Why does Japan have such an obsession with thigh highs/stockings/knee socks...

Why does Japan have such an obsession with thigh highs/stockings/knee socks? A lot of characters seems to have more consideration for their legwear compared to western character designs. Also, thighhighs/stockings/kneesocks seem to be more fetishized and prominent. Is there any reason for this?

Not that I mind.

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Otaku want female characters to be both sexy and chaste so they had to innovate. Other audiences are fine with just sexy so they didn't look for the subtler forms of it.

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>Is there any reason for this?

Legservice is the only good kind of fanservice.

>tfw no girls in real life ever use Zettai Ryouiki

Why is this and how can we change this?

they actually do in japan, last time I was there in winter there were a lot, even young girls had them, felt like heaven

To be fair, they were the ones who started the ZR in the first place. I was referring more to western women.

Get a current trendy celebrity to wear only skirts and thighhighs in public. The paparazzi are bound to report on it sometime.

I've seen a recent trend of "parisians" here in europe which is basically zettai ryouki, the problem is that it's not superior socks but actually stockings with a transparent thigh part.

I've seen my female weeaboo friends wear them a lot but I don't know if normal people actually wear them or not.

Sadly in the west they can't pull it off as well as they do in japan


>Uses ZR
>Uses twintails
>Does cosplay
>Does gothic lolita fashion

>missing out on the thigh pinch

I've seen girls complain they keep falling off, of fucking course they do, it has to be tight so it pinches the thigh and doesn't fall off

Or they could use garters.

>What is socks glue

bare legs are best legs

dumb bitches don't know


I hate that font.

What's Cred Forums's opinion on slouch socks?

I just use tit tape to keep mine up.

What? The ones that are loose and create a bunch of folds around the ankle? They're kinda lame but I don't hate them.

>Applying glue on your skin

How do you get your legs silky smooth then?

Lots and lots of lotion.

Because ZR is patrician af. Why else?



>tfw I bought some knee-high and over-knee socks over the past few weeks
>start wearing them more and more

How common is it for men to wear long socks? Am I starting to become a trap?

You're just becoming fabulous. Nothing to worry about.
Combine them with short Turkish trousers for the best effect.

Just accept it.


Because they're sexy. Especially thigh highs and pantyhose.

comic sans ?

That's a type.


Trap Nephew Hypnosis by Konboi


thank you, I learned something new

My niggas.

>no thigh pinch
Shame these are so popular now, but beggars cant be choosers.

All those panty shots tho.

Fine, short-shorts/hotpants and thighhighs.

In League of Legends, almost all of the new Star Guardian skins are wearing ZR

I think someone in Riot is thinking one step ahead and is trying to get more female cosplayers to wear ZR, thus advancing further in the pursuit of making public thigh-high wear more acceptable


Because leg wear is the shit, boy.

>getting a boner from looking at socks
Fuck me.


>making it acceptable
>though cosplay
Guess I'll hop into my skintight bodysuit with boxer briefs on top for work then.

School unitform is a thing in Japan.

Like how America is obsessed with shitty reality shows about bbw, Japan is same with qt girl with pure heart.

Some of the Riot artists are korean/singaporean/asians in general. They are anime fanboys/fangirls. You need to look no further than the many anime references in their character design.

Have you ever came in stockings, Cred Forums? Bonus points if it's someone elses.

You'd be surprised at how many girls cosplay; nearly all the asian girls I know have cosplayed at some point before. If they're wearing thigh high socks in public for cosplay, then they'll slowly gain the confidence to include them in their normal wardrobe.

Lots of girls don't wear thigh highs in public just because it's seen as more of a lingerie attire in western culture and makes them come across as slutty.

>ZR fetish became leg fetish slowly becoming foot fetish

If you think this is weird, then clearly you haven't seen enough.

Can't say I have a feet fetish but give some well drawn ones and I'll take them.
It's mostly thigh/ZR fetish for me though.

It's okay to be straight.

I do and I'm not in Japan. They are the warmest piece of clothing you can wear so it's easy to go out in the cold with a skirt and OTKs.

My waifu

I just wear my pajamas under my pants in the Winter. 2comfy

I've never had to use any "fancy" stuff to keep mine up. The socks must suck for them to fall off.

