Is she stupid?

is she stupid?

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probably since drawings don't have brains

if she removed the valves it should be fine
Educate yourself you stupid faggot



>didn't detach a single valve
>didn't take it completely apart
>didn't take off the mouthpiece

Well done Kumiko

That's how you are suppose to clean Brass instruments

but with no valves

Reminder that strings are superior to filthy lazy brass players.

can't bathe with a contrabass

why was the show sucks?

not enough best eupho

Cello: For When You're 11 And Want To Get Away With Continuously Playing D During Assembly Because You Don't Practice.

>tfw you're stuck playing Pachelbel's Canon again with your string quartet
>cellist is sleep playing the entire time

Oh my, is that a rare Kumiko I see?

Name of anime? Because this turned up... Yeah, i cant read a damn thing in kanji.

You're supposed to take off the mouth piece, slides, and remove the valves first. Artists just got lazy and that's it.

Hibike Euphonium

She looks so mature here.

IIRC, it's Hazuki's imagination when she's being told about cleaning her instrument. She wouldn't know the proper procedure.

Thanks user.

>he paid 2k for 2 planks of wood

It would literally take like a modicum of brainpower to google around and find out what the series is. God damn user.


She is a woman, so yeah.

Not a surprise that you have brain problems.

>time passing is a reason for standards to lower

Dumb phone/tablet/handheldposter.

2013 was just yesterday user

who cares how she cleans it
euphoniums aren't even real instruments

I'm pretty sure this is another character dreaming how people clean their instruments, so it makes sense they wouldn't know how to properly clean a euph.
or maybe it was kumiko imagining it but I'm not 100% sure

the joke is that Hazuki is the one imagining all of this and she doesnt know how to clean instruments because she's a beginner

why you posting raws? you do realize all the SPs are subbed already

and here is them actually cleaning a tuba properly

This may come off as a surprise to you but some people don't need subs.

it was hazuki, the certified novice

if your gonna bandy about raws at least download not shit raws. reinforce uses fucking 8-bit rips. garbage.

the cello is literally the most beautiful instrument there is

She's about to have some fun.
>fill horn with water, blow as hard as you can, and make a water explosion come out your bell
Kumiko knows where it's at.

Yes. People who take band class tend to lack in mental capacity.


The source is done in 8-bit. KyoAni exports in 8-bit in AE. Why would anyone want to change the color format?

What instrument did you play, user?

kumiko is great

>they see my instrument

Daiz on suicide watch

I want to make Kumiko a mother.

gross please don't

Haven't even seen him mentioned in like almost a year now, wow.
Fansubbing is truly ded

Is she drowning it in the bath?

He played the dick. Practice every day in the school toilets.

I want Kumiko and Reina to kiss

>strings and wind discuss who of them is less retarded
piano masterrace

Hopefully season two specials will have more episodes focusing on boys and their misadventures.

Only adult boys in S2

Sensei going drinking after work with female colleague and Reina stalking them episode when?

Yeah, and woodwinds are the best actual musicians because they're always playing the melody and don't get stuck on holding-notes-for-four-bars duty. Sure, there's always a good violinist or two, but they're stuck in the land of jackoffs who can't even stay in tune much less think about giving a good performance.

>implying spazzing out is more musicianlike than doing long notes

Strings are literally the pleb instrument group.

Please. I went to a professional-ass symphony the other night. The dirty percussionists and brass players were so braindead they forgot that they're supposed to let people hear the fucking soloists. It was shameful.

>there are bad percussion and brass players
>percussion and brass players aren't good musicians
how did you get from A to B?
reminds me of ravens

She's doing what your mother should have done to you.

Literally no skill the instrument

at first glance it seems like you're being mean, but when you think about it you're actually being a nice guy

Is she coming on to me? Leaning like that and accentuating her cute little chest, how kinky is my wife Kumiko.

no so shut up

Don't be silly. Piano is easily one of the most technical instruments to learn at a high level.

Try playing Chopin's Ballade 1 and tell me it takes zero skill to play that piece.

>he fell for the upscale meme
someone post the graphic
we know whos behind this post

The piano is a string instrument you tard.

Not him, but I was always taught it was a percussion instrument because of the way the strings were struck.

Well if we're talking about precussion then you twinky keyboard warrior faggots ain't got shit on drummers.

>you tard
>displaying your ignorancy and even going as far as a picking a label for yourslef
Piano was NEVER considered string instrument. If it has to be attributed to some family, its percussion, but not really. Keyboard is a semarate family alltogether.

Nice catch!

>never have to worry about tone
>but guys, i have to press keys real fast so it's the hardest
Plenty of other instruments require fast key presses as well.

holy shit your teachers were retards

I want to wash Kumiko's feet with my tongue.

I completely agree

A piano is a string instrument. It makes sound via the vibration of strings.

A hammond organ and a piano both have keyboards. Only one is a string instrument.

If you don't believe me then go google it and return with a source that says piano is not a string instrument.

Hell, a freaking melodica has a keyboard. A damn accordian has a keyboard. Grouping instruments with keybaords together like that is ridiculous.

new instrument groupings here

piano, organ, midi controller, harpsichord (and by extension, guitar since it is also plucked and it got left out of the bow group)

violin, cello etc

mouth blow instruments:
flute, tuba, sax, trumpet

hit with stick/percussion:
piano again, bass drum, xylophone (bongo gets its own group)

>being this much of a pedantic faggot.

So are you. The difference between us is that I'm right and you're wrong.


>implying I'm wrong to imply such an implication

>implying that explaining the implication was necessary

Breddy much this.

That's not how you spell Trumpet



>nigger instrument

>the cello is literally the most beautiful instrument there is
Have you noticed that only beautiful people are allowed to play cello?

Cute baka is a thing OP.

>getting in the bath with your instrument

That thing is probably filthy and filled with oil and black shit.

That isn't your mom, user.


Classical guitar master race.

Brass corrosion is green dumbass.

clearly you were uneducated in the way a piano works

Kyoani pls make it happen.

What were they even playing?


But how many of them can play more than four/six notes at once?

Can't wait for the pool scene where they get awkward around each other's bodies

Wait this did really happen in the OVA? I DON'T remember.

an organ is a stupid example - of course it doesn't run on strings
It's like the stupid argument about why a flute isn't a brass instrument

it happened in one of the specials

way to miss the point

Ok fine, consider a piano and a harpsichord.
Which one's string and which one is more percussive?

they're borh string
just stop dude it's embarrassing

Oh shit, you have to press a whole six buttons at once. Nothing else ever has to do that. Years spent developing muscles in your mouth for the perfect embouchure, refining breathing techniques, learning alternate fingerings, religiously staying in-tune, and practicing transitions is truly dwarfed by that accomplishment.

>Years spent developing muscles in your mouth for the perfect embouchure, refining breathing techniques, learning alternate fingerings,

My dick.

Literally if you google why a piano could be both string and percussion you wouldn't sound so ignorant


Callous fingers, disgusting long nails, have to smear some shit on your bow then place it near your face.

Have to stand up and/or move your entire body dancing like a monkey around your instrument, and that's not even mentioning dumb nigger shit like hand percussion and those african drums. Only pitched percussion is somewhat respectable.

>brass and woodwinds
Disgusting spit everywhere, have to literally lick your instrument, get stretched cheeks and numb lips.

Composed and gracious, a truly complex instrument that actually required some engineering and insight to make unlike your retarded pipe with some holes. It doesn't demean you or place any demands on your body aside from having somewhat functional hands - something most of us would be proud to have anyway.

The only instrument to come close to the piano is organ, but it's pretty niche and a bit impractical - it's basically a building.

If it takes you that long, then you have issues

Most brass players are pretty cool, especially the lower brass. Trumpet players are usually cunts though.

Only instruments I can play are guitar and bass. I'd love to play piano (I have a Casio CTK3200 lying around) but I never get the motivation to learn to play it.

