The great debate

The great debate

2011 > 1999

End of debate.

I thought it was universally acknowledged that 1999 is superior.

Original had better aesthetics but 2011 adapted the best arc.

2011 is excellent
99 is pretty good

both are better than most of battle shonen

The art direction seemed to be better. A far greater mood generated from the 99 images.

listen mate CA may be my favorite arc from probably any battle shounen but Madhouse's "adaption" was doing it any favors.

99 had a more interesting aesthetic
11 had better animation, production quality, and managed to adapt literally the best arc in all of shonen manga.


What 1999 wins in style points and soundtrack, it loses out on in consistency

I'd rather have 150 B+s episodes than 62 where the range oscillates between D and A

This. 1999 has greater highs, but lower lows.

1999, for actually trying to be original with the source material and for having the best Chrollo vs Zoldycks fight scene. It still baffles me how Madhouse let the Koreans animate that ep, even though it did look good for outsource animation, especially compared to for example, that KQ reveal ep from Jojo.

Also I hate the fact that the last part of the CA arc could have looked so much better if Madhouse didn't waste time and resources for that flop, The Last Mission. But at least it provided all the new music.

1999. It is perfect.

Instead of going on with only this one, why don't we compare other series that got multiple adaptations?
Jojo's Vizarre Adventure?
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (manga)?
Cutie Honey?
Sailor Moon?
Dragon Ball (Kai, Path to Power, Super movie arcs)?
Hana Yori Dango?
Madoka films?

Made me think of pic related.

2011 have at least 20 A episodes, all of them were directed by Tomoko Mori and Mai Ishii

>11 had better animation,
I love this meme

>11 had better animation, production quality

>the best arc in all of shonen manga.

You sure showed him.

99 didn't even have animation

Original. 2011 is garbage.

Kurapika was still the worst designed character out or all the character designs in both adaptions.

Pretty much. It's just kids that liked 2011 because they never watched the 99 version to begin with.

>even the anime had a 12 year hiatus

Nice trash seri

99 + OVA oldfag here, should I read CA or pick it up from 11? I hear it was censored.

How many times will we have this thread? 2011 is obviously the better anime. People who prefer the 1999 version are a bunch of contrarians and want to feel special because they like something that is older. Seriously, go kill yourselves.

I don't think it was censored. Fuck, the manga itself was censored. I'd recommend the manga anyway, but if you end up watching the anime then you'll have to understand that they fucked with Kite's introduction so the early part of the arc has some shitty changed moments and dialogue. The meat of the arc is pretty much identical though.

I've only gotten into hxh
ive havn't seen either, is this a case of me liking whichever I see first?


Thanks a lot user.

1999. Better art direction, OST, music usage and designs make it a more pleasant watch. Also liked 99's VAs more because 11 felt too theatrical. 2011 had better animation though, some voice actors were improvements like Feitan, and did do some neat things like Machi's eye camera click when healing Hisoka and extending on Welfin's internal crisis.

Yorkshin OVA is the peak, topping both tv series.

I started with 2011 but I appreciate the 1999 version a lot more now for actually using the medium.
i think it's more a matter of whether you're a pleb or not

If you like to brag about your inexistent good taste because you watched pre 2000 anime then watch the 99 version, if you want to enjoy the show to its fullest watch 2011. You can watch the 2 of them too.

Watched both. The original definitely had better design and art.

Also I like the fact that in the original you couldn't make out what kind of creature Illumi is.

Read it, it's Togashi's best work and significantly better in manga format due to the way it's paced and narrated. But it's still worth a watch, 2011 outdid itself in a few episodes despite it's flaws.

The new one has no shading. Not even 2 tone shading. I didn't realize this until now. What the fuck?

Also Illumi looked like a faggot instead of an enigma.

You mean CA is his best work? For Palace Invasion I definitely agree.

2011 has better character designs and smoother animation. I'd also personally argue it did a good job of speeding up the pacing when needed, since that's a big issue in HxH.

1999 has better shading, music, and oftentimes choreography as well as, for lack of a better term, "camerawork".

Both are fine ways to get into the series, but while I'd like to recommend 1999 just for it having a better tone/atmosphere at the end of the day 2011 adapts more of the manga and has better animation so it's an easier sell to get someone into HxH.

>2011 has better character designs
this is wrong, but everything else is right

They're far more faithful to the manga and match the characters more than the grounded alternate ones used in 1999.

I actually prefer them in 1999 as well, but as an adaptation they're one element 2011 definitely got closer to right than it.

Yeah, the invasion specifically. It's so ambitious and he pulled it off so well, it really shows how good he is with comics as a medium.

Definitely no. In terms of faithfulness, 99 was closer than 11. 11 made Gon and Killua too tiny and thin, Kurapika was too thin as well, they changed Chrollo, and many of the adults' faces were too elongated.

I can't wait to see him up his game again
It's probably going to happen in the third act of the DC though like with CA.

HxH 2011 was saved by Chimera Ant arc, the old version is far better in terms of animation style and atmosphere.

They are both awful.