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post good rule 63s please

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Gappy makes me happy

Ok here you go.

First for /JOJO/ kart game

>DIO not being driven by the senator

People pretending they're going to make a video game by themselves when they don't know how just because they saw a funny drawing general?

Calm down Pocoloco.

is it me or are those sandwiches not actually drawn in?


did anyone else feel their stomach turn a little while reading the c-moon fight

don't get me wrong, i like c-moon a lot but the idea of body parts turning inside out is nasty both to think about and to witness.

I know a bit of Unity and my friend is learning 3D with Blender.
And I have lots of time.

Oh geeeee, n o one expected him to give up, oh I am stricken with grief!

Never had my hopes up to begin with, what a chucklefuck.

>13 year old Ukrainians with near perfect English

He's obviously not 13, right?

Would you let it go already? Christ, you're autistic.

Part 6 was gruesome as fuck. It was hard looking at FF get scalped.

well, if there's any stand that can beat the joestars, it'd be gruesome like that.

Yahoo! Nothing can stop you poco loco! Make the post everyone will recognize you as the best character! You have the luck of 50,000 now is not the time for fear

Picture confirmed shit

good rule 63?

I eagerly await you using this half-assed project you can't finish as an excuse to blog and pretend you are going somewhere when you don't know what you're doing, then act self-important when people react to the poor quality unusable assets you post.


world's nicest man to women, full equine is truly the greatest to resist such temptation.

I'll make something like a blogspot or a tumblr to post the updates.
I don't want that "Avatarfaggin" again.
I stop doing the fusions for a long time because of that.

I wish hol horse joined the SDCs as it was originally intended, then maybe he'd get more exposure and thus, fanart. especially stupid shit like this

Wouldnt it be easier and better if we just modded Mario Kart Wii? I mean, there are thousands of tutorials and its already been ripped open. There's no need to make a new game from scratch

If it weren't for Donut-chan, I wouldn't have known that was supposed to be Jotaro

That's a great idea too.

Wouldn't it be easier to just commit to not actually making a game because you can't do it and it wouldn't be fun to play anyways, and instead just have fun brainstorming Jojo racers like we've always done?

yeah, femtaro is kinda hard to differentiate between other women if they aren't drawn with stands or his signature coat/hat.

determined fans have created workable games before. hell, the MLP community made a decent fighting game before they got that shut down. what's modding a wii game compared to that?

If Hol Horse joined the SDCs then it'd probably turn into him and Polnareff constantly bickering.

Shit, that was supposed be a deterrent but it actually sounds cool, their rivalry was one of the funniest parts of SDC.

It's still amazing how 90+ percent of people here are simply stupid.
Just as there are multiple naranciafags there are multiple arcadefags.
Even I was arcadefag for a couple of threads
There is one of them that almost doesn't seem like a lying cunt.
This Ukrainian fag just joined in on the meme of being arcadefag

But there's only one me [the fusion dude trying to make a racing game]
No one here can copy my broken grammar.

ye. and who knows how the two characters would transform with each other instead of w/o. I forget if hol horse was supposed to join with avdol dead or without but if they were all alive and all fought DIO, I'm sure araki could make some cool shit happen. he'd have to be the oddman out though since everyone's already paired up, with pol + avdol and jotaro + kakyoin and iggy + joseph, at least in terms of the fan-ships goes. I'm sure araki could juggle them all around given how much 'filler' is in the part.

any good scans of the stand book?

Part 6 had a shit ton of fucked up moments. I nearly has to vomit on the panel where you could see the main cast's corpses decaying in super speed

That was awful, fuck. Thank god their faces weren't visible, I don't think I'd have been able to take watching Hermes' face wither into a skull.

Still not sure whether it was better or worse that Jolyne technically died off-screen.

>where you could see the main cast's corpses decaying in super speed

the manga

did you finish the Whitesnake/KQ fusion?

>That stone free

not as far as i know unfortunately
there's at least one video of someone flipping through the book but that's about it

why is anime Hazamada so cute?

Shit, just found the page
fuck pucci mang

Check em

>Doppio in the streets
>Diavolo in the sheets

What is this? Is it possible to buy it somewhere?


stand encyclopedia that accompanied jojoveller

He's pretty cute in the Rohan intro chapter too, back when I first read DIU I spedread through the surface chapters cause I thought it was shit, and so when I got to the Rohan chapter i wasnt sure who hazamada was since he shrunk down like tamami, and I thought hazamada was some cute emo girl that koichi was friends with.
Would've been better as a girl imo

>that is the same reason I stopped posting as well

Post good jojo wallpapers
/w/ is fucking slow

>Star Platinum will never be this happy again

obligatory link to that one guy's collection

He looked pretty happy when fighting alongside Silver Chariot.

i have already checked it out. nice collection but i didn't find a lot of papes i like

Hey everyone, Comparison user here. It appears I fucked up when I opted for the ghost blogging platform to host my site, as I didn't realize I would have to pay a whopping $19 per month to keep it hosted.
Sorry for the inconvenience. I'll try to find some alternative in the near future, hopefully before the next BD raws hit the net. If you have any suggestions, by all means tell me.

It has a shit community but Tumblr would probably work really good for your stuff


Pretty good cosplay, IMHO.

Last Train Home immediately started playing in my head. ;__;

pic related would be good with different colors. maybe some vaporwave colors/filters

What stands do these fags have?

Thanks for the input! I'll keep that as a last resort, since I'm not sure I can autoloop all .webms as I did on the ghost blog.
The same applies to wordpress: it is theoretically possible through a plug-in, but the free version of wordpress does not allow plug-ins, so...
I'll look into free ghost or wordpress hosting services, and if nothing viable exists I'll look for the cheapest hosting service on the globe

Make a blog first and fill it with ideas and updates. Only come here if you absolutely need our opinion. Otherwise it turns into attention-whoring.

why is the thread so slow today?

Highway Star is a 2 parter

>Quints of Heaven
>7 is the number of Heaven
Take down that cursed image!

One of the episodes will probably get some I Am An Alien chapters or Stray Cat Chapters spliced in though.


It's 8 chapters, of course it will be a 2 parter.

Whats the weirdest JoJo ship?

Bucelatti's boat

Do JoJo fans get laid?



Kira's boat he was on with Josefumi

He was in the sea, of course he was happy

>tfw schizoid mafioso with the ability to manipulate the future

Sure but I got attacked by enemy stands which doesn't allow me to talk to women.

>wants to erase his past
>can only erase his future
deepest lore

That's Buccellati you retarded cuck, look at the eyes

Did anybody get to add more to this, like an instance of Kira's hand somewhere or something?

>That Doppio
>That Diavolo
>That Diego

I swear if you post that god damned cat one more time...

>Not mentioning Kira
You disgust me.

Whats the best name for papertrap's dog

>watching SC and DiU
Fuck, seeing Jotaro's autism is so sad when you realize that if he wasn't such a sociopath things probably wouldn't go so wrong in the beginning of Stone Ocean because of Jolyne's daddy issues.

