised that he's actually knows about Cred Forums. But anyway, this situation is just fucking retarded

I know Jojo has weird fashion but what are the balls in Norisuke's hair actually supposed to be?

Fruit he braids fruit into his hair

Well, that definitely explains all the Ukrainians and Russians in the Fightcade lobby.

The guy who originally started the project has apparently claimed to want to continue it. But until he actually shows a working game, I wouldn't believe anything.

I hope araki one day models joshu face after arnold

Well there goes my hope for the year. Anyways I wish I was caught up with jojolion

I love Narancia!

Clown girl

Oh, Naranciafag. My sweet, sweet little Naranciafag...
When will you realise that that nasty schoolboy is no good for you?
Oh, my sweet little Naranciafag...

The fuck did you just say about him fucker?
I thought you were ok.

I can't wait for the part 5 adaptation so I can post the gif of this scene in every single thread

Fuck you and fuck fugo.
Although I am really excited about that scene too.

Is this accurate?

Man, I relate more to Johnny each passing day.

I am resuming work on it but I understand your pessimism given the history so far. I will get to working on the game when school slows down next week or in 2 weeks

I'm more interested in the pissing gif

>I have no eyes and I must take a piss

What the fuck happened with the arcadeboy?
All the project was a lie?

Underrated stand users + stands?

I'm not talking about just one or the other, but the whole package.

Do you think Giorno and Trish banged or was he too much of a fag for Bucciarati?

JoJos stopped gaining useless love interests after Joseph unfortunately

If arcadefag is dead...
I want to make a jojo game for myself.
Fuck that underage fag.
I know a bit about Unity and related things

I think it was Mista who hook up with Trish at the end
Giorno seems to be asexual

Well Keicho obviously. My first tie teaming DiU I expected him to be the big bad. His stand and demeanor were kinda menacing.

And if I had to say someone else if guess it world have to be Hermes

In my opinion it's one of the most underused stands too

Even when things seem glum and nothing wants to go right, keep your spirits up, anons! Become the JoJo you know you can be. Eat right, exercise, and get plenty of sleep. Courage, anons! JoJo is about the human spirit!

I just realize how full of plot holes jojolion is

In the beginning of the part we found out that Sasame had kept Kira prisoner but he escaped three days ago, and at the end of that arc we found out that Kira died 3 days ago

Then we found out he actually died while being chased by damo, with no reference to what happened with Sasame

Oh, and we never once found out what the hell was up with those bite marks, or how the transfered to joshuu. They never even got mentioned again.

what the actual fuck?

>Using a special snowflake Tumblr term

You know you can not want sex at a current time and not be a demi-polyamorous-asexual-angel-kin right?

I don't know Underworld was too convoluted

True but I would have wanted to see more of it than BR, even though BR was a pretty ridiculously fun "fight"

Oh, and supposedly kira had no relatives according to chapter 7

Is araki just making this up as he goes along and forgetting everything that happened before?

I mean I don't think Giorno seems to care about fucking and not just because he's 15

oi fuck making a fighting game then you queer and try something else like a mystery or something that isn't shitty like a point and click. I can get behind that.

Asexual isn't Tumblr, it's just true asexuality got fucking demolished by Tumblrites who want to push 'Romance' as anything more important than it really is

Gold experience made him all the vagina and/or dick he ever wanted. He got it out of his system

So I just started SBR after getting up to date with the anime. I have heard all the spoilers from the entire series from here and wikipedia.

I have not read any other parts, but part 7 seems to be the best from the consensus on here. My question is, is ZA WARUDO Diego worth all the build up? Its a really long part and I don't really like reading very much in general. Is all the boring shit at the beginning worth the payoff at the end? I am kind of wondering if I should just read that fight, the fight with Pucci at the end of part 6, and then just keep watching the anime from there?

What do you thing /jojo/?

>This triggers the /jojo/


>True asexuality

You mean this right?

That's a lot more hard, because you need to do a lot of maps and enviroment.
A fighting game is more easy and funny.
I'll make a poll for this.

Man, Akira Otoishi was WAY too electric to just fizzle into the background the way he did. Where's his screentime, his followup show? His "Where Are They Now" under the hot stage lights? This is an outrage!


Asexual people have always been a thing.
How else do you call people who never have sex (not for being losers, I mean)?

Yes, but why does that make him some fucking special snowflake term?

Sometimes I like to take long walks outside, am I fucking deer-kin or some shit?

shieet man we already got Hftf and the other Arcadefag said he would start it back up. alls I'm saying is a game where I can get more into contact with all the characters of Morioh and learn more stories about them would be pretty fuckin good my dude.

Okay, yes, technically. I just meant people who go their whole life not attracted/dating to guys or girls, etc. but yeah that's the actual term


I was trying to make a project like this, maybe some anons can help me


I would LOVE to be in a threesome with supermodels, does that make me polyamorous now?

I don't want to date right now because I'm too busy with college, well I guess I'm a bacteria now

>black square

Did we ever get an explanation of what the bite mark was on Gappy's shoulder?


So up next in the anime should be RPS kid, right? Then after that should be the ayy lmao.

Don't be a nigger. Say it like this
You like opposite, it's hetero
You like same, it's homo
You like both, it's bi
You like none, it's a

I think that's fair. All the options you can choose with two genders. No more, no less

He doesn't like having sex, so he's asexual (a=none, sexual=sex). Like, if he liked men he'd be homosexual (homo=same, sexual=sex) and if he liked chicks he'd be heterosexual (hetero=different, sexual=sex).
It's really not that hard to believe some people don't enjoy sex. I get you hate tumblr's exagerated use of special weird terms they invent and force down on people and I do too, but never wanting to have sex seems like a thing that wouldn't be very hard to believe.
I mean people who never feel like having sex and choose not to do it.

>not a /jojo/ version of the 7th stand user
A fighting game is fine too

Just inching a bit more for progressivism, next year you are gonna add more and more

>You can pick from only 4 genders you nigger

Ah the glorious alt-right

1. I don't like each some dairy products, am I alactose now? You can not like a thing and still be a fucking bland person. "Oh you don't like having sex? Oh you must a fucking 5-D fucking lifeform!"
2. Yeah, virgins, why do we have to invent something to make you feel special for something so common?

Yes, very

Giorno drinks himself to sleep he's so secretly bitter and cold


I don't like to watch sports, can I get a special term for that too?

What other boards besides Cred Forums are /jojo/ approved?

I fucking hate joshuus stupid retard face

26. Janken Boy Is Coming
27. I Am An Alien
28. Highway Star Pt. 1
29. Highway Star Pt. 2
30. The Cat Who Loved Yoshikage Kira
31. Let's Live On A Tower
32. The Enigma Boy
33. My Dad Is Not My Dad / Cheap Trick Pt. 1
34. Cheap Trick Pt. 2
35. Another One Bites The Dust Pt. 1
36. Another One Bites The Dust Pt. 2
37. Another One Bites The Dust Pt. 3
38. Crazy Diamond Is Unbreakable Pt. 1
39. Crazy Diamond Is Unbreakable Pt. 2


What if I'm only gay for Abbacchio? It's fair game right?