These are so lame...

>Pantyhose that try to look like thighhighs
Just choose one

>tfw watching the movie and completely distracted by scarlet witch every time she showed up in those high socks

my nigga
I thought I was the only one doing this. even got laughed at because of it. Plebs will never experince such comfiness.

Never thought of this. Sounds pretty nice as long as no one sees it.

I have friends (males) who wear actual stockings, I find it a bit weird but hey, whatever gets you comfy man, though you need to be more confident to rock stockings. Actually haven't worn pajamas under pants in a while but during non-gym days in HS it was basically all the time.

Pic related, Love Live's girls have amazing thighs, especially in the music videos, shit makes me diamonds. Something about them is just really above average.

For me looks very comfy (in some cases), and it doesn't cover the best part of the legs. That's also my fetish.

I ironically roll in 3/4s most of the time. Can't get the trend for stupid short socks barely reaching an ankle, fuckin dumb
I'm a boy btw

I don't get super short socks either, expose ankles suck, but I don't like when I wear shorts snd my socks show too much.

Ew, being a woman or a faggot takes too much effort.
Thanks chromosomes for being a normal guy.

Is this Janna? What the fuck happened to this game?
Last time I played it had really shitty splash arts.

From another thread:
>They are doing great.

>Western girls would never wear thighhighs because it's "vulgar", "fetish" and associated with prostitutes. And this comes from muh freedom West, not from some arab savages in hijabs. I guess Christianity does the same things and forces people to be ashamed of their sexuality.

>I remember asking a student girl from my group if she would wear thighhighs and she was so negative about it like it's a crime against her purity and a slut-label on her forehead. Stupid ass Western fashion and shit religious traditions force people to be ashamed of themselves.

God bless Japan for its culture.
Anime would be so boring otherwise.


>not wanting the sniff the ankle socks of a girl after they've had a jog

Are you me?
Only difference is I have also started wearing more women's underwear, shit is way comfier than what I used to wear. Just a bit tougher to find things since I am 6'2

No, I haven't started wearing women's underwear yet. I buy my socks physically, so I guess it would be awkward to do so.

Isn't women's underwear designed for people without dicks? Given that, shouldn't it be uncomfortable?

Are you on a cold country?
knee-high socks are pretty common around here during the coldest months of winter. It's either that or fucking long-johns.

Who are the best artists focused on stockings in feet?

Not really uncomfortable as long as it is placed correctly and you buy the right underwear.
But they are so soft and fit so well its okay if my dick slips a couple times a day

Gotta be Oouso.

Yeah Riot actually puts a good amount of effort into their splashes now

Except thigh highs are a growing trend in the West. Not as common as Asia but it's not as vilified as people seem to think.

>Why is this
Girls are getting lazier and lazier latelly, they don't really care about looking cute, and they usually say that pants are comfier and warmer.
But yeah this is the best way to make them popular.

Shinooka Homare is also a good artist.

Please do not shittalk the least faggy equivalent of pantyhose a man can revel in.

Come on Tokyo!

Because they have fucking taste


I hope pink got fired and black got promoted to the manager's personal assistant

I refuse to believe that girl is a man

Even if she has a penis



I'm just going to post this here.

My strongest fetish.

My sister does almost every day.

>The ideal ratio of the length of the miniskirt, the exposed portion of thigh, and the over-knee part of the socks is often considered to be 4:1:2.5[3] with a tolerance of 25%.[4][5]

Thanks wikipedia. This is some real moe-science right there

I know it's probably the millionth time but what is so special about ZR?
I know the difference between stockings and tights but not ZR.

For some reason, irl Asian girls cover up their legs like Westerners cover up their nipples. Walking around with uncovered, bare legs is considered shameful there.

Anyone know why?

ZR is the area above the sock and below the skirt, only really applies when wearing thighhighs.

>but what is so special about ZR?
It is the absolute territory.

Because they dont have very nice legs

How is that?


No, I mean what aspects of Asian girls' legs make them ugly? I've always thought that Asians had pretty good legs overall.

