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Good night our boy

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>Kirigiri didn't check behind the monitors
>even though she suspected them to begin with

Hand over your SHSL title, ma'am

>Seiji Kishi directing a finale episode

How badly will he fuck it up?

>faggots(literally) let Kohacka get away with every bullshit because MUH BOY JUZO XDDD SAVED THE DAY

Did any Juzoboys ever make a transparent of this scene? Just saw it watching the tribute video, and I've never seen it to my knowledge.


The cancerous fujoshits are just a vocal minority.

Ironic the tumblr crowd are fine with Juzo killing the black guy first though.

After having to put up with the brainwashing troupe, I don't think anyone would take Kohacka's bullshit seriously.

Nah, we know most of it has been shit but Juzo was great

Here's theory:
Kaede's daughter of Misaki and Killer Killer. She was looking to her father and crimes in general (especially killing games made by Junko), so she captured talented criminals and decided to do a killing game of her own. If participant manages to kill without her managing to find out who's killer. he gets to leave and continue he's life of crime and everyone else (herself included die for his/her sake). Otherwise she executes him/her. Final case will be literally her and survivors against herself.

It's meme magic we're just having some fun

Don't kid yourself. Kaede is going to die in the first case.

How would you guys have improved danganronpa3

I wonder who's behind this post


He had participant hero and accomplice hero. Now we need mastermind hero(in).

DR3 ruined the franchise.

This is fact unless you guys can tell me how the new cast in DR4 can remain totally immune to brainwashing through animated videos?

tfw you correctly guessed who the mastermind was

Sounds exactly like that fic I've read a while back. Great fic and one of the best in the fandom.


Plot twist : Hopebot dies too.

>Hajime, get in the project.

I understand hating her, and I always have.
She's still my favourite Dangan "bad guy" character. She was a really good character if you got over "muh Seiko" and "candy slut" and actually looked at her.

Didn't Naegi cause him to get injured in a bus in Naegi's prequel story?

Is Despair 12 actually confirmed to be some pointless VA shit because all I can find out about it is that its a "special"

>The look on his face when he's out to save his man

Does being in love just make you look more beautiful?

Kind of glad Tengen was revealed to be a mastermind and RoD
Makes her running around the campus scout free in her idiocy more sense

>Your boss is actually big bad
>Try to get other big bad but your two closest friends were either brainwashed or blackmailed

No wonder Munakata went crazy
This fucker never stood a chance

I like how 60% of the song's lyrics fit the tone of that moment

This is the real protagonist of V3, hopebot and kaede btfo

Have we thoroughly BTFO'd the it's-an-animefags?

Did Kirigirifags kill themselves now that she's irrevocably dead?

Its confirmed to explain what happens to the remnants of despair. Like if they have their DR2 memories and if they live. This wasn't confirmed by any official announcement, but its confirmed by various hints. Like the final episode for future arc will be them fighting the old man. The mastermind, The next episode of despair arc will be tying up loose ends in the past. So the OVA will be the future of the despair arc and finish their story

>she wasn't raped

>DR3 ruined the franchise
Dude, it's just an anime tryign to tell a full length story too fast. Follow the path of Weedman: Go smoke a bowl and calm down.
Or go watch that video. Either one.

wait a second

Junko entered the school with a recommendation and was registered with a false talent

Guess who did that?

So, if Kirigiri's bracelet didn't forbid her from telling everyone about what she investigated, why didn't she just tell everyone about the suicides. Then, they could have figured out the monitor thing sooner and just destroy every monitor/shut them down/get everyone into a room without a monitor and nobody else had to day.
They could have figured this out after Gozu died (same pattern would have happened twice) and Kirigiri could have been alive to fuck Makoto's brains out right now.

My questions is, why is Kodaka such a fucking hack?

Not enough evidence

You know why

I don't get it either. She could have prevented at least 4 deaths, including her own, if she just said something as soon as she suspected it.

wait a minute

Kirigiri is dead?

If Monanca didn't quit to be a Space NEET, would her robot have been affected by the monitor or would she even be affected by the monitor at all since by sheer confidence, Monanca is already behind her own computer monitor hundreds of miles away.

Remove Future Arc and make the Despair Arc an extended SoL. No despair or Junko shenanigans. After all the happy happy joy joy, Junko shows up in the last scene of the final episode.

We can even add one of those episodes where Soda needs to borrow something from Ibuki, but Ibuki wants something from Akane, but Akane wants something from Teruteru, but Terueru wants something from Saionji, but Saionji wants something from Mahiru, but Mahiru wants something from Fuyuhiko, but Fuyuhiko doesn't have it so he goes to ask Peko, but Peko wants something from Sonia, but Sonia wants something from Gundham, but Gundham wants something from Nekomaru, but Nekomaru wants something from Imposter, but Imposter wants something g from Nagito, but Nagito wants something from Chiaki, and then Chiaki gives Soda what Nagito wants because she's a nice girl and doesn't usually ask people to return the favors.I could continue, but that would reveal too much of the episode.

Might have something to do with Mitarai but who knows.

>tfw every loophole could be adressed by KiriJunko

Safe bet is: it's done for the sake of drama.

Despair arc is extended to flesh out the charaxters more, like the class 77 and even the new ones and includes Zero.

Future would be a one or two part movie.

Even the mind hack animu?

She was awake for Gozu, so no.

I mean thats what I'm hoping for but everyone in these threads is saying its some behind the scenes VA thing

What would happen if they went a time out without killing themselves anyways?

Like if Naegi didn't go with the plan and they holed up in a room then Munakata or Judo cut the power?

Not sure about future but despair is simple

1. Chiaki isn't real
2. Actually focus on class 77 instead of Junko and the OG future characters

>Why didn't Kyoko "Explain it all" Kirigiri explain it all
Because this show needed drama
And Kodaka hates waifus

Sorry, but Kodaka is a hack. It won't be happen.

It just works okay.

>Juzo literally PUNCHED the despair out of Naegi

If our boy had managed to land a blow on Junko, everything could have been solved

He even hates his own waifu Junko

Thats because they announced it has that.
But this series is infamous for fucking with people, plus all evidence supports it. Just like with how i guessed the mastermind, you shouldn't go by what they tell you, look for what they're trying to subtly tell you with this series

Because Kohacka played Zero Escape and self inserted himself into the show as mindhaccer Mitarai and now everything bends to his will.

