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Wow, it's as if these were posted in an already-existing SnS thread, and most have already been translated by Royal.

I find the lack of Alice disturbing.

>>No Alice
What in the nine circles of hell is this bullshit?

Erina > Arato > Megumi > Meat

Top grade meat right there.


Hishoko BUTTS

It's nice until you realize the anatomy is garbage.

>Pretending to know anything about anatomy

user actually look at her.

>those modest megumins

>those righteous meats

A true breast lover, etc.

She's in model and well drawn. Maybe the pose makes you thing the anatomy is wrongbecause you are shit

>in model and well drawn.
You and I both know that these are completely meanless and useless terms.
They literally mean nothing.
The anatomy is shit.

Ok, whatever "important things dont matter in muh manga" user

those country fresh vegetables

I'm not making a value judgement on those terms i.e it's not important.

I'm saying that those terms literally don't mean anything in the context of describing art.

Neither does anatomy since you have shit for eyes. Go outside and stop looking in the mirror as a scale.

Oh lordy. That Erina body and Hishokobutt.

For breeding.
Finally a Tosh butt.
Too pure.

Reposting Royal's translation from the old thread

Jump GIGA Special Project!! // Original work by Saeki-sensei!! [Shokugeki no Soma] sealed-page special chapter!!
Jump GIGA vol.3 Special Project!! The heroines in gravure swimsuits à la weekly listing magazine!!

Title: weekly PLAYCHEF

Opening gravure // The God Tongue has a Godly Body!!
The pride and “First Seat” of the bishoujo at Tootsuki Academy // NAKIRI ERINA

Left, top to bottom:
- Special feature to commemorate the new director’s inauguration!!
Exclusive interview with Nakiri Azami
“We will revolutionize the culinary world”
- Color special
10 tricks to enjoy the Moon Banquet Festival!!
- We asked 300 male students:
“Which Female Elite Do You Want as Your Girlfriend”
- [Pure Heart Contrast] by Tsukuda Yuuto
Ranks 1st on Oricon
- Saeki-sensei’s Rating
“Top 5 Most Adorable Ferrets”
- Columns:
Kobayashi Rindou’s Theory on Outlaw Cooking
Revolutionary Medicinal Cooking Turtle Plan
Yukihira Souma’s Hilarious Cooking Commentary

Side strip:
Striking gravures in sealed pages!! Carefully open with a cutter or scissors! Be careful not to cut your hand!

Amazing Tootsuki-edition gravure swimsuit special!!
Major infiltration of the forbidden private beach!! A spectacularly immodest shot of THAT girl!!

Reposting Royal's translation:

A prim gaze
A prim word of farewell

But I also know
The smile behind them

Erina Nakiri
Born March 23
Height 162cm
B88 W56 H87
Blood type: AB
Profile: The former director’s granddaughter and 10th Seat in the Elites. The God Tongue also possessed a godly bust.
Styling / Tsukuda Yuuto
Hair and makeup / Saeki Shun

Reposting Royal's translation:

Those fluttering eyes, that pursed lip…
Oh, I cannot help

But fall in love with you
Over and over

Megumi Tadokoro
Born December 19
Height 154cm
B79 W55 H81
Blood type: O
Profile: A girl that came to Tootsuki Academy from the countryside. Says Tsukuda: “She has the best hips of them all”.
Styling / Tsukuda Yuuto
Hair and makeup / Saeki Shun

Royal's translation:

Don’t be shy

If it’s you…
I’m fine with whatever you do to me

Izumi Mito
Born May 4
Height 163cm
B90 W57 H88
Blood type: B
Profile: A meat specialist, often known as Nikumi. Her finely toned body is also special.
Styling / Tsukuda Yuuto
Hair and makeup / Saeki Shun

Royal's translation:

I want you to hold me
until I melt

I’ll never say this…
to anyone besides you

Hisako Arato
Born October 14
Height 161cm
B80 W56 H79
Blood type: A
Profile: Nakiri Erina’s secretary with remarkable loyalty. Being called Hishoko is recently her pet peeve.
Styling / Tsukuda Yuuto
Hair and makeup / Saeki Shun

>I’m fine with whatever you do to me.


That's surprising that Erina's probably the oldest out of all of them.

Jesus, i have the same birthday date and blood type

you're a natural boxer then

Do you also have nice hips?

>not doing THAT POSE


purest and best girl in these images is dojima

There's (probably fake) spoilers saying there is a kissu next chapter.

There's no way, only if it's like jun and hayama

We haven't seen any other revels for a while

>Hayama and Jun kissing
I wish this was real.

I see them, but I don't believe them.

It's not too surprising. I mean, she's their sensei now and everything.

