Anime Sequels

Explain something to me Cred Forums. All I have been hearing recently is that anime studios are taking less risks now and trying to find the safest way to make good anime whIle also being able to make money. So my question is why the fuck arent these studios adapting the rest of incredibly high selling and popular shows like Haruhi Suzimiya, Index, Spice & Wolf, Overlord, and Mahouka? These are all LNs. Not good looking manga like Berserk that would take a fucking fortune to adapt and animate. All they have to do is get these unfinished LN adaptations, finish adapting them, and watch as the money rolls it. Am I fucking missing something here? Am I crazy? Do these faggots hate money or something? Tell me Cred Forums, I want to know.

>Haruhi Suzimiya, Index, Spice & Wolf, Overlord, and Mahouka?
Perhaps because all those are shit and not as popular as you think

Japanese animation studios are full of sadists who only find joy in torturing their fans with mediocre garbage only to keep any good shit locked away, it's the only way these heartless criminals can function.
And their masochistic fans will always give in, it's the circle of life, you mustn't succumb to this. Run away while yous till can user.

True, I'd rather have another season of SAO and all the awesomeness that is Kirito.


Spice and wolf is getting a sequel, overlord will probably get a sequel.

>Spice and wolf is getting a sequel

Mahouka is getting a movie

because anime is used as a marketing vehicle for LN series. the purpose of anime isn't to sell anime but to ADVERTISE cheaper to mass produce print media. because that's where the REAL MONEY comes from.

1/3 of a season is lizards, the rest is climb
it'd just tarnish the name and ensure there's never an adaptation of later volumes
This I don't get, it was by far the funniest series of the season. Though I haven't read it so I can't say where it goes after he explodes China.

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Calm down

> why the fuck arent these studios adapting the rest of incredibly high selling and popular shows like Haruhi Suzimiya, Index, Spice & Wolf, Overlord, and Mahouka?
It's not up to the studios. They can decline an offer brought to them by the production committee, which they might if the money wasn't good enough, but they don't get to decide if the the next season is green lit when they're dealing with somebody else's IP. Studios are mercs when it comes to LN adaptations. They are hired to do a job. They can tell the publishers and other investors they are game for another season but ultimately it's the people who own the IP and who are fronting the budget who decide what gets made.

sorry I was wrong

>buy rights for a season of generic LN#3210958
>it begins selling more during the season
>the adaptations does well in anime form garnering more attention to the LN
>want to buy rights for another season
>author and/or publisher wants triple the money
>buy rights to generic LN#3210959 and pay 1/10th what the author/publisher of the LN you made popular with an adaptation wants
You must be and idiot if you don't understand how this works.


I have no clue how you think the anime industry works but what you just described has no bearing on reality.

You should actually look into the industry on even a basic level instead of just banking on what you picked up in like two random threads. Studios aren't even the ones who decide this shit, they don't own the fucking rights.

>not knowing how basic supply & demand works
I would suggest ending your existence before you have a chance to pollute the gene pool.

>buy rights
It's the opposite, retard. The standard model for anime adaptations is commissions, the rights holders fucking pay the studio to adapt it. Lurk for two years before posting.

Oh, boy, you got into anime last season and assumed it worked just like Western TV, is that it? I bet you think the TV stations pay the studios for the airing rights, too.

Yeah, that's not how this works at all dumbass.

You are totally backward though. Studios do not bid for rights, they are contracted by production committees to animate their IPs. That's how they pay their animators in the first place, the budget is almost entirely provided by the production committee. Without that they couldn't even pay their animators to make the show.

First, it's not studios that decide if there will be a sequel, but the publisher of source material.
Second, there are many parties involved when it comes to making anime. Even if Index 3 is guaranteed to sell 10k+, how much money from merch and BD sales would go to LN publisher? Every product has to be advertised, distributed and sold, no one will do this for free. So LN publisher's main source of profit is LN sales boost and apparently the estimated increase is not worth it.

If all parties involved in the franchise decided to share costs proportionally to estimated profits, sequel might be a money printer for everyone, but that would require cooperation. And there's nothing a committee of serious adult people is better at than making simple things complicated.