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>mfw that episode

Holy shit, sometimes Future really makes up for the shitpile that is Despair.


>September 19th: The day everyone became Juzoboys.

anyone have that comic which has naegi and nagito talking about hope with their respective games's casts reacting to it

Just one more....one more lever and he....is going to live

>Junko was an artificial project to create SHSL Despair, headed by Tengan

>The only one would could stop our boy Juzo was himself

memes you say?

Not long until the rides over boys. I'm going to miss you all deeply, it's been a fun ride.

>Still no fucking Jabberwock
>Junko might actually be the mastermind
wew, somebody hook me up with one of those monitors, I'm going to need it.

When Munakata drops the edgemaster act and starts running for Juzo. Every fucking time, man.

Post yfw Chiakizuru vs Hajizuru

Will Aoi finally use her talent and swim out of there?

I'm not, I can't wait for this shit to end.

And Junko

>DRfags actually think Mary Sue villains like Junko are good and well written.


Why is everyone getting all uppity about the possibility of Chiakizuru all of a sudden? Was there evidence for it this episode?



>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hinata from getting killed by HPA
>The master of chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (because he only want's Munakata's ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the FF
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with the donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally


Same. It hurts, my friend.

>Mitarai continues to blame other people for things he did, even though he's the one responsible because he's such a chicken shit.

Fucking otakus.

Is there no [Hope] or am I just not looking had enough?


You aren't looking hard enough.

Do you guys think if given the chance Munakata would share Juzo's feelings?

Every time someone actually tries to claim Junko is a well written character they're shot down by the majority of this thread.

>Miya is actually Chiaki
>ok fine they will use her robot body to upload Chiaki AI
>ok fine Chiaki is the 13th branch leader and the ships are recreating the Galaga setting
>ok fine Chiaki will be Izuru 2.0

I guess they are just getting desperate at this point

What did he mean by this?

>Asahina "Breast Breastfeeder of the Year" Aoi
>Asahina "Willing Willy Winner" Aoi
>Asahina "Pound and Round Me" Aoi
>Asahina "Kirigiri's Barren and Dead; I'm Not" Aoi
>Asahina "Polishing Naegi's Pole in Water Polo" Aoi
>Asahina "Take My Brown to Pound Town" Aoi
>Asahina "Safe Sex I Can't Respect" Aoi
>Asahina "Lay Me and Spray Me Naegi" Aoi
>Asahina "Ultimate Lucky Student's Amusement" Aoi
>Asahina "Makoto's My Seed Steed" Aoi
>Asahina "Ready, Willing, and Able for the Stable" Aoi
>Asahina "Graft Your Shaft In Me" Aoi
>Asahina "Naegi's Love Fits Like A Glove" Aoi
>Asahina "Kirigiri Is So Dreary, Makoto's My Dearie" Aoi
>Asahina "Spunk Bunk Dunker" Aoi
>Asahina "These Titanic Tits Can Sink Any Ship" Aoi
>Asahina "Body Like a Pear, Womb Like A Mare" Aoi
>Asahina "May The Swiftest 'Swimmer' Win" Aoi
>Asahina "Naegi's Sow Waiting to Get Plowed" Aoi
>Asahina "Kyoko Can't Get Ploughed Now That I'm Naegi's Ho" Aoi
>Asahina "Dead Girls Can't Swirl Naegi's Pearls" Aoi
>Asahina "No More Class, Only My Ass" Aoi
>Asahina "Broodmother For Naegi To Smother" Aoi
>Asahina "One Banana, Two Banana, Three Banana, Four!" Aoi
>Asahina "Women Are From Venus, But I Desire Naegi's Penis" Aoi
>Asahina "Kyoko Was Too Slow, Now I'm His Beau" Aoi
>Asahina "I Make Makoto Stiffer Than Kyoko's Rigor Mortis" Aoi
>Asahina "Nut My Donut Naegi" Aoi
>Asahina "She's Six Feet Under While He's Six Inches In Me" Aoi
>Asahina "Kyoko Bought The Farm, We Bought A Home" Aoi
>Asahina "She Went To A Better Place, But Naegi Went To A Better Face" Aoi
>Asahina "She Shuffled Off Her Mortal Coils, But He's Getting Spoiled" Aoi
>Asahina "Kirigiri Turned Up Her Toes But Makoto's Turning Me On" Aoi
>Asahina "Detective Paid The Ultimate Price, I Didn't Pay A Dime" Aoi
>Asahina "She Met The Grim Reaper So I Can Be The Creeper" Aoi
>Asahina "Kyoko's Going Home In A Box While I'm Getting Off Naegi's Rocks" Aoi
>Asahina "She Met A Sticky End And Now Naegi's My Boyfriend" Aoi
>Asahina "Pegged Out So He Can Eat Me Out" Aoi

Those were mere stepping stones to an even greater hope.


Now here is my main problem with this anime. Kyoko's death. Now I loved naegri and I thought Kyoko was a good character but I personally would not have any problems if she died in this show provided it was in a good way. This felt like sort of a lack luster way to kill a character who was in it from the beginning. I feel it would have been better if it ended like this, the remaining members of the future foundation manage to get out of the building and the mastermind is waiting for them. Given some plot device the mastermind finds away to disable all of the other members except makoto. The mastermind and mokoto argue and fight until makoto is about to die. Then as the mastermind slashes at the person with a random weapon kyoko jumps in front and it kills her instead. Part 1 of 2

You keep on sounding more and more like me, my friend! It's like it was all planned out from the beginning!


>This season is almost over
>there will be nothing this good next season

>Asahina "She's Outta Luck, I'm In My Prime" Aoi
>Asahina "She Bit The Dust, He's In My Muff" Aoi
>Asahina "Kyoko's Beyond The Grave, But Naegi Can't Behave" Aoi
>Asahina "Her Last Breath Made His Take Mine Away" Aoi
>Asahina "Put Down Kirigiri So You Can Take Me Around" Aoi
>Asahina "I'm Carrying Him So He Can Mount Me Later" Aoi
>Asahina "Kirigiri Rode The Pale Horse So Makoto Can't Divorce" Aoi
>Asahina "She Wasn't Long For This World, A Shame She Never Saw His Schlong" Aoi
>Asahina "Killed In Action And Now I Give Him True Satisfaction" Aoi
>Asahina "Kyoko Kicked The Bucket So I Could Fuck It" Aoi
>Asahina "Going West Made Him Obsessed" Aoi
>Asahina "Put Her In A Box So Naegi Can Stuff Mine" Aoi
>Asahina "Kyoko's Food For The Worms While I Get All Naegi's Sperm" Aoi
>Asahina "Naegi Put Her To The Sword And Made Himself My Lord" Aoi
>Asahina "She Was Infertile And I Was Worthwhile" Aoi
>Asahina "Scarred Hands Couldn't Stroke His Glans" Aoi
>Asahina "Naegi Made Her Dead As A Doornail And Now He's my Male" Aoi
>Asahina "He Was Bored To Death By Her, So I Became The Best For Sure" Aoi
>Asahina "Naegi Signed Her Death Warrant, I Signed Our Marriage License" Aoi
>Asahina "Death And Taxes Don't Matter When You're Attractive" Aoi
>Asahina "Makoto Gave Kyoko A Death Blow, Now I'm On His Lap Giving A Show" Aoi
>Asahina "He Was A Labor Of Love And Now I'm Going Through Labor Too" Aoi
>Asahina "No Love Lost Between Them, But I'm Gonna Make Him Come" Aoi
>Asahina "Whom The Gods Love Die Young, But That Doesn't Matter When He's Hung" Aoi
>Asahina "All's Fair in Love And War While Naegi's Shoves Make Me Sore" Aoi
>Asahina "all these nuts make make me doughy" Aoi

Tengan still be suspicious. We dont know what Izuru does right after she dies, etc. Junko says Izuru1.0. Junko saying she receives no miracles. People assume if Kyoko is still alive, Chiaki will too. And there is evidence for Kyoko being alive. Though I'd rather they both be dead.

