I actually cried

i actually cried

Anyone with a heart did.

Yeah, that hit me hard

But the question is, was it worth it? I would say no, Io lost the battle but Daryl basicly became incapable of having a life outside the war, both physicaly and mentaly

>Daryl basicly became incapable of having a life outside the war, both physicaly and mentaly
on the other hand, he would literally be without a life if he didn't


Io's accusations notwithstanding, Daryl's reason for doing this isn't the same as Io's. The problem Daryl has is that if Zeon loses the war but he manages to survive, it's extremely unlikely the Federation will allow him to keep the technology that allows him to interface with a machine to be his missing arms and legs, given it was used in military mobile suit production. Daryl has to fight because his physical needs require he do so and win, or else he just exists as a quadriplegic needing to be supported for the rest of a miserable life. Io needs to fight because it's all he lives for, but I doubt winning is actually a priority for him so long as he keeps getting to fight.

The real kicker is that if Zeon wins, it's likely they won't let Daryl keep that tech either. He'll get a medal and left to his own devices, or be put down as being a burden to the state and be posthumously declared a hero and maybe get a school and a statue with his name on them. Even winning is a gamble for Daryl; winning automatically dooms Io to a career of mediocrity and garrison-sitting, or he gets out of the EFSF and tries to make a life as a civilian in a gray civilian world that would be devoid of what gives him joy. The common point is that win or lose, both lose their capability for feeling sensation.

>they can make amazing robots do fucking all sorts of crazy g-force negating maneuvres
>but their prosthetics are less advanced than they were 5 years ago

Both Io and Daryl are bloodthirsty madman that only know war. Io enbraces it with Daryl goes full denial hoping to have a normal life with Karla. On their final confrotation, while Io is held captive he slaps on Daryl's face how he is just like Io, a man who only knows war and bloodshed. Two sides of the same coin
War. War never changes

>Crying for zeek scum

Nobody cry to those poor colonist who have to witness their home came down crashing to Sydney

One thing that the anime doesn't explore as much is the fact that Io was made to be a martyr for the Moore Brotherhood. The EF let him have the Gundam so he could become an icon which the Brotherhood could rally behind so they could finally take the sector. Io was sent out on every combat mission and was never intended to survive. Io is technically the first heir to his father, who was the leader of Side 4, and getting him out of the picture would give more power to his sister, who is in charge of some industrial powerhouse that has connections to the EF.

He survives and they're kinda pissed about it

Categorically false on Daryl's part, but feel free to believe the word of the actual bloodthirsty madman trying to justify why he is the way he is to a guy who isn't like him but had managed to beat him in a worse suit.


Aren't endwar zeon stuff better than gundams?

I'm not int Gundam but this was brilliant, thanks a lot.

>a fucking thumb
>digits have 3 independent joints and rotation
>a goddamn neural interface
>a goddamn fucking mind-machine interface
>less advanced
nigger that shit is a marvel, any more and you'll be watching GITS


>on the other hand

he also must've missed it when Karla said they DO have more advanced prosthetics, Daryl just didn't want them

Did you miss the part where he's all like 'i'm so free in muh psycho zaku'? Sure, he's not full battle crazy like Io, but he's a lot more alike than he's willing to admit. By the end of the day, the war is all they both have left.

Is the manga available in the usual places, or somewhere specifically?

I wonder if there's going to be another Psycho MS for him to use later on and make the amputation more worth it, the manga show that the monks were building a new Psycho Zaku but that one would probably be destroyed.

More episodes next year.

Best OST in the last 10 years.



child soldiers vs. cutting last of functional limp from a man just to save my own skin thus prolong this unit of experiment long enough for the whole units to die in wars.

Will this get any worst?

Is thunderbolt any good? For reference I dropped reconguista.

watch it and find out

Spoilers: Zeon lose

>Implying they'd animate the crazy monks

Suicide Bombing, Religious Fanatics, Indoctrination, and mind broken love interests.

Rule of thumb: When Zeon does, its bad, if the Federation is doing, than it is justified

Yea well compared to Madoka this isn't even sad.

I could have sworn I saw the article on ANN. I can't find any word of it now. Fuck.

I laughed.

We are getting more The Origin.

I sure fucking wish you were devasted at pic related

Fucking zeek symphatizers

Not knowing fed keeping a secret that it is them allowing this to happen only the last colony drop that wasn't in their plan.


God that show was so hamfisted.

Explain why, and what you mean by "hamfisted".

Why would they destroy a worthless place like Sydney?

I'm in Perth who gives a shit.

Feels good man.

I'm not good with physics but wouldn't something as massive and large as a colony destroy the planet uppon impact? It was the size of a fucking city

>space jews calling anyone else a space jew
kill yourself

Awkwardly written. It overstates the war is bad thing so much that it feels just patronizing, as if the writers were afraid that the viewers were not going to get the message. Same with the whole "losing limbs" thing, it's full of awkward scenes like the one in In the end this causes a lot of scenes that were meant to be dramatic to be either boring or straight up funny, like the scientist going retarded or the speech to the kids.

Add to that the drama with the blonde ship commander too since that made no sense, especially her death.

Wish they animate Johnny Ridden's story instead.

>mind broken love interests
That shit was so dumb but at least Io got a new girl who shares his passions for it.

>series women won't understand

post a series a woman would understand

I actually chuckled at this scene when I noticed the label on the bottle.

It's 'Dom' perignon, get it?

No, for two reasons

1. Even making full use of a colonys nuclear propulsion engines, it would never achieve relative velocity equal to say, a comet or meteorite that has been shooting through space for eons and not just dropped into the atmosphere and

2. The Cylinders are mostly hollow on the inside. Some dirt, water, plants, possibly people; but not as massive as the aforementioned stellar debris.

It's bound to make a big hole in the ground and wreak havoc on the ecosystem but as AWGX showed us, you could likely drop several hundred of the things on the planet and still have an intact globe.