Is this proper reading etiquette?

is this proper reading etiquette?

Why is Ranma(F) so sexual?

Boys are better at being girls.

The last page felt like downright NTR.

I was hoping there would be a thread like this?



Girl ranma a best.


Ryoga has the cutest little sister.

Sorry, user. I would like to discuss Ranma, but I am too old to care about this series anymore.

Still, it is kind of amazing that the Ryouga/Ranma pairing never did die out. Talk about resilience.

Still getting new art of it off of pixiv.


I can keep this going all by myself.

tg is best





I'm not a faggot but I WANT somebody to pat my head and hug me tightly from behind.

Do you wish to turn into a busty redhead?

With poofy hair? Why the fuck not? The headpats would feel even better.

Now you get it. Would you dress up like the little sister he doesn't have because you are jealous.

Damn it, he cold weather is making me think funny.

I want to hold hands; I want somebody extremely warm to share some body heat with me. I want to drink alcohol together, and clumisly walk home afterwards.

Autumn is harsh as hell, damn it.

Well Ryoga is a brick shit house I would assume he is warm.

Get used to that feeling bud, it's gonna be sticking around for a long time.


If you think it is sexual in any way your a peso.

>little girl sits on your peanus weanus
>that makes you spanish



Don't blame me if I get a boner - a small, warm girl moving around your crotch; how can you not get excited? I don't plan on doing anything sexual, but god damn it's gonna make me hard.



Really wow i've seen shit taste before but damn. Let me guess people don't actually like him they just insert as him like massive beta cucks to get at Ranma-chan because
actually self inserting is too hard for them?

Ryoga is pretty fun desu.