Did somebody say Pussy?
That kira is looks like someone who needs a good dicking but wont accept it

That's why it makes it hot.

This is my r63 JoJofu.

what would you do to teen Dio?

Kick his ass.

>Josuke wears a Heart pin
>Stand name is Crazy DIAMOND

>Kira wears a tie with a Diamond pattern
>Stand ability is Sheer HEART attack

Tell him to eat shit, user.

i love her!

What would David Production use for the Stone Ocean ED?

The anine will end on part 5


>skipping out on another season of Jotaro/Dio nostalgia pandering

She is mine! I could introduce you to her friend here though.

>nostalgia pandering
Stone Ocean's Jotaro and DIO don't really retain anything of what made the characters popular.

I'd break her Crazy Hymen if you know what I mean?

Child Dio is the best villain in the entire Jojo universe.

>Stone Ocean's Jotaro and DIO don't really retain anything of what made the characters popular.

you mean being one-dimensional meme factories?

Would you mind if they did

I am Alien Part 1 (Kira's New Life to I am Alien Part 4)

I am Alien Part 2 (I am Alien Part 5 - Highway Star Part 3)

Highway Star (Highway Star Part 4 - 8)

No, I don't.

Jotaro's still an autist that can stop time sometimes, DIO's still a manipulative bitch that's only ever seen hanging back in the shadows; what are you talking about?


On top of that is a little dose of 'pathetic' and 'self-hatred' to really complete the character.

He despises his father more than anything and in turn despises himself. The longing to be Johnathan manifests into rejecting humanity to be vampire.

These are ancient Aztec Sex Gods.

I Am An Alien is 6 chapters without even bringing Kira's New Life into it. I'd do;

Kira's New Life / I Am An Alien 1-4
I Am An Alien 5-6 / Highway Star 1-2
Highway Star 3-8

Highway Star chapter 1 is still focused on Mikitaka and there's even a TO BE CONTINUED halfway through the chapter before it switches to the Yuuya stuff. Also ending it on chapter 2 means we see Rohan go and get his shit pushed in by the illusion room and it ends on Josuke going into the tunnel to find Rohan. Then we get the rest of the HS chapters in a single fast paced 6 chapter episode which would work well for HS since it's so fast paced.

Jotaro was a tough cool guy who beat up his enemies and made quips. He's got a simple Clint Eastwood-like appeal to him. In part 6 we see none of any of this and instead he's just an awkward bumbling dad. It's not exactly what a Jotaro fan would've hoped to see.

DIO was actually a pretty fun villain once we finally got to see his face. Not saying he's the best antagonist, but there's a reason why pretty much everything he did and every line he had in his final fight became so iconic. No one liked him for his shallow philosophic speeches.


>it's a "let's turn these characters into generic anime girls" fanart

does actual in-character r63 even exist?

Jotaro and Josuke need to have the same build.

And by that I mean Hat Josuke.


Is this meant to be a reference to something?

How/does Johnny get his hand back in SBR? I haven't read it in years other than the colour scans coming out and I don't remember him losing his hand



He loses it when D4C chops it off and he gets it back using Cream Starter.

I thought it would be Cream Starter, yeah, but then I thought Hot Pants was dead for some reason. I guess I'm just remembering this shit wrong

Will we ever be able to top this picture?

Where does it say that?

No, you're right, she was. I don't think it was ever made clear where that Cream Starter came from.

Cream Starter stayed after her death for some reason. She can't even control the thing and if someone stole the spray can then she'd just lose her fucking Stand. It makes her kind of redundant in the end because anyone can use her Stand just as well as she can.

When Part 8 is finished and we know what the fuck it was actually about and we pick a more suitable movie then yeah.

i think valentine got it from another world or something

>Everything about this picture


I'm still amazed that we're halfway into Part 8 now probably and it still fits.

why is he so fucking pretty

Post god tier Leitmotif's


>Joseph is only holding three tickets,

I just finished reading Part 7, haven't touched anime until now. Is it good? How much has been adapted yet?

Would you guys vote for Funny Valentine?

Josuke is mai hasbando

I will get a daki of him once I stop being a NEET
Do you think this would be a good ED for VA?

Anime is halfway through DiU - last Friday's episode was Atom Heart Father. Yes, it's great.

Anime is pretty accurate and well done, though overall the manga is still better. Worth watching even if you've read it. Part 2 in the anime might actually be better than in the manga, which probably explains why so many animeonlys dickride Part 2.

Actually out of the four seasons of the Anime, rate them from best to worst so far

Fuck, I'll download part 1 right now.

I've heard that they really fucked up Killer Queen, is that true?

Oh and next episode is RPS Kid as episode 26 of DiU, which will be 39 eps total.

Gold by Prince or bust.

Only in the first appearance because it was handled by Koreans who fucked up the single most important panel in the episode. Some people are still mad because they changed the angling on it's ears a little but other than that it looks great.

Episodes air on Fridays, right?

Getting a Price Song may end up being difficult especially after his death and i think Spandau Ballet - Gold would work just as well

Yeah, if you live in Americlapistaniland that is. I assume you do.

Only for the first 2 seconds it appeared for, it looks fine later on

And Spandau Ballet - Gold works better as a ED then Prince - Gold personally.

On this note, I've modded Mario Kart Wii to replace the Red Shell by Sheer Heart Attack.

Only problem is that I cannot figure out for the life of me how to change the SFX to KOCHI O MIRO.

4 > 2 > 1 > 3

They didn't fuck it up that badly. It still looks fine most of the time and it's not an issue in motion

Tell him yourself

Fuck, it was sideways. Here's a better picture.

They did a few questionable design changes to it, but there are one or two shots where it looks normal.

That's good, Killer Queen has one of my favorite stand designs ever.


Besides Collio's Paradise - what Song would you like to see for the ED

I thought it was great at portraying Jotaro and DIO in casual, out-of-battle contexts where we can see the character's personalities outside of just DIO's World. SO expanded and added nuance to both of their characters.

I guess people just care about memes but I like both Jotaro and DIO as actual characters and I liked that SO shows them in more human scenarions (Jotaro as the socially awkward autist he is struggling to deal with his daughter but showing himself to still be caring and compassionate, and DIO not actively fighting anyone and still showing himself to be just as manipulative as he was in Part 3).


Imagine being lovingly dicked by him in his room while you kiss and try to keep it quiet so his mother doesn't find out.

I'm not gay in the sexual sense though, I'm just an admirer of male aesthetics and beauty in general. I'd much rather fuck Josuke's mom

Why not both? Fuck one and then fuck the other immediately afterwards without either ever finding out. Swallow Josuke's load then kiss his mother five minutes later without washing.




Norisuke and Risotto



Dio Brando

>don't worry suspicious man I'll heal you
>hurry up I'm dying here please heal me

My brain just isn't wired that way, don't know what to tell you.