Obviously fake. That spoiler was posted yesterday.

Sauce for this?

I like how the profile only sees fit to mention her relation to Senzaemon, but not Azami.

too soon for hayamaxjun kissu
I expect it at some point though

>yfw it's actually Soma kissing Erina

Erina: Now just a minute!!!

Erina: W-What is this project!? // I heard it was important work related to the Academy’s administration…!
Mitsuru: It IS important! This will be the main feature of Totsuki Sports Special Edition “Weekly PlayChef”!

Mitsuru: I’m sure every ToSpo reader will snap up this issue for the gravure!
Megumi: I… I-I can’t become a bride no more…
Text: Sadatsuka came running when she learned of Hisako onee-sama’s gravure
Mitsuru: Okay! Time for the grueling proofreading and printing! // We’re going to get busy!!
Hisako: So you’re saying Erina-sama’s unblemished and divinely beautiful body–

Hisako: will be exposed to the public eye?
Mitsuru: A-A-All right…
Mitsuru: We’ll shelve this project… hahaha…
Meat: Hand over the data, we’ll get rid of it.
Mitsuru: S-Sure… huh?

Mitsuru: The USB drive with the pictures is gone…?
All: EH?

Hinako: Ufufufufu…
Hinako: I simply must hoard Megumi-chan’s naughty pictures for myself… (I swiped it)
Hinako: Now… let’s feast our eyes.
Sfx: Flash

Have I grown up to become

One of the adults I admired
in my childhood…?

Gin Doujima
Born April 3
Height 188cm
B126 W90 H108
Blood type: A
Profile: The general head chef of Totsuki Resort. All the cooking at Totsuki is managed by him. Bodybuilding is part of his daily routine.
Styling / Tsukuda Yuuto
Hair and makeup / Saeki Shun

Hinako: Chef Doujima was participating too…!?
Text: The gap between what she was expecting was too much and Hinako-san fainted!!
Text: It wasn’t much!!

Based Nao.

What would we do w/o you.

Anyway, will you be here to TL the spoilers, tomorrow.

Depends on when they drop. By the time I arrive the Korean scans/MS may already be out. If they're not, I'll do the spoilers or resume work on the LN.

By the way is anyone going to edit the above pages?

So, what does the current fake spoilers say, plus the comments below?

>By the way is anyone going to edit the above pages?
I'm assuming the Cred Forumsnon who does such stuff will follow up from here.

>Weekly PlayChef

Any word on if the anime will get a third season?

I'm glad they at least went through the Stagire arc for it.

Will the five flavor berries be enough to beat Hayama, or will Soma fight spices with spices?

Whose side will Rindou be on in the end?

I want to see Erina and Umis this week, fuck Hayama.

Mitsuru confirmed for the Chad student who transfers in in year 2

She'll side with Soma ultimately

>another edition to his harem
>Erina will still win in the end because "YOU WILL SAY IT'S DELICIOUS!"

>He won't go with the superior dark meat
>He won't go with the superior Cousin
>He won't go with the superior Senpai

>implying we won't get the Soma power hour and everyone else gets maybe a page and a half to say "hey we won but it was hard"

2/3 of those are taken and the third isn't as good as Erina

>dark meat
She's shit.
She's got her Mad Dog.
She's got Tsukasa.

>She's got her Mad Dog.
>implying MD isn't gay for some Italian sausage

naturally the best girl.

Guess I'll do it since nobody else wants to

I'm guessing this means "female character" now.


You new or something?

>literally first line of dialogue

Hinako is a lesbian. There's almost a 0% chance she will end up with Shinomiya.


I want to make Hisako realize her body is just as beautiful and wonderful as the others.

What is this? It doesn't look like a doujin.

It's a doujin, now go look for it.

Sorry, had to step away for a minute.
>Hayama flashback
>suits are rounding the clubs and notifying them of closure
>they come to Shiomi Seminar too and read aloud Jun's accomplishments as a researcher, youngest professor to be appointed by Totsuki, top notch contributor to various gourmet research groups
>Hayama asks why they're shutting her down then
>suits say the Director wants chefs, not researchers
>Hayama angrily protests, says many of their spices has to grow under very delicate conditions and, after selective breeding, some specimens exist only in Shiomi Seminar and nowhere else in the world - it would take two months to move them
>Hayama asks if the new director is so stupid that he cannot understand the value of those spices, and the suits reply they have no value to Central
>Hayama is about to lash out when the suits surround them, ready to respond with force
>Jun tearfully intervenes; tender moment between Jun and Hayama, kissu