More often short and thick rather than long and supple but maybe thats just my preference and exposure

Anemia is pretty common in japan. I noticed an unusually high number of girls had bruises on their legs, so they probably try to hide it

I've noticed more people wearing these recently, so it's probably becoming more of a trend. I don't like those tights that fake looking like ZR, though.
I really need to get some sock glue already. Though it'd be funny if there was an anime showing some ZR-wearing girl having to pull her socks up every once in a while.

Some cultures consider every bare patch of skin to be shameful. Just a social norm that evolved that way.

At least legs can be considered potentially lewd by everybody, I guess.
But that whole thing seems a bit ironic to me, since thigh highs are sexier than bare legs

bump because fuck you.

How do I get my sister to do it?

I was born with it

Are they visible to everyone or do they just wear them at home?

Even monstergirls wears them.
They are fucking awesome

I don't think my dick can handle this

Eh, that's impressive. The anti-weeb squad must be freaking out.

anything high and lower and your waifu is a whore

this picture triggers me

You should have left your "triggers" back at tumblr with your trigger friends.

nigga look at her leg
that doesn't make sense

I'm not disagreeing with that. I'm disagreeing with your adopting that tumblr slang and giving it further ground on Cred Forums.

seems like you are as triggered as him

Najimi is a goddess

Thigh-highs accentuate the most attractive part of the female form, nothing else to it.

Ok, what was the picture? link?

3DPD isn't allowed on Cred Forums

>I'm disagreeing with your adopting that tumblr slang and giving it further ground on Cred Forums.
"Triggered" is likely older than you. Just because tumblr fags started using it, doesn't mean that you should stop using it altogether. Just word it correctly and keep it simple.

>that doujin

Link then.

Also, why are guy 3dpd picture still showing?

Because they are memes, I guess? Or the mods are huge faggots, seems more likely, actually. No link though, it was just some chick with thighhighs, nothing crazy.


Enjoying your first week on 4chin?
Have you read the rules or know what an archive is yet?

People say it ironically you goon.

Oh, so that's what it's called. Best part of ZR desu.

It was of May Sakaali, if you're interested.


Zooey wore tights and dresses constantly. So much that she was famous for almost never being seen without them. No idea what happened to her or if she's still famous.

This. Girls already have life so easy with more clothing choices and everything being soft and made for comfort, yet it's not enough.

It accentuates the features down the full length of the leg.

H-how do I go about buying some in person since I don't have paypal or a credit card to order online?

>Girls already have life so easy
Well if you call it easy having to choose male fashion if you want any pockets in your clothes, for keys or phones or money.
Alternatively, look forward to always having one hand occupied carrying a bag around.

Does he have a blog/twitter/somewhere to follow?


>thigh highs
>zettai ryouki

Rubbing on the bare skin part or the thigh high part?

Based. Thanks!

Whichever one I feel like then.

>that one with all of the girls drooling on the dick
Dakara Anata wa Fukutaichou I think it was

When people think thigh highs they think stockings, like the real thin panty hose material; not over the knee socks.

>but what is so special about ZR?
Seeing a bare leg is one thing. Yeah, can be sexy, but you see it all right there. With ZR, there is only a tiny bit of bare leg showing, almost making it forbidden in a sense. Basically a tease. You want more, but treasure and put on a pedestal the little bit you actually do see.

Now here's my question, Cred Forums

Why is Zettai Ryouiki (and stockings in general) hot?

It brings to your attention the fact that the skirt is very short.

Focus on the most erotic part of the leg

Letting you almost see everything but not quite

The knowledge that everything above the line is bare under the skirt

Legs are literally the best part of a girl.

my life changed when I learned how to keep my legs warm in the winter

Below Ankle a best.!

I do this basically all winter. Even warmer than long underwear bc of the air gap. They fot perfect under loose fit jeans.

You're more of a feet person aren't you?

Shit Taste

This is, perhaps, the only topic in which japs have god tier taste, thigh-highs are a miracle of the universe, something I am willing to die for

I want to die being wrapped in the loving embrace of thigh highs.

squat toilets

Gloves are better.

Dark stockings>Thigh highs or other forms of socks

Elbow Gloves are amazing and I want a handjob from them

Why not both?

