Hair colors

Is black hair the most beautiful hair color?

most boring

That would be red with a hint of brown

That's brown.

Long black hair in a ponytail is best.

Only long black hair is the best thing about black hair, otherwise blondes and pink hair are superior.

Straight long black. Literally wife material.

>otherwise blondes, blue, purple, and pink hair are superior

Red > Blonde > Black > White > Pink > Blue > Orange > Green > Purple > Brown

I cannot decide between black and blonde, senpai.

Silver is almost always best girl therefore it is silver.

I tired with seeing long and black hair animu girl.

Is there any notable cute short black-haired girl ever?

Black>White>Blonde>Red>Green>[Everything Else]

Black is the absolute worst. Anybody who shills for black hair is probably non-white.

Shindol art?


Akame is the shittiest girl in that little chart.

Anime Akame is incredible fuckable.

Is not fair when you start by posting perfection, but no, blondes are superior.

Only when paired with M, XM, or L breasts.

>Is not fair when you start by posting perfection
My lost brother with patrician taste.


Reminder that this generation doesn't even know who Sabrina is.

Or just the disgusting redesign.

The redesign is better, faglord.

The redesign isn't disgusting you mongrel. Everything about her, redesign included is perfect.

pretty much

Her redesign is inferior in every way.

t. genwunner

Not at all but i appreciate superior designs.

Renoir called black the queen of all colors
Monet said he achieved the most beautiful colors by not using black

Long black hair is the mark of best girls.

I bet you are a numale too.

>can't appreciate art of all things without getting critized

Art's fun to look at. I'm more of a sculptorfag myself.

Long black hair is divine and only plebs will disagree.


Yes but that doesn't make it shit.

Best girls almost always have pink hair.

Prove me wrong.

I can't think of a single one.

Why even bother doing a redesign when it's worse?

I like short and white. Am I the ultimate pleb?

Don't know but it is still not shit. I guess they wanted to get rid off her apparent dark trainer who whips her Pokemon attitude.

But that's what made her more interesting.

I'm not fucking Game Freak, I don't know their reasoning.

I'm going to ask them.

It looks pretty good. But since mostly third worlders (and Jews) have it, it's usually seen as being an indication of low social status, making it less desirable.

Sorry Cred Forums but no one thinks that. You're just delusional.

Blue is the most beautiful and cutest hair colour

Hell yeah

>hurrdurr art is gay
>anime board

Look into any type of media and you'll usually see that the royals have lighter hair, while the peasants have black hair.

Black haired anime girls look more attractive with a fringe.

Actually, in anime heroic chataracters often have dark hair and extremely evil villains often have light/blonde hair.

Blonde hair is a negative trait in many anime.


Long, black hair is good, but it's even better on a tall girl.

Black hair + red eyes is perfection

I was about to post that.

I'm almost glad they didn't use Rin 0 if only... IF ONLY because current Rin's personality is total dogshit. Rin 0's design is too damned gorgeous to be wasted on a cookie cutter tsundere cardboard cut out. She needs to have a Machiavellian and scheming type of personality to balance her out.

Even though Proto Rin is an abusive Stacy I still prefer her over her shitty counterpart.