Some of the comments:
>if they did this for real the fujoshi will blow a fuse going "KYAAA MY HAYAMA-KYUN"
>laughed at the end
>what is this, Nisekoi?
>this doesn't match the target audience, lel
>I would be fine with this but it's still not clear why he joined the Elites!!
>fake spoilers start out legitimate, but the ending
>it's like an ero doujin
>goddammit I started to believe it halfway through
>I was actually moved while reading it but the last part made me laugh
>this is seriously gross
>"What the fuck!?" Suits & Azami: (°Д°) flabbergasted
>I like it, this is how fake spoilers should be
>haa... haa... lewd!!
>I got tricked
In a nutshell, they don't buy it.



just copy/pasted whatever royal had
if you wanna redo it have at it

>In a nutshell, they don't buy it
It was way too early for spoilers, anyway. The first part was convincing, but the latter was pure fantasy, for now.

Thanks for the TL, anyway.

Did you make a typo on Hisako?

It's supposed to be "Hizago", not "Hisago", right?

Lucie is best girl. All other girls can go home.

Can you do the same for the rest of the pages?


Who the hell voiced her? Sounded like that granny from Re:zero & Railgun.

oh fuck me i don't know why i did that

It is her, yes


God, she's made for anal.

No no user, I'm saying he's sneaking off to jerk off

extremely tsundere anal, while she demands that satisfy all your filthy hungers with her and not erina-sama

The anal tsundere act would last until she gets her first serving of semen up her tender butthole. After that she'd happily accept to become your exclusive bitchwife as you ravage her anus at full speed.


i can't clean for shit hope someone else will do it before i do

Just wait for the usual typesetter then.

>no Doujima option

worst poll


It still hurts, jerk

What does, user?

He's probably masturbated too much today.

To loli Erina


can you really blame him?

Top tier booty

> Rindou
>Souma harem
Sasuga delusional Self-insertfag, The manga and extras are clearly pairing her with Autist.


you posted that yesterday, you faggot


I want do things to her knees

Thank you, Royal.

Sometimes I think maybe Hisako has more in common with Nao then I thought.

Also, were the girls' pages edited too, or just Doujima's?

i don't wanna ruin erina and hisako's pages with my shitty cleaning so we're waiting for typesetter-kun


>Height 162cm
>B88 W56 H87
This is my girl.


spoilers when

She wasn't even supposed to be a cute lady, but for some reason I feel really attracted to Kinu. Maybe it's just the snakefaced, smiling, evil lady archtype that I'm into. I wish there were tags for that.

Personality's a pretty big deal

>dat Erina
muh dick is an EXPLOSION!


>Anime ends just as the manga starts to get good again
Season 3 please. Just give us Soma vs Kuga and we can pretend this whole Central debacle never happened.

>It was way too early for spoilers, anyway.

Raws will be coming early today as well

understood. Thanks.

Another week of early wsj chapters?

>tfw kissu is legit.

but who's kissu

W-why do I feel that this might be legit?

Based Tosh.

Who will replace Taneda Risa?

Well, that's not what I said.

I really hope it's not.

>tfw it's actually Souma and Erina's kissu

>They kiss
>She describes to him in vivid detail how disgustingly offensive his tongue tastes

nobody, she's said herself on niconico she's not dying

Last I heard, she's not dying user. Wait, is she?



>it's a everyone gets a kissu chapter.


Is Royal going to translate the novels now? Is the other guy dead?

There was an user who said he will translate them.It may have been legit or not.

bananashiki and I talked about it a couple months back and agreed I'll try picking up where he left off. Might as well finish Volume 1 at least, though I really want to do Erina and Hisako's chapter. I have a few other things going on so the pace will be slow but bear with me.

If you're referring to the one last week, that was me without the trip.

What's the Erina and Hisako chapter cover?

She's not dying, but she did have to be replaced in at least one other role.

otoh, even if season 3 somehow happens, it won't be soon, so I wouldn't worry unless her heath goes super south.


And this is the illustration page.

Lolisako a miracle of the universe.

why did he quit?

Nice, do you know what chapter has Alice and Kurokiba getting accidentally engaged? The shipper in me is excited to read about that.

>She has the best hips of them all
ehhhh I mean...
sure why not

He got busy.

>what chapter
I think it's in Volume 3 or 4, probably 3. No idea which chapter. Does anyone have the raws for those? I only have 1 and 2 downloaded.


Other than her meme pose, she's gotta have something going for her. Apparently it's her hips.

plz don't

I think her thing is that she's cute and pure

Pure perfection.

>doesn't go full nudes

Raws late tonight most likely?

It's hard to please her, she has tasted too much d[spoilers]ishes[/spoiler] after all.


I mean, it starts off legitimate but the end feels like a gotcha bit


>she will never win any bowl

No one has claimed Eizan, she can have him.

