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Chapter 19: Trial

fuck yea

Aina: ….moan
Aina: ...Chisa?
Iori: are doing it
Iori….like... this
Aina: Huh? That’s Iori’s voice...

Aina: Could it be they are doing it secretly since they started going out?
voice: ...Its going to get wet….
voice: ...Think its better to take off the clothes…
Aina: Holy shit!?
voice: Okay, I will take it off
Voice: Okay then I will do it too
Voice: Okay
Aina: What...What…!
Aina: What are they doi-

Aina: What the hell are you guys doing-!!?

Iori: C-cakey!? What are you doing over here!?
Aina: That’s what I should be saying!
Aina: I thought something was off but this is so weird!
Iori: This is… because I dropped my wallet in the pool!
Aina: Stop joking around!!
Aina: Iori, please tell me the truth
Aina: You were hiding something from yesterday….
Iori: ugh…
Iori: It can’t be helped, should I tell her the truth
Iori: Cakey
Aina: Yea…
Iori: The truth is, this is diving practice
Aina: Why aren’t you telling me the truth!?
Iori: This is the truth!!

Aina: But anyone can see that you guys are doing some advanced strange stuff!!
Iori: No, this is for beginners
Chisa: I don’t think the conversations are on the same track
Chisa: Aina this is really a diving practice
Aina: Eh? Really?
Iori: Why are you believing Chisa immediately?
Iori: ...practicing mask clearing because of that
Aina: I-is that so
Aina: It would be nice if you told me from start
Iori: I didn’t want to be ridiculed by you guys
Aina: I don’t do stuff like that
Aina: I would have helped instead if you told me
Text: I kinda want to practice now
Iori: Really!
Chisa: It will be a big help
Aina: Then what do I need to do?
Iori: Oh, then-

Phone: We are married~
Stranger: Hello, police?
Stranger: 2 women stripped this young man nude and is shoving him down underwater-
Chisa: Stop jumping around
Aina: Stop struggling!
Iori: Bubble Bubble

go on

Aina: You should be able to do this with a little practice..
Chisa: Maybe he is still scared of water
Iori: Okay, lets try “that” instead
Aina: That?
Iori: Well I used this in the past
Iori: This is bathhouse This is bathhouse This is bathhouse
Aina: He did this before?
Chisa: I have nothing to do with this
Aina: Does that really work
Iori: Not at all
Aina: Huh?

Aina: Then why are you doing it…
Iori: Maybe because I might be able to see “that” closer from here

Someone upload to batoto

Iori: I want to do as much things as I can possibly to do
Iori: So go inside first
Text: Thanks for helping me out
Chisa: Okay
Aina: Don’t overexert yourself
Aina: Then good night~
Chisa: Good night
Iori: Night

fuck off b8

Iori: Then…
Iori: Okay, this should be enough
Voice: Excuse me there
Iori: Huh?
Cop: Its the police

Cop: There has been a report that there is man and woman doing weird things
Iori: Startled
Iori: N-no, they must be seeing things
Iori: Theres noone suspicious around here
Cop: Is that so
Iori: Yea, there isn’t a single spec of dangerous person like that
Cop: Hm…
Text: Could it be you are that “dangerous” person
Text: No its not
Cop: …. I will patrol this area a bit just to make sure.
Iori: ok
Iori: …..gasp!

Iori: Even if I want to leave…
Iori: I can’t possibly do that…!
Shinji: So is that why
Shinji: Iori is out with a cold

Azusa: Woa
Nanaka: Iori-kun!?
Nanaka: Seems like it
Azusa: I was startled when I woke up because his face was so red
Ryuu: That is just like Iori
Kouhei: Idiots really catch cold differently than others for sure
Azusa: I do think he is fine since he doesn’t have a fever
Ryuu: I do think today’s practiice is bit much though
Nanaka: It’s because I said something weird…
Text: Nonono
Aina: I don’t think its Nanaka’s fault
Kouhei: Its his fault for doing something like that
Shinji: Well theres that
Ryuu: Lets just let Iori rest
Azusa: Aina and Kouhei should focus on their own license
Aina: Yes-
Kouhei: Understood

>You will never have your cousin step on you in a pool

Iori: moan~
Iori: I am refreshed now that I slept
Azusa: O
Azusa: You seem well Iori
Iori: Azusa?
Iori: You didn’t go diving?
Azusa: Yea-
Iori: Sorry, because of me..
Azusa: Its nothing much
Azusa: Since Iori’s cold was partially my fault
Iori: Eh…? Fault?