I'm honestly wondering how the hell Narancia came up with that answer. I don't see the sequence of mathematics one could possibly use to get that, this makes less sense than Diavolo's ability to look completely different

I'm not right wing you delusional dipshit

Because there are still hetero/homosexual virgins. If people really wanted to fuck, they'd hire a prostitute like Chris Chan did

Only if you want to fuck sports stars. Obviously the special term for people like you are, "Sane niggers that don't waste their time with bullshit"

Can The Hand delete the diarrhea that Okuyasu had before going to eat at Tonio's?

>Mystery game
>Open map/Sandbox
>A la Eyes Of Heaven with lots of characters from other parts
This is wat I want to do.


david bowie wants a quiet life

I Am An Alien is gonna be two parts tho since it has Kiras new life part 2 in it and early Highway Star has Mikitaka in it

sauce sauce sauce

Never post Happy Joshuu with such a retarded post again

Awaken my masters

>inexpensive ruse part 1
>inexpensive ruse part 2
>Chew some dirt pt 1
>Chew some dirt pt 2
>Chew some dirt pt 3
>Shining Diamond is unbreakable pt 1
>Shining Diamond is unbreakable pt 1




Yeah, I did some research into some academic papers while in this retarded argument and yes... it turns out it's a real term even used in Biology (excluding the reproduction aspect)

So I apologize for being a super retard.

>Ground, Air, and Flame

>I don't like each some dairy products, am I alactose now?
No, but if you never wanted to injest any dairy products at all I guess you'd be lactose-intolerant.
>"Oh you don't like having sex? Oh you must a fucking 5-D fucking lifeform!"
No, you must be asexual. As is: doesn't have sex. It's not some weird alien term invented by tumblr children who cannot understand what they're feeling sexually when they first go through puberty, it's an acutal thing.
It's much easier than calling them "people that don't like sex." Saying "Giorno seems asexual" is much simpler than having to say "Giorno seems like the type of guy who doesn't like sex." and they both mean the same thing. It's not trying to make anyone "feel special", it's just simplifying stuff.
Homosexual people are called homosexual, wanna call them "people that like having sex with the same type" or whatever the situation calls for? Why just not gay?
That's fair because Abbacchio's obviously special and everyone should love him a bit.

It's okay to make mistakes user
You're only human, after all

FUCK you

I apologize, you were right

I don't know dota enough, what's the item at the top?

It's it a refresher orb?

Post Aida Mitsuo quotes.

Thanks Jobin.... I don't have to let you lick my eyeball right?

What will Superfly be renamed to?

Post worst Copyright name changes

Filthy Acts at a Reasonable Price


>Magnificent Mosquito
>Street Sun
>Interrogation Dude

Tower Gray MK 2 Electric Boogaloo

probably something like "So Fly"

that's how I'd do it at least

I forgive and respect you user.
Too bad that doesn't mean much because we'll never recognize each other posting here again.

Post Yoshikage Kira AMVs

Hyper Mosquito

Phoenix's ultimate

We could be namefag cancer



Most of the Part 4 changes like Echoes and Surface are pretty terrible. Worst Company isn't that bad but still not good. Deadly Queen was awful

I kind of like Shining Diamond, but Crazy Diamond is easily one of the best Stand names ever

(Forgot the link)


Whoops, I meant for Echoes and Surface

Reverb and Show Off were just unnecessary

If we can't be the best we can be the worst alright.

Jokes aside, thanks man, I may not be the most.... likeable person, but I try even on the interwebs to not dance around the issue that I was wrong/misinformed/ignorant.

Thank god the voice actors actually say the real names. It helps ignore the shitty copyright names. I can't even imagine the rage that would be unleashed on the planet if the VAs actually had to speak this garbage.

I'm making a 3D Morioh for the game.
I'll finish this shit in like 4 days.


I felt myself die a little inside from typing that



Why don't we just make a simple JoJo Romhack of the original NES Castlevania?

Agreed, but it kinda feels off having them obviously say English names and the subs have to censor. Can't wait for the anime to be finished so I can download all the episodes and slap on the correct subtitles so I don't drive myself crazy

Because the Classicvanias are shit games


Does Araki know how guns work?

Panel 1

What is your favorite Kira design /jojo/?


>Because the Classicvanias are shit games
They haven't aged well, but it could still be good practice.
Plus JoJo and Castlevania are practically brothers, If anything we could use it as a stepping stone and eventually work our way up to making a Romhack of a fantastic JoJo game like SOTN or IV.

Panel 2.
What kind of gun is that?
He shoot like 20 bullets.

I'll always love Bowie, but I feel Kosaku has a charm to him blending in better in a Japanese crowd. Watermelon's a bit too much for me

Couldn't really make me care for Deadman

Didn't they debut around the same time?

>Blond Kira
>Not David Bowie

melonhead kira da god


Did he shoot any more? There are pistols with 20 bullet clips.

Do we have any idea what the fuck is going on in jojolion yet?

user that's not very descriptive, it could be literally anyone.

Parts 1-3 all the characters were named after bands, songs and musicians
But from like Part 4 onward it's the Stands that are references while the names are pulled from any and everywhere

sort of

there's still no main villain though

There's a weird dog.
Holly is sick.
Kira and Josefumi are ded

That's all we know.

That not unnormal user

I'm still disappointed that Aisho's design strayed from being SBR-verse Kosaku.

I wonder how the hell they managed to keep Love Deluxe
Also I like Pole Jam more than Opal Jam


>David Bowie knew Aya in real life

Only explanation I got. How the fuck is that all one man


do we know anything about the bite marks?

Motherfucker was handsome as fuck, he could pull off any look.

Does Japan have some sort of hard-on for David Bowie? Not that I'm complaining he's one of my favourite music artists of all time

Gappy identifies himself as Josefumi.
He wants to protect his mother, Holly.
Holly is the ultimate cause of all of that has happened in JoJolion due to the fact Kira and Josefumi needed to obtain a Rokakaka to heal her.
Now he needs to obtain another one to heal her.
The rockmen and the Roakakakakakaka are connected.
Jobin was shown to be depressed after Damo's death, hinting at his involvement with the fruit growing company.

Zebra hair Kosaku > Watermelon head Kosaku


Like food and clothes designers but it goes back to songs and artists with steel ball run

I have yet to find a single cosplayer that can pull off that god damn zebra hair without looking stupid as fuck

Japanese westaboos like Araki and Kojima love him and all sorts of pop culture shit from the 80s

Place your bets people. Melonhead or Zebrahead?

It can't be done

user... what if the haircut was just "stupid as fuck" to begin with?

