New Game!

Starting save file 2.

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Nenechi would be dead if she were black and in America.

>you will never achieve qpu speed with hifumi

Japan must have some really high quality security cameras.


>Umiko goes to an American gun convention
>gets shot

Good thing she's a blonde-haired blue-eyed Aryan then eh?

I'm going to pee in Aoba's butt.

I want to BE Ko-chan!

do you ganbaruzoi every morning?

please no

>tfw your life is just like Kou's but without the whole being a cute girl and having a doting not-waifu to balance out the negatives

You can't stop me, user.

Did Hifumi just ask Aoba to go steady with her?

Eh, it's a super exaggerated fantasy.

Butt this good has no reason to exist on a girl that stays at work to sit on her ass until dawn.

>Designs characters for video games.
>Long pretty blond hair.
>Cute face.
>Acceptable body.
>Has a sexy GF and at least 2 side bitches.
Me too, user. And it hurts me every time I go to sleep.

>eats sweets and drinks soda all day while sitting on her ass
>somehow not a landwhale

She gets an extensive butt workout from Rin, if you know what I mean.

If they don't name season two New Game Plus I'm going to be slightly disappointed.

I think I do.

But I wonder what's their workout regime and how does it combine all the unhealthy food Ko is eating.

Yeah, I can see Rin forcing Kou to do some calisthenics once in a while for her health.

she is japanese

She also doesn't bathe for days and a time and barely sleeps.

But still maintains flawless skin.


Remainder that Fairies Story is TOD rip off. The main character is Stahn and that black hair guy is Leon

Japanese are white.

Seemed more like a Gust game to me.
Especially with that OP.

I wonder if they'll port any Fairies Story games on PC.

We all agree that my wife Aoba is girl of the season, right?

Is a second season confirmed?


Y-yeah user, t-totally!
someone hold me

But.. I thought it was wildly popular in nipland?

You can feel the relationship imbalance here.

No my wife Hifumi is girl of the season

Are you talking about things that have happened?

What is Yuru Yuri

Not with Rem in this season

I like Hifumin better.

She reminds me how prone I am to bullying

It can happen.

For all the big talk EJ made about learning their mistakes and trying to improve after the lackluster FS2 it would seem that was all just talk. Not only have the developers NOT learned their lessons they seem to have picked up some new bad habits with their third installment.

The plot is completely unimaginative and completely predictable and the characters some of the most one dimensional you'll have seen since the 8bit systems. Nearly every "plot twist" was completely obvious and you can guess each characters role in the narrative based on their appearance on the game cover alone. The character designs themselves where completely uninspired relying on visual tropes in some vain attempt to appeal via cuteness but without the personalities and strong writing to back them up it comes off as simply saccharine. In addition the music is completely forgettable and I saw this while listening to the OST that game with the LE, it merely just blends into the background and never grips you.

Mechanically the game is competently put together with no noticeable bugs that we where able to see. Im pleased to say that whomever was programming and bug testing did their jobs correctly, however with so many other competently put together games out there it's too much to ask to invest into this dry mess.

To top it all off the game came out the gate with over 100 dollars in DLC all of which should have been in the main game and while it does fill in the needed gaps in the story one should not have to pay extra to get a complete game.

I had hopped that the people at EJ would have learned their lesson but it pains me to say that this was not the case and that FS3 is somehow even worse than FS2 was. It's always hard to a sequel right but it's becoming more and more apparent that they are merely trying to make a quick buck off the success of the first game and watching them cling to glory from a generation ago is sadder than having actually paid money for this game.

I want to smell her armpits and butthole just before she bathes when she gets home.

Beta uprising reee

Is this what Cred Forums is like?

they skipped all the christmas and ny stuff. i hope they somehow get to this in an OAV. though they're probably omitting it because they haven't cast aoba & nene's classmate

This is how I felt when I failed University. Can I be Nenecchi now?

I think my wife Yun is a bit better than your wife Aoba.

You're ruinning Aoba's carreer
she will be forced to suck 5 guys now for 10/10

yes. get that rifle and an hero.

How good are you at programming?

>Cred Forums
>constructing intelligible criticism

le pc cuck is mad


That's the thing I failed at, so shit I guess.

I'll give you hugs user.

Well that's too bad, you can't be Nenecchi.

Don't feel to bad though, programming's a terrible job.

I wanted to kill myself just trying to make a thing in Renpy

I can relate

Can't we all?

It's the only thing I thought I was good at. It was a shock failing it all. I think I've been depressed since I found out I failed earlier this year.

Is Nenecchi about to go Postal?

