Amazing manga that will never be animated

What's her name, Cred Forums?

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That will have a Gainax adaptation.


That one.

But is better this way at this point.

Airspace Control: Babylon

and this is a good thing

you know that monkey's paw gets new charges every couple of months right

Revolutionary Girl Utena



Better off not being animated. Can't possibly do such perfection justice.

Shaman King


Kyoani adaptation when

The Cred Forums mascot one

This will happen in the near future.


Vinland Saga


People keep saying Gainax or Trigger, I say Tatsunoko Production.
They'd be perfect.

Tsukihime. Makes me wonder why they would skip it out and do the Fate series instead.

>Mx0 ^2

if Kano had a fucking spine he would have taken his series to another publication or self-published.

Guaranteed adaptation. Studios need filler shows and this one fits the bill.

It's not because of that, it's because Azumanga didn't sell as expected and something something about the reception.
And to be honest Yotsubato is kinda boring so I'm not sure how it would translate into anime. I guess it'd be something akin to Ichigo Mashimaro but with less...uhh, pedo pandering? I don't know Ichigo Mashimaro had a lot of weird scenes that are not supposed to be sexualized but I sure as hell did.

Has 2 OVAs but anime never

it almost had a movie


>This will never get a madhouse/I.G adaption



God I love that manga, the art was so shit at the beginning

>the art was so shit at the beginning
Agree, but at least I actually bought that Kitano was actually fearsome, because his face actually looked terrifying in the beginning.
He looks positively harmless in the later volumes.

God Kitano's dad is the mvp in the story, he slapped a bitch so hard he went flying.


Jesus I did not expect a manga about a puppet to give me so many feels.

Why does she sit like that?

The one shojo/josei I really liked.

It had a Dorama...

Because she is a teasefor the most part


It has an adaption but it isn't animated.

I'd rather not think about the 3DPD adaption.

God, I loved the part where the guy asked if she was in love with her brother. I did not expect her to get her own feelings that quickly. Usually it takes them a while.

Mai chan's daily life, such a good work that deserves an animation

Is that what I think it is?

Daily reminder that it's the no. 1 movie in Japan right now.

It's always the Megane childhood friend, isn't it?

What is happening so far, I am pretty far in, but I get really cringy with stories where someone is living in a lie.

I'm just glad it's getting translations again.


Wait what was the context of that? I am not that far in.

>still over 100 chapters left to translate

And we still aren't even getting regular updates.

You better read up and find out then.

How far in are you?

I think I have a few chaps before caught up.

I've had this on my backlog for a long time now, this post prompted me to start reading it and I'm thoroughly enjoying it so far, so thanks.

Wait a second

Is this just reverse Oreimo?

Stop posting that because it's already a thing.


Not really.

Well it kind of is, with the older sister being Kyousuke and the younger brother being Kirino.

They have the bad current relationship and the good past relationship and whatnot, only the secret isn't shared in this one, only the Older Sister is in on it.

Fair enough. I have only seen like a single episode of Oreimo.

>Onee-chan with younger brother

picked up

I've seen a few although most of what I know is from the Doujinshi and lurking threads.

All I know is that Kirino is a bitch and that glasses is secretly a mondo cunt that caused most of the problems of the series.

>that glasses is secretly a mondo cunt

It keeps happening.

Fucking glasses childhood friends

Well. Its just one user.

For a literal manslut, Tooru is surprisingly pure and cute.

I don't know if he is a cunt, shit he is kinda like glasses from oreimo. Well I haven't really seen her be a cunt except for that part where she and Kirino got into the fight.

Well he is actually in love with here. The other ones were just booty calls.

I should add and some of the stuff I read about glasses chick.

Not even his booty calls, girls were taking advantage of him.

>Hating your 6th grader brother for being raped by high school girls

What a bad onee-chan, fucking Minato.

I'm not saying I don't appreciate the work his doing, I'm glad for any new chapter released, maybe I'm just spoiled by other releases.