>Be Monoca
>Get in on another killing game to be the next despair
>Worked your ass off in despair 101 on how to properly despair people and now want to see the master at work
>Get to killing game and first time out
>Start out a 10/10 prank when the monitors flash
>Suddenly big dude starts killing himself
>Realize this was all the great Junko could do:Mind hack
>Give up and become a space meet
Monica had a hard life

It's probably the thirteen's branch leader that's behind this
And it's going to be Tengen in Chiaki's body with all talents downloaded into him

... yeah
Try to get THAT image out of your head

>playing through SDR2
>Case 2 reveal
>Peko had to jump out the window to escape after murdering

How did fuyuhiko get out of the beach house without leaving footprints?

Kodaka really was a hack, huh?

So did she just watch Chisa trying so desperately to climb up to the chandler?
That would be hilarious

The door behind Mahiru you speed reader.

poor monaca

Toko has the best sprites

At the point of him leaving I don't think that Peko had dragged Mahiru's body to the door yet. I think he could have just walked out and then shut the door behind him and Peko then put the body against the door.

Close rooms are pretty easy when you have more than one person trying to create it

Don't Kodaka and Uchikoshi know each other in real life? All the ZE similarities make a lot of sense in that case.

Why does Cred Forums hate boats so much?

Chisa was already a Despair, and that kill was to startup the killing game, so it wouldn't be strange, if Chisa decided to give up her life for the sake of game.

Naegi and Mukuro's child?


Enough to test the theory, which is exactly what they did after she died. It's not like her death solidified her findings.

Gib chandelier plz

where do i get nanameme lewds?

Did somebody say.... Monokuma Theatre?


>Try to get THAT image out of your head
Man's mind in a woman's body? I go look for threads of that in /d/ every now and then.


They shake so irregularly. The only time they're awesome, is when they are on land, with identical supports on both sides, so it stays in perfect balance.

That's not the point I'm making

Imagine being Monaka awake and just watching this bitch trying to reach up towards the chandelier for a good 10 minutes
On her tippy toes
Then get a chair and try to reach

And then figure out how to get rid of the chair when she's up there

He even stabbed himself in the eyes. I wonder what he hallucinated about.

I skipped every Monokuma Theatre.

I'm honestly holding out for a twist. We've gone past retarded so might as well go all out. Junko being the 16th participant inside Kirigiri tier twist.

She really does. GRABS PONYTAILS in the top right has to be one of my favorites.

I just liked her a lot in general. Her nasty attitude made scenes more interesting when she was in them and she started growing on me. Honestly, she's my favorite of the DR1 survivors.

Maybe she offered a helping hand. She wasn't caring about hope and despair anymore, so she was willing to help both sides, I believe.

>Wants to kill himself
>Stabs himself in the eye repeatedly
>Decided that he has to entangle himself in cables he ripped out of the ceiling
This was fucking stupid but really metal

For some reason this is making me laugh uncontrollably, goddamn

I remember one guy who was adamantly convinced that there's no way Seiko could have done that to herself.

Guess what? She fucking did.

>I don't get it either. She could have prevented at least 4 deaths, including her own, if she just said something as soon as she suspected it.
That assumes she figured it all out 4 deaths ago.
At the very least, she had a theory. But chances are she couldn't even test that theory out too much because there was two suspicious as fuck people around her, Tengan and Mitarai.

>dislocating the thumb is enough to remove the bracelet
>Kirigiri just laid down and died

I feel like he does this on purpose at this point.

Anything Kirigiri doesn't know or do, can always chalked up to "not enough evidence"

That's how Kodaka writes smart characters

Assuming Junko mastered the art of suggestion via anime, couldn't she implant her mind via anime as well to participates as well if she wanted?

Why didn't she just turn everyone into Despair and make her army bigger? Is this all just to get to Naegi again?

Painful survival vs. painless death. Which would you choose? Kirigiri and Juzo had different answer to that question.

>a knife wound through the heart takes minutes to kill a man
>Juzo manages to crawl around FF for a couple hours and punch a manlet
eric, simply... eric

>4 deaths ago
She did.

Her, Ruruka, Juzo, and possibly Kizakura, could have all lived if she said something.

Yeah, but it would still be funny to watch

Nothing suggests the old man was Tengan beyond being an old man, but he was a cheeky asshole to be sure.

Most of them are nonsense but the ones in 2 can only really be understood on a second playthrough

It was stated that trying to remove them would poison you
Juzo probably cut his hand off in one go before it could poison him

Man, Chisa is so cute. She deserves better than this.

Because boring

Now stop making sense and watch the god damn anime


A boy falls in love with anime again after being used by a certain girl.
Unable to share his love, he is gifted with by a deus ex machina with the ability to draw anime on his own. Never minding the strange techniques he uses, he immediately starts work, and is overjoyed to find out that his anime can make people cry from hope.
But, the next day, when he recounts the things he wants to do with his anime to an old man, he only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the old man he his anime to is not the same old man he thought he was. In fact, he doesn’t believe in hope at all. He is the the Founder of Future Foundation, who is secretly a remnant of Despair, and he has fallen in love with the MC’s own mind-influencing abilities, who is blissfully unaware of his intentions.
Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to create the darkest, most despairful anime in order to kill everyone who stood in his way and conquer hope once and for all. While the two chase their respective goals, SUICIDES ensues as the boy begins to realize what he's doing and questions the NATURE of ANIME.

Would it even matter to Kirigiri if she got rid of one of her bacon hands?
She could still give handjobs to Makoto with the other

I still don get why they were trying to tangle themselves

Someone pls explain

Kirigiri is the mastermind

Seiko killing herself actually is complete bullshit even ignoring her destroying the wall she somehow managed to fucking crucify herself.

And I theorized that cutting off your hand from the start would let you survive the game from the 2nd episode. Why did noone aside from our Juzo even thought that?