Megumi has bigger hips and this bitch is meant for ass? Please.


Smile status: unprotected

Every girl in this series is "pure", except for maybe Rindou.

I don't know how that is when she is flat on both sides.

someone give me a single dish or ingredient. Let me make an sns-tier dish for the fuck of it


we already did that one


Everytime they have a sexy group shot, like the China dress one, the one of Erina and Megumi in the dressing room, or the recent one with Erina, Megumi, and Meat they always have Megu turned around so her ass is visible.

They clearly intend to sell her ass as a charm point compared to the busty girls, so it's fine.


I think we will just get scans and spoilers as usual, it was all a ruse.

That will be hard when she cut off connections with him during Karaage arc

When did the secretary bitch become so popular? She was just a background character!

I didn't know Megumi had a donkey.

If they wanted to sell her ass, wouldn't it have been easier to give her an actual sizeable ass?



Coincidentally, Erina and Alice look the best in all the sexy group shots

Stagiere was really fucking good to her

Yeah seriously why isn't Alice there? Also why give her the ass shot if she has the smallest hips of the group?

I always find both Hisako and Megumi being the cute type instead of sexy even in that kind of shots.
Except this one, jesus christ Hisako muh dick

She's still a Japanese girl, user.

honestly user, you had me for a bit there, I can't think up deserts on the fly and mole sauce is something I can't do in my head. Luckily, I found a work-around, and the answer is Chocolate Milk

yeah, really.

>First take a tub of mint chip ice cream and leave it at room temperature until the ice cream is melted. extract the chocolate chips and reserve the ice cream. melt the chips and mix with milk until liquid at room temperature. now you have the syrup
>Next, let's make some chai tea. Loose english breakfast tea, fennel seed, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and cloves are steeped in hot milk and then strained out. Mix in sugar, but use less than you normally would. allow to cool, then freeze into ice cubes
>Finally, the chocolate milk. Here's where things get interesting. Take the reserved mint chip ice cream and mix it with whole milk in a 3-1 ratio (milk is the 3) along with a small amount of baking powder. Stir properly to ensure a good mix. next, pour in the chocolate syrup, making sure to add more than you need and only partially mixing it. The ideal mix should have a centimeter of syrup on the bottom while still providing a really chocolaty flavor. Finally, add in the chai ice cubes

The drink you have now is called an egg cream, a new york treat that at its core is carbonated chocolate milk, though most don't have such a minty taste. While the chai ice cubes melt they add complex spicy tones. The ice cubes will melt a while after the drink is finished, producing a second drink: a chocolate chai tea. that's what the syrup at the bottom is for.

who wins between these two teams?

The imaginary ones that are infeasibly good at cooking.

Where's Ramsey?

Please post result

When will Souma finally take notice of how beautiful she really is?

Valentine's arc so never

Probably cleaning dishes where he belongs.

Cleaning the lobster ravioli the guy in the left middle threw at him.

OP and WT are out so that means soon, r-right?

Also color page next week.


How do we know he hasn't?

I've always had a suspicion he was taken aback/enthralled by her, back when he first saw her at the Freshmen ceremony.

Based on what?


Check back that chapter. He had "that" expression on him.

>in the middle of a japanese manga


Spoilers are out. No kissu.

You're talking about chapter 2?

Post it for the love of erina sama

Royal-dono, are you still there?

Yes. But maybe it's him being shocked a female's in Tootsuki.

>More Hayama and Souma.


It looks like Soma's calling Hayama a pussy for moping about Jun and he's taking the bait

Shocked by the female presence alone or because the female is a goddess too?


>you white people to most likely be the Namen

They could just reveal that her father is gaijin. Besides, doesn't have to be completely realistic.

Besides it's not like Japanese girls can't have big butts or at least that's what my JAVs lead me to believe.

That too. Megumi could have just been a freak with a huge ass. But nope. We have them selling us a feature that doesn't exist.

ソーマ「汐見先輩のため……? なんだよどーいう意味だそりゃ?」


「さぁ出ていけよ! これ以上煩わせるな」


久我「ちょっと幸平ちん幸平ちん幸平ちん! 何でスゴスゴ帰ってきたのさ~食戟挑むチャンスだったのに!」




ソーマ「あの葉山が 簡単に敵に従うとは思えないんすよね……」



『月響祭 最終日の夜』





葉山「なぜです!? 納得できるわけがない!!」



『これから遠月の顔は セントラルただ一つになるんだ』と答えたのは薊。






ソーマ「進級試験で俺を倒せば お前がやりたかった事を続けられる」













食戟のソーマ 185話 ネタバレへ続く!!