Is the game they're making a fujo game?
It's a studio staffed by women, the story is about a guy and his former best friend turned villain, and the trailer featured a fujobait scene with the two of them.


Nenecchi should be the main character!

Nenecchi's college adventures when?

nenecchi anime would be shit

Did you see who was lined up to buy the game?

No, they'll just spam memes and shit on the game because of it's anime looks. Tumblr will worship it only because it was made entirely by lesbians, but will never play it. #Gamergaters will trash it because of the same reason, and will also never play it. Self-proclaimed gamers are truly the worst scums on Earth.

Poor girl, everyone's having fun and she's out here sitting all alone.

So this is the power of the PZ4...

Literary me

That's an estrange way of spelling "awesome"

all true but at the end of the day the game will still probably not be all that great

>making a game about homogay dudes

She's cute. I want to be a loving husband who she looks forward to seeing when she gets home.

Lurk for 2 years before posting.

Literally every fourth lesbian anime character is a fujo for some reason.

Its a skill like any other. I'm still in school, so you can take what I say with an entire salt mountain, but you can get better with practice. I improved tons ever since I transferred simply because the projects I was forced to do really pushed me to get better.

I don't know what you're supposed to do if you fail school, but you can still do programming, even if you have to do it without a degree.


you'll never not get bullied till you take the safety off

I want to be bullied by Umiko in bed.

>new game universe
Sorry, this is all you get

But she's a background character. Surely I can at least be her loving husband right? She's not relevant enough to be a lesbian.

>she's out here sitting all alone.

Do you not see the fucking cat?

>Game about making a game
This is too meta for me.

At this point I feel like I want to stop coding all together. Take a break for a couple years at least. I'm still qualified to get an IT support job, so I'll probably do that once I've stopped pitying and hating myself for failing University.

>But she's a background character.
She becomes a real character starting volume 4. She makes the tough decisions and cries over Shizuku's shoulder because it often makes her hated.

>being a Jew
>tough decisions

Did you buy Shizuku's game, Cred Forums?

Oh shit then I guess I'll have to start reading. Her design is exactly my type of girl.

Lots of tech jobs that don't require programming, after all. Sys Admin, Network Engineer, etc. Start at a help desk and move your way up. My friend did just that and he's a Server Engineer now. Certs are incredibly important in that world, though.

sauce? for some odd reason this isnt bringing anything up

It is for PZVITA?


Is she watching me masturbate? I hope she is.

A romance VN about high school kids making a romance VN had an anime adaptation just a couple of season ago.

When will Aoba get her own kouhai?

Volume 6

Theres not enough material you fucking retard

I need more, I can't believe it's ended already.

Does she mistake Aoba for a grade schooler?

>Hu hu hu

I just want Hajime's armpits and butt in my life everyday.

>not enough material
This season adapted two volumes.
There are two more already published and a third spinoff volume.

We don't know much except that she also likes Yagami, got Aoba's name wrong at first and promises that she won't lose to Aoba.

Dogakobo has barely any season 2s as well. Sadly, it wont happen.

>falling for the Retailer Exclusive Jew

What are they even doing there? Shouldn't they be at work fixing all the day 1 bugs people are blowing up their forums with?

>New Game! The Challenge Stage! will put you in the role of Aoba Suzukaze, who is tasked with the work of creating a DLC for a major RPG title that was made in a rush.

Fucking DLC are ruining the industry

Neither of them are on the programming team


So who won the 2 PZ4? I need to know.

Its already too late.

I did.

friends aren't meant to do things like this

>Touching her bare armpit
Aoba needs to be censored.

It's okay for dommes to do it to their subs though.

How long has PZ4 been out? Why the hell does their game still have PZ3 versions?
And why the hell did Aoba buy a PZ3 version, she's literally a working adult, she can afford new hardware.

>Aoba's face when Hazuki secret bathroom camera videos are leaked on the Internet

Sensei is pretty hot.
a shame she isn't a character in the main series.

You know, until past year some developers were still releasing PSP games in Japan. Hell, I bet there will be a couple of japanese PSP games being released this year.

People might get the wrong idea


its a mobile app full of in app purchases

Thank god, who would want to watch an anime about programmers?

I want to watch an anime about Ahagon's butt and feet.

You're a mobile fag with in-ass penises.

>Nene-chan has pretty big boobs
Oppai loli are an affront against nature.

She also thinks Aoba's desk is Kou's.

>hotaru's face
>aoba's face
>Mild irritation

Nenecchi is an adult! She's a fully grown woman.

