Damnit fumita
I don't wanna call it emasculation

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I'm still amazed that this beta-ass shota turned into a Greek demigod.

There's always room for all of us to make it bro. You just gotta start now

More Dejavu in panel 2

that second panel

>femdom crossdressing tomboy shota loli vanilla

Te mo ashi mo denai... tokoroga semen ga dete shimatta Jun-kun deshita...

Title: Can't do a thing
Panel 1:
Tomo: Huh?
Panel 2:
Jun: (His face is all scraped up...)
Tomo: Hey...cut it-
Jun: (Of course it is! He tried to fight people who were clearly at least 3 years older!)
Panel 3:
Jun: (Why would he do something so stupi-)
Panel 4:
Tomo: The hell are you trying to pull, man?
Jun: (Though for this guy, it might not be stupid at all!)

We're all gonna make it brah!

>Jun: (Though for this guy, it might not be stupid at all!)
that line sounds very familiar

Dammit! I was wrong!

tbqh the facial aesthetics potential was there all along. some of us can only aspire to Make It® from the neck down

There is always fillers and surgery. I mourn my weak chin my dad gave me.

>he's sitting on me... why can't i feel his dick?

>at least i know my cock is bigger than his

>But then I got steroids

You've got to admire Zyzz aesthetics, but you don't really know until you've done it yourself.

>Implying he's not thinking about how big the thing is

I don't think he had started doing stereoids on that pic. But I'm pretty certain he did steroids after a while.

Oh yeah sure user he started doing steroids AFTER he got ripped as fuck.

didn't zyzz get chin surgery?

I know it's meant to be fun and all but god damn some of these edits are fucking stupid. Tomo has a dick, hilarious.

his olderbrother was arrested for selling steroids. If you think zyzz was natty at any point youre a fucking retard


Remember the sleepover chapters? Those were fun. Or when Tomo dressed up as a girl, that was enjoyable too.
This right now is fucking boring.

some of you people can't hold your attention for more than a minute, can you?

Belive it or not, that is more normal than it sounds.

So did the tumblr guy dropped it or he's just being a faggot?

>finally revealing jun's all-important backstory, by far the most hotly debated topic in these threads for the last couple hundred chapters
>now it's boring
Kill yourself.

>It's been 15 whole minutes why isn't this translated and typeset yet reeeeeee

>plot doesn't happen
>plot does happen

See for yourself:

I don't mind as long as Jun and Tomo are involved. I only get annoyed at the series when Fumita will literally forget about Jun for almost weeks at a time for some silly irrelevant side arc that nobody cares about. This flashback is explaining how they met which is necessary to the story even if it is a bit boring.

>420 memes
God DAMN it.

Does Tomo-chan even have a western following outside of here? I notice all the posts there have around 200 notes


This shit can't come fast enough. There have been a few iffy pages but I'm loving this backstory.

reddit likes it well enough, even if it's all insipid as fuck.

It's almost like this thread is full of different people that want different things.

Bring back Cotton Candy Content!

>faggot with shit taste
>posts carol
really tickled my neurons...

The "tumblr_jpg" was a troll. Is this your first week here?

Non-memeing a couple of legitimate fags, trying to pose as oldfags, will shit on you but the actual people who've been here the longest will help you as long as you dont ask like a retard

>does Tomo-chan even have a western following outside of here?

/r/anime :^]

I've actually discovered that I don't mind Carol chapters when you're re-reading the entire series and marathoning chapters.

But with that said, waiting an entire day for an update only for it to be the start of a Carol arc feels incredibly tedious and disappointing.

and how do you guys know that reddit likes it?

It's almost like every Tomo thread has the same fucking whining.


>he's not bored enough to browse the whole internet

Hey, I can respect that.

I still think she's the most consistently engaging character.

Are you implying every Tomo-chan thread is the same?

Google and check the first results and tell us.

best girl


Its on the second page now but w/e, its not like its really important.

He doesn't realize that he's getting personalized google results because he's signed into his gmail account and he goes on /r/anime all the time so it bumps those results to the top.

Not exactly gmail but youtube.

Last time i ever visited reddit was from a link in /vg/ for CM32 VR stuff.
Other than that i have never visited it.

I mean what was on the website Yeah, that's what I meant
Why would you do that?

Our scanslator is a dirty fucking memester.

>I moderate r4chan

May God have mercy on what's left of your soul.


I wonder how Jun would have ended up if he never met Tomo.


he would be on Cred Forums posting and asking what tomboys are for

turn off your monitor

Bullied beta who would have killed himself out of depression.

oh shit lol

Fuck! mirror guy beat me to the joke

Now i understand why you fags like tomboys so much.

Tomo is a shitty dyke


You're a shitty dyke

>mfw literally me irl

Emasculation Rating: 100%.


while trying to look up your post I decided to look through all the mentions of tomo-chan across Cred Forums.
god help me, what the fuck.

He was just shitposting, but here you go.

How bothered and hot was Tomo?

He was geared as fuark in that pic, you DYEL

>Loli Tomo will never sit on you.

I wish I had a Tomo in my life


I want to be femdom'd by Tomo!

Jokes on you. I have a matte screened monitor.

b-but tomo is a boy

I want to bully-poke Tomo's prostate

Tomo hadn't started transitioning yet

>3rd panel
"Get down there and eat me!"

i... i....

I'd like to interject and note that the variant of the 420 comic they posted is atrocious.


she aint retarded tho

it's shown she's fairly socially capable


How'd Tomo get out of his grab like that?

Wouldn't she have to like kick him in the face or something

Maybe Jun's grip was really weak.

So let me get it straight.
Jun still feels Tomo is his superior, his "leader" in a way.
Jun could never top Tomo in something that would make Jun feel Tomo is no longer the alpha wolf?

Jun sees Tomo as his Aniki. You don't fuck Aniki, he fucks you.


God damn did she snap his neck


He always felt Tomo was superior and thus wanted to become better than "him".

But now that tomo wants the dick and acts more like a girl he gets complicated feelings because it ruins the image of tomo he has in his head.

reminder to never do what Tomo is doing to Jun in the bottom panel. Weighing down the bottom half of someone's body whilst pull the top half upwards can do irreversible damage to the spine, and may even kill them. People have died from this in grappling tournaments.


>You will never befriend a loli Misuzu


Don't worry, no one else will either.

what is this from?

Caressed it lovingly between her toned thighs.

No idea. Found it on Cred Forums

And it only took 10 years for Jun to have the ability to do the same thing himself.

What are you talking about?

1. Fight multiple people for Tomo's sake
2. Pin Tomo down