Some actual businessman could pull it off.

Someone that didn't have any strong features and looked average as fuck.

I got all these gappys on zebra

your a ultra retard

Anime Kosaku Kira has a white suit so zebra hair comfirmed


Cart racer, I'm begging you. You could add any character you want with that format.

Fuckin delete this

I'm rereading Jojolion and I noticed something odd.

You know how Holly was missing parts of her brain and other organs?

well one of the doctors joked that they should report those pieces as STOLEN


Would you let her blow your mind? Anytime?


Wait they're giving Kira a white suit?
Oh that makes up for Killer Queen now.

It looks like a horrific Eldritch singularity.

it is stupid as fuck but so does the weird ass hair spikes kosaku regularly has anyway. I just wanted to dress as him without it looking retarded damn it.

They look like men desu
And office worker looks more like a stewardess. 2/10

I like the blond one the most, but the Kosaku one fits him more, the Watermelon makes him look most sinister and the Deadman one is growing on me with the patterns

The Sea one is nice too with the sailor look

Post character ideas.

We need Speedwagon in a Speedwagon.
We need Stroheim in superior German engineered and weaponized kart
I need Kira in a Sheer Heart Attack buggy.

>Confirmed weeb

Hell I'd let dude Kira do it.

Probably to make his change to Kosaku more drastic and bigger
also why would he still be wearing the same clothes if he's hiding
They also made all of Rohans outfits different colors instead of all of them being white so I guess they didnt want Kira to allways be pink

I'm seriously thinking about making a race game.
Like Mario Kart but more JOJO

Why can't I choose the actual best Kira you meme

Office and housewife Kira are really cute, boss Kira has stupid hair though. It's a shame, because the outfit's awesome, that KQ necklace instead of a tie is a stroke of genius.

That's the best thing I've ever heard.
Part 1 Dio has a coffin.
Part 3 DIO has a Road Roller .

Wish granted user

Avdol on camel, original Dio on a horse drawn carriage, Kars is just flying with his bird wings, ZZ as wheel of fortune, and there was an image of a lot of the other characters racing like DIO on steamroller and Kakyoin in the race car from the Tellence T Darby chapter

Do you not want to be happy user...

Look at there fucking shoulders, they have wide shoulders and thin hips. That's what men look like.
The faces are pretty cute

Try to proof me wrong that this isn't the best Jojoke video


you can't

Id much rather have a JoJo point and click adventure game like the Shadowgate franchise.
With multiple endings, interesting deaths, and new stands it could be very interesting as long as it has a compotent writer.

Where's my Gappy dating sim?

Not even the same character.

>Not a Joshuu dating simulator

>Not Kira in a regular sedan that turns into SHEER KART ATTACK

In the same place I left my Doc dating simulator.

She's got enough hips that you can tell she's a woman, but she is on the slight side. It makes sense that Kira wouldn't have a particularly remarkable body though, a 10/10 qt would have trouble going under the radar.

>Red nose
For what fucking purpose, is he meant to be blushing/drunk

>Same stand
>Same name
>Super similar personalitys

I guess user thinks that if woman doesn't look like these have two beach balls on their chest they must be trannies

He's sick

Based on what Anons have said so far and on that one pic.
Jonathan on a horse carriage.
Dio on a coffin that closes in the sun.
Zeppeli on a zeppelin on wheels.
Speedwagon on a wagon that has a lot of speed.

Aside from name and stand they are not the same character at all, seriously did you even read part 4?

JJL apologists, I fucking swear...

Keep posting ideas.
I'm working.

Pucci on a horse
Narancia on a plane

The fuck? Kira is canonically super handsome and buff, granted he looked like a cancer patient at first but he is really attractive later on, so why would girl Kira be ugly broad shouldered and man looking. Girl Kira would be super hot. Also is there a female equivalent to David Bowie that she'd look like?

Their personalities are completely different though, aren't they? I mean, Sea Kira is ambitious, curious and determined to save his mother, he goes out of his way to interfere with injustice (see how he punished that surfer-dude for drowning girls by fucking with his head till he ate his fingers) and ultimately sacrificed his own life for his friend.

Other than the hand thing I'm struggling to think of anything in his personality that links Sea Kira to original Kira other than his focus on order and hand-fetish, and even that was turned into a harmless bit of narcissism rather than something he'd murder over.

Maybe something like this

Pucci either on top of a white horse or on a window.

>JJL apologists, I fucking swear.
Looks like it's time for you to re-read the manga if you've already forgotten important shit like how Kir8 would collect and obsess over his fingernail chippings just like the original Kira did.

bretty good. But I like this a bit more


Dio has the car drived by the major
High Dio has the steamroller

Because that kind of design fits as an antagonist, but not really somebody inconspicuous

Kira's a funny character because his design screams main character despite his personality

Narancia on Aero Smith

Polnareff in a turtle car

Koichi and echoes in a lowrider

I admit that's pretty smooth


Wasn't just sculptures of his own hands?

Knowing this fanbase he Steam Roller is sure to be in if we do get a game.
This is good too.

None of the characters in the manga act as though Kira is particularly handsome, though, whereas characters like Jotaro's beauty is regularly commented on. And the buffness thing is kind of odd, given that Kira is canonically physically weak and actively avoided going to the gym because he was worried about penis-germs. Probably a case of Araki having difficulty drawing a more average figure at the time, everyone is varying phases of buff and Kira is nothing special.

He looked like a fuckin grey at first

>Dio Brando, DIO and High DIO all as separate spots

Don't forget Diego riding a dinosaut and alt Diego


>Diegosaur turns into a dinosaur and runs fast
>Diego from another world rides his horse
>Heaven DIO is in it just to piss everyone off

All the while having fastcart announcing and talking shit about them

Make a Ladybug kart for Girono.
Pucci just runs.
Danny blazing on fire
Kars has an ancient 800ac chariot with whamuu and AcDc pulling it.

>Diego from another world rides his horse
better having his fans carry him, as he gets more damages he loses fans and gets faster

I guess that makes sense, doesnt it say that Yukako is kind of ugly even though she is drawn really attractive? I think araki is only capable of drawing beautiful people

Maybe characters could have specials that boost their speed/endurance/whatever if the racers can hit each other.
DIO could have the car driven by the senator and in his special he goes High DIO and picks up the Steam Roller, making him faster, or able to stop time for a few seconds in which case he goes back to his previous car.
Josuke could fly forward by exploding his ambulance forward (I assume his car will be an ambulance) and then fixing it as his special. Since he'd be carless for a few seconds he wouldn't hit any racer that was in front of him and would essentially jump over them.
Or we could have all Dios as separate slots because everyone loves that.