Azusa: You were sleep deprived because you were watching over me so that I wouldn’t attack Nanaka right?
Iori: Were you serious on attacking her…
Azusa: So how are you now?
Iori: I am almost fully back
Azusa: I do think you should take some medication though
Text: Pharmacy isn’t open right now
Iori: You don’t need to go that far
Azusa: You can’t, Iori. You are going to ocean tomorrow so you need to recover for sure
Iori: Yes…
Azusa: I don’t have medication but I have this

Iori: Azusa...This is…
Azusa: Huh? You don’t know about that famous folk remedy?
Iori: I do know but…
Text: 1) Wrap leek around your neck
Text: 2) Put leek up your ass
Iori: whether it is 1) or 2) is the problem
Azusa: Then Iori
Iori: Y-yes

Azusa: Riase your neck
Iori: What a relief… Its #1
Azusa: What is it?
Iori: No, its nothing
Azusa: Okay
Iori: Thank you
Iori: -huh?
Text: Another one

Azusa: Now, will you pull down your pants next?
Iori: Gyaaaaaaa! That was a fake out
Iori: Azusa
Iori: You don’t need to go that far!!
Azusa: No no
Azusa: Since there isn’t any medication, you need to do something like this
Iori: ….ugh!
Iori: No! If it goes on like this…
Iori: I will lose something “other” than my health!

Iori: Let me look for something else that might be a medicine!!
Iori: Isn’t this
Iori: A perfect medicine
Aina: It is really
Aina: Disinfectant, depressant
Aina: It also is nutrition and helps with sleep
Text: Vodka


Gud shit so far mate. I'll be reading your TL's while I eat.

Iori: It really is the king of all medicine!
Aina: Although I don’t think a patient should be drinking that
Iori: But wouldn’t I be unable to sleep if I drink now?
Azusa: You are sleep deprived after all
Iori: Well that’s because of something else..
Azusa: Something else?
Iori: No, well….
Iori: When Azusa and Nanaka sleep beside me
Iori: I get so nervous I cant sleep
Azusa: Ara
Azusa: Was it like that?
Text: Sorry about that
Iori: Azusa?
Azusa: Then Iori...
Iori: Yea

Azusa: Wanna have sex?

Incoming cockblock in 3...


Do it iori, for all of us

Text: Cough cough
Iori: Hah!?
Iori: What are you saying all the sudden!!?
Azusa: You won’t be so nervous after then
Iori: No! Its not something you can do so rashly!!
Azusa: Well
Azusa: Sorry about that
Azusa: I don’t do with just anyone as well
Azusa: But I thought, since I do like Iori, it would be okay to do it with him just once or something like that
Iori: What is this, an exercise?
Azusa: Well I am half kidding, I don’t want it to be awkward from now because of that
Iori: H-half?
Azusa: Yea… the other half...

Azusa: If you really want to do it, its perfectly fine


Iori: ….te…
Iori: I am getting tested
Iori: I am getting tested really hard!!!
Iori: ...I

I was expecting the gap, but that was still adorable.

Fuckin Iori


I wasn't there when the threads were up but it seems some people weren't aware that I had already ripped Chapter 27 raws when chapter 8 got translated from the digital releases so there's no need to do that to the person who was planning to. I don't have 26 though, sorry.

i've seen 3 people say they don't have it

Well I didn't bother buying it because it was already on senmanga so I could read it there. 27 was different since it was straight up new and had just caught up with the raws.

Iori: …..I won’t
Iori: ….do it.
Azusa: Ahahaha
Azusa: Thats a shame
Iori: ….but Azusa
Azusa: Huh?

