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There's a phantom mushroom this year too

"Ohhh---- the matsutake....."

"In the end, we weren't able to eat them this year either"

"Matsutake smell and taste good, so I understand the feeling of yearning for it"

"Men's mushrooms are smelly and bitter, so there's nothing good about them"
"Well, my useless sex trivia sister, you probably know nothing about that in reality" [TN: 耳年増 (みみどしま) is a young woman with superfluous sex knowledge.

Comic 1
Love and Hate

"I hate bell peppers"
I said to not to put them in

"I can't handle celery"

"I'm bad with radishes"
"Huh.... radishes... that's rare"

"I've recently reached the point of getting a fist in you see. So in the heat of the moment we inserted a radish and I thought I was gonna die"
"Using food like that...this country is decline."

Comic 2
Make you laugh

"There's so much bad news these days, there's not much to earnestly laugh about...."

"Then I'm gonna make you laugh"

"No wait a minute. I always decline at this point, so she might scold me for being obstinate..."
She'll say I like going 'No no' as well

"Okay... then I'll leave it to you"
"Here I gooooo"
"Aghhhh dammit!! In the end it's the same developmentahahaha"
"Your knees are laughing too"

Computer fucking with me. Will do more chapters soon

Comic 1
About my boyfriend

"I wanna know more about Shinji-san. For the time being, I should ask his cousin Eko several things"

"Can you tell me about Shinji-san's hobbies?"
So we can make conversation together

"Can you tell me about Shinji-san's favorite idols?"
So I can become closer to his ideal woman

"Is Shinji-san an S or an M?"
For when it comes to crunch time
"Chika, are you an S or an M?"
"This is coming from a conversation among maidens"

Comic 2
Fascinating smell

"Men's sweat is lovely"
"You think?"
It probably smells

"It's a type of pheromone.
Living things secrete it from their bodies in order to trigger physiological reactions in members of the same species......."
Idiot --->
Pure --->

"Errrrrrrrr, well.... in other words, to make it easier to understand......"

"I have scent fetish!!"

Comic 1
Her answer

Break time
"I'm bored"
"Then how about a quiz?"

"Rock, paper, and scissors. Which one is not like the others?"

Bing bong
Break time over
"Hmmmmm I give up. What's the answer?"

"The answer is paper. Rock is a fist fuck, scissors pierces both hols at the same time. Paper is only used to slap the ass"
"My 600 seconds....."

Comic 2

"The flowers don't seem lively"

"I want to water them, but are there any watering cans?"
"There don't seem to be any"

"I have no choice. I'll use that as a substitute..."

"This'll do for now..."
"Something like that can probably be used as a water jug. Although it's somewhat yellow"

Little sister's misunderstanding

Everyone is studying before exams
"Hey there"

"Oh, where's your brother?"
"Onii-chan went to his friend's place for a study session"

"I see....."

"What the!? What's with that seemingly regretful expression? No way, Aki-chan. are you....!?"
"I'm gonna be the lone tsukkomi today huh"

Comic 1
Cramped; Got hooked [TN: つる can be both expressed as 'to cramp' and 'to hook']

"Aghhhh. So tired"


"Owowowowowow My foot cramped!!"
"Ohhh, that hurts"

"It also hurt a lot when I used a nose hook yesterday"
"Help me"

Comic 2
All tight in pajamas

"Oh crap. I forgot my pajamas"

"Then I'll lend you mine"

"Oh wait..."
"It's tight around my chest"
Squish squish

".... since that'll happen you should just sleep naked!! Ohh but you'd be flaunting yourself if you're naked....."
"What's up with you?"


"We'll be starting the test now. But before that, I should go through some precautions"

"There should be nothing in your desk okay? If stuff like textbooks are in there, it could be mistaken for cheating"

"Next, you should definitely write your names first. If you don't you'll get a 0"
"They're still turned over"

"In the case where your test falls to the floor, don't pick it up. Raise your hand and tell your teacher"

"And finally, the most important one. If you stand up to go to the toilet during the test, you won't be able to participate anymore. If there is anyone who can't hold it in...."

"Definitely tell your teacher!! I will deal with it without spilling a drop"

Bing bong bing bong
"Rustle rustle"

"You guys have some amazing concentration. It's almost like my words fell on deaf ears"
"Yeah, we ignored you"

Anyways, a petit chapter.


150: A fun night stand

"I'm not sleepy so do something about it"



"I thought this would happen so I put my shoes on"
"No dirty feet"





"If you can't sleep, just force yourself to"
"You guys are gonna have college exams tomorrow"

"She said 'you guys'"
"People who pass through referrals sure are composed"

"Anyways, I can't sleep because I'm nervous!"

"Just show it off for your friends"
"Add 'compassion' in there!!"

"Lemme look it up for a bit..."
When you can't... sleep




Comic 1
Winter Fantasy

"Tests are over!"

"And now we can welcome Christmas without worry"
"Yeah that's true"

"I wonder what Santa will give me for Christmas this year"

"Hey. Somebody say something"
"We don't have the right to destroy this girl's dreams"

Comic 1
A little sister's care

"I would like to get earrings, but I'm a bit scared to get piercings."

"Well if you do, I'll teach you how to put them on."

"Thanks Aki-chan! As thanks------"

"I'll teach you how to put on a condom"
"Huh? Why?"
"Oh you!! That day with onii-chan is gonna come sooooon!!"

Sleeping method 1: Warming up your stomach

"It seems like you get sleepy if you warm up your innards"

"But how do we do that?"
"A hot water bottle or something"
"We don't have that"

"I do have a stomach band"
"That'll work"

"Stand stiiiilllll"
"So you're physically wrapping her"

Sleeping method 2: Hot milk

"If you drink this, your internal body temperature will temporarily increase. And stuff like that"
"Okay, here we go"


Forgetting to include the image is always a good sign to stop.


"But there's a problem"

"Haahhh, this calms me down"

"Since I filled my belly halfway, I'm hungry"

"You're gonna gain weight if you eat before you sleep, okay?"
Hikari made this
"Just today. Just today"

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"Oh. I feel like the soup stock is working here"
"Well, I got better at cooking thanks to the dorm lifestyle"


"Cons-tan, what're you doing?"
"I wanted to put your cooking up on Twitter"

"Hey... no, that's embarrassing"
"But Kaoru-kun will look at it, right?"

"I'll make sure it looks good"
"Okay, the part that he likes"

"Noodle ***latio"
"Never mind, stop it!!"

"And now got tired. Let's go to sleep"

"[Small text] Cramped. [Big] In my bed!?"

"Sorry, are we bothering you?"

"Not really. I already got used to it"

"But this sure brings me back"

"We spent the night together like this around the time we just met"

"Could it be"
"That they were trying to sleep with everyone one last...?"


"Good night..."

"Wake uuupp!!"

"We're gonna be late to exams!"

"Man. I'm glad we slept with you, Hikari"

"We thought you'd definitely wake us up, Hikari"
"So I was a replacement alarm clock!?"

I'll hit the hay now too. I'll wrap up petit tan tomorrow since there's not much left of it.

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