In fairness I am pretty sure she was just jealous. I mean it seems obvious that they never developed the westermark effect.

The one thing I think Oreimo did really well is that Kyousuke is an unreliable narrator, and a tsundere to boot so it makes things even more unreliable. We mostly get to see things from just his point of view, which is distorted. When we get a more neutral point of view or 3rd party point of view on Manami she is described as scary rather than sweet and such.

Scary how, I heard on Cred Forums she was really passive-aggressive.

I don't think it was just jealousy was it? I think she misinterpreted the situation due to the way society views male and female relationships in combination with her being relatively young as well.

Just jealousy wouldn't explain her development of weird OCD tendencies in my mind.

True, I think she was really grossed out by it.

Overbearing, a bit creepy and not very nice at all.

The twist in oreimo is that Manami was the real yandere all along, ayase was just fake yandere

Yandere how? You have my full attention now. Also I love unreliable narrators

In the past, Kyousuke was a cool kid, popular, active and liked by pretty much everyone. That included Manami but Manami was, well, lame. The definition of mediocrity. Unwilling to try and improve herself to be like Kyousuke, she took a different route. She instead worked to bring Kyousuke down to her level. She takes advantage of his vulnerable times when he made mistakes and importantly when his grandmother passed away to manipulate him so he would blame himself for these types of things and convinced him that the best course of action is to stop trying your best or even trying but to just accept mediocrity. At the same time she worked to make him push his own family away because she wanted him all to herself and only be dependent on her. Her attempts to do this to Kirino when Kirino was a kid ended up backfiring in the end and is what brought about her downfall though.

Manami isn't the typical, boring, axe-wielding crazy yandere. She's manipulative and sneaky about it, and is willing to hurt the object of her desires emotionally over a long time to try and control and keep him all to herself. She's basically a sociopath.

Those are my favorite kinda yandere. That is very relatable. I have known people like that.

Don't actually read the LN or anything though, it isn't worth it and not very good.

It's a love letter to cliches, VNs and incest first and foremost, the cleverness is very much supplementary.

That's okay, I wasn't planing on reading it. The anime didn't really do it for me.

Chiho Saitou's Waltz series.

What is that one Shojo series where the girl comes over from Mongolia and ends up fucking her father?

Old Boy.


You funny guy.


Was he always in love with her? Does he secretly know about Mina being her?

I honestly don't know, I personally think he is in denial about her being Mina.

Warau Kyuuketsuki

I think he knows due to the way he talks with Glasses about Mina and his sister when Glasses teases the subject.

I think Tooru knows it's her but doesn't know why she's doing it and just doesn't want take a chance and ruin it for her and him

That's an interesting thought. I imagine we will fine out.

>Ryo-chimo YQ team doing Biscuit Hammer

I would die

I think he does know, I am not sure if he will admit it to himself. Or is afraid to admit he has feelings for his sister.

>all these people just picking up Liar x Liar

I pity all of you. This latest chapter is the most upside down piece of shit I've ever read.
>be in a relationship
>get blackmailed
>agree to have your untouched virgin pussy piston fucked to keep your secret from your lover
>oh, but we'll just have it not actually happen after you agree
>also you still want to spend the night with your blackmailer who you think is an angel despite what happened
>by the way you don't care about that secret anymore making that whole blackmail/betrayal scene pointless
>reflect on how it's bad to keep secrets, but not how it's bad to cheat on someone for a secret you end up not caring about

Tooru doesn't deserve this.

hopefully never

I want an Umi no Misaki anime.

Still waiting.



Not manga, but it's on par with the best manga out there.

This could be a great anime. Just adapt the 5 volumes to 12 episodes and end with the helicopter arc and the girls leaving the school. While we're at it get Minase Inori to play Yuki, I'd love to hear her voice Yuki's huge breakdown in the last episode. The part where Kurumi visits her home would carry very nicely to animation too.

You do know there is one, right?

Or were you just expressing your discontent with the version you got?