Iori: I heard from Nanaka that you like Tokita senpai
Text: Toki
Azusa: Correct
Iori: Then why aren’t you going after Tokita senpai then?
Azusa: Hmm~...
Azusa: How could I say this.
Azusa: Its an impossible love
Iori: Isn’t Nanaka that as well

Iori: Impossible? how so..
Azusa: Ara? Iori doesn’t know about it?
Iori: What?
Azusa: Well Toki
Azusa: has a girlfriend
Iori: …………………....hah?

Iori: That guy has a girlfriend?
Azusa: Yea, girlfriend
Iori: Homo?
Azusa: How did you come to that
Text: I said girlfriend
Iori: Homo sapiens?
Azusa: Ah you were asking the species
Text: Its human
Iori: Is that so. Tokita senpai does have a girlfriend
Azusa: Thats right~


HOLYFUCK I hate disappearing picture captcha where you have to click until theres no correct choices

I remember Azusa's bit that Tokita was her type of guy and Nanaka was her type of girl, but did Nanaka telling Iori this ever happen on screen?

the fucking faces

Iori: Lets drink
Azusa: Why are you like that all the sudden
Iori: Fuck-!! How come that human has one but I don’t-!!
Azusa: Oho. You are downing it well!

Nanaka: Congratulations you two for the license
Shinji: You two are great divers now
Chisa: Congrats!
Kouhei: This person is bit bad though
Aina: I-I am gonna get better now!
Ryuu: hahaha. Thats the spirit
Shinji: Then let’s celebr-

Shinji: I think they already done it (the celebration)
Ryuu: Its a relief since it seems like hes fully cured now
Nanaka: He just can’t wait can he

END Chapter 19

Thanks for the chapter

My man

Next chapter is fairly short

Since other user said he is going to do vol 6-current chapter from friday-saturday, so you guys can join the SUFFERING waiting for new chapters, I only have chapter 20+21 to do until friday

Do you want me to pace myself and do the chapters later or just do chapter 20 today?

You are a beautiful person.

oh and correction

>Shinji: I think they already done it (the celebration)
Shinji: Seems like they've already went ahead and done it (the celebration)

Its not letting me delete shit anymore. Seems like theres a limit

I don't understand Azusa. She's constantly on Chisa's side and trying to make sure Iori watches out for her with the boyfriend thing but she keeps pushing him to fuck Kouhei at the same time.

Such is the life of a hot woman who wants to fuck everything she likes.

She's obviously trying to get an orgy happening in the club.

What ever's more convenient

Chapter 20

Azusa: hmmmm~ We arrived!
Aina: This is Miyakojima…
Chisa: It was bit far
Nanaka: Its a refreshing feeling, riding an airplane between same prefectures

Chapter 20: Boat diving

Iori: Its closer to Taiwan than the mainland
Kouhei: Of course its further away
Iori: Sorry
Kouhei: I unconsciously did it
Nanaka: We are going diving from now so you can’t be drinking
Aina: Seems like Iori and Kouhei became full members of PaB now
Guys: Hey~ You guys
Glasses: You arrived safely
Shinji: oh?
Kouhei: You came out to greet us

Iori: Thanks for driving out here
Glasses: Its fine
Hair: Since we were already here
Iori: When did you come?
Glasses: Last night
Kouhei: You guys came quite fast
Hair: Well, since we are going to dive today
Glasses: If we don’t arrive a day before, we can’t be on schedule
Iori &Kouhei: Is that so
Iori: I really thought that you guys came earlier because you guys were looking forward to otori
hair: Mikayojima-style drinking is it
Glasses: I am looking forward to it but I don’t know much about it really
Kouhei: Now you say it, I saw this on internet
Iori: Huh?

