Naruto Shipudden: Final Episode September 29th

Alright Cred Forums. So the manga ended 2 years ago on November 10, 2014. The anime though, will finally, after 2 years of filler, be ending on September 29th. That means the Naruto universe is over otherwise after that date, with the exception of the extension of Boruto, but no one give's a shit about Bort.

How will you be sending off one of the biggest anime/manga's of all time?

>Run the whole day with your arms behind your back
>Practice Ninjutsu
>Jump around in your basement like a faggot pretending your the characters
>Re-listen to all the Naruto OPs and EDs
>Remember being a young lad and your first glimpses of Naruto.
>Realize it's been 10 years since the Anime began airing in America.
>Watch the dubbed version for good times sake
>Watch the ship war endings be animated

There's plenty of options, how about you Cred Forums?

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I'll probably mimic and pretend to do handseals and Chidori or spin up a good ol' Rasengan.


>Re-listen to all the Naruto OPs and EDs
>Impblyign I don't listen to part one openings 4, 6, 8 and Shippuden openings 1, 4, 6, 9, and 16 regularly

But really, I wish I could give a fuck about Burrito.

>So the manga ended 2 years ago

So will it actually be ending? I thought they were just gonna adapt every single Naruto light novel until they had enough Boryto chapters to adapt.
They might even pull a Dragon Ball Super and turn The Last into a 10-episode arc.

Godly openings.
I will say, Naruto almost had across the board consistency in OPs.

I wish I could to, but having Naruto end the way it did, is something that I can accept, and I can accept not going into Boruto. We got the ending we wanted, maybe not the way we wanted it though.

That night was insane. Hard to believe it's over still.


I don't get it, Naruto's end really seemed like a year ago or less to me.

I can situe SnK and KLK being 3 years old but not Naruto's end.

And I don't follow Naruto, one episode is enough to end it? And there was 2 years of fillers? What the fuck.

The last episode is titled "The Final Battle" and it will be a hour long special that will include all remaining chapters from the manga (693 - 700). It has 3 of the top animators from the entire series working on it.

> Naoki Kobayashi (Obito vs Rain Ninja, Obito vs Kakashi, Sasuke vs Kinshiki)

> Norio Matsumoto (Lee vs Gaara, Hiruzen vs Orochimaru, Sasuke vs Orochimaru(chuunin exam), Team 8 vs Hidan & Kakuzu, Naruto vs Sasuke(VotE))

> Hiroyuki Yamashita (Sasuke vs Deidara, Sasuke vs Killer Bee, Kakashi & Obito vs Kakko)

This episode is reported to have been in production for months now.

Cred Forums sings Naruto



Yamashita's double episodes will cover around four chapters, then Toshiyuki Tsuru's episode should cover the end of the fight. After than the anime will adapt the Naruto novels that take place inbetween chapters 699 and 700.

I don't know man, I don't think they'd dedicate a hour long special and have 3 weeks of no episodes if they wanted to have to break the LNs in there. To my knowledge I believe they actually covered the LNs but I'm not sure.


(SO AM I........)

>It has 3 of the top animators from the entire series working on it.
that sounds hype as fuck. I haven't really kept up with the show these last few years but I am hyped to see the finale on screen.



They only covered the Itachi light novel. Tthough they changed some details, such as having Obito kill Itachi's not-girlfriend instead of Itachi putting her in a genjutsu where she imagines marrying Itachi and having kids before killing her.

This opening really grew on me

I believe they covered a lot of Kakashi shit too though.
Best OP

thread theme song
Not Naruto related but seems fitting since it's ending.

Let's reminisce about the good old times. I'll start.

Naruto is a gateway anime of the worst kind...

>Asian Kungfu Generation get the final opening

How fucking deserved though, holy shit

>yfw they play the opening from the first episode of naruto in the background at the end

I will flip my god damn shit so motherfucking hard

>actually thinking it's ending next week

It's not.

>They play this as the ending


Pretty sure it has to be mate.
>3 week break
>1 hour special
>top animators
>literally goes through the last 7 chapters left on the manga
>episode titled Final Battle

What sign says this isn't ending?

>yfw they play the opening from the first episode of naruto in the background at the end
As much as I hate that opening I would probably cry like a dumbass.
although I probably will anyways

Yeah Rocks should be in the ending or be the actual end theme/credits.

