How do we fix it?

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>How do we fix it?
by fixing it

More screen time for the better characters.

Make Elsa Toyota's girl.

Make Felix and actual girl with a vagina.

remove bots

make the MC fuck the trap

Give Felix more screen time.

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nobody mentions the cg?

What is this abomination?


they literally cut out the part where Reinhardt demolished Felt's pussy

>female felix with boobs and no dick


Mitsubishi loves 2000 things about emilia. 2000=ni sen=nissen=Nissan. Coincidence?

would bend over and fuck.

>Felix will never bite your ear

>fucking a girl
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also Felix is a cute boy and looks better with no breasts and just his cute little cock

Make subaru into a girl.

Think about it, everything gets a lot better if he was a girl instead. You don't even have to change the way she'd act, or the way the plot works out, just the graphics.

More Roswaal.
Less Rem.
Less Emilia.
Elsa is the main girl.

No need to thank me Cred Forums.

Preferably to "one slip" by pink floyd

>Show ends a bit before the part everyone expected it to end
>Suddenly everyone wants to "fix it"

Ferri calls Emilia out for being ignorant and Subaru almost bullies Ferri.

Been curious,but how does Wilhelm, Felix and pretty much the whole Subaru army react when they return and find Crusch's convoy destroyed?
Was Rem the only one erased from existence and the rest of them got amnesia?

Hetaro finds Felix and they go and save them

This guy hasn't translated that part I think

They are shocked obviously

More Emilia.

Would you lick her feet?

more Yukarin

I think they need to show Felix's dick. Like how they used to show little boy dicks in 80's anime

You're a genius

And make her the winner

I just want to watch Felt burn everything.

>"I will make the dragon forget the covenant it demanded"
Ironic word choice there, Crusch-sama.

>tfw you were an Emiliafag til the end

>No one knows much about the witch cult, since the people who do know end up becoming part of them.
>There is more than one witch. Emilia knows more than most of the people who refer to Satella as THE WITCH.
You don't understand. Emilia literally doesn't even know what Satella did to be so hated. She doesn't know that the Witch Cult even exists and regularly targets half-elves. She doesn't know anything about the Witch Cult or the Witch. That's the thing here. Random dumbass villager#246 knows more about these things than Emilia does.

Felix is shocked at her ignorance.
>[Ferris: How Emilia-sama lived in the past let’s just put that aside for nyan! But to say that you don’t even know about the Witch Cult at this point is just too outrageous nyan!!]

Must've been hard seeing as how she wasn't even in the second half of it. I honestly forgot who she was when she showed up again

Well she should be a lot in possible S2. This time people will forget Rem.

>Must've been hard
It wasn't. Since Emilia wasn't the only reason I watched the show.

>needing to remove Emilia so that Rem can have her development

>tripfag expressing his shit taste
We weren't going to thank you in the first place.

Felix was being a faggot too, he's obviously on edge as shit about Crusch, so hearing that about Emilia makes him jumpy.

He complains about Subaru's unwavering devotion when he's just as much of a flaming faggot for Crusch.

Fuck you, Ferri a best

>needing to remove Emilia so that Rem can have her development
and vise-versa

>"oy vey goy the story continues in the books go buy them now!"
>people buy books
>2 years later
>"oy vey goy time for S2, ready to buy that merch?"

Saying "S2 is coming" is the equivalent of saying "You don't need to buy the LNs".

But it's not broken.

No, you are missing one fine detail. Everyone is talking about the Sin Archbishops, while Emilia is the only one talking about the actual Witches.

Must be hard having the attention span of a goldfish.

Stop this retardation.

What's wrong with saying Ferri?

>Puck doesn't explain shit to her

Is he just worried about causing her further grief from knowing why people hate her by not mentioning the witch cult? He's fucking terrible guider.

All terrible choices. Constitutional Monarchy best system.

I'm pretty sure they're aware the other Witches existed. The other Witches just aren't the topic of discussion.

>not fascism

The other witches are fucking dead. Satella killed then all.

They don't know about the dragon sealing Echidna's soul away in sanctuary.

Someone translated the segment where they encounter Ley in arc 5.


Chapter 17 when?

Who really is Satella?


So far what we know is that that she was a girl who was friends with the other witches, until something happened that made her try to get the powers from then, by setting traps for each witch and killing then one by one, despite this the other witches still consider her a friend.

She also apparently lonely, until Subaru supposedly "saved her", saying the stuff she says in pic related to him, even though it makes no sense. It's implied they might have a past together that Subaru does not remember. Plus she wants to be killed by him when he reaches her instead of being saved.

Actually finish all the subplots.

Well, that's interesting even if the wording is a bit awkward in places. That's probably going to be a problem with these as more people start doing translations, as they'll all have their own ideas how passages should be translated. Still, it's good to see what a dick Ley is and hear more about the eating habits of each Gluttony.

Also, it's pretty obvious that Ley's hatred of merchants is ironic. Saying "They're dead people who place the values and opinions of people on a scale before calculating" is just bullshit when that's exactly how he chooses who he eats.

What are you referring to?

Literally how?

Subaru starts learning how to fight/cast spells. He doesn't have to be good at it, but he needs to at least having some ability to defend himself.

Also, he needs to be less autistic. Seriously, he shouldn't talk so fucking much.

It feels like they forget about one "mystery" and just move to the other one like nothing happened.
I like this anime a lot, but this thing ticks me off.

>Plus she wants to be killed by him when he reaches her instead of being saved.
This part confuses me. Why would she want to be killed by his hands? She's supposedly immortal, so the whole sick-of-immortality trope could be at play here, but what specifically makes her think that Subaru, of all people, can do it? Also, what if her supposed "immortality" is nothing other than return by death, and by sharing it with Subaru she wants to have him experience what she experienced so he will be sympathetic to her wish.

>Seriously, he shouldn't talk so fucking much.
I wonder how it would be when Regulus appears

It's not that they forgot, they are teasing future stuff that will be explained later.

Like, in full metal alchemist, you got an idea of what was going on at first when the homunculus were introduced, but you didn't get the entire picture until near the end, it's the same here.

At the top of my head the stuff they set up is:
>The blank letter
>Roswaal wanting to kill the dragon for some reason
>The "Sanctuary" ram mentions in episode 24
>Who is the witch
>The other cultists
>The reason why Subaru is in that world, and why other people from earth are there too

A lot of it gets explored in the next arc. You can't really complain about setting up mysteries since that's something that happens in every show.

By taking her Authorities upon himself, negating her powers.

Her words felt too genuine for that to be a lie. She is surely hard to kill, but i imagine she is not immortal.

A lot of things can happen until he reaches her, and by then he'd probably find the means to do so. If he'll do it or not is another question.

>Subaru starts learning how to fight/cast spells.
He does.
Would he be able to do that? Would it even be a good thing if he did that?

It doesn't seem like they are. Crush and everyone in the White Whale extermination squad all thought Satella was the one who create the whale and the other beasts.

>Would he be able to do that?
Sometime after he killed Sloth, he gained the Authority of the Unseen Hand, but using it takes a great toll on him. So far we don't know in what form, but apparently it damages his soul to use this authority.

i just marathoned everything today and i don't like how they completely flattened rem's character and never developed emilia. the last quarter was ok but i wish the story kept going along the darker tone it had during the mindbreak sections in the middle, i wish they went heavier on that. the conclusing felt wishywashy because subrurbu didn't really have any lasting damage at all, it just went straight back into a generic isekai setting.

also in general, i found myself wanting more in the middle of the series when shit was starting to get serious in terms of animation and visual direction. it wasn't bad but i think they could have done a lot more with it.


All the stuff she said there happens to Emilia in Arc 4.

>Would he be able to do that?
Yes, he's done it in the WN to other Sin Archbishops.
>Would it even be a good thing if he did that?
It's not entirely clear. Considering what we know of the nature of Witch Genes and who is trying to gather them all into a single individual, it doesn't seem like a good thing. But that might just be the zinger, y'know?

He's more damaged in the WN and dies considerably more times. Haven't read the LN so I don't know how closely the anime adheres, but anime Subaru seems altogether more heroic at this point.

Yeah, in the one-year timeskip. Not really in the show, though.

Like, just a few small things would make it a lot more interesting. For instance, you've probably noticed that none of Subaru's actions are accomplished on his own. Most of the shit he does is the equivalent of 'calling for help'.

For instance, let him kill the Malbeast in the mansion arc. THEN Rosewald shows up to save him after the others are going to rip him apart. Same result, different plot.