>This anime
>Especially the one your pic is from

I don't know, but I don't think so. Juzo deserves better anyway.

just goes to show how shit next season is


yfw it's Nagitozuru instead of Chiakizuru

I hope nips draw a lot of comfy alternative universe art with Juzo being happy because I'm gonna need it

I want to meet a fellow Juzoboy in real life so we can comfort each other.

never again will there be a boy like our boy juzo

I want to meet a fellow Juzoboy in real life so we can fuck each other

>Junko could actually be alive


I hope she actually loses this time, this fucking Mary Sue better not "lose" like she did in DR1.

What is this Chiakizuru shit? Every week you guys come up with a new retarded theory more retarded than the last. I'm going to miss this.

Kodaka can't write female characters.

I kind of do. Yeah. Maybe I'm deluded.

Nothing wrong with creating a meme character as long as you don't try to pretend she's anything else but that.
Kodaka just wanted a villain so the killing game would happen. It's her only purpose as a character and that's okay for her to not be much else, considering the rest of the cast makes up for it.

>Mainland filled with Killing School Life wannabes
>Whatever innocent people are left are scrambling for their lives before another mastermind drags them back in
>Shoddy execution machines everywhere or lying around in pieces
>Some of these are treated with the same level of entertainment as the underground serial killer fights in Killer Killer


Reporting in, brother!

Our boy died as a true hero and everyone's savior. We shall remain unshakable, for we are his legacy, and not even death shall stop us! Stand proud and stay strong, brothers!

Him seeing all the blood if what hurt the most. It was easily one of the most impact death's I can remember. But alas, we stay strong!

Really? I am Indeed baffled with all the coincidences, brother!

>Juzo was too shy to confess
>Sacrificed his own personal feelings to not put Munakata on the spot
>Didn't interfere with Chisa, despite the fact she was most likely being lovey dovey in front of Juzo to rile him up post despair.
>Did everything he could to try to help Munataka
>Get's Katana'd by Munakata
>Shrugs it off and vows to keep trying to help him, even going so far as to cut off his hand, invalidating his talent in the process
>In his last seconds he was saving Munakata, and by association, everyone else.
Put a gun to the back of my head please.

>wanting to meet anons in real life

let's not get too ahead of ourselves here, please take the virtual comfort

Juzo literally died for his husbando. his love was so strong he didn't give a fuck about anything else.

Truly the greatest character out of DR3


>Chiaki is really dead
>Hajizuru has twin tailed child with Mikan and Kaeda with Sonia.
At this point, how mad are Chiakifags?

Look harder, [Hope] never fails.

You gotta remember though, the most retarded theories seem to be the ones that appear in the show such as the Mindhack Anime so if you read something stupid like Chiakizuru, there is a very high chance it is just stupid enough for Kodaka to use

>Next Despair episode cuts out due to power outage and we see Chisa looking annoyed in the theatre

I hope he gets what's coming to him. Junko calling him out is about the only good thing she's done this season.

Your dubs gave me that extra dose of HOPE I needed and I found what I was looking for.


Of course, Monakafag. Everything in here will be missed. The silly antics and the silly theories along with the memes. But in times like these, just listen carefully, my friend. There's a week left and that'll be a week to not forget, so make the best out of the last week!

The coincidences are the funny part, my friend. It goes to show that it all adds up and that it all comes together one way or another! Just like our boy did in the anime and our predictions upon him.

Part 2. The mastermind would recoil slightly out of shock but then say some line of diolouge to piss off makoto. Makoto is over her dead body and starts getting pissed. He stands up with his head down and then he would look up but this time his eyes would be red showing that he has fallen into dispair. The mastermind gets either suprised or really happy and starts taunting him and the battle will resume except this time makoto is wrecking the mastermind yet they are the happy as can be. As makoto is beating them to death, in there final breaths the mastermind would say they won, simce they made makoto fall into dispair.

If he wasn't already in love with Chisa, maybe.
He strikes me as the type of guy that cares more about accomplishments and loyalty than gender.

If chiakizuru happens to actually be a thing, would she work for the name of hope or despair?

You need to believe harder if you really want [Hope], user.

(from previous thread)

Wait, am I still miscounting?

>6 people alive at the start of episode 10

>Our Boy Juzo

Seems like there's no "16th" player. Unless Tengan is alive (which is unclear at this point), doesn't this pretty much confirm KyokoLives?

Not even including the fact that Juzo technically wouldn't be counted by the system by this point.

If the Monokuma videos are just recordings how did he manage to interact with Monomi?


>I hope he gets what's coming to him.
You wish. at most he's going to redeem himself in an epilogue by making hopeful anime and rid the world of despair with it

>mfw I know that one of the juzoboys in these threads is french too

It's actually Juzozuru

>>Hajizuru has twin tailed child with Mikan and Kaeda with Sonia.
He also has a robot child with Nagito.

The counter has always had more people than were in the game.

We're the same as Juuzo, we'll never know.

So who was phone?

Can somebody please make a template out of Sakakura's hair in this shot? It feels like it's begging to be exploited.

Hm, oh right.


The last person is whoever texted Mitarai from Tengan's phone (definitely not Junko), or in other words, the hidden 16th participant.

I want to marry Sonia!

probably not, that what makes his love so tragic

>"I still want him to live"

Every fucking time.

hagakure may still count to the total, it's hard to be certain.


We still don't know whether or not the Ep10 counter was before or after Juzo cut off his hand, which would most likely take him out of the system.

Togami and Weedman.

Kirigiri is dead.

Tengan is the main key here. Aside from what happened this episode, when he talked to Munakata about the Kamukura project, he talked rather cagily, wanting to "protect it", and we know from his "I guess you could say everyone is the attacker" his idea of a lie was pretty different from what most people would assume. It's possible that what he meant there was a second Kamukura project, one presumably meant to iron out the issues the first one had.

In addition to this, there's what Junko herself said about Hajime in SDR2. She called him "Izuru 1.0", and that in and of itself implies the possibility that there was somebody even greater than he, somebody who could be Izuru 2.0.

Junko mocked Chiaki for believing in the possibility of a miracle, yet as we all know, Chiaki's secondary talent seems to be "miracle-enabler", something that's even more ridiculous than Nagito or Naegi's luck. We know that she's right in the one area that she could actually be saved in - the Kamukura Izuru facilities, which are presumably stocked to the brim with all sorts of medical equipment to account for any possible issues that the subject might have dealt with.

Finally, there's the issue of "For the final climactic confrontation, how does Junko become a credible threat with Hajizuru around?" We know that she has no chance whatsoever of beating him, and she already got pummeled by him in SDR2, so any chance of playing mindgames with him is null so long as she's at her current threat level. One way of getting around this is by having her follow through on what she said she'd do in SDR2 and hijack somebody's body with her AI. In this case, it would be Chiakizuru. Somebody to fuck with Hajizuru on a fundamental level and who could also defend herself in a pinch.

Plus, hey, let's be honest, who doesn't want to see everyone's "favorite" Gyaru bully and torment Chiaki some more by parading around in her body and doing whatever the hell she wants with it?

does Juzo even count anymore?

Like I've been shitposting for a while, the three waifus really are Kyoko/Nanami/Juzo


She could hack the system. They didn't specify that it was a real recording, it could have been programmed on account of the ridiculously advanced tech in the series.

might also be an automated text message mitarai's phone receives the moment the game ends, since this whole game has been automated from the start.

So Naegi has Aoi, who are Hajime and Persona's 2nds?

Oh wait, Hagakure probably still counts. Unless he died.

Hajime, pls.

