It's been a couple years for me Cred Forums but since when did the rest of internet adopt the term "weeb" with a...

It's been a couple years for me Cred Forums but since when did the rest of internet adopt the term "weeb" with a positive connotation?

use any word ironically long enough and people will start thinking that's its real meaning

remember when people proudly called themselves otaku? not that they've stopped or anything

It's a Cred Forums thing.

Cred Forums uses it for anyone who has interest in anything Japan related.

It called the "ironic weeaboo". A high form of cancer.

is the term weeb came from 4chin?



Assuming that your observations are correct: I'd reckon that it's part of the greater appropriation of once socially-undesirable hobbies. Normalfags now regard being 'nerdy' and 'lol so quirky' to be positive; thus, the ordinary relish in their ubiquitous 'unpopular' fancies. Everyone conforms to nonconformity. Animu and mango, moreover, have a language barrier. It's much harder to infiltrate than Western media, so expect to see many more self-identified 'weebs' in the coming years.

Since the term hit the popular lexicon years ago, way before Magical Shitpile Meguca-tan hit the airwaves and set a depressing new low set of expectations for anime fans the world over?

Ironic shitposters that ironically shitpost ironic shitposts.

First thing I saw. Just pathetic.

Reminds me of how western MOBA players perverted and unknowingly redefined the Korean expression "zzzzzz" (lol) without any actual appreciation of it's actual meaning.

Never change Cred Forums

But the word otaku has no inherent connotation that makes it a negative word. Ever since the Tsutomu incident the association with the term has been bad; since then otaku has been thought of as a way to think of someone as a loser.

Weeb on the other hand is a fucking meme term that people have proliferated for shits and giggles, and it has an intrinsically negative connotation as well.

This can only apply to weeb in the event that the speaker is not aware of the true meaning of the word. Again, the negative ideas reflected in "nerdy" is only the product of society attaching associations to the term. Weeb has always meant something bad.

PMMM is amazing, but as its reputation has rightfully grown -- so too have its saboteurs and posers. The same could be said for Evangelion. They're both brilliant, but like other sources of brilliance it can attract quite a few insects.

Same thing happened with geek and nerd.

>Weeb has always meant something bad.
Precisely, the weeb is ostracized. Current social trends, however, seems to place value on what would traditionally render one an outcast. Everyone wants to be outside of 'the group'. They particularly enjoy doing departing together (as a group).

Same reason why black people call each other nigger

I love seeing mahoushoujofags foaming at the mouth because Urobuchi made something better than their moral-of-the-week tripe and managed to eclipse the popularity of all of them combined.

I'm sure Cred Forums is to blame for infecting the meaning in other forums and channels e.g. Twitch chat

Literally a word lost in translation according to context


Wait. Japanese people can't even be weebs. Am I a westaboo now? If I immigrate to the United States and have acquired U.S. citizenship, will I become a weeb?

You're just a nationalist, slit-eyed yellow monkey. Your very existence proves that two nukes were not enough.


>But the word otaku has no inherent connotation that makes it a negative word.
Why does anyone use otaku in English? Why not just say "nerd"?