>Trumpet players are usually cunts though.
Solo and melody players are usually cunts I guess. We had a girl playing cornet in my band that was a really strung up bitch.

This - always good to have a competent low brass section.

I always wanted to memorise one intermediate level song for piano. Just as a party trick kind of thing, I think it'd be neat. I never had access to one though.

Play a real instrumet like the flugelhorn

Trips are truth. I bought the Casio CTK 3200 (or rather, it was a Christmas present iirc) because it has tangents in the normal piano size, and is pressure sensitive. It's also rather cheap.

you're a serious faggot

yeah is way easier than learning how to blow my musical cock.

guitar is harder than piano

>Years spent developing muscles in your mouth for the perfect embouchure
Makes you think, Hazuki must give awesome blowjobs.

No. It really takes years. Especially for the embouchure and breathing techniques.

I actually had an entire band from a Japanese music prep school come visit mine on some sort of exchange program and we did some concerts together. Their curriculum had the students practicing for some serious time each day, but most of them had only been playing for a few years. My area's music program starts in late elementary school, so even the worst flunky had been playing twice as long as the Japanese students and pretty much every one of our band members had better tone than theirs because they had all that extra time to develop the muscles and breathing.

That said, most of the Japanese band would wreck most of our band as far as staying on time and hitting notes, so their practice was paying off. They couldn't swing for shit though, so their American jazz tribute was choppy and awkward as fuck.

Most woodwinds do fast note runs too. I'm not sure what this is supposed to prove.

>but you also have to hold simple chords with your left hand so it's way harder
Christ, you're pathetic.

If you want to compete in difficult pieces vs the piano then you might as well give up now. Here's another Chopin

As an ex-Euphonium player yeah lower brass are usually the most chill. Tromboneists are usually total bros. Although our Tuba players were a couple of dykes. Percussion were straight up retards, Trumpet were lazy fucktards except for the one great player who was awesome. And woodwind aren't worth talking about. Saxophones were usually pretty cool people though.

>mom forced me to choose an instrument
>choose bass
>does me no good since i made no friends to play with ad orchestra sucked

One of the coolest guys I knew in high school played baritone sax. Really friendly and laid back, good-looking too.

Amazing how you get all these pieces with fast notes when all you need to do to hit them perfectly is press a button. It's like that's the only way you can display skill on piano. Meanwhile, you can tell the difference between a college-level string or wind musician and a professional with one note, because that's how much technique and experience goes into producing that one note. So instead they focus on creating music instead of doing a math exercise. That music frequently has fast note runs as well, and each time one of those notes are played- just about as fast as a pianist- they use all the extra skill they need to produce them each time.

Oh, and sometimes wind instruments do this thing called circular breathing where they can play continuously even while taking a breath.

>not starting your own jazz orchestra

Strings are for sissie boys who are too weak to bellow through a bass mouthpiece like a real man.

Who cares, post Kumikos

Don't feel so bad, I had either music or art in middle school and our art teacher was a bitch and I draw worse than I play an instrument and I suck mountains of cock at playing instrument. I was with the Trombones and there were only three of us but they were good guys, Our two drummers used to be with us before switching, trumpets were a bunch of arrogant little fucks with the occasional goofball and woodwind was just a bunch of qts but many of them were bitches.

desu the best memory of middle school band I have was vomiting in the middle of class. That must have been ten years ago. Jesus christ

You underestimate how hard it is to play quickly with 2 hands + pedals while reading notes for 2 hands etc.

Our's had one of those as well. Although h was secretly super high strung and has some pretty deep anger issues. Also He has problems holding onto a gf. Still a cool dude though.

I prefer Asuka.

In my school band clarinet players were the plebest of the pleb tier because it was always the lazy slackers with zero drive who decided to pick the braindead simple woodwind instrument and there was like 15 of them.

My favorite memory is when all 15 of them botched a section solo during a LIVE concert by missing their cue and playing absolutely nothing for 16 measures while the backing percussion soldiered on and with the teacher giving them a death stare. Fortunately the rest of the band wasn't composed of blithering retards so everyone joined in when they were supposed to and the song finished without further incident.

Clarinet players: Never once.

This is what will happen to her in a couple years

Why the fuck did she leave the valves and mouthpiece on?

In anycase as someone who has played trombone for 6 years, I have never bathed my instrument. All I did was just snaked it and oiled it and it was just fine. I got bored as shit playing the damn thing so I stopped

>stretched cheeks and numb lips
>I've never played a wind instrument before
If you knew anything about them you would know that proper technique prevents both of those issues.
Also, unless you are some kind of sperg, emptying your valves should be a fairly easy and clean process.

Also you can just get an electric organ and have the superior system. Footpedals really open up a lot of opportunities for the player.

I love more mature shots of Kumiko. Though I also love Kumiko in general.
It's also because she's taller than the others and often quite cold and distant that make her appear mature and kind of cool.

yo, what the fuck

how does his neck do that

Storing jazz on his cheeks for the upcoming winter

Any instrument>choir

This. Singers are huge assholes with egos the size of the moon. The higher you go, the worse they get. Sopranos are a pain in the ass to deal with.
>can you play faster
>it's too fast play slower
>the woodwinds are too loud
>the strings are too loud
>can the orchestra just stop playing I can just carry the concert by myself

>long nails
Wind player spotted. We have to keep our nails short.

Lets be real everyone.

Beatboxing is the future


>people bitch at you for being too loud while accompanying a flute solo
>not the composer for not knowing it's impossible to play a tuba or trombone quietly

>B-but that's forbidden love!

Reminds me of my band days in high school. Cornet player and won the John Philip Sousa award. Got pretty good, but I totally dropped off once I got to college and realized that
a) majoring in music was a death sentence
b) majoring in music was signing away 12 hours of your life every day

I tried to go into the band after two years of not playing, but was no longer good enough. ;-;
Still play the piano (my first instrument), but that's atrophied as well (I like writing music more than playing).

blog post aside, here are my band rankings:

>Brass section
Top tier bros. Carry the band with loudness and vigor. Have to do all the heavy lifting.

Decent fellows but it's true that this is usually for the folks who don't know how to do anything but hit a block of wood with a mallet. The good percussion players are a gift from God though.

>Wind (clarinet/sax)
The instruments that no one cares about if you are not playing jazz. This attracted most of the mediocre players.

>Wind (flutes/piccolos)
Seems to attract the most women. You will never hear them. I am not even sure if they hear themselves when they play.

Mah nigga.

>Callous fingers
>not wanting your fingers to go puni puni
>what said
>it's called rosin and it's pretty cool
Stings are great, Piano is perfect and all the other instruments are swell too. If you love music I don't see why you'd put any instrument down.

When you sit in the brass section of course you wouldn't hear shit from the flutes.

I find it very odd how Cred Forums knows most about instruments then Cred Forums does

I detect a flutist angry that no one heard his solo

Cred Forums doesnt know shit

Nah I don't play anything but rock band shit, I just go to concerts.

>tfw you remember when you sat in front of the percussion section for one of Bartok's symphonies

How nice of you to say that about my wife. I'll make sure to pass those kind words on to her.

I know that but why would Cred Forums the thread has 77 unique posters

I think it's just because Cred Forums is a way smaller board.


Maybe this show attracts a lot of people who've played instruments before. You can enjoy it without it I think but it definitely adds some meaning.

This is the Hibike thread I longed for, not delusional dykes and insecure faggots slinging shit on each other.

Literally this. Brass was a mistake.
>mfw bandfags were basically orchestra rejects and yet they act as if they make actual music

Now you jinxed it.
Seeing music nerds blog again was kinda nostalgic, though. Hopefully it will dominate these threads longer than it did in season one.
It's not hard to just play arpeggios and run up and down the scales.

Cred Forums has got a high amount of band geeks.