Like, let him swing around his sword a bit and occasionally blast people with magic. He doesn't even need to change the plot that much (i.e. he's pretty weak) but let him kill a few cultists and stab Beteleguse in one episode or so on.

Hopefully in the future.
Anyone else loved the kings game story

>Yes, he's done it in the WN to other Sin Archbishops.
Yes. After killing them. If he can't kill Satella in the first place, how would he go about making her vulnerable?
They don't know the specific details, but I'm pretty sure it was mentioned in their books that Satella killed the other Witches of Sin. After 400 years and the destruction of half the world, some details would get mixed up.


So she like a future version of Emilia?

My prediction.
Satella is Emilia. It's not just subaru who is looping, it's the entire world, the continent where lugnatica and the surrounding countries are trap in a fucked up time zone , meme souls style. That's why they are stuck inside a waterfall and that the witch "destroyed" half of the world. Future Emilia in turn got obsessed with Subaru, I just think this is the case, Future Subaru will realized this, and fucks it up somehow and sealed future Emilia. As we all know, Emilia always fucks up in the end, hence the point of the entire series where Emilia always somehow gets killed thanks to Satella, my reason to this is that Satella is trying to stop her past self Emiya Shirou style.

hence the pic related

The proper development happens in the next arc, you could consider this season the "opening".

Too early to tell. It feels more like her parallel with Emilia is pretty strong, but so far, she has been presented as someone completely different from Emilia.

>If he can't kill Satella in the first place, how would he go about making her vulnerable?

I dunno lol. That's why we're still reading, right?

Well shit nigga, I can totally see that happening. That would also conform with the theory that Subaru is Flügel

Who is Flügel?

The Sage that, together with the Dragon, sealed Satella in the stone temple.


The anime has already given them the same VA. That's not really a confirmation that they're the same person, but other hints like how she can only affect Subaru and Emilia, and Emilia being one of 2 "keys" to open something Pandora wanted opened, show that their bodies are very closely linked.

It doesn't confirm it at all, what? Why would Subaru change his own name to Flugel, there's no reason.

That's what I was thinking as well. Although why would she go back in time 300 years before she was born to cause a catastrophic event just to stop herself is still a mystery.

Again, there's a lot more going on than you might think, Satella was friends with the witches in the past, Emilia had parents and was around 12 100 years ago before she got frozen. Satella fought and destroyed half the world for reasons unknown, and developed a split personality.

What's happening feels more like a similar parallel, and do remember that half elfs would probably look similar too, as far as i'm aware, Emilia's aunt also had silver hair. She looks like the witch, and that's why the cult wants her, or at least Betelgeuse wanted.

Maybe Flugel is Subaru's dad

That makes no fucking sense. Subaru has a father in the real world, his past is fully explored in arc 4.

yeah, and I'm saying maybe his dad also got ported into Lagunica sometime in the past

Then why would Satella love Subaru? The main basis for the Flugel idea is that Subaru is him since Satella says that she loved HIM, and ONLY him, implying it's Subaru who she loves no matter what.

Flugel had a witch scent too, as strong as Subaru, so it implies he had connections with the witches.

maybe he looks like him and she got confused. subaru did imitate his father's behavior a lot when he was younger

I highly doubt Satella would fuck up that bad, it's definitely Subaru who she loves. Plus the key word being that "TRIED" to imitate his father, by acting like he was "cool".

We could also interpret the Royal Candidate as Witches Of Sin if we exclude the Neutral Sloth,Lust and Gluttony with the reasoning of isn't really taking part in the world and just going on their own way. First of, I think both Felt and Precilla is wrath, because Wrath as a sin have two mask, Wrath is the only sin not necessarily associated with selfishness or self-interest, although one can of course be wrathful for selfish reasons, such as jealousy (closely related to the sin of envy), or at least maybe one of them is not a real "Royalty". The others are self-explanatory, Crusch being Pride, Anastasia being greed, Emilia being obviously envious of those around her.

That would imply Subaru did something prior to his current visit into this world. So unless it's some shitty ass "forgotten memories" or "previous life" trope I'm not sure how Teppei can explain it. Maybe he becomes Flugel later down the road and they travel back in time 400 years and the events happen, which leads to a giant closed time loop.

Why would they travel back though? That's pretty far fetched too. Plus, it could be forgotten memories. Did you forget how Satella most likely had the powers of Gluttony too? She can eat specific memories too i figure, and sent him back to earth, or something along those lines.

Of course, it's too early to tell, at this point it could be anything.

Is it weird that I didn't despise Re:Zero nor did I think it was some kind of masterpiece? I'd give it like a 7/10

I want Crusch to throw Ferris onto a table and
take his virginity

Forgot to mention, the theme of Royal Candidates is that it emphasize on that they all look special and different from each other, but somehow Precilla and Felt can override each other not just from looks, but also their will.

It was okay, but the ending was shit.

It's not weird at all.

Re:Zero is good, but if it's themes don't appeal to you all that much, it's obviously that not hugely great.

You don't seem to understand how the Emilia = Satella theory goes. The general gist is that future Emilia travels back in time and becomes Satella.

>Satella was friends with the witches in the past
Emilia talking/interacting with the witches was also described as being a nostalgic scene, almost as it was a common occurrence in the past.

What? I agree with you on some points, but on others it feels like you're missing something obvious. Felt's speech conveyed Wrath, Crusche's speech attacked how stagnant/Slothful the country was under the Dragon, Priscilla is all about Pride, and Anastasia directly brings up her Greed. Then we have Emilia, and equality is all about wanting what others have. So that makes her Envy.

That wasn't Emilia, that was Satella's appearance being described as Nostalgic, when she came in and talked to Subaru, not Emilia.

I thought there was some visually stunning stuff and I preferred Subaru as a character to some self-insert like Kirito or BADASS MANLY MAN, but Emilia was a bit flat, Rem was okay but really pander-y (and sort of tossed aside by the writers, apparently they left out what happened to her and I looked up novel spoilers), and the villain/ending were decent but underwhelming.

Beako best girl

Crusch would be acting all confident
but on the inside she is freaking out


make best girl win

No, I'm not talking about that scene. Pretty sure there was a scene much later with Emilia and the witches in her own trials, seen from Echidna's point of view.

Subaru catches Rem masturbating to him with his table and on his bed, or rather he was there the whole time and Rem didn't check the room thoroughly enough before locking the door.

Good stuff.

Beako becomes the main girl.

She and Subaru travel the world, since her library is destroyed and the politics in Lugnica are retarded.

We don't talk about the basement

I want to touch her thighs.


Did Elsa ever come back? She's the only reason I made it as far as I did.

She does again but dies, but don't worry with how vampires work I am more then certain we are not finished with her yet.

Crusche speech can be interpreted as "pride to the people", while priscilla can also be interpreted as wrath on how she want to make them into basically slaves, "According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the NEUTRAL act of anger becomes the sin of wrath when it's directed against an innocent person, when it's unduly strong or long-lasting, or when it desires excessive punishment." You don't necessarily need to be angry to be wrathful, example is fuhrer from FMA.

Arc 4. From the spoilers I've heard, she's something of a vampire who gains extra lives by killing people. Not sue about the validity of those.

Why would she freak out while taking Ferris sweet virginity?


She's nervous, she'd be all confident until she
got him on the table.

The only witch present there is Echidna who shit talks Emilia, and that happens before that scene with Satella i think.

D-doujins when?

Didn't one of the witches confuse Subaru for Betelguse cause he killed him and absorbed his authority.

What if Satella thinks Subaru is Flugel cause of the smell?

She the one who gave him the smell in the first place, it doesn't make sense.

Also, i'm not sure about that first part, i don't think any witch even knows about the cult. And Betelgeuse was only as member 300 years later.

Replace dick with vagina. There you go. I made the show better

No, not that. It's the scene where Emilia has a cheerful conversation with Sekhmet and Minerva refuses to show herself and talk to her because, apparently, she (Minerva) is not worthy.

Fucking never if I know the Japs.
They are too focused on Rem atm.
And with the season being over we
probably will see less material being made.

No, that was one of the Archbishops. Specifically, Sirius (Wrath), the one with Kiznaiver powers.

Oh, then i'm not aware of that one. I assume it's on the last trial.

Fuck this disappointing world

>Didn't one of the witches confuse Subaru for Betelguse cause he killed him and absorbed his authority.
That's Sirius, Archbishop of Wrath and Betelgeuse's self-proclaimed wife. She's his stalker and apparently only joined the Witch Cult to get closer to him, and is currently imprisoned by our heroes because she'll kill everyone else around her if she dies. I was told she later realizes Subaru isn't her "husband", but believes Betelgeuse is still inside of him and will eventually resurface and merge with Subaru's own soul.

