Why do people like this show so much?

Why do people like this show so much?
I watched the first season and it was OK at best, I even hated Lelouch at some points.
It wasn't bad, but I didn't think it deserved the praise it got.

>I even hated Lelouch at some points.
There's your problem, the love for this show is driven by him.

>Why do people like this show so much?
Because we have better taste than you.

Because you're fucking new

It's a shit show though

nice "arguments"


Because it was my first time. Watched the dub on AS.

>implying code geass isn't the most newfag-tier anime

>newfag-tier anime

Also Code Geass is a masterpiece.

Yes according to MAL and Reddit it is

>faggots drink water so water is for faggots
Typical thought process of a pleb too stupid to appreciate Code Geass.

>Rollerskating mechas

It's great.

It is. Cola-master race here.


Shut up, lowly eleven-scum. The correct term is Britannian.

Same reason why people like Re:zero.

There weren't any traps in CG.

Every male in CG is a trap with those body type.

Every girl in CG besides Nunnally and Nina were top grade breeding material.

Your taste is shit.
The only fuckable female is Villeta.

And lack of goods.

>implying C.C and Kallen weren't fuckable

>besides Nunnally
Massive homosexual detected

Because R2 was retarded fun.

CG was a meme show.

Classic thread lad.

And people say Cred Forums used to be good.

>breeding with a cripple

Well she wasn't born a cripple so what's the problem?

She won't be able to safely bear your child, and since she's crippled she'd have a hard time taking care of kids as well.

Fuck now i want pizza hut

Good point

She's royalty.
She has people for that.

then you are in for a real ride in r2

Didn't Lelouch abolish Britannian monarchy?

Like that even matters. The show does what it wants.

>Not finishing show


in a scale of 10 . how hot and lewd do you think c.c. is?

Because I really like seeing tables get molested.

Because it's really fucking fun. A lot of anime are lacking this these days.

honestly some of the ugliest character designs i've ever seen

Ů„but you agree that the girl were hot , right


it's better than most of the anime now days

>there are people on Cred Forums right now who didn't get to see a single Geass Sunday
You poor soul.

Clamp only did the original character design otherwise it was done by the Gaogaigar guy


More C.C please...


>Why do people like this show so much?
Because of R2, which is way better.
Ignore the shitposting and keep wathcing

>Way better
Fuck off.

Because it is a fun ride and that is more than can be said about most anime shows.

>people still unironically think R1 was better

Imagine yourself on a train that it hurtling out of control. You know it can't end well and you go to look away but then out of nowhere the train starts multi-track drifting to steady itself.
You feel a slight bit of relief for a short moment but then you see the rails end over a cliff. You know this train isn't moving quick enough to take the jump and you decide to accept it was a fun ride before you die.
HOWEVER fate has something else in store for you and the train doesn't just make the jump off the cliff, it actually makes it over to the other side, still multitrack drifting but now it's done a sweet mid-air spin to get across the gap.
You sit there a little excited "Holy shit, did that just happen?" but then you see ahead that there is a loop-de-loop. You don't know why that plot twist had to be there but you know it can't bring anything good.
In spite of that however you still feel pretty confident with the shit you've come across on this train that the train is going to make it.
Sure enough you make the loop, your heart is racing and the passengers with you are enjoying the ride.
As the train reaches the station you find yourself sorta missing all the twists and turns but you accept in your heart that it was a fun ride.
You step off the train, look at your watch and realize that you've actually made it to your destination early. You turn back just in time to see the train you were on get wrecked by another train hurtling into it at 200 miles per hour leaving nothing but a mangled mess in it's wake.

In the end you enjoyed the ride but the ride was a trainwreck and ultimately that was what Code Geass was, an enjoyable trainwreck.

CG thread??

posting best girl

The first season is alright, but it goes to shit in the second one.

More C.C please

He abolished the nobility, not the monarchy.