It's always been my favorite shonen. Bonus points if we remove Emerald's existence entirely.

TFW you will never see best reverse trap tomboy animated ;_;

And we'll never see this badass in action.

I came here to post this


It needs an anime original ending.

God I fucking love that manga!
The action is great the art is great, and I get a massive /k/ stiffy.

Next volume apparently comes with a drama CD. I heard that those are like tests to see if an adaption would work. Hopefully there's enough interest.

God I hope so. I fucking love those breech loaders.

I'm surprised nobody has posted this

>the megane childhood friend isn't a degenerate
All is right with the world.

I thought it was pretty good. I would not call it amazing.

Lurk moar

19th century tech was the shit.

Its not that good.

See, this is the hilarity of it, the author made one of the best yandere characters ever by accident, his efforts to make her look worse only made her look better because of how much she stands out.

It's better

I have the biggest hard on for mid to late 19th century tech.

pretty much all good cancelled manga

Wasn't there a fan animation some years ago?

Its Digiorno xd

Well, fuck I knew a lot of women that were like that. I know normie get out reeeee,etc

Seki got anime so I'm still hopeful

but LOST already exists

Granted, it's not like it's been running for too long, so maybe there is hope, somehow.

can't see a studio doing this justice though

This is almost guaranteed to get an anime adaptation.

if only any of Rasenjin's manga was animated (or scanlated)

>read the first 2-3 chapters years ago
>no more scans
>years later the final chapter has been scanlated
>check it out
>banana moon, banana dick, banana moon sword, banana flying though space

Can't say I expected to ever see this mentioned on Cred Forums.

don't forget lesbian sex on the moon

but yeah axed ending was axed it's going to need an anime original ending.


>there are people who think that every good manga should have an adaptation

I believe every good manga should have a GOOD adaption

I disagree. Some works don't translate well to animation.

Legend of the Strongest Man Kurosawa

I believe anything can lend itself to animation so long as you do it competently.

That's why I said GOOD adaption

my nigga

Kill me please

The thought of Teppu never getting a sequel pains me more than anything.

There's so much left to do with the story, and the author hasn't done anything else. Life is hard.


I don't usually go for muscle chicks but she does it for me.

I never really got these threads. 99% of manga will never be animated, and 99.99% of completed manga. You can basically just list any random manga that isn't in WSJ and you'd probably be right.

It's like a one page thread with more of a sense of loss and disbelief that our favorite manga will never be adapted. I do agree with the earlier user though that not everything needs an adaptation. Sometimes it's worse to get an adaptation then never getting one at all. mongolia
Wow, that was hard.


You know. I've realized that alot of manga shouldn't be adapted. I just recently actually "getting into" manga, and I finally see the gap in quality, between seasonal anime and manga

>the author hasn't done anything else
According to the japanese wikipedia article on him that's untrue, then there's also his chapter in Neo Kiseijuu, "Konya mo Eat It" which was released early this year I think. Only Teppu seems to be translated though.

Interesting, I wasn't aware. Thanks for the info.

>tfw yellow finally evolving her pokemon will never be animated
pure hype desu

i disagree because written work lends itself better to fucked up timelines or slow pacing. look at Voynich Hotel or 20th Century Boys. Those would be difficult to keep track of everything happening. I guess it could be done but it would be so difficult to get right it probably isnt worth trying.

same with pic related. id love to see it animated but the pacing is so slow that its not really necessary. the experience wouldnt be much different.

I ctrl+F'd for Tsugumomo, saw nothing.

Should I just assume it's a given that everyone is forever bummed about it being literally impossible to ever faithfully adapt to anime?

It would be too amazing for this world.

I;m 95% sure that an adaptation for tsugumomo was already announced.

It was

We already got an OAV some years ago but with the series finished over in Japan I would love to see a complete redo of Alice in Borderlands.