Hotaru knows what's up since she's a French slut.

>fully grown
Only her tits.

I still think the future eagle jump will have nenecchi on programming with ahogan and hotaru as a background designer akin to that french man who works with satelight.

Holy shit Hotaru, pull up your bikini, I'm almost watching your snatch

Would you rather
>[ ] BE a New Geimu
>[ ] FUCK a New Geimu

Choose wisely, Cred Forumsz

>Has a sexy GF and at least 2 side bitches.
I wish there was a good reaction image for this. As in, when retards project their fetishes on to the characters.

Be. Shit question.

Well, the New Games have jobs that they actually enjoy, so I'll go with be.

Lucky that being a newgame also involves fucking other newgames.

do not post screenshots unless it's 1080p.

>Be a New Game
This isn't even a win-win. It's a win-win-win.

This is a false dichotomy.
You can be a New Geimu and fuck a New Geimu at the same time.
Unless you're Rin, then you're just friendzoned forever.

>the only confirmed gay character is a man

There's a man?

Hotaru isn't a man she's a cute french girl

I enjoyed New Game a lot more than I expected, I actually cried a bit during the finale and now I'm sad that it's over. I just think that the yuri undertones cheapen the relationships between the characters a little. Romantic feelings undermine the friendship and mutual support IMO. I'd just have Hizumi be a weird yuri creep (but also a qt) and leave out the rest of the undertones personally.

Hes lying. The hedgehog clearly said no boys


>labeling Hifumi the yuri creep when Rin was much more overt about her crush on Kou

Literally, who.

I'm not labeling her, I'm just saying she's the only overt yurifag I'd keep. Rin-Ko is the relationship that is most cheapened by Yuri undertones in my opinion. Personally I'd think their relationship would be much more significant and much more beautiful if they didn't have romantic feelings for eachother.

Stop shitting up the thread. Kill yourself.

I don't think you're a very unautistic man.

I'm horrible with chink names.

Why do you think it cheapens it?

>he wasn't even talking about Hifumi

Of course you do, because you're the faggot that likes faceless man rape doujins.

The way I see it there's a big difference between supporting someone because you want the V and supporting someone because you simply know she needs the support. I can more easily see them as just friends who have been together through thick and thin and have grown together, rather than two ladies who just want to scissor. Romantic feelings between the two would feel needlessly shoehorned in.

You wouldn't be saying the same thing if Kou was a boy.

I like Yurishit as much as the next guy and unironically enjoyed the shitshow called Valkyrie Drive. It just doesn't feel right because of the context. But that's just like, my opinion man.

I think you're just confusing love with lust. Loving someone isn't simply a matter of wanting to get in their pants.

What's the age gap between Hifumi and Aoba anyways?

I see a lot of people on these boards do this, too. Like just about whenever you see a guy being nice to a girl, people will accuse them of "thinking with their dick". It's like they've never been in an actual relationship in their lives.

Somewhere between 2 and 20 years.

When will Fairies Story 3 available on Steam?

Oh, I see. I don't agree with your assessment. Romantic feelings are more than just sexual, they are about love and support too. Their feelings probably grew because they stuck together and supported each other.

To me the most overt and genuinely yuri thing about this series is Rin's obvious feelings for Kou and I like that.

>Love-Lust dichotomy

I think Aoba is 18 and Hifumi 23. I think the anime confirmed both ages (Hifumi explicitly being stated to be 23, and Aoba simply being out of High School). I could be wrong though.

Hifumi is 24

>Hifumi explicitly being stated to be 23
Please don't pull things out of your ass, user. It stinks up the thread.

It's Umiko-san.

It's Umigon.

Who is Aoba's Rin?


Arguably nenechi or hifumi, I'd prefer hifumi

>Hair and skin almost the same color
She'd be perfect if her hair was black or silver.

true answer: Hifumi
truer answer: Hotarun

look at this master guardian


I want to kiss her on the cheek while she smiles like that.

This author really loves blondes.

She's fine as is, which is pretty impressive for a dark skin

i'm kind of glad the way it ended. time to pick up the manga now

>Nenecchi looks like a dick

It amazing how its fit her personality

What do you guys think Shizuku smells like? She looks like a classy lady that would smell like fancy perfume. Not one of those girly, fruity smelling perfumes but one of the deeper, "heavier" scented ones befitting of a woman like herself. She wouldn't be oversaturated in that fragrance, but just enough to be picked up when she walks past you.

Master Guardian ELITE

Also seems to be fond of purple hair

That guy needs to do an old-lady shop on her instead of Aoba. I'd fit her perfectly.

