A loli push you against a wall

A loli push you against a wall.

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She must've liked cocks that much.

Don't sexualize saucer.

Is this someones new fetish ?

Push the loli out of the way and plant the fucking things face into the wall.

Noeru is okay with it even if she thinks is a bit embarrassing.

Stop you are triggering me! I just forgot about the little girls car!

roll to escape, then pin the loli down and tickle her.


I want to beat this man to death.

It seems that i will never find where this image originates.

Man, they are just so forceful.

I like lolidom. It's my loligrail tbqh.

>a loli pushing a grown man against a wall.

It's a UFO, unknown force origin.

But the canon nopan

Her mothers will hurt you if you continue.

[x] thrust into her face with my dick to push her back

kek, source?

>Ledouche thinks he can win a fight against loli.

>I like lolidom. It's my loligrail tbqh.
This user has good taste.

This loli is gonna find out about a surprise soon!


Well, liking lolidom should be a standard for every user.


All of a sudden a car pulls up to you as you're walking down the street. Its door opens to reveal a loli who's temping you to get in. What to do?

Keep walking


You accidentally enter the loli-only car. What do?

Turn 360 degrees and walk away

Feed em.

Curl myself in the corner while trembling and pretending I'm a box.

Nothing because those lolis look like shit.

source, friend?

image doesn't seem to be on the boorus or pixiv





Please don't hurt me.

>my daughter leaves me after she finds out how soiled I've been

W-what kind of ntr is this?

saucenao didn't find it for some reason

thanks, friend



why would you want to harm such an upstanding fellow
a man unequalled, one who can resist the charms of a loli seductress, clearly setting him up for standby fbi agents stationed in the next room

Prepare for battle.

translated part 2 and 3 never ;_;

Look for the hidden cameras.

if i wont get arrested i stay.

Never be tempted.

Does Cred Forums like any lolis from shonens?


Wendy and Mavis for sure.

Look carefully round to make sure no one can see us and ask her if she has Rainbow - Rising.

>this will never be me
Oh I hate this.

It's Noel you fucktard gaijib weeab fuck face

>Don't resist
>Give up Wallet
>Get raped anyway because lolis are monsters

What choice do you even have these days, when they are getting more and more violent?

All lolis have a common weakness, and that's bullying until they cry.

>Start bullying them
>They start crying
>Suddenly a mob of 50+ lolis comes
>They bully and violate you

Loli neighbourhoods are the worst.

There's another secret. There's one thing NOTHING can beat. It's only known as the


Teach me more, i'm listening.

Why are lolis so cute?

It's a natural defense to prevent from getting killed. The only side effect it might get them dicked instead.

Why do I want to put my penis inside a little girl?

What would Cred Forums do to that butt?

Sign it using my best pen.

Kabe-don + loli? Normally it's an older oneesan or more dominant girl who does that.

It'd actually be kind of cute to see.

push it away and demand a cute petite lolibutt

Lick it for hours.

give it a hug

sniff it and lick it.

Which loli has the best hair?

But it might stink or be dirty.

I am literally in love with blonde haired lolis, especially Karen. I would do the lewdest things imaginable to Karen.

Niece did that to me once, almost died of cuteness.

You end up looking fordward again

Artist is Umekko, loads of stuff on Gelbooru and Pixiv

tilt the camera 15 degrees

Not Celsius, you doofus.

le newfag sure is summer here lurk 2 years before posting lol kek lel (You)

What do you even do in this situation? One false move and you become the offender.

That depends on how little a girl you want to put your penis in. It is either
A: Your natural desire to mate with any potentially viable mate.
B: You are a pedophile and subconscious mistake children for a viable mate.

Is that pantsu or a swimsuit?

Regardless British is cute.

Ironic shitposting is just shitposting.

I want gently blow on Loli's nape.

>But it might stink or be dirty.
Then I'd make her bathe, with me.

It was her swimsuit. I genuinely want to lie in bed and kiss Karen all over after having repetitive sweaty sex.

I want to kiss a loli's clavicle.

Before or after bullying?

That really is an astonishing tummy.

theyre pretty smug

It is' perfect for licking and resting your head on.

>those hips

>not bullying her in the shower
I'd use my dick to bully her slit.

That depends, is Moeka a viable mate?
because my dick says yes

puffy vulva

That slit is for licking, then for dicking.

I will require a picture that provides a better view of her figure to give a proper determination, but I am leaning towards no.


>not licking, dick on clit grinding/rubbing and then cervical pounding
I'd suck her farts out while I'm at it.

She is definitely too young. I am afraid you are a pedophile, user.

>an adorable loli will never tell you to have a safe trip
Why even live?

I want to marry a UFO!

What a pro. Truly a model to us all.

Well shit. Can I at least be fine with the qt blonde retard?

Is that from the demon king manga? Is it good?

>get pushed by these three

That one looks like she has hit puberty, but I need more pictures to be sure.