And I doubt that it will ever get even a drama or a live action movie

My attempt to find the source gave me a Saki spin-off. Is this right? From what I know about Saki there're no men, or hetero, so I'm pretty fucking confused.


if you're posting that I'm posting this

It's easier to wish to randomly become a millionaire so you can fund that yourself than wait for it to happen really.

Holy fuck those proportions. And I don't mean that in a good way.

But the 2 OAVs we got were great

You can add Sengoku Youko to that. Maybe Spirit Circle will be adapted tho.
Pic related could be amazing if done well. It's begging to be stretched.

Wasn't s/he really sick though? And s/he wanted to end Teppu, even abruptly to make sure it would have at least some kind of closure?

>And s/he wanted to end Teppu, even abruptly to make sure it would have at least some kind of closure?
That's what I think happened too and I don't blame her. There are enough series that don't have any closure to them and stop for one reason or another.

>Wasn't s/he really sick though?
He was in poor health from what I gather. Source was animexis I think, but I'm not completely sure:
>The appearance of 'Teppu' that was planned for this publication has been cancelled due to poor health of the author, Ohta Moare.
>The plan is to resume this series after the author recovers.
>To all the readers who are enjoying 'Teppu', although we're worrying and bothering you please look forward to Teppu after we resume publication.
>Good!Afternoon editorial department.

>And s/he wanted to end Teppu, even abruptly to make sure it would have at least some kind of closure?
That's what most likely happened, but I don't know if it's true. There are still some things left untranslated in Teppu, such as comments from the author.

Bonnouji and Prunus Girl.

what mango

Came to post this.

They could do something really creative will it art wise.

Is this somewhat like GitS?

Funny as fuck, one of the best things I've read.

>pic related is my choice

I know it had an anime, but it didn't do it justice. The manga had one of the most insane endings ever. Marathoned the whole thing, funny as hell. Great action and decent story. One of the few manga's that has left a hole that I have been unable to fill, there's nothing quite like it.

Your mom

It would be pretty hard to adapt this without cutting out some stuff. As good of a read as 20th Century Boys was; like with all of his works it was bloated with unnecessarily long side arcs. Great read, though I preferred Monster and Pluto personally.

this is why everyone hates Cred Forums

I want to fuck that cutie with striped panties.

'She' used to be 'he.'

Not much. There are very few cyborg characters.

I would call it a sci-fi action series with political intrigue and some crime drama. Also, a lot of characters die at very unexpected times. So brace yourself for that if you get attached to characters easily.

Still cute so it doesn't matter.

If you want something kinda like GiTS try Gunnm aka Battle Angel Alita. It's like GiTS meets Rollerball + Blade Runner + Elysium.

True mah nigga true.


Actually, I take that back. It's SOMEWHAT similar to GitS, just in a mostly post apocalyptic world. Also some biological mass infection type stuff.

>History went exactly like it was written
Yeah she is insane.

Atleast wait till it has enough material for a full 1-cour show.


Everything I have read by Mizukami is 9 or 10/10. The fact that this guy hasn't had a single anime adaptation for any of his works is a fucking crime. Not the best artist but his stories and characters are amazing.

Fuck off and kill yourself.

Fuck off and kill yourself.

Arrow next to post number > image search > google

holy shit for real?

I hope they don't censor the hell out of it

Spirit Circle, welcome to Cred Forums newfag.

Fuck you, the anime was awesome.


Like i didn't try that first, i hate replying in Cred Forums.

Next you could read the posts replying to it, see the mangaka's name mentioned there, and google that. Or, you know, lurk for maybe a week maximum before you'd know what that was. Kill yourself, newfag.

You're doing something wrong.

Ok neppit.

He's searching the thumbnail like a retard.

He isn't, but he's still doing something wrong.

>thumbnails are 812x1200
user, I think you're the retard here.

The ending to this was the same level of tippy and philosophizing as the end to Naussica and the valley of the wind. I don't think I liked either series last two volumes for as off the rails as they feel.

Very true, but I enjoyed the ride all the same.

I don't regret reading it it's just interesting that two series that start off as strong as they did have similar ways they fray at the end.