>cumico about to blow my instrument

This so much.
>90% of the bandfags didn't even know how to read music at my school

One of the singers in one of our plays during uni was like that.

So on the last play, they played everything she sang an octave higher.

>he thinks playing the piano is just pressing buttons
Don't even bother arguing if you've literally never tried to play the piano.
You can press buttons as fast as you want, it'll still sound shit if that's all you're doing.

You also need to think about how hard or soft you play every note, how long you have it held in, when to use the pedal and how long to keep it held and how far to push it down.
All without thinking about it because the song is moving too quickly while you try to read the notes and move both of your hands in a different rhythm with the left hand playing slightly louder than the right one, but only sometimes.

I can't speak for any other instrument since I've never played any other, but don't try to say piano is as simple as pressing buttons fast.

you learn something everyday

idk how high school band shit works since I went to a legit arts school everyone was a proto hipsters listening to alt/indie rock while getting completely rekt every weekend drinking/getting high

this bread is bretty neat

When I had to make an arrangement of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman for my high-school band's Christmas Concert, I handed the sheet notation I drew up to one of the sax players, who looked at me with a dull look in his eyes and said he couldn't read music.

I had to write out the note letters with notation of how long to hold each one above it on a sheet of looseleaf.

I could not imagine someone being in band, presumably for at least a semester, if not a year (he was sophomore iirc) without figuring that shit out. I don't know how my band director put up with it.

The consequence of going to a semi-shitty high-school in a ghetto.

Made me laugh out loud
well done

>that french horn player who casually covers his ears whenever the percussionist brings down the hammer
The PTSD is coming back.

Don't bully the lesbians.

Literally an inflatable tumor

It's the greatest mystery. I think they relied on the band conductor's gestures and just got familiar with the music.

My sides I'm dying - I'd completely forgotten about this piece

Mahler Symphony no 6 also has the hammer.
>slog through an hour long piece about to fall asleep
>hammer comes down

Total bros. Helpful, skillful, friendly, smart. Control freak but knows a lot more about music than any other player. There's a reason why concertmasters are usually violinists.
Very polite and cooperative to the violins. Can probably own a cellist as a maid if you're a violinist. Usually knows how to play other instruments as well.
Either incompetent slackers or extremely autistic. Their instruments sound like shit and the pkayers cannot take bantz due to insecurity.
Who? Completely dispensable and useless.
Guys are shy and timid. Will be embarrassed if you tell them that flutes are girly. Can probably convince them to crossdress.
Basically winds who think they're violinists and pretend to be just as cool.
Amicable and approachable. They have accepted that their instrument sounds goofy and have given up on taking themselves too seriously.
Superiority complex. Take themselves extremely seriously.

This is objective fact and not up for debate.

>What the difference between a viola and an onion?
>No one cries when you cut up the viola.

>Why don't the viola players ever play hide and seek?
>Because no one would ever bother finding a viola player.

>How do you know that a viola player is playing false?
>The bow is moving.

>What's the best insurance for a violine?
>Putting it into a viola case.

Acts all polite but you know they're talking behind your back if you're a violinist. The guys are totally laid back and bro as fuck but if the principle is a girl, she'll get into cat fights with the concertmaster.
Literally never comes in on time.
Drama queens and snotty as fuck.
Jesus fuck can you actually play the A in tune this time? You had one job.
Always gets hyped when playing Peter and the Wolf.
*see soprano

>what's the best sound a viola can make?
>its crackling under a fire

>french horns
>eternal suffering

>Total bros. Helpful, skillful, friendly, smart.
Smug fags with an over-inflated sense of self-importance.

Does pic related bother you OP?

I think I had the same motherboard in one of my old computers. Don't remember if it was a Gigabyte P35 or P45 though.

That's like almost ten years old.

Nice guy but can't play in tune for shit.
Nice guy but sounds like shit anywhere that's not a concert hall.
Lazy asshats because they never get to play anything complex.
Stuck up fags who boasts about how high they can play.
>cornet and flugel
Nobody remembers they exist.

no bullying violas

>Nobody remembers they exist.

This actually doesn't break the mainboard if you took the CMOS out and dried it properly, people who do liquid nitrogen overclocking do this all the time.

>What is the difference between a viola and a trampoline?
>You take your shoes off to jump on a trampoline.

>What is the difference between a radio and a viola?
>A radio plays music.

>What's the difference between a dead skunk on the road and a crushed viola on the road?
>There are skid marks before the skunk.

>How do you stop a violist from drowning?
>Take your foot off his head.

>mfw the violafag starts a fit
Smug only to useless violafags like you.
>over inflated
>literally carries the melody line and harmony in every single major piece of music since the 15th century
How assblasted can you get?

>ahurr adurr [instrument I chose to dedicate my time while dismissing all other ones] is superior because it's harder to play

Guess a fuckign hammer is a better instrument overall than a screwdriver and any carpenter or builder who decides to ever use a screwdriver is a fucking idiot

JNobody gives a shit how hard of a time you're having playing the thing. Your resulting work is what matters, and every instrument discussed here is capable of producing unique results.

Get out!
Reasonable thoughts aren't allowed here

>retarded false analogy obviously made by someone who's never played an instrument
Samefag harder.

>How much time does it take to fix a broken viola
>None at all, it's already good as new.

trombone is crazy fun. i ordered one this week after not playing since highschool

>literally carries the melody
>can't even properly play harmony
>carrying anything

>Cred Forums - orchestra drama

>Cred Forums - Viola jokes

You're an eejit. A straight up fucking eejit. Continue bitching about which instrument among a plethora of different ones designed for different purposes and sounds is "superior" while other people around the world who are actually talented go on to make art and find success with the entire assortment of them. I'm sure you'll convince SOME random user how cool you are for your choice of tool to stagnate with.

Truly pathetic.

>acts like a faggot
>deflects by being a pedantic faggot

Kumiko is smart enough to know not to puff when she plays.

Kumiko approves of this thread.

From what I'm getting people are taking their personal experiences from school and judging the people who play and not the instrument. Really dumb to be honest but I guess it's a nice change of pace from fighting about yuri.

so whats the deal with oboe players?

I heard they're all supposed to be psycho or depressed and apparently Mizore is a yandere. Something about reeds? She makes her own apparently.

And I approve of Kumiko.

Why does everyone hate the viola

idk in spanish means rape, its fun

This is it. This is the cutest Kumiko.

there are more cute Kumiko even in this thread desu

As a middle school choirfag, I take offense at that. We had to do SATB shit and I was already in the lower registers and we all knew that the pieces we sang relied on each of us not fucking our particular section up. Not to mention the fact that if our instruments got fucked up we couldn't fucking communicate properly.
Also the regulations on what we have to eat and drink before the singing.
>No dairy
>No excessively high salt foods
Stop shitting on the vocalists that often risk their social functionality during longer pieces.

That's not the harp

That's not much different from the orchestra. I've played with choirs in high school and university, as well as professional opera singers, and they're all very high maintainence.

Kumiko Oumae falls in love with Reina Kousaka.

Unable to confess, Kumiko is gifted by a hibike ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, she immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on her as well.

But, the next day, when she recounts the previous day's confessions to Reina, she only looks at her with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, she finds out that the girl she called is not the same girl she fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is Reina's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of ADOLESCENCE.

Where the fuck do you fags even crawl from. Fuck off.

Again, the reason is due to the high risk of vocal strain if one thing goes wrong. For the players with instruments outside of the body, replacement parts and repairing services are easier to find. For those who use their very body as an instrument, and especially the part most associated with communication, that is a high cost to replace or repair.

To be honest every Kumiko is pretty cute.

It had nothing to do with vocal strain and more to do with the fact that most of them has a horrible sense of rhythm and would always end up rushing, and then would turn around and blame the orchestra for their own faults.