I'd fall down in a way to look up their dresses.


When the sod are they gonna scanslate the rest of that?!


Collette is a very cute girl, and I want to kiss her all over too~!

i want to give her lower mouth an adult kiss if you catch my drift

Why won't Sakamoto do what Remimi wants him to?


my bully chino is so cute

Take off my pants and sit on her lap and tell her it'll cost her a whole nickel.
If she has the cash - succ her pussy.
If she don't - leave in a huff while shaking my hips.

Sorry, I don't understand. What body part is that?
me on the bottom left

Baggy clothes make it hard to discern her figure, user.

Yes, see as drawings of humans they will depict characters as having the physical traits of humans at a variety of ages.

A loli push me against a wall.

I push her back onto the bed.

What are we gonna do on the bed?

I have no idea. :^)


>That art style
Brings back memories.


Yeah, but there's only three chapters out right now. The story is also pretty slow so far, but it's adorable nonetheless.

Imagine the pussibilities

loli mom

Adorably flexible. We need more /fit/ loli.

What if the loli IS a wall?

>not bullying her butt

That cums before the shower.

What if the loli IS a male?


Hay guys! Let be watch over your lolis. I have lots of food they can have. You can totally trust me.

Did someone say POMF?

That's called a shota you homosexual.

That's called a faggot, not a loli.

>loli comes and kisses you on your cheek
what do

Then it's not a loli, just a faggot.

What if the loli IS a futa?

I love that pic/post.
Anyone have the one were the user got beat up for saying loli in public?

The worst.

Then you suck her cute little cock, it's the polite thing to do.
I'm sorry you have shit taste user.

>shit taste user
Nah but it sure sounds like you should drink bleach.

Kiss her back.


The only liquid I really want at the moment is delicious loli-cum.

Ask why she did that

I'll lift the loli.

I'll fucking kill you, dude.

Unlike her depraved friend Usami, Colette is a late bloomer.

Kiss my daughter back.

I'll lift her skirt.

>because I love you user!
what do?


Holy SHIT. Is this from the new season? I don't remember Kurospats. Does Illya where them, too?



I would probably freeze.

Ask her what she wants from me and if she can let me go.

I'll lift the loli and put my head inside her skirt.

>not loly bible
One job.

special, and i think but no view like kuros

That's from the 2wei herz specials

He is resting for his next attempt to close Ooarai.

I question why I have become so weak a loli can push me around.

>no illya to molest

Sometimes it's good to scare lolis


I know what I'll be viewing, then. I can promise I'm only going to watch the show normally. No funny business, I promise.

You sure it's not Shiro's odor that's making you weak?


I want to stick my penis inside Miyu, Kuro, and Illya until I cum inside them all!

I want to pomf=3 the mini fujo~




Show me your edgiest loli.

>not wanting Tatsuko
user... are you homosexual?

Tokyo Akazukin from Tokyo Akazukin

Do vampires count or is that cheating

Those show is breathtakingly lewd. It actually needs MORE fanservice.

>those pantsu
What do they smell like?


I wanna dick her straight.
I require more of the fox.


There's something wrong with this child


>What do they smell like?
Sweat from the summer heat, and a little bit of her delicious pee. Most likely a sweet smell, coming from the natural scent of Kuro's adorable pussy.

I love this butt.

That's natural for them.


You're dumping the same shit you dumped yesterday image dump user.



I like my lolis on the slightly older side.


What a dumb outfit



Upgraded to latest firmware

Loli of the season

>Tell her I'm sorry and try to walk away
>She'll put her hand in front of me as I try to make an escape
>Where are you going, otosan?
>I stammer I..I'm not your//
>I'll notice two other girls her age, both in the same uniform.
>The one who's got surprisingly large breasts looks behind them and closes and locks the door then turns towards us
>The slightly taller one with hair down to her butt licks her lips and says, you are tonight.
>You're a big one aren't you the blue haired loli says and grabs at my crotch
>I tell them please, I don't want any trouble as I feel them unzip my fly
Can't write this on a christian image board
>10 hours later I'm completely drained and laying in the semen stained the bed sobbing
>The three of them are smiling and sharing a cigarette.

You're dumb.


I wish she didn't grow by leveling. Should have kept her small.

What a fat loli.


I don't like this kind of bullying.

Raphtalia was so cute, though i didn't get upset at her growing up.

A tea party?

Better than her getting raped by her previous owner.
She was! I wish we at least got a few more chapter of her being small or had her grow more slowly.

At least now we have the fat chocobo loli.


We had two briefly. The queen bird made me diamonds~

Oh my lord.

Inform her of my rates



I want to bully the bunnies~

Something about a lolis skinny arms and legs makes my dick rock hard, and I have no clue why. The puffy vulva and cute little voice is great and all, but the tiny arms and legs make them sexually irresistible to me for some reason. Anyone know the feel?





