Space Patrol Luluco

Luluco is AOTY so far right?

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>Short meme anime with shit animation

Nice meme triggerfag

Fuck off


Let me guess, Re:Zero is your AOTY


Luluco is my AOTS for spring at least.

I haven't been rused like that in a long time.

Only problem is Trigger wouldn't be able to get away with doing a surprise reveal like this for the other girls, because we're expecting it now. but doesn't make Luluco any less amazing.

Maybe not AOTY, but definitely one of the best.

Have yet to get around to it. I really like Trigger so I'll probably like it, though.

>gainax rejects making an anime worthy of AOTY

>Only problem is Trigger wouldn't be able to get away with doing a surprise reveal like this for the other girls
I just think the rest will just remain as original characters

It's miles better than Re:Zero.


Best girl coming through.

Considering Re:Zero is the worst anime of the year, it's not hard to be better than it.

Luluco is a fun 5/10.
Rakugo a best still. So it happened, that DEEN saved anime for once.

>Re:Zero is the worst anime of the year
Out of the shit you watched, maybe, but otherwise Taboo Tattoo would like a word with you.

I think we've only seen the tip of the iceberg with how far this ruse cruise is out of control

Caught me. Didn't watch that one. But unless it's 1/10 it can't be worse than Zero.


Anime Of The Decade you mean

Big Order, Mayoiga, Endride, Nejimaki were all much worse than Re:Zero, which was probably a 5 or a 6. Luluco makes an easy 7, but Rakugo definitely takes the year so far with an 8.

Just because Re:Zero is really popular with doesn't mean that you have to say its terrible.

It's an incredibly low-budget J.C.Staff show for something they obviously didn't care about.
And the final episode ends with a cliffhanger. It was bad.

Anyone have the OST? Hear it came out this month.

>doesn't mean that you have to say its terrible
But it is.
There's no overarching plot, just random shit thrown so Toyota has to save the girl.
There's no world builing.
Ever since episode 13, characters and dialogue (neither of which was great) descended into horrible schlock. No one is believable. Toyota isn't a character, but whatever plot need him to be. Everyone is waifu bait or the blandest of archetypes. Battlejuice is the worst villain I saw in years. Dialogue completely terrible.
Interesting direction from earlier in the series became bog standard with obvious shoehorned in budget ANIMATION moments where it isn't appropriate.
Re:Zero physically hurt to watch.

Please go watch Endride or Mayoiga and tell me they are better than Re:Zero.

Either that or stop trying to make threads about an anime you purport to detest.

decade bro

Was funny bad.

It wasn't even that. The biggest plot twist Mayoiga pulled was that from a cast of 30 people, not a single one fucking dies.

All the hate to Re:Zero in this thread just because its popular... Never change Cred Forums


It was suppose to come out on the 14th

I can't believe it hasn't been ripped yet

yes. problem?

I think it was pretty good because it didn't waste time. No bullshit.

Someone please upload the audio drama.

That was quite commendable.

Even although Brandon of PonyCanyon already said that nobody would die during AnimeJapan 2016 anyway

I was about to say it at least had ED of the year but Konosuba took that prize back in winter season. But luluco was pretty good.

> Konosuba
> Better ED than Luluco

>Konosuba ED
>Calm, relaxing song with a reel that shows the characters doing SoL shenanigans that the show doesn't have(since it's a comedy first and foremost)
>Luluco ED
>Paper cutout stopmotion reel showing MC-chan running towards MC-kun accompanied by Teddyloid and that french singer
Song alone and Luluco might win, but the reel and song combine well in Konosuba.

Kuma Miko actually had ED the season, though. Even if the show turned out to be crap.

Luluco's song itself is enough to win out, easily, Konosuba's ed is comfy, but nowhere near as good to listen to.

No Fuck off

Mah green-skinned brother.

>green skin
>thick meaty thighs
>best VA

Luluco never stood a chance.


Luluco was pretty fun and all, but AOTY is Re:zero.


So was Shokugeki the show they did care about, then?

It's a toss up between this and Mob Psycho 100 for me. Both are amazing so I wouldn't knock anyone for saying Luluco was their AOTY.
Re:Zero is the true 5/10. Average show in a shit genre. I've heard Rakugo is really good though. It's been on my to watch list.

After Inferno Cop, KLK and Ninja Slayer I was sure it will be bad, yet it was great. Still, if Luluco wins AOTY, it will more mean how weak year it was.

Previous season's AOTY: Galko
This season's AOTY: Luluco
Is anime dying?

Kek, you wish.

>the "you don't like thing A then your favorite is probably thing B" argument

Luluko becoming trigger-chan only happens in the last few minutes of the whole series, they could easily pull it again

>original show with nothing related
>slowly goes to space
>at the last 5min mark MC becomes another trigger girl because

>AOTY will keep getting shorter until the best shows every year are 30 second commercials
>eventually the best "show" will just be a single picture
>Cred Forums will become fine-art connoisseurs

Trigger shows are the only anime worth anticipating.