Iori: Thanks for driving out here
Glasses: Its fine
Hair: Since we were already here
Iori: When did you come?
Glasses: Last night
Kouhei: You guys came quite fast
Hair: Well, since we are going to dive today
Glasses: If we don’t arrive a day before, we can’t be on schedule
Iori &Kouhei: Is that so
Iori: I really thought that you guys came earlier because you guys were looking forward to otori
hair: Mikayojima-style drinking is it
Glasses: I am looking forward to it but I don’t know much about it really
Kouhei: Now you say it, I saw this on internet
Iori: Huh?


clicking is hard

Kouhei: There was store with sign: No Miyakojima bastards allowed
Iori: Is it because Otori is infamous or something?
Hair: Stuff like that is probably just an urban legend
Glasses: There can’t possibly be anyone who would drink like that
Iori & Kouhei: Right
Sign: No PaB affiliates allowed
Iori&Kouhei: What the hell did you guys do last night
Hair: Well theres that but
Glasses: You guys are finally debuting as a [full-fledged] diver aren’t you

Iori: Ah, that, to be honest
Kouhei: This guy was out yesterday from cold
Hair: Really?
Glasses: Then did Iori not get a license
Iori: Is bit embarassing
hair: But why did you catch a cold
Glasses: Did you over do it or something?
Iori: Well, something like that
Iori: I anticipated it bit too much I guess
Hair: What is that
Glasses: you are just like a kid who gets cold during a picnic
Iori: So I can’t dive together with you guys
Hair: Is that so
Glasses: What a shame
Kouhei: I shall show you pictures later
Iori: You aren’t even taking it yourself

Iori: Are we goign with this boat?
Shinji: Yea
Ryuu: It even has a second story

Chapter 20 was fucking hilarious. I gotta go sleep though. Good luck, Jin.

Iori: Are we goign with this boat?
Shinji: Yea
Ryuu: It even has a second story


Iori: Its my first time on a boat
Shinji: Ah, really
Ryuu: You were supposed to have experienced it yesterday at ocean practice
Shinji: Then allow me to introduce you to the boat a bit
Iori: I will be in your care
Text: Don’t shower too much
Text: Tanks are under here
Text: Heres the bathroom
Shinji: Itslike that
Iori: Theres a lot
Ryuu: Well we are going to stay for half a day here
Shinji: Well we are going to have a meeting when we get closer to that spot
Ryuu: So rest aplenty til then
Iori: Yes

oh you haven't read all the chapters yet? I thought you did since theres rough drafts no?

Iori: ooooooo!
Iori: Awesome speed!
Aina: It feels nice because of the breeze!
Iori: huh?

Iori: What did you say!?
Aina: Your face is too close
Kouhei: What a newbie,being excited
Text: The shame of PaB
Iori: Hah!?
Text: I can hear your voice clearly fucker !!
Aina: Its not like I dislike it…
Aina: But I was started since you were suddenly so close
Iori: This is still your second time!!
Kouhei: Shall I teach this newbie some dive deck etiquette?
Aina: Stop it! Theres other customers here
Nanaka: Then everyone! We are starting the meeting!
Everyone: Yes-

Nanaka: ...thats
Nanaka: The general feeling of the spot
Nanaka: deepest depth of 17m
Nanaka: around 40 minutes of diving time
Nanaka: Then everyone, please get prepared
Everyone: Yes
Aina: L-lets change in the changing room, everyone!!

Kouhei: What are you gonna do?
Iori: What?
Aina: If the depth is 17m, without license…
Iori: Aha. I am fine with that
Iori: I will be joining them with the intro diving for the first two
Kouhei:How about 3rd time?
Aina: Seems like everyone will dive 3 times right now
Iori: I will wait on the boat
Aina: Okay
Aina: Should I ask to be placed over there as well
Iori: Huh? Why?
Aina: I don’t have much confidence on my diving…
Iori: Don’t be stupid
Iori: Nanaka and senpais will be helping you and..