Alright everyone, don't get to hyped up about this racing game, for all we know it will just be another arcadefag and it will just all turn out to be nothin.
I really want it to happen tho

Ceasar is in a big bubble
Fire danny pulls Dio brando´s cart
Kira has sheer kart attack
Valentine has a minitrain

>Not having human Dio riding flaming Danny like a horse

>Mista´s Kart only has 3 wheels

Most artists are really only capable of drawing beautiful people, but here's the catch: Usually as main characters

Araki saves all his gonks for secondaries that get killed or fucking mutilated

It's fun to conceptualize shit even if it never happens

>Young Dio from early part 1 playable too
I can see why Araki moved away from him after Part 7

Everyone gets access to the Stands as items

>Made in Heaven increases the speed cap and increases speed

>The World makes people near them immobile

>Goo Goo Dolls makes everyone except user small

>Sheer Heart Attack is just the Blue Shell in Mario Kart

It's just some guy making mock ups we know it's not gonna happen

Speedwagon rides on the speediest wagon in the game.

This is the best idea so far

Rohan has an alternate costume/cart that is just Araki and his everyday car

I dunno, Aya said that Yukako was very pretty but looked too aggressive or something. But yeah, 99% of the characters who are relevant are all gorgeous, and while there are a reasonable number of ugly/average side-characters they stand out like a sore thumb as they're meant to.

Gappy on a sailboat haphazardly smashed together with a regular kart.
President Valentine in a Love Train.
Abbacchio in a police car.

If Wham doesn't get a chariot this game is fucking cancelled.

>not Polnareff on a silver chariot
Fucking genius.

Weather report relaxing on a floating cloud.
Jolyne in a Kart made of her own string.
Ermes has a car with two heads
Annasui's car phases through all the others.

Kyo on the back of Born This Way.

Rohan drives the ambulance
Emporio drives a car, you can only ever see his hat over the steering-wheel
Sandman just runs

can a drawfag start making concept art for these carts

How the fuck does Carne even work? He got sent to die, so someone must have had an understanding on how to use his stand, Did the passione have someone who could read a person's stand and predict it's function

I was gonna say suped up wheelchair

Also Joseph needs a power that turns his kart into a plane the immediately seeks and crashes into the nearest racer

Norisuke's has his tiny car (riding barefoot of course)
Joshuu's is a poorly "screwed together" amalgamation of what could barely seem as a vehicle (junkcar or something)
Gappy's is a combination of Kira's and Josuke's

Dio Brando has the option of stealing Jonathan's Kart if he gets too close.

I'm back.
I'll start drawing some concepts.
Idk how to fucking draw cars.

can we have Melone starting the race with raping a girl and baby face coming out to hop on the cycle

Kars would be in some hippie fuel efficient car that's poorer compared to most others in the roster

But (I don't know if you can make this a powerup or something) eventually he can use the stone mask with the Stone of Aja to become Ultimate Kars and jump out and fly at impressive speeds

happy valentines day /jojo/

These guys can be the most hilarious in my opinion, but when they talk about jojo 80% I want to bash my head on a fucking wall

Curious to know, before playing/knowing the plot to eyes of heaven what did you guys think it would be about? How the villains interact with each other and how will it end etc?

Have a good Valentines Day Joshuu


I believed EOH would be a universe about time traveling and recruiting all of the Joestars to put an end to Heaven DIO through a joint unity where Jonathan would land the final blow in a sort of circular story.
I haven't played EOH so Im not sure how the actual story is.

Jotaro can have a fucking dolphin
Josuke could drive the ambulance since he's the healer
Get Vento Pol rollin' on that Silver Chariot
Iggy just glides along with The Fool

Well you provided a better story than they did user. Good job.

>ACDC's cars is called "Highway to Hell"
>Speedwagon's is called "The Speed Wagon"

>Akira drives a thunderbird

Cred Forums
They even have their own jojo parody.

I watched the cutscenes

Its part 3:part 2 with more Jotaro it ends like part 3 not even kidding.

Funny valentine, and the part 7/8 chapters where the only good parts but yea thats it. Pucci killing himself for DIO is always cool. Litterly anytime Funny or Johnny where on screen the game got good.

/tg/, /fit/, Cred Forums, and /lit/.

Why did Melone seem like such a bro even if his stand depended on horrific rape and cannibalism to even work? Seriously, he was one charming fucker, it was a really weird contrast.

Tilda Swinton

I got a story idea
>By some miracle ZZ got the stand arrow and created Wheel of Fortune Requiem
>He has transformed the world into bizarre race tracks.
>his stand even dragged worlds from other timelines and universe to turn them into race tracks (dragging with them jojos and villains)
>He and his stand is totally immune to normal attacks and can only have his power undone by defeating him in a race.
>the jojos are forced to compete in races just for the chance to meet the Wheel of Fortune Requiem on the track.

>Yuuya Funagami
>doesnt actually race. you play as highway star in his foot print form.

Flaccid Pancake

Part 3
>Kakyoin's eyes gets scratched a bit
>has to get hospitalised
>Avdol gets grazed with a bullet
>has to get hospitalised

Part 5
>characters lose organs, body parts and impossible amounts of blood every fight
>they sacrifice their limbs on a whim to gain a slight advantage in a fight
>Giorno loses his arms/hands like 5 times and Mista gets pumped full of bullets but are fine the next page

This is what happens when you don't have a healer.

>Psychopaths are charming bastards

Who could've known?

>ZZ is the mastermind behind it all
I fucking love it.

I actually like this user, sounds cheesy enough to be a plot of a kart game

All about party balance meng.
>tfw no team based jojo dungeon crawler

>If I can't be the main protagonist...

Kind of like Twisted Metal with ZZ as Calypso. Fuck yeah, I'd play it.

What are some misconceptions you had about JoJo before reading it?

>Thought every JoJo was a reincarnation of the previous, and something mystical happened in Part 1 to make Dio and JoJo's destinies linked forever. Dio would be the villain of every part, reincarnated also.

>Thought Jotaro was named Jonathan, and that Jotaro was named "Jotaro Joestar"

>I was wondering when Dio would come out of the sea in Part 2, and got excited when I saw a hand come out of the water until I realized it was the Pillar Men

>I thought Santana had some connection to Dio because his hair was similar

How could Daiya see her mom if she's supposed to be blind?

she has over-devolved sense of smell.

>Wikifags actually exist

Why do these people exist? I thought speedreaders where bad but god dam.