She smells like a cat in heat

forgot pic

Like caramel and coffee.

Some of you girls are cool.
Don't come to university tomorrow.

That actually sounds like a pleasant smell.

I only just realized this but Nene's haircut would look terrible in real life.
It even looks bad in anime.

Haduki-san fucks little girls and doesn't pay them overtime compensation.

Like pussy and you don't know if it's hers or someone else's

Hifumi might be younger than Kou and Rin, at least. In that scene where both of them left to do something, she said something about being the older one left.
...Unless she was talking about how long she's been working in there, in which case there's still the possibility of Hifumin being a cutegranny.

In terms of long term friendship, Nene. However, Aoba gets a lot of serious talks with Hotaru about their dreams and shit in volume 5. Kinda weird because they even point out that Nene's presence prevents things from being too serious but when it's just the two of them, they tend to get into more serious talks. Reminds me of the exclusive feeling Kou and Rin has when in private compared when they're in other people's company.

If I dress up like a little girl will she take pictures of me and fuck me?

Wow this company deserve to become bankrupt.

This wouldn't fly in America, someone call the media.

>taking chinese comic books seriously

>"You've got to pick the tasty looking fruits while they're young"
Holy fuck
That's some watch list level shit there Hazuki.

Whoa, are you implying that Cred Forums is anything but a bunch of barely-literate highschool dropouts?

There is LITERALLY nothing wrong with an older girl getting with a younger girl.

>This wouldn't fly in America, someone call the media.
They're oppressed minorities, of course it would.

>creating a DLC for a major RPG title that was made in a rush.
I smell a company at the brink of bankruptcy.

>They're oppressed minorities
Indeed, they're the highly endangered Blonde Japanese.

After Half-Life 3

It would fly in America, but only if you're working in a theatre. Shit's really gay, mang.

>You will never be a cute highschool girl and land the job of your dreams right after graduating from high school

She's Japanese, they can have those kinds of haircuts.

of course
because pic related

I always thought short bangs look fucking retarded in anime but they actually don't look quite as bad in real life.

>There is LITERALLY nothing wrong with an older girl getting with a younger girl.
This. Age gap a best.

>You'll never be a woman in the western gaming industry with an army of beta white knight at her beck and call
>All the while getting no blame no matter how much you fuck up
I don't want to wake up tomorrow

>one guy last thread said that a story about the making of Fairies Story 2 would have been serious and dark and instead we got Nene and Friends: the anime
>finally read the newly translated chapters
>author actually thought of writing a volume about Kou's past but deemed it too dark

Huh. Would be interesting if he went ahead with it in the future. Seeing the eccentricities of the japanese industry more seriously would be fun.

Be a New Geimu and then proceed to fuck all other New Geimus.

Cred Forums help, is Hifumi a super introvert or an extrovert with crippling social anxiety?

She can't be an introvert with social anxiety, otherwise she wouldn't be emoting over IM or be so into cosplay.


Being an introvert doesn't mean you have the personality of a robot, user.

She was an extrovert until she got an abusive boyfriend in high school. He fucked and abused her until her confidence shattered.

>Old Game: A New Game prequel
>It starts out with a young, ambitious and star-eyed Kou taking over as the new Art Director
>Her star pupil and the apple of her eye is a cute girl called Anzu, the Aoba stand-in
>On day one some creepy dude from the programming department seku-hara's Anzu
>Kou wants to reprimand him, but Shizuku warns that his father holds a lot of influence within the government and could bankrupt the entire company for violating labor laws
>She is forced to ignore the sekuhara of her star pupil
>In hopes of at least minimizing the harassment, she moves Anzu to her own office where she can keep an eye on her
>But Kou goes full workaholic mode, demands Anzu keeps up with her and scolds her severely when she doesn't
>She has to stay at the office multiple times
>More than once she collapses in the middle of the workday due to sleep deprivation
>Her co-workers sabotage her work because they're jealous of her star pupil status and suspect her being subject of favoritism
>After she's forcibly stripped topless and trapped in a locker for multiple hours, she hands in her resignation
>Kou goes into a deep depression, not leaving her house for days
>The final page is just blackness with a single sentence in white letters
>"Welcome to Japanese corporate life"

Im pretty disappointed honestly, i was initially interested with the premise, but they didn't really do as much as i wanted with it. It really just left the premise to focus on the cute girls, who while cute, were not enough to make up for wasting such an interesting premise. Not to mention other shows this season did the cute grills thing better. It was still interesting enough for me to stick with it until the end though, although i was hyped and hoping it would end up as my AOTS or maybe even AOTY I guess AOTS is now going to MP

>manga time kirara
What did you expect?