>Boy crossdressing
>Has breasts and visible cleavage

Thighhighs + Elbow Gloves + Collar/Choker = muh dik

Patrician taste user

Best taste in this thread but
>elbow gloves

Is this a thing? iirc Domino from Pokemon wore something like this.

That, and a striped microbikini with lowleg sidetie panties.

Don't forget the twintails!


My brother from other mothers!

Erika was fetish bait of the best kind.

Finally, my chance to explain. For a woman to cover her legs incompletely is better than for her to even leave them completely uncovered. Women, unlike men, have large thighs and thin calves. This aids in reproduction and is therefor objectively attractive. Zettai Ryouiki manages to accentuate this perfectly: The binding fabric slims and smooths the woman's calves, exaggerating her feminine features, while stopping just at her thighs in order to highlight how much thicker they are. A mere skirt only flutters around and lets the woman's legs lazily drift through any space, as though the woman simply lacks pants. That might be enough for more simple men, but that sort of bareness is far too rustic and blunt to be practical. It lets the poor woman's features dangle there, unused. Zettai Ryouiki fixes this problem perfectly: Simply extend the socks upwards and now it's as though the woman is wearing pants, yet beautifully unbound around the sensual underside of her skirt. You know that she feels the socks, and you know that the feeling is completely unlike (and superior to) what she would be feeling with purely bare legs. As a final cherry on top, the socks naturally guide your eyes up the woman's legs in a proper fashion, starting at her marvelously bony ankle until you reach the magnetic thighs. Zettai Ryouiki is literally an unbeatable style of fashion.

Just start attending dance classes, I see my classmates wearing them all the damn time.

But I'm not a fag.

Went to Japan once, I saw women using stockings, pantyhoses and 3/4 socks.

Maybe the climate contribute for that kind of fashion? It's not too cold, but it's not too warm either.

Thoughts on shorts plus thigh highs?

Neither am I.

Thighhighs are such a rarity in the west that whenever I see a girl actually wearing them, I pop a boner immediately.
Dammit Japan, what are you doing to me

Apparently you are since only fags attend dance classes.

How would you know that?

I've seen a lot of fags who attend dancing classes.

>I've seen a lot of fags
You know who else sees a lot of fags? Fags.

I believe the case is closed.

I'm not a fag though I just like dick.

Tits or gtfo.

>Feet showing
So they're just leg warmers?

Dammit user you better tell me what artist drew this or I will stab you in the dick

These are impossible to stay up without glue or a garter. I don't know how anyone can wear them. If anyone can find one that can stay up from walking let me know. They need to have inner silicon bands or some extra ribbed bands at different places on the leg.

It's Kutan.

Why'd that post get removed?

I got these at Daiso in the States but they keep rolling down. Also not thigh high enough. They need to an inner silicon band like real stockings. Too bad they don't make opaque stockings.

I don't have tits.

I didn't buy these but I am thinking I should try to see if they fall down or not. Only 1.50 dollars.

>implying that doesn't multiply the moe

Source demands are against the rules.

It's ironic that men avoid dancing events because they're afraid of appearing gay, while the rare guys that do dance practically have free pickings of the girls because there is no competition.

But dancing events could only interest effeminate men, which I'm not. And the lack of competition isn't a plus for me since there aren't a lot of people who could outcompete me anyway.

I can't help but find it a bit hypocritical that you're talking about how we need to remove source demands because they're against the rules in the very same post in which you talk about the finer points of dance. Isn't non-anime discussion against the rules, too?

It's the best. See

>no skirt
it's shit though

Because it's the pinnacle of female legwear evolution

Why? You get to see more thigh which is sexy.

I'm really happy with the amount of these threads we've had lately.

That's not the point though. And no skirt = shit

>Not that I mind.

That's what you get when lazy fucks use one of those template art programs to generate characters.

A for rotten whores
F for pure maidens

Disgusting taste.

Well, there's still Zettai Ryouiki, so it's all good.

>H-how do I go about buying some in person
Just walk in the store grab them from the shelf and pay for them. If you really need to you can always ask if you can return them if they don't fit your girlfriend.

>With ZR, there is only a tiny bit of bare leg showing, almost making it forbidden in a sense. Basically a tease.

Nope does nothing like that for me at all.

