Why is she so perfect?

Why is she so perfect?

She's a tsundere with a corrupt childhood and daddy issues. She's not perfect user

>She's not perfect user

I want to marry her

Her hair looks a stupid


Why doesn't she have any good porn?

She just is.

It would be wasted on the likes of us.

Tsundere done right.

So are we getting a season 3 or not?

>what is Hisasi

Not until her VA gets better.

People started rooting for her?

I started reading it 2 months ago, I love her and all but I missed the threads from the great melting, what happened?

Now almost everyone (who reads the manga, ofc) loves Erina.

Up until a year or so ago, people on Cred Forums fucking hated Erina. They shat on her at every opportunity no matter what she did. If she so much as glared at Souma the threads would fill up with "FUCK OFF ERINA" "worst girl" "What a fucking cunt" etc.

Public opinion of her began to warm when her character was fleshed out gradually and she was revealed to be kind to other characters --> acknowledged Souma's skills, but still found him annoying --> began to tolerate him and unconsciously started to support his efforts --> became a bantering couple --> flight to PSD and subsequent defrosting.

I bought the figure for this. They made her dress white though.

Honestly she looks better in white so that's probably a good thing.

Literally all her best outfits are white.

They also gave her F cups, but I'm not complaning. :^)

Erina was always well liked, it's just that now the vocal Megumifags shitting up threads are gone. They all committed suicide after her character got written out so that's why the threads are very tame now.

>Erina was always well liked
Nah, I was here when the manga had just started and roughly 80% of posts about her were negative. It was like that all the way through Autumn Elections. Of course some people defended her but they were in the minority. It was a rough time to be an Erinafag.

fura fura
hmm hm hm hmmm´Ż×

megumi will win da souma

Your post made me have to reread from the autumn election on -- their banter is so fucking good, holy shit