It's your instinct to mate with a female than can run and fend for herself while you are away hunting. Thicker women, for some men are not as desirable because those men are usually end up being the hunters/trackers of the tribe. Thinner/fitter women make better survivalists.

Here's an edgy loli in the process of being de-edged.

Hide in plain sight. If I put on a sundress I conveniently keep on me at all times just for such a situation, fix up my hair and crouch down a bit I, a grown two hundred pound muscular man, can look exactly like this and blend perfectly. It's all a trick of perspective.



I want to sniff in between her thighs for eternity.

FUCK convenient legs.

Is that a loli cow?

>Joke's on you, loli, I don't listen to dadrock.


I love legal loli.

>shonen lolis

Himawari is cute. CUTE!

Any loli from Black Bullet

That's a tall loli.

Probably just perspective.

Now that would be a good position.

I need more of her in this outfit.

the amount of Pedophiles in this thread is too dam high...

Not much else, Enbi changes outfits every volume.

Oh sweet baby moses on a stick.

You niggas need Jesus

I don't see any.

>you are now aware joseph was a literally lolicon
Mary was twelve if the myth was real.

Why is it sometimes the non-lewd lolis are actually the lewdest?

I disagree, most lolis in the thread seem to be pubescent.

She's a cruel loli though, she stole his wallet so he couldn't take the train and would have to share a hotel room with her and thus extend the amusement park date he promised her.

oppai loli

why don't you go fuck an adult?

this is NOT a thread for lolicons
this is a thread for lolis only!

a real man treasures flat chests, loves flat chests, licks flat chests, and cuddles flat chests.
flat chest > fat chest

Critical miss. Loli grabs you by the waist and suplexes you.

>share a hotel room with her
Then they fucked, right?

roll to flip loli over and 69 with her

counter roll: you headspin and leglock the loli into an upside down naizuri.

She'll cry! She won't understand!

You two are the ones who need to leave, what kind of lolicon doesn't love all lolis?

>no love for chichi

Will you check my pulse and my temperature?

not if I lovingly caress her thighs and stroke her lower mouth lightly before teasing her with my tongue. Roll to 69 the qt loli.

>implying the two are mutually exclusive

Why does top left have a shoe on her head

I assume it's because of something like this:

Of coarse cutie, now lay down on my bed right here. My, you're burning up! We need to take those clothes off, stat!


Interrupted by work, the end of the world tends to be inconvenient. She's going to get what she wants eventually, her family and his superior in the police force both consent.

I would literally drown her in my semen.

>Huge age gap
Fuuuuck I need to read this

A loli concerns you, takes your hand, puts it in her panties and says "Give me all your money or I scream."

What do you do?

lightly finger her pussy while making excuses about getting the money from my car, until she gets wet enough to want the dick.


Slip a finger in, take it out as she recoils and like it in front of her. Before she can do some thing pull out what ever cash I have and ask her if she wants to earn more.


homupussy is best pussy. her femdom doujins are absolutely god tier.

fart at her face, then call the police

Throw the little girl across the room and then tie her up and feed her to the stray dogs on the streets #animallivesmatter #blacklivesmatter

My mom has tell me to not accept candies from strangers.

Use it as a bongo drum.

Slowly back into the the corner and face the wall. Stay very still and very quiet. Hopefully they wont notice me. Loli vision is based of motion and cuteness.

If any try to attack me, I use headpats to immobilize them.

i was really annoyed by her, but her black haired friend was cute


I dropped this show because of her VA

It's closer than you think.
Translation is done but cleaner is running late.

I almost did, but I got used to it pretty quick. She really is cute, worth watching.

so pure

She was camwhoring on Cred Forums.

what kind of retard she is to have food on her head

Thank you Cred Forums.
I just started masturbating to Senke Kagerou doujins again.
Fuck this.

Anyone got the one where it's a van with classic rock and beer?

Lolis concern me.

remind me again why age of consent exists

That's called the "Dutch Angle"

Go ask Cred Forums, faggot.

Please explain this image.

You can threaten lolis more easily so that means you can just start raping kids and telling them to say they actually wanted it when it might not be like that.
It exists to prevent criminal acts.

>onii-chan, I told you not to cum inside, remember!
>but you told me to!
>t-that doesn't mean anything!
>onii-chan, it's dripping out! see what you did?
>I'll lick it up~
>n-no! baka!

Because jealous oldhags know they can't possibly compete with these pure and perfect creatures. They made loli pussy illegal because it's the only way they can get any dick.

>quit lifting me skirt, mister!

While you headpat two of them, the others will tackle your legs.

He broke his promise to make burg dinner.

not if you utilise MULTI HEAD PATTING

What do you think of hologram lolis?

Can I request shingeki no kyojin loli if anyone could oblige?


c-can I get a headpat too?

That can't come soon enough.

Those are vocaloids right?