Felix is a playful yet submissive catgirl who hiss at penis.
Completely gets weak at the knees of one random soldier who more then likely fucks her brains out.
Has a playful thing with Subaru and see's Crusche as her heroine and first and only true friend in the world.

Criminally under used character

Thank god Tappei made Felix male.

Nope, one of the archbishops

all the other witches are donezo, it's all a one-man puppet show by echidna

I just want one doujin with these two.
Come on sunlanders, just this one time.

felix doujin when
not gay desu




I was bummed when half of the characters in the cover weren't even in it.

So, when does Subaru fail to save Rem, but still manages to absorb her name and memories so they can be together forever and he can finally learn to love himself? Let's also give him some a bit of Louis's shapeshifting abilities, so he can grow Rem's horn and use her fighting skills whenever he needs her to be strong for him.

I just want to see that tight ass and feminine penis handled by someone with that guy's art.

But the guy did not deliver.

So she didn't actually bring Subaru there or give him return by death.

Something else did and people learning of return by death is probably the catalyst to some great catastrophe or thing that will fuck everything up and lead to her becoming Satella.

So, outside of him killing himself with enacts the spell, she's been terrifiying and killing him and others everytime he even mentions return by death.

One question. Who in the shit actually has that kind of power then?
Someone HAD to have brought him there in the first place to start the loop and I doubt it was satella.


>Someone HAD to have brought him there in the first place to start the loop and I doubt it was satella.
Other Subaru. It'll turn out Subaru was the bad guy all along, as well as the true mastermind directing the Witch Cult and instructing them through the Gospel.

Well, didn't Subaru have that saying he liked to use about feeling like he was possessed by an Oni? Foreshadowing.

Oni gakatta yarikatta means using the methods of the oni (doing something with excessive strength) or something to that effect.


>being told you're not the one personally

Betelgeuse had it hard.

What's the proper original version of the phrase he's using here?

Why do fedora-tippers think that Socialism is right wing?

Leave it to Japan to come up with four political versions of left wing government and have the only right wing advocate be a complete joke character that everybody hates and is afraid of.

That doesn't even make any sense.
How could he bring himself to that dimension?

I'm of the mind that something brought subaru there and he became somekind of clever ass god mage who contracted the dragon as his spirit and he fell in love with Satella.
Something about return from death fucked everything up and satella was forced to do what she did leading flugel to seal her away.

why would you fix it? There's nothing wrong with it

Holy shit. one of the demons have two horns while the other one only has a single one.

>How could he bring himself to that dimension?
Using the Gospel to predict the future, he set up all of the necessary mechanisms.

I wanna marry this hafu erufu.

Truth Of Zero has manly Ferri

Give julius larger hands


End the series when he gets killed the first time in the mansion.

Didn't they personally meet the sage and get killed by him trying to approach the tower where satella is sealed several times?

I want bad things to happen to Rem.

To her comatose body?




I wish the books were originally written in English

So I've heard that you are sad for not being able to buy the English LNs.
Well in that case... I might have something that you can spend your money on

Reminder to support our savior


If we get weekly chapters, we could actually survive before S2

AFAIK there are no raws of the manga available. But that scene is EP05, at ~17:18 in the HorribleSubs version.
>Subaru: "You're fanatical like a demon." (??) (I can't make this out)
>Rem: "Fanatical like a demon?" (鬼がかった?) (Oni gakatta?)
>Subaru: "It's the demonic version of divine possession" (神がかった, 鬼のバージョン) (kami gakatta, oni baujon)
Disclaimer: My Japanese is shit-tier. I Googled 神がかった (kami gakatta) and it seems to be a thing though, just like the TL note says.

>RE: Ero

Fucking lol

Finally a true trap Ferri cosplayer


He is so cute

Melonpan vid where

It's Rem.
Satella sounds like the word "Satelles", which means "attendant".
Emilia is the female form of the Latin name "Emilius" which means "rival."
What better way to destroy your rival than framing her for the destruction of half the world?

Okay, so how did the Gospel get to his dimension in the first place?

where to buy Felix daki?

>hello I don't know what socialism outside of Cred Forums memes
>Socialism is a range of economic and social systems characterised by social ownership and democratic control of the means of production;[10] as well as the political ideologies, theories, and movements that aim at their establishment

Not even a socialist, but ffs.

>What better way to destroy your rival than framing her for the destruction of half the world?
Whack her with morningstar, bang dense MC-kun. Sharing is for commies.

Supposed main heroine?

From a place called... "Heaven"... or "Paradise"...

pls link

you would make me very happy

Looks like someone made it better and cut out the faggot shit.

I'm sorry, I'm about to make you sad.

Felix has grown into me

How did this video get so popular?

It has Ferri in it.

It's because the show tried to pass itself off to animeonlyfags that it was a complete story.

The minute it did that instead of facing the fact that all we saw was a 25 episode prologue, it opened up its ass fir the immediate criticism dick that was sitting by, waiting for it to fuck up.

>pic related

>How do we fix it
1. Have Emilia be in the show the entire time and actually be likable instead of a shitty little princess
2. Have Subaru actually feel the effects of being mindbroken and dying so many times.
3. Subaru and Rem be together and then figure out it won't work out instead of just denying Rem's feelings altogether and then not show back up after the white whale fight
4. Actually make the entire story relevant and not just for the first half of the show

Though since this is a LN adaptation, all of this is probably asking too much.

Don't laugh at Wilhelm's suffering

was she ret conned into a girl? Seems like she became a romantic intrest.

>Being this retarded

No, he might be gay though.

Actually, he isn't gay either. He canonically loves Crusch.

I can feel my arm, even my fingers
The body I lost
The comrades I lost
Won't stop hurting
It's like they're all still there
You feel it, too, don't you?

Make Felix the love interest

Make Subaru join Crusch and Ferri and the series becomes 12/10.

Wilhelm and Subaru's granddad-lationship would become too strong.

Crusch is kill, user

Wilhelm would eventually sacrifice himself for Subaru.

She's not kill and Subaru and Felix going on adventure to find the cure for her would make the series 30/10.


Both. When she's asleep and when she wakes up. I want to see otaku get baited hard.

If the series just became Subaru recruiting a squad of people who have it out for Witch Cult.

0. Pay attention

I want just Subaru and Felix, everyone else can fuck off and get killed by cultists. They are in the way.

"I'm putting together a special team. We're going to be doing one thing and one thing only - killing witches"

>References MGS5 instead of Berserk.


What's this?

Part of that Witch killing squad we were just discussing.

I'd be OK if Subaru went to comfort a distraught Ferris and tell him that he was "going to make this right" in regards to Crusch.

But we kinda busy with not doing that atm

Why is Subaru so shit that he even won't comfort Ferri?

Needs 80's style hair metal band or jam project to do the OP song.

Dun nun nun nun NUN nunnunnunnun
Dun nun nun nun NUN nunnunnunnun
Dun nun nun nun NUN nunnunnunnun

He was raped as a kid. That's why he puts on dresses, he was raised as a boipussy.

Why are we still having Re:Zero threads? The season is over. Move on with your lives people.

Make BMT the main heroine again



Same reason we have 4+ Eva threads on this board at any given time.

Where can I sign up?

Would be great. 2 bros going on adventure (sexual tension included)

You have resurrection and the curse of a witch, this is basically planescape: torment, the anime.

That should be a timeline, Subaru feeling bad about Crusch and making it up to Ferris by going on a quest or something.

Tappei please deliver

She is the physical manifestation of envy all Warhammer style chaos god.


>WN readers predicted this will end up like overlord threads
>Its actually coming true

So basically Malice?

Oh fuck your right, she was sealed off right?
She would be the Malal of this universe. That would explain why Subaru is ending up fucking with other Archbishops. He is the chaos onto chaos.


Finally a son of MC that is't a pile of shit, Boruto style.

Someone can send me the image with rem and subaru sleeping besides her and he saying "ill definitely save you?"リゼロ

Google confirm again Rem >> Emilitard

I hate generals so much. I wish crossposter cancer was removed for good.

Blatant falseflagging.

Even then, people should stop this shit and move on. Rem is best girl, but Emilia will win in the end. Rem has better chemistry than Emilia. But Emilia will still most likely win in the end. Its a tragic story, get over it.