Alright so I tried to re-pick-up this show again from episode 3 and I watched it until some slut called the teacher hot. That's when I could tell this wasn't the yurishit I was hoping for.

Adding a bishounen teacher like that really makes it clear how female-run Kyoanus is. They really are a shit studio.

It's a 300 year old meme afaik.

>bishounen sensei

omg did someone just all the piano a string instrument?


>hey guys what if
>what if we made an instrument that's a violin but bigger?
>great idea the goys will never see it coming

>female-run Kyoanus
and then they gave us Phantom World with over the top boob physics.

>they don't pander to my personal taste so they're shit
Every time.

where can i read this light novel?

>hey kyouko-chan, let us mocap your boobs

>insert millionth reuse of American Pie joke

I remember when Schools have music bands. Thanks Obama and his massive budget cuts in education

>How is a viola like a lawsuit?
>Everyone’s happy when the case is closed.

One day Timmy came home from school very excited.”Mommy, Mommy, Guess what? Today in English I got all the way to the end of the alphabet, and everyone else got messed up around ‘P’!”
His mother said, “Very good, dear. That’s because you’re a violist.”

The next day, Timmy was even more excited. “Mommy, Mommy, guess what! Today in math I counted all the way to ten, but everyone else got messed up around seven!”

“Very good, dear,” his mother replied. “That’s because you’re a violist.”

On the third day, Timmy was beside himself. “Mommy, Mommy, today we measured ourselves and I’m the tallest one in my class! Is that because I’m a violist?””No dear,” she said. “That’s because you’re 26 years old.”

Harpsichord is more of a strig instrument as the strings are actually picked rather than struck like a classical piano. Both are, however, percussion instruments as well as string, those who say otherwise mustn't have had an education.

>in 16th century
>have the violon
>make a small violon and call it a violoncello
>make an even smaller violon and call it a violin
>make a bigger small violon and call it a viola
You can't make this shit up bros

>What is the definition of perfect pitch? Throwing a viola into a dumpster without hitting the rim

>play cornet when i was 9-11
>barely ever practiced
>would skip on lessons (got really fucking awkward when my dad got a letter and asked me why i wasn't going to lessons)
>there's a school orchestra and i keep wondering why i haven't been invited to join yet (i was shit)
>i basically shoehorn my way in by turning up one lunch time
>we get the music to learn
>i go off and practice it like two times and don't bother
>go back to the orchestra the next week
>everyone begins playing
>i play the first 1 or 2 lines before i completely fuck up
>i put down my cornet and just sit there while everyone plays, only other cornet player there is staring at me
>never go to orchestra again
>quit cornet

>regret not practicing and taking it seriously ever since

I feel like I could probably get back into it now that I'm in my 20s.

Your instrument is your waifu user. Why would you ever treat her like that?


>What’s the most effective male birth control method?
>Tell the girl he plays the viola.

What a fucking faggot.

Shut up frogposter and kill yourself.

Whats the best sub group for this show?

I want to catch up before next season


Just take the BDs with the most downloads (GS).

do you even Flugelhorn my nigga?

>tfw I did the same thing in middle school
>tfw my baritone had a terrible smell for the rest of the year

Threadly reminder

A much needed reminder to actually listen to good music made by any instrument.

>have to pick some music thing in middle school
>pick trumpet
>they put me in the clarinet class
>they say putting me in the right class would change up my schedule
>"o-okay, that's fine" my way out of there like an autist
>spent the whole year doing homework sitting in the back during that class
>positive that all the girls in that class, like 99% of the class was girls, laughed at me behind my back


Beautiful. Just beautiful.

I agree. Here's some actual good music.

No u

Oops it seems that you posted a Jew having a seizure while holding a violin. Here's an actually proper good music

Oboe-chan is the actual shining star of Kitauji

Reina and Asuka can't touch her

>clarinet bullying


Clarinets are the violas of woodwind.

>16 days


Only the highly intelligent play it. Complete look with black rimmed glasses, a slim fit oxford, and grey skinny jeans and you a mighty fine ass motherfucker

>keep in mind I'm 5'11 and 128 lbs

You mean fedoras all play piano. Everyone has to dress up when playing in a concert.


what is that face trying to convey?

She wants you to come on, you big baby.

Only gay Jews play them well. Horowitz's words, not mine.
So you're either a gay Jew or fucking sucks at it.

joe pls go and stay go

Chopin wasn't gay or Jewish though iirc.

>Chopin isn't gay
>impying Chopin didn't take Liszt's fat Hungarian cock on the daily
Chopin sucks though.

There's Rachmaninoff. Based Russian musicians saving us from the Jews.

Best girl. That's what she's conveying.

>mouth blow instruments:
you mean

Why Winter is so garbage-tier?

Fuck you too, fatherfucker.

All the cold and viruses n shit.

>havent played euphonium since high school
>start feeling muscial
>think about buying my own seeing as how I spent 7 years of my life playing it
>remember that just a halfway decent yamaha is already over 5 grand
>a 90s besson requires you to personally perform about a dozen assassinations for the mossad
>go back to watching instructional youtube videos about how to sing

My brother played tuba in high school and that price tag is also preventing him from picking it up again. The bigger instruments are hard to keep up with unless you go pro.


They can tho. You are just there to make them sound better. They aren't here for you. Get over yourself.

I don't know how incredibly expensive it is to actually own an instrument (or at least these brass ones), but in the novel its so uncommon that all the girls that actually own their own instrument are pointed out (Asuka, Nozomi, Mizore, Reina etc)


GarageBand Lite masterrace coming through

>Asuka has her own eupho
How. She's a poorfag.


Buy used instruments, they're at least half priced. If you go to flea markets, especially if it's a school flea market, you might make a coup if you're able to do some maintenance.

At my school, which was one of the fairly affluent upper-middle class high schools, trumpet players and trombonists almost all had their own instruments, (except for bass trombone) one, maybe two euphonium players did, and none of the tuba players owned their own instruments. I'd say Hibike was a pretty decent portrayal in that regard.

her dad mails Asuka his euphonium when Asuka is in elementary schoolher parents got divorced when she was two and her mom has sole custody

Well why would they buy them if the school provides them?

>Buy used instruments
>brah check out this sick Stradivarius i bought used, only $2.5 million
That rule doesn't apply so much to decent instruments, especially euphoniums since the decent manufacturers (i.e. the English ones) shipped their assembly lines to ten-cents-a-day land over 20 years ago. Best thing you could hope to find is some banged-up beginner model, even just finding one with a compensation valve would be a literal miracle.

My parents bought me my cornet when I joined my elementary-school band at age 9. I think it cost $400.00 or thereabouts. Because our school did not have spare instruments I didn't really know rented or school instruments were a thing until high-school.

Of course that's nothing compared to the $1,800 piano I got for my 15th birthday (half off!).
>mfw I made the final payment on that thing a few years ago

We used to buy a lot of used instruments in my band. But I played drums, so I don't know much about it.
It was usually the band that bought the instruments with money from missions and aid from the state, but some had their own instruments as well.

I guess its personal, I mean who wants to use a woodwind that's been tongued by the entire band

They even have a special name in Japanese, they had the prefix (well not really a prefix but) "my" in front of it

>We used to buy a lot of used instruments in my band
Yeah my band was pretty different in that regard. We had a semi and a trailer, a smaller trailer for percussion, and bought weird eclectic shit like e-flat tubas and cornets for soloists almost yearly.

>who wants to use a woodwind that's been tongued by the entire band
That's like saying you wouldn't sleep with a slut that had slept with the entire band.

the idea of using someone else's mouthpiece for a brass instrument is gross.

That's the one thing bare minimum you should have if you play brass.

Anyone watch drum core lately? I've always wanted to see a show with actual recordings of good cores and decent animated drill. Although CGI would be obvious

my man
in its own way

>Carolina Crown marches fucking MEDEA
>still manages to shit the bed
fucking kill me

Sol Gabetta is real qt. Top tier cellist waifu.
No one can replace Hilary Hahn though.