>I don't even know this kid

I have heard many hypotheses.

One is that during the Industrial revolution children would rather sell their bodies than work in factories, and so they outlawed it.

Another is that it was to protect the value of daughters before marriage by making it illegal to have sex with them.

The most amusing is that it was invented by feminists, because they wanted to ruin men's fun or something.

That falls under rape, so the extra law is unneccessary.

>yfw i just made one and came back to this

fucking capitalism ruined my lolis

Burg the loli user, don't be greedy

Statutory rape is a different thing. The idea is that you shouldn't have sex with someone who's not mature enough to give informed consent.

We need more lolis in adult clothes.

That may be, but the user I responded to was talking about a situation that was clearly rape.

Neither can they, if you know what I mean.

I tell the others if they want headpats too, all they need to do is ask nicely. "but bad little girls don't get any headpats"

Yes we do~
Cum again?


I'm usually a good girl, but I'm up past my bedtime tonight. Can I still get a headpat?

Foolish. They will forcibly take headpats from you.

Why are head pats so good? I remember getting them as a kid and wanted more. It's like crack but for your scalp.

Sharing is caring.


I want to squeeze that lolibutt


I wish I can. I want a loli to share my food with.


>Pats head
If you want more, you'll need to get in my bed. Otherwise get in yours.


Me too.
I'm actually hoping to adopt within 2 years.

W-What are we going to do on the bed mister?

No E Ru? Ai DonTo No WaTo Yu ARu TaOKin A BaOTo.

it kinda scares me that some of you faggots are going to be around kids

The head is actually a very private part of the body. basic human instinct is to protect your head and face. Letting someone touch your head/face like that shows trust and intimacy. It's like a miniature hug for your head.

I'm beginning to think every thread I visit hates me.

shiro is so great

I don't hate you, I just wouldn't want you to hurt any kids. Healthy sexual fun is one thing, but intercourse could get someone hurt.

lame loli
lame loli
eh, tries to read food lame loli
lame lolis

honestly, i'd give them negative headpats. reclaim headpats given to them in the past via time travel to stop myself giving said headpats.

What do you think? Cuddle and chat until you slip off to sleep then I am so going to Tuck you in and cuddle with your slumbering form until I too am overtaken by sleep.

>roll for sixty nine
>roll a ninety six
So uh, what does that mean? Missionary?

source? google fail at pic search

So here's the deal. I 'do' have a thing for abusing loli sized and shaped things. But I don't want a child for that. I want to raise her. It's a complicated deal.

So the thing strapped to her thigh is for sounding, right?

I w-wouldn't mind that... promise to hold me until I wake up? New places are scary...

>that one image of miria grinding her clit against the producer's shaft
I love this fetish.

As long as nobody gets hurt, it's fine. Just do yourself a favor and adopt a loli from a white country.
Now people like you, I do hate. The reply to that post was discussing the source. Stopping shit like this is the only good idea to come out of those spammed new rule threads.

I promise. Now, we should head to bed now~

She will be white and blonde.
What if someone else gets hurt? Like, another loli sized and shaped thing.

O-Okay then... goodnight mister!

I want to take a bath with a loli.


That one was so obviously fake though, even the most autistic autist would never blurt out the word loli unknowingly in casual conversation.
Though it would be pretty funny if it were true.

> Helps her find her parents.

What is one supposed to do if image searching fails?


YOU! You get the fuck out of here. Take "annie" and fuck off.

Tatsu a fucking brat. Brats are the best.

Do you hate me if I just want a cute loli girl friend/wife?

Are you illiterate?

There's no need to be rude.

Don't go taking loli's virginity, she'll never get that back. Why would you want to hurt a loli anyway, when you can have safe fun?
Of coarse not, cute loli girlfriends are what all men strive to have.
So fucking best, I want to lick up her sweat and drink her pee, sucking straight from the source while she slowly squirts it into my mouth. Tatsuko makes me rock fucking hard.


>born too late to explore the planet and have a loli wife
>born too late to explore the galaxy with a loli alien cyborg
>Born just in time for virtual reality loli
There's a thread up right now.
Not that user, but what if I just want clitoral play on penis play?

>Of coarse not, cute loli girlfriends are what all men strive to have
>Don't go taking loli's virginity, she'll never get that back.
I'm getting mixed messages. I can marry a loli, but we can't have sex?

That's personal and my reasons are my own. For what it's worth, it's nothing to do with personal gratification.

It means you don't get sex. Ever.

Rude? You should be locked up and you know it. We gave you that nickname for a reason. Go die in a dark room cwlanon

Now push her.


Kohina! I love her.

So basically, nothing changes.

I asked you all to not call me that. I confided in you, and instead of even trying to understand you pretty much branded me.

The little girl from lol?



What? Did we hurt your feelings? Seriously, just fuck off.