>Seeing a bare leg is one thing. Yeah, can be sexy, but you see it all right there. With ZR, there is only a tiny bit of bare leg showing, almost making it forbidden in a sense. Basically a tease. You want more, but treasure and put on a pedestal the little bit you actually do see.
It's kind of like showing cleavage with legs

What about pantyhose?

disgusting slut tier shit




I did not think it possible for someone to have such pleb tastes.


yeah i didn't think anyone could legitimately like this disgusting shit too but you've proven me wrong

I'm honestly curious: what do you dislike about pantyhose?

his mom probably made him wear pantyhose and sell his hole and now he is a gigantic fucking faggot

There are different kinds of rule violations.
Lurk more.

They look really disgusting to me and usually only fat sluts like the one on your pic wear them. That's enough for me. Also I think the space is being wasted by not utilizing ZR.

>fat sluts like the one on your pic wear them.
>Fat slut

m8 are you fucking blind?

>It's not too cold, but it's not too warm either.

So... I take it you haven't been there between May and October then?

No, I see a fat slut with chest tumors on that pic. If that's not what you see I think you might be the blind one here mate.

Why don't you post an example of what you like, then?

It's not so much the socks.

It's the exposed skin between where the socks end and the skirt begins

fuck that looks ugly.
Let's trade, post something of greater value and I'll consider. The shit you've posted so far isn't worth much.

Leave the newfag in peace. He doesn't know any better.

Wait a second, is this just a ruse to get me to post more pantyhose?

Nah, you don't have anything of value anyway since all you seem to like is disgusting fat sluts with chest tumors.

I don't understand how anyone can hate Pantyhose.

I guess my fondness for cake and curves means I'm lacking in DFC.

Do you have any images with a unix name going back at least a year or did you find Cred Forums literally this Summer?

And there's no way you could since you have shit taste.
god those tits look awful how can someone be aroused by that?

Damn didn't realize I had to let images sit to reach their prime quality.

You can actually forge those pretty easily it's called the rename function but first you need to obtain some genuine samples which isn't that hard.


>those lips
Yeah, you have pretty shit taste. As if that needed any additional confirmation

I don't know either. It just doesn't seem possible.

>first you need to obtain some genuine samples
No, you don't. Of course you'd be dumb to date a filename to something before Cred Forums was founded or before the anime aired. But that's easy to avoid.

Of course you can forge filenames, but that isn't really the point here. I'm not doubting the validity of his filenames. I'm just pointing them out.

i think i just threw up in my mouth thanks

Pantyhose are the mark of evil.


>He doesn't like office ladies

There are experts out there like myself so a genuine sample is the best way to go if you aren't skilled at this.

How do the names work exactly?

unix + 3 random digits.

Still pretty shit, you aren't good at this.

It's not like I'm doing this for you or anything!

So what do you look out for to recognize doctored filenames?

I won't share my techniques since there seem to be a lot of stupid posters here right now. I'll post a free one though but it only works if a person has posted multiple ones in a row, just look for the similarities in the filenames.

I've given you plenty of intel to come up with a satisfactory pic but you still haven't. Why is that?


How do we feel about stockings on little girls?

What the fuck is what swim-negligee

Are you talking to a hivemind?

Of course. And I need to be sure of that hivemind's opinion so mine can reflect it and I can fit in.

Looks like the top part of one of these old school swimsuits, just transparent. And a lewd bikini worn under it/in place of the bottom part.

Doesn't the collective already upload data directly to your brain? I doubt you would be this stupid if that wasn't the case.

This is much better, you've almost got it.

Bottom 2 Right please

I told you I wasn't doing this for you.

almost there

Because it highlights thighs.

m8 I was into this shit before I even knew it was a fetish or read mango.

The fact that it is so popular is only good for me.

Same shit here

And yet western females think it's perfectly fine to wear leggings, an undergarment with nothing on top even though it's see through and plain ugly

God tier too. This and ZR are the patrician's taste.

Why is this leftist holding a gun?

If you guys aren't wearing stockings yet, I don't know what's wrong with you. I rock Kurisu's shorts+stockings combo, and a pure-white shirt (not a labcoat).

I couldn't have said it any better. That user hit the nail on the head.