>mfw I'm thoroughly enjoying DR3 because it's a wild ride filled with cool shit and I never nitpicked or took Danganronpa seriously since the first game

Sucks to be all of you. At least tearing apart MINDHACC in Zero Escape is justified because that series took itself much more seriously and didn't have the zany flair and non-serious style of DR. Feels like DRfags enjoyed the ZTD memes so much they want to inflict it on themselves with their own third installment

You know why

This, but the complete opposite of everything you said.

kills children, dies like a child reaching for a cookie

They tried to make their death complex

Well she was going to get poisoned anyway, nothing to lose

Again, she can't prevent anything if you have a suspicious person following around.


you are now being brainwashed into killing yourself

Only Juzo really had the balls to go through with it?

>She slam the wall by running and jumping backwards

You make it sound like Kirigiri would find it hard to tell Mitarai to fuck off for a second. Or tie him up and put him in front of the screen to figure it out.

Face it, Kodaka hates your waifu and wanted her to die no matter the logic.

I don't need to be brainwashed to do that

Could've blocked the blood flow first
If shit goes wrong just cut the whole arm

That's strange, even though I'm in the suicide-inducing brainwashing, everything looks the same.

Yes the OP has stated this since Episode 1.

>Naegi on the Hope side of Monokuma
>Kirigiri on the Despair side of Monokuma

>"If you ignore all the bad parts, it's good!"

This has never been a good argument for why you shouldn't criticize something.

Cool, so what's now?

I have been enlightened

Fuck you, now I have that song stuck in my head.

And Munakata is going to obtain his Persona at some point, right?

Shut up, it's my job to say that

I do think Despair should have been a slice of life involving all the characters from DR1 and 2. It would have made the first game a lot more despairful watching the characters interact and befriend each other with their memories.

>You make it sound like Kirigiri would find it hard to tell Mitarai to fuck off for a second.
He was sticking to her like glue.

> Or tie him up and put him in front of the screen to figure it out.
Which might not even work if he's the mastermind. And if he isn't, she's killed him.

Why didn't Kyoko chop off her hand? I hear her scream in pain like chiaki did

>Kirigiri is the mastermind
Since this will answer a lot of things about why she just chose to die and didn't tell anyone about possible solutions, I'll give it a shot since it's more interesting than "not enough evidence" and "Kodaka's a hack who wrote the events for drama instead of logic". Just 1 more week left anyway.

Who else would Hope Academy trust with the admission letter to Hope Academy besides Tengan?

Also, Tengan is pretty much a martial arts master.

The old man in Naegi's prequel was unphased by the thief mentioning his judo prowess and had Naegu's bad luck not caused the old man to get injured, the old man would have personally chased down the thief, himself.

You sound like the kind of person who would watch JoJo and then say it's unrealistic that Joseph could pull a tommy gun out of nowhere, or find a plane randomly while fighting Kars

Because that wouldn't [HOPE] Naegi into winning.

She wanted to be the tragic heroine of the story
No seriously, there's no other explanation that makes sense

standing on top of a table and grabbing onto cords? Seems like he may have been remembering something from the ring

Why didn't she hit the switches to the power?

She didn't have the physical strength, much less the tools to do so

You sound like the kind of person who makes false equivalencies to prove some kind of point.

This isn't a joke and I'm surprised it doesn't get brought up in the threads more often, but back when ZTD even getting a release at all was up in the air, Kodaka said Uchikoshi's ideas for it inspired him to stop being lazy about his twists. I guess since it was before we knew what ZTD's twists were, we didn't grasp the significance of this and a lot of people forgot about it, I wish archives from back then hadn't died or I'd be able to dig it up, hell, it might even still be there.

Why did Kodhacka throw all of Chisa's development out the window? What the fuck was all of that for?

For Munakata development

even with that, i doubt she would have the strength to saw off one of her hands, Juzo is incredibly strong, and had already taken major damage, so he may not have even felt it much.

I can't be brainwashed. I'm posting on Cred Forums, so I don't even have a brain.

To make things...complex

>break glass door/window
>slam hand repeatedly on the broken glass
You would do that much to be with the person you love, wouldn't you?

We're still traumatized from this.

Why would Chiaki ask to borrow something from Hopeman?

It doesn't make sense, she got so much character development, why trash it?

To make waifufags despair. Chiakifags, Kirigirifags and Chisafags. Kodaka hates all of you.

The only people who knew about power switches were Munakata, Tengen (who built this place) and Juzo (who investigated room with ocean view).

>Juzo dies like a real person would from his wounds
>In a show about superhumans and brainwashing

Pick a fucking lane, anime

It was a recording, pretty sure there wasn't a way to win the game legitimately

>this character got so much development, why trash it
Apply this to every character in the series
Kodaka doesn't know what development is

Not me, I'm a delicious brown girl waifufag

Do you feel his mental and physical pain?

Is there any character that screamed in pain like chiaki did?

Undoubtedly. The OP does not lie.

Brown girl dies in DRV3.

If only Kirigiri had some sort of investigative talent that would have led her to also investigate it like Juzo did.

Just so the viewers can go "SO UNEXPECTED 10/10"

brown girl in V3 is shit anyway

To make her more sympathetic and tragic when it does get "trashed."

>This has never been a good argument for why you shouldn't criticize something.
No, but it is a good argument as to why you should never get truly angry over a piece of fiction. Actually letting that shit get to you is pretty much the best retard test, and Cred Forums has been failing constantly in these threads. Critiques are fine.

The little girl inside the Bandai suit using Tengan's phone is the mastermind

You >implying I'm a homosexual?

Only because you don't know her backstory, yet.

>juzo is the one who saves naegi
>not kirigiri
Looks like both of them actually died

Is she a tsundere too?

The flashback to Mondo Butter was really fucking jarring.

small breasts on a brown girl disqualifies her as a waifu

It's not a false equivalence at all, both are anime which are sometimes serious but often wacky and have contrived situations. Danganronpa has always been like that since the first game. If you think you're offering some high brow critique by taking apart how the series' "complex" story was ruined by this when it's really on the same level you must be a genuine retard

Now that Kodaka is going for the lazy wrtiting route (lol despair lol mind hacc), how do you think this is all going to end?

why did juzo hated naegi? i didn't seem to understand

>Big twist
>Tengan and Kirigiri are actually Naegi and Asahina's children

You fools dont even know how much of a hack Uchi is compared to my boy Kodaka

lol complex

>he still hasn't realized Juzo was Kodaka's last chance to make a real human bean

I think it's perfectly fine to be disappointed in a series that you enjoy if you feel like it isn't living up to it's own standards.