No. He's a clinical mental case that might be able to adopt if he "shows reform" or some shit like that. He wants to adopt a kid, call her Annie and make her into Annie Leonhart from Shingeki No Kyojin. Pic, very much fucking related. He wants to kidnap a girl to keep while he raises his "little Annie"
He claims to have done something similar before. Just keep an eye out and black list the cunt.

Come on man, I asked you to stop posting that picture.
And what does it matter what I do if it doesn't affect you or your family? Can you just please delete the picture, because it can be used to argue against me.

I thought user was talking about just some other unrelated loli. If you're in a loving relationship, of coarse you should have sex. If she's old enough that is, you wouldn't want to damage anything.
As in her grinding on your dick? That sounds harmless, as long as she wants to do it.
Well if that's the case, then go after a nonwhite 3rd world shithole loli. Enlist in the military and bring a plastic walmart bag or some shit when you visit a village. Fill the bag with dirt or grass or anything, and wonder off on your own. Try to find and acquire a loli. If they have parents around, throw the bag on the ground and beat the parents, then threaten the kid to shoot her if she sequels. Enjoy loli rape or whatever time, until you're satisfied and or have to go back. Shoot everybody up after to hide any witnesses if they have any chance of ratting you out. If anyone asks, the bag seemed like a possible bomb threat, and the parents/kid wouldn't stop moving towards you so you had to shoot.
quality advice? I think so.

Jesus. I come on here and joke around. I didn't figure someone actually had plans to do something.


We told you about the beer and rock, but you didn't listen. So badly did you crave that cold swig of Yuengling and the smooth tunes of Steely Dan after a hard day of manly work and adult responsibilities that you ignored our warnings and now it's too late. We aren't sticking our necks out for you, but we'll tell your next of kin you went peacefully. We will be lying, of course.

You know how fucking stupid that sounds, right? It doesn't matter if you're harming me or my family, it's the fact that you're harming some young girl for your own twisted kicks.
I'm going to keep posting this every time I see you just so people know what you're actually like.

Either report him, ignore him or just let people know who he is if he turns up.

Delete this.

I hate you user. I hate you.

>tainting the wholesomeness of loli with 3DPD
Maybe on Cred Forums, but not here. Never here.

I wouldn't mind if this car came and ferried me off to the underworld right now.

Seriously user. The reform is conditional. Please stop spreading this.


this guy just seems like an edgelord to me.

>from then on, I learned it was best to hurt others
come the fuck on nigga

No. It makes me sick knowing that people like you exist, and knowing that we share a country makes it worse. There's nothing you could do that would stop me from trying to prevent you from getting a kid.


Did you hire Chisa "If their age is on the clock, give em the glock" Yukizome to handle this one?

>3d pussy
no thank you
>uncensored nipple
you're going to jail pal.

We've been putting up with his shit for months and it's pretty much agreed on that he's not talking shit. And even if he is, better safe than sorry.

Why are lolinips so damn delicious?


We maybe some deplorable lolicons, but at least we don't want to actually want to harm real kids. Honestly what the shit user.

This has to be ironic

Alright I'm leaving.

Ignore him he's making things up and editing his own posts to make me look bad.

I like this a lot.
At least she has decent tastes.

That's what you think.

Not if it isn't hentai. Even hardcore lewdness such as this is ok to post assuming the mod isn't a retard.

what does this guy want to do, just adopt and have a loli, or like child abuse shit? I went through foster care and lived in some pretty shit homes, and the kids around me where straight fucked.

got docs? details? Not to speak for myself, but I'm sure some upstanding citizens if in the area would be more than happy to pay that fellow a visit for a friendly chat.

I was hoping guts would had spared her or something like that, but nope. At least her friend survived. Wasn't the friend the same girl who start to have a thing for guts mid chapter?

I have no idea whatever the fuck you people have been talking about but it certainly does not belong on the anime/manga board.

Because lolis are the best animu creatures.

Same, I may joke about being with a loli, but until society changes to one where doing so would not irreparably fuck up the loli, I would never actually do anything.

>assuming the mod isn't a retard.

>They take photos and use it to blackmail me

Just do us all a favour and fucking stay gone.

He wants to adopt one to raise, but only if its blonde. He wants to kidnap another one specifically to hide and torture.

Just what was posted, he's generally careful about what he posts except for those two screenshots. He lives in Britain, that's all I know about that.


it's all we can do to fight back against the lolis

we have to stop them

>he lives in Britain
Ah, I hear they have a nice muslim population. Just convert and roll in your loli waifus. The whole abuse thing is kind of uncool though, so drop that.

It's a troll.

Is this the same guy that would talk about loli abuse and post that one abuse image set over and over?

More loli elf! I need more!

The muslims are nearly as bad as him.

Like I said above. Better safe than sorry.

If you're talking about in SNK and the Mikasa and Historia stuff, then yeah probably.

