Koito bread

koito bread

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Looking exactly like koito!

ruined by the shitty VA, could have been a good girl(male)

If I watched the show just for her, would I be disappointed?


I want to have a coitus with Koito!


Now THIS is shit taste.

The toast looks better than Koito

Strange fandom behind this chick. She didn't really do much. I guess her design is nice so that's enough for people to make threads. She's cute and her scenes were great.

>that shit

I'ts not even brown, It looks more like it's piss soaked than toasted.

That's what butter toast looks like. Her fault for eating this trash.

>tfw no koito doujins

OVA when?

Why is koito so shit. she ruined the whole show

She did more than reina and also had the most changes in the cast

Probably just next month. It's not like it'll be lewder than the eight anyway.

I wish Koito did more, she was a good girl.

Yes, she ruined an already bad show.

yes,but not because of her but because the show is shit and even best girl can't save it