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Can you show a bigger pair?

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I don't think people enjoy Eiken unironically.
Also I'm sure the loli has bigger body to breast ratio.

Best girl.

Not with those tumors.

I like the manga unironically. The OVA is only good for silly gifs.

so we don't ever actually see her tits then?

What do you mean?

I think Kirika is one of the sexiest women ever animated, no irony there.

I also feel she's trapped in an objectively awful show.

I also feel the insanity of it becomes hilarious with alcohol.

As far as I've read, there's never any explicit nudity. Everything's covered by convenient steam or foreground objects or whathaveyou.

Though the author did do a remake of the first chapter, at least, that not only contains nudity, but full explicit sex as well.

See Im all for leaving things unshown and teasing but when you go this far already

you might as well go full frontal because it's not even teasing.

Interesting to hear about the remake

I've got the remake chapter on my computer. Gimme a sec to upload it somewhere.

Why are so many flat chests being posted in this thread?

The ova is abysmal. It's a hentai without the one thing that would make it a hentai; nudity. It constantly uses food to simulate jizz and dick-sucking while showing zero breast or nipple. If they wanted all the hardcore dick-shit in it they should have just made it a hentai and had full nudity.

Eiken is the king of QUALITY.

Like I said, the OVA is only good for silly gifs. It doesn't even deserve webms.

I think that if the same studio who did stuff like Manyuu Hikenchou and Maken-Ki and such decided to do a full-fledged Eiken series, they'd be able to do it justice while also updating it with actual nudity, which would be the best of both worlds.

Also here's that Eiken chapter remake.

Remake? This shit is still alive?

As far as I know, it was just the first chapter that Matsuyama redid in full hentai style. With that said, I haven't kept up with it recently, so he might've done another chapter or two. I can't see him redoing the entire 18-volume series, though.

cool. thanks

appreciate it

he got 18 volumes out of this?

I want Kirika to fuck me so insanely badly sometimes I cry.

I also wish Kirika was in a not awful series.

I love Kirika! Kirika!!!!

18 goddamn volumes.

The first 12 were actually translated to english, by Media Blasters, IIRC. I own them. Mildly disappointed that I'll never be able to complete the series, though at least the fan translations have been coming, like, two chapters a year.

>he got 18 volumes out of this?
Its a fucking wonder isn't it?

>those arms
>those ears

I had no idea. I'd love to have a copy.

That said, does everyone know the Eiken OVA was dubbed? I mean the original voices were pretty terrible too, but the English ones? It's like you can hear their souls crying. I feel so bad for them. Why did they do it? Was it really profitable?

I think I watched it dubbed the first time I saw it, because I was in a dub phase for some reason.

I'm still recovering. But at least it's not as bad as Jungle de Ikou's dub. Just barely, though.

whaaaaaaaaaat the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

Jungle de fucking Ikou has a dub? My god

I remember laughing incredibly hard in the Eiken dub at the delivery of "MY TOUPEE"

The whole manga is filled with that shit.

Yes, it does.

Please don't look it up, for your own good. You know how cringe-worthy Jungle de Ikou is by itself, so imagine dub actors in pretty much any of the transformation scenes.

It seemed more like a parody. People probably asked the author to do actual hentai that chapter is the result: Densuke fucking everything in sight and everyone gushing their juices everywhere.

It could be, I honestly don't know.

I've barely heard about anything Matsuyama's been up to outside of that remake chapter, so who knows what he's doing?

>please don't look it up

Reverse psychology

You were warned.

HOLY SHIT! His art improved! Man I bought like 12 volumes of his other trash, why wasn't it like this?

>Why did they do it? Was it really profitable?

I imagine the actors got paid the same either way. It being like what TWO episodes probably means they got it knocked out in a weekend

To be fair, the original Eiken released back in 2001. Dude's had at least a dozen years to hone his craft, and he's worked on things other than Eiken, like Yanhobo and such.

Yeah but look at the first volume and then look at like, volume 9 (don't remember when the age of QUALITY started) I swear his art was okay-ish at first and then got worse. Its like he got super lazy.

Also the second half looks like his usual shit. The lewd parts are great though! The fuck happened?

A lot of older stuff looks really bad compared to what we've got nowadays, I've noticed. Some stuff holds up, but a good deal of it seems downright amateurish compared to most of the titles coming out now.

these JAPANESE GIRLS with BALLOON TITS are nice but where are the SKIN TIGHT BODY SUITS?


I don't have my volumes with me but I vividly remember this part where one of them was about to get into a bath and there was a panel of her feet and it looked like it was made out of paper when it bent.

Kind of like this.

dont know how I feel about this

I don't know what you expected, man.

Eiken seems so quaint nowadays

Isn't he doing a hentai manga with a 40 year old milf that looks 20 with z cup boobs?

>this will never be translated

If he is, I want to know about it.

are those dicks?

Very true.

I mean, they are tanuki, after all.

Tall girls are a rarity.

Even better with tits like those.

truly pioneers
never knew magipoka that foxgirl was from was so lewd

Magipoka isn't tremendously lewd, it just comes in spurts

But seriously, there's only a few lewd episodes that I recall. One was that hotsprings episode, which was ep 10 if I recall. Another one has Liru running into a male wolfperson who wants to repopulate the species with her, though it doesn't go too well... It's more humorous than it is lewd, though.

so tired I thought that said dragonhalf

>tfw dragonaut is utter and complete shit

Why are so many great girls trapped in these series, I just don't understand.

You should get some sleep, man.

I think this is it

What's the name?

Will we ever get a breast anime as good as Manyuu tiddy ninjas?
Valkyrie Drive kinda tried, but it was too focused on yuri and not enough on breasts
Then there was pic-related, but it was mostly about edgelord MC and his job, not about tiddies

can you do me a favor and just keep posting?

Well the latter two, besides not being as focused on breasts as they should have been, were also god awful.


More artists need to do breast-focused works.

Ariane series when

I don't have that much

What do you mean by that? "Quaint"? That's not a word I would use to describe Eiken.


What a cutie

Compared to all the stuff nowadays that's not afraid to show uncensored tits if you shell out for the BDs? It kind of is. Eiken is from a much tamer era, when you could make all the innuendo you wanted so long as you didn't actually show anything.

Nowadays, with shows like Manyuu and MonMusu and Maken-Ki and all, it just seems silly in retrospect.

>tfw I find Kirika sucking on a chocolate banana more arousing than any hentai

But yeah I guess I know what you mean, in a way it all feels more lewd than just straight up showing nipples in the bath.


I mean, I can't deny that I see your point either. It's just that the standards of lewd have changed significantly from back in the day.

Though with that said, even older shows like Ranma 1/2 got away with showing tits on a semi-regular basis, so...

Where are these webms from? More please

And well it's odd how things change, back in Gunbuster or whatever the girls show their nips like it's nothing, then it was a lot less acceptable for a bit, now we are entering a golden age where the nipple is shown proper respect as an erotic thing of beauty.

Posting what I've got, but there's only so much of Ariane.

I suppose what differentiated stuff like Gunbuster and Ranma from other shows was that the shows weren't purely focused on the fanservice, like a lot of the lewder shows today. So nipples were shown because it just made sense at the time to be semi-realistic and not have random-ass light beams or steam clouds everywhere.

usually I don't ask but does anyone have artists that do puffy nipples? I can't find new ones.

>Ariane series when
Never as long as silo9 keeps his lazy death-grip on her.

We can always hope.

Or maybe someone will just make a clone of her and then everyone can use that instead.


As long as someone can somehow get his models and make some new OC, I'll be happy.


Ariane is a treasure.

>168cm bust