Is there any doubt that this is AOTY

Is there any doubt that this is AOTY


is there any doubt in my doubles ?



Fuck off Komaeda



It's genuinely great

It was impossible for it to have pleased everyone. For example for Despair Arc in 12 episodes people wanted
>full SoL shenanigans in despair covering each of the festivities in the ED collage
>the 16 characters being fleshed out and given as many lines as they were in the 20-25 hour game
>gradual separate mind-break arc for each of the 16 characters
>along with all major events in the timeline from the twilight syndrome murder to student council killing to reserve student revolt
>oh and screentime and development for Class 78 too while you're at it kodaka

What we got has been a pretty fun ride. Feels like DRfags enjoyed ZTD memes so much that they want to inflict it on themselves with their own third installment.

i don't know man the first few episodes were pretty forgettable

This could have all been done if it wasn't an anime but a game, so you don't have time and content restrictions

>it's the "you have to play a million games to enjoy this" episode


>3 = a million

Fuck off namefag

It's really more like one game. AE is irrelevant and 1 has an adaptation.

>watching the adaptation of DR1

The game is better, but none of it would really help you enjoy DR3 more.

>AE is irrelevant
>people watched hours of it to understand one NEET who fucks off to space immediately
Well, I hope they enjoyed the content of the game regardless.

don't think so
ending going to ruin everuthing

>first few episodes were pretty forgettable

I love DR, but this isn't even close to a good anime. Maybe a decent anime, but only if you'd tweak and fix a lot of the writing ascpects of it

>Best at anything
Best at being shit maybe. I seriously hope Danganrompa V3 can redeem the Danganrompa name, after it has been shit on so much by this show.

I have never played the games and I still enjoy both arc. You must be really dumb if you can't understand what's happening without the games.

Maybe, but I'll never know because having to invest hours and hours in a game just to watch an anime series is a pain in the ass.

I can't see anything beating Rakugo for me anyway.

>I have never played the games
While it's true that it's still enjoyable even if you've never played the games, you're missing out a lot, user.
I'd say playing the games boosted the enjoyment of this show by 5x.

Kirigiri is the killer

It took 11 episodes for Future to become decent.
Meanwhile Despair started off promising but ended up shit in the later episodes.
Really makes you think.

AOTS if you consider both Despair and Mirai as one show. We basically got a two cour show in one season which was excellent by itself.

This literally made me wach the series.

In the same way Code geass was, then yes. There's a lot to complain about here, but both Future and Despair manage to rouse my emotions in ways very few anime can.

And the meme filled speculation threads are the cherry on the top.

Anyone got screencaps from live stream or shortly after the episode aired?

I wanted to see Juzoboys reactions.

I never was one myself but I was still hyped as fuck when he saved Naegi

Honestly whilst I have been disappointed with the direction DR3 took, overall its been a pretty damn fun and enjoyable ride and a nice way to end the Hope's Peak saga.

I knew the moment Despair Arc was 12 episodes that putting all this in was impossible. At the very least I still wanted to see SDR2 cast fall one by one.