Just because people will come on here and post walls of text about why 'dr3 sux' doesn't mean that's it's profoundly angered them or affected them in real life. That's what this whole board and threads are for, to discuss how we feel about anime.

They probably didn't wanna draw his hair too

He had, a LOT of it in that scene. Think about it, the person who commits suicide is the one nearest to a monitor, the victim was almost a couple of meters away from him.

He lucked out and neither him nor Aoi committed suicide that round.



If only there was a pile of pretty fucking sharp weapons somewhere in the building

because he defeated Junko, robbing him of revenge

>be SHSL boxer
>girl with good eyes beat me up and blackmailed me with my husbando
>some fucking kid solves everything and kills her.
I wonder why.

The whole point is they arent superhuman

>be Juzo
>get cucked by Chisa
>get cucked by Junko
>get rejected by your crush
>cuck yourself in despair after
Juzoboys living the hardest life ever. I feel sorry, but at the same time he deserved it for becoming Junko's slave.

tell that to chiaki/seiko/izuru

>Mukuro wasnt in Naegis vision
>Remember that she got her entire face blown off

Probably not fit for TV lol

If you think this anime is the same level as the games then you might be the genuine retard.

In fact I already know you're already a genuine retard, because you think that an action driven show is the same as a murder thriller series because they both use 'wacky anime stereotypes and situations. The shows aren't the same and shouldn't be critiqued under the same criteria you mongoloid.

He was mad jelly.

The ED playing in the second to last scene was a nice, heart touching ,GAY sendoff at least

So episode 12 is going to be the epilogue,right?

The weird part was the jacket was moving like it was alive.

Nah he just doesn't feel bad for her lol

>MukuroXMakoto shippers and IFers still in denial

It's NOT canon

The whole point was that Naegi was seeing his friends that he couldn't save.

All of it.

I think what that user is trying to say is that "this is bad" is legit (though it's never been "good" but I guess we all have different standards for that stuff), but "this is dumb" is a weird one because it's always been dumb and worked primarily in looney tunes logic


Naegi reminds him of his own weakness.

>Just because people will come on here and post walls of text about why 'dr3 sux' doesn't mean that's it's profoundly angered them or affected them in real life.
I honestly don't know if I believe that. Maybe I got brain problems from being here too long, but I really don't know.

I'm still in pain.

It's like Franz all over again.

But Naegi feels bad for everyone he couldnt save, even Junko.

Personally I find him worthy because it's hard to make a character so widely hated, and then redeeming him SO hard that a lot of people outright like him, or at least respect him.

Also his death can only be compared to Sakura's or AIChiaki's, a worthy demise.

I meant more like he says one thing, appears to eat crow a short while later but then luck swoops in.

Take a look, you silly pawn.

>naegi's luck actually saved people live by being the ones furthest from the suicide monitors

But even the dumb or silly things (like Komaeada's luck or a VR program or intricate killing machines) have always made the story more interesting or at least entertaining.

In the show the dumbness just comes off as plot contrivances that really drag down the writing in a way that didn't quite happen with the plot in the games so far.

It's the difference between "Dumb thing that makes the story cooler" and "Dumb thing that makes the story lamer."

Basically the same reasoning as case 1-2.
Juzo was strong physically, and yet he couldn't beat Junko, which Naegi did accomplish.

>naegi's luck actually saved people by being the ones furthest from the suicide monitors

*intenally screaming*

Well this scene literally proves he doesn't anymore

Seriously though. Which of the "dead" characters in the building is physically okay to use the phone and could feasibly just pretending to be dead? Kirigiri and Bandai are the only ones right?

His luck also kept Juzo alive long enough to save him.

> Loves a person for years, going through hell seeing his beloved one love his friend (look at his faces in flashbacks) and understanding that his feelings will never be mutual
> Accepts it as is and investing himself fully in supporting said person
> Never lets a thing slip, keeps all of his feeling inside
> Obviously still loves him, harbouring fear of being found out and rejected/abandoned, insecurity grows
> Got beat up by ultimate analyst who sees all of his weak spots, threatened
> All mass of insecurity, childish fear kicks in
> Accepts Junko's terms, hating himself and feeling uneasy
> Killing game starts
> Worst fear came true, abandoned by Munakata
> Steps on himself, develops, literally throws his talent away (boxing with one hand?), despite everything wants his love to survive and does everything for it still thinking that he has been left alone

You literally have to convince the other students during trial that one of the students isn't a ghost, another character rides a bike so fast he gets churned to butter, and the mastermind did everything "for zetsubou lol". Like, I enjoyed it, but it was super dumb, and that was part of the appeal. And everything being a simulation absolutely did not make the story cooler, it was dumb in an extremely bad way.

Thats why his redemption in Ep 11 made many people neutral against him

In Naegi-kun's mind, did she do anything wrong?

>SHSL Boxer
>Not SHSL Major Wound Survivor

>then redeeming him SO hard that a lot of people outright like him, or at least respect him.

Fujoshits are this delusional

That's because DG was supposed to be only one game, but success and annoying japs made the series what it is today

>many people neutral against him

The small circlejerk of Juzofags isn't many

I'm quite a bit upset that Mukuro got so little time/relevance across all the games and anime.

Naegi is just thinking with his penis

Unless you see people talking about juzo outside of Cred Forums that's baseless assumptions

>small circlejerk

You didnt account for the lurkers

Doesn't look like it, I mean she tried to frame him, and somehow he's grateful to her because in her last moments she wrote her killer's name (what could be interpreted not as a protective sign, but as a spiteful one, so the killer could be caught)

Monacaposter, is that you?

>explains 3 things
>ends up leaving up 5 things vague again
Fuck sequels

In his mind Junko is the one who caused every murderer to happen

You mean the imaginary support Juzofags pretended they had in the first place?


Are you saying SDR2 would be a better story if it took place on the real Jabberwock island?

>Naegi was actually going to off himself


Juzofags were never known to be rational.

Everyone has a weakness.

lol hope.

B-but muh ship

His luck revived the angry gay boxer and gave him hope. Isn't that good enough?


To be honest, having to watch all episodes of Monokuma Theater without skipping it would make me want to kill myself too.
I guess that's how the videos really work.

That theory was retarded and so is anyone that actually believed it.

