KanColle/Kantai Collection

I liked Fubuki in the anime and I think she will be better in the movie.

You guys shouldn't hate her because Tanaka make her "super special shipfu of my dreams" MC. Fubuki still got that plain yet cute and sexy appeal going for her.

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I don't like potatoes

Let me help you with that.

Haha! Time for the fall harvest.

She is a sweet potato, probably the sweetest in the base, no, I am sure she is the sweetest.


Prinz Eugen looks great as a Kartoffelpuffer

What are you doing, Maya-sama?

Post sluts.

Uranami a cute!

Fubuki is the best waifu. The anime TTK agrees.

How about Sauerkraut with some potatoes?

I want to fuck this doggie.

And S2's MC will be shit. Tanaka will make sure of that :^)

And I am going to fuck this pudding.

Akizuki a shit confirmed.


Please no bully these poor ducks.

I want to have an orgy with you, Pudding and Poi.

Those pois are fucking huge.

I like them that sized.

>Pudding and Poi
What an odd couple. Prinz is only ok with other Germans.

Well in that case you are wrong, because she does enjoy the company of being with Nagato and Sakawa.

I hope my wife will invite her sisters to come have "fun" with us.

Nagato makes for explosive company

None heavier.

I want to cheat on poi with Harusame.

>Prinz is only ok with other Germans
but she always drinking with pola

Maybe Poi is into watching her lover fuck her sisters?

Jesus Christ Pola is a mess.

That's pretty fucking hot. Bonus for her touching herself while watching them fuck.

am I the only one who likes this beauty?

I'm imagining them holding me down while they get on me one by one fucking me to exhaustion.

>one sit on my face
>one sit on my dick
>two sit on my arms
>two sit on my legs

Kaga-san a cute too

Kaga is a cool type idol not a cute idol!

ahahaha brit food is garbage

Isokaze a qt


One of the better looking DDs outside of the duckies.

Poi is better looking.

Poi is alright looking. Isokaze kinda looks like Murakumo without the retarded floating ears.

Shiggy is the better sister.

Help me, I love the way that this dog looks (kai ni included) but she's a bitch. How do I straighten out her personality?

How do you plan on protecting yourself from sudden shark attacks?


Totally not Abyssal propaganda.


She's going to kill her admiral.


Please stop Abyssal bullying. They have feeling too.

I dont attack hoppo, rather attack the rest

Abyssal propaganda is best propaganda, the moment they stop attacking me I'll befriend them.

Best doggie.
Poor Hoppou but she needs to tell her onee-chan and friends to stop being so mean so that we can all just get along.

How do we show our love to the abyssal girls?

By giving them the D.

Which girl would you kabedon?

Some of them are just a bunch of resentful girls, just take them to a nice dinner and treat them like princesses for one night.

Flaming giant takoyaki are nice guys, don't hurt them.

daily dickings.
wear a condom.

This little beaver.


But she has already transformed into another dog!

Fuck off you piece of shit Shitbukishitter.

There's a big heart inside that flat chest after all.

Who would hate Fubuki?

Bad people, that's who.

What's with this trash Abyssal propaganda?

And then the Abyss develop Cat Fighter Kai. Great job, RJ.

Hello Cred Forums

Fubuki is a nice potato girl.

People with taste ignore her.

Kasumin is for ___


Maybe they'll bring presents to RJ for being so kind.

Kasumin is bloody hot.


Post your favorite BB right now.






Bongo dess


Didn't know Hoppou have ties to Belka, that explains why the Abyss seem so advance compare to us.

At this point, hating Fubuki is like hating Nickelback. There may be legitimate reasons to dislike her, but 99.9% of those who hate Fubuki do so solely because everybody else does.

How many times are you going to post your shitty copy pasta?



>underwater nuclear detonations

Ursine butt.

Shigure's the strongest.

They also have ancient technology.

I want to fug this baba.

So do we.

Is this what Iowa was like before being mind-broken by Japanese cock?


She's tempting me by letting me look down her front.

Then go ahead and make this granny feel young again.

I just fapped to Beaverkaze and I feel terrible about it.


Where's Kaga-san?

Scinfaxi-chan when.
What a cute ancient technology.

Not as shameful as fapping to this.

L-Lewd pantsu.