>tfw author really goes ahead with it and focuses on the newbie that quit because of Kou
That'd be some mood whiplash compared to the rest of the series.

>tfw newbie Chi-chan quits company and becomes a high school teacher instead

she is a little robot-y sometimes

But an extrovert who's too scared to start conversations will be pretty much a robot.

>But an extrovert who's too scared to start conversations will be pretty much a robot
No. No it would not.

I'm going to miss this show. Even if it really wasn't that good for a dogakobo show, it had its moments and it also did an amazing job at making me forget about the awful shit that was Sansha Sanyou.

>NO MORE comfy mondays
>NO MORE hu hu hu
>NO MORE bully the tomboy
>NO MORE lusting after hifumi's delicious body

>NO MORE listening to 2hu's magical accent

>magical accent
It's not like it's uncommon.

>implying someone would ever find out

It's uncommon coming from a snarky gothloli nerd.

I think just a glance at the employee roster would make things pretty obvious.

My wife Sakura-san is so cute

ISIS videos got a lot more colourful all of a sudden.

You'd think we're used to this after years of having our cute girls taken away after three months, but it always hurts. And the pain seems to get progressively worse every time.

Probably because we get more depressed and lonely every day.

it's pretty powerful

The next moeshit will come soon enough.

>No more comfy mondays
Not so fast.

Japanese games don't need patches, because they come out when they are finished and work as intended.

It's only western devs who don't care about their games and just want to make money on their shitty art project.

I heard this show will have much more game dev than NG, is it true?

27 years old autism.

Her age seems to go higher and higher every time it's mentioned.

Holy poop undeniably AotS

She's cute and has a sexy body though so it's okay.

Why hire people to find bugs when you can just make your consumers do it. They also have to pay you first to do it instead of the other way around.

My wife Aoba is so cute

>27 years old autism.
You rang?

Dude there's like 3-4 moeshit shows next season. Relax.



Why even release a completed game when you can just release an early alpha devoid of content and ridden with bugs?

You'll even gain a large contingency of devoted fanatics who will defend and shill your product on the internet and cry, "b-b-b-but it's EARLY ACCESS! They're still WORKING ON IT!" every time criticism is leveled against it.

Then you can just outright abandon the product before it's even completed once you've squeezed enough money out of your idiot consumers. They'll cry and protest and swear they'll never ever buy another game from you, but you know that they're just going to keep repeating the same dance over and over.

No need to do that, just leak a photo of Aoba and everyone will want to buy your games.

>No need to do that, just leak a photo of Aoba and everyone will want to buy your games.
Or put her in the game itself and watch as her popularity eclipses that of the main characters.

This bit at the end was a great way to finish

Will her parents see it?

That policewoman looks awfully famoloar, don't you think?

*familiar. Fuck I'm too drunk.

She looks like the nurse

what are moonland's laws regarding airsoft in public anyway?

>hajime wants the cosplayer to make a slutty pose from the game

Why is she so interested in girls making slutty poses that she presumably animated it and then wanted a real life girl to replicate it?

This took me by surprise.

she's gay

10/10 ending.
Can't wait for S2 ;_;

I expressed amusement even more thoroughly than a light nasal exhale when Nenecchi came into frame with her assault rifle.

Nene's voice is so good. I hope her VA gets more good roles. All the VA was good in general.

Webbum with sound where?

>that tiny peek of ZR

Is this even legal

Thanks God this show takes place in Japan. Nenecchi would've been shot dead immediately were it happening in Burgerland

Who was VA-chan voiced by anyways?

No she wouldn't, she isn't black.

Reminder that Hotaru goes to France and starts selling candy shop to help with her tuition.

Where did she get a candy shop from?

Nailed it



What game is close to fairies story? I wish I could play Aoba's hard work

I can just hear Hero-kun and Rival-kun passionately screaming each other's names as they clash blades in the final battle and every fangirl in a mile radius simultaneously orgasming.

Meanwhile Heroine-chan is irrelevant to the plot and crucified by fujoshi for getting in the way of their ship and Sophia enters martyrdom and becomes the number one most tagged character on Pixiv and even trends on Twitter for a short while.


An Cred Forumsnon would truly be an Cred Forumsnon only when he can fap to Pop Team Epic

She's not part of the developer team, just a hotel employee, so it's ok.

>when you're surrounded by dozens of cute drunk girls who won't remember anything in the morning

>just a hotel employee
She's the producer.