Iori: You have her as well
Iori: Its such a beautiful ocean, so go as much as you can
Aina: ...yea
Kouhei: You can depend on me if something happens as well!
Aina: Never
Other: Introductory divers, please come over here ~
Iori: Ah

Iori: Then you guys have fun
Nanaka: Lets descend calmly and slowly (to match water pressure)
Kouhei&Aina: Understood



Shinji: A sea turtle came close to us
Aina: It was awesome!
Azusa: It was really lucky to see the mother and the offspring together
Kouhei: It was as beautiful as 2D
Ryuu: Is the dimension going down or something

Azusa: Could you see from where you were Iori?
Iori: Its a shame but..
Ryuu: Theres a picture
Ryuu: It was like this
Iori: ooo…!!
Iori: If I can, I want to see it close up
Ryuu: You can only really do that if you have a license
Kouhei: Better luck next time, junior
Iori: I am getting strangely mad, hearing that from you
Iori: I am gonna go get tea


Chisa: -ah…
Chisa: This place…
Chisa: It resembles to the aquarium tunnel…
Iori: I wanted to see it bit closer next time

Chisa: It would be bit too far… to see it from there….

Aina: It was incredibly awesome
Kouhei: I really want a camera now
Ryuu: It was about that time of day where light would reflect beautifully
Shinji: You guys have the eyes
Azusa: Ara? How about Iori?
Shinji: He said he was going to rest on the deck
Azusa: hmm- Really
Azusa: Iori is really quiet today
Kouhei: He really is
Shinji: Maybe hes feeling down
Chisa: Nee-san
Nanaka: What is it Chisa-chan?
Chisa: I won’t dive the 3rd time
Nanaka: Keep the descent [water pressure] at check with others and-

Chisa: Hey Iori
Chisa a cute

They went diving. So that's like how many shots of 99% proof?

Chisa: Its a shame to miss out on diving with others but…
Chisa: Today isn’t the last day so..
Chisa: I think tomorrow
Chisa: We might be going to spot where we don’t need a license
Chisa: Y-yea I just remembered
Chisa: I got a ticket to aquarium last time when I worked there so if its alright for you-
Iori: Chisa….
Chisa: Y-yea

Iori: Boat sure does rock around a lot…
Chisa: Huh?
Iori: It was good that I took medication for nausea beforehand
text : for it to rock around this much
Iori: And the standby on the surface before diving
Iori: That rocked around a lot so it was so hard
Chisa: ….Iori
Iori: What?

Chisa: Could it be… You were just nauseous
Iori: What do you mean “just”. I’m dying here
Chisa: ...really
Text: Heres a tea
Text: Thanks
Iori: Sorry
Iori: But you know Chisa
Chisa: yea?
Iori: You really are a good girl
Chisa: Hah?
Chisa: What are you talking about?

Iori: You were watching out for me, since I was alone right?
Chisa: ...well not really
Iori: Its alright Chisa
Iori: I won’t dislike diving just because of this

What a cute, nice girl.

Chisa: ...really
Iori: Its awesome, diving
Iori: I didn’t know it would be this fun not just under the sea, but on the boat as well
Chisa: Boat?
Iori: When we were going to the spot, I was thinking
Iori: Talking about what you saw underwater
Iori: Eating together on the boat
Iori: the breeze and the sunlight..

Iori: This really is the best
Chisa: ….yea
Iori: The rowdy senpais are like that now
Chisa: They are like cats enjoying a sunbath
Iori: Its a pity about the introductary diving, but I feel like I want to come here again
Chisa: yea

Iori: Don’t you wanna come here as a revenge since you didn’t dive for the 3rd time?
Chisa: Well, its like that but…
Chisa: ...If Iori pays for it
Iori: What are you saying when you know about my wallet situation
Iori: If I win a lottery or something, I will bring you here
Chisa: ...yea
Chisa: I will be waiting for it without much expectation

Nanaka: -then everyone
Nanaka: Boat diving is now over
Nanaka: Lets go back to land!
Everyone: Yes


Thanks for translating user, osyasumi!

Shinji: Okay, can I have everyone’s attention please


Too many Chisafaces.

Shinji: Everyone should know this, but about 80% of the reason why we came to Miyakojima was to experience Otori. However…
Ryuu: How some mysterious reason, the store we put reservation on suddenly went on a holiday so we need to give it up
Aina: Otori was the endless 1 shot right?
Text: Miyakojima’s speciality
Iori: Yea
Kouhei: we escaped from the endless horizon after all
Iori: Right~ So peaceful Miyakojima night begins-
Shinji: But since we came to Miyakojima

Ryuu: Why don’t we do our own version of “Otori”

Shinji: Oi oi
Shinji: Don’t kick up a fuss over there, freshmen
Shinji: Now
Shinji: Shall we start

Fuck me I fucked up 3 times

Anyway this chapter cemented Chisa as best girl for sure

>Always ready to punch the shit of each other
The best bros.