Granny hime and her destroyer friends are really cute.

Rip Shigure, nice panties though.

What country does your secretary main?

post more of best CA

Shit game. Worse than even the browser game.

Show me your married Takao.



Posting strongest CA.


>MFW when the "shota admiral" tag has been changed to "little boy admiral" on Danbooru.



I-19? More like Slut-19 amirite?

she's 98. Soon. ;_;

Kaga cock

A shit.


That's not too bad, her best part remains intact.


You are a horrible person.

Remove glasses. Also worst girl of her class.

A shit, all the others are cuter specially Maya.

>AA mule

Takao a lovely

>hating the megane

Glasses a shit and they need to be removed immediately.

>not choking

Lamest ending for lamest Takao.

Here you go.

Why is she making that face?

Stalker please, you're encouraging the Choukai hate bandwaggon.

She wants more for her services.

Fubuki was a decent MC.

No, she was a shit MC. The anime was a mistake.

Fuck off anime apologist.

there needs to be more admiral loving Ooi instead of psycho lesbo Ooi.

Agree, she's pure sex.

Fine. Here, I put her glasses back on.

>there's pieces of shit without a full set of married Kagerou-class

I hope your Harrunah keeps choking.

So this is where Inazuma got her murderous blood.




I can see that the glasses was not to your liking, maybe this one will be more suited to your taste.

Now if you could only change Choukai for Maya

Just remove and replace her entire head.

Well this is the best I could do.

Remove the glasses and you fixed the movie

Are you Mayafags still butthurt?

there is but its not translated

The only horrible person here is Shigure.

If you can't beat 'em...

And you for not marrying her.

mtu Wagahai

But I don't want to marry her because she's a horrible person.

Besides, I'm already married to her sister.

>no upskirt
C'mon mtu.

> Choukai and Suzuya accompany Bucky
> They go to the city
> "Hey guys, where are we going"
> They are suddenly surrounded by a bunch of men
> Suzuya and Choukai suck their dicks
> Bucky forced to watch
> Suzuya and Choukai get fucked by each of the men
> Bucky still watching
> They get paid
> Bucky contemplates all of this whole heading back to base.

Wagahai is cute but she needs to get herself some panties.

Are these the best looking uniforms?

I'd sure like to see them without their uniforms.


Only if worn by a long, black haired beauty like Asashio.

When was the last time you gave your ship an oil check?

Nope, but Kasumi and Asashio do look good, the latter in her D form.

Need more MTU.

She's pretty small though, so no wonder most KanColle fans hate her.
It's not exactly a game for small girl lovers, which is why it was a pretty bad choice to have someone like Fubuki as MC.


Sneaking up on your DDs is dangerous.

I want to inspect Fusou's ass throughly

Myoukou a cute


>most KanColle fans hate her

No they don't. She's one of the most popular characters even.


>It's not exactly a game for small girl lovers
1/10 bait. Here's your (You).

sleeping with yodo

Somehow I feel the need to spank that butt.

What? That's true though.

According to what?

The loli to womanly figure character ratio

Being a flagship of a numbered fleet? Try being the flagship of a whole navy.

>Tan Yang served as flagship of the Republic of China Navy

Realistically in command of a torpedo squadron sized formation like with Jintsu.

That, and how all destroyers weren't really small to begin with, but getting older and older art for their upgrades, etc.
At this rate there are a small couple of small girls, and everyone else average or larger.

Such as Ryuujou.

She's part of the small couple.
And pretty useless, considering.


Zuihou stole someone else's clothes again.



I bet you like Kira Yamato and Kirito too.


those haihais demand some breeding.



Don't call my wife a slut.


But all of them are.


Just look at that expression, pure evil.

What is Haruna doing?

Would Hiei be a good mother and wife?

Zuihou is the cutest! I want to make her happy.

living with Yodo


It's called dedication.
Don't call her evil too.



If Little Crown doujins is anything to go by, yes, she would be an amazing wife. This doujins series is amazingly adorable.

What kind of edgelord shit is this?

>No translations ever

If you help her become a better cook, sure.

If I know a way to scan doujin without unbinding them I would've done it months ago.

Wait, I thought everything that the author had on her Pixiv was it. There's more?!