>Guts at his darkest point
>sparing anyone
Besides that it was a fight to the death, no one was getting spared in a fight that violent, and that fact was made very clear when he made this face.
And as complex as the characterization was in earlier Berserk, it's very debatable whether she started falling for him or if she merely wanted to stay with him because she hated the life she was born with so much, but if anything's for sure she totally would've spread those silky loli legs for him if he did keep her around, no female can resist Guts given enough time. Some men, too.

Are you disgustman?



No, that's a tripfag. All I know about him is he started posting about a week ago. Another tripfag seems to think it's a bloke named Ian.

I want to be more than friends with LL

There's not enough doujins of Guts taking a loli's virginity.

Then there is this one for you


I don't even know what the fuck is going on, I just wanted to discuss cute little girls.

Like this?

I mean the guy who's always saying things like "lolis are for beat not treat"

Only thing I have close are retarded dragon girls.

Those sick fucks.

Sorry for the partial derail.

Right, my bad. No that's a different guy. The one from /snk/ always posts this.


if lolis arent for bullying, why are they cutest when they're being bullied


That's terrifying..

Brits with current appeal to "independent review mechanism". possible specification in original case/request for blonde and/or white girl Not a lot to go on, but enough. Probably narrow initial search to males under 30 Thanks friend.

So your desire to protect them kicks into overdrive.

>determined to fist.jpg

My friend Elel is so cute.


Shit man, if you can actually do something about it, go for it. You would be doing us all a favour.

What about loli orc? I don't remember any.

source pls.

I don't know if it's the girls eyes or the guy holding her leg


>at a job site
>owner's youngest daughter starts following me around
>try to scare her off, she just gets closer
>her dad teases me and tells her to leave her boy friend alone
>starts crying one day because she too scared to go down the unfinished stairs by herself
>pick her up and walk carry her down
>would leave me alone after that
The dad was like five years older than me. My friend gave me the evilest look because I made a pedo joke earlier that day. Cute as fuck though.


Happy Holidays

Bit of column A and B if you ask me.

Last one for now

>all these loli elf replies
Thanks guys. My folder is getting bigger. I seriously lacked them.

>So three orphan girls bribe a random nice man who...I don't know always brings by donations from a local store
>They devise their plan and instead of simply bribing him like they've done so many others they bribe and guilt him into adopting them as his daughters.
>It was a one time thing and they decide to try this time
>But he's on eggshells around them and he keeps them at an arms reach.
>They realize that he's not the same guy who brought them all toys and dinner for christmas when they were heavily snowed in.
>So during dinner they take out the camera that they took the pictures on and told them that they won't stay and smashed it on the table in front of him.
>He looks shocked and doesn't say anything.
>He simply gets up and leaves the kitchen.
>They look at each other and leave. He tells them from the other room "Finish your supper and get ready for bed, we have to shop for your school uniforms tomorrow".
>Nothing else is said, only sniffles and the sound of forks and knives on plates.

Same, senpai. There really should be more cute elf lolis but they don't show up as often as, say, cute catgirl lolis or just vanilla lolis.

Don't forget to check the masterpiece of loli elves.
Has some choking here and there but in the end she starts liking it.

Who is this syrupy sweet fairy?

I have the whole set. I love the artist but I hate it when she draws rape. It's only hot if they start off liking it.

this is a kind of bully I can't approve of.

I thought you were cooler sakamoto kun



Roll 1d20 for my fortitude save.

Everyone had brain problems in this show, but they were cute so it all worked out.

Adventures of Retarded Dragon Girls: the Anime
Zettai Bouei Leviathan

The mine scene was the highlight of the show. Like every great show that came out in the past ten years: S2 never.

The game was mismanaged to death too.




Fucking Retarded Dragons.

What happened again? Didn't the game server crash and everyone lost their progress?
I thought they relaunched the game early last year or something.

Leviathan was one of those shows that went unnoticed both here and in japan, but was pretty comfy and had great threads while it was airing.

Koukaku no Pandora was like that, too.

Something about they closing the server for maintenance and it taking too long, i can't remember.

Season 2 never.

I'm sure it doesn't even have enough material for a S2 to begin with.

I wanna be the dork!
True. I had no idea what I was getting into when I popped my head in the first thread after the first episode aired. First time an anime made me cry from laughter.
Levi is still my wiafu~
>mc of the game gets to take care of the girls after getting thrown back in time

>>would leave me alone after that


Whoops I meant wouldn't.

>draws rape


Some girls have the oddest fetishes. Rape play is more common in women then men. DAL and Neptunia are drawn by a women as well. A huge dyke but still female.

use a kabedon reversal maneuver.


Do you happen to have the pic were she is in the back of a car and she has her legs up in the air in a funny manner?

Asian school looks fun.

She's gay as fuck user.
The only way you're getting into that snatch is if you're madoka or a girl.

Anyone got that gif of the girl making out with that guy who tries to push her away and she then slaps the shit out of him before making out with him some more?