It was more like 'I'll see if I can help buddy' and then 'YES PLEASE HEAL ME UP', but Crunchyroll translations are fucking terrible and don't actually try and make things flow logically.

Where are Diavolo's nipples?

Ask I, Dio, anything.

I'm pretty sure Josuke and Kira used the same word.

>Jona and Dilga
>Not Josaphine and Diana

Even disregarding the shitty name changes, I lost all faith in the CR subs after I found out Josuke is literally incapable of just saying the word cool. "Kewl" indeed.

Post Fights and OST that could go with it.

He says it weird in Japanese too.

˙ƃuᴉɥʇʎuɐ 'oᴉp 'I ʞs∀

What is it with you and animals

Holy shit, i didnt expect this.

like 35%
here's a tease
I need to fix the eyes.

why is giorno the only one with tits?


I personally prefer Made in Heaven over C-Moon for Pucci. The lyrics of MiH fit Pucci so well it's scary

SpongeBob is truly the Evangelion of Anime

I am not adverse to owning pets of any kind, anonymous human. I just happen to have a peculiar taste in pets, specifically, chimeras. Surely you see how befitting it is than an immortal such as myself own immortal creatures, no ?

Besides, there is a great deal of humor to be found in seeing a man's head stuck in the body of a miniscule mongrel, and let it never be said that I, Dio, am not humorous in nature.

Why do you wear BDSM gear?

Yeah that song is way too metal than something you'd expect to find on the Spongebob soundtrack.

>loli pillar men

That's for faggots anons

>post yfw on closer inspection, it's just a shitty watch

your pick inspired me


And what exactly is this "BDSM" you speak of ?

>post yfw your master makes the most autistic insults

Post em and rate em

IMO the insult was good, the wording was pretty bad in both manga and anime

>post yfw your master is an actual autist who thinks he's Clint Eastwood

how in god's name can Manhattan Transfer be anyone's favorite stand? part 6 had so many creative stand designs

fuck you, I thought it was cool.

Have you ever stopped time while cumming so you feel climax more

seriously, what about it? it's a floating keychain, and if its user weren't a master sniper, it would be totally garbage

People say HS is a two-parter, can someone who knows moonspeak confirm user isn't bullshitting?


>Not trueending.webm

>That final Emerald splash
Blonde tranny had it coming.

Can't see ハイウェイ・スター anywhere in

Stopping time ? Are you stating that I, Dio, have the power to halt the gears of time itself ?

Well I certainly never attempted to do so, considering my invincible abilities are of a biological nature, but perhaps, indeed, a god such as myself can freeze time. After all, there is nothing I, Dio, cannot do. Perhaps I just need to find the right artifact to do so, since the Stone Mask that bestowed upon me my abilities no longer seems to affect my brain.

You have provided me with most useful knowledge, anonymous human, and for that, I might let you live as one of my demonic children of the night. If you permit me to do so, of course.

I-It's not like I want to or anything b-baka!

You'd better watch out, Jonathan's great great grandson might be able to stop time too. It's a random thought but one you should definitely consider.


Joshuu makes ME happy

Dump her because she no longer has a pelvis and therefore no hole to house my penis in anymore.

honestly i would weep, my girlfriend's ass is her best feature

JOJOVELLER comments from Araki have finished up to Part 4 now. More interesting stuff.

>same type of stand

what did Araki meant by this

Happy birthday Mr. President!

Well well now, I surely would not want to force you to take decisions you wouldn't do of your own free will. After all, I, Dio, despise mindless servitude, and all the men and women who have submitted to the glory of my evil have done so not out of fear, but out of the will of their hearts.

You see, anonymous human, humans are fickle and frail. Their youth and beauty often tends to run it's course before they even know how to use it. I, Dio, have managed to transcend mortality, and now I simply desire to spread this gift to the rest of mankind out of, shall I say, benevolence.

Do you choose to accept my benevolence ?

Jonathan's family ?
Anonymous human, I have killed Jonathan's only family. I now only await for him to come and face me. I know he will. He always does.
Why should I be concerned about some Joestar in the future ? I certainly cannot allow Jonathan to have children, and once he becomes one of my zombies, he won't be able to.
But still, if I truly am to live eternally, I should be aware of all potential challengers. I appreciate your concern for my well-being, even if it is unnecessary, coming from a human.

hnghh i need those part 5 comments

>implying he is not the worst.

hey dio why are such a dick towards bro jon

SOON my boy.

Sure, I guess. At least I won't be bored all the time.

Going by that tier list,Dio is at least high tier

They are actually all translated. Daxing Dan has posted them yesterday

Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7+8

>"only does evil things because of the situation they find themselves in."
Kira murdered people for fun and sexual pleasure.

good shit, thanks user!

Why am I such a lobcock to Jonathan ?
I find it very appalling when people act to me as if I was "cruel" to Jonathan out of simple cruelty for cruelty's sake.
Jonathan was someone I had to crush on my way to stand at the top, and my beloved brother Jonathan surely posed a challenge.
I may have been harsh when I burned his dog (I believe his name was Dandy or Danny or something) but if I consider what I did to be bad ? No at all.

I alone am singlehandedly responsible for the growth of Jonathan Joestar as a person. If it wasn't for me, that boy would have spend the rest of his life frolicking on the fiels with that country girl and his dog while the Joestar name was soiled away. I made him a Hercules (not that he would ever be capable of standing up to my level)
If Jonathan ever realized the favor I did to him, he would thank me, and willingly accept the immortality I am willing to give him.
But, if he chooses to fight me, and call me "evil", then so be it.

How did you get a computer you vampiric fuck

>Roleplaying just stop

avatarfagging is against the rules

He's the only thing actually keeping the thread alive right now senpai
I say let him do his thing

>dio fanfic in my jojo threads

Norisuke hid Kaato's identity from their family so he can have her money instead and the child they killed was due to an equivalent exchange to save Jobin

Through the same methods I have obtained this modern gun I hold in my hands right now: My chinese servant Wang Chan obtained it for me.

How ? I honestly do not know. That idiotic zombie may be incapable in a fight but ever since I was a human child he has been very resourceful.

>the minute the picture loads I can hear Last Train Home
what the fuck, leave me alone

That Jonathan is totally disgusting, but Dio is perfect.

>On another note, now that I look back on it, I might have been obsessed with giving Stands gritted teeth around this time
i never noticed this until now

I-I haven't read part 8 yet

>Norisuke hid Kaato's identity from their family so he can have her money instead
skeptical about this part, he's the one who comes from money to begin with. remember that his great grandad won the steel ball run

>and the child they killed was due to an equivalent exchange to save Jobin

holy shit i totally buy this though

Take your time with whatever part you are on, no need to rush to JoJolion.


Josefumi is Josuke's counterpart for SBR universe

King Crimson will be the final boss in JJL in the same way The World was the final boss in SBR.
Part 9 will be the last part and it will feature the return of Made In Heaven.