This anime is shit and boring

I fucking hated coats this year - I mean Tilt was good but fucking Kanye really?

more like your taste is shit and boring haha

You're completely right, I'm just here for the waifus, euphoniums, and bandposting.

No joke Hitler, i thought they had reached maximum pop-music level with Creep, but damn.

what are you hoping to see in season 2, mates?

>inb4 yuri vs het shit

More marching agony, fuck their little gay performance, I want kumiko holding a marching baritone in set position in 100 degree weather for a full 4 hour parade.

Less band and more orchestra. Fuck the UFO it's a meme instrument

go wax your fucking strings you little faggot, cant even make it to state without downing a handful of beta-blockers

Favorite core? And/or year

Playing Viola made me want to murder violin players.

>be first chair
>still no solos
>Violins get solo every concert.


>this much insecurity and projection from a brassucck
Not surprised at all.

Says the "musician" who "plays" his instrument by stroking, fretting, and groping its wooden shaft

>literally blowing into a metal tube
And yet you still can't give good head. How pathetic.

>expecting solos on your inferior instrument with no treble

man that 2012 screamer

who /trombone/ here?

I've been playing for 16 years, since middle school.

>dorkestra literally can NOT stop bragging about the blowjobs he gives
wew, really breaking those sterotypes there

for all the ribbonhaters to get btfo when she saves the day

bandfags shut up and post kumiko jeez

>bandfag jelly that no one even wants his bjs

Posting superior hibikek

>implying KamiAni will keep it in the final product.

Ribbons did nothing wrong

Why not both?

t. violinfag

Have fun competing with 60 other players on how shrill you can get - I'll be over here in leading the orchestra from the bass section.

band discussion ruins threads

>competing over volume
Brassfag confirmed for not knowing how to play in an orchestra. This is why the conductor yells at you to play softer.

better than yuri shitposters tbqh

Literally better than /u/ garbage

>mfw going to have a monopoly on rare Ribbon pictures

>viewing playing together as a competition
you will never be a musician

saved :^)

>this shit isn't as bad as other shit so i'll allow it

The yurifags vs vanillfags actually discusses the characters' relationships, albeit delusionally, but it's still about the show. Band discussion is just people blogging about their experiences in band.

analogue synth masterrace here

bite me


best girl tbqh

How can someone in the B squad be so cool?

>monopoly on unwanted garbage
Why you're welcome at that

please seed GS

i played tuba for 8, bass trombone for 1. bought a trombone a few days ago, hoping to get back into it


awesome. I wish Youtube was a thing when i started learning all those years ago.

there are some really good trombone channels out there.
I recommend


I want to enjoy Asuka's sloppy 30ths!

Asuka backstory
Asuka fanservice
Asuka slice-of-life
Asuka jokes
Asuka emotions
Asuka relationships

She would've passed out after the eighteenth

>orkdork has nothing to offer but his yaoi holes

keep as many as you want my man, lord knows noone else needs that shit

No, Asuka is strong and because she is so drop-dead gorgeous she has lots of practice in the field. If she ever feels faint I'll hold her

>mad that I play better music and suck a meaner dick than the brasscuck
>complaining about gayness on Cred Forums
>still this mad that he's both musically and sexually retarded

>Proud of his illnesses
maybe when you die, god will take pity on you and reincarnate you as a brass player.
jk you're going to musician hell

Why do I get the feeling this isn't really about music.

>calls others having illnesses
>is a brassfag
The ironing.
>literally no choral works with brass-only ostinado
>thinks God gives a shit about his meme instruments
Cry more, virgin boy.

Brassfags and stringfags are just tsun for each other.

>all you need to do is hit all the notes

are you stupid? you realize that compositions for a piano break up in different dynamics right? you don't just press a button.

>taking bait this effortlessly

if piano is so hard to play, why do 3 year old chinks play it so well?

show me a 3yo that can play this

Because the orchestra fag dropped by to ruin music once again

The best thing that ever happened to orchestra was the addition of a brass section


>ruin music
>willfully ignorant of music history
Sasuga dumb brassfag
>The best thing that ever happened to orchestra was the addition of a brass section
>haha let me just ignore centuries of musical tradition and the fact that the inclusion of a brass section coincided with the rise of romanticuck music
Nice shitty opinions there, hothead.

that's pretty much entirely muscle memory though, not difficult at all, just time consuming to memorize

wew lad, sounds like you need some Wagner up in your commiejew life

>haha he's a Nazi so he must make good music right??
>doesn't even know that Richard Strauss is a bigger Nazi than Wagner ever was
>doesn't even know that Beethoven was the best romanticism had to offer and it had been going down hill from there
Fuck off back to Cred Forums dumb kid.

>ITT: brassfags and stringfags duke it out then have gay sex in the broom closet after rehearsal

just fuck already

dear tuba players

why would you pick an instrument that is like 30 pounds?

>doesnt even know that the euphonium's ancestor dates back to mozart
>doesnt even acknowledge that Romanticism was the epitome and most salient representation of the soul of the west
>cant even follow historical trends and realize that orchestras were too caught up in their gay orgies while bands created art for the common people to finally experience and liberate them from the shackles of the gay-orchestra hegemony
There's a reason why, when people name their favorite musicians, they name bands and not orchestras. Go circle-jerk with your faggot, blowjob giving, orchestra-marxists somewhere else. You're not wanted here or anywhere but each other buttholes.

It's because most of them have small dicks so they have to compensate somehow.

because they told me it was only 29 pounds in sixth grade


what does that say about female tuba players?

What did she mean by this?


small chests

>projecting this hard
>implying brass having slight presence in classical and baroque periods is somehow a good thing, or that even anyone cares
>implying everyone doesn't just immediately dismiss anything a brassfag advocates
>implying the elitism surrounding classical music was not a result of the increase of nobility's influence during late classical and early romantic periods
>implying classical music isn't accessible to the general public all the way from Monteverdi to Bach, while still retaining much more sophistication than anything bancucks have ever produced
>implying you're not just another retarded brassfag pulling shit after shit out of your ass, like you love to do every night after a good hard dicking from your band director
>posting gondola
Fuck off, crossboarding scum.

shut up

>being this desperate to cling to relevance in the modern erathat has long since passed you by
>blaming your pompous, snobbery on the only people in the entire world who gave a shit about you
>being this jealous of your own imagination of other men getting fucked up the ass
>holding pretensions of patricianhood while acknowledging that his knowledge of modern culture is PURPOSEFULLY myopic, thus revealing himself to be a regular dilettante
Why dont you fuck off until kyoani runs out of worthwhile content and begrudgingly makes a filler orchestra anime? Might even be yaoi like you want.


autism speaks: let's listen

Not an argument.

>Not an argument.
Not an argument.

The same could be argue for anything and everything. Wind instruments, string instruments, drawing, pitching, etc

>bandfag gets triggered by truth
>calls others autistic
Irony at its finest.

>orchqueer once again has to resort to fantasy to find happiness
its not too late, you can still find help. Accept, Winds, the one true god of concert instruments into your heathen heart.

subs where

Being this much of a fact-denying retard is not an argument.
>screencapping himself
*teleports behind you*
nothing personnel, kid...

>upset that a reverend father of the divine winds calls him on his Orchestra den-of-vipers lies
please i wish to save your soul, come play the Patterson Chorale (hallowed be they name) with me.

Jesus this thread.

>he's suddenly a windfag
*grabs you by the throat* BACK YHE FUCK OFF?!?!?

>not bach


>suddenly a windfag
Denying the all-encompassing nature of the Holy Catholic Winds Church

>Literally said I was in the bass section

This is why no one likes violinists.


t. Mozart overraters


Well I think you're all insufferable. I'm glad I play piano so I don't have to interact with any of you.