>Rape play

You mean that game that was aborted because of the public opinion fiasco?

>Rape play is more common in women then men


Even lesbians crave dick sometimes, user. I hear many girls that become gay only do it because they get talked into it but the still crave a dick once in a while.

Please stop bullying me :(

They want to be raped by good looking manly characters though, not some hobo on the street.

>DAL and Neptunia are drawn by a women as well

What has that to do with it?

No, they mean where people like to play out a full rape.
Girlfriend is home lounging around in her panties and oversized shirt, watching animu, man breaks in overpowers her ravages her then ties her up and spends the rest of the night fucking her into multiple orgasms.
The man unties her takes off her blind fold and kisses her.
The woman kisses him back and tells him that was awesome. The man says yeah while laying back on the bed and lighting a cigarette.
He then and asks her if they are going to see her parents this weekend.
Baby? he says as he turns to her, only to find her sleeping soundly.
He smiles and pulls the covers up over her.

Rape play.

Why are lolis so anatomically accurate?

No, but I have this.

I want to fuck the religion out of this nun and make the chuuni watch.

Female homosexuality and male homosexuality are actually quite different

Have you seen Tsunako's lolis? She's a huge lolicon. I'm just saying women have a large range of fetishes like men and some, like men, have a talent to draw it.

>It was years ago, I was just walking along, minding my business while on my way home from work
>Suddenly, a dark, nondescript van with "free beer" scrawled on the side slowly creeps up from behind me
>The window rolls down and staring at me is a young blue-haired girl with pigtails, maybe about 9 years old, eyeing me up suspiciously
>She calls out in a slightly hushed voice
>"Hey... Hey buddy. You want some classic rock cd's? I've got a ton in the back."
>I was told never to speak to little girls I didn't know, but the offer was so enticing I foolishly replied
>"R-really? D-do you have The Beatles? O-or maybe Bob Seger?"
>She chuckled darkly, "Oh yeah, I've got everything. The Who, Floyd, Tom Petty, you name it. But you'll have to hop in the back here if you want me to give them to you."
>I knew I should have ran, but part of me was too scared of what she might do if I said no, as I walked to the back I could swear I saw her licking her lips out of the corner of my eye
>As I reached for the handle the doors suddenly flung open and about five lolis reached out and grabbed me
>I screamed as loud as I could, but one of them gagged me with her panties and they pulled me in with their mighty loli strength
>They pinned me down, as I struggled I heard one of them say "Sit on the bitch's face, Sanae. Shut him the fuck up".
>Suddenly my vision was then completely obscured and my screams muffled by pink softness, with what looked like a cartoon bear's face on the back
>As tears rolled down my cheeks they laughed at my pointless struggle. It was at that point I realized there really was no rock.

Because men and women are different and women get off on the idea of being taken and men get off on taking.

Yeah I know. But I'm not wading through the crazy just to fuck a lesbian blind. I've been down that road and I don't want to go through it again.

This and the guys they seriously want to fuck and won't hurt them(in the bad way) but don't want to feel like a slut for wanting it.
So they live through rape fantasies so they can get off without being in any real danger.


>men get off on taking
Not me!

I said men.

Why wouldn't a loli eat onii-chan's banana in the bath?


I'm a manly man

best girl

>men get off on taking


>I've been down that road and I don't want to go through it again.
>I've been down that road
fuck off then, disgusting

>I will never brutally monkey fuck a mangaka who whishes she was the little girl

I think suicide is the only answer or furious masturbation or finding a thick chick to fuck on craigslist.

I become enraged that Yosh still hasn't released the other chapters, despite raws being out forever.

You don't know any men.

Every man at some point has to absolutely destroy a lesbians pussy.
It's a power trip, and it will destroy the mysticism of lesbianism and show that they're just like any other woman except they're all fucked in the head even worse.


I'm not sure little girls would even know if they are lesbians yet.

Goddamnit Cred Forums.

Some do. I have a niece who is 9 and she has a girlfriend. Some of the family is furious but sis is all "hey, I guess she's a lesbian. Would you two like to go to Check E Cheese?"


I don't know if that really counts, sexual orientation is by nature sexual, so if they haven't had their sexual awakening yet, then they're just mimicking adults.

Hard petting with Tokitsukaze!
Best pup, best ship!

>Every man at some point has to absolutely destroy a lesbians pussy
THIS. I watch homolust show that have girls in it just for this.

>tfw no Luu Luu birthing show

Are you talking about puberty? I have no clue if they are in that yet or not, not my kid, all I know is she has a girlfriend. Maybe, just maybe, it's a phase but I think she really does just prefer the same sex.

I really don't see Milky Holmes threads any more. Pic related is best slut.

you can have a romantic relationship without it being a sexual relationship. you can also be more attracted to one sex or the other without even knowing what sex is. Could just be a phase, but it could just as easily be the way she is.