Hey faggots, how do I make my friend watch JoJo
He keeps saying it isn't his kind of anime but he's watched fucking Naruto
Does he just have shit taste

Don't try to force your taste on your friend. If he doesn't want to then he doesn't want to.

Dont force your friend to watch shit hes not into, what if he was making you want shit like Re:Zero? You wouldnt want that would you.

it don't work that way only one returning stand per part


Don't try to reason with a Narutard. It can't be done.

I've watched his shit recommendations with him just because I like spending time with the guy
I just want to discuss JoJo with someone irl ;_;

Joshuu will be a Bro-Jo temporarily before Kaato forces him to fuse with Jobin in the finale to fight Gappy.
The fusion of Nut King Call and Speed King will form King Crimson

They fuck up everything in TV and fix it for bluray release.


Josuke needs money and Joshu wants him out of the house, so he'll tell him about the Milagro Man and Josuke ends up conquering it through some crazy extortion bullshit on Shakedown Road and is able to get as much free money as he likes when he likes.

Not really, the changes are fairly few and far between.

Speed King's power is accellerating Moleculs in an object, causing friction and thus heat.

>Modeseven draws a couple Pillar Women
>Hasn't drawn anything since and is busy drawing his shitty, fucked up fetishes by my shitty standards

I fucking envy his artistic talent wasted on such dumb shit

My only issue with it being to save Jobin is that he was 17 when she went to prison, and the disease kicks in at 11. Unless she only got found out 6 years later.

>this fucking list again
I wonder how many times am I going to have to explain how the list is shit, it's parameters are shit, and even within it's own logic it gets the characters completely wrong


interesting theory, and that would retroactively make Milagro Man not shitty filler. i could get behind this

i assume there's some time between when the disease kicks in and when it kills you, during which they were looking for other possible cures (this is why Joubin has scars - he was sick for longer than average). additionally, you don't get sent to jail for murder overnight. it probably took some time to frame her etc

This list still amazes me with just how badly someone can completely misunderstand 6 different characters so badly. It's god damn astonishing.

This chart is shit and has always been shit. Nothing pisses me off more than the sympathetic villain

Funny isn't that bad since he's not actually doing villainous things but I've seen so many shitty villains trying to justify their bullshit to a point I don't care anymore

Sometimes I just want a Dio now and then

>sometimes i just want a dio now and then
Wild version or Worldwide version?

I was kinda just joking around I dont take that list so seriously as well.

But I do think funny is the best villain and my favorite character in JOJO. Since I am very patriotic

I feel like in Kaato's case it'd be fairly quick proceedings since she doesn't deny killing the kid and even says she thought she was right. It's not like there was a convincing case there. And IIRC they said the disease doesn't kick in straight away but when symptoms appear they get bad really fast, like with Rina getting sick super quickly and how with the Norisuke flashback we see him at 11 looking fine and it flashes forward a few months and he practically looks like a statue.

>shitty filler
>in JoJo
Did you think Vento Aureo was filler too ?

>three fucked up flying toys as favorite stands
What's wrong with you?

He is doing villainous things though, it's just that his goals actually have positive effects for a large group of people (though the group he's condemning is far larger). Also he's a massive cunt to literally everyone. How do people still not get this?

naruto is one of the best for entry into anime. i made my 4 friends enter into anime world by naruto or yotsuba manga.
dont be a crybaby.

There are people who think Valentine isn't a villain at all which is fucking ridiculous and proves that they're idiots.

so THIS is the power of shitty taste

no, VA has virtually no filler, and JoJolion has had no filler thus far either, that's why Milagro Man felt weird and out of place in the context of the rest of the part. but if you don't think shit like Wheel of Fortune or Who Wants to Live on a Radio Tower were filler, idk man

perhaps it really did just take them 6 years to find her out then? or maybe Norisuke ratted on her because they were getting close to him?

>Dragon's Dream
>Doppio as a minor villain
>Valentine least favorite villain
contrarian tryhard/10

The game looked cool and he didn't deserve the hate, but Arcadefag was really getting on my nerves with how much of a bitch he was. Either make the game or don't, stop flipflopping between the two.

I feel that's probably the case. Or we're completely wrong and it's something else we're not expecting. No one was expecting Kaato at all in the first place since Norisuke implied she was dead without outright saying it or mentioning her, so I wouldn't be surprised.

yeah but people have been wondering all along how Joubin's illness was cured since Daiya's age confirmed that the mother didn't die for Joubin

The fuck even happened? I know there was a Russian kid impersonating him but I have zero fucking clue what happened to the actual one.

>mfw jjoshufags are as retarded as Joshu himself and cannot come up with one simple rhyme

There never was going to be a game.

>didn't deserve the hate
He WAS the hate. Those dozen or so shitposts you saw every time he posted something were made by himself for attention.

are there other images of Underworld? never noticed how cool this design was

Which part would best fit this cliche?

part 2

Thats where you know he fucked up. Making a Roommate alias to feed his ego and saying shit like "LMAO LEAFY DUDE REDDIT FOUND US WAAH" is a little pathetic.

Oh yeah, there was a line from Norisuke that implied they found another way to cure Jobin but never elaborated then said they needed to find a third way for Tsurugi, implying what they did for Jobin was too terrible to attempt again. My guess then is that Kaato killed a kid to save him, got on for a few years until Norisuke couldn't bear the guilt anymore and had to eat her out. And Jobin is probably unhappy about this and his own plans somehow root from this.

*RAT her out
Fuck this phone. I'd eat Kaato out though, even though she's 51 and pumped out 4 kids she's still fucking fine.

Really? All I know is this:

>original arcadefag with a trip posted movesets and shit like that
>project sort of disbanded
>another arcadefag with no trip, but only a name picked up the project and made some progress
>shit hits the fan and he stops making the game (probably due to his grandmother passing away)
>original tripfag gives the namefag the password to the trip so any progress made to the game is by the real person, no impersonators
>some guy spams the threads with hate against arcadefag and even posts about the game on reddit
And now there were still impersonators? This shit makes no sense.

Part 5

The guy who spamed the threads with arcadefag hate was arcadefag himself. The Original came back, but couldnt get the password, so he fucked off. The exposed arcadefag made his shitty sob story about how hes 13 and blahblahblah and said Reddit would appreciate him more.

Post foxy grandpa

That's not quite it, but this whole thing ended on kind of a pathetic whimper instead of anything interesting so it's not worth thinking about it much. Let's just talk about Jojo.

>And Jobin is probably unhappy about this and his own plans somehow root from this.
i think it's safe to say that Kaato and Jobin have been working together on the Rokakaka scheme because Kaato still cares about/wants to save Tsurugi

same desu fampai

>yfw "Stray cat! It's on my side!"

The idea of "filler" in a series like JoJo is hardly even applicable. Filler is something that exists outside of the main narrative, doesn't develop character or present any interesting scenario, and mostly just exists to take up space. In JoJo, the plot is in itself an excuse for Araki to develop scenarios and characters through the fights, so the idea of filler, in and of itself, hardly even applies, because the series is focused on these individual moments.

