Are you ready?

Are you ready?

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You better not be getting my hopes up


About time.





fuck you

When the sets in the east and rises in the west


dont hurt me so, op

How can she walk around with that short skirt?


*you'd like it, wouldn't you?

Because she's a domineering lesbian.

And no man wants to rape that.

I like to be dommed and I also like girls.

We're a perfect match.

Then need to add thighs to the dimensions of proper ZR because that isn't right.

Glad I discovered this gem. How is every girl so best in this show?


I don't even know why I get my hopes up anymore, it's always the same shit.

What the fuck is that article trying to say, anyways? That the "sequel" to the anime is in the novels? No fucking shit.

i like it that way