I didn't really have misconceptions because I don't have expectations going into any Part

Except the fact majority of the characters are pretty much useless

So what are the mechanics of our Kart game?
>Plays a bit like mario kart. Drifts and turbos everywhere.
>every character has access to their stand/power in the form of a move with a cooldown.
For example
>Jotaro could get a fast move which would let you ORA ORA a kart in front of you, causing them to crash.
>DIO could get a super slow move with a long cooldown that lets you freeze all the karts with a timestop.
>Josuke could get a medium cooldown move where he could blow up his kart and repair it to dodge attacks (ala highway star chapter)

>There are also items boxes on the track you can pick up.
>these item boxes give you cameo stand powers that let you attack other racers like getting a turtle shell in mario kart
for example
>Cheap Trick: puts cheap trick on the back of your kart. You can drop him behind you to crash someone that is following you.
>Sheer Heart Attack: homing bomb. Launch it in front of you and it will home in and crash the person in front of you
>Les Fuelles: Speed boost
>20th Century Boy: Invincibility
>Talking Head: Fire it at another racer and invert their controls

Race track ideas
>Morioh complete with ghost alley shortcut, and Superfly stage hazard
>Philadelphia with Love Train warped terrain. Bear sign serves as a moving stage hazard
>Rome with Oasis stage hazard and Green Day fog that slows your carts down
>Kennedy Space Center that has the gravity change midway through via C-Moon

it's not 100% blindness user

Hey guys who started at the beginning or animeonlyfags, how did you feel about the introduction of Stands and the removal of Hamon?
I started with part 3 since that was the first one put out in the US, so I was used to the concept of Stands from the beginning, so I'm interested to know what you all thought.

how much will you cry when you see this animated?

where can I find that?

I thought that the JoJos were a family/superhero team, with each of them alive and active at around the same time. And that Jotaro was the leader, with the others all answering to him.

I was also under the impression it was a lighthearted comedy-based series and that only one or two notable characters (like Caesar) actually died. I was wrong.

Enough unfulfilled promises for a while. I know it's fun creating movesets and ideas, but at least give it a few days for everything to cool off.

At first I was kinda sad, I really liked hamon but got used to it after a while and now, of course love it. I had a bigger problem with the MC of part 3 being so fucking boring compared to mr. meme man in part 2. Was there a fight, other then d'arby brothers, Jotaro didt just ORAORAORA his way out?

I really hope David adds Narancia and Abbacchio already waiting up in the clouds.

It's these threads.

/jojo/, I've been thinking about something and it's really nagging me.
Is Yoshikage Kira even "insane" at all? I mean, consider his behavior.
>can easily maintain a normal working life
>can easily do things such as drive a car or cook good food
>suffers no apparent delusions about reality, whether as hallucinations or misconceptions
>well ahead of most people around him, purposefully holds back his own potential
>constantly hiding his real desires and personality from others, effortlessly deflects suspicion
>claims that he cannot control his urges but clearly can (if he was actually some wild animal that couldn't control what he did he would have strangled Shinobu)
>comes up with and executes that face switching plan on insanely short notice and it actually works
I mean, guys, I don't think Kira is crazy at all. He's got an unusual fetish and he indulges in it to make himself happy, I don't think that constitutes insanity.

Don't even try to do this shit again. The only person who can claim to be the original arcadefag is the guy who made the original document.

Someone has never watched American Psycho


Stop. Please. Go write these down in notes or something, but right now everyone is just gonna get mad after what happened to arcadefag.

I'm the dude who wants to make the game.
The internet shut down in my house.

I'll be happy overall when Part 5 gets animated, I read the scans with the yellow pages, comic sans, and weird translations, so the proper translations, full color, animation, and everything else will be aces.
Jotaro and the focus on him definitely wasn't the best aspect of part 3- maybe the first time around, or when you're younger, he's probably really cool since he's tough, doesn't take shit, and it's cool seeing him go toe-to-toe with DIO, but in hindsight you want more of the other characters.
I watched the Egypt arc recently, and in the end I really lamented how Abdul didn't contribute much besides being the guy who knows his way around Egypt, Kakyoin not doing anything major besides figuring out DIO's power, and how Silver Chariot didn't do the armor drop thing again, ever.
At least the characters overall get more attention in later arcs. When I finished part 5 I felt like Mista and Narancia did more than Giorno.

I thought it was kinda lame that Hamon just completely dropped off the face of the series but Stands are basically whatever the fuck Araki feels like so it's a better writing device than having rules and shit like Hamon

Besides, it's not like Hamon actually killed a main antagonist. It was too situational, only really amazing against vampires and shit

Insanity is a legal term pertaining to a defendant's ability to determine right from wrong when a crime is committed. Kira could be tried as legally insane for believing there was absolutely nothing wrong with murder.

Then how are you posting you goon?

>you watch videos like this all the time



The internet is back now.
My last post was like 40 minutes ago.

~ is my new favorite symbol because of jojolion

I want to marry Hato!

What am I looking at?

Hato is best daughter and Joshuu is best son, the rest are shit

But there's nothing necessarily to say he doesn't know it's wrong. If anything the "wrongness" of it is probably what arouses him. Would you classify a heroin addict as insane under the pretense that he must not know the drug is bad for him?

well breathing exercises are quite often done with someone narrating same thing goes for aerobics
Source: my aunt doing aerobics workouts when i was young and making my willy feel funny

>/Fit/ girl
>Araki's artstyle
My dick

But Kira is aware of what he's doing is wrong, that's why he (A) hides it and (B) feels thrilled from doing it

I just said that. Did you reply to the wrong post?

Who are the real characters for Speedwagon, Pucchi and Dio?

It's 1 AM user, I'm a super retard at this time, I had to read your post 4 more times before my brain could fully get it, I'm sorry

What did he mean by this?

I'll use the ideas listed in this post:
And some others. wait at least 2 or 3 days for news.
I'm not a 13 years old ukrararakanian kid


Any other "Araki forgot" from this arc?

Why does Kira's dad get all the wives in every universe?

I really want to know what SBR Joseph was like even though Part 7 ate up most of his supporting cast including his sidekick.

If you're really doing this, keep updates on this thread short and brief and start a blog for it. No drama or shitposting.

What are the biggest plot holes in Part 2?

It's silly shit like this that helps lower your guard when the cast starts getting murdered left and right near the climax.

>Gappy meeting Hato in the bathroom
Helping her get over the loss of Damo, eh?

Hato wins the GappyBowl comfirmed


Why did the Germans have so little security around THREE Pillar Men and so much around just one of them?

Why didn't Lisa Lisa use Speedwagon Foundation connections to get revenge instead of rushing in guns blazing?

Why didn't ACDC just kill Joseph when he was a brain person?

Why was Sartanna so far away from the other three Pillar Men?

Well whoever wins, Hato still wins my heart

I want Daiya and Hato to have a treesome with gappy.

>bf only wanted you to get revenge on one of your friends and even tried to murder your entire family
>mom who committed infaticide gets released from prison just a day or so after

Worst week for best girl.

I want Koichi to meet Yasuho in the next crossover game.

Mistaking her for an alternate universe version of his sister only to learn that she's actually a rule64 version of himself later on.

This is all very creative.

True, but I'm glad how she quickly composed herself to help Gappy, made me like her even more 100-fold

>Holly catches young Kira fapping to a print of the Mona Lisa

Does her son get embarrassed or does he keep going heedless of her presence?