>So the manga ended 2 years ago on November 10, 2014.
LITERALLY literally felt like yesterday. What the fuck?

where did the time go

Underrated ending, great song and God-tier visuals, it's not just Naruto and Sasuke posing and/or fighting like most endings.

The fact that it's Naruto and they have milked it this long.
I hope you're right though.

As long as the ending credit song is almost any of the first Naruto OPs or eds, I can accept that entirely.

>this starts playing

Still the best opening to this day

>then flow got one of the final EDs
once again, how fucking deserved, god damn

C'mon brah, we all know the best ending.

I didn't say it was the best, just that it was underrated.

Jesus christ, I remember watching this shit in like 2007, I'm having the hardest nostalgia fucking trip of all time right now.

Jesus fucking christ.
This OP too though, jesus fucking christ.

But the opening for the first Naruto vs Sas fight


What did he mean by this?

They already announced they're adapting the rest of the Shinden novels.

I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Time skip

But will they adapt The Last like Dragon Ball Super?
>tfw still remember clear as day when the first episode aired
good times

>ywn go back to watching naruto for the first time and being hype as fuck for the chunin exams

Filthy Frank ruined Naruto for me.
Literally cannot look at it without thinking of that gook motherfucker.

It went to life.
Remember, we are only here temporarily, and all things do come to an end.

>Naruto, Sasuke and the Sannin have scenes of horrible and depressing moments of loss and loneliness (the Tsunade one is particularly effective)
>Sakura has a scene of that time that one boy she had a crush on skipped town and told her to fuck off

Ramen Man has seen some shit.

>tfw used to screenshot like all the derps but lost most of them

Ramen Man was a better friend to Naruto than Sasuke ever was. I still believe that Naruto calling Sasuke his best friend is an insult to all of Naruto's real friends that didn't try to commit genocide.

I like endings like these that tell a story

Almost made me feel sorry for Obito

So finally Studio Pierrot will go bankrupt now

I would not be surprised if you saw a huge change in Pierrot whether it be bankruptcy for a mass firing after this ends. In fact, I expect that.

>Almost made me feel sorry for Obito
>Implying he isn't the best or at least second best character in the entire series

Ino is so fucking hot holy shit.

Never enough Karin

>Wah Wah, MUH RIN died! I'm gonna become a cynical asshole, kill a bunch of people and plug everyone into the Matrix!

>he says more than 100 times probably it wasn't only Rin that made him do it, but the manipulation by Madara

What he says and what he thinks say two different things. Rin was the only thing he ever cared about, he never even seemed to give a shit about Kakashi.

Obito was the only male character who was hoes over bros.

Why are naruto op/ed so good?

Nah man

Even if they don't adapt Boruto (and you know they will) they will get into that Black Clover dosh

He would have done the same for Kakashi as he did Rin imo. And if not, why should he have gave a shit? His oneitis was in love with Kakashi, and he was just a general dick like Sasuke
Also Kakashi would've never stopped being an asshole if it weren't for Obito

There's still more novels. One of the upcoming ones to be adapted this fall season is the one covering Sasuke's adventure after his fight with Naruto.

Not after they just made a killing on Osomatsu-san.

Boruto is getting shit on even by biggest fanturds and wtf is Black Clover?

But that's LN shit that's gonna take place after the end though. So that's still happening, but it's just not happening while the canon manga is ending.

We'll see how it goes, the released episode summaries only cover up to the end of the fight so there's no confirmation if chapter 700 will be adapted soon. However, the LN material chronologically takes place before the final manga chapter so it would make sens for the anime to leave that for later.

>Biggest anime/manga of all time
it was never even the best in japan.
Muricans hyping this shit up because it fits their school shooting emo demographic.

>but no one give's a shit about Bort.
400k copies for the first volume that's doing a recap seem to think otherwise

It's just because Obito was the complete antithesis of Naruto. Kakashi and Sasuke were their aloof prodigy rivals yet Naruto always considered Sasuke his BFF despite all the shit he put him through. Unlike Obito's overdramatic reaction and towards Kakashi for unintentionally killing Rin, Naruto didn't think any less of Sasuke after he tried to intentionally kill Sakura with a kunai to the throat.

We should make a "I did it for my waifu" chart

>one of the
>it was never even the best in Japan
Poor quality bait lad.

Fight me
>ED 1 starts playing in this scene


>dbfag trying to prove something
You can't talk shit super sucks ass.

Well said

>It starts playing as the shot pulls up to the fingers followed by a montage of shit

It would legit wreck me. fuck.