>Rem has better chemistry than Emilia
Toppest keks. The best chemistry Subaru ever had with anyone is with first loop Emilia.

>tfw even when these threads are slow I feel accomplished getting spfag banned.

May that drama queen never return.


This guy, user.

>What is AU
>What is Rem's day off?
>What are the extra chapters

Dunno about you but you'd have to be blind not to see how enjoyable and enduring their dynamic is.

As expected of a show shitposted by Cred Forums to death, you can feel it all over the place.

>non canon is canon now

>Category: All categories
>"リゼロ: (20/09/2011 - 20/09/2016, Worldwide)"

>アニメ リゼロ,100
>リゼロ 動画,80
>レム リゼロ,75
>リゼロ ネタバレ,40
>リゼロ 小説,25
>リゼロ 漫画,25
>リゼロ 同人,25
>リゼロ 感想,20
>リゼロ op,20
>リゼロ アニポ,20
>リゼロ 画像,20
>リゼロ エミリア,15
>リゼロ wiki,15
>同人 誌,15
>リゼロ ラム,15
>リゼロ 歌詞,15
>リゼロ 声優,15
>リゼロ スバル,15
>re ゼロ,10

>アニメ リゼロ,Breakout
>リゼロ 動画,Breakout
>レム リゼロ,Breakout
>リゼロ ネタバレ,Breakout
>リゼロ 小説,Breakout
>リゼロ 漫画,Breakout
>リゼロ 同人,Breakout
>リゼロ 感想,Breakout
>リゼロ op,Breakout
>リゼロ アニポ,Breakout
>リゼロ 画像,Breakout
>リゼロ エミリア,Breakout
>リゼロ wiki,Breakout
>同人 誌,Breakout
>リゼロ ラム,Breakout
>リゼロ 歌詞,Breakout
>リゼロ 声優,Breakout
>リゼロ スバル,Breakout
>re ゼロ,Breakout

>Blatant falseflagging

>That tripfag meltdown
>le I'm not biased but all shitposters are Remfags

The ego and logical fallacy is so strong that I have a hard time believing if he was pretending to be stupid.


You're going to get your more Roswaal, and you're probably not gonna like it.

Someone can send me the image with rem and subaru sleeping besides her and he saying "ill definitely save you?"

>Someone can send me
First post that address of yours.

I think there are others who got the same thing Rem has, a bunch with just erased memories and a bunch that died.

>I feel accomplished getting spfag banned.

Was he actually banned?

>How do we fix it?
keeping all in the same thread

there's 5 re:zero threads right now, this is why people hate it.

The blank letter was written by Rem. Its contents were erased when she was erased.

This scan came from where? One of the side stories?

Because regardless to where the timeline branches the characters are still the same. Subaru in Rem AU is still the the same Subaru just in another timeline where he has ran away rather than facing challenges that he promised Rem that he would face.

>All of the extra chapters excluding the AU
>Calling them non-canon



Dude literally went nuts for his waifu Emilia. In retrospect, that's Re:Zero as fuck.

>non canon is canon now

Just curious. Has the author said it wasn't canon?

The story is pretty closely tied to the main story with Subaru and Rem's struggles lining up with MU.

Since from what I heard back then, Rem AU gets released on a yearly basis, if Rem is really going to wake up this arc, we might see a final Rem AU.

>Constitutional monarchy
British scum.

>spfag banned.
I think the fag is just so ashamed to put on its trip again

You have to a least give the guy props for fighting for his waifu to the bloody end.


Even if you pull the non canon card on the AU. There are still the extra chapters.

make felis a girl

Make Felix gay


So she can throw me 30 yards with one arm? Fuck no.

The AU isn't cannon because there's no loop for it to fit into. The other side story chapters mostly just take place between arcs and are sort of fun. IIRC Mayo is brought up at some point in the LN which means Mayonnaise Scramble had to have happened.

So who's best witch? Which one has the best power? Would one of these abilities be cool in HxH?

>absorbed all powers and can grow 2000 hands

>can create dimensions

>heal people by punching them, however that creates a disaster somewhere else

>strongest witch besides Satella

>removes limbs of anyone she finds sinful

>rewrite a phenomenon

>negates any magical attacks with gravity

>makes people so aroused looking at her they forget how to breath

>makes you so hungry when looking at you you begin to eat your own arm

And btw, which bishop has best authority?
>grow invisible hands
>can eat names (everyone forgets the victim), memories (amnesia) or both (vegetable)
>can share or transmit emotions and sensations and raise them to the point of madness or control over them. She also fights with fire chains
>stops time and becomes the sharpest thing in existence. A wave of his hand killed Reinhard
>can transform anyone into anything, and can transform injuries into uninjured parts of her body, thus she's immortal
>can rewind time

This pic summarizes it but in detail someone actually gave a much more sounding argument.

Too bad he was probably banned or completely fucked off out of shame.

I'd like to see him grasp at straws.

>I think the fag is just so ashamed to put on its trip again

Probably. But that shit he did on the thread was a bannable offense. I wouldn't be surprised if his trip got banned and he's posting anonymously.

>grow 2000 hands
Is that the exact number? Did Subaru say something very ironic to Emilia?

what did he do?

>Probably. But that shit he did on the thread was a bannable offense. I wouldn't be surprised if his trip got banned and he's posting anonymously.

>Probably. But that shit it did on the thread was a bannable offense. I wouldn't be surprised if its trip got banned and it's posting anonymously.

>Just curious. Has the author said it wasn't canon?

This. I'm curious about it as well. Did Tappei really say it was non-canon?

Seriously, Subaru naming their children on the same format as Archbishop sins something.

At that time, Subaru was being fucked up by Betelgeuse, and he names his son after the star Rigel which was from the same constellation not to mention brightest one.

No one can beat this delusion.

>forced and fragile happiness
>not even close to vol 1 scenes
>see above
You're the one who's blind.


In arc 6 Rigel's name pops up as well. In the tower of Pleiades.

>No one can beat this delusion.

You literally cannot read.

>All of the extra chapters excluding the AU
>Calling them non-canon

Rigel is the name of a star, first and foremost.

There are lots of non-canon extra chapters that's not just the Rem AU.

subaru and this qt going on a date and ending with lewd

>forced and fragile happiness
>That tearful voice, the same one Rigel heard just hours ago. Yet this time, it feels strained with a deep guilt. And from his mother’s mouth, the surprise of an unfamiliar word. “Nee-sama”. But what truly surprises Rigel is that, far beyond what he imagined, his parents’ past is heavy and painful.
>Subaru scratches his head, a pitiful, bittersweet smile on his face. But beneath, a maelstrom of hard, indescribable feelings swirls about. Just from looking, Rigel feels its pull sweeping him away. From the depths of Subaru’s soul, tucked away with the greatest of care, Rigel could feel the faint traces of an important something. ----It was the irreplaceable bond his parents shared.
>Unimaginable from his usual tone, Subaru’s truly serious voice shocks Rigel. And as Rem nods over and over, her voice carries something different as well. Separate from her reliableness as a mother, different from the extreme love and favoritism she shows her husband.
>Right now, they were merely a man and a woman, sharing in their precious bond and memories.
>“Coming to this town, and having Rigel and Spica. After all sorts of things happened, now you and I are here. All of that is connected to our happiness. I wanted to prove that to you and give it shape. And that’s this gemstone.”
>“If it’s still too painful for you to accept it, I won’t ask you to immediately wear that gemstone. I won’t even mind if you put it away somewhere. But please, don’t throw it away. I feel like that’s the one thing we shouldn’t do.”


Don't lewd the Petra

>In arc 6 Rigel's name pops up as well. In the tower of Pleiades.

That's why I'm confused. Betelgeuse being a result of a bishop incompatible with the sins say something.

Those who are named after bright stars are the capable bishops.

Batenkaitos = Zeta Ceti
Alphard = Alpha Hydrae
Arneb = Alpha Leporis
Sirius = star in Canis Major Constellation
Capella = Capella Aa/Ab
Regulus = star in Leo Constellation

They're all the brightest star in their respective constellation. Meanwhile Betelgeuse is the outsider.


Instead of following Subaru on his autistic adventure, make it so we follow Betelguese instead

Make BMT great again

Give me a list then. The only ones that are "non-canon" are the Academy AU, Echidna Au and possibly the Rem AU. But considering how Tappei almost always links the AU to the main story its hard not to say that it at one point is reflective of the MU.

Even then, all the AUs still have the same characters in it. Just different scenarios.