>faps harder

Would there be any interest in doing another dub? I don't really wanna start it up if it's just going to piss everyone off, but if there's actual interest in doing another I'm down for that shit.

>For all the newfags who don't know what I'm talking about

She helps her son to jerk-off
I love incest hentai.

JJL Prologue: Yoshikage Kira...gets kicked out of his mother's house

I think you just know how your stand works without even using it, since it is an extension of yourself
Or maybe Carne wanted to betray the boss too and Mista murdered the fuck outta him

Why is no one talking about this horrendous thing this channel has made?


I listen it unironically many many times

Fuck user I'm trying to keep my pants on tonight

>"Oh my~ you're just as energetic as your father'

My favorite page

Why is Jolyne sitting beside female Shigechi in the first panel?


I forget

quality OC

>mfw JJL Holly "Ara ara"


Who is yours favourite villain by:
>Stand Power
>Meme Potential


>Emperor Act 2


How has no one thought of doing this before

My personal are

>Diavolo, probably. Maybe Kira, we'll just have to see him animated and just wait.



file name kills it desu

>Jotaro gets raped and traumatized by his mother, becomes an insecure, miserable delinquent unable to form any emotional bonds with women
Still hurts

I'm laughing.... but I can't help but feel deep sadness from this too because of how this could actually explain his attitude towards woman.... fuck

What do you dislike about jojo

>why does this post have so many replies
>click image

how long it takes for new chapters to come out

also those dumb emojis araki likes to use everywhere

are you speaking from experience

there goes my hopes for that movie

Oh my god user you can't just ask someone if their mom raped them


All Stands are different. Some people know their ability innately and some need to use it to learn what it does. Carne was one of the guys who knew innately what it did.

i meant the mom dressing them up as a girl part

>tfw don't care about spoilers

it's all about the experience my dude, just like with JoJo

fuk u

absolutely ZERO chill user


I posted this months ago when we were discussing this but I'll post it again.

Damo and the entire rock squad cramped onto a single moped.

I'm pretty sure Norisuke will be the main villain.

experience Donnie Yen beating up some stormtroopers then getting killed criminally early before doing anything cool

at first i didnt understand this, but then i googled it
How the fuck was he not told to mention anyone's deaths?

Some of the more endearing villains getting the same one-and-done fight and fall treatment as any other forgettable mook. I hate when that happens.

>Damo uses Vitamin C to fit them all on it

Gappy isn't happy

replace it with Persona 5 spoilers

>Didn't end in vore
Missed potential/10

must not be that great of a character then

also this is just filler before VIII so who gives a good goddamn?

how do you not understand what a Star Wars spoiler looks like

what the fuck else has Darth Vader in it

At least he's realised that he wants to make other people happy, and as such he's going to save Holly.

Gappy makes everyone happy.

>check VA page on Batoto
>JJCA is already at ''My name is Doppio Part 2''

>before VIII

It takes place 1 year before Episode IV and 4 years after Rebels Season 1


Not him but I didnt know that was a real thing that got leaked
god fucking dammit now..

>Yagiyama uses I Am A Rock to keep them all stuck to eachother so no one falls off

Sonnova bitch, it's supposed to be:

How was he not told to NOT mention anyone's deaths?

Shh, Gyro is sleeping.

The only one that should do voring in Part 3 is Midler

Rocko's Modern Life

To be fair, Donnie Yen sounds really mundane for the name of a Star Wars character.


Am him, I too did not think this was real.
I never heard of much from Rogue One until this moment

Can you pass me downloads for those? I'm retarded and having trouble navigating the Pastebin

I can only find Raws or Batoto

I started with the anime and caught up to the manga. I knew stands were coming so I looked forward to them. Anyone who complains about Hamon is a crybaby.

Yeah they're picking up the pace, they promised they'd have completed everything up to and including Green Day and Oasis by the end of the month, meaning all they have left after that is the final battle and Sleeping Slaves. VA will be fully retranslated well before the year ends.

At least no one told you that Phasma kills the surviving Padawans from Luke's temple and Snoke cripples Luke

>I can only find Raws or Batoto
That's because JJCA doesnt post download links for the chapters unless it's the Colored Version.

is that some OC?

Fucking damn it, I hate being newfag

I guess I'll stick to BW

That's a relief

>B&W VA finally gonna have a decent translation by the time the year is over
>JJCA is finishing Colored SBR later this month
>They're moving to Colored JJL after SBR
>Colored VA next year probably
>VA anime next year most likely too

Is this the greatest time to be a JoJo fan?


This last decade has been the greatest time to be a JoJo fan really

Why are you on facebook yourself? That's not any better.


Snake is literally a copy of Snake in Escape from New York, you colossal idiot.

Is it just me, or is Joskue the most boring Jojo sequentially?

If it was Persona 5 spoilers and said something like "Goro is the traitor" then all the comments would be some "REPORTED DELETE THIS" type of shit

Jojo Part 8 is a manga about nothing


Maybe in personality. Kojima and Shinkawa stated that Snake's face was based on Christopher Walken

Why? Are you capable of reading? Have you never read a mystery story before?


"eh whats up Joshuu?"
"well hell Joshuu that doesn't sound that bad"
"Good to know you're making some progression in your life son you should go into accounting"
"Joshuu I fail to see the issue here I mean what's the deal™ with more money?"
cue bassline


its this image

>mfw this prolly happened off scene.

W2C this shirt, /jojo/?

fuck crossboarders

Her stand is fucking hideous though

But Midler, user

It is but digesting can transfer to her like injuries

>frequenting more than one board is now a bad thing

Polnareff was revolted by her appearance. I would trust Polnareff and his judgement with my life.

Polnareff was revolted by her lack of teeth dude. Jotaro just got done busting every single one of them out of her mouth

So she'd get grotesquely bloated and probably die from eating five grown-ass men?

He said specifically that she would have been hot but Jotaro fucked up her teeth so she was hideous. She's meant to be hot when she hasn't just been beaten the fuck up.

Yeah I know. To be fair it's a reasonable thing to be turned off by.
Imagine the blowjobs though

crossboarders GET OUT

It's JoJo. There's two ways that can go

Either she digests them and just gets fat
Or yes

Either way, yuck. Vore is gross.

To be fair it's a canon ability and not mangling the poor characters. I'd still do it anyway with any of the females, but since most of them are side characters I doubt anybody truly gives a shit

>vore is gross

>any of the females

user is a [F R E A K]

Challenge accepted :^)

Cheating fuck. Okay, how about this? Slow Dancer is a mare.

Only a furry on weekends

>I fuck horses but only sometimes
You know where you belong.

I'm aware, but I prefer my human wimmen for the long run

>they didnt replace one of his arms with a Gun-Arm.

Araki y?

He's not German.

