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Now that's a blast from the past.


I honestly fucking loved this. Theres more coming right?


i still rem his voice perfectly

God i loved that show

season 2 when


they shut down the game on the global client a few months after the show aired

but user...

>i still rem his voice perfectly


>shutting down the game after what basically was an expensive advertisement

Go ahead, download the game and log on and tell me all about the great events theyre running right now
PS if you dont know what events are, they were the only "game" aspect of the game



There hasnt been a new event since June 2015

>But I can still log on, theyre still adding card packs
Thats like removing the ability to play LoL but still letting you log into the client a buy skins

i'm still waiting for s2 ;_; i thought even else forgot about it

To be fair, anime is very expensive, and takes quite a while to make starting from the planning stages. I don't think it'd really be all that unlikely to have a game be doing well enough to fund an anime advertisement, only for the game itself to drop off in popularity and have to shut down in the months or year before the show comes out.

>mappa finally goes under after faggots on ice flops
>S2 never

They only did it to the global server and it wasn't due to the anime but due to horrendous mismanagement. The JP server is still running like before.

Why that's racist.

>No Favaroo


Man i was so ready to play it then sad to find out events were no longer happening.

>le female warrior
Oh God no. Please. No.

Last one had the greatest loli subversion ever and a demoness to fill the sexy quota. Don't ruin the anime with stronk womyn adventurers.

put some glasses user

Is this in the same universe as Grand Blue?

Kill yourself.

Do you have some kind of brain problem?
You should go to the doctor and get some pills for your mental illness user.

But he's not the MC, we get some random bitch instead.

It's 'Grandblue'. Else you'd be referring to this series

I'll trade Favaro for better pacing really. First half of S1 was great, second half dropped off a lot, way too quick.

Anyone has mexican band BAHARIMAXing?

Who is this semen demon

>not wanting genki MC fucking up dragons.

Do you hate fun?

Dunno who she is, but it's weird how she looks so much like Ram.

I don't know. It's just there in my computer.

I thought this was space dandy from the thumbnail. It's been a while.

I spent money to get that doll girls original form maxxed then never played again because they removed events and made it about guilds and shit

So instead of Favarooo we get some chick as MC in the new season?

Why did they do that? It was such a bad move.

I got pissed because I spent tons of money for strong cards and getting myself into one of the top 5 guilds in the game only for it to die a few months later

I want my money back

That's not fun. It's overused bullshit in what is basically a DnD anime. I had enough badass grills XD in the west. Don't need more of them in a Japanse fantasy adventure that's for once not set in a video game. SAO fags like you can go fuck themselves.

rip levia-tan

But Balsa is great.

He's still going to make an appearance judging from the trailer of S2, but it looks like he's a side character now. I don't mind, his story is over for the most part. I hope he's on a journey to find a way to rescue his waifu Amira.

Whatever happened to Manaria Friends?