Who the fuck are you?
gotta love to see spags face right now

That entire passage reeks of how fragile the situation is. Are you literally blind?

>I wanted to prove that to you and give it shape
>If it’s still too painful for you to accept it
>please, don’t throw it away
>that’s the one thing we shouldn’t do
Look at these lines. Do you really think these are representative of genuine happiness?

There is also lots of canon extra chapters as well.

>almost always links the AU to the main story
No he doesn't.

The Natsuki Rem chapter and everything labelled Re:Zero EX on this page:

>have the same characters
That goes without saying. It would be a separate (not derived) work if they were all new characters in a new setting. All AUs of all franchises use the same characters in different settings or scenarios. Re:Zero is not a special snowflake exclusion.

That's because Rem is always insecure. She feels guilty about it, like she doesn't deserve such happiness. Subaru doesn't feel that way, but with the situation what it was its hard to get Rem to feel the same way.

They have a genuinely good family life, but the cost of it looms heavily over them. If the AU was some kind of perfect scenario that ignored how they got there Tappei might as well just stop writing and leave that as the ending, but since he's not retarded he's exploring the impact of what that scenario would be like.

Its a bittersweet future, but their love is very real.

We're explicitly talking about the non-canon extras, not things like the King's Game chapter.

Yeah, thank you very much user

Yes. But one gained through a trail of tears and perpetual hardship.

The problem is that Rem doesn't feel entitled to such happiness same with Subaru considering that they both ran away.

>From the narrow corners of her eyes, the tears tumble, trailing along her white cheeks. And with these tears, the indescribable feeling born from the conflict of guilt and happiness, Rem feels it finally wash away.
>Her low selfconfidence would prove an impressive match for Subaru’s.
>For Rem, who rates herself strictly, her life with Subaru was both fantastically happy and yet incredibly anxiety inducing. It was the birth of the new life between them that finally put an end to that uneasy time.

As for Subaru

>But in a way, Subaru also felt the same. He had always felt that, when compared to himself, Rem was far too wonderful of a girl for him.

Its basically both of them convinced that they are too good for each other and deserves better.

>Subaru doesn't feel that way
Nope. He wouldn't need to prove anything if their happiness was genuine. He's just wearing his cheerful mask. This line clearly gives it away:
>>But please, don’t throw it away. I feel like that’s the one thing we shouldn’t do.

>their love is very real.
Stop straying from the topic. We're talking about their chemistry and happiness, not love.

And that is a clear example of the "forced" happiness. They keep making children to tie them down and distract them from the reality of their actions. This example of chemistry you're putting forth is a far cry from vol 1.

Well Rem definitely deserves someone better than Subaru.

What would sex with this cat be like?


Probably because you don't have context of the lines before it.

>“ it really okay, for Rem-”


>“For Rem to be this blessed, is it really okay?”

>Hearing her trembling voice, Rigel shifts about, his weary eyes now looking towards them. His parents are in the neighboring room, but Rigel can see them through the half-open sliding door. Subaru and Rem face each other, with Rem’s eyes fixated on the red gemstone in her hands.

>“Rem’s birthday…. she completely forgot about it. Because…. Rem always believed she had no right to celebrate it.”


>“Rem left behind Nee-sama, who was born on the very same day…. even though she knew it was such a terrible thing, but….”

>“Yeah, tell me anything. I’ll listen to you.”

>“----n. Rem was always worried, if she’s allowed to be this happy.”

Forced my ass. Its is actual love and happiness just strained with deep guilt. They feel as if they don't deserve to be this happy, which is the root of their anxiety.

>We're talking about their chemistry and happiness, not love.
So they're deeply in love with each other but apparently hate being together and don't get along at all, right.

>He wouldn't need to prove anything if their happiness was genuine.
He's trying to prove it to her. Its her birthday and its been 10 years.

>This example of chemistry you're putting forth is a far cry from vol 1.
They have so little chemistry together that they accidentally a Rigel, even with all the other stuff they needed to be doing at that time. Okay.

They flirt together all the time, everyone in the community knows them as the lovey-dovey couple, even ten years down the line. Their love and affection for each other is basically unmatched, there is nothing fake about it. Subaru didn't settle for Rem, their children aren't distractions or tools.

Chemistry is indicative to love with Subaru and Rem's case user. That should be obvious.

Ferris will become Rei to Subaru's Kenshiro

>Anti-Remfags BTFO again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again...
It never ends does it?
But seriously, Rem's popularity is over 9000

Causality loops

Time travel

I don't have to explain shit

Technically just under 9,000. Its still more than every other character combined.

I like this.

Well good thing that Subaru feels the same.

Though he is getting his way up there in the MU.

>That goes without saying.

Well thank you for understanding that the Subarus in the AUs is the same Subaru in the MU just in a different situation. Just like Every other character.

The question is: would he smell like a girl?

Who would smell like a girl user?


>keeps talking about love
You idiots literally do not get it. No one is questioning their love.

No. Chemistry is wholly separate from love. It's possible for 2 people to have great chemistry but not fall in love with each other, and the same can be said for the opposite.

Yes, forced your ass. Living a life full of guilt is not true happiness. The fact that Rem has not celebrated her birthday once in the past 10 years (and Subaru has supposedly not done anything about it until now) is proof of how fragile their happiness really is.

Read this line:
>>It was the birth of the new life between them that finally put an end to that uneasy time.

>its been 10 years
All the more. If they were truly happy, they would have gotten over it in less than half that time.

>implying you need chemistry to have sex and reproduce
No. And Rigel is the result of literally drowning their guilt in love and lust.

I flat out REFUSE this.
He is a gay cat.

Would you smell like a girl?

Well I like Rem but I hate this bullshit where characters talk abouth themselves in 3rd person. It sound really so stupid.

I mean, Ferris already kind of has his own Hokuto Shinken type thing going on.

>Subarus in the AUs is the same Subaru in the MU just in a different situation
Doesn't mean it's canon. This is not unique to Re:Zero. Is this franchise, literally, the first franchise with non-canon AUs that you've been exposed to?

Oh nice. Thanks for the link user

I hope Rem's (and Ram's as well) character development will fix this.

>Living a life full of guilt is not true happiness

If we're going by that logic any "true happiness" Subaru displays, even to Emilia (even her kiss) was not in any form happy.

>and Subaru has supposedly not done anything about it until now

But he has? Its just that hard to convince Rem that she deserves such happiness. Literally says it hundreds of times.

>You know, it’s kind of late at this point, and honestly I’ve probably already told you this many times, tens of times, hundreds of times, so I don’t know if it’ll even mean much.

>All the more. If they were truly happy, they would have gotten over it in less than half that time.
>Leaving everything behind
>Yeah, I'd definitely get over it in half the time

Do you not know how people grieve or how long it actually takes? Especially for someone who has such close bonds with the other? Do you need some hot soup?

Don't think alone. Think it with the people who love you. Resist with people who won't let you die and people who you want to protect. Even when you can't reach the future, die with the fear of death. Don't forgot there's people who feel sad for your death.]

A lot of the magic he can do reminds me a bit of the stuff Kenshiro can do. Like whatever he did to Subaru when Betelgeuse took over his body.


Then what about Spica then?

This series is mostly shit but by all accounts Satella is what Beatrice from Umineko should have been

>I ran away abandoning everything I stood for and my sister Ram
>Don't worry I'll get over it in half the time

I would also like to add that Subaru also straight up called her an idiot for saying her love and her happiness was one-sided.

>“Rem thought she was loving a one-sided love, that she was just loving of her own accord. Rem had no confidence, so she tried her hardest to show Subaru-kun she loves him.”

>“That’s reaally dumb.”



Yo so apparently this show just finished airing, so I started downloading all of it last night and have it all now.

I haven't been following any threads about it because I don't do live watching anymore, I just batch at the end of the season so I can binge if I enjoy it.

So this is supposed to be pretty good right? It sure seems quite popular.

It's straight Isekai Madoka

>The fact that Rem has not celebrated her birthday once in the past 10 years (and Subaru has supposedly not done anything about it until now) is proof of how fragile their happiness really is.
Except that's literally wrong. She doesn't keep track of what day it is, because she doesn't feel she deserves to celebrate it, they do things for her literally every year. Would you actually fucking read the chapter before you run your dumb mouth.

>As Subaru snaps his fingers, Rigel turns away.
By some twist of fate, the hectic Setsubun and the birthday of his mother, Natsuki Rem, are only a day apart.
----Grandly celebrating with his mother on the first day, then tasting a glimpse of hell on the next. This was their annual schedule.

