Akari Thread!~

Akari Thread!~

OP with some more Akari

I love Akari, she's my daughteru.

wait who is she again ?

A hero of justice.


Akari is my waifu!

Yuru Yuri hajimaru yo~

Is this a thread about anime backgrounds?

You shut your dirty mouth

Best x Friends.

Toshino Kyouko is my favorite YY

They're all good.

Except Chinatsu.

She's faster than you though.


You heard me.

Did S3 kill the show? Is there any chance at all of a fourth?

great taste

also this

S4 by KyoAni when?

i want a s4 made by the same director who made princess 69 midnight gymnastics.

I made a few small adjustments to your Akarin. I hope you find model 2.0 to your liking

OP here and lets all just praise Akari. The real daughteru.

You ruined her!

Why aren't there any images in this thread?

Here, have some drool.

I don't hate this.

Watching YrYr with IRL friends while drinking is literally one of the greatest and most fun experiences I've ever had.
We are currently on season 2 and we are having a blast.

Do you touch each other's penis?

No. However we do go super hard on our lust for the girls before realizing all of them are like 12-14 and we are in our 20s so we get super depressed.

Sounds like you need to play a game of pretend.

No. That's gay.



Simply the best.



>not being a cute little girl as well.

How can I have bun hair like Akari?

China second best after Kyoko

when Dogakobo is free

China a poop

Is anything after S2 worth watching?


And honestly Season 3 as well. It's not as silly but I still like it because I love the characters.

They're extensions, don't be fooled by this lying witch

Can someone post the one where she kills the AYY LMAO funposters from [s4s]?

It's not even the same characters if they're drained of personality. The manga is a much better experience.

I liked the movie and it's extras


I like both.

Sure. But S3 is a very different take.

I want to hug Yui!

I wish I was a little girl.