Excited to see people screenshot in between frames from the new episode then post them as QUALITY for years to come

>part one openings
>No opening 5
List disregarded.

I gave up with the anime once I saw how shit the Night Gai/Madara fight was

The fucking game did it better

*Night Gai portion of the fight, rather

The TV anime has been going through a rough patch with the back-to-back productions of The Last and Boruto, all the best animators were busy with the movies.

Wait nobody actually posted it, what is wrong with you people?

>So the manga ended 2 years ago

>The fucking game did it better
The game is fucking great though.
I think it maybe the best anime fighter out there in terms of fanservice.

>it's been 2 years

I am still mad that Naruto is utter shit

>Minato has arms


I agree, but still the anime version was a letdown. No excuse when it was so anticipated

The game changed a few things like the coolest guy didn't come back as a chakra ghost to give Kakashi his sharingan instead he used the last of his SOTP chakra to temporarily give his sharingan to Kakashi.

Maybe by the western fanbase, but the Japanese might have had other ideas. Even then resources were allocated to Boruto's production at the time so that was some unfortunate timing.

Who is best Hokage and why is it Sarutobi

>ywn get to see prime Hiruzen

Dadruto with a woman's voice is weird.
Just like it's weird with Goku.


It's not so bad to me since it's the voice manages to be a bit deep. Goku's Japanese voice on the other hand is just really awkward.

16 is probably the best op, at least for its mainstream appeal

Masaharu Watanabe has come a long way from being an animator at KyoAni to a director on Naruto and now he's a hotshot after directing Re:Zero.

I always thought it should be the last opening because of how good it is, but I'm not mad at how it turned out

Pretty common sentiment

9 is also something that should be most peoples top 3 list

NUNS4 is pinnacle CyberConnect game, extremely well handled.

Yonkou hinted that the final volume of Bleach which is coming out next month will have something "shitstorm" worthy. Anime reboot perhaps?

At least Obito was nice enough to not kill Kakashi and steal back his eye, even if that would have made him the most powerful being in the universe.

With the way bleach ended, there's no fucking way it'd get an anime reboot. However, I could see a movie with whatever poverty cash the Kubler has.

>It is reveled that they are living in a Juha created future

why did a finnish guy called juha create the future?


Yhwach, you know you I mean.


>Re-listen to all the Naruto OPs and EDs
Nah mate, I'll be listening to that original soundtrack, now that shit is cash.

Plz. Hiruzen a best!

When I was younger I really did enjoy the original Naruto. I guess it really was my first anime I really watched, not that I wasn't exposed to the medium before hand. My mom had bought me a ton of dubbed Ghibli movies and my dad showed me Ghost in the Shell when I was eight. But Naruto was the first anime I really sat down and watched.

It was around the time I hit high school that Shippudden started going and I really lost interest, probably because Toonami got canned.

> After 2 years of filler

It wasn't 2 straight years of filler...When the manga ended, the anime was simply just behind. It was still somewhere around the Madara Arc.

Now it finally gone through the Madara arc, Kaguya, and finally Naruto v Sasuke

But yea in-between Madara and Kaguya we got filler like:
> Infinite Tsukuyomi dream filler (which were generally good except for Tsunade's)
> Animated the Itachi Hiden novel
> Some backstory for she desperately needed some

Most underrated ED coming through

Facts. Aside from Jiraiya Ninja Scrolls the filler has been tolerable, even enjoyable in my opinion

>the manga ended 2 years ago

this can't be true

> Almost made me feel sorry for Obito

Seriously? Fuck that guy

> villain kills your parents
> kills your master
> kills your friends
> starts a war
> kills countless of innocent lives


WHY? This guy doesn't deserve a "Sadness and Sorrow" death.

It should really be a victory song.

I think they wanted to extend the anime to end right when the Boruto manga would start off as its own series? I'm not sure.

I thought I was the only one.
This was always in my head.

There's still the hiden adaptations

OK let's get this started.


2 years, what the hell....

Woah... is this actually going to be THAT good? Damn. That is one crazy list of animators.

>Sand Village
>Gaara vs Rock lee or Gaara vs Kimimaro
>Gaara rescue arc

> Kakashi
> Son Goku
> Cloud
> Kakashi vs Obito
> Chunin Exams
> Tobi (is a good boy)

Eight tails a bro.
Guy/Madara I don't care I LOVE GUY
Pain's Assault and surrounding arcs
Other