>all of those shows
nigger Ninja Slayer is a masterpiece

Shoujo-tachi aired this year



Kiznaiver was meh and so was Inou Battle

The ones by imaishi I mean.

>Inferno Cop
>Ninja Slayer

If another short series, or even a normal running series came out about some random girl people would instantly wonder if she was another Trigger girl.

Either Luluco or Mob Psycho

Not that guy, but fuck you both. There is no reason to use the inefficient as fuck .gifs when .webms have been available for 2 years now.

If anything, using .gifs out you as an outsider.

if its called MC-chan DA ANIMATION, yeah
But do a kiznaiver or LWA and call the show something else and have a main cast with more than one person being the focus and no one would notice

Trigger > Muzzle > Spring

>everybody forgot about Sekkou Boys and Tonkatsu DJ

Spring > Trigger > Muzzle

I liked it but a short anime with pure cameos and silly jokes is not enough to make it AOTY

Luluco was extremely disappointing.
I don't think there's been a great show this year, but Re:Zero and Rakugo were okay, and Mob is pretty impressive from an aesthetic standpoint. Waiting for fall to save anime.




It is.

Holy shit I'm dying.

I liked it better than KLK

>Considering Re:Zero is the worst anime of the year
You obviously didn't watch Haifuri

>You obviously didn't watch Haifuri
Oi wut did u say m8? Say it agin i dare ya.

Haifuri was decent, a lot better than Re:Zero

Haifuri wasn't the worst like that guy's implying, but it was bad and certainly worse than Re:Zero. People like to dramatize the negative aspects of Re:Zero. It was pretty competent.

I'd say Re:Zero's highest points where over the highest points in Haifuri, but overall Haifuri had more of a consistent good quality when Re:Zero was just average light novel shit for half of the show

Doubt it, everyone would be looking for it now, plus it'd be harder to write in one of the trigger girls in a show that is really removed from that kind of idea, it worked with Luluco because we weren't expecting it, but if you just throw in Spring or Muzzle as a side character in a show, it'd probably feel way cheaper reveal than Luluco, which is HER origin story.

What's more likely to happen is that if the trigger girls ever actually get a show of their own, Spring/Muzzle will probably just be introduced in the show itself, they just couldnt surprise us like they did before.

Luluco is AOTY tier, but it lost out in its own season to Anne Happy on the technicality of full length shows having priority over shorts. In fact there were like half a dozen AOTY contenders least season.

But then Mob Psycho 100 aired.

Holy low standards, Batman.

Kinda pointless to shittalk when you don't post your own AOTY pick.

It hasn't aired yet.

Only AOTS spring, Bananya is the true AOTY

It was too me
I have been listening to the OP non stop ever since the first episode


Please, we have already figured this all out.

I forgot about it

sauce me faggot





It's hard to choose between New game and Luluco. I feel like luluco was too short to be considered aoty because muh 7minutes, however I believe it was aots

1. Rakugo
2. Luluco
3. Tanaka-kun

TVAOTY contestants: Yuri on Ice or Hibike Euphonium
MAOTY contestants: Kono Sekai or Koe no Katachi
OVAOTY : Gundam Thunderbolt 3
Lulco was my AOTS but it isn't as promising or as good as those I have listed.

A length of a show has nothing to do with it's quality

Can someone explain this meme to me?

Yessir, it sure is.

Not even close.

I never said it didn't you blind mother fucker.

>New Game
>let's take everything good about Shirobako and throw it in the trash
>lets also make it even less believable
How about no.

Fight for Nova-kun

Please don't shitpost with best girl Ram

who's the recolor to the right?

But Haifuri is AOTY

>how about no
>comparing two completely different animes
>less believable
You're fucking autistic

2016 predictions:

1. A Silent Voice
2. In this Corner of the World
3. Hibike! Euphonium
4. Dreaming World Big Assault
5. March Comes in Like a Lion

>yuri on ice
No way will it be good.

Yamamoto has a particularly good eye for scene composition. PV was great and I can handle fujo pandering if the content is good enough.
3-Gatsu on the other hand looks really unpromising in my eyes. It's like taking a surrealist painter and tell him to repaint the Jockanda in the same style using a coloring book.

>daily life of an animation studio during production to glorify the business
>daily life of a game developer studio in the middle of production to glorify the business
>th-they're completely different
You're embarrassing yourself user.
Oh shit I actually typed a reply to this.

"GUNMORPHING" is one word per canon, user.

Yamamoto has a strong visual identity but frankly is not a great director. I have no idea what you're talking about for Sangatsu.



Her voice is sex

Her everything is sex.


How much space crime do you think this space skank gets away with now that she's in charge?

It's sad how JUSTICE IS OVER was the most hyped I've been for an anime in years.