She looks like she has fetal alcohol syndrome in this picture

Monaca is the mastermind. This was obvious from Episode 4 already. Can't believe people really thought she was flying off.

>not posting the ultimate final form of that image
It was a blast making this with you anons. You know who you are.

She's already married and had a child, user.

I haven't fucked anyone in 5 years, but I'd be honored, brother!

>They were underwater the whole time
>It was suicides the whole time
>M I N D H A C C

Eleven episodes it, and we know fuck all about the mastermind.



Souda pls

Needs more unread messages/wallspam from Juzo

Junko is a ridiculous character who nearly ended the world. It's that kind of paradox is what makes the whole situation great. It is disappointing we didn't get to see her individually snake her way into everybody's hearts though.

Kohacka literally forgot.

>that *gasp* Munakata makes when he enters the room

can someone tell me why junko does what she does

>pic related didn't happen
It would've been so hilarious for Munakata to have killed Juzo because of NTR.

>in 5 years
REEEEE was Juzo a virgin?

Do you think the idea of Junko recruiting a bunch of ultimates into her ranks of Despairs was inspired in any way by Sick's New Bloodline?


holy shit your right he cut off his hand which was his talent itself that is fucking dedication


Et je suis une grille en plus héhé, mais non, ça n'arrivera pas, brother!

>Chiaki Ded
>Kirigiri Ded
>Homo Ded
>Chisa ain't mastermind

How do they gonna conclude these ?

>10 of those edits were mine
Fuck yeah.

I hated juzo at first and I never though id become a juzoboy, but after this ride I appreciated our boy and he totally gave it all to go out like a hero

There is there is a uncontrolable boy inside us after all

wtf is chiakizuru


He had Seiko use her dick growing pills so she could fuck him in the ass from time to time.


Any chances of the whole Ruruka wanting to found her own organization thing still being a relevant plot point or was it a red herring?

Let's face it, like it or not, she's coming back for the big finale.
The real question is, how will it happen?


Who else here was a Juzoboy from week 1? I have the inability to dislike a character voiced by Suwabe, it's just not in me.

Cred Forums's horrible idea that Chiaki was turned in to another Izuru.


I know how I'm gonna conclude this.

final rollcall for bullshit theories, we still have

>is kirigiri dead?
>hinata and the rest of the dr2 kids
>togami and hagakure
>komaru and fukawa
>is junko REALLY dead?
>is Nanami dead?
>what's next for the future foundation

That's never been confirmed and pretty unlikely since Kodaka never passes up the extra participant twist.


she died

it dont matter
none uh this matters

Hajime already has Chiaki.

She does. I'm running out of rare Sonias to post.


I'm no cuck.


>tall as fuck fem juzo
my fucking dick

I think it was just another dumb attempt to explain Ruruka's motivation for being a crazy bitch.

Best girl.

You know those jokes where someone tries to call a person, but they end up talking to their answering machine that was carefully recorded in the case they would call for that specific situation? Or the episode "Blink"?

Think that.

because lulz

I [Hope] you'll get them soon.

Juzoboys to show our full suport and and appreciation lets all state our nationalities

Canadian juzoboy here

The lulz.

fixed one thing

monaca in space


>Mitarai who has had his phone off most likely due to his NG turns his phone on after everything is over
>Gets text message from ded Tengan
>Somebody posts DG2 screenshot that says something like Izuru 1.0
>Everybody thinks this means there's a 2.0
>it's really a text message sent HOURS ago telling Mitarai to redeem himself with a despair undoing video

Yeah just like Juzo died in episode 9.

Clone of Junko created by Tengan.

Everything involving that trio was a complete waste of time.

>inb4 Junkozuro will be real

Who /Tengan/ here?

>Faggots like this user believe villains must have complex motives to be good and well written.


She's basically Heath Ledger's Joker but significantly worse.

I've met an user in real life and it was fun. I don't mean arranging it I mean meeting by chance, I guess.


That's retarded and shitty resolution. Who was the mastermind and what was the point of the game?

It's pretty complex man, I don't think you'd get it.

>I've met an user in real life and it was fun.

What'd you do? Suck each other's dicks?

>kodaka would never, ever play the "cut your arm off to remove the wristband" card
Cred Forums actually believed this


Never forget, my anons. They will always be together, one way or another. Sleep tight, puppers.

Did you guys really think Junko would be dead after Junko AI?

I warned you guys.

Junko is just as immortal as despair is.

As long as their is Danganronpa, there will be Junko as the mastermind.

Just give up

maybe you are just secretly homo?

>Hajime already has Chiaki.
She's dead, though.


Junko in kyoko

Try reading the threads.

>We've seen everyone's talents except Donuts in action
Will we ever get to see her swim 2fast4u?

>This picture is now meaningless since Juzo didn't gave a fuck about Chisa
>he's probably thinking what the fuck is wrong with her in that pic

Despair Arc is her big finale if she's getting another one at all, I don't think she's part of Future Arc because she would have fucked around with the participants a lot more and there would be no need to pre-record anything, it just doesn't feel like her style.

Did this ever get finished?


Im pretty sure she gave up at the end of 2


What is the purpose of weedman and twogami there?

WHY DIDN'T KIRIGIRI JUST DO THIS? Better to risk it with a chance of living than just guaranteed dying.

She's like Dio but better.

No because Ive severely masturbated to a lot to the DR females

Representing, my friend! I knew from the first episode that he was going to be something different than he initially appeared to be!

>no bandai option

What's the point in voting if the true mastermind isn't even listed?

American Juzoboy. East Coast.

When she and Naegi participate in the Ultimate Killing Game in DR4.

So in the end, it was Juzo who became the asshole turned good guy, like Fuyuhiko and Togami.

Juzoboys were right. Juzo was best boy. Still wanted to save his husbando even though he stabbed him. I'll miss you, big guy

If Munakata dies now I'm going to throw a fucking fit the likes of which these threads have never fucking seen.

To trick you into thinking they might be relevant.

Like Jabberwock.

What would she cut her arm off with, exactly?

Twogami is dead

I'm just going to repost this.
>Doesn't realize the entire DR3 anime has been about her.
>Doesn't think she will be the final boss
>Doesn't realize that people won't be satisfied if Junko doesn't get fucked over again, for killing real Chiaki.

Do you not know how media works? They show Junko having her way in despair, for the satisfaction of future toppling her once for all.

yfw Monaca told us to google the mastermind

That's fine, they'll have repopulated the Earth between now and then.

To count towards the survivor counter and throw people off. They want people to think Kirigiri is alive.

I hope

This is the latest one I've got



Moi aussi

Im down for that but I want Kirijunko more either way having either voice actress do junko's Upupupu and different personailties would make Me Diamonds

If anyone dies besides the mastermind after his sacrifice i'll burn down Kodaka's house

Where is the Jabberwock boat heading if the FF's hideout is a secret?

To be fair it's pretty stupid that it actually worked.

A knife.

That she must've figured out was in the monitor because she's a fucking detective.

because kodaka had the idea of naegi's despair dream and thought it was so neat that he built the entire story around it

venezuelan juzoboy

Cucked at every turn, yet still stayed true to his waifu

Gotta respect that determination and HOPE.

What he said


Seriously though.

Munakata's insane autism for hope is fucking annoying and retarded.


Well then she wouldn't be able to give Naegi ghost handjobs.

American Juzoboy, living in Europe, my friend!

Monaca is the cutest and best and smartest dangan

Thank you, kind user. Now to figure out which scene to put it on.



She thought her panties were wet etc etc

Oh no

it's too complex

I'm glad kirigiri has a sexy face scar and a despair eye to complement her bacon hands.

Tunisian juzoboy since ep 3

French juzoboy

>tfw literally no way to avoid spoilers for V3 even on Cred Forums

The same reason why bullies bully other people, Because they're bored.

not only that. He saved Naegi and by extent ended the killing game, since he was going to kill himself.

and he also destroyed the monitors so his husbando wouldn't worry about it.