How does Rigel know when his mother's birthday is if they have never, ever celebrated it? How is it part of their 'annual schedule' if it was never celebrated before?

You keep taking Rem's thoughts, which are always self-depreciating as the truth of the whole situation and how Subaru feels. Rem is ALWAYS like that. Overcoming that behavior is Ram's greatest wish for her sister and Subaru's goal as well, but its really hard to shake because of how hard Rem is on herself.

No it's awful

The moment you start to like the blue haired Maid
Drop it

It sounds weird in English and means almost literally the opposite of what it does in Japanese (Hyper arrogant in English, hyper subservient in Japanese). Rem being how she is, its not likely to change no matter how much character development she gets.

>They do things for her literally every year

This. Here are some notable examples.

Hey guys
Do you wanna check the results of an offical popularity contest that conducted two years ago?
Check those tweets
And you can find more here

Seriously KEK

Just tell the translators to stop being dumb and change it to 'I' so it's less grating

So you mean artstyle (in which case that's something to look forward to) or plot? I'm guessing it's not the cute little girls part; I may not know much about this franchise, but haven't been in a total vacuum so I'm aware that it's not just little girls.

Seriously. Apparently he thinks it would take 5 years to get over the death of your twin sister, who you lived for and idolized, who you share emotions with, and who she basically abandoned to die. Sounds like something easy to get over, certainly if she were actually happy it wouldn't take any time at all.

Well it's anybody's guess.

It can be Emilia
It can be Rem______

We still don't know the contents of the epilogue but in the WN, it had a peculiar line where Satella calls Subaru with an honorific.

There are things implied or we are told of

-Subaru's memories are implied to be sealed when he steps in the world. During his transition he has memories of Satella and he loves her
-One of the Onis needs to be dead
-Satella resembles Emilia
-Satella is implied to have all of the power of the witch' including Camellia's shapeshifting power

But you'd lose context that way, it's not the same as just saying 'I'

why that boy is wearing a girl dress?

He is a female in that pic. You do see the boobs right?

If you start liking Rem. Drop the series. You are not in for a happy ending.

I'm gonna make Gluttony give back our memories

>Yes, forced your ass. Living a life full of guilt is not true happiness.
Also keep in mind that Subaru sacrificed Rem to save Emilia, and he knows it. He still holds a torch for trying to save her despite being with Emilia at the moment, so is every interaction with Emilia in all of Arcs 4, 5 and 6 forced and fake because he's upset about Rem?

So what's the best way to read this after finishing the anime? I haven't really looked into it yet, but from what I know there are at least the WN, LN and manga in various stages of translation(?) Is the licensed English LN release any good?

I don't care this third person shit makes her sound like a retard.

Read the Arc 3 manga and the WN.

WN translation here

Boku, watashi, ore, washi etc are all different from just saying I, but you translate it all as I because if you don't, you fall into the pit of hell.

That's because there isn't an easy way to retain those meanings, since English has no equivalents. Saying your name in place of 'I' is linguistically valid in English and retains meaning if you understand the cultural context.

Once you start liking the blue maid of. Be prepared for years of torture.

Enduring as always.

Saying your name in place of 'I' makes you sound like a fucking idiot and a child in English and retains that feeling even if you understand the cultural context.

Add one more "again"

Obviously, but it's not quite as impossible as people make it sound.

That's because it's the largest minority language in the US. It's the same reason Canadians learn French despite never using it.

>and a child
Then the intent carries over and the translation works

"Nyu are already dead".

No dude it doesn't.
Trust me it really, really doesn't.
It's not a child like 'oh they're young and cute and submissive and vulnerable' or whatever it's a child like 'oh my fucking god make this little brat shut the fuck up you're not 5 years old any more MOOOOOOOOOOM BUY ME CANDY CINDY WANTS CANDY'.

How's your first week on Cred Forums going matey?

No one seems to be willing to TL so I guess I will do it.

This poll was taken during a sign campaign for the 4nd LN book release which was the starting book for Arc 3.
So that is why the votes are not much but at least it is still better than an online poll I'd guess.
The Emilia tweet says she was about to lose to Wilhelm as well but still managed to get the second point in the end.

The Rem tweet says she is popular with people that didn't read WN yet and her activity during books 2 and 3 (Arc 2) made her popular.

This is interesting because Rem is still popular even to people that didn't read Arc 3 where she shines the most.
By the time this poll had taken, The Arc 4 was close to end, the arc where Emilia shines most that source readers says. Even with all of those, she still loses to Rem.

>Anti-Remfags got BTFO 3 times in just one thread
This is awesome

>b-but i'm a cute little boy! Why should she want that

>Seriously fuck that guy. I'm glad someone decided to pick up where the anime left off now

It is even better because the TLer is a Remfag as well.


It's obvious from the start. There were actually quite a few people who legitimately frequent Narou before this show was even THAT popular. Yet people brushed it off because of le Remfag witch hunt. As much as spfag's TL are reliable, he was a acting like a fucking secondary in a sense that he tries to debunk stuff he has no clue of. It's as if he were a day 1 reader or something and knew how this shit started.

Also not to mention he fucking takes Tappei's Q&A at face value. There were clearly some parts where he is fucking around now. Especially the newer ones.

Seriously fuck that guy. I'm glad someone decided to pick up where the anime left off now. Seeing as how the TL is moving at decent pace, we might see Arc 4 soon.

Fuck I need to sleep now. Those grammatical errors make me want to Isekai myself.



No, but I would lick this foot.

>Also not to mention he fucking takes Tappei's Q&A at face value
Oreimo's author said that he hated Kirino but still gave her a big happy ending in the end.

damn, reinhard got rekt?

He gets better. Sasuga Reinhart.

plz don't

The thing is, Tappei doesn't necessarily say he hates Rem. All he does is promote Emilia as a character.

I don't know how reliable the shit thread was since that autistic tripfag couldn't remain impartial anymore. According to him, he said that Tappei admitted that he was using Rem as a plot device.

It's not disagreeable seeing as how we're still just knee deep into the plot as of now. But it's stupid to think there were no underlying questions that weren't explored right from the start.

In reality though, anyone who calls Rem a closed book is jumping to conclusion too fast.

We don't know anything about her as much as people imply.

-Who led the attack at the Oni Village? And for what purpose?
-Why do the Oni village resemble similarities to that of a Witch Beast?
-Aside from the possible rebound for twins when someone goes full Oni, there wasn't really any solid reason as to why the Clan leader wanted to kill Twins
-What did Al mean exactly? Who was supposed to be dead?
-What did the Gospel exactly say when Roswaal read about the impending attack at the Oni Village?

so now that it's over, will people now start to recognise how shit this show actually was?

only the ones who know what is to come after ep 25

Give it a few more days. Abyway, expect soke threads here and there.

>8 fucking LN volumes
>a prologue

but it's true.

End it at episode 5. It goes downhill after that.

>other people from Earth
Who else is here apart from Subaru?

Kararagì (?)

>It's not that they forgot, they are teasing future stuff that will be explained later.
They mentioned Shaula in Arc 3 even though she only appears in Arc 6.

>[Ferris: How Emilia-sama lived in the past let’s just put that aside for nyan! But to say that you don’t even know about the Witch Cult at this point is just too outrageous nyan!!]

>Shoulders raised, as if mocking, Ferris’ hands flung up with a sigh.

>Seeing this attitude from Ferris, Subaru’s anger rose, and staring into Ferris’ eyes he retorted.

>[Subaru: How can you say this? To admit you don’t know something, do you realize how much courage that takes? To ask what is necessary, what is wrong with that?]

>[Ferris: Subaru-kyun is really persuasive nyan! You really are master and servant nyan!]

>Ferris relentlessly mocking Subaru’s unhidden displeasure, Subaru was about to stand up in anger—

>[Ferris: Even if you ask nyan, Ferris isn’t a Witch Cultist and doesn’t know either. All we can do is torture a Witch Cultist and have them spit it out nyan]
>Brushing off Subaru’s question, Ferris took on an “I give up” expression.
>Turning to Subaru with a clap, Ferris, with a jubilant smile, said
>[Ferris: To put it simply, this Alliance… let’s dissolve it nyan]

This passive-aggressiveness is too much.
He's fucking mad because they fucked with his waifu.