Hiei is so underappreciated that I take anything I can get

The pixiv stuff are usually just preview of the actual doujins.

Ah fuck. I'll never get to see inside these things. Please tell me some of it is at least sweet and shows some loving Hiei. Is it like the normal sweet doujin or is it hentai stuff?

Nice collection by the way. Too bad I live in bumfuck California to get any of it though.

Ignore LRD


They're all non-H sweet roma-com stuff, the lewdest scene is just this.


That's absolutely sweet. Is there a daughter or anything like that at all? I'm guessing no one ever will scan these and your books are too valuable to tear to shreds for random internet strangers on a Singaporean message board

I want to spoil Haruna.

There's no daughter, but one doujin have a mini-Hiei who's actually Ironclad Hiei from the Meiji era. I'm sorry but I really don't want to debind the books, most of the series are sold out and it took me forever to hunt them down, plus, even if I wanted to I don't know how to debind.

Kongou may be a meme girl but she's still super cute

No, I understand, I'm saying you shouldn't debind them for random strangers on the internet because I sure as shit wouldn't do it even for my friends I actually see every day.

But in any case, is this the mini Hiei you were referring to? I'm guessing from what little I've seen that they "adopt" her as a daughter? I don't really get the plot though

I like her and her armpits a lot.

I'd like to spoil her and make her feel special.

Kongou's for happy hugs

I'd like that very much, but it's a bit difficult to enjoy her armpits in a hug.

Making Haruna smile everyday would be a joy.

>Not thinking Hiei is the best
>Not thinking Hiei would be the best wife

But Kirishima is my favourite Kongou.

Hiei is objectively the worst bongou.

But why? She would be a great mother and has a body built for childbearing

Hamakaze deserves some love too!

back to /vg/ faggots

Hiei is now the admiral of your fleet. How does she do?

>posting the edited version

She is very upbeat and she tries very hard so it would probably do okay.

Hamakaze already gets more love than most DDs, so i think she gets all the love she deserves already.


Boring personality, boring appearance, objectively bad at cooking, mediocre over all stats.

Kuma Kai2 when?

1 carrier, 3 light carriers, 3 battleships, 6 heavy cruisers, 4 light cruisers, and 11 destroyers lost.

Not soon enough.

Can't go back to what you were never a part of to begin with.

Kinu sounds like the next one so not anytime soon, unfortunately.

That's a shitty attitude comrade admiral, we don't have nice things (on the internet) because of selfish and self-centered people like you. You should feel bad.
That said, not that I really cared about these books. Hiei a shit - so I'm fine either way.

Worst looking Kongou

You can hug her armpit with your face

That works for me. I'll even give it an adult kiss while I'm there.

Kaga is sleeping, please do not disturb


The future.


Too degenerate for me.



>Hiei is objectively the worst bongou
thats Kongou

Post more Wolves.

He's a dummy.

If I had a lady in front of me, I would lift her skirt up and stare at her pantsu forever.

I want to use her pantyhose to filter my coffee.

>not using her pantsu

was fubuki disliked before the anime


No one cared about her.

Kongou is best Kongou

They're for my personal enjoyment.

Yours is objectively the worst opinion
Kongou DESS

no dating yodo? That's one of her best pics

Kaga is adorable

Please don't make a face like that, Kaga-san!

>liking the worst kongou

>worst Kongou
>not Hiei


But that's NotKaga


Hiei is a lovely girl while Kongou is an annoying retard who likes to whore herself to any TTK she see.

Poi poi poi!


>whoring herself
I think you've confused Kongou with Suzuya.

Here's Wolf with daughter

If it's bound with flue: you take a hair dryer and apply heat to the spine and inside. Alternatively use an iron.

If bought with staplers: Well I really shouldn't have to explain what a staple remover is, should I?


Which boat has the best feet?

I'm very interested in Ro's feet.

Get in your home.


I want to have sex with loli Haruna like in that doujin.

Not daijoubu!

But it was for her own good. And I want to make her feel good too.


I want to lick Haruna's sweaty armpits.

You mean this one?

I bet they taste delicious. I'm also partial to licking her butthole.

Yes. I really enjoy that doujin.

Are you triggered?


Graf has pretty nice legs and feet.

love all the bongos!

i think thats a few to many

Fuck off.