I don't speak or read nip but I remember these moon runes

The location doesn't matter (although I would have preferred for it not to be an island since I felt like the atmosphere suffered a little with a nice beach to run around in), but the inclusion of virtual reality does.

Someone actually believed it?

It's unfalsifiable until the very last episode entirely ends- that's how meta theories work.

Like that St. Elsewhere hospital show where the entire series is revealed to have taken place in the mind of an autistic boy with 0 previous indicators

Not that I want it to happen, but there is always the 'possibility' of them just zooming out to the entire DR3 cast in that movie theater.

Is there anyone at all who can resist despair?
Maybe Komaru

The entire plot falls apart if you remove the VR.

>ruruka chokes herself with candy out of guilt
>seiko slams herself against the wall out of frustration
>chisa is just LOLDESPAIR
>gozu has no explanation because not enough screentime


Don't worry, user. It looks like she pleasured herself the same time.

SHSL Makeup Artist is using her SHSL Fashionista skills. She's Junko. She survived DR1. She's mastermind.

Just re-brainwash them back into hopes

Komaru would have despaired (without a brainwashing anime) if not for Toko.

Do you think if two people were at the same distance from the monitor they would both wake up?

>where the entire series is revealed to have taken place in the mind of an autistic boy with 0 previous indicators
Well that's fucking shit, why would a writer do this?
>Unresolved plot threads
>Turns out, it was all the dream of an angel!
>"What a strange dream. I can't wait to tell God about it."

We still have one more ep of Despair and unknown mastermind in Future.

Chiaki died in despair and her eyes turned grey like everyone's eyes did when they were falling to despair
So nobody ever resisted Junko?
Maybe Weedmom

Hinata, even without Izuru's powers

But then why would there be a second killing game? You just deleted DR2 from existence. Do you hate it that much?

I like the comparison to Roseanne, where it's revealed that the entire show was just a story written by Roseanne's character.

He did briefly fall into Despair in final trial of SDR2.


He did fall
Remember "nihil" in the final case of DR2?
He needed AI Chiaki to snap out of that

It would have been bullshit if he wasn't affected, unless hope can suddenly block external stimuli and rewire his brain at will at which point you might as well give him the power to wish away cancer.

Does the lol despair mind hack even count as falling into despair? Naegi seemed to snap out of it pretty quickly after Juzo pinned him against the wall. Maybe the others would have stopped despairing if someone did that to them, maybe not.

Apathy, not despair

Needed encouragement from Naegi to realise that she cares more about Byakuya than about everything else.

Didn't she fall briefly at the end of DR1?

Then rewrite the plot to not suck.

Despair arcs is two cours long. First is SoL establishing the characters and new ones for despair, second is Junko showing up and ruining fucking everything.

Mind hack anime still exists but for class 77 she instead breaks them down personally over the course of the school year so they're still guilty of their crimes, and 'Izuru dindu nuffin' is cut since he helps her.

Future is changed to a game of Mafia and starts up alongside cour two of Despair with the cast pre-established.

I meant that part when his eyes turned blank and he concluded that he needs to "Graduate".

No that was despair, Junko was orgasming all over the place

No one can resist hope either.
Even Junko was hoping for Despair.

>Beginning of Despair episode 11
>We see "Naegi" talking to someone who appears to be an old man
>The old man is the original Izuru Kamukura
>Kamukura calls "Naegi" Tengan
>He's the original Ultimate Luck of HPA
>Tengan tells him he has decided to participate in the Les Enfants Chanceux project
>Two clones of Tengan will be created so that HPA can further study the talent of Luck
>One of them a modified clone, designed so that his body starts breaking down due to disease past a certain age, made this way to investigate how Luck would interact with someone destined to die at an early age
>The other a perfect clone of Tengan, created so they can continue investigating Luck far into the future
How would it make you feel?


What the hell could he have seen to drive him to suicide?

He seems like the most hopeful out of any of them.

Maybe he fucked a cow and then blocked it out of his memory

Mukuro died in despair

Everyone have dark sercrets and old mistakes that will haunt them for the rest their lives.

Someone made fun of his face

Not that guy, and I don't hate it but nothing from the plot was so good that it justified the vr twist. If I had to pick either keeping the same story with the vr twist or scrapping it and coming up with a new story to replace it without the vr twist then I would have picked the latter.

It was after the Tragedy. Gozu may lost all of his wrestling friends and his classmates.

The people he couldn't save during the Tragedy, asking why he should live while they died.

He looks pretty good,like a better weedman

Wh-what if Kirigiri took the wrong drug from Pharmacist?

She did. That's why she's dead.

Is it too late to convert? I admit I didn't have faith for him until last episode.

But the twins were Mukuro and Junko
I'd rather have them be two complete strangers who were experimented on
One was made to be a physical powerhouse, the other super intelligent
This paved the way for the Izuru project to fuse everything into one person
One of the girls was the OG Izuru's great-granddaughter, the other the granddaughter of Tengan
That's why they have different surnames and the names we know them by aren't even real, they're new names given to them

>All the new porn if there is any will be Juzo/Munakata fujoshit


Why a character as important as AI chiaki/chiaki never gets mentioned in mirai hen?Does that mean she's confirmed dead?

We'll get plenty of Chisa NTRing Juzo as well if Pixiv trends are anything to go off

Chiaki is only important to class 77. Why FF would care about her?

she died wetting herself

Wow, Funi's licensor is fucking them up badly. Almost 24 hours and they still don't have an ETA for this episode yet.

What else could it have been?

You mean you haven't watched it?

how about AI chiaki? she's part of the FF right?

A large chunk of the world's population is dead and unlike the DR1 cast the DR3 cast were present for it. Him and Seiko probably got something like Naegi, just with literally hundreds of thousands of people.

>what is hope subs?
Funi already said ages ago that all of the remaining episodes will be delayed.
Better get used to it.

She only exist part of NWP. I doubt she count as a member.

Nah, I already watched it with subs, I was just musing about it. Never seen anything like it happen so consistently since Kill la Kill.


Always look for Hope user.
They are here to save us from despair from the mastermind Funi


>One episode left
>Still barely nothing about SDR2 cast

I hope he actually has a motive, no "I'm fucking bored of life therefore I'll ruin it for everyone else"


>eye isn't entirely red for maximum Monokuma

but she's the FF mole right? she never got mentioned or had cameos, even monomi had a role

So you are hoping he has a complex motive then.