This user gets it.

to be honest I used to dress like that as a kid, but with long johns and cargo shorts because I didn't want to advertise my ass yet

Visit Japan. Japanese women don't have breasts, legs is all they have.

Because the school uniform has a skirt and it is an easy way to differentiate without allowed parameters. In my country women only wear pants and they wouldnt know about various sock lengths if you slapped them in the face with it

used to do this all winter since the math teacher couldnt feel cold. Now I stopped wearing payamas.

>In my country women only wear pants
When will this meme die? I only ever see girls wearing skirts if it's a uniform, this is painful.

ZR>pantyhose but ive been more receptive to it lately. What bothers me most of pantyhose is above the hip. If the woman is even remotely fat the elastic band at the top will squeeze down accentuating the belly fat and it looks really gross. Reminds me of grandmas. As long as the shirt covers the belly its fine though.

I dont know. Wearing a skirt is girly and every girl wants to be a powur grrrll. Only women who wear skirts are hardcore christians.

The only chance for it to die is if pants would go out of fashion and for companies and stores to start selling and advertising them more.

Women tend to act as though it's slutty. It's a shame. It's like starving to death and having a mob of other starving people accusing you of being a glutton whenever you try to eat.

ZA plus virgin killer dress is pure unadulterated sex.


a number of girls think the thigh-pinch makes them look "fat." it's a shame, really


Moat people I knew in college did this when the temperature went south of 25.

>virgin killer dress
How does it work? Can it hunt and detect virgins?

do you guys remember the thigh advertising trend? did this ever catch on?


Reminded me of this.
tfw Kiyoshi and his bros are still in fucking Namek.

It would work on me. Easier to look at thighs without getting shit on.

funny how in ufotable UBW they messed up the ZR of Rin. The amount of skin is a lot bigger and skirt is shorter.


>that retarded fantasy armor again

Truly, Thigh-Land.

Maybe one day we can settle a glorious town in Thailand called Thighland.

The true land of hope and freedom right there.

Rin will always be my first ZR.

I think ankle socks are the sexiest


>in my country some nationalist fucker got elected president and made uniforms obligatory for schools decades ago
>so I can enjoy that deliciousness
Too bad the highest grade I've seen so far is B and extremely rare, C's the norm though. Also women wear skirts for work too, but those are old hags so no one cares.

Who are you quoting?

Myself, not like anyone cares though.


You don't belong here. Fuck off.

Why the fuck when it comes to ZR anons are talking like gentlemen !?

thinking man's fetish.

this is the only place I can talk about skirts and ZR. The rest of the western world rejcts this gift of god

Not him, but your response is even more aggravating. If you think that somebody's said something that qualifies as shitty bait then just report them and be done with it.

Stop trying to make Cred Forums anti self-moderation.

I'll tell someone to fuck off whenever I fell like telling someone to fuck off.

Old Men


Old men shouldn't have so much money.
The money should be with the young people who still have dreams and the energy to follow those dreams.


So, why did you post a picture of Touhou with not a single case of ZR in a ZR thread?

It have cute winter tights. It's as good as ZR.

>not seeing the ZR

There's pretty Finnish Ojous with money as well.

Im a bit disgusted that now women prefer wear ugly jeans or even leggings( i thought it was made for sport) than a cute skirt or even dresses.
I would wear skirt/dress every day if i was a girl

Let's be honest here.
If you were a girl, you'd wear random guys' semen, and nothing besides.

God Bless those Japanese.


Why not both?

Which anime? I've seen more gifs of that scene.

Google and WAIT both work.

Looks boring, but my dick is guiding me.

>not knowing it already
Fucking newfags.

It's terrible. Don't bother.

Fuck off, m8, I don't watch anything and everything.




Fuck off from Cred Forums.

You fucking normalfags are ruining this board.

At least it was deleted.

Please tell me more.

It doesn't matter. The fact that I share this board with garbage like this make me sick.

normalfags took over years ago.

I watched so much ZR porn in my life that I fucking lost my fetish for it.

I don't get a raging boner for it anymore like I used to 10 years ago.

my new fetish are opera gloves.

Nice argument

>stacy, why are you wearing a skirt, are you a slut or something, and what is up with those socks. They are longer than your knee, are you crazy?