Someone should make a compilation of Hifumi's blushes like Nenenoise

A nice ending to a great show.

My only complaint is that there isn't enough Hifumi.

Yes, and its a Manga Time Kirara property.
So a second season is pretty much a given. It just might not be by Dogakubo. Although even their supposed aversion to doing sequels is not actually born out by their history.

Isnt that the voice actress?
Is that girl with her, her manager or personal assistant?

Are they a couple?

Why are they so against doing sequels anyway in the first place?

No that's Rin's boss.

which episode does it shows this?

>Making Nene's voice even more high pitch
Why is this allowed?

Season 2 Episode 7.

Everyone's a couple. Yet I still find myself alone.

A-user, I

I do this with my friend all the time
His boobs dont feel that good though. Maybe girls boobs are different or sth


>Aoba only got hired because she was cute

Yeah. I heard girls boobs feel pretty nice.

It's realistic.

I don't know why everyone keeps treating Nenecchi like a buffoon when she's consistently more well informed than Aocchi.

No studio is "averse" to doing S2's despite what the memes may say.

It all depends on whether publishers think their properties need more promotion.

Some anime studios just have better working relations with certain publishers so they end up adapting a bunch of stuff that never gets a second round of anime promotion.

So really, it's a better idea to look at the history of the publishing label rather than the studio animating it.



>no more Memecchi

thank god


Do this one.

Thank you.

>28 years old

2D holding a 3D book is weird.

Nice. Hifumi and Aoba will become great Mahjong players.

how do you know her age?



HOW can she KEEP getting away with it?

memecchi a best

Only 101? Is that a book for newbies, Hifumi-senpai?

I knew I was going to be devastated after it ended

but holy shit that's too much


If this anime's world is based on the States

-Every girl tend to go home early
-Complain about their present environment
-Game is only FPS


I just bought Fairies Story 3!

That was a really great ending.

She IS a buffoon user. The kind of girl who always ruins things for everyone. She has "that guy" mentality.

If this anime's world is based on the States you would get Rin giving blowjobs to five game journos to ensure Fairies Story 3 gets positive reviews.

>400 dollarydoos

I hope that comes with a bonus big titted tomboy or something


It hs a ton of stuff included

Someone please compile all of Yamada's appearances.

I want to have a blood transfusion with Hajime.

I want to drink a glass of her sweat.

Volume 4 translation when?

Doki are done with volume 5, so I think they'll start volume 4 soon.

I want to taste her piss.

What the fuck? How does that make any sort of sense?

Volume 5 was the high school chapters.


Volume 5 is a prequel spinoff and was released at the same time as volume 4.
They translated it alongside volume 3.

>EagleSoft cuts a deal with Compile Heart to produce an secondary line Nep game

I want to bathe in her piss.


Rember tochoose nene if youwant to have healthy children

Right if Im allowed to rip off my inner ear first


>the obese cat

Tits that big don't belong on children.

>below nigger
fuck off

patrician taste

You are the official physical form of the shit taste

Here bro. I fixed it for you. Remember to always double check what you've written, so these kinda mishaps won't happen again

>Hating on Nene

Sure is pleb taste in here

nene is for brutal violent rape and dismemberment

>Sophia's corpse


Nothing against the latter girls, I just like former ones more.

More like normal taste
Do you really enjoy getting your eardrums shattered by a kid who sounds like she has 4 dildos shoved up each nostril

Did it sell good enough for another season?

>having shit taste this bad

It outsold everything except Love Live. So probably.

>Kou is below negro

Did the mods ban stalker threads? I haven't seen one in months.

Reminder that Aoba is evil only acts cute so she can steal your beloved waifu. DO NOT BE FOOLED.




The BDs don' t ship for another 7 days.
But, Vol 4 and "Vol 5" the prequel manga who both released on 7/27 both sold over 50,000 copies in their first week.
And since Manga Time Kirara and their parent company Houbunsha are the ones paying for this, and those are the numbers that impress them, the odds are good for a sequel.
Also helping is that Manga Time Kirara's flagship series, Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu Ka, and their former #2 Kiniro Mosaic are both stuck with production problems due to the illness of Taneda Rize who plays main characters in BOTH franchises. Running out another season of New Game while they decide whether or not to take the risk of recasting Rize and Aya, is probably the best use of their money right now.

>girl wrap
>backdoor imperialism
>the eagle has landed
>anti-gravity girl

Next episode is less than a week away. I wonder what game they'll be working on next.

I honestly wasn't expecting NTR. Poor Rin.

Ed Gein Simulator. Partially Aoba's idea.