Best boy


>Ruruka's sweets didn't work on Juzu because he was gay

I don't think anyone ever argued that it was smart.

It was just too convenient and "logical" to not happen at some point. Especially in a show with potion-grade pharmaceuticals and suicide mind control where characters can take as much damage as the narrative demands.

>Plus, hey, let's be honest, who doesn't want to see everyone's "favorite" Gyaru bully and torment Chiaki some more by parading around in her body and doing whatever the hell she wants with it?

M-Me, user... Just let her rest in gaming heaven.


You do know nothing we've seen can be constituted as a spoiler, right? Knowing who the protagonist is doesn't really count.

Singaporean juzoboy, living in America

Following the tracking device they put on Nagito

>Kirigiri-san is dead for real

That doesn't address any of the issues. If it's Junko then they've removed all the traits that characterized her mastermind style, making it an unsatisfying "toppling" regardless.

Hinata has better waifus with him than Chiaki.

>killing games
nice touch

>Juzo is a huge asshole and braggart outside but is a bottom in the sheets to munakata's greater hope

Really, user? You don't sound very committed to the idea. It couldn't be... are you excited about the despair that would give you?

Fucking Homobois

When the fuck did she meet Dio to pick up his mannerism?


I meant when the game comes out.
I can see it, countless threads of the pic of the mastermind and victims

>literally could have just cut her hand off and survived

>the wristbands come off when you switch off the power to the building

then youre american, not singaporean.

I kinda wanna see Munakata's reaction to Junko doing all her different personailties. I hope we atleast see munakata and Junko meet in person in despair 11 maybe they meet when she does the lie detector test Hp has matsuda conduct with her

Hello friends. In memory of Juzo, I'll be posting Juzo pictures today.

For a few minutes, at least.

>Visual color variations that mess with people's brain
>The color variation of Future arc and Despair arc
We're getting hacked guys!
Pull the plug! (kill yourselfs)

Cause bleeding out definitely isn't a thing.

>complex motives
>well written villain

To be fair, Junko is neither of these

That was the AI user.

I'm surprised there aren't more people that want Junko in Future especially Chiakifags after what she did to gamer.

Just let her exposit like crazy like she always does.

>nous ne discuterons jamais de Juzo irl
It hurts almost as much as our boy dying.

Reminder that the Dangan-Radio talks can't be taken that seriously considering they said Juzo 100% died in Future 9

cool, friend

>the juzoboys have gotten too strong

How can we stop this growing juzoboy movement? Why did he have to live and not kirigiri?

We can all agree now that Munkata's motives and actions seems a little less retarded after this episode, right? He was right about Naegi being able to succumb to despair and him thinking Juzo could be a despair was completely logical.

What was her endgame?

>the translator
>sayaka shipper

Here is another one. I hope some of you are enjoying these!

No they havent. He bent the knee for Junko and tried to kill Naegi all game cause he was jealous that he "beat" her.

>Why did he have to live
user... Are you in denial?

actually most of the portrays of joker from comics to movies fit with Junko

just drink one of the hand regenerating drugs from seiko bro

So Tengan is Junko's grandfather?

Mexican Juzochico here.

>le bleeding out
>When Juzo both gets stabbed, pooling blood around him, followed by cutting his hand off yet can still wander over to the secret room and turn off the power
>And Chiaki can have a 5 minute conversation with Hajizuru despite having her vital organs pierced by spears

no one died, so naegi and co "beat" the game, making the wristbands moot

There really was never a boy like our Juzo. This entire series for me was gradually coming to like him more and more. Then he went and became the Big Hero, only to die.

So they could rip off Eva.

You'd assume that the mastermind would just kill/punish the person who cut their hand off for breaking the rules. Nobody had any reason to believe they weren't watching the game.

Knowing how much plothack bullshit happens in this series, she probably would know how to tourniquet herself

Silly monakaposter, Kirigiri is alive. You'd know, if only you were as wise as us Juzoboys.

He got tricked by the one we thought to be a based old man. The old man was evil.

this reminds me that this was the Ultimate Boxer cutting off his hand

that Ai Did cause she already uploaded a copy of herself into kyoko

Fujos are out in full force tonight.

that big midget ahoge of course

That's not satisfying at all though.

Why didn't Kirigiri cut off her hand?

She doesn't even like them that much.

>it's a "select all apartment buildings" captcha

Korean Juzoboy here

Do we have any new cute art of them yet to celebrate Best Girl's victory?

My Nigga, ! Why didn't I think that bfore?


The amount of time it took to happen doesn't change the fact they still died. ;_;

>There will be a DR game where the protagonist is a tanned shortstack girl with an ahoge
>She has amnesia so we never get her last name, all we know is that she loves donuts, is good at swimming and is an optimist

tfw you'll never teasingly kiss Juzo's ears and down his jaw, neck, and shoulders.

I hope I'm not the only one who died laughing when they showed Celes on Fire and Mondo as butter.

Why didn't Juzo pull those levers as soon as he found them?

If he did Kirigiri would still be alive

He gave everything for his husbando

cause she has miracle no-die pills

Hey, it's Junko's style.

I'm curious to see what the full version of this looks like.

Do eet

mondo butter was fucking hilarious

the rest not so much

please don't lewd our boy

The mondo one was like

hilarious but also kind of off-putting. For some reason the mondo one always kind of fucked with me because i tried to imagine what it'd be like to actually see someone go so fast that their body fucking liquefies.

because he wanted to kill Naegi.

why would he cut off all the power in the building?

Gee user maybe there was no fucking point?
Do you randomly open your circuit breaker and start hitting switches when a killer comes into your home and you don't know where he is?

Because he didn't know. The second he knew he went out there to pull them all. If only Kirigiri told him. If only she went full revelation at that moment and not just about Ruruka and Yoi.


The butter part killed my sides. The Celes part just made me sad.

You really don't want to look at it. The nipples are fucking hideous.
Trust me.

No, this seriously defies logical reasoning. She has no reason not to cut off her hand because she dies either way. At least cutting of your hand at least gets you a chance at survival. Kodaka better have a good explanation for this shit.

I'd be in tears from the laughter.

How much butthurt will there be if we actually get hints towards an Asahina end?

What do you see?

But she wouldn't fuck her best friend's love interest, right? But that'd explain robo hope's blue eyes

>lives through 2 killing games
>wins the Naegibowl by default
Kodaka is doing this on purpose

Maybe because turning off the power without a reason is a retarded idea?

no Tokichiro Endo from Danganronpa Kirigiri is actually hinted to be the twins grandpa

senpai, you wouldn't leave that here without some sauce would you?

Munakata's sword could probably cauterize the wound.

>fat gamer gurl

a hack is trying to mess with my mind

Too late.

It's mad disappointing for sure

Does anyone has the screencap about Juzo, explaining the final game with a question?

i guess this settles that muscle bros will never live

Fair point. In fact, that would have made a more satisfying death for Bandai. First victim dies trying to actively rebel against the rules, rather than breaking a terrible NG rule

And we would have spent more time assuming he was the actual mastermind because DR1

What's more is that Kirigiri left before Juzo opened that door. If she had stuck around and found the levers she could have ended it right then

Yeah. The radio program itself is very fun though, it's just the western listeners that take it too seriously. The tumblr translator is slightly biased too from what I've seen.

This. Reminder that the power would have at most killed the monitors (which they knew nothing about). It would not have stopped the wrist bands, and they still thought there was a killer among them.

If anyone came out with egg on his face in this whole ordeal it was Munakata, it's like he took a SHSL course in how to fuck up. Good meme fuel though.

Hope beats destiny

You're only making us more curious. Spoiler it.

I'm enjoying. Keep it coming, user.