It's like the Breaking Bad episode about the fly that everyone considers filler when it's actually one of the most important episodes of the show. It's a scenario disconnected from the main narrative but, because it is so disconnected, it can develop and expand on the characters without having to stick to narrative repercussions, and introduce concepts that will resurface later. Or the majority of Cowboy Bepop episodes that don't have connection to Spike's story but are just as important and the reason why people even watch the show in the first place.

Milagro Man is exactly that. It was disconnected from the main narrative of JJL, because it was focused on developing Joshuu as a character. A lot of encounters in JoJo are like that, because the series lives for these individual moments.

I didn't like WoF and a lot of the Stardust Crusaders fights but I wouldn't say they were filler because those fights are the reason to watch Stardust Crusaders in the first place. Same with Diamond Is Unbreakable.

Was the rockmen taking Norisuke's money ever brought up again? Or was this just a weird threat?

How about lewd grandpa?

>it was focused on developing Joshuu as a character.
was it, even? Joshuu was just as much of a shithead in this chapter as he's ever been

Part 5, except genderbent which is why people hate it

>That AMV
>That dance

I hope they get Old Joseph's VA for Norisuke if we ever get a Part 8 anime.

i don't think that was ever the rockmens' plan, that was just yotsuyu having beef with norisuke


It's strange that I strongly dislike Joseph in Part 2, and yet, Old Joseph in Parts 3 and 4 is one of my favorite characters in the series.

That's how I feel about Jotaro, but I still like him in Part 3.

It doesn't necessarily mean his personality has to change drastically, that's not how it works in real life either. It was planting the seeds for further development as well. We learned that he's actually really insecure and in trying to cover it he's become an even bigger asshole than before.

>Mountain Tim is one of my favorite characters, even compared to the rest of Part 7.
is that 2 decade old "Part 4 is Araki's favorite part!" meme finally getting put to bed?

i think Milagro Man in part 8 is comparable to Cinderella in part 4 - if it were just a standalone with no callbacks later on, it would feel weird and out of place, but when they do bring it back later on (perhaps in the way user originally suggested with Josuke using it to fund Holly's hospital stay), then it will be like a jigsaw falling into place

It's because Joseph in Part 2 is le funny Bugs Bunny meme man comes up on top despite all bullshit character. Since he's no longer the protagonist after that, his humor comes off as less grating and more like comic relief similarly to Polnareff

Jotaro is an amazing character as the stoic mentor, but that might be because Japan took a liking to the stoic badass that doesn't have to try and kind of ruined shonen as a result

Jotaro still had to try more than other protags. All JoJos do for the most part

He is still a shithead. Expecting Joshuu to instantly stop being a shithead after Milagro Man is just impossible, that's not how character development works.

What happened instead, is that, through Milagro Man, we got to see a chapter about Joshuu that had ONLY Joshuu. That is, no Gappy or Yasuho or even his family involved. It's the first time in the series that we get to see how Joshuu is like when he's not interacting with another character, and through that, we got to learn plenty about him and his self-pitying mentality.

And what we see after Milagro Man is the change in Joshuu's attitude that makes him much more agressive and better at using his Stand. It's a bit of a change from the "waaaah why won't Yasuho love me" mentality.

He's still a shithead and he will likely remain a shithead. It's just that we understand this shithead better now, and he is becoming a different type of shithead

I really like you guys.

Holy shit, Araki just confirmed that Weather Report wears a hat and it's not his hair.

Do stand designs and powers depend on the user or it it random.

On one hand you have Moody Blues. Abbacchio is so focused on his partner dying and the past that he developed the powers to replay it And gappy/josefumi with soft and wet that are lacking in something and developed the ability to take

On the other hand you have yukako with love deluxe or king nothing and Norisuke

That was already stated in Stone Ocean in one of the recap pages between Heavy Weather chapters though.

Bad taste.

I refuse to believe

That's young Weather though. He starts wearing a hat that looks a lot like it later in life. Maybe he went bald or something.

Well since a stand is the subconcious of the users's spirit and what they truly are, its hard to say for people like Yukako. I still believe King Nothing has more to it that Norisuke lets on.

For anyone who didn't know already, the first two chapters of My Name is Doppio went up last night.

>hating on Young Joseph
I'm sorry you have to live with your permanently shitty tastes

>Kakyoin reading Vento Aureo

Thanks Dan, I just finished reading it.
Keep up the good work.

Yeah, and Joseph has little to no actual substance as a character or protagonist, and he fits that generic "le happy idiot" Shonen hero mold that I personally can't stand (Araki himself said that Joseph was made to appeal more to SJ readers than Jonathan).
But Old Joseph is actually very entertaining as a character. He's a comically silly old man out-of-touch with modern times indulging in occasional racism and who has a role as the "tour leader" in Part 3 that contrasts with how we know Joseph. And Part 4 Joseph is just hilarious to watch and heartwarming too.
It's so much easier to connect with "frail and old Joseph cutting his wrist and possibly dying to save a baby" than "le invincible quirky xDD trickster pulling grenades out of his ass"

I actually really like Jotaro in both parts.
The "stoic badass" character type honestly wasn't as big of a cliche back in the 80s as it is today. Jotaro stands out amongst other SJ protags at the time, and he's not completely emotionless either.
I like Jotaro better as the mentor type in Part 4, but that mentor type character could not exist if it wasn't for Jotaro's growth over the course of Part 3. Same thing with Joseph.

kick ass, thanks guy


Kay. I preferred Jonathan and Josuke anyway

Holy shit, i never noticed that. HOLY SHIT.

They're both garbage.

That is true but still you gotta wonder for some people what's going on up there for them to get the stands they do

>stand designs and powers depend on the user
This. Stands are representation of their souls after all. Hair rope stand is fitting crazy dominant bitch very well I guess.


Araki has ran out of musician names for stands and for Part 9 he switches to movie names, starting with his 3 favorite movies.

What are their powers?

Think of it this way. Joshuu for example is a fuckign Nutty kid who usually wants things to stay his way in his mind and with Nut King Call he can Unscrew things, change their properties and combine them will others in whichever way he sees fit.
Another example is Yashuo and Paisley Park. Yashuo doesnt seem to have a path in life or somebody guiding her in is As her mother is irresponsible and absent in her life. Combine this and Gappy's appearence in her life, this gives her mind the constant state of choosing between things that could benefit her and guide her in life, and thus Paisley Park is born.

Reminder that this is what best girl looks like.

>The Great Escape
Master Fortress from Smash as a Stand

Dark Blue Moon again

An entire recreation of Venti Oreo in a single chapter

The first two seem pretty obvious.
The Godfather is just a Killer Queen ripoff without the Sheer Heart Attack or Bites The Dust.