>Both feature Nenecchi as OP pic

My dream is to work at a game or animation studio as a writer. Never going to happen, but I love shows like this and Shirobako.


Is there any heterosexual person in that company?



Yes, but just one, and they have to act gay to keep their job.

There will be something else next season. There almost always is.

Heterosexual. Penis in vagina.


Even if it's gross it's still necessary to create the faggots that you love so much.

I can't help it.

>(28 KB, 540x309)


The company that thought this was a good price to bring to market ought to go out of business and its employees sent out to live in the streets.

>penis necessary to reproduce

Benis in vagina :DDD

I want more Nene and Ahagon shenanigans. They have good chemistry. I actually felt sad when Ahagon just bluntly said no to Nene when she wanted to come debug again.

Why was this anime so good? I never felt sad when any other anime ended.

Read the manga, there's more Nene/Ahagon there.

Nodotits pls go. iPS does not work 99% of the time.




How hard should I preorder this? I'm afraid that she will bully my other dakis.

Just keep her in your basement.

follow your dreams, user

That post-credits bit was really funny.

give up, there's always going to be someone with more talent than you. hard work won't ever beat talent, nor does it pay off.aim for a more realistic job, user.

My dream is to do translation, just started learning Spanish and German. Don't let your dreams be dream.

The ending made me feel a bit less melancholic

Now, this is something.

Fuck off Yun.

Aoba pls don't bully user-kun

I know. I've written a lot--an entire season of anime and excessive notes for follow ups--and have documents for a couple films. But I don't have connections or money, nor do I know if I'm even that good.
My life is a waste.
I wish that would amount to anything, Aoi. But Aoba is probably right.

Is there any video about Nene being meme?



Nah man. Wrong attidute. No shit there's always gonna be someone better than you, but what you bring to the table is unique and that uniqueness is something to be proud of in itself, and a reason to keep going forward
Motherfucker if you get discouraged by that you really don't deserve it


Oh, I haven't stopped trying. I just try not to get haughty and think my success is a guarantee.

Sakura-san, stop hogging the network with Youtube, I'm trying to download macOS Sierra

Great. It's good not to let it get into your head, but a lot of people mix it up and put themselves down in the process

Don't worry, user. I will one day be a cute stressed out girl working in the entertainment industry behind the scenes.

>macOS Sierra
Ahagon would never do something like that.

That's the spirit

>Spoiling the ending of your own game while waiting in line to buy it


>Not using Apple

If this was anything but 2d, this would be a huge, huge mistake.

Nene's so shit she ruined the episode, season and plot device.


Japanese 2D gays do not have to follow the same rules as western 3D gays.

>Theres not enough material

It's a SOL - how difficult would it be to do anime original content?

It could be worse. The dream I'm working towards is to be a pro wrestler.

>Manga Time Kirara

I have never disliked a single anime adaptation from this manga serialization company except one.

Also, why can't they do shoulder-a-coffin-kuro already?!

>I also thought about doing a story about Kou's past, but the story would be pretty dark, and the main character is Aoba!
>so I did a story about Aoba's past
Fuck you too author.

Don't use Aoba to put down anons

>a story of your day-to-day office life with even more stress and autism
what the fuck? who wants this?

That was such a sweet ending.

>not wanting delicious Kou despair
>not wanting to watch the daily hazing from her fellow employees get even worse as she's promoted even further up the company ladder
>not wanting to watch her soul break as her kouhai hands in her resignation form

You sick fuck.

That's literally just the story of anyone who's had to play office politics ever + lesbian hazing.

Actually, that doesn't sound so bad after all.

I want fat smelly bald men to mating press Aoba when Hifumi watches.


Umiko needs to use Windows to code with Visual Studio, baka. Haven't you been looking at her screens?

Only male gays use Apple stuff. Female gays use Wangblows, Loonix and BSD.

Why is Ahagon so smug? It is Yun who was supposed to be the smuggest newgame in the beginning.

What will we do without our weekly Nenecchi fix, boys?

I plan to masturbate to lolicon until season 2 is announced

Better off in life, Nenecchi is scum.

Their magnum opus got three seasons.

Nenecchi is cum.

Nenecchi is um

Nenecchi is MINE.

No. Nenecchi is mine!

Nope. She's my cute wife.

Too bad. She's actually my cute wife.


You're wrong. I married her yesterday.

I thought I recognized Sakurako

I'm correct. I married her two days ago.

God my wife Aoba is so sexy.

Are you calling my Nenecchi a slut? She would never marry you when she knew she was gonna marry me.