If I was good at editing I would put Hajimeme's air guitar there

Didn't it run out of power?


I've never been so dissapointed after finding a sauce. Why can't get this world get more good Seiko lewds

Yeah, I know. It sucks because nobody ever takes it seriously, then they look and only then do they realize that everybody else telling them it sucks were right.

Musclebro and Cartoon Gangster are so dead it hurts.

he does have a good explanation. See

>Kirigiri died for LITERALLY no reason

I remember that theory coming up and it getting shut down with something like "Monokuma would just sleep drug them again and put the bracelet on the stubless arm" or something.

kohacku hates /fit/ was confirmed ages ago

look at how retarded akane is

Fuck it might as well post the full thing to finish the job.

No. I have had enough despair after what happened to both Chisa and Chiaki.


>Why did he have to live
What? You can't think he is still alive.

just you wait, Kodaka is pulling out every trick in the book for V3

he has to top DR2 somehow

Someone PLEASE explain how did Munakatanah enter Chisa's Room ? Its locked room


If Kyoko had done that Ruruka would still be alive

Kirigiri died and took worst girl with her

She didn't enter the secret room
She didn't cut her hand
She didn't verify the monitors
She was incredibly incompetent, downright mediocre as a detective this time around
If she's not Junko then her death will be really fucking stupid in hindsight.

>my favorites always die

She never said that.
She said that we why find out why Munakata "killed" Juzo in Despair 10. Juzo being dead was an interpretation of the translator.

My brain trembles

You just sound like a Despair addict who doesn't want to admit he's hooked!

> my chest, your yours?


Reminder that old man Tengen can't be RoD as he would have died from NG code if he was lying.

>Wah~ I can't reach my suicide~

Brown waifus never die

who cares?

jumped through the floor


Is there no new episode this week?

>Lusting after the ahoge
She is not that kind of girl, user!
She doesn't even call boys by their first names despite doing that to pretty much every girl!
>Do we have any new cute art of them yet to celebrate Best Girl's victory?
Not "new", no one would be quite as a̶m̶a̶z̶i̶n̶g̶ daring to incur so much butthurt upon himself.
This one is from before Kyouko dieded
There are also some cute old comics that mostly seem to be about her FTEs that I found in pixiv, but they are somewhat old.

Backup breeding.


That's just that Monacafag that has a grudge against Juzofags for some reason. Don't bother with him.

I didn't mean an RoD. I meant him as just evil in general. Sorry, that might've been confusing.

.webm of this part when?

>too short to kill yourself
>this is your despair

Not since week one alas, more like 3? Or whenever it was he punched out Hinata.
Other Canadian Juzo boy here.

Japs in general hate /fit/, it seems.

They are a nation of beta males who literally won't fuck women, in all fairness.

Too many honorable roidfags in the series, I bet this one will be actually evil

There was a new future today and a new despair this thursday

But the games had her style before the reveal, there was more of a build-up to it while there's been none in Future and all indications point to someone else trying to use Monokuma's face and doing a poor job.

Meme magic can do anything, right?

He sliced the door open. Shhh.

Here, I got more for you.

Fuck, I thought I fixed this. Must have sneaked back in there after I updated it.

Where they going?

>literally have to be paid to fuck women
2 bombs weren't enough

Because that would mean she didn't trust or believe in Naegi and we can't have that. Plus Cure W

Even the Ultimate Hope can fall into Despair.

>mind hack anime is unacceptable
>but an ai program that rewrites your personality and memories is
Why is this ok?

it'd be better than him just dying

Almost half of Japanese men are virgins

Oh, is there a sub somewhere? No one had ep. 11. Funimation fucked up again.

There's a light. Brighter than the sun. Brighter than anything you've ever seen.

She doesn't have huge tits and she probably isn't an athlete though

>it was foreshadowed all along

>One of the twins
>Not dying

>New Weedman

>Nagito II: Electric Boogaloo
>Not Dying for the greater good

>Kirigiri Giri Harder

So this Thursday is the last ep of despair and then we have two future eps next week right?

I love your hopebook oc senpai
keep up the good work

If that worked then why couldn't he have just killed Naeigi and left the room they were in that way?

At what point did Junko turn the oceans to LCL?

>that would mean she didn't trust or believe in Naegi
No it doesn't, it literally means she sees a sensible option of her being able to live and takes it. Does Juzo not trust Munakata because he chose to cut his hand off and turn off the circuit breaker rather than just dying and letting him figure it out for himself?

hahahaha yeah
he's definitely
not gonna die

Torontonian Juzoboy reporting in

Both are retarded

Remember what she said at the very end of SDR2? She straight-up admitted that she's tired of the Monokuma persona and she didn't think she could keep it up for another game.

>that Izuru
fucking gold

I dunno, besides being brown she looks like a character who randomly dies in the obligatory Chapter 3 double murder.

What does Juzo say with his dying breath?

>all these international juzoboys

I'm still hurt that kirigiri was actually dead.

It's a mystery.

Because a brainwashing despair anime is magical bullshit. They never rewrote the memories of the students, they wiped their memories and tried to replace them by creating fake experiences. This was to revert the changes that happened to them due to Junko.

So what Frodo-level plot holes have we gathered?

Just because he happens to be located in America doesn't make him American.

>show me your tits, maybe then i'll "remember" you

Thanks for the laugh.

>Everyone expects musclebro and lil biker to die like all the characters like them
>Kodka will take advantage of it to surprise us

none of it is okay

Well said, brother. It's always interesting to see stuff like this, and if anything, this adds to the ride! Now with almost only one week left, I will be on the process to create/get something else to always remember me of these threads!

May I ask you where did you order your figurine? I don't think I will be able to buy one but would like to check it anyways!

>Remember what she said at the very end of SDR2?
But I thought Junko lied about everything user. It seems strange that you believe her words here.

It was delayed again. but HOPE did a sub of it. Just like they do every time funimation fucks up.

Reminder, she was an ALLY on this final killing game.

Goodness, I can sort of see why this man is worth protecting.

hurr why didnt everyone just immediately hack off their limbs

It's about 40% women virgins too though. The whole nation is doutei.

Why do these governments keep trying to promote childbirth without giving sufficient aid?

my waifu getting BLACKED

>Sees how retarded the plot will end up so goes into space
Monaca had the right idea.

The real Junko never lies. When she's deadpan, stone cold, psychotic? That's who she really is.

Sounds like he's saying Munakata's name

I'll probably redo this one, I really couldn't think of anything but the last episode gave me some ideas.

We never see Animator NG code

Judging by that face he's making and the series history he's either a beautiful cinnamon roll who'll die for your sins or the bane of your existence, no middle ground

she doesn't even know who it was she just wanted to observe it

and pull an epic prank

To the 13th Future arc episode aka offscreen FUTURE!

Reminder that this isn't confirmed.
Cap is gonna die in the first chap or be the Kirigiri of the game.
New weedman also looks like leon and Kodaka hates his design, So he is gonna be a survivor or die early.

Va te coucher choupinette, tu en as besoin, et moi aussi je vais en faire autant.
Bonne nuit

Amiami is what I used, my friend! I hope it helps you out!

How the fuck did these 2 manage to absolutely maul themselves moreso then the other deaths, especially Ruruka

He only really started to want to kill Naegi after Tengan revealed the attackers.

I dont know why i believed the retards that said kirigiri was alive, like there were so many of them and they were so confident.


Fucking gold.

>hope sux scribbled in crayon

How did Monaca have all the NG codes and be a robot and not know who put them there?

>boyfriend's shower
Delusions again.


she's coming back as Kirijunko believe my brother

Not that he'd definitely do it, but he could and most of them wouldn't want to risk losing their arm for no reason.
Juzo was already halfway into a shallow grave
Didn't he and Gozu spring from a wall when he started his insane witch hunt?

this shit show ain't over yet

>Hope and Despair are for fags
She wasn't wrong

She's alive. This episode proved it now more than ever.

was that dip when Kirigiri died?