>ArtLand will never animate Vagabond

You don't know yet that google doesnt always give the same result?


A live-action series would be great.


And nothing of value was lost.

It isn't though.

Minato was forced into a corner, it isn't her fault that megane childhood friends are shit.

He's a rapist and blackmailer so he kind of is degenerate.

But user, it's not finished, we should wait until it ends before adaping it.

>she dindu nuffin
>she was >>>>>>>>>>FORCED
There's always got to be some dissonance.

She lied about her identity.
Then the cat got out of the bag.
Then she decided to fuck them silent.
Then she decided she didn't care about having it be a secret. OOPS TOO LATE THOUGH.
There was even a little hazy bubbly scene where she basically goes "Megane-kun... you dindu nuffin after all!", and is close to begging for her to be able to go with him.

This is why Tooru deserves better. In a just world the manga ends next chapter when Tooru finds out about the previous night, and bins her.

>Then she decided she didn't care about having it be a secret. OOPS TOO LATE THOUGH.

No, that's not right. It's after seeing how much everything got out of hand that she changed her mind. It's not that she doesn't mind, it's that she doesn't want to cause more trouble and hurt everyone further.

She feels bad for Megane and feels it is her fault he ended up so twisted and hurt, which is likely true.

About the only piece of self-loathing that was misplaced. Blackmailing is wrong, alright?

I agree, being a blackmailing attempted rapist is wrong.

It's fine and all but how would it ever get an adaptation? Like 5 minute episodes or something?

For me it's Vinland Saga, it's such a shame for a manga this good to never get an adaptation. A Vinland Saga anime done well would be fucking 10/10 no doubt about that.

>when you find it in 30 seconds instead of wasting time getting mad at not being spoonfed

Wow, I thought Cred Forums was just a bunch of faggots, but some of you have actually good taste.

>no hetero
That's what they want you to believe.


Crows, Blue Spring, all that delinquent shot would make great anime, the ovas we got for some of series's were brilliant.
Someone please translate the rest of Shounan Junai gumi please.


10 billion astroboy adaptations, and not a single one of the definitive version

Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer has to be my personal favorite. Also, I like his art. It does what it needs to do and has a very distinct style.

All of Mira's yuri manga.

I know there is a 0% chance of this ever getting adapted but it's the kind of series I would kill to see in motion just for how over the top it is.

The definitive version of Astro Boy is the original Astro Boy manga, you dumb faggot.

>flowers is dead
Fuck everything

Damn shame it didn't

To be fair it wasn't that good. Best part was when pic related showed up and that was after Flowers shit on every major character from the previous series.

His other series, Chikan Otoko was miles better

What manga is this? Google says 'cartoon'

Sentou Hakai Gakuen Dangerous
Get ready for updates never and an insane ride.

That's been happening to me a lot lately, did google fuck with their searches?

>mfw these are all me
I really am the only one who reads this. That or I need more pages to share.

never ever

/ll/ goodness

too bad the series is already finished so now there's no hope

why is he holding his gun like that

yeah it's kinda out of character for him



Updates never. Its like berserk all over again. ;_;

none, why would i want to ruin a good manga by porting it to an inferior medium

anime is shit

Well, it did get two OVA episodes, but I want a whole series.


So now that mizukami is done with sengoku youko too, whats next? Can the man produce a fourth good series?

>animated DPPT arc never ever

Arms Peddler would probably make a decent anime.

I find that manga to be overrated as fuck. It's basically kiddies first hot blooded manga.

Yeah, I could see the same studio that handled Vampire Hunter D doing a good job with it.


Probably will be animated after remake release.

So, never?

>Can the man produce a fourth good series?
Biscuit Hammer was not his first manga. Go read Sanjin Sadou and Psycho Staff and realize just how much you missed out on in his other works because you never heard of them before.

Yeah but that was the point. He threw away nearly everything from the first serie to introduce this guy and it ended before we even saw what he was intending to do.