>The Great Escape
something like Paisley Park or Ticket to Ride, the environment around you works to help you out of a jam

well DB Moon and Clash already exists, but Jaws could perhaps be like a fusion of Clash and Scary Monsters? user turns themselves into a shark that can appear in different bodies of water, but is powerless on dry land or with no moisture around

>The Godfather
can use the powers of partner stands (explicitly stands of the user's crew, can't steal powers from enemies)

How long do you think it's going to take before he fully snaps due to getting pushed to the side after Gappy's arrival to attempt to murder him?

there's another Josuke in a long delinquent skirt that's great as well but I can't find it

what did 4isuke mean by this?

I think it depends on whether or not Araki designs the character first or the Stand first.

For example, with characters like Ebony Devil or J.Geil or Oyecomova that obviously came to exist solely as users to accompany the Stands, then the Stands don't fit at all. But with main characters who usually have more substance to them or characters that were made as characters first and Stand users second, then it's usually the Stand that depends on the user.

Both cases you mentioned do actually reflect the user pretty well, and that's because both Yukako and Norisuke were created before their Stands were made. Yukako is based on Annie Wilkes and a subvertion of the ideal Yamato Nadeshiko trope, and a lot of things that are seemingly attractive about her (her ability to cook, her face, her love) turn horrifying when she gets mad (she cooks horrible disgusting things, her face turns vicious, her love becomes horrible and possessive). Her Stand is an extension of that, turning a very pretty, long wavy hair, turns into a vicious powerful weapon.

AS for Norisuke, he fits the role as the Higashikata patriarch but not someone who is actually going to fight anyone himself, but is going to care deeply for his children and make sure they are safe, so having a Stand that is focused on tracking and that doesn't have much physical power fits him as a character. It's especially ingenous how it's shaped like a puzzle to reflect how, initially, we don't know what to make of Norisuke since we are suspicious of him.

Now I understand why Jolyne is so perfect. Even her great-grandfather was 11/10 girl. Such good genetics.

Godfather turns shit into various horse parts

If he sees Gappy and Yashuo kiss then his mind will Break and he will gain NKC act 2 and Hato will have to knock him out of commission.

What was your reaction to this bit?

>dopio didnt change


>a subvertion of the ideal Yamato Nadeshiko trope
tvtropes get out


Part 8

I started playing the Sonic X opening.


Trope or not, Yamato Nadeshiko is still a cliche of sorts. At least he didn't use the word deconstruction

It's just Yukako is a yandere that predates when yandere became a popular thing

What the fuck is tvtropes ?

Okay shit makes a bit more sense now. Thanks for the explanations


What's going to happen to Daiya once Gappy and Yasuho start fucking?

Is she going to an hero?

Muh dick

hopefully she'll join in

She'll join in.

>Johnny instead of Gyro and his spinning d

It's a site that documents tools, cliches and other things for story telling purposes that triggers a lot of people when brought up because a lot of people use it as a be-all, end-all source of information despite the fact the website itself says "There's no such thing as notability"

Reading tropes is fun, but the forums suck. Ignore them completely


And Gappy is fucking nigger

She's going to be forgotten, just like all other losing girls. Araki might even kill her off.

>she going to an hero
>Fruit-dad goes full rage
>Jobin convinces him to attack Gappy
>Final fight is Gappy and Yasuho vs Higashikata's

Looks like someone had fun

A lot !

But not with women.

The same thing thar happened to Hot Pants after she and Johnny were getting too close.

i've fucked my gf while we watch jojo together

It takes every fucking detail in every form of media, assigns a name to it, and then gives a comprehensive list of things featuring said cliche. It's pretty autistic.
Take Vanilla Ice, for example. DIO's right-hand man as of part 3. "The Dragon," is what they would insist upon calling him.

We found out last thread that most JoJofags don't even have any real life friends to hang out with in their area, the answer is a crushing no.

What about Karera?

>things that never happened, the post

these are really good

She belongs to Joshuu now.

Yeah right, and my uncle was Stalin.

you really think someone would do that? just go on the internet and post lies?

tfw gf thinks jotaro is hotter than me ;_;

They'll be fucking in her room right in front of her and she won't even see that and won't even think that they can dare to do that.

Why do anti-Jojofags and Jojofags are so retarded ?

> somebody posing
> Le JoJo reference ora ora oea XDDD

> somebody posing
> Huuur... Fucking JoJofags...

Currently in the lead for Gappy's Gappys.

Yasuho >>>> Daiya > Not Happening Tier >> Karera >>>> Hato

>tfw gf thinks jotaro is hotter than me ;_;
Pathetic, start lifting to be /fit/ enough to swoon her off her feet.

And stop blogging, its fucking shameful.

Running in the 90s started playing in my head

>Why do anti-Jojofags and Jojofags are so retarded ?

Okay I actually went there and read some of the stuff myself.
Jesus Christ what is it with their obsession for categorizing every single detail in a specific "trope" ?
I mean, I do a lot of categorizing myself, but it's not like I think every single story ever made has those neat little boxes you HAVE to put characters and story devices into.
Plus Vanilla Ice just doesn't fit that definition of "The Dragon".
It's the dumbest shit.

>Came for the memes
>Stayed for the story

This is how the perfect JoJo Fan must behave

because extremist mentalities (Jojo is the best/Jojo is the worst) are always dumb

I was caught by my gf jerking off to JoJo

> somebody posing
> Le JoJo reference ora ora oea XDDD
Demonstrating your good taste is absolutely normal.

I stayed for the art and the fights

Thank you for the pic, user

>Came for the memes

I love you dude

my pleasure
doppio a cute

I came for the origin for the WRYYY meme, stayed for the pretty alright series

JoJo isn't a secret club you fucking retarded newfag
References to JoJo in other anime and manga are fucking trite at this point

You are totally retarded if «hurr durr secret club dont tell nufaks» is the first thing that came to your mind after words «good taste». The most retarded person on the Earth probably.

What the fuck is this post trying to accomplish?

He just said referencing shit you like is a good thing because you like it. He never called it a secret club

If anything he called it the opposite

Finally, Metallica fight is the sole reason why love Diavolo.

>It's host wears a buffalo hat.

Wtf is wrong with you ?

that explains the horns
what about his real hair then? Is it white like pucci or blonde like perla?

Manga collages tend to look pretty rad for wallpapers (1)


Looks like someone hasn't read Jorge Joestar...

i see u macfag

I don't even know why I started watching JoJo. I've never cared for the memes, and I started reading the manga immediately after where the anime left off (so the beginning of Part 3) instead of waiting for it to finish. I was a weird animeonly.

Ok fucks who can read moon. what does Cmoon requiem do?

my friend who's an autistic jojofag wouldn't shut up about it so finally i watched it to shut him up and it turned out to be great


>ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ
what will you do, /jojo/?

>hair looks exactly like the hat anyway



its like pottery

That's just the size they were when I saved them.