Well then if you'll excuse me, i'm going to take my Kaga and put her where she belongs.

Kaga is rabu, Kaga is raibu, haters go homu

great taste, my kaga friend.

A God Eater crossover would explain how the abyssals are seemly unstoppable without shipgirls.

it also explains the seemly very lax fraternization regulations implied by by the various shipgirl's lines

You can't escape Admiral.

Oh boy! Is it Kaga time?

That's a cute picture of your wife and her kid.


Are they going to Hyper Bomb me?

Fubuki is for romantic dates

why not?

why are you so angry

You seem... Angry

why is kaga the best?


Cause she's a good girl.

Not daijoubu!

This poll is BULLSHIT

Everything is daijoubu about Haruna's butthole and sweaty armpits.

Is this daijoubu?

daijoubu digits Haruna-chang!

Kongou seems convenient.

Is Kuma nopan?


Would you help Suzuya lobby to legalize prostitution in Japan?

That's one delicious-looking tummy.

She only wears the bear necessities.


because she's the sexiest and loveliest Kongou.

Same here. I love it when artists make her soles paler than the rest of her skin.

Can I get a (Yuu)?

What is your opinion of Tone's legs?

I second this.

Yeah, I wish that was more common.


Tone needs to buy some panties.

Is this daijoubu?

Don't be a dummy.

Blonde + tits is too good to be beat

This is now the mother of your children

Would she be a good mother?

She can't be. I can't have kids.

Hiei would be an awful mother. Her fucking marriage dialogue even has her turning down your proposal you cuck

How did she do in the Paralympics?


No idea, she'd have to train up on her cooking skills.

>Her fucking marriage dialogue even has her turning down your proposal you cuck

Wait what? Is Hiei's marriage line really like that? Why even bother marrying her?

Not just her, Chikuma and Yamashiro are the same. How do you not know this?

Hatsushimo kinda turns you down but its more like asking you to put it on hold and wait for her until after the war has concluded.


The fuck? So are they implying that the Admiral never got married to Hiei in the first place? Like she turned down the wedding ring and left the Admiral alone?

Nope, the girls still accept the ring and still hang out with the admiral as their Marriage secretary line suggests and they still get the buff.

Most see the marriage with any of the girls as temporary anyways.

Sup fluffy cutie.

>Most see the marriage with any of the girls as temporary anyways.
>the girls still accept the ring and still hang out with the admiral

So what you're telling me is Hiei is in a loveless marriage and only marries the admiral not out of care for him but just because?

I think I'm going to go hang myself after I get off work now. This is too depressing for me.

is this Daijoibu?

Well I mean it depends on how you view it I guess.

She could develop feelings for her TTK, I mean some thought Kasumi would stay as a bratty tsundere who at times is worse than Akebono but she came around with newer lines.

>needs panties
What kind of fucking heresy is this?!

>Develop feelings for TTK
>Accept marriage before developing feelings for TTK

Doesn't that completely defeat the purpose of marriage then if it's not mutual?

Warspite is fucking gorgeous.

Ships that accept their admiral's love are clearly the best ships. Coincidentally Bismarck's marriage line is adorable just like Prinz's.

Well marriage is a game mechanic so they probably didn't think it would be a big deal. Hence why many of the earlier girls have very generic lines. Or maybe they want the fans to fill in the blank like that above doujin writer.

One of those rare times she drops her guard.

Would Kongou make a fun wife?

waste of engagement ring, she's old, busted, retarded, annoying and a whore.
This Kongoufags are worse than Kagafags

>Admiral, what is it? Such an earnest expression... This is for me? ...I-I see... Y-you can give it to me. I won't give this back, you know? Definitely...

>Admiral-san, you said you needed something? Wah, t-this is for me? Uh, umm~, Bismarck Nee-sama is... a-ah... u-um, ...Thank you! I'll treasure it!!

Good thing she didn't say no.

Speaking of marriage lines.

>Admiral~ even though it's the time and place, if you forget the mood and timing... it'll be a 'No', you know?

Prinz is being silly, she's just overwhelmed and thinking of Bismarck before herself per usual.

>you'll never subtly propose to Houshou by saying, "I want to eat your cooking for the rest of my life."


>These words of praise... I would like to have that in a more direct way... no, not a medal, but instead...