>Jolyne being a looming amazon
Be still my raging boner

this is what i wanted

Headcanon: DIO fucked Mariah and she's Ungalo's mother. When she got crushed by Joseph and Avdol, it fucked up his face

>DIO fucked Mariah
Canon, he fucks all his servants

Dio wanted to take Johnathan's boimeat

I just finished binge reading part 4 and goddamn, that was really good. I feel like I'm on a rush!

>Water is wet

Glad you enjoyed it user, but try not to binge read 5 onwards. They're the sort that you'll end up hating if you do. Spread it out over like a week each.

>ywn read part 4 for the first time again

Oh you were so close..
It's the greatest high
Don't try to binge read the rest of it because it will warm you out
Try spreading it down

Really? But I feel really amped up! But alright, I'll space it out. Gonna leave now before spoilers, but this is one hell of a good manga series you all are into!

Kill all rock humans

explain all rock humans


skip part 5 and go straight to 6. the translations aren't finished yet

Trust me, once you're caught up you'll thank us. There's no need to rush through them since they aren't exactly going anywhere. 1-4 are good in that you can binge read them however fast you like but 5 onwards are really different from them in that you'll miss out on a ton of subtext if you do, and probably end up hating them.


Dunno if it's been posted yet but here's all of the translated JoJoveller Stand comments Araki wrote, from 3-8. There's some interesting stuff in there.

Theres a fuck lot of chapters in good translations for him to read tho

yeah but then they'll run out right when the really good stuff starts to happen

I mean they are at "My name is Doppio" a whole lot of good shit has already happen

Probably won't, unless David does a damned good job.
Most of the deaths in 5 felt kinda weak.

that's only part 3.

Are there more? because these are really interesting

>Abbacchio's death
>not the saddest shit ever

Really? Abbachio's and Buccellati's were good I thought. Narancia's just sort of happened, although that was the whole point.

Abbacchio's came out of fucking nowhere and made me feel terrible, what are you on about?

I really hate Arakis sudden deaths
The stick out like a middle finger up your ass
>Oh you like this character.. well you better not blink cuz hes already fucking dead now

Part 3 seems pretty unpopular here with most people saying that 5 does everything better than it, but I dunno. While it definitely dragged on, it had a really cool theme, a mismatched group of weirdos going on a long and arduous journey through many different places. And it had a nice sense of lightheartedness too, nearly every villains defeat was a punchline, most of them got hospitalized but not killed, and even after the bloodbath, the surviving characters agreed that the journey had honestly been fun. Jotaro displays his character development in feeling secure enough to hug Polnareff and Joseph, and is able to look back on his journey and smile, which is a big fucking deal coming from him.

Vento Aureo is cool and unquestionably has better fights and stands on the whole, but it was also infinitely darker and less hopeful. In spite of the characters going on about how Giorno inspires them and so on, the story is a series of merciless executions with an overarching sense of unavoidable doom taking place over a few days and ends with Giorno sitting alone on a chair surrounded by anonymous mafia-members, he looks like he's not even sure if it was worth it.

It's not even as though I hate serious stuff either, parts 6 7 and 8 are my top three favorites in spite of being pretty grim.

>You can't go back anymore

I feel like most of the sudden ones made more sense when the series was still running weekly since there'd usually be foreshadowing at least one chapter beforehand meaning there was at least a week of being prepared for a character to kick it the next week. You don't get that effect from the finished work and it just seems sudden.

Not long now before we get to read Abbacchio being donutted with decent translations, lads

It's mostly a meme but yeah, they're both good for different reasons though overall I still think VA is better.

>Araki referencing the Mary Celeste and Christine among other odd occurences and horror movies

God damn I think that's what really got me into JoJo all these cool little nods to other franchises and how Araki paired them with certain abilities that matched was a joy to read about.


Abbachio's death was kinda sad I guess, but I really didn't care about the guy up until he died. He had next to no backstory, and didn't really do/say much throughout, and then suddenly we're thrown this whole thing about him actually being a great guy but now he's dead. It all felt a little hamfisted.
As for Buccellati, he was a very tragic character, but no one other than Giorno really seemed to give a shit that he died. And even then, Giorno continued to not be capable of any emotions, so it all just kinda felt weak.
I just can't think of the latter having a decent way of handling it. You have Giorno standing there all stoic and shit, but in the same scene Bruno and Trish are talking about how smelly they are.

Please tell me this was in the original text.

Mista and Trish didn't actually know Buccellati was dead yet, they were saying they were off to the stadium to tell Buccellati it was over while Giorno was hyperventilating and on the brink of tears before telling them he was dead until Buccellati's ghost told him to calm down and tell them as the Sleeping Slaves backstory started. I don't get the argument that Giorno doesn't show much emotion, certainly he's stoic but he was definitely cut up over Buccellati's death. I read it in Japanese though.

Really? You're entitled to your opinions, of course, but I felt that Abbacchio was probably the single most outspoken member of the gang, and while he only got a couple of fights of his own, he was probably the most active character between them. Constantly shitting on Giorno, piping up about the importance of following orders, etc. He was a funny, sassy fucker, I liked him a great deal.

May well just be the translations fault that all that seemed lost on me. Or the fact that I haven't read it in some 4 years.
I suppose once JJCA is done, I'll re-read it, and see how I feel.
Did we just have a reasonable conversation regarding part 5, without it dissolving into name calling and shit?

Seems like it, faggot.

Araki is a hack confirmed

would you let midler eat you?

>Yummy yummy in Midlers tummy

Between ~ and the fucked up way he leaves characters speaking, I'm thinking Kewl ain't so... cool

Wasn't there an Cred Forums translation that was better than his and he got super mad about it? I'm curious and I've only heard about it.


When do you think the second to last episode of SO is going to cut off? Jotaro's face opening?

Kewl's translations are super accurate since that's actually how Araki writes and he's autistic about accuracy. Whether they should have been kept in the English version is another subject entirely, but going purely by accuracy his translations are right up there.


Accuracy is fine for me, but he should let up on his grip of the translation and let someone come in and interpret the lines so it sounds like actual people talking to each other.

Nah, end of Made in Heaven 6 where Pucci has just fucked up everyone (not killed them yet though) and he slows down temporarily to shit talk Emporio who's pointing a gun at him and tells him to 'shoot and die a martyr like his friends'. Then the last episode is a nice and easy 4 chapters, which it needs since the last two are longer than normal chapters.

>Wasn't there an Cred Forums translation that was better than his and he got super mad about it?
No, it was just a quick translation by an user because we got the raws before they got a chance to work on it.