I think you didn't get my joke aimed at

>can't play double stops
>can't play shalsh chords
>can't play in scordatura
>weak as fuck
Windcucks mad af they can't do fansy shit.
Fuck off kyeboardfag no one likes you, not even other keyboard fags.
>only one keyboard ever in any ensemble
Lmao fucking loner bitch.

>cant play his entire instrument by himself
>literally half a musician
get the fuck out and dont come back until your a full person

>what are solo violin works
Are you fucking stupid? Violin can literally do anything piano can and more.
End yourself, human trash.

>cant play his entire instrument by himself
What did he mean by this?

I'm taking this thread back one rare Kumiko at a time

I'm glad I don't play any instruments because apparently everyone who does is insufferable

It's just everyone on Cred Forums

You become like that when plebeians are calling piano pieces "opera"

I thought you were the pianofag?
or re you the brassfag?
I dont even know who im shittalking anymore.

I sound perfect by myself. I don't need any other instrument to sound complete. Call me when you need an accompaniment, baby.

>doesnt play music
>enters a musicians' society
>complains about their culture
you have to go bach

Have you tried not being terrible

>I thought you were the pianofag?
>while responding to a post that literally rips into a piano fanboy

I realize that it doesn't matter if it's anime or music, everything attracts autism because everyone is autistic. I'm just bantering with people now.

Or if you want we can talk about yuri now.

You think I bothered to learn you stringfags code-words for fiddling with each others' hardwood?

what happened to this thread

we're not all petty assholes, but i've heard a lot of "pro" musicians are

>mfw solo piano works

have you tried acclimating to our ways?

>he doesn't even know what double stops are
>being exposed as retarded and become so embarrassed that he has to lash out at others
Here we see a typical well-adjusted windfag individual, ladies and gentlemen.

How sad for you.

>tfw poorfag and can only afford common Kumikos

Looks like I'll have to settle for the scraps again this season

It's anything but sad to find limp-wristed music boring.

Why can't we all just get along and play together?

There's 131 people here. Imagine if we had to work together on a performance.

>mfw solo brass works

You'll never know.

Might as well look down on instruments altogether because you use your hands.

>all these mishmash of instruments
Play what? Ravel's Bolero? Don't make me laugh.

Doesn't Cred Forums have an orchestra? I haven't heard from them in a while.

>expects people to waste their time learning the ways of his dying, backwards art
hows your coptic coming along?

I'm sure that with enough effort and splitting of parts, something that isn't complete shit could be made.

I-it's not like I wanna play in an orchestra with you losers.
>violin masterrace reporting in

>literally the foundation of polyphony and harmony
>someone on this Earth is actually this mouthbreathingly stupid
And I suppose you want me to explain what those terms mean now too right? Holy shit just fucking neck yourself, literal subhuman IQ.

>over 100 angry autistic tsunderes trying to play together
Dear god.

>65 various string musicians who have not re-strung or tuned their instruments in 10 years
>44 assorted brass musicians, half missing instruments, the other half their mouthpieces
>12 piano "soloists"
>9 conductors who have differing opinions about the length of each note and a second
>1 percussionists with a metronome plugged into his noise-cancelling headphones who still manages to rush

Taki can lead us to nationals

We can just say that its an avant-garde performance. That always works.

>pianists locked in a room are killing themselves over their favorites
>"how dare you like modern pianists"

If we all work together we can make it to Carnegie Hall!
Even has something from Hibike.

>string fag so detached from reality that he thinks his special-snowflake, homosexual-shibboleth, 2/3 of a way there slacker pair of notes is proper term for a "chord"

>Cred Forums presents: hits of the 2nd millenium

>not Philip Glass

Thats what it will be called afterwards

>still doesn't know what a double stop is
>actually doesn't know what a chord is
>what are triple stops
>what is latent polyphony
>implying double stops is a strings-only technique
Your retardation just becomes more and more obvious with every post. Your parents must be so fucking proud to have spawned a literal 1 in a billion genetic anomaly with a learning disability this severe.

Yeah. Things have just been slow with school starting back up.
We actually finished this up a couple weeks ago:

I read that as Carnage Hall

wew lad, actually pay it a listen. its Brian Eno's seminal work



>every rehearsal involves the conductor trying to desperately keep the strings and brass from murdering each other
>violists scheming to fuck everyone up
>bassists sleeping
>percussionist runs someone's instrument over again when they rearrange their station

>double stop
Literally giving up on the first note of a chord and just phoning in the other 2 to make it seem like a triple
>actually doesn't know what a chord is
literally >=3 noters than sound good together (unless your one of "those" people"
>triple stops
see double stop but an even bigger disaster
>latent polyphony
postpone your mediocrity to try and disguise it
>implying double stops is a strings-only technique
Go ahead and describe how to perform a double stop on a brass instrument. And i swear to god if you post that british euph boy i WILL wipe the FUCK out with fury the likes of which the world has never seen.

>Literally giving up on the first note
So you still don't know what a double stop is.
>literally >=3 noters than sound good together
Stopped reading here. Holy shit no one can actually be this fucking stupid.

Nice guess, but no jeopardy for you

>vocalists sacrificed for "blasphemy"
>someone finds the sousaphone
>trombonists take a dare that they cant play so loud they'll split their lips
>cellists mourning for one of their own that lost their life in a tragic "unloading" accident
>male flutists and clarinetists forced to cross dress

>Stopped reading here. Holy shit no one can actually be this fucking stupid.
oh god you ARE one of those "dissonant chord are still chords" people

Want to get aids? Read mal reviews

>male fluatists forced to crossdress
>they're required to bounce on the violinists' cocks while doubling up on their melody line

>Read mal reviews
at this point it could only be an improvement

Lewd orchestra doujin when?
>cellists all dress up in maid costumes
>brass players have to practice their breathing on the string players dicks

>male flutists and clarinetists forced to cross dress
>implying it would be forced


>t. pleb

>male flutists and clarinetists forced to cross dress
i.e. forced to wear pants for once in their degenerate fucking lives

>violists have their useless instruments shoved up their asses
>brass players are all shackled and on their knees, slobbering on strings cock
>cellists serve the violinists food and drinks and even sexual favors while they're each surrounded by at least 10 crossdressing flautist boys acting like pets

>a world without violinists

>oboists dom the clarinets
>percussionist's anus gets stuff with vibrators which get turned up whenever they rush
>conductor conducts with his dick

Ah, the Kyoani universe, where everything is good in the world.

Where nights are shiny and beautiful, and days bright and colorful.

Where everyone is good looking, but deep down unique.

It's as if Kyoani was japanese Disney.

Everything is beautiful, but all the characters are cunts.

when you find that Cred Forums thread that hits all your periphery niche interests just right and keeps you up shitposting all night

Just like real life.

No real life has shit scenery, shit looking people who are also cunts.

We're approaching bump limit so better enjoy it while you can.

I spent around $9000 on my bass trombone. Usually once you get to the collegiate level everyone owns their own instruments.

>rewarding the percussionists when they mess up
I think the vibe should be turned off instead and they should all be in chastity.
>scared nerdy bassoonists are broken in by an experienced cellist maid regarding how to serve the violinists
>everyone is required to wear a remotely controlled aneros
>the conductor teases the entire ensemble by turning off the aneros right before ending the fermata at the cadence

People really underestimate how expensive instruments are.
>when a non-musician asks if they can try playing your instrument

you think Kumiko's face ever hurts from doing all these expressions?

>when the brass has to go and put all the degenerate stringfags to death again
best part of concert-season desu

>the brassfags will be so used up and negligible that they're just shoved into the instrument lockers and left to rot
>including this particular autistic brassanon, who speaks when not spoken to and clearly doesn't know his place at the very bottom of the barrel, will be mindbroken
Everyone's happy.