>I know some people think I'm a bit of an armament geek, but… that's not exactly it. I wanted to collect the best data for you, Admiral… really! That's really the truth…
Yuubari is lovely.



The original was sweet, but I'm glad they gave her a new one. The last part really hits home.
>Admiral, the commander's responsibilities are heavy. If you're feeling a bit tired, you're welcome to have a rest on my chest alright? We will always be... together right? (Kai)

assblasted lagafag spotted

Couple that with the new Autumn seasonal line and she is now up there as a total sweet heart.

Are you saying small girls are numerous or popular in KanColle?
Because if you do, let me laugh harder.

>asking for a dicking

Any other girl this forward in her marriage line?


Her getting so excited to go to the festival with you is the cutest.

>27,384 tonnes comes flying at you

Delusional and desperate for attention as ever, LRD
Consider yourself lucky you were even dignified with a response

worth it

Good daijoubu!

This is the point where you realize you should have asked the Americans for a few Balao-class subs to pull security. I hear one of them is quite good at dealing with Bongos.

Yes and yes.

I feel bad for being physically repulsed by Kongou. Clingy girls are so annoying.

Literally who?


>I feel bad
Suicide might be the only option, consider it

>Hiei Marriage Line:
>Thank you for your favour, commander... B-but... my heart... belongs to oneesama! Eh? It's not that kind of talk!? O-oh.. I see... I-I'm so embarrassed~!

Just end me right now senpai because Hiei won't even marry you in the marriage event. I wasted months trying to get to marry her too

Not anymore, no.

>No Hiei figure

I'm just waiting here for it. Please god


That's why you have other options with her sisters.

But there is a Hiei's figure, its been released since forever. There's also a nendroid.

I mean I know there's that but like an actual figure like Kongou got.

Hiei will love you but as a friend. Don't worry. It's a friendzone marriage

Ghost Haruna.

Daily Reminder:

Fubuki is LOVE

Fubuki is LIFE

LOVE the Bucky

LIVE the Bucky

Isn't enjo kousai already legal


Where's your level 155 Fubuki?

Get out, Tanaka. Go implement landbase for normal maps.


Hiei literally has the worst marriage lines ever. What the hell?

Are mods going to make us go to /vg/?

But being in the friendzone is a fate worse than death.

>Admiral, calling me out to this place... I... my heart is set on my oneesan... Eh? It's about formations? Oh my... Even me...

>T-thank you. But, my heart shall always be with Fusou-neesan's... Sorry.

One of the worst, you forgot the other two siscons.


Chikuma is obviously a threesome. Don't know about Yamashiro.

Tennou heika banzai, death to the abominations who make mockery of His Majesty's navy!


Pretty sure they always imagined their ships as girls bro.

>not posting the right one

Which ship has the tastiest pee?


Tertiary here, and I have a question.

Why is this girl white and not white-white? I can't find an answer on google, so was the creator of the model just taking creative liberties with her?

>was the creator of the model just taking creative liberties with her?

He also took creative liberties by giving her legs.

Because the model is wrong.

And nice legs she has too. Her model is in the top3 models for me

Shibafu is on fire.

Is takao too sexual?

It's fine. I can handle her.

Wish itou life didn't go so shota on his kancolle doujin

delete this

we better get abyssal Sendai to complete the light cruiser bosses.

She's pretty cute despite all that.

Yeah that was a shame. It could have been worse though. At least his KTKM doujin was pretty good.

Is Hamakaze too sexual?

Depends. Will she let me put it in her butt?


I love it when other ships dress up like Katori.

Only if you let her use her swagger stick during foreplay.

I hope so since Sendai is my favorite of her class and the light cruiser bosses are some of the cutest for me.

She looks better with blueish pale skin though.

Uratater or Urawind?

I'll consider it.

She was built for sex in the butt.

They were built to impregnate, the war ain't gonna last forever you know.

We need to kill all abyssals before its over.


I wish Yuubari would snuggle me.

Those arms are really long.

No, we need to impregnate them too to end the war.


But fucking an abyssal will have dire consequences.

Hiei is a dumb boy looking Kongou.

Something wrong with this Kaga.

Shot da Poi!


This. Impregnate every shipgirl and every abyssal girl, it's the only reliable way to stop the war permanently.