>manlet or a jobber, which is worse

>How to tell if your imouto is a siscon
Don't you mean brocon?

You may be right user. Maybe the whole "special" episode is just a lie and we have 2 more episodes left of Mirai.

Ruru had a lot of self-hatred and Seiko tried to OD on her hulk pills but succumbed to her bad trip instead.

>try choking on candy
>slowly suffocating but not fast enough
>proceed to gut yourself while dying

Show's not over yet, faggot. Thanks for saving muh OC

She must have known about the suicides though, since she was in the same room as the Great Gozu.

No, I'm talking about the scene where Naegi lured Munakata in to that specific room because the only way he could leave it is if Naegi opened the door for him. He clearly wanted to kill Naegi during that time and the only reason he didn't was because he was right, and wouldn't be able to leave the room alive without his help. If he could simply slice the door open then Naegi's plan wouldn't have worked and Munakata would have just killed him.

I see Kodaka with the script. Chiakizuru is there, Tengen is there too and revived Junko from the dead, nothing even clever she's just THERE now. Kirigiri was revived with Cure W just to be killed again, and Izuru never got off the boat.
Burn it all to the ground

>Kill Chiaki
>Redeem Juzo


>she didn't see the pics of chisa with the dead children in chisa's pocket

Did she commit Sepukku?

Seiko had her drugs. Not sure about Ruruka, I guess her brainwashing dreams were extra horrible.

So... will you guys buy our BD?

Believe in the Kirigiri.


Damn, this girl needed a hug.

its too late to bring her back now, as in literally there isnt enough time.

fucking name 1 thing that helps her chances this episode. Shes dead dude. Stop shitposting

Just watched the episode, I can't believe the Mind Hacc meme was actually fucking real

I want to get off this wild ride

Holy shit I'm now a JUZO Boy

Where was she keeping all those candies

Don't blame me when she comes back.

>suffocation from candy
>sliced the shit out of her thighs
>ripped her clothes to pieces
>stabbed herself in the heart
That must have been one hell of a Despair trip got damn

>Ruru had so much despair, guilt and self-loathing in her that she did this to herself


I know that most of you (me included) don't like reddit, but I am now a mod for /r/JuzoBoys, so come on in everyone!

>Both Uchikoshi and Kodaka ended their trilogy with MIND HACCS
It's like pottery

I'm still too sad to sleep now, bonne nuit fellow juzofrère

Can someone post that one fan art of school Celeste without her drills lounging in multiple poses?

No, it's Chiaki. Kirigiri's was pretty similar though.

>tfw been a Naegi x Asahina shipper since the first DR
>tfw legitimately like Kirigiri but also want her to stay ded

You know where.

as far as i see it im in a better situation, i have the expectation that shes dead so if she comes back ill be happy but if shes still dead its back to the status quo i accepted.

Wait for the next monday for the biggest plot twist ever.

reminder that the Great Gozu killed himself while feeling unimaginable despair

>Letting shipping poison your mind
There's no hope for you.

I see a limited 5* gacha.

Let's not forget that she uncovered Ruruka trying to disguise a corpse with makeup, she may have gotten the idea to put fake blood and stuff on her face in order to make it seem like she had died to her forbidden action. She knows something is up with mitarai and she wanted to fake her death so she could investigate something with him thinking she was dead. That's what that look was about when she noticed him on his phone.

She's alive right now and I bet she has something to do with the message sent to mitarai by tengan.

Was that that room? Oh. Probably just Naegi's plot armor luck kicking in then.

Hopefully he won't fall into despair again

Yeah, you're right. I'll make sure it's correct if I update it.

This should be the last one.

Uchikoshi has less excuse however as Zero Escape series was always planned to be a triology unlike Dangan Ronpa which was only planned to be one.

Well she shouldn't have fucked over the people that liked her.

Who was Izayoi

How would you feel if Kirigiri came back as a ghost


This series got so shit I am literally ONLY enjoying it because when something fucktarded happens I imagine you guys reacting to it.

mind hacccc

Jokes on you, I got Illya first try.

>not being able to read dates

Interesting. Monaca says that she doesn't know who's "attacking" Naegi and co, which is true in a way in that she may not know who the true culprit is.

She certainly knows how the "attacker" worked though

How much is it?

>Feeling for a stupid bitch.
On one hand I'm glad they didn't bother redeeming her, on the other she deserved it.

So you enjoy the memes, how is that different from everyone else in this thread?

I'm not sure what specific room it was, sorry. I was just responding to the idea that he may have sliced the door open to enter the room. If he could do that then he could have also done it with Naegi. How he might have entered the room is what said.

>he fucking stabbed his eyes
He didn't deserve this

>Another dip from today's episoders
Are even the japs sick of Kodaka's shit?

How horrifying

Clearly it isn't, I'm not sure where you got the implication that it was

she called the mastermind interesting but got bored because she knew that Naegi and co would win again

actually, I should rewatch that episode with all this new context

In retrospect, the people who just triggered their NG codes were fucking lucky.

Those poor bastards who saw the despair video.

>you will never get Saionji to fall for you.
It hurts.

Hajime really has better waifus all around him.

>used my OC on the right side
Aww yeah nigga, have HOPE!

well, I wouldnt call Bandai lucky

It's not fair. All my quartz gone and nothing to show for it.

Monaka said she doesn't know who the mastermind but knew their NG codes.

Tengan, already confirmed
will die alongside tengan as atonement
>is kirigiri dead?
>hinata and the rest of the dr2 kids
save the day next episode
>togami and hagakure
take naegi and the survivors home
>komaru and fukawa
not mentioned unless epilogue
>is junko REALLY dead?
>is Nanami dead?
hella yes
>what's next for the future foundation
naegi or munakata as the new leader

>Weedman was right, it's just that he confused his predictions for reality
Is there anything Weedman can't do?
Apart from most things?

Because i'm on several layers of irony

what if Junko was saved by Tengan?

>Cure W
Haven't been in the threads for a few weeks, what's this.

There's literally no better feeling than being loved by someone who hates everything.

WHat did he see in his life that would make him do that. He was an honorable man or was he

Reminder to everyone that DR3 is just really despair anime with subliminal messages and complex motives to drive anons into despair

How the fuck isn't he rich as fuck? A 30% accuracy rate for telling the future is pretty good.

It's okay, Bandai is the mastermind.

>>you will never get Saionji to fall for you.
Thanks, user!
I was feeling kinda bad today, but this cheered me up.
Have a DAIKON! for your waifu

What if Junko IS Tengan?

Aussie Juzoboy here.
Liked him since day 1.

>you will never save a qt gamer girl on the brink of death
>you will never see the light resurge in her eyes as her wounds heal and she regains her former physical condition
>you will never force her to sleep for extended periods of time while you operate on her body, pumping her full of all sorts of talents that she was never intended to have
>you will never see the smile on her face slowly die as she realizes what you're doing to her, too helpless to fight back
>you will never continue adding in more and more talents to her, doing it ever so carefully so that her personality doesn't end up suppressed, ensuring that she can continue to enjoy talents
>you will never see her smile as she realizes she was wrong to doubt you but asks you if she can be let go anyway
>you will never discreetly hook her up to a personality rewriting machine and force her awake just as it turns on
>you will never explain to her that you're going to overwrite her personality with your own, so that you can enjoy her body, and see the light in her eyes flare up as she struggles to resist
>you will never delight in the cries and moans she makes as she helplessly attempts to resist your assault, her mind in utter shambles as you force her personality to the back of her own mind and allow your own, superior personality to take its place
>you will never let 'Nanami' out of the brainwashing machine and see her give you a big smile for helping her out so much all this time

Man, how am I supposed to HOPE like this?