Flustered Chisa

Someone should make reaction face with a HQ scan

At least it wouldn't be weird for him to get pussy

Someone make transparent out of this

his face is bit inconsistent all-round
looks pre-pubescent here

There are too many best characters here, even the bad ones are fun.

what bad one

Doujin when?

shit, I didn't know azusa could reach this level of cute

Azusa is perfect

how is grand blue selling in japan anyone know?


>search for chink scans expecting nothing
>they have it up to 27

Truly a great time to live.

ah, I think I recognise this chapter from the raws. That's good, there's something I've been curious about for a while

I thought this one would get a lot of replies

These fucking senpais, I swear.

chisa so cute


Too small, use this instead.

I'm glad I jumped ship before this chapter, that drinking game would have killed me.
I'll raise a glass to all the anons who did though, you will be remembered.

Here's the transparent version.

I kind of want a transparent of Iori's face here.

The cakey looks like a small boy

Is he gay or what ?

>19 chapters already
Oh god. It's fast

is that a stick in his butt?

Hah I missed that!
Iori fell for the ol wife's remedy meme after all.


There's 27 user

>mfw chapter 25

Goddamn Iori is such a bro.

does cakey ever go after kouhei?

When shit hits the fan, you are real bros you can depend on 100%. It's just that you can't the other 90% of time

Chapter 7 or 8 yea

>Chapter 7 or 8 yea
I mean like after that. She's now after iori's dick and i'm just wondering if kouhei is going to give her the D after a spoiled page showed kouhei or someone that looks like him about to get laid.

Which page?

Kouhei x lalako is the otp

I don't remember but it was when he was in bed with a girl and then I think the guys stuffed porn mags and DVD's in his mailbox slot.

I think that's actually another guy.

which one?

He's part of forever virgin friend group iori and kouhei has.
You will see when you get there

I cant see Kouhei being romancing anything that is not 2-D.

Not true. He is willing for middle schoolers and high schoolers that will call him onee-san

He's basically down with any girl that shares/shows interest in his hobbies. So I guess the actual potential candidates would be Kanako, her sister, and Iori's little sister.

Forever alone.

ah yes, chapter 19.5

who is lalako?

Those two retards are perfect MC's

Kouhei and Kanako are best couple after Chisa and Iori.

who is kanako?

One of the cakeys who was at the mixer thrown by our Cakey


Kouhei''s favorite anime voiced by kaya

Iori's imouto a shit.

upgraded akihisa and ryuji


So this is the Baka Test writer, right? Fucking hell the guy still hasn't lost his touch.

Never read baka test. Is it good?

Both the anime and LNs are fantastic.
I'd personally say he improved a lot on the characters and cast dynamics in Grand Blue but the same old bro-tier shenanigans as well as the comedy is still on fucking point.

Nigger were you not here when it first aired nearly half a decade ago? Cred Forums loved it.

Gotta post a pic of her so i can judge ofr myself.

>cakey but yandere brocon in yukata

I never took interest in it and ignored the thread

I am really enjoying grand blue so I might check it out now

Based anons tiding us over until the nice scans come out.

My face hurts from smiling so much.

I think out of all available mediums, Inoue's comedic style is best suited to manga.
The Bakatest anime was very charming and the LN was of course the original, but I think the way he sets up jokes and delivers punchlines works best with a quick, visual delivery.

They picked a great artist to pair him up with too.

I will give it a watch then. I avoided it because it looked like another battle shounen

How much does anime cover?

Well, I mean, it's either this or wait 9 months for nice scans

>iori''s little sister

I thought she was just being manipulative wasn't she? She had everyone on her string except maybe nanaka who was catching on

I concur but I think the way the anime played off his energetic humor with overdramatic theatrics was great as well.