>H-Haruna will be alright!
What did she mean by this?

A real admiral would be the one conquering her heart.

Cute, it's like when a small dog tries to act tough towards a big dog and the big dog just ignores it.

She means it's fine for me to enjoy an adult kiss with her butthole when we make love.

No, she won't. I will end your pathetic attempts at such lewd and deprave acts with my wife, you degenerate scumbag.

There's nothing wrong with me wanting to enjoy the delicious butt of my wife, who's sweet enough to satisfy my desires with her butthole.

She is not your wife, she is my wife. And you are a sick and disgusting individual who she wants nothing to do with. If you continue this train of disgusting sexualization of her and vulgarity I will insist the MP be summoned and you sent to Siberia for life.

Cease at once.

Siberia isn't part of Japan.

What I do with my wife Haruna in private is no one else's business. I'll get in no trouble for enjoying her butt or her armpits.

She drank too much light blue Gatorade.

Ur waifu a shit

Shut the fuck up cockroach.
She is not your wife, she is my wife, idiot.
End yourself, sub-human faggot.

Nope. I'm not from your waifu's country.

Anyone else unironically wish the anime was super edgy?

I just want it to show the hell that is war.

You are from a slavic shithole and you know it.

It's impossible for nips to do edgy and still be tasteful.

Are you sure Haruna is your waifu? I don't think she'd love someone who's so aggressive and mean.

Go back to your shithole, Cred Forums.

Nips don't want to pander to your shit taste and thank the lord for that.

Haruna is my soulmate.

This is a war where both sides shoot each other while wearing cute swimsuits or eating food and you can't even lose any ships unless you do it on purpose or are retarded, not exactly hell.

How do you know if he's a turk or not?

Post your married Haruna fag.

Kaga-san is love and life

>All these cuckfags voting for Hiei
What a bizzare fetish.

You don't have to debind to scan it. I think there are ways to go about doing it.


Not following your logic senpai

Just because she's your favorite doesn't mean you love and want to marry her.

She turns down your wedding proposal because she wants to fuck her sister.
Sounds like getting cucked to me.

>Hmmm, of these four sisters, three of which love me and will reciprocate my affections, all of which generally have the same abilities, the incestuous lesbian is definitely my favorite!

Nigga Hiei doesn't turn down your marriage proposal. She's married to you during your secretary dialogue too

Are you retarded? Yeah, that sounds like a loving marriage alright.

I don't post my waifu for scum like you.


>image limit

 |\   /:/   /::|         、   /  ::i:l::|::i|
 |   `‐、/   ./i::::!           i   '::l:l::|::i|
 |         /::l:::l           l   l::i:l:l::|::i|
 |\     /:i:::l::,'           .i  .|l::l:l::|::i|
 | |:`ー、._/l !l::/           .i    !::l::l:l::|::i|
 | |::!  |:::i:||:l/            |    !:l::l:l::|::i|
 | |:|   !::l:| ,        '     !    !lNj/|::i|
 | l:!   l::l:|/              l    !l j l::リ
 | ll   ヾl/               |   i   l/
 | i    l               l   !   !
 |     l     ヽ           .!   l
 |     l      ヽ     , '    !   .
 |     !        ヽ,j,/       .|'  ゙、
 |     .!       |  i       |゙、  l
 |      l       |  !       | j fj


Ooyodo or Choukai or Kirishima?



Sakusen > Kirishima > Choukai

Ooyodo >>> shit > Choukai = Kirishima

What is it for?

its a secret

Which one's pee do you think would taste the best?


I agree, therefore Ooyodo is the correct choice.



Kaga last.


Please don't bump this dead thread with Kagapost

Use sage you dimwitted florida prick.

It's time to sleep

I refuse

Sleep with me


NotKaga: Sleep
NotAkagi: Sleep
Hoppou: Sleep

Wow, he really bumped the thread.

Mou sugoi Kaga-san!

Kill yourself, retard
You're not helping

How is the second season of the anime coming along?

I used sage, and we're past the bump limit anyway.

How to use sage?
Just asking

why are you such a newfag...theres an faq
Cred Forums.org/faq

Thanks asshole

Why are you entertaining the lagafag?

Lesbian shipgirls all turn into abyssals.