>sorry it's a link, didn't want to crop it and lower the image quality to get it smaller

it can control both gravity (the force in physics) and [GRAVITY] (the JoJoverse's equivalent of fate)

it can change peoples' fates so that they will arrive in the same place at the same time by some means, but it can't change anything sooner than 1 hour in the future

If we go off his pre-amnesia look, and assuming he's not wearing a buffalo hat sans horns, I'd say he has white hair. Of course colors are non-canon however.

That's why he's the best.

cool. anything about white snake and mih requiem?

Don't you see it in the flashback? It's blue.

>do what kakyoin did
>wake up and snap the baby's neck because I'm not surrounded by a bunch of idiots I'm shitposting on Cred Forums and somehow a baby came into my room
>bury it in the backyard


Whitesnake + Green Baby's Stand = C-Moon

C-Moon + ??? = Made in heaven

Reminder that the Baby stand user grew up fully by the time Stone Ocean started, he is one of the most powerful stand users in the series but we never hear from him again.

Certain point of gravity


Where did you get your source on that ?

I always assumed Alessi Deaged him with his stand

my ass, i'm just shitposting

is Cred Forums capable of coming up with an araki-tier stand?

really cool shit, i wonder if he'll do anything special for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics since they already showed that vidya/mango will be a focus of the show?

Araki loves doing promotion art doesnt he?

yeah, he's done it for the Louvre and Gucci as well as for a World Heritage Site near his hometown that got damaged in an earthquake

Imagine, Hol Horse in Part 5 either with or instead of Polnareff.

He just has a lot of interests due to reading up so much shit in his reference books.

Don't know what they're talking about. It looked bad at first, and now is much better drawn, but the anime still did change KQ's design. Mostly it looks angry because they gave it a weird line on it's forehead and decided it's eyes would be red. Although there's a couple shots were it looks like the manga's design for whatever reason. There's one particular shot were Kira is talking about how he touched the doorknob Sigechi's with his hand on and Killer Queen looks fucking perfect and shiny and beautiful, but I don't have it saved.

araki is such a hack but i love him.

If I ever made a movie I'd want him to do the poster

God damnit this Nip is a treasure.

I jerk off to Doppio as a sign of respect.

Is this a good strategy?

who is the guy in the pic? some ones jojo Oc?

How is he a hack?

YouTube "E-Celeb"

Yeah, all the non-stand shit that Rohan does is all Araki. Doing nothing in his free time but more and more research, trying weird shit to get personal experience for his work, and living a subdued lifestyle instead of blowing his cash on frivolous things like other mangakas do.

Where are my Vol 3 RAAAWS, I'm so eager to see how are they going to fix Surface episode.

He's a youtube dude that reviews cartoons and has a bad reputation because of something but I've no idea why that user posted a pic of him.

its a meme.
ok fuck that shit.

> i wonder if he'll do anything special for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics
He do Part 9.

yes he is my jojosona. his name is jordan joestar enter.
he lives in the irene universe with his uncle emporio as he and his uncle try to revese the effects of mih.



>JoJolion finishing before 2020.

The thing I find the most inspiring about Araki as an artist is that he dedicates himself Hyaku Par Cent Hai to his work to an extent that he pours virtually everything he has seen or experienced into it. He lives for the sake of his art and he constantly praises the medium of manga even when his editors fuck him over.

You can tell from his interviews that he has an immense amount of cultural influences and he has lived through a lot of interesting stuff and he uses this as the material for writing JoJo. It gives JoJo this kind of strange human quality that is so unepected from something so surreal and bizarre.

I think that speech Rohan makes in introduction about how reality is what drives fiction was very much Araki's manifesto in the words of a psychotic obsessive mangaka. That speech to this day remains very poignant and real, it comes from the mindset of a man who believes every single word of it.

I don't consider Rohan to be truly Araki's self-insert and I know he denies that notion to not associate himself with the character, but, if only for that moment, you can see Araki put the essence of his work in the mouth of a character and convey his deepest beliefs to the viewer.

Not only will it finish by 2020, we'll know for sure who the main antagonist is by chapter 62

come on we're definitely past the halfway point

>JoJolion has over 39 chapters left
I doubt it. SBR only ran for 95 (23 of which are half-length) and we're at chapter 58 of JJL.

> even when his editors fuck him over

SJ editors are very harsh and controlling and Araki mentions it several times in a joking manner.

two words lisa lisa.

There's some editor jokes in TSRK, like the first editor not giving a shit about Rohan as an artist nor understanding the depth of his work.

>"Rohan is a weirdo in a way that Araki acknowledges and embraces. Moving from there, Rohan Kishibe’s stated philosophy is that of “reality.” He believes that creativity is not what makes the creator, but the capacity for absorbing factual information and experiences for the purposes of conveying realism. The imagination is secondary to this. His works are fantastical (allegedly, as we never actually see them), but that fantasy is grounded in a strong sense of reality. One could interpret this as a facet of Araki’s work. But Araki focuses on being entertaining more than he focuses on any sense of reality. Some of his interviews relay a sense of Araki wanting his readers to be having fun as often as possible. There is a sense of realism to the characters, yes, but that stems from strong character writing rather than any strides towards a sort of manga vérité. Rohan wants to, above all else, convey reality. Araki wants his readers to have a good time. Rohan is likely a representation of other manga-ka that Araki has dealt with, given his somewhat abrasive and unfavorable portrayal at times. Though most of all, I’d think that Rohan is just the sort of interesting character that Araki so often creates and doesn’t necessarily have to be any one thing. Unless you’re a one-arc villain, characters in JoJo’s are rarely so one-note."

holy FUCK that Jotaro

Who's the artist?

Araki really is the most based mangaka

By the halfway point of every other part we knew who the villain was and what their motivation is. So far all we've got is we know Josuke's origin, and that the plot revolves around a rare fruit.

every other part has been much more of a shonen action adventure, JoJolion is a seinen mystery
think of any mystery you've ever read - they never come out and say "this guy is the bad guy!" the fun comes at the end when there's a big reveal and you see that you knew the bad guy all along

Because he knew that Araki is a hack.

josuke is 6'1 and jotaro is 6'5

Jotaro and Gappy have the same build

JoJo is fucking art.

I take it as Araki trying to distance himself from the character by making him an opposite in many ways, but still having the same kind of enthusiasm and love of creating stories and art.

That's literally fucking impossible.

wow so ebic xDDDD


Was this a mistake, or a miracle.

It's just the change in artstyle that makes you think Jotaro is far more buff than Gappy.


Pretty sure Araki said they look the exact same 「citation needed」.

Araki confirmed that Gappy is supposed to have the same build as Jotaro but the artstyle change doesnt show it.

>all that fucking talking and making shit noise
>producer just upped the volume on the female singers during the actual song

Someone needs to take a shot of Jotaro and edit Gappy's outfit on him, and do the same with a shot of Gappy with Jotaro's outfit.

When Cred Forums sings it's worse and funnier.

Jotaro is taller so they can't have the same build.