Are we here just to suffer?

The "Special Program" is the best chance for them appearing in the future at this point.

I'll take it over JUNKO AGAIN.

What's your favourite picture of seiko?

He has a whole Despair episode to explain himself

I'm fine with time travelling at this point.


Many many things, it could have been a new story for one thing, instead of tying it to the old one unnecessarily which was the main reason vr was used at all.

I'm enjoying that artist.

Christian image board my dude

He's dead and it's Chiaki, aka Izuru 2.0, using his phone.

I want this artist to do a Ruruka pic.

>tfw I only just now realized Tengan must have given himself a fake bracelet


A lot of people have been saying Mitarai would eventually redeem himself but I don't see how after last episode. The last scene proved he hasn't changed one bit in all these years, he's a coward who just keeps running away and deflecting the blame.

They do any more Seiko stuff?

Same. Her, Seiko, and Chisa need more porn.

I agree.

I was expecting him to deny the shit out of everything and sperg the fuck out but then Tengan texted him.

He'll probably do so next week.

As of now that one.

Why? It's not like he lied about anything.

Tengan's message is probably
>Stop being a pussy faggot Mitarai, stop that bitch Junko once and for all with HOPE brainwashing or some shit

No need, his NG code was answering a question with a lie, so every important question was answered with "Is that a question? Then I must answer"

Also he used other ambiguous lines like "you could say that..." so even if what he said was false, it could be interpreted in a way that could be true.

wtf i love juzo now

Why do people keep saying this. Literally all Tengan said was true. Everyone was the "attacker". Chisa really was tainted by Despair. He didn't lie about anything.

The whole point of that dumb theory was that it allowed him to lie but he didn't really lie about anything.

don't forget the "lol hope xddd"

>Ishimaru standing next to that whore Celes instead of Mondo and Chihiro


Didn't his mother teached him any manners? You shouldn't answer a question with a question.

>All Naegi had to suffer to fall into despair and become a screaming, suicidal wreck was watch Monokuma sitting down with his theme playing backwards and have an extremely one-sided 'conversation' with the ghosts of people who died who appeared because whatever

Well, that's sloppy.

DR3 is shit, news at 11

He recovered real quick compared to the RoD who had to be thrown into a computer program

it's technological mind-break
instead of drugging and torturing it's just hypnotism and brainwashing

Well anime despair turned to be a disappointing plot device, so it's to be expected. It's no longer complex mind breaking, it's just a mind hack, you could say.

I'm tired of this meme.

You know, there was nothing to compel him to actually answer a question. He could have just said "lolnope I refuse to answer that" which isn't necessarily a lie and he would've been just fine.

are you ready for the boring ending due to sloppy writing?

hope a shit. at least his luck was real though.

If Kirigiri lives while Munakata had to lose everyone he cared about, then I have to say, that's pretty bullshit.

I found it hilarious that just the other day, people were debating on which hopetagonist had it harder, and everyone said Naegi because he lost two waifus

And lo and behold, the anime pretty much confirms this



What about the third guy who was brainwashed and given plastic surgery to look exactly like Tengan?

Am I the only one who thinks Mitarai really looks like a male Junko? Seriously just look at those hair bangs. Just give some hair extensions and he becomes a Despair trap.

He even has goddamn long eyelashes for fuck's sake. What's up with that. Did he also have them in Despar?

Having sex doesn't make you impure

desu i don't care about what happens anymore, i just want ai chiaki to be explained

On a scale from 1 to 10 how crazy would Junko orgasm at this sight?

How did all fart not die after this? Fake bracelet? He's not zetsubou but something else? Or maybe NG didn't trigger because he's not remnant but despair itself? Just how complex you can get in the last episode?

Yes, but she clearly died a virgin.

kibou get

Holy shit, what do people not get about "brainwashing", they don't go into despair because they think/see bad things, the various signals/sounds/waves/etc. the videos produce literally fucks with their brain on a physical level, Mitarai said as much in Despair arc, they can't exactly make the viewer feel it just by watching so they try to convey it with a trippy sequence and show how amplified and ridiculous the response to it is.

Did you seriously expect the big twist to be "btw Tengan also fell into Despair at some point"? His motives are probably far more complex.

She'd literally come. Not even joking about it, she would straight up loudly orgasm and the floor would be drenched as she fell onto it while shivering and moaning from the aftershocks.

The series would have to get an age rating bump.



If Juzo can survive a katana to the stomach, anything is possible.

Also, he left that message, we knew he was still alive at some point after Munakata left.

What was the point of Chisa? What about the theater scene?

Blame the retard who didn't tie him up properly (probably Mitarai)

No! Dangans are for pure and only pure

Juzo was powered by the power of luck

Does this wording mean that it's literally unfortunate he's not a part of them in order for it to not be a lie?

He's actually the real Izuru Kamukura

Can I smoke weed and play the game too?

Sssttt, Juzo is sleeping.

She was unclear if the story had a happy ending because she fell into despair, so for her it was a good ending.

Just told my brother I love him. Learn from Munakata's mistakes and don't let your bros go underappreciated, friends.

>What was the point of Chisa?
You know the point.

>no freckles

You are shit anyway.

I can't wait until he wakes up next episode and beats the shit out of Tengan with a robot hand.

Haha, he really thought we'd fall for this obvious trick.

If you look closely you can see them.

Apathy is despair

>>no freckles
I see freckles there, they're just obscured due to the blushing.

>He even has goddamn long eyelashes for fuck's sake. What's up with that. Did he also have them in Despar?
He didn't.

So, if I think that Kirigiri will be alive next episode am I in blatant denial or is there actually a chance of that happening.

You're gonna carry that weight.

Alright, but it's not nearly enough freckles, you gotta admit.

>Junko is confirmed dead otherwise we would have heard loud moans during the last episode

Alright, which one of you did this?

I mean the only thing he needs for that to be true is literally just not being a member of that one very specific group of expendable scrubs.

He looks more like the lovechild of Naegi and Fujisaki if you ask me.

>Once more you open the door
>Opens the door

>Implying Juzo doesn't have the Cure-W in his pocket

I'm gonna laugh at you when he comes back next episode.

I think every living human that fell into despair counts as RoD, class 77 are more like leaders of them or something like that.