>Souma "doesn't feel like losing to a pathetic guy who couldn't even fight to protect the place most important to him"



ching chong
ting tong
ping pong

>meat has a bigger bust than Erina
I guess I'm the only one surprised.

I bet no one really read meat's profile.

Why is she wearing such a revealing swimsuit? It barely covers her ass.

I did because she is delicious, my low test friend.

I always saw it that way. If anything I'm surprised Hisako's breast aren't a bit bigger, same with Megumi's hips.

Same here, I thought Hisako was a lot bustier. Must've been the anime that made me think that.

In the manga this was the image of Hisako that I remember the most, but looking again at the rest of the Stagiare, she does look smaller.

>stagiare ep
>all those nao's posting in the thread
control yourselves, stop fawning over hisako oneesama

She isn't. Look at her recent foodgasm to Souma's dish.

my moon isn't great but I'll try and make sense of it, at least until Royal comes
>soma asks what hayama meant and hayama says it doesn't concern soma, and tells them to leave
>kuga scolds soma for blowing a chance at challenging hayama to a shokugeki
>soma goes to the bathhouse and finds doujima there in a lewd pose
>asks doujima for more details about what happened to shiomi seminar
>soma comments that hayama doesn't seem like the type to simply obey central
>doujima agrees, saying that hayama never intended to from the beginning
>at the night of the last day of the moon banquet
>jun seminar gets approved for a budget increase from a certain business partner
>soon after hayama gets call from other business partners, telling him that they're ending they're cooperation with jun seminar
>hayama demands a reason
>azami replies "all independent clubs are to be terminated, tootsuki will become one unified entity"
>bunch of people in black suits surround hayama, along with a boss-like figure
>later in the future
>azami offers hayama to join central
>hayama immediately says no
>azami offers that if hayama joins he can create a new research society, hayama decides to join for jun's sake

Thanks, user

Man, I was completely off base about where this match was going.

I guess the Umis and Erina really are separated until the end.

>after soma hears this he rushes out the bath and goes to hayama
>soma "i heard about what you''ve been shouldering"
>hayama "!"
>soma "if you defeat me in this 3rd exam, you'll be able to continue doing what you want"
>soma "this match is only for that reason, and nothing more"
>hayama "that's what is has come to"
>soma "you shouldn't underestimate people"
>hayama is shocked
>kuga "?"
>soma "this is the revenge match for losing to you at the autumn election"
>soma "having a serious match with you got me fired up"
>soma "and yet you were thinking about something else"
>kuga "ehhhh why are you mad"
>soma "wasn't that place important to you?"
>soma "and yet you didn't even try to defend it"
>soma "that pitiful act. have you lost yourself as a man?"
>pissed off hayama "Yukihira!"
>and so that day arrives, the day of the third promotional exam!
In any case, I don't feel too good about this one, so take this with a grain of salt for sure until Royal clarifies.

One thing to remember is that bust measurement is not breast size. The cup size is the size of the breast, and to get that you have to subtract the underbust measurement from the bust measurement.

The size of a girl's frame is going to be largely determined by her height and weight. We don't have underbust measurements or even weight measurements. But having said that, since Meat is only 1 cm taller than Erina and they appear to have similar builds, it's pretty fair to say that Meat's breast size is a little bigger. Of course, the difference is small enough that they'll be wearing the same cup size. I'd wager that Alice and Ryouko are in the same range.

This chapter is gay as fuck.


Never change, Doujima.

Is he wearing his jacket over his bare chest?

Has Tosh decided to kill the female readers once and for all?

Souma turning into Shinomiya.

Jesus christ I'm not sure the girls could take it if he looked like that every chapter


Sexy, also:
>Hayama BTFO


Well damn. He's looking manly as fuck compared to the beginning of the series.

I really want one of the girls to catch Yukihira in this "outfit". Hell, even Takumi would be a good choice.

This would've been a really good opportunity for Souma to run into Erina on the way to the bathhouse again, only this time with under entirely different circumstances

More pics if anyone cares.

Damn, this nigga gets more handsome and handsome.






SEXY serious Souma slays spicenigger. Savage.

Souma's so disappointed in Hayama that he doesn't even finish getting dressed.

>that face

Loser flag activated for curry

No tits this chapter who fucking cares?

>Not wanting Souma's dick
What are you, gay?

We get Doujima's tits, remember he has the biggest breast.

A series where no girl is worst girl.

>this is directed by Azami
>Doujima is one of the heroine
>twintail Erina

What does he mean by this?

oh damn, Soma laying down the trashtalk

"I wanted a rematch, but you're too busy hoping Azami won't bully your waifu too much if you do a good job sucking his dick tonight?"

>B126 W90 H108
Made for breeding

Why is Meat in the back with the literally who?