>and then the low-brass enters the bandhall
you dont know what holding those instruments all day does to a man user, the only person left to be broken here is you

>someone accidentally smashes the keyboard cover down

>soloist gets gangraped by the entire orchestra
>tubas and bassoonists are all faceless old men who take advantage of the young piccolo players
>every time someone makes a mistake, they have to service their section

>piccolo players
holy shit i forgot that that an even scrawnier woodwind existed, its going to be a slaughter

>I'll fuck your soprano throat into a tenor

>be in 6th grade
>shortest and skinniest motherfucker you have ever met
>have band on my schedule because I think it'll be fun
>day comes where everyone cycles around the room, testing out each instrument to decide what we want to play
>fall in love with the rich, dark sound of the tuba
>decide to embrace the irony of being a short kid that makes a big sound
>7 years of middle and high school only reinforce my love and respect for the mighty tuba

You can't beat the warmth and empowerment of a dark chocolate tone.

Does talent or hard work matter more for getting good at an instrument?

I was the third chair saxophonist out of 7-9 when I was in middle school

And then in high school I was 3-4 out of 8 consistently

I had accepted that the people ahead of me just had more talent and never tried to surpass them, but now years later when I think about it I wonder if I just didn't work hard enough.

Piccolos are usually played by flutists, rarely anyone who plays piccolo exclusively.

>dark chocolate tone
user do you have something you need to tell us?

>the solo violinist must perform while having their prostate milked
>the way crossdressing flautists have to bounce on the violinists' cocks must match the rhythm of the piece being played, even during ritards
>if the tempo is presto or faster, the strings are fucked to the tempo by super fast dildo machines that are affixed below the chairs
>some more dom cellists can easily convert some of the other players into servitude
>the keyboardist is off masturbating by himself in the corner

Only that my high school band director would not shut up about it. If there was anything he wanted me and the other tubas to do, it was to make the richest, warmest tone possible.

Hence, dark chocolate.

you think thats not common knowledge on the bando orkdork general thread?

Both are important. On one hand, you can't get anywhere if you don't have any talent no matter how hard you work. On the other hand, if you're talented but don't practice, you'll easily be surpassed by others and at best be decent.

Considering how retarded people in here are, I just took the safety measure.

>in the darkest depths of the violinist pleasure palaces...
>in the most secure mouthpiece vaults of the brass orders...
>in the unknown realm of the percussionist marches...
>there exists hushed whispers and fragments of warnings, of dark beings meant not to exist in this world...
the male colorguard

>I had accepted that the people ahead of me just had more talent and never tried to surpass them, but now years later when I think about it I wonder if I just didn't work hard enough.
This is literally Aoi's story

I want to fuck her in that position while holding her head under the water.

Meanwhile no one gives a fuck about the percussion. We're instruments too.

My flugelhorn was only a couple hundred dollards at a pawn shop.

Hey guys.

How do you tune two piccolos?
Shoot them both.

How lewd can we get?
>tfw out of ideas
Guess it's time to mine doujins for ideas.

stop making up instruments

Were anyone on the color guard not loser nerd girls who would never make the cheer-leading squad?

But unlike Aoi, I didn't really have anything else. I had various clubs I was in, but I could have easily actually practiced outside of the school practice to improve. I didn't bother to do the musicology stuff either and would copy from friends. There's a lot I could have learned that I regret not doing

I wonder if the sensation you get when drowning is similar to asphyxiation. Might be a fetish worth investigating.


We had a joke where we would call all the percussion people "Bam-Bam"

People give a fuco only if you play the snare. If you play some quarter notes on a bass drum or triangle a couple of times its not really impressive

I knew only one guy. He was just as fruity as you can imagine he'd be. Maybe even more so.

>tfw romance subplot between one of the violins and flutes

Maybe you should play the twenty bars you have in rhythm for once.

Hey timpani are cool.
Best percussion in the section.

this ones a keeper

Instrumental performance with ensembles is underappreciated. It's all about producing your own songs with DAWs.

>ctrl f flugelhorn
>get 3 matches

>not arrr.png


You need a little of both, though sheer hard work can get you to a point. I was a sax player myself, but I was always last chair/second to last chair from 6th grade to 12th grade.That said, a lot of the people in front of me were talented, and I was left in the dust because they wanted it more. I won in the end, but it wasn't the way I'd want to win.

My biggest obstacle was using a shitty mouthpiece, as soon as I changed that and the reeds I used my sound got way better. I didn't figure this out until halfway through 12th grade, and by then it was too late to help me.

What's the key to learning songs by ear, with like a piano? Trying to write arrangements I hear in my head but it's difficult to map them out.

>Were anyone on the color guard not loser nerd girls
I'm pretty sure they were all forced into that during freshman year at gunpoint, literally psychos and daddy issue wasteland

practice intervals and recognizing intervals

the blessing of the gods

Autism. Not even memeing.

Singing the part helps. Learn to match your voice to notes on your instrument, then play it. When you git gud you can do it on the fly without playing it.

>mfw perfectpictchfags get confused by scordatura tuning
>mfw watching them squirm with discomfort because their fingerings don't correspond to what they think the note should be

Did you use the same mouthpiece for 6 years or what.

Yeah, it kinda grew on him

Relative pitch is more important than perfect pitch.

All he grew would be moss.

>It's actually good and not cringy

Yep, used the same one that came with it when I got it. I was kicking myself when I started researching what mouthpiece to buy after biting a hole into the top over the years and finding out things like shape and size of the chamber can affect the sound pretty drastically. The me of 5 years ago was kind of a ditz.

>tfw you haven't talked to other orchdorks and band needs in awhile
>tfw this thread will die soon
The comfy was good while it lasted.

>all these memories
>5 years ago
>time to archive ;^(

Good thread.
piano best. suck it


There will always be band dorks as long as Euphonium is still airing. Enjoy the show and threads while they last


>There will always be band dorks as long as Euphonium is still airing
Suicide party at the end of next season?

Fuck you.

Deep down everyone knows this.

>when you have to wait for the other retards on Cred Forums to hurry their asses up making new threads so you can get the last meme in

Violinist master race here. How does it feel to play the loneliest instrument?

Feels good. I was always meant to be a hermit.

Why are violins worst instrument? They sound like a cat being strangled.

>worst instrument

Impossible, Oboes exist.

I actually like violins. Downside is that it takes a good while before you sound good.

violas* oops damn autocorrect

Why are trumpets the worse instrument? They literally sound like dying whales.

Why nobody talks about guitars in K-on threads? Instrumentposting is comfy as f

You what mate

>implying a well trained oboist doesn't sound better than the rest of the ensemble

I don't play Piano but I know that isn't true. Playing a melody part and bass part simultaneously, also with the ability to play chords makes Piano the one of the most multitextured instruments to exist.

That's because guitars are trash. Literally everyone and their mom plays guitar.

Tons of people play it and nobody plays it properly.

The sad truth is that K-on doesn't go very deep into the music aspect of being in a band. It mostly attracts people who like cute girls doing cute things.

>worst instrument

Impossible, clarinets exist

You misunderstand my point. Pianists rarely get chances to play with others, compared to all the other instruments. That's because even if piano is included, there's usually only room for one pianist so competition is rough.

>worst instruments
That's not literally any brass instrument.

the same can be said of violin and piano and look how much shitposting went on itt by players of them

>yfw Bach transposed one of Vivaldi's concertos for 4 violins for 4 keyboards and it sounds like 4 children fighting over the spotlight
Pianos was a mistake.

this thread was stupid

By the way if you guys haven't already you should watch Nodame. This is basically the main plot.

t. Clarineto Boygirlo

It was fun.

this desu fuck bandfags

Only a violinist could make such completely worthless and asinine generalizations. Don't you have some cocks to be greasing with that shit you use for your stupid bow?