>negates any magical attacks with gravity

Acedia actually just produces a force field around Hector that makes absolutely everything slam to the ground as if by gravity. Magic, people, and everything else is crushed into worthlessness. It's like an incredibly forceful and all-encompassing but much less versatile version of Sloth. Whereas the user of Sloth can slothfully entrust everything to the Unseen Hands (which themselves are force fields shaped like limbs), Acedia forces everyone around Hector to be incapable of movement and thus inactive, impressing "sloth" upon others.

Its like when people fuck with Honda's waifu.


I want to sexually torture Ferris.

>[Ferris: Even if you ask nyan, Ferris isn’t a Witch Cultist and doesn’t know either. All we can do is torture a Witch Cultist and have them spit it out nyan]
That's very season 1 Jack Bauer.

>-Why do the Oni village resemble similarities to that of a Witch Beast?
What? They're just another type of Demi-human, they don't have anything that links them to Mabeasts.
>-Aside from the possible rebound for twins when someone goes full Oni, there wasn't really any solid reason as to why the Clan leader wanted to kill Twins
As far as we know its just tradition to kill twins due to them having only one horn. I assume this is a 'cull the weak' type thing because they are fine when Ram turned out prodigal.

The rest of those are still good questions. Rem isn't even remotely done suffering yet.

What'd they do with Ketty? Felix should rape him in the ass until he talks.

Anyone have that data where it shows how the series made a total of 3 episodes just by cutting off the OP and ED frequently.

>It's because the show tried to pass itself off to animeonlyfags that it was a complete story.
This is why LNs shouldn't be adapted. Waste of time when the producers don't even put a modicum of effort into making it a cohesive story with a beginning, middle and end. It meanders around for a while, forgets about key characters set up in the beginning (Felt?) and generally is unsatisfying

>It's because the show tried to pass itself off to animeonlyfags that it was a complete story.
Since when?

It's just an expensive ad, man.

Buy more LNs.

The last good series that tried to be a good anime too wound up dead it's just not worth it.

Re:zero was prodcution hell for them. No wonder the second half was still lackluster and QUALITY ridden.

Rem always looked great. They've got their priorities in order.

There's no direct evidence these things are LN ads. Nope, none at all. Pic entirely unrelated.

It's not even an expensive ad.
In fact, sometimes, it's an ad that even starts paying for itself, which makes those late-night anime a really great thing.

What did CR mean by this?

Make Felix the designated semen deposit.

that you should stop watching crunchyjew

Cancerous brain damaged faggot.

>As far as we know its just tradition to kill twins due to them having only one horn. I assume this is a 'cull the weak' type thing because they are fine when Ram turned out prodigal.

Well they didn't spell it out yet so I don't think that's the case. If we went by traditional Japanese beliefs:

>Although I can't give you any specific sources, the practice was around for centuries before the 1800's, and was pretty widespread in Japan. Generally it's rooted in the superstition that a demon had replicated the real baby and was in the process of trying to take its place-although perhaps it was only a more socially acceptable way for impoverished families to justify getting rid of the two extra mouths to feed. There are quite a few tales of the spirits of twins left in the wilderness to die coming back as yokai or vengeful ghosts (yurei/onryo).


>Well they didn't spell it out yet so I don't think that's the case. If we went by traditional Japanese beliefs
Watch ep 11 again.

Starts off being a happy-go-lucky generic genre adventure, then slowly strips the main character of their sanity and fucks them over on a literal loop because it turns out kids are not capable of handling the stress of being a magical superhero.

It seems to be based on Japanese folklore, but Ram and Rem were very clear that it was just their custom to do so due to them only having one horn.

It can many things. Not exactly cull of weak. It seems like it's a century old tradition. We know how the stories here rely on somewhat prophetical themes(Gospels) it could be that something was being prevented. I mean the witches were 400 years ago.

It goes From Zero to FUCKING NUCLEAR real fast.

>Elsa is the main girl
Lelouch does have some taste after all.

Everyone's so shitty based on that. I'd be with Crush, though.

>More of wifebeater Rosewaal

No thanks. I'd rather not have me or Ram's heart break today.

>It seems like it's centuries old tradition.

Fuck me.

'a century(/centuries) old tradition' was correct in the first place.


Fuck yes.

>More Roswaal


I still don't get why Rem sent a blank letter. The whale didn't touch her did it?

No but the whale's owner did.

He has some great faces.

It didn't, but someone else did.

What I meant was the origin of the superstition might stem from something else that is not entirely as shallow as getting rid of a weakling.

We don't know if they practiced that long before the events 400 years ago or that could it have been a result of it. 4 centuries is a good time to misinterpret the intention of a tradition/superstition.

Also it just doesn't help that even after Arc 2, Rem is still bound by theme of impending disaster/misfortune. Arc 4 has greatly implied it.

>we will never have a face for pic related to complete the set

I was just talking about your phrasing I'm not interested in the Rem oni village thing

The whale is dead. The owner of said whale isn't.

The witch created the whale didn't she?

She did, but she doesn't own it. Or at the very least its on loan to someone else.

She doesn't own the whale though.

I'm not gay, I'm not gay, I'm not gay, I'M NOT GAY

I've only seen the animu. What is so bad about Roswaal? Is he secretly some evil cult fucker?

My phrasing was terrible since it a century old was undermining how deeply rooted it possibly is.


I'd go gay for felix n.n

Do you know who owns the whale? I haven't read the novel.

Roswaal is a literal wifebeater.

Archbishop of Gluttony

Sun Archbishop of Gluttony, Ley. With his partner in crime, Sin Archbishop of Greed, Regulus.

What are the other archbishops like? Are they as good as meme boy?

Oh man I laughed for a good ten seconds at that.

Whale's associated with Gluttony. We just met an archbishop of Sloth. Sin motif means more archbishops.

Roswaal is the Worst. He's also a clown so he's inherently evil.

I'm hoping we get pictures of Ley and Regulus in volume 9.

The whale has no owner, but it does have a creator, the bishop calls it a pet, but the whale does NOT follow it.

The bishop is not the whale's owner, he just refer's to it as pet because they're in the same vein of power. It's a wild animal.

The possibility of several characters who are just as psycho as Betelgeuse really makes me want to read the LNs but I hate LNs so much
Why couldn't it have been a manga?


>People say that Subaru is not going to the sage for Rem
>People are calling Remfags liars
>He actually is fucking going to the sage for Rem

Alright, who are the liars here?

Gluttony has the brown haired boy who goes about about the pleasure of eating, almost in the same vein as Betelgeuse goes about Love.

Greed, is a shit talker who tries to stay as passive as possible, while he keeps going on about "his rights" being violated, being a passive agressive shit who starts something and expects others to put up with it, essentially Cred Forums incarnate.

Wrath is a madwoman who liked Betelgeuse, and has Kiznaiver powers.

And lust has the most devious and cruel personality of then all.

>Believing Emiliafags

Come on user.

I like Rem, but fuck whoever designed this outfit.

A better question is why would they stubbornly refuse a second season despite the success of the first one?

There IS a manga, the thing is, it's still at the point where Subaru meets Anastasia to ask her for help.

I beelive it's a monthly release deal.

>People are calling Remfags liars
>They were telling the truth the entire time

And it comes full circle

Did you seriously not think he was going to the tower with her as his top priority once he knew the tower MIGHT have a cure for her? Come on now.

Stop trusting random anons for info.

There's a manga, it'll get there eventually.

S2 when?

It sold well enough for one, right?

The IF chapter included in volume 9 is only the first chapter of the side story i imagine right?


>People were calling us liars and EOPs
>We were telling the truth the entire time



The extra from the BDs make me curious though.

It's 300+ pages and longer than the whole 4 Rem AU combined.

Who's the bugger cunt? Anastasia or Priscilla

Is the web novel being translated? I couldn't find it.

Sometimes it's not about the money, we have to wait for the LN to reach a reasonable spot before they can adapt it as well.

It is selling well and it's fairly popular now after the anime, but the lack of enough LNs for source, and it having just ended means we won't get any proper news for a good while.

The author is interesting in making the entire thing animated if possible though.

Did you really fall for the bait? Did you actually believe spfag who has only read up until arc 4?

Anastasia is way more reasonable, Priscilla is not an evil person, but she does like to make situations take a problematic turn for others involved for her own amusement.

Priscilla can also summon a flaming sword that only hurts those she wishes to hurt, and her blessing makes her super strong by daylight, which is why she managed to throw Subaru with such force in episode 16.

There is absolutely nothing gay about liking Felix

Why is the interlude for Rem getting eating what's supposed to happen after episode 25? Isn't there another interlude before that called "moments in the dragon carriage"? Where Subaru hears the "Who's Rem" from Emilia?