It's been so long since I last watched it but from what I remember aside from the first volume, the anime really jumbled up the sequence of the other volumes between its two seasons. You can probably find which of which was adapted if you dig hard enough.

>battle shounen
How do you even arrive at that conclusion. Anywhere you look is going to have it tagged romcom.
Not too many volumes were adapted but they're all translated. Go google to find out exactly where it leaves off.

Looked like one at glance to be perfecrly honest

No clue if her liking of Lalako-tan is a lie, but she has the imouto element, so that's all Kouhei.

I'm still holding out for more Kanako and her seiyuu sister appearances.

Yea but seeing as she tricked her brother into believing she was incapable of using technology, secret camera relaying everything, bringing out all the embarrassing stuff over for leverage and all points to manipulation. She did knock out her brother after all

Interest keeps increasing

How is this possible to be this cute?

Somewhat understandable. Bakatest is about battles in the same way GB is about diving.

Baka to Test is one of Gods gifts to Earth

Because she is genuine even when she looks at you like a trash

S3 never ;_;

>I concur but I think the way the anime played off his energetic humor with overdramatic theatrics was great as well.
I liked the vaguely Shinbo-influenced, post-SZS style Onuma brought to it too.

The aforementioned brocon yandere imouto.

I don't want to know what happened to that wall.





siscon sister saw iori and chisa doing it and broke the door then said she was fine with it as long as it was iori and chisa.

This is J -> K -> E, take everything with a grain of salt and wait for the higher quality translations.



You guys keep saying 9 months but it's more like 6 if you include the ones that come between now and the latest plus the extra chapters.

That was from Helvetica scans, from chapter 7ish

Not the Helvetica translation nigga, the
>Iori: I heard from Nanaka that you like Tokita senpai
line here is the one to view with caution. While I have faith our Jin is working hard, it's inevitable something is going to get mixed up between 3 languages.

Aye. Jin's a rad dude, but even he thinks that his work should be taken with a grain of salt. Serious props to his hard work though.

It's also more so 6 months, but it's still quite a long time. We'll always release extra chapters with another full one however since they're super short.

The line is actually right.

>We'll always release extra chapters with another full one however since they're super short.
In that case it might be exactly 6 months to catch up if you can keep up the weekly schedule.

Yeah, it shouldn't really be too long. With 50 pages a week as well, it's a lot to read and re-read between releases.

How long does all the redrawing and proofreading take? It's a lot of shit to do weekly

they even do the sfx

Grand Blue takes some time to release weekly. Redrawing has to be the most tedious part of pushing a chapter out and is chapter dependant.

Proofreading is depends on the chapter, but usually it's finished in a day or two given if they have work. We actually need proofreaders too for another series, but we might have found a few, granted they're not idiots.

Chapter 10 is also done. I'm just going through and checking a few last things before releasing it tomorrow noon EST.

You lying bastard, this is way cuter than the cakey.

Shit that looks great

>Proofreading is depends
Fuck me, but yeah. It really varies per chapter.

Time wise:
Redrawing > Proofreading > Typesetting = Translating = Quality Check

These fucking faces

As someone who takes shortcuts like typesetting over shit I'm going to redraw and just worrying about the things not covered I appreciate it when groups go out of their way to do redrawing properly instead of cutting corners. Editing is a bitch when everything is done by one person.

Thanks a lot man. It's incredibly rare that we actually have to cover something up, but I believe that's only happened once in the case of Grand Blue and it's hilariously detailed art.

>draw a girl
>call it a guy


How accurate are the translations here do you know?
Wonder how far off we are from originals since it went through 2 translations. I imagine it would be kind of like that telephone game

They're accurate enough to read and get a good idea of the situation, but they definitely missed things. All I'd say about these is to not take small/specific details with a grain of salt. Really good for the work he does through an additional language though.

Here's another page before I have to go to work. Later.

Will be looking forward to the release

He was thinking that he was being trolled by Azusa. Remember, his initiation into the dive club was basically being trolled and just about everyone has trolled the fuck out of him.

Azusa playing him straight was something entirely unexpected. Also, he likes Chisa.

>that spoiler

yea, . . . no . . . .