All the juzoboys memeing was all worth it and made this episode much more meaningful

I want to feed Chisa Kraft Dinner while she pisses everywhere!

That's pretty gay.

Im not sure the 2nd brainwashed alter the original brainwashed in the past. She shouldnt affect the latest the brainwashed.

Mukuro is best girl

They stack obviously

So Chisa cried because she actually wanted to stay alive to spread despair, right?

Remnants of Despair are UDs that continued to live after Junko died

I told myself I'd never like him after all the shit he pulled, but Juzoboys defending his actions to death no matter how crazy made me respect their dedication.

Even if it started out as ironic, I could tell they truly loved him.

RIP in peace, our boy.


The RoD are just a bunch of crazy Junko worshippers. Junko and maybe even Mukuro could have answered the same as he did with that NG code. That's not even taking into account the possibility of being a non-despair based antagonist.

You have 10 seconds to tell me why Kirigiri didn't just 127 Hours her arm off.

"I am Junko Enoshima's father"

She couldn't touch her chin while having her other arm around her body then

She probably came back to her senses just to see what she did to everyone, then killed herself.

"Junko Enoshima was me"
Literally just Tengans mind copied into some girls body at birth.

For similar reasons as to why she didn't bother to ask anyone to turn off the lights

What if Junko was the first experiment.
It would explain why she's fucked in the head, and why she also doesn't have the Ultimate Ultimate talent.

Yes, this looks as the most reasonable reason.
She regains her sanity, but unlike the other RoD, she remembers everything, and the brainwashing tells her to die, so she does.

Yeah brainwashing Chisa makes no sense, she was already in despair

>Junko was good all along
Fuck off not even Kohacka can pull this off.

Junko getting redeemed?

She probably got to see Junko telling her to kill herself in her vision. They were happy tears.

I was thinking that since 2, but when it was confirmed she'd never have a backstory I lost hope.

I can't even imagine doing that, people are dead to me once they've betrayed me. I would have been down to let them all rot in hell.

I mean if you can call being secretly an old man wearing a little girl body like a suit "redeemed."

>Junko is literally Kefka
That doesn't make her good

Junko can still be evil, they just gave her the means to do it.

It's not like Junkofags could get any more BTFO'd after it was revealed she was just lucky and got a mindhack anime

Can the "Ryota isn't an ally" theories go away now? It's obvious that him and Chisa were huge red herrings since day 1. If he had a suspicious NG code or anything of the sort, Munakata would have noticed.

I forgot it was butter so I thought it was piss.

Thats gay beyond redemtion, the wound even looks like a vagina

Because he did what Juzo couldn't.

He only hated Naegi because he despised himself even more.

>dismiss the ridiculous notion of Seiko slamming herself into the wall
>"how did Gozu suspend himself in the air?"
>both confirmed in episode 11
I don't know why I expected more. Granted, having no murderer/attacker as commonly perceived is refreshing.

>Just lucky
I'm still expecting it to reveal that Tengan secretly arranged everything so she'd get what she needs to cause the tragedy. Cause he needed to set up an enemy for the FF.

Love is a hell of a drug

>Tengan in Junko's body
>Tengan in Chiaki's body


Is the final episode going to be one hour long or was that just a rumor?

Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet.

This. Naegi blamed no one but Junko, not even Sayaka or Celes, who honestly both really deserved what they got.

It's never too late, brother!
Anyone can join, anytime, as long as they love our boy Juzo.

I don't get this meme.

Well, you do release your bowels after you die, so that would happen.


There's a tribute video?

It's just one guy posting it over and over

counterpoint: Tengan is not Juzo

Sometimes I forget just how fucking fat and disgusting Hifumi was

So she banged her head repeatedly against the wall, causing it to dent

Then she stopped, and grabbed the knife

Then she went back into position against the wall? THEN stabbed herself in the heart?

It's bullshit

I think it's from episode 2, where they split up to kill Makoto and his friends.

I think he means

But you're dead.
That makes it even hotter

Ahaha, Kodaka is still leading us to believe Kiri is dead, what a hack!!

It's not just one guy.

I don't get it, did you pee?

>Mondo on Chihiro's left here
>As a puddle of butter, he's on trap's right

The whole reason characters in DR admire him is his optimism and his ability to never lose his way. Just because there's a reason for him to lose his shit doesn't mean I won't think any less of him for it. It just reminds me that brainwashing is a horrible plot device. Naegi just lost his best character quality to me.

Judging how he gouged out his eyes, its possible that Gozu was reliving some sort of traumatic event that he witnessed.

Yeah, he's stronger than Juzo.

What, you'd rather let your bro die like this?

Don't be like Juzo, user. Don't fear the "gay".

tell that to Monaca

To be fair, there was literally no reason for us to believe otherwise, that cure W shit had no backing behind it. Case and point, it never was brought up again.

Yeah it is

Is Juzo the most well done gay/homosexual character in anime? I honestly can't think of anyone else besides him.

...That's not what a vagina looks like, bro.



>despair naegi thought of sayaka before kirigiri


No, it isn't.

>be a juzoboy
>hate Celine Dion because friend can't seem to stop torturing us with her tracks whenever we go to her place
I'm conflicted.

So, wait, if Sakakura knew where the fuck power generators are, why didn't he immediately turn power off as soon as he found secret room?

What did he say, brother?

he did think of kirigiri first though

>Villains with good motives
>After Junko and the RoD

Whatever you say, the one guy who only ever posts that and wants to pretend it's a meme.

That would explain the huge crack that was on the table before she fell on it.

cause he didnt know that would fucking do anything until this episode. People keep saying this about both kirigiri and juzo but neither of them would know cause naegi is the one who figured it out.

Juzo has inspired me to be gay. Thank you Juzo!

Yeah you're right, I also wonder why Kirigiri didn't do a few entrechats and pee on Mitarai's shoes everytime she found a new clue on the crime scene.

Cause randomly turning off the lights when people are trying to murder you isn't a very good idea?

I think he was a well written character regardless of the gay. He did a lot of dumb shit but it was actually believable and not "lol mindhacc despair x)" like most of the other characters. Probably my favorite new character overall.

How do you know sayaka wasn't there before kirigiri and the camera just didn't show her?