>The theme of JoJo that continues for 20 years is to not negate human beings. What I mean by that is is to have positive thinking characters that don't stress about things going wrong. They're not allowed to stress. They believe strongly in what they do. Even if its a bad guy doing bad things, those actions are very important to him and he'll use that to move one step forward. Then in response, the hero comes to defeat that. When they both step out forwards they'll then conflict. That's what I find interesting.

I like that Araki gives so much focus to individual character struggles for his villains even when he wants to make them despicable people. It gives the story the sense of "battle of minds" that Araki likes to go for by making both characters usually equally determined to achieve their goals.
This is what Phantom Blood was at it's core: two men with virtually equal amounts of conviction and strength but conflicting ideas and lifestyles fighting to see who was the strongest and which lifestyle was ultimately the better one (and, at the end, Dio's vampiric evil kills Jonathan, but Jonathan's heroic sacrifices ensure that his family lives on and that there will always be a hero to stop evil). 30 years have passed and Araki's tastes and style have changed, but I think this is something he will always try to show through in his work.

Do we even know Gappy's height?

>ywn see Part 3 style Gappy

Totally, user

Wait until that one user draws him in Gappy's clothes

Wow nice Reddit meme friend hahah XD

Maybe Araki is planning to give Gappy more of a character now that he wants to save Holly, but I've always felt like he's not a very good JoJo as he's just too blank. He's just felt like a CaC up until the newest chapter.

Literally framed at the Louvre

>Wet Nut

>Wet Nut Calling

>it's just Made in Heaven

>King Soft Nut

Considering Gappy is part Holy's son and part Kujo, it would make perfect sense for him to be similar in build to Jotaro

You just might be thinking otherwise because their faces are so different

Is it agreed that Dio would be the biggest shitposter?


I guess the original Joestars were only huge because Jonathan was, but Johnny isn't that tall since he's a jocky.

Diavolo. Always anonymous.

>yfw BITE ZA DUSTO becomes the new ZA WARUDO


Why didn't Rohan just write
"I will locate Yoshikage Kira"
on someone to find him.

Because Kira WAS Kosaku Kowajiri.

They didn't find out who Kira was until right before he changed his identity. Plus Kosaku's corpse was missing the essentials to track a person down

Why didn't he just use Heaven's Door on Aya? He used it on uncooked chicken to find the expiration date.

Because _____________________________________________________________________________________KOSAKU KAWAJIRI IS YOSHIKAGE KIRA___________________

Araki from an interview
>Araki: "Also, it's not related, but I actually enjoy drawing skin getting peeled."

Is he reminiscing about the past through ser. Is he a pillarman


Reminder that only he can beat Giorno, but only if GER isn't summoned.

You do realize that Killer Queen completely gets rid of the person it targets, right?

Great googly moogly look at those 7's

Araki is a hack.


>instead of Polnareff
>disabled cowboy
Seems like Araki was thinking about this scenario too.

>Hol horse moved to italy because he actually fell in love with an Italian Beauty
>She was Giorno's mom
>She just wanted the Hol Horse for sex and nothing more
>When she dumped him, he couldn't bring himelf to leave Italy

man, you just cant hate doppio!

Not very good taste desu.



I don't know how you guys can make lists like these. I'm not even sure what my least favourite part is.

Hi guys, this is my jojosona. I wanted to make him an AU Josuke from part 4 because he's so hot, but I wanted him to be really cool because in my AU Kira and another jojo get fused together to make this OC, and kira still has killer queen but it can like use bubbles like caesar (still crying btw ;( ) , and i turned okuyasu and koichi into girls in my AU cuz I cant stand the overbearing masculinity, and they're both really hot and they both like him, in fact even my AU yukako does too, and another OC I made up with zero personality likes him too and hes super smart and funny and really strong, he can steal anything he wants like friction or sound but HES NOT A MARY SUE because hes really sad and tragic because he has amnesia so hes really deep and tries to find who he is, please don't flame

you can deduce your own results using a simple Ranked Pairs breakdown
do you like 1 or 2 better? 1 or 3? 2 or 3? etc etc, then score them accordingly

>another OC I made up with zero personality
>no personality
>made up and not AU kars
shitty bait across the board user

I'm not even sure if I could do that. All I can really say is that I prefer the parts with Stands over the ones with Hamon, and that's not even from a Stands > Hamon perspective.

ok well that's something, now how do you feel about the plots? do you prefer something with a definite goal in mind from the outset, like part 3, or something that plods along a bit more, like part 4?

I think he was referring to daiya with the 'no personality' bit

Which is legit, daiyafags are worse than remfags when it comes to cute girls who are trying to do anything to get the MC's dick

Part 8 is probably my favourite from a writing standpoint, but that hasn't even finished yet, so I don't feel like I'd put that in the ranking. Also not to say that I don't like the constant action of the other parts.

>Which is legit
It really isn't.

The thing is, plot in jojo is usually rather weak.

>part 1
>oh no my adopted brother became a vampire
>oh goody i got sunlight karate tailored to fighting vampires
>oh shit i died

Or part 2:
>oh shit my moms friend died
>oh goody i killed the ancient evil
>oh shit theres 3 more
>oh goody they're dead

And thats just part 1 and 2, and thats not mentioning heavy, disposable baggage like caesar or poco. This is before we get to the villain of the week structure with plenty of filler

So it all boils down to quality of fights and the people in them, for which 1 and 2 feel really weak most of the time


>I'm not even sure what my least favourite part is
Just Imagine that you re-read all of them.

I'm not arguing daiya isn't cute. I'm arguing she's a bad character.

>the 'fight' is garbage and drags on longer than it should
>she gets beaten in an extremely anticlimatic way
>shitty stand weakness
>shitty stand design and power
>all we get from it is a tiny bit more plot and a useless love rival character to yasuho who's barely relevant again

Make a new thread. the others are shite

I'm in the process of rereading the parts as we speak, and I'm still in this predicament. I don't even really care, but I've never known how people can find ranking the parts so easy.

/JJBAG/ we need a new Edition STAT!!

fuck right outta here


I did this, and I was surprised that my order changed a lot.

It went from:
4 > 7 > 3 > 6 > 2 > 5 > 1

5 > 6 > 4 > 3 > 7 > 1 > 2

I love Araki, even if he's an autist.

I just don't agree. The fight wasn't all that long and that fridge ruse was pretty great, especially with how it really came down to Josuke relying on Yasuho to care about him.

As for the weakness it was something she made up herself to make it fair as she put it. It wasn't really part of the ability.

Come to think of it even that part about fussing over her triggering the ability must have been another rule she made up on the spot for Josuke. After all she only removed a memory from him if she found him out. She even had cat memories on her chessboard.

There's more smug.

>mentions major key events with introduction of villains
>this is plot
>hurr durr I want deus ex machina plottwists and one of allies should be a traitor
Self-kys yourself please.

It's also because Gappy is wearing baggy clothes.
Any time Gappy has been shown shirtless you can see that he's pretty muscular. About as muscular as Araki's newer drawings of Jotaro.