Are you implying that shit like Meat is more relevant than Nene?









JEB! 2020

user, you will never end up with Souma, individually or collectively.

of course.


Fucking shit, why no guys?

SnS really makes me doubt my sexuality.

I just want to see her smile...

Why did no one tell me that we're getting shirtless Soma this week?

So I guess the coloured version will arrive in 2 weeks?

Based Doujima.

Fuck my waifu, based Doujima.

PLEASE let him encounter Erina in a hallway

Why Erina if he's shipped with Mikumi since the beginning?


Mikumi is for alidini user

> another fucking gay-ass chapter
Dropped until next week

Indeed, dropping it as soon as this chapter is out

Can we really call Erina the main heroine of this manga
she barely in any chapters and tosh always split her from the main group even which stagnates her development as a character
shounen heroine are always in the front line the face opponent but Erina all she does is fight fodders and that basically it

Just be honest she only a love interest character and nothing else

Stupid sexy Souma.
With how well Tosh draws dudes, why won't he draw his girls with sex hair?

Can I post a few Korean spoiler pics?
Not pages, just pics.


Might as well just post the whole chapter.






Is this the chapter with the most manservice in all SnS?


How long ago was the Festival? Hayama's hair looks longer than it ought to be.

stop posting gook, niggerstream is out


Niggerstream is fast this week:

Roger that.

Goddamn Souma stop it he's already dead

Goddammit, this little twink makes me so horny.

How devasting(ly handsome).

>Souma stands on a rooftop with only a unbuttoned jacket in a snowing winter

It is a manga but come on.


Was Doujima looking at Souma's dick and mentally comparing it to Jou's?

Is there a way to remove that speech bubble?

He's not standing out for that long, besides his nipples are covered.

I hope next chapter it's unbuttoned to be honest.

Hisako is extremely cute

He wasn't thinking due to outburst of emotions.

And that fire in his heart will heat him up throughout the match.

Afterwards, he'll sneeze, collapse and had to be nursed back to health by Kuga

Colour version when?

user usually posts it on monday i think

2 Monday's from now or this Monday?

I see where Hayama is coming from, a little. Alice's club is nothing but pride, and Souma's dorm has all the facilities it needs. But Shiomi seminar requires money if they want to achieve success. Yes, Hayama could've shokugeki for the right to simply exist, but then what? Neither Jun nor Hayama had a family that could back them financially. They need sponsors.

However, what he doesn't have is the courage to just say, "Fuck that, I don't need Tootsuki, we'll start from scratch and get funding on our own."

And that's why I've been saying that this round will end in Hayama and Jun leaving Tootsuki together, to do just that.

>I see where Hayama is coming from
Fuck off niggalover

>he didn't crash into Erina looking like this

Wouldn't his chest still be bare next chapter?
Kuga and Dojima are obviously going to talk to Soma about what just happened.

It could still happen next chapter.

Neck yourself please.

He's not wrong though
Souma's just mad Curry took the easy way out

Small pet peeve of mine, but I hate it when artists give girls who are supposed to be thicker tiny 22 inch waists. If you take a tape measure and actually see what a 22 inch circumference looks like, it's way too small. Same as when all their girls weight 42kg or some shit. Some of these numbers don't match up at all with their drawn appearance.

Megumi is clearly tiny though, so that's fine.

> They need sponsors.

Central would run them out of business every time. Inside Tootsuki or outside.

Souma can't lose anymore, can he? I'm so looking forward to Hayama getting his shit pushed in into his throat.

They can go overseas. Then again, that only applies in a realistic world where one school/family wouldn't be able to have such a tight grip over an entire industry.

Probably cause that alone would get the entire girl censored with mosaic in WSJ.

Fujoshi pandering.


this is sexier than anything in this thread

I-is Tosh gay now?

Artists aren't gay, they portray beauty no matter the gender or inclination. It's you they make gay.

>oh it's bitch boy kuga in the bath, what a bitch bo-
glorious doujima


>Erina's birthday is closest to mine


Their children will be the most beautiful things on the fucking planet; they'll come out glowing and shit.

>Souma will fuck this one day

Seeing how everyone is fucking beautiful, the next generation will be even more top tier.


No need to be so vulgar!

Erina will fuck this one day

>that top panel
That supposed to be a Gunbuster reference?


Where's the link for it?

Gunbuster had some lovely fucking nudity.
Dat censorship REEEEEEE

>He will hold Erina's hand
>He will kiss her
>He will fuck her in missionary holdhands leg lock

Can any other girl even be luckier

>there will never be a BL doujin drawn by Tosh
Why live?

Can't count how many times I ejaculate everytime I see her wear this.

Both of them will fuck each other.