>This wouldn't fly in America
I see you are ignorant about how the entertainment industry works.

My dear Nenecchi doesn't even know who you are. She's creeped out about you pretending to know her. Leave my wife alone.

Hifumi-senpai would be scared if you dress like this, Abao.

She's in our bed with me right now and she's asking me to tell you to stop. That's probably Aoba or some other slut with you.

What are you talking about? She's by my side, resting her head on my shoulder ride now on my couch. I think you're fibbing user.

>fapping to lolicons
Now that's a weird fetish.

I have proof. I just took a picture of her. Look. She's embarrassed and angry at you for lying.


She's outside there though. When did you take a picture of my wife? Taking a picture of her like that is pretty creepy. That's why she looks disgusted in you. I'll have to keep her safe from creeps like you.

>This wouldn't fly in America, someone call the media.
t. person who's been living under a rock for the past 2 years

You busted me. I'm stalking her. She will be mine.

You'll never see my wife Nenecchi again!

I can see her whenever I want. i downloaded all the episodes.

And I didn't think she could be hot
Boy was I wrong

user who made the Nene sounds compilation has to deliver now.

That's fine. I'll be the only one who see's my wife's most intimate and cutest moments with me.

>you will never hear nene sounds while you pound her cunny

I want to protect Sophia-chan

When will Rin and Kou announce that they're having a baby? Goddamnit Kou.

She is dead, user.

i want to feel the aobutt

Oh, I can wait for the doujins to see her lewd body get punished by the dick.

also the nene butt

I'd actually worship that one.
Such a fine butt.

>comes into your room
what do?

I want to ecchi Nene

Molest her sister Yun.

Ecchi Sketchy Nenecchi!

I can't do anything, her onee-san's already killed me for my blood.

The only dick she'll ever see or use is mine though. She's my wife after all.

Tell Yun

Is she in my house? I'm usually naked in my house if I don't have guests.

I heard there's a way to keep her from dying.

After how lazy and shitty Atelier Sophie was, you're rewarding them with $400 dollars? No wonder they don't even try anymore- otaku will buy dogshit if it comes with "limited edition" merch

Aoba is so dead


Damn. Need a doujin of hifumi being abused by said boyfriend.

You are not Ahagon

That's a shame. I was hoping she'd see my special place.

Heheh. Keep telling yourself that, user.

Not him, but I really enjoyed Sophie. I didn't think it was as fun as the Arland ones, but I had a lot more fun with it than the only Dusk game I played.

Why are Aoba's villagers look so shit quality, cheaply made and samefaced?



Don't worry Rin will accept threesome.

Hajime's ass sweat!

I hope you wear undies senpai. Sitting down and spreading fecal matter on chairs is disgusting.

i want to cuddle aoba

…if Aoba stays in the cage during the entire process.

I want to kiss her tummy.

What if Kou is into young girl like Aoba ?

Looks like we'll be needing two cages.

What if Kou is into dudes?

I need Nene noises right now.

>you will never prank call Ahagon
>Ahagon will never find you and scold you

>you will never shower with Ahagon

They should make an energy drink based on its taste.

I'd be happy to taste test Hajime's ass sweat drink. I hope they also make a Hajime pee flavour.


Around blacks never relax.

Yeah, it was a joke compared to the Arland series. The whole Atelier series went to shit when they stopped paying Kishida.

Yeah I played Escha and Logy, which I thought was pretty dull all the way through. Still, I enjoyed Sophie somewhat, even though I didn't as much as the Arland games and I'm looking forward to the next one.

>i'm taking this ho with me. ya'll seem cool don't call the cops

>watched it on himado to see the japs reaction to it
>all those Rin, NTR end and yandere jokes

I need more monoeye Aoba.

Rin is okay with it because she knows she's the wife.


Nips are so obsessed with NTR they can't comprehend simple father/daughter interaction.

>boss gives you preferential treatment because of a past trauma
>reassure her that you'll keep following her so she shouldn't worry further ensuring your boss gives you preferential treatment

Aoba knows how to play the game.

Creating tension between herself and the co-producer is not playing the game right.

Aoba just has to pretend that Rin is the mommy while secretly undermining her and she's good to go.

It's okay if the tension is sexual.

I'm going to steal Kou from both of them!

>Hajime is a tomboy goddess
>Nene is a little shit
>tfw they have the exact same personality and childish hobbies

why is this allowed?

Good man. I'll take Rin on the rebound.


>I am a God among men
>you are a little shit
>tfw we have the exact same personality and childish hobbies
Why is this allowed?