She kind of deserved it, the fact she was so brutal to herself shows even she thought it due to whatever Despair trip Monokuma's Gloomy Sunday gave her.
>So insecure about her own skill she'd abuse her "friend" just because she can't eat the dewicious sweets
>Decides to straight up murder the person who'd never leave her side because she's afraid he'll leave her side, causing the NG code to activate
>Tries to drug Juzo in an attempt to kill even more people so she can cover her own ass
Ruruka did nothing right.

All the nips want is for Junko to return gloriously in Future, since some of them want her to be punished for what she die to Chiaki.

its basically a bordelrine debunked theory, most people accepted shes dead as fuck now cause the survivor count wouldnt lie.

>Tengan, already confirmed

Just like Juzo being dead was confirmed

He blows his money on crystal balls and OOPARTs

Tengan honestly kind of came out of left field. But whatever I guess.

Hell I talked about this before, with 30% he'd have a safer time in a cassino than most.
Hell, if he can do it whenever he wants, 30% chance to win the lottery is an ENORMOUS chance

The fuck you talking about, tengan literally got confirmed this episode as being behind it, kirigiri had been suspicious about his ass since the start.

>She kind of deserved it,

No one deserved it.




I thought the manga was supposed to be relevant for the show

>the survivor count wouldnt lie
Yeah, of all things the survivor count directly controlled by the mastermind must be telling the OBJECTIVE truth.


when Juzo was discussing the people killed by the attacker, he didnt list Ruruka

the survivors literally have no idea that she's dead


>the survivor count wouldn't lie

What if Juzu's bracelet thought he was dead since he cut his arm off?

Ruruka's story is so fucking depressing.

A delayed release poison neutralizer made by the SHSL Pharmacist. The two people who were poisoned and not stabbed haven't been seen since their death scenes.


Not really, there were alot of hints
>kirigiri commenting on how bizarrely calm he was
> was in a high enough power to build the underwater section
>knew people NG codes right off the bat
> messed with munakata just to get him even crazier

He wouldn't win the lottery, cause it's not luck.

He'd have to win something like powerball, where having foreknowledge helps and you can pick numbers.

Or just short straddles everywhere.

It actually makes a lot of sense for Tengan to be a Despair between this and the information about Izuru from DR2. DR2 stated that Future Foundation members wondered whether Izuru even existed, yet we see Tengan not only knowing that he was real BUT ALSO knowing who the test subject was pre-Kamukura project. So if he had such valuable intel, why would he not give it to the rest of the Future Foundation?

For reference: The only intel that Chisa got for Kyousuke when she was spying was that there was an experiment going on to try and make the Ultimate Hope, so it makes sense for their to be rumors as she phoned that intel in early. But Tengan flat out fuckin knew.

Fucking nice

>controlled by the mastermind
Did you realize that the counter is not a real thing in the DR verse? Is just a thing of the opening.

Do you realize that that's precisely why they could use it to fuck with idiots like you?

I'm pretty sure it was just promotion for DR3.

the survivor count isnt a literal survivor count by the mastermind, its just a thing for the viewers, if kirigiri were alive the count wouldnt of gone down since juzo was a fake out too yet he was still counted as alive.

Well Ruruka certainly thought she deserved it.

>another 500+ threads
Is DR3 anime, both arcs, the AOTS or what?

You pick numbers for the lottery mate
Have you never played it before?

Tengan can't be Despair user. His NG code was not to lie when asked a question, and he said he wasn't a RoD.

>wouldnt of

Only for ruining our hopes and dreams

The FF members that are rescuing them are probably going to be the first to discover her body.


Not while Mob Psycho 100 exists

You do realize you are going super far into delusion to defend a debunked theory thats ultimately pointless since the actress confirmed shes dead

Makoto never did shit and he was still going to kill himself. Easily could be that Gozu failed to protect some people in the past.

no its shit
but for some reason I cant stop watching

Kodaka is using his Ultimate Hack skills to brainwash us

Why does Junko need to brainwash people into despair? I'd destroy the world for a chance at tapping that ass.

Might be a different kind of lottery. Some lotteries you just straight up get a random number.


He wouldn't be a remnant if he was the original despair

Its the most popular of this season on Cred Forums that's for sure.

Hell no, the thing is a trainwreck, hell the finale is setting up to be a rushed mess from what little time left they have to resolve all the open plot threads.

A big memorial to the Future Foundation is put up, naming off all of the great heroes of rebuilding the world. And Ruruka.

Was he asked if he was a RoD?

He can lie as long as he isn't asked something directly

thats a nice theory and all but its so roundabout that it could only be explained by having someone literally break the fourth wall and explain it. Something which DR3 doesnt have the privileged of doing with only 1 episode left.

I thought Remnants of Despair is just what the despairs were called after Junko died.

"Monokuma's Gloomy Sunday." It was a nod to the song called Gloomy Sunday or otherwise known as Hungarian Suicide Song. The song apparently made people who listened to it commit suicide. What's even more incredible is that in the song the main character wants to commit suicide due to their lover's death!

Having sex with all of the UDs would take too much time. Brainwashing is quicker, easier, and more efficient.

The anime itself is an absolute shitshow but the threads are god-tier.

She's bored

Doesn't even come close to re:zero. re:zero gets more threads on air day than DR gets in a week.

DR is certainly popular, though. Probably due to the crossboarders and getting two episodes every week. Discussion doesn't devolve into total cancer circlejerking until about Saturday which is better than other similar series with chain threads.

The whole thing has been a rushed mess despite crawling along at a snail's pace

>Chisa probably saw her pre-despair self slipping away and Munakata finally abandoning her
>Seiko probably saw every member of the FF dead and accusing her of being unable to save them
>Ruruka probably saw Seiko and Izayoi turning on her for what she did and leaving her to die alone

Wonder what Gozu saw.

user all people in Despair are called RoD after Junko's death.

Neat detail


New thread.

No, the only reason it's so popular is because it's a fucking trainwreck trying to conclude a series's story before its reboot, answering questions in the shittiest possible ways and ultimately leaving certain plot threads completely unresolved out of sheer neglect. We're just so deep in the mire that we have to see it through to the end.

Keep in mind the survivor count wasn't shown this episode.

Gozu saw John Cena wining his 16th world title

Reminder that he's just not a "remnant" of depsiar

that is some extreme trivia, shit man

Tengan is dead. Mitarai still has skeletons in his closet. I bet you kirigiri suspected Mitarai for quite some time. Especially with all the weird looks she gave him. Especially just before they fell asleep before her code got triggered. She watched him with a very suspicious look while he looked at her phone.

But why didn't she write about him in her notebook then? Well, follow my logic on this one. He was around her all the time, and she knew at some point he'd be able to lift it off of her post-death. And if she had written something incriminating about her he'd be able to read it and he'd toss it in hopes of not being caught.

But she's dead, and the secret would die with her in that case, so why not at least tell someone? Well I really don't think she died. Yeah, the Cure W thing is a possibility, but then you've got to ask why part of her face clearly had blood leaking out of it just like the other victims of failing their code? Well, we saw with Ruruka that she had used makeup to hide the fact that Izayoi had died to his code. It could be that at some point during the commotion and investigation, she could have managed to lift some make up or something of that sort and had it with her to apply it. That way everyone would think "oh, she's dead because she did her forbidden action!" And not question it even though her body was not all completely fucked up like we had seen from others. Then when they leave to go investigate shit, kirigiri gets up and goes off on her own without mitarai to investigate stuff and find out what really happened without him being able to interfere.

I believe the big twist of the last episode is she'll show up and accuse mitarai of being involved.

I've already accepted Kirigiri as dead, but not because of Juuzo appearing but because there's not enough time left in the anime to reveal her being alive, that alone would take up half an episode.