What good would that do if you don't know that it's the monitors that are causing people to kill themselves? Or that the bracelets are designed to come off when the power goes off?

Juzo may be a lot of things but some 50 dollar slum lord isn't one of them. "Stop killing each other! I'll turn off the lights!"

Except they still havent addressed the bottle so theres still a chance, i will believe.

ok u

The only gay I can think of who isn't a joke is Shino from gundam IBO, but they've never said it in the show, and some delusional watchers still think he's straight and not crushing on one of the pilots. He's not particularly important, though.

cause he talked to kirigiri first then sayaka.

Why did they add it to the scene if it had no purpose?

quick someone make a game where juzo punches normies

The whole group had literally just eaten. They had all sorts empty food boxes, water bottles etc. There's a garbage bag full of them right by where they were sleeping. It's probably just a bottle they missed or maybe someone was still finishing it off when they bagged up the rest of their trash.

But turning lights off when he's the hunter is actually beneficial to him.

Was Juzo crushing on Hajimeme and beating him up was his way of showing it?

>Naegi hears and sees Kirigiri first
>user claims naegi thought of sayaka before kirigiri

Thats something i cant answer, i dont know why kishi would add it in, probably just to fuck with people.

the thing is the fact that it was there is something that would make me a believer, but the fact that we are on the last episode with no mention of it means it cant happen, There just isnt enough time for her to come back so the bottle really was just fucking nothing.

I think you mean Yamagi.

juzo is a tsundere

Obviously user is psychic and was reading Naegi's mind during that scene.

Kodaka trolling.

>Delusion of Sayakafags

It's something like the subliminal messages triggers the person's brain to hallucinate suicidal thoughts and images, I guess. So each person saw their own personal Hell.

Brainwashing is fucking dumb.

Congratulations Naegi!

I dont think kodaka is responsible for the bottle, kishi seiji probably added it in,

But that scene was Naegi's mind.

>am I otherthinking every interaction juzo had with men thus far since I learned he's gay?
Yes, yes you are. Juuzo wouldn't beat up the men he likes, this isn't Naruto.

What would have been really beneficial to him as a hunter would be not letting the three people he was supposed to kill that were in the same room as him just walk away without doing anything to stop them.

So are the writers retarded? Why did they tease Jabberwock halfway through the series if Hajime and co. will only show up in the final episode?

>Juuzo wouldn't beat up the men he likes, this isn't Naruto.
Yeah he is far worse and he totally would.

>There just isnt enough time for her to come back

You say that like kodaka isn't a hack who doesn't understand good pacing


>not the recorder cover
Still a good video

To make you hyped for it

He let them fuck off because he thought he was about to get out.

When he joined Munakata he clearly intended to get back to what he has been failing to do.

So Kirigiri could have lived if she actually did her fucking job and investigated the room she ignored?

My fucking sides.
This is why I love Hopeman.

To make people (idiots) forget it so it comes as as somewhat of a surprise later, but to throw in these scenes so that they can't be accused of not foreshadowing it? Or simply
>muh cliffhanger

I want to actually fucking kill you.
I hate you.

>the fujos did it!

Nuh uh. Fujos like Juzo because he's hot. user are the JUZOBOIZ who like him because he's a loose cannon who don't give a fuck. Some of them also might be somewhat gay. Not gonna let you blame everything on the fujos.

Just stating the obvious here, kirigiri cant come back anymore after this episode. They dont have enough time to explain her return or have her do anything.

Next episode we are going to jump straight into naegi and mitarai confronting tengan/the person behind the text message,as well as the DR2 cast showing up and saving their asses, then finally in the last minute they barely have showing them leaving the island with togami and hagakure.

the bottle was literally just there to fuck with people who over analyze things. When you look back at it there was NOTHING that actually tied it to being a cure or fucking anything. it was probably just some trash left over from the food they were eating.

>Fukawa Defense Squad
Where do I sign up? I'll enlist in that immediately.

I told him that he meant a lot to me and he gave me an obviously touched "thank you, [user]"

Not quite as gay as some are thinking because he's my actual brother, but I still encourage people to do it. Real brothers or found.

>They dont have enough time to explain her return or have her do anything.
Even without her return they technically don't have time to address everything in the final episode. It's not much of an argument. We don't know how they're going to address the loose ends yet.

...fuck. See, that's how irrelevant Yamagi is.

They revealed Shino was bi in the radio show, but I think it should be in the anime to properly count.

Couldn't victims like
Turn away from monitors?

She's dead if her gamble actually worked she would have the one to save naegi instead of juzo

Now you're making me imagine Juzo and Munakata having a ust-filled spar. Damn it, user.

Probably not.

Remember how in Despair the characters were literally paralyzed?

Not only that, but people are naturally information-seekers.

>implying juzo isn't the bottom

As a bi fujo, I can confirm I love him because he's hot, gay and tragic more than the fact that he's a fuckless loose canon.

I still count myself as a Juzoboy though.

yeah pretty much this.

-for no one but Munakata

Juzo would lick junko or chisa's cunt if it got basted by munakata's dick

trips confirmed it

What kind of motives does Tengan have?


What room? She believed it wasn't even an exit at all.
And most importantly of all, it was currently being occupied with 2 people who just tried to kill her. Why would she stay there again?

Kyoko's death was sooner and her last words recently stopped him from falling into despair, of course it'll be more present. Seeing 2 of his 3 best girls in the flashback has validated all Sayakafriends of these past threads. Juzo's sacrificing himself for his boy and colleagues, all with a hopeful smile. Best future episode

>of his 3
But user, Komaru isn't dead, why would she be there?

>As a bi fujo

You guys are an anomaly that goes for anything and everything so you don't count.

I mostly fall for women, guys are such an underwhelming lot that they have to be extra impressive to catch my eye.

He hates that meme founder Izuru got to have a perfect hope modelled after him, despite also being a previous principal.

So he decides to oppose him by creating the true ultimate despair (not some fake super analysis shit like Junko).

A despair that cannot be beaten. Junko was a target and antagonist, somebody people could rally behind or against. But the ultimate despair created by tengan is not something this tangible.

In fact, it is so untangible that after 11 episodes there are no signs of it actually existing, which of course proves my theory.

Bisexuals usually have preferences

We need a gif of that one.

>Kirifags still in denial.

Are you retarded?