Three reverse harems next season

>three reverse harems next season
>zero harems
What the fuck happened, Cred Forums?

Homos and Yuri happened.

Gotta try something else since all the IS clones flop

Not every harem has to be an IS clone.

this is what happen when fujoshi is the only demographic that actually buy shit and making them money

Females are the biggest consumers. This is for everything. If you can get females to buy your shit then you've won the jackpot.

I can't say for the first, but for the second: Maybe people have juse developed taste.

Pretty much this.
Sadly fujos will never change their tastes so we'll have to deal with homobait forever.

>reverse harem
Congratulations, you're retarded.

sword art online is also getting an American live action tv show

>Kirito, the Swordsman of Color

REALLY ? i thought in the first place that it was a joke made by some western producers interested by the serie.
is it true ?

Nope. Asuna is also gonna be asian while Kirito (Karter) will be white

Watamote looks pretty fun. Fujos are always some of the most entertaining characters in anime.

Now where's my shota reverse harem?

alice academy aired like 15 years ago

White mail asian female
Following a young beta
They are targeting the alt right demograpics!

alt right are too alpha for anime

>reverse harems

That confuses me. Is it a girl MC surrounded by girls or a girl surrounded by guys? The latter would be more otomeshit no?

Market trending heavily toward fujobucks. Too bad they are cheap skanks that buy DVDs so the shows made to pander directly to them unilaterally flop.

What a waste.

Girl surrounded by guys.

Otomeshit refers to otome games and their adaptions which are a specific breed of reverse harem.

I don't know how anyone can look at this and deny that the industry is dying.

I can't remember the last time I did anything to benefit the anime industry

I watch trash off crunchyroll, youtube, etc. with adblocker on

Harem got edged out by CGDCT as the primary product for the waifufag demographic.

Good riddance.

Good, for some reason Japan has got no sense of balance in the anime industry, tilt the fields, grow the crops, and let it rest at least for one season.

You say that, but each season has enough shows to cover most genres.

You clearly have never watched one

Good riddance? Harems are the lowest trash, the less the better.

I wish we'd get some of the more hilarious otome games adapted, but chances of another Diabolik Lovers tier comedy getting adapted are kinda low.

>Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans second season
Literally haram


Harem needs a rest, until someone comes through and reinvents it.

They need to spice up the characters and the stories. Its incredibly formulaic, all with bland non character male leads and a box ticking set of girls.

Personally I think they need to make the MC a bit of a sociopath and actually aim to get all the girls into a regular harem, and not be a stammering shit every time he brushes up against some sluts tit.

Narou isekai harems happened. But those are still not in full effect to start getting animu's every season.

The best selling harem series ever has all those qualities.

Literally every harem series flops.

No wonder they stopped making them.

HS dxd right?

and look at the recent stuff.

Fujos buy Madoka, GuP and Love Live?

Otakus simply prefer yuri pandering over haremshit.

>Market trending heavily toward fujobucks.

Market is trending towards all-girl shows.

>make the MC a bit of a sociopath and actually aim to get all the girls into a regular harem

The best selling harems are Bakemonogatari followed by IS.

None of them are like that.

There were many harems with "alpha sociopath" MC. They all sold like shit.

>60 magical girl shows and Teekyuu 8 next season
When did everything fix itself?

Bakemongatari of course but was IS selling that much?

Maybe Nips are evolving and stopped having shit tastes. Only fujos are still dumb enough to watch that shit

>Araragi "Where I Go I Must Rape" Koyomi
>not like that

>zero harems
That's wrong though.