I dare you to find a better boy than Jack.
Protip: You can't.

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I completely forgot this show existed. It only aired a season ago and I watched the whole thing.

>You can't
Well I just did.


Shame on you, manlet. Kys.


Why did Lion break up with Nanko?

Okada is a hack


Has the manga ended yet?

Not yet, the manga was in break last week and will continue this Friday. The VN project bites the dust however.

I'm on your side, hellbro. Being a manlet can't stop him to reach his dream.


I really can't.

Best boy indeed.

I want to eat this delicious candy.

>implant head

I want to grab Puuko's butt.

Pink Goddess is best boy of all time.

More Sharkpon!

I was thinking about Lovepon the other day. It seems like everyone who liked her forgot about her after the show ended.

Nyanta a cute. CUTE!



Why is he so edgy in the manga?

Because he's an edgy faggot for the teenager audience in the anime as well.

People with taste know best boy is Pink Goddess, followed by the manlet.

I am in love with Sasaki-kun, but Pink Goddess is a wonderful man and so is Hellfire.



I still think about him being Speedo's gay mentor

Speedo is for_______

You're right.

Loving tenderly.

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