Nodame was the shit

False. Guitars are more widespread since the entry barrier is a lot lower in terms of cost and learning. Also, tons of people pick it up because they think it'll make them cool and popular.

Orchestra master race.
Band geeks are losers.

same thing as far as i'm concerned


Only brasscucks are this autistic and easily triggered.

>mfw I was in both

>spends half the thread ERPing raping teenage boys
>calls brass autistic
stringers everyone
brass rules

Cause its the bastard member of the string family. It doesn't even try to aspire to the heavenly harp.

>tfw the end is near
I love all of you stringfags and brassfags and woodwindfags and percussionistfags. May we shitpost about which instrument is better again.

i wish mods would nuke this thread

Look everyone, there he is again. This pendantic, shitty violinist being an ass to absolutely everyone around him. Did you learn that from your parents? Is it just a natural side effect of being a trust fund baby and having your parents buy you a brand new $2000 glorified banjo every year?

>musical muggle daring to speak in the presence of his better

>doesn't know what autistic means
This is the lowest of the low even for brasscucks lmao. I'm surprised nature haven't ended you herself yet.

I actually like everything I just want to bully anons so they respond to me.

We should do this more often

just ignore him christ
i play bass

>I'm surprised nature haven't ended you herself yet
Average stringfag sentence structure, everybody.

>This is the lowest of the low even for brasscucks
thats not true, im still not a whorechestra slag

I-I'd play a duo with you user no homo. Even if you play a brass instrument.

no you shouldn't, you ruined this kumiko thread

>literally too stupid to parse a grammatically, semantically correct sentence in English
And he does it yet again. The bar just gets lower and lower. This is impressive in and of itself.

>i play bass
the k-on circlejerk is elsewhere, why are you even here? You're like a reader's digest pleb, arguing about literature with tolstoy himself.


>ruined a thread that would've devolved into yuri posting and waifu wars

Piano goes with everything so come with me. Brass are invited as well.

>The bar just gets lower and lower.
still have a long way to fall before I reach you :^)

if i wanted to talk about music, i'd go to Cred Forums
i'm here because this is Cred Forums
yuri shit flinging would have been better than instrument shit flinging

>going to Cred Forums to talk about music

>i play bass
If any of you want to know what it's like for someone to be literally worse than being a brassfag, here it is.
That's not how gravity works user. You don't fall upwards.

>yuri shit flinging would have been better than instrument shit flinging
meanwhile in /gup/
>yuri shit flinging would have been better than tank shit flinging

>yuri shit flinging would have been better
Yeah go fuck yourself, bassfag. Your opinion is literally worthless in every single respect, musically or otherwise

>You don't fall upwards
you'd know all about how hard it is to climb, being stuck at the bottom rung of the musical ladder
>semi-brass winds (accordion, sax)
>not retarded strings (piano)
>recordings of planet's EM radiation
>white noise
>(cut-off of music)
>string "instruments"

wtf i like shitposting about instruments now


It doesn't get any retarded and autistic than this post here lads. This is some cringe YouTube comment tier shit.

>the one thing we can all agree on is that bass players are the shittiest

>typical string sheet "Music"

>strings (piano)

I agree with this list 100% if french horns are under windchimes. Man I hate French Horns.

>have to jam your hand inside to keep them in tune
>most people can't play in tune
>face away from the audience so you can't really hear

Shit instrument.

We never unraveled the mystery of what a piano is. Such a mysterious object.

>ignorant of his own instrument
>believes music is created from placating musical spirits inside the piano
>stringers are literally backwards, heathen savages

>french horn "player"

Bandfag will play the skin flute (poorly), but still won't eat ass in 2016.

Why would i eat a string instruments timbre?

>absolutely can not fucking comprehend what percuss means
>has never opened a piano or even for a single second considered how the strings he sees in pictures create sound
>"hurr thems strings must be a string instrument thbbbbbbbttt"
You give brass players a bad name

The piano is an acoustic, stringed musical instrument, in which the strings are struck by hammers.

>implying brass players aren't the heathens
We don't look retarded when playing our instrument.
>tfw you can chew gum and play your superior string instrument

>trying this hard but still can't construct a proper sentence
For shame. It's like a foreign species of subhuman animals.

>Can't beat 'em, Kill 'em

>the perception of sound is made from phonons transmitted via the air colliding with your eardrums
>ergo all instruments are percussion
great logic, must be a stringy with brain damage from all the bow wax fumes

>tfw you can chew gum and play your superior string instrument
shame you still cant make music

>the piano was a hammer all along

>For shame. It's like a foreign species of subhuman animals.
striggers dont even rate as life

your teachers were still retards for telling you it's not a string instrument

>Cred Forums- Instruments
This thread was nostalgic as fuck though, always nice. So long.

>implying a piano isn't just a xylophone with strings

>struck by hammers

I always knew pianofags were percussionfags.

>page 10
Reminder that Woodwinds is the master race.

>I always knew pianofags were percussionfags.
What tipped you off? Was is the heterosexuality and actual presence of musicianship strigger?

Oh really? I have not seen a single example of a "good brass player" in this thread. So far I've only seen autistic rage () and piss-poor broken English () being thrown around.
Please tell me that a "good brass player" exists and isn't a complete mouthbreathing idiot.

Brass is the platonic solid of music. Strings are the impure, flawed projection into the real world of that perfect ideal.

we're all going to masturbate to kumiko when this 404s right

good musicians wouldn't post itt

Reminder that Saxophones are the greatest brass instrument.

>tfw there will never be a doujin about a string fag and brass fag hating each other, but then slowly coming to an understanding after facing several strenuous trails followed by rough lovemaking

>we're all going to masturbate to kumiko when this 404s right
you mean you havent already?

Reminder to remember that thing you were supposed to remember.

The fact that you need to turn off the computer and go practice whatever the hell you play.

the sex would be just like the music, with brass on top

And somehow this "impure, flawed projection" has a longer history, richer repertoire, better-developed set of techniques than the "perfect platonic solid". This really makes you think doesn't it?
Oh what am I saying, of course it doesn't. Brassfags are incapable of thinking after all.

>playing an instrument

brass win every time

>tfw you haven't practiced in two years Welp

>on top

They are forever the bottom, bass cleff determines this.

Post what you were practicing literally hours ago, Cred Forums.

Crown epitomizes this

I wouldnt call beating a cat "playing," but for some reason strings refer to it as such when they make the same noise with their 'instruments"

Ok even though that's literally not the case.
This fucker is exhausting

I'll finish learning all of these eventually.

Dont forget to tune your violin properly

of course not
i've been waiting this whole thread, letting the bickering work me up further and further until I can finally unload and jack it to kumiko's perfect body and work out all of my pent-up frustration

Which one are you doing now user? I've finished the first sonata and learned half of the second but haven't touched Bach since.

I'm like 95% through the one I linked. It's exhausting so end up only spending like an hour a day on it. Bach is such a bitch with small hands.
>haha let's add in a chord that's almost impossible for you to get

>thread didnt even reach image limit
quickly, fix this!

Yeah Bach composes violin music from a keyboardist's perspective. What I've found useful is that you can roll your chords instead of slashing them, so that you have time to move your fingers before playing the higher notes. Pretty sure Heifetz does it as well.

>shrill, ear piercing high notes
>sounds awkward when trying to play in a more quiet, restrained setting
>always played by arrogant fags who think they're hot shit but are actually painfully mediocre and always out of tune

Trumpet is easily the worst of the brass instruments.

That makes sense. I'll try that out tomorrow. Thanks user.
>tfw did not expect to talk about Bach's partitas with an user in a thread about euphoniums

You just literally described Piccalo and Clarinet players.

>Trumpet is easily the worst of the brass instruments.

>mfw I can hold a mastercalss about Bach's violin solos without even being able to play them

I like how this guy singlehandedly enraged every band camp nerd in Cred Forums