We need more doujins soon.

Where's the color version for this week's chapter with the Kochikame references?

user dumped it, check the archive.

The less I see of Erina and the Umis, the more convinced I am that they were made to fight offscreen

After all the training he received, this is the result.

Their time will come after this match, s-surely ;_;


Going to typeset eventually, but going to recruit some redrawers.

Oh, it will, because I mean they're fighting each-other, and we'll change scene to the aftermath where Erina absolutely crushed them

Much appreciated guys, thanks!

That smile must be protected no matter what.

The gap between the two is damn visible.

>I’ll never say this…
>to anyone besides you
>Being called Hishoko is recently her pet peeve.
She totally wants it.

Is that his testicles

>Have I grown up to become
>One of the adults I admired
How interesting. I wonder who he admired enough to get /fit/.

Probably Senzaemon

Think it's pretty obvious lad

we'll got these in color r-right?

goddamn is it wrong that i might be falling gay for soma?

>Then again, that only applies in a realistic world where one school/family wouldn't be able to have such a tight grip over an entire industry.

I see you still haven't graduate from college, kiddo.
Once you entered the working world and enter management, you will understand how the real world works.

Probably not.

I'm gay for a lot of guys here, it's okay.

Give me one good trait of Erina aside of her body Cred Forums


It's absolutely normal.

Proactive and working her ass off to keep everyone else from getting expelled from Azami's shit.

I need to get the color and viz versions of this chapter.

Wait, jun was an elite too? Perhaps she was below azami

This will end with jun and hayama joins the PSD. Screencap this

She was definitely below Azami, the only ones above him were Jouichirou and Doujima, so it's safe to assume that he became the First Seat after they left, and remained in that position until his graduation

No shit, sherlock.

Soma will have Giganigga steal back Jun and Hayama's research.

>it's a naked men chapter
Thank fuck

Disgusting fujoshit chapter. Dropped.

See you next week.

>this thread is still here
Also I'm bummed that this was a guys only chapter AGAIN but hot damn Souma is sexy. People talk about how lucky Souma is to end up with Erina but Erina is pretty lucky herself.

I can color a bit the Arato one

Well there was a dump of girls in swimsuits at the top of the page; gotta give both genders their fanservice after all.

Dude why don't you go ahead and do all of them?

Oh yea, when boys and men are drawn sexily, its fujoshi pandering.

But when it girls and women, its a gift.

I c how it iz.

Holy fuck I thought that was Kurokiba until I looked at it a little closer. Stop turning me gay Tosh

He's starting to look like his dad

>I c how it iz
Not him but fuck off
Besides, boys drawn sexily in itself isn't fujoshi pandering but there was literally hot steamy fan service in this chapter

This manga is aimed at shounen you dingus. Unless you think most japanese boys are gay

nigga have you looked at some of the series in this magazine

haikyuu isn't making it's money off of shounen

>manga != magazine it's serialized in

>not enjoying girls and boys service by Tosh.

Are all of you fags or something.

Yea and to love ru is practically broke right?


Such a waste of a chapter.
Once Hayama said "I do this for Jun's sake" all of what was explained this chapter was immediately known.

>We need more doujins soon.
We need more NTR doujins soon.

Yeah, at least it's still moving at a good clip but I could've taken half the chapter getting cut out in exchange for two pages of Souma and Erina colliding as he ran out of the bath

Where do you guys keep the translated color scans? I only see raws on goddess.

What is goddess, anyways?

Secret club.

>no bulge

>yfw you realize Tosh made a reference to this scene to celebrate the announcement of Gunbuster 3

Truly best girl.

He's also still wet from the bath.

Souma confirmed for dying of Japanese cold.

So, I want to ask, to a person who just started watching the anime, should I watch, then read the rest? If I do watch the 2 seasons, what chapter should I start reading? The pace of the anime looks like it isn't rushed, it seems like it's a good adaption.

Given the stated graduation rate, I'm not surprised to learn that Jun was in the E10 (presumably as a third year).

Keep in mind that Jou and Doujima are 4 years older than her, so they weren't in there together, and Azami is 2 years older than her, so it's incredibly unlikely that they were in the E10 together.

Not a master piece, but it can do the job until official one cames out to light

First season is pretty well paced. Second season is rushed. Sat is the last ep pf second season and will probably end with ch 116.

The first and second season each skipped one chapter. Also, a special chapter was adapted as the 2nd OVA, and you'll probably want to check that one out.

Incredibly helpful. Thank you so much, user.

What did he mean by this?

when will we ever see erina face someone who is not fodder tier

Rindou or Tsukasa.

200 more chapters.