Adolescence more than puberty. The point is before her sexual orientation can be determined she needs to understand what sex is on at least an insticntual level.

I'm not saying she needs to have had sex, mind you, but she has to have had some exposure to sexually explicit material and come to some sort of understanding of it within her own mind.

As a little kid, even as far back as 7, I knew I liked girls. I had a gay friend and wanted me to try gay stuff with him. I did not like it at all. I have always preferred girls.

All I know is that loli yuri porn is great. Couldn't give a single fuck if that's not how it's supposed to work.

Also, I want to point out that I'm not saying she's not a lesbian, just that I don't think we can accurately determine whether or not she is one. Hell, at this point SHE might not be able to accurately determine that she is one.

And this is what I was talking about:
>I had a gay friend and wanted me to try gay stuff with him. I did not like it at all
>user has some sort of sexual experience
>determines his orientation.
It's that simple.

Why Japan? Why do you make me want to have, protect and raise a cute daughter and do everything in my power to make her life as nice as possible, serve her delicious meals and encourage her to always better herself and to never give up on her dreams like some sort of freak?!

Eh, as long as she's happy. Thinking of taking them to the mall for a shopping trip this weekend and get them into the photo booth at the food court. I'll be moving soon so I want to make sure that I get them something for Christmas before I leave.

Moeka is LoTY 2016. And my daughteru.


If she leans down, wouldn't it just show more of her ass?
Kinky loli


>Eh, as long as she's happy.
Of course, just saying that your neice deciding she has a girlfirend doesn't necessarily make her a lesbian. In this case it's fairly harmless either way, but the "She says she's X so she's X" mindset can have disastrous consequences in other contexts (i.e. trans.)

I know someone who was definitely 100% lesbian when she was a little girl. At least at 9 years old. She didn't know at the time what being gay meant though, but she was still very gay.

because the mangaka hates deviants like you, and they want to make you suffer.

>What's wrong with trans people?
Nothing, but there's something wrong with assuming a kid who says they are trans is absolutely trans. Such a decision is not one to be taken lightly and can have dire consequences if they are wrong.

What in the everloving fuck are you people talking about now. Shut up and post lolis.

>What's wrong with trans people?
Severe mental illnesses for one.

I did you dumb faggot. See

Any one have that pic where the lesbian couple forced their adopted kid to get a sex change at 10 or something?


>What's wrong with trans people?

She's 9, I doubt she knows what sex is really all about. She probably just really likes that other kid and considers her as her girlfriend while in fact they really are just friends.

That was in Australia, not the states so who gives a fuck what those kangaroos do.

this is what happens when you try to talk about yuri instead of just fapping to them.

I wonder what's going in the minds of those people who believe kids when they say that they are trans anyway. Kids don't know anything about sexuality and if it's just a phase which it most likely is they'll end up killing themselves in the end.

Sorry, we got a bit carried away.

Three years later after a hard drive crash this is what I have. I'm pretty sure about 70% are either loli or young teenage girls. The rest is /vg/ shit.
What's your folder's like? I think only 3% is actually organized. Waifu and her friends is pretty much are the only ones who got their own folder.

Calm down, they'll go away eventually, here's some Keito.

I'm at work so I can't post a pic, but it's very small in comparison. Only about 100MB I think

Yuri is boring.


I think I have just a few gigs myself. But I haven't spent as much time collecting recently as I used to. I try to keep them organized tho. Separate sub-folders for /e/, /h/, /u/, /d/, doujins, and masturbation, each with their own subfolders for better orginization.

muh heart

Yuri is hot when it looks like this:


I want to cuddle this loli.


Page 8! Spam lolis till cap, quick!

Spam lewd lolis*


>grinding against phallic objects

Don't care. No penis, all girls.

What about futa lolis?

Please no. I don't like dicks unless it's a self insert.

But with futa lolis, you can self insert as the little girl

No one disagreed with my earlier post so we agree that Moeka is Loli of 2016, much less Mashiro was in 2014.

I'm not going to lie. I've never was able to self insert as the little girl. I just want to be IN the little girl.

I secretly want the little girl to insert into me

Lolis are for protecting and cuddling, not sexualizing you double bakas!

Some lolis want to be sexualized.

that's not how voting works user.

This is a good year for loli, despite what some people say.

Unfortunately we don't really have any loli MC's

The little ones are to be protected and cuddled. The ones that are about to go past their expiration dates need to be eaten, if you catch my drift.

Eaten? I don't understand.
Moeka wills it.

the kid probably made a big show of it for a long long time before the parents eventually got used to it and even support the kid for their decision, afraid that the alternative would be to admit they put up with their kid's bullshit for nothing

But the smallest ones are the best.

Nah. I'd feel guilty taking their innocence with out them knowing what's going on. I rather have them get the idea what's going on while enjoying it.

Good night loli