Why do magical girl series always seem to do so well outside their target demographic?

Why do magical girl series always seem to do so well outside their target demographic?


emotionally stunted manchildren

Being an adolescent girl is way better than being a Japanese adult - and that's before you factor in magical powers, true friends, exciting adventures, and all the other good stuff magical girls tend to get.

But they DO do well with their target demographics. Mahou shoujo series's targets are adolescent girls and grown ass men.

CLAMP product working as intended. They knew exactly what they were doing.

Lots of pedos, it's the reason Sakura was top loli of the 90s.

Little girls aren't just the target audience, they're also the audience's target.

>anyone who likes cute little girls is a pedophile
only retards, underages and manchildren say this

Grown adults are peripheral. Just like with that show that shall not be named and it's nameless board that shall not be named.


At least adults that watch magical girl shows are still jacking off to human beings.

>Grown adults are peripheral
Not in Area Eleven, in that place they're the bread and butter churning out endless cash for mostly worthless merchandise.

Well that's not really the truth, is mostly the Magical Girl anime that have something that truly separates them from the other shows.

Of course some of them claim to have a demographic in mind but in reality they are pandering to something else, like hecking Nanoha. Or have objectively nice stories and characters like Precure.

Or simply are super cute like Sakura.

It's showing adults the ideals that they've grown up with but without the autism of typical shonen characters.

They're innocent fun. The lighthearted tone is relaxing. They're visually appealing. It's nice to come home after a tiring day and kick back with something that doesn't require you to digest a lot of plot elements or what have you.

That's how I see it, anyway.

I want to be a girl

Because their lives are significantly less shit than mine disregarding pic related and it's escapism.

I think it's because it was about muh strong independent woman before it was a meme.

In the 90's and earlier you'd strugle to find a series outside the genre (in any media) where you could self-insert as the shota saved by his cute princess.

Yes, I'm a heterosexual faggot, life is not easy for my kind[/spoiler

Magical girls don't have a target demographic, they are universally beloved.

The only series that blew up out of their demographic are CCS, Sailor Moon and Precure

>my first 'dark' mahou shoujo


more anime

I don't think that was the point.

I tend to avoid dark stuff because I'm a faggot. I was fairly thoroughly tricked by Madoka.

I honestly prefer the manga then the anime because of all the wounder CLAMP artwork and because I don't have to listen to Sakura ~Hoe~ and Tomoyo's obnoxious high pitched voices.

Although, to be fair, the anime had by far the better ending and that first movie with Sayron's mom was pretty great.

Magical girls shows have always been intended for a dual demographic, it's just that there's an unspoken agreement going on between the fans and creators where everyone gets what they want, which is cute girls without all the baggage of purityfags, harems, and edgy or pseudointellectual teenage plotlines.

That's not to speak of magical girl shows whose target demographic is adults, which is still somehow a concept that seems to confuse westerners like

There was this show called revolutionary girl utena. Influenced madoka a lot.

(Why did shaft have to waste their time on monogatari when madoka needs one a lot more after rebellion? )

-a conclusion

Pretty sure new Madoka has been confirmed with the Concept Movie.

Very few are actually popular with adult men, and now a good chunk of those are aimed at them.

Men have been the target demographic of every mahou shoujo. Just because some series look girlier doesn't mean they aren't aimed at men.



he's right you know


Can't believe idiots like this guy thought men were the target demo from mahou shoujo throughout all time, like everything is madoka and nanoha and the illicit parts of CCS

OP or the filter guy?

After kizu, I'm not so sure.

The filter guy is the idiot because the programs oriented towards males have only popped up within the last 20 years and magical girl shows for girls have declined heavily since about the mid 2000s with the prominence of precure.

Before 2000, there was a lot of magical girls shows and oh yeah, a lot of that was enjoyed by dudes as a side effect once the otaku subculture got going, it was neat shit. But the timeslots(see the TV Asahi 8:30 slot) and themes and marketing was all intended for a young girl and family audience, not adult men.

Nigga, fuck you, she was my waifu back when I was 5.

Because there's no women-only anime studios.