The skipped chapters are 39 and 61 btw. And since the second season rushes a lot more, it cuts out and skips all kinds of little things unlike the first season, which went out of its way to include stuff, even tankoubon extras.

For instance the stagiaire ep with Hisako recently didn't actually show her creating the phone and web reservation system, which is her achievement which let her complete her stagiaire.

Colour Soma.

The more important question is when will we see erina lose and get crushed?

Despite what people think, as a pro chef running a restaurant on the verge of receiving his first Michelin star, Kasayama was well above most Tootsuki students in their current state.

Of course, you can always take the line of thought that says that everyone who isn't E10 or the top first years is fodder anyway.

When Azami personally makes an example of her.

she will lose her virginity to soma


Her handholding virginity, right?


First one end of the series

Second one never ever, Soma will defeat her by the narrowest of margins

>Reading from MangaFaggots
Absolutely disgusting.

he looks like his baba right there

h y p e

>that bulge on Chinese-kun


souma looks hotter than he ever did before even though he's bare chested in the freezing cold now.

All the homo

I approve
I haven't seen the second season of the anime, did they reach the point where Soma looks older post Stagiare?

Great job, user.

I'm starting to understand the appeal of Yaoi seeing these two.


lord, hisako doujins when.

They'll hit the very first panel with him as the ending at the rate they're going.


Tosh is a genius.

well guess this fulfills the BL requirement

>Japanese Master Race mixing with inferior Scandinavian Gaijin Blood
Vikings can go raid the British Isles and get the hell out of my cooking manga.

Erina's 100% nip, senpai.

Nip dad, and the family name means the mom's nip too.

Erina is most likely full japanese though.

I thought animebytes was the le sekrit klub?

Turns out I'm gay.

Thanks, Tosh.

Fuck off

Everyone is gay for tosh boys, it's only a matter of time


>For instance the stagiaire ep with Hisako recently didn't actually show her creating the phone and web reservation system, which is her achievement which let her complete her stagiaire.

>>this is directed by Azami
WTF is this nigga going on about.

>>Doujima is one of the heroine
Ok. This guy is just retarded or doing drugs.

>>twintail Erina

*checks picture again*


Very good job dude

You should seriously consider fucking off.



>tfw you'll never have a secretary like this
why live ;_;

yeah unless Senzaemon married a gaijin. And before people get hung up on blonde hair they should remember that everyone has crazy hair colors including blue and purple, and that Meat is blonde too.

>Fighting Each other

Oh so Megumi and Takumi will fight [because Megumi is a traitor and one of the elite ten members]

I'd be super ok with this but probably not

R8 my shitty edit

>making Umis fight.

You, monster.

What are they going to fight with, tsunamis?
Get it? Haha.

You mean Umami

Kill yourself/10

Found the street shitter.

Alice and Hayama are the only students with foreign blood I think.

Fuck off back to the designated shitposting boards.

reminder the aldini are actually aliens, hence why isami can change form at will

>sharing birthday with Doujima


Epic xD


Ah, forgot about the Aldinis

This is exploitable.

>the kissu spoiler was fake after all.

Get rekt, nigger.

The bros are two of the best characters in the series imo

Meat a cute too

The Aldinis and Alice are halfu too. Hayama is straight up not Japanese though.

I continue reading this manga literally only for him. Not sure what I gonna do when he disappears in few chapters.



This is a SJ Manga. Why would anyone believe that something like a kiss scene would ever happen. Hand holding at best is the only thing we might see when it ends.

I think you meant to say it's a cooking manga. WSJ runs romance manga after all.


Personally I found this hilarious



Tosh have mercy

He's gonna be the straight character no one takes serious if he keeps going like that. Everyone's just gonna make fun of him with his straight personality.

>make Souma more baby-faced for weeks to pull off perfect panels this chapter


>only megumeme who didn't get sexy time


OP did not disappoint


The part where they start hitting the table was gold


I need Christmas in the manga to come already.


Christmas is a romantic holiday in Japan, user


I just want Souma and Erina to start having nonstop recreational sex already.


>How lewd
Is Erina describing the underwear she'll wear on their first date?


goddamn, user. That's kind of amazing.

Amazing. Why don't you apply for NiggaStream? Their cleaning & TS need a total revamp.

The text on the left side would look better if they were aligned left instead of centered IMO but otherwise great job.

>this thread is 2 days old

Slow and comfy threads are my favorites desu

ded thread

I guess the girl's gravure shots are the only things that aren't edited yet?

ded user.

"Uh...guess this dorm's full of weirdoes."

"You'll fit in right away, Souma-kun."

Early Megumi is fucking savage, what happened

I want to fuck the purity out of Erina!

Hinako needs to kidnap her for some weeks and tutor her in the arts of trolling.