I can't believe I'm about to say this but.



They're all a fucking party. I want to know what their college reunions look like when they're having SOL times and not city-seigeing times. Subaru can come too.

Thank you user.

No. They show sort of what happens to Rem first, though the exact effects are known in the following chapters when Subaru finds out.

It is happening the same time Subaru is going to the village hence the "blank letter" .

>However, if you were to to point out his real motive, the real reason Subaru moved forward towards this watchtower was because of Rem




Fucking mongs

So is this guy gay? I get it he could just be feminine but he outright wear bras.

>Anons spouting shit about stuff they can't even read

Give me actual news.

There's plenty of other spots where Rem takes a massive spot in his mind, early and near the end of arc 4, talking to the witches where he laments the fact that Rem is not there with him, talking to her about his day and so on.

The author gives both Emilia and Rem plenty of spotlight.


That only happened in the bad end side story of arc 4. He never learned the other two hints about fixing her, related to dragon blood and the sage in the main timeline.

So i assume he's going to kill himself a little after he talks to Puck near Rem?

Holy shit the irony of you getting on people's cases for not being able to read the WN, and then saying this crap. Echidna suggests Subaru go to the Sage's tower at the end of arc 5 and uses Rem's potential of being revived there as the trump card for convincing Subaru.

>Taking care of Rem’s body—-the Rem who had her name and memories eaten-was essentially unrelated to getting a reaction from her physical body. There was no real palpable practical reason for doing things like wiping her body and changing her clothes. The reason for doing such things was no more than to simply be able to occasionally comfort himself, being able to remind the people around her of her existence, not allowing it to be deserted.

Wait. Subaru takes care of Rem's body as well?

>Rem is gone for 3 whole arcs
Jesus. Being Rem fans must be suffering.

You DO realize the Echidna who talked to him into going to the tower is a spirit that has the same name as the witch right?

Subaru gets surprised by the name as well but it's not her. The real Echidna possessed the body of the main Lewes Meyer at the end of arc 4 and hasn't appeared since.

The main Lewes Meyer clone i mean. The real one is basically frozen inside a crystal.

Yes I do realize it. The statement 'Echidna convinces Subaru to go to the tower' isn't wrong since the character that convinces him to go is indeed named Echidna.

It's Nisekoi all over again
Emilia being autistic Chitoge.
Rem being best girl Onodera.

>People are calling Remfags liars

Why do I find this hilarious?

Ah right, that was my bad. For some reason i thought you were saying the witch gave him the hint.

Wait. What?

Of course he does.

We need shorthand catchy fannames for all the Echidnas running around

But it's mostly only carrying her.
Changing her clother and so is doing Ram obviously.

I assume so. I'f he's convinced Ram of who Rem is then she probably takes offense to him doing things like changing her.

Oh god

>Remfags were telling the truth the entire time

I literally cannot stop laughing

>Batenkaitos: I am simply a lone, beloved person. The companion of my love, Natsuki Subaru, who will one day be renowned as a hero, Rem…was it?]

This fucker needs to die a horrendous death

that pic is my phone wallpaper

>Beatrice: This person…this is the one person that we must not let Subaru meet, I suppose. If Subaru meets this person, then he will be hurt. He would definitely suffer a type of damage that would not be able to be repaired. Thus-

Damn, it would drive Subaru that far off the deep end huh?

I mean, wouldn't you go fucking nuclear if you found out your waifu that is in a coma, has her entire memories, abilities and everything else in the hands of a lunatic that eats people for pleasure and mocks her?

If he saw him do that in Subaru would have probably dropped everything else just to kill him.

I would love to see Subaru meet him
Basically even more DarkLord Subaru confirmation.

Why does regulus look like a bitch boy?


I can already see him turned into flesh paste if Subaru ever meets that guy.

Post a CUTE picture of BETELGEUSE

He has multiple wifes, goes on tirades about "muh rights", and so on.

He's supposed to be very normal looking, not sure if they'll give him that bitch boy look in official illustrations.

Sometimes, its good to be alive.

love me!

I was gone for abit

Did we settle down about the finale hate yet?

would this show be better is everyone's genders were reversed?

I don't love it, but i don't hate it.

They were fairly faithful with it, but they decided to not go that far in this season. The ending felt like it lacked impact i guess, i'm fine with happy endings but the there was something missing.

>Looking at Ram with disdain, Subaru seemed like he was unreasonably about to act like one of the troupe people, but when he remembered the place he was in he let go of his fist.

Holy shit just how triggered does Subaru get when it involves Rem?

Rem would be the biggest cuck. Emilia is the most useless dick.

Well he

>Punched Puck
>Tried to kill Roswaal
>Practically made a death threat to Otto
>Strangled Ram
>Was ready to beat the shit out of Carmilla

I'd say pretty damn triggered


Although, I am pretty sure that even in the LN you're supposed to feel like something is off.

That's fair enough.

I'm just a little salty we may not actually see the rest animated, so I wanted to get the final deeply impacting 3rd arc scene. Oh well, they did the rest fine.

Fucking amazing

>Looks at Crusch with anger when she made a comment about how Subaru staying by Rem's side would have surely made her happy, making him angry about her assumption
>Puck apparently says something insensitive after explaining the power that affected her, and almost punches him/punched him
>Tried to strangle Roswaal to death when he said "Who's Rem?"
>Told Otto to not touch her, and that he would take her to her room at the start of arc 4
>Became fucking enraged at the Camilla, the witch of lust, for taking Rem's form and shouted at Echidna for asking her to do it before she explained herself

Don't even dare assume her feelings or else he'll feel like killing you.

I would shamelessly forgive Subaru for all his bullshit if he was a girl

He has tried to kill people who badmouthed Rem and their relationship.

What is Subaru really does love Rem but his connection to Satella is what keeps him chasing Emilia?

H-holy shit

This may sound odd but, has he done any of those things for Emilia?


He was trying to ragefuck Julius over Emilia, so kind of.

Not yet, or none that I can recall. Other than him sperging out in arc 3.

The man takes his ladies seriously!

That is an actual theory right now. As there seems to be evidence of Witch fuckery at play


He always does it, if anyone badmouths Emilia, or unfairly judges her because of her looking like the witch he becomes angry. But Rem just triggers something inside of him that makes him go overboard.

Most likely his guilt of not being able to do anything to save her is helping with those reactions.

In the Manga he got mad at Roswaal for calling Emilia a scapegoat and ran forward to yell at him. Hard to tell if he was going to attack Roswaal or not because Roswaal blew him up.


Does Toyota ever get any kind of powers that at least let him fend for himself?

TRIED to blow him up. Puck saved him.

Yeah. And then it was some kind of ploy to show off Puck or something because the Clown works in mysterious ways.

He can use Betelgeuse's unseen hands after arc 3, and after arc 4 he trains physically, learns how to use a whip, and develops some cool magic with Beatrice.

Every time he kills a bishop he seems to absorb their powers, so far he has Sloth's and Greed, which is the most OP of then all.

Not him but yeah. He is also a leader of an army in arc 5. As well as having his own personal war party in arc 4+. The fucker is going on a crusade.

Doesn't he only have one hand?

I don't think he ever tried to punch Emilia.

From what i've read, he could go for more, but every time he uses the power he feels like something is being taken from him, he fears that feeling so he avoids going overboard with it, or just straight up avoids using it.

When he does need to use it, he uses a single short ranged hand.

Still capable of one-shotting most things if they get close enough. Though the feedback is painful and he feels like he is about to lose something precious if he goes past one hand or his effective range.

He's only used one hand, but he's also generally holding back on using invisible Providence. It isn't clear whether he could wind up with more hands if he decides to really cut fucking loose or gets more accustomed to the power or whatever.

He said "for" not "to" user.

All for his precious waifus

chances of the 4,5,6th arcs getting animated?

I heard it's selling pretty well.

Too early to tell.

It is selling well though, but don't expect any news anytime soon.

I still fail to see how Rem is somehow a side character despite having such a large impact on the MC and the story. Seriously.

She is not. What makes you think she's a side character?

She is a side character. Just a Kamina-tier side character.

Because you can also even argue that Subaru wouldn't have been able to lead and/or voted to become a leader of the army if it weren't for Rem due to the candidates and Reinhardt voting for Subaru because of the White Whale battle as well as the victory over the Witch cult. Which Rem convinced him to fight and helped him with.

>B-But Tappei. spfag said so.

Literally everyone caught up to how fishy this whole thing is written.

The magical coma is basically the middlefinger to the naysayers.