Kewl got mad at everyone and tweeted this

My idea for Jojo kart racer would essentially play like a modded Mario Kart, only every character has 2-3 special abilities like Stand powers in the form of item pick ups.
I have a lot of notes jotted down for characters too. For example...
Weather Report
>Common Item: Gusts of wind that increase acceleration of WR, other racers can get behind him and use this wind too
>Uncommon Item: Weather Report sends a rain cloud to the nearest opponent, fires like a green shell. When hit it will rain on top of the other racer, causing the kart's handling to go to shit due to hydroplaning, may may not involve a lightning strike
>Rare/Last Place Item: Heavy Weather. Functions similarly to a Mario Kart Lightning Bolt, turns every other racer into a snail for a limited time.
there would also be other misc. items that aren't the racer's unique abilities, like CHeap Trick, Bastet, Wrecking Ball, etc.

I agree, I was just pointing out that he actually does do a good job but it could be phrased a little differently to flow better. I understand his concerns though, I've done some amateur translating in the past and it's always difficult to decide on the best balance between accuracy and flow. Japanese has it's own flow and changing the flow in English to feel similar without drastically changing the meaning or tone of the sentence is pretty fucking tough. Still room for improvement over at HWMN though.

>people losing their shit over even Jolyne apparently dying
>she returns for 3 minutes to die again

That's precisely why it'll happen.

Nah I'd make it based on Crash Team Racing desu, best kart racing game of all time imo.

What the fuck is this guy's damage?
Does he think only him and his team are allowed to make FAN translations for JJBA?

How do you think anime onlys will react to the KKK?

Yeah, he needs some more eyes on the translations and should release them when they're right, not just to beat others to the punch like some petty baby.

Dude in general seems a tad full of himself

The point I wanted to get across was the unique item shit every character has.
I also want a couple of joke racers that don't have unique abilities and can only use the misc. items The characters are Speedwagon and Senator Phillips

Where the fuck do you live? I'm also in Ukraine and I've seen nothing like that.

He admitted he was wrong afterwards but basically it was that he felt no one was grateful for what they did and he had a hissy. It was a genuine sperg out and he admitted it and has gone back to not being an idiot so I think it was a one time thing.

we're not going to hear the end of
>but Pucci's black?

I wish Japmoot would ban all Russians and Ukrainian IP addresses already.

Let's be real here, everyone will have been spoiled up to the next two parts by then. Literally everyone aware of this series' existence. No fun allowed.

Confusion because they don't realise there are non-African races with dark skin.

What would've happened if King Crimson got the requiem ability?


Don't be a fag, user. I'm russian and I'm mostly read-only. We're not all bad.
And where is this edit-user. I need my Yasuho fix.

Something crazy involving concealing his identity would have gone down. Everyone who sees his face or learns of his identity has their soul swapped into the body of someone literally just a few seconds away from death to silence them or some shit like that.

No fuck off. Most of russian internet is terrible.

So basically even more broken Bite the Dust

That's pretty cool actually

Do you really think she'd take no for an answer?

And she didn't successfully eat anyone either, the superior part 3 vore-fodder is clearly Vorenilla Ice

The concept of time as we know it will be completely destroyed

Too bad your grammar is still terrible, you and many other Slavs have an extremely recognizable posting pattern.
From what I've seen, they're all unable to properly use comas, and almost exclusively post in stitched together "run on sentences", ultimately making me feel like I'm reading underage shitposts.

He used one comma properly in that sentence he just posted. You used three in the same sentence where you only needed to use one.

>Americuck doesn't understand comma/doesn't know the word for a full stop
>it's the others that are wrong

Maybe you need help.

you OK user?

People tend to act like all the characters not present in SO weren't being affected by Pucci's shit at all.

Let's not forget the complete lck of any semblance of free will anyone BUT Pucci had after the world restarted. Emporio saved everyone's ass.

Cut it out, Kewl.

>Doppio's first appearance is him risking his life in a bid to save a small child he doesn't know
>Giorno's first appearance is him stealing an innocent manlets luggage, leaving him stranded and penniless in a foreign country without a passport
Really makes you think.

Even in Russian language I'm pretty bad at those, stop nipicking. Dude, my aussie friend complemented my grammar. Says that it's better than most aussies, if it's any indication. Chill. Way to be a douche.

>1st: The cars
>2nd: The map
>3rd: the game mechanics
>4th: the shitload of animations
I'll need some help.

Looks fine to me, the only thing I could possibly pick at is not capitalizing 'Aussie' and even then it's only because I'm looking to find fault. I'm envious, wish I could speak a second language so well.

Всё равно пишешь как десятилетний пиздюк, слишком много точек.

here, I thought extensively about the mechanics of this shit like a full on autist, can't program anything though so I'm for the most part a useless idea guy

Well, you're not wrong. At least I'm better than most people on Cred Forums, who doesn't even capitalize first words in sentences. And my English is good enough for talking to people on skype and stuff. Whatever. Joubin IS the flashback man. Fight me.

not that guy and you're perfectly understandable, but if you want to improve the readability of your posts, don't segment your sentences with full stops that much

Before any of that, you need to work on a quick demo without the assets.

Same in Russian, Im just not very good at expressing myself. Даже устно.

>FF holding a glass of water
it's the little things

Thanks, user, I'll try to be better at this. Sorry for the "blog".

I'll make the DIO with the Coffincar and a small map as a "Demo"

>it's a "scanlator thinks people owe him shit and should respect him" episode
Do it for the love of the series or don't do it at all.

I've had Bracketier from JJCA told me personally to "respect the man himself".

who told*

>colour using the gradient tool in photoshop
>think you're hot shit
wew lad

JJCA doesn't color anything themselves.

Then what do they do exactly? Just steal translations and make loads of typos?

To do the colored scan, they need someone to redraw some of the Japanese text away to put the new English text on.

With part 5 they actually are retranslating it, but with the other parts they just put old translations by other people on the colored raws.

I'm the one who is trying to make the kart game for /jojo/
Trust me, I'll try and do my best to make something good for you guys, I love you all.
And my english is still kinda broken.

Doppio is really a cute i have to say

What game will you use as the base? Also please make Damo and the Rock Gang all cramped on a single moped a character.

If we would get stands Cred Forums, you think we could do meet ups and show eachothers our stands and fight for money? Nothing bloody, just get beaten up and lose.

Steel Balls

I can put all my notes I made for this on a google doc and email you for mechanics inspiration, if it's any help. I just need the email.


[email protected]
I trust in you guys.

Noted. I'll get to you tomorrow. I gotta clean up the notes and I'm super tired. Good night and good luck Kart-user

>tfw my mom didn't rape me when she was young and cute af but I'm still a retarded autist unable to communicate with women

Look on the bright side, user.
If you were a rape-victim, you'd be even worse off!

>Rohan drives the ambulance
Literally the best meme since Aida Mitsuo.

>tfw if I was raped by my mom I would be too traumatized to touch myself to that wonderful dojinshi with Jotaro's momcest rape


That's a great Joshuu.

I'm getting /fit/ just so i can cosplay as the world and get a free shit on some anime cons.


That's a VERY niceu Joshu and a VERY niceu Yasuho

>that Joshu is probably banging that Yasuho

cmon guys it's been hours