Was this the only time we ever saw Junko doing anything remotely fashion-y? Did she even give a shit about it, or was it like Akane where she just used it as a means of getting money so she could fuel her despair project?

>he was unmasked and lost respect from all his fans


I figured out how Kyoko can be alive while consistent with the Live Counter. Since the mastermind isn't actually watching the game and Monokuma is a recording, then the counter must go by the bracelet's count of who still has a pulse. And if Juzo were to chop off his hand, the bracelet would consider him dead. Hence, 6 survivors -



Only because they assumed she was the leader. If Tengan was the actual leader he probably wouldn't consider himself a "Remnant".

Juzo and his boys truly were the best thing to come out of the whole DR series. God bless you wonderful faggots.

I think she just did it because it brought in good money, capitalized on her good looks and made everyone write her off as a dumb bimbo who'd never be capable of causing the apocalypse.

robots have pulse?

Please don't start this.

or she's Junko

Kodaka said that it is important. Kirigirifags have become the new mikanfags.

yeah but the survivor count is irrelevant this episode cause its still only 7 when episode 10 aired, it HAD to be kirigiri or juzo, cant be both. Juzo surviving means giri has no chance of coming back or faking her death.

Reminder that Tengen being the mastermind is too simple.

We're on page 6, stop fucking doing this.

Life is simply unfair... don't you think?

Didn't Kodaka say Miayabot didn't count but Weedman does?

Munakata said that he can't truly know hope unless he experiences despair. Naegi now has the potential to become the TRUE Ultimate Hope

yeah this is what killed the theory for me, there just isnt enough time for the final confrontation with tengan and her coming back.

the ONLY way i can see her coming back, is if they do this

Even Mikanfags were never this deluded

I can't find it on the site. Let me search a different one, my friend. I can currently only find the Nagito one on all the bigger JP sites.

Chinee Juzoboy reporting

They're definitely going to have to use the special episode to conclude future. Even without this shit there's way too much to cover in 20 minutes.

Weedman doesn't have a bracelet

>Saionji will never stomp on your disgusting thing

>save the day next episode
From what?


Huh, didn't notice that. I'm on the fence whether Kodaka would go through with it but putting that bottle there seems like a pretty conscious decision. Was there any other debris/trash lying around? If not, then it becomes a lot more likely.

Guys, I figured it out.

The reason the first episode of Mirai-hen is called 'Third Time's The Charm' is not because Junko is trying to kill everyone again, but rather because RoboChiakizuru is going to die for the third time.

Prove me wrong.

>bringing back Chiaki AGAIN just to kill her off AGAIN

stop user not even Kodaka is this ridiculous


Okay but you'll have to wait a week

Whats going to happen now? Munakata technically killed Juzo so is the Future Foundation going to execute him now or just let it go because the person he stabbed was in love with him?

He meant that Munakata had figured it out by episode 5

At the end of Mirai episode 1 Monokuma said to Neagi that this is the conclusion to their story.

That doesn't make sense. How can the counter be 6 after she died, then? It went down from 9 to 6, Miaya must have been included in that number. Even if you consider that the number was reduced because Juuzou cut off his hand, that still only accounts for 2 deaths. There needs to be one more somewhere to make the number dip. I mean, unless Weedman died off screen and we haven't been gifted with that news yet.

The 4 deaths in episode 9 should have been Juuzou, Ruruka, Kyouko, and Miaya. That reduces it to 5, but the counter was 6. This means that Juuzou or Kyouko were actually alive.
There's basically no way the counter could go down from 9 to 6 if Miaya doesn't count, without Weedman dying.

Being a killer doesn't matter in DR universe, what matter is if you're hope or despair.

yes it was the only thing and it was animated which is why people pointed towards it. The issue if that at this point her not being back now is confirmation that shes dead, they just dont have enough time to bring her back and conclude the final conflict.

im fully convinced the special episode is a epilogue.

There's only really two ways to shove Junko into the finale, really.

> RoboChiaki with Junko AI installed, Izuruified (all talents).
> KiriJunko.

Take your pick.

They let a known serial killer do whatever the fuck she wants, you think they're gonna care what a former edgelord is doing?

C. Junko becomes a sentient meme virus, transmitted via language and exchange of ideas.



It's just the bottle and there's even a sound effect for it rolling. But it could be a red herring.
It's difficult to know one way or the other until the last episode airs. This is the sort of series where any sort of hijinks can be pulled to justify bullshit. Doesn't matter if there's evidence supporting or contradicting it.

What is it with Japanese writers and making major plot points be retarded concepts they barely understand


Tengen isn't the mastermind its Junko again, with Mitarai as her accomplice. Impersonating herself as Tengen through the phone, Junko gave him orders. Tengen was surprised at Mitarai's sudden appearance in episode 1 and shortly after his arrival FF base is attacked.

lmao she just shows up as Kurokuma and just fucks with everyone

Why didn't they just look away?

best Juzo

Option C: Junko never died.

Kodaka even confirmed in an interview that her death status is unknown and at the time he was thinking whether to bring her back or not.

He was asked if he was a REMNANT. If this plays out like the UDG screenshots, he's not a Remanant. He's one of the original masterminds. I've also always found it odd that he's the only character involved in the killing games who doesn't have an Ultimate. There's also the fact that somebody higher than Jin had to bring Junko into Hope's Peak. It would make sense for him to have connections that can do that.

But honestly, theorizing this point feels like a waste of time. We've already thrown Dine and Knox's commandments for good mystery out the fuckin window, so there's no point whatsoever at trying to solve this. I wouldn't be shocked if Delta voodoo'd himself into the story for complex motives.

No one expects sudden brainwashing anime until it's too late.

>Junko never died

Is Junko running around with hopeman's hand?

In 2 they talked about how the remnants harvested her parts, which is why Hopeman has her arm

>Reminder that Killer Killer manga will play some role in Mirai. This being that SHSL Make-up Artist created a fake body of Junko that SHSL Despair used.

I just think its too late, there had to of at least been a hint at her survival this episode

I don't care who dies. I want to know which one is the smelly one this time

I agree, just because too much time passed. There'd have to be an amazing asspull to explain that (such as her being asleep the whole time because she took the medicine early, and everyone just jumping to conclusions).

But I still think it's hard to tell for sure, even if I personally believe she's dead. Juzo's survival also helped solidify it for me that she's dead - but again there's an explanation for Juzo's survival and the kill counter: the counter works on bracelets, and Juzo's considers him dead since it was off.

I guess if there's an opening next episode and it says 0 survivors we'll know how they're being tracked.

>Implying that wasn't Mukuro

>kirigiri wakes up and the brainwashing video begins
>its just a bunch of woman having sex with naegi
>kirigiri tries to give naegi a handjob but he shoo's her away because of baconhands


Well, then there's always that other retarded option

The counter will be off since Juzo cut the power.

>This being that SHSL Make-up Artist created a fake body of Junko that SHSL Despair used.

Thanks to this there is now a plausible way for Junko to still be alive without it being BS.

Junko took blood packs from infirmary and stuffed them in the Monokuma she was holding so that explains the blood. Next she then fell down into the garbage pit like Naegi did. Finally with the help of SHSL Make-up Artist, a fake body was made that SDR2 cast used to implant her body parts.

There she's alive and no asspulls.

That was the greatest day.

Ah right, completely forgot about that. I suppose we'll get a wrap up next episode anyway, depending on what Despair's special contains.

Shit so does this mean the true purpose of Killer Killer manga was just to find a convenient excuse to bring Junko back?

Thank you! Sadly I couldn't find any on sale, brother, but I will keep looking through the various stocks/stores!

In any case, enjoy yours!


he's not confirmed you stupid niggers
why the fuck would they just be like oh yeah tengan was the ultimate mastermind brah

he's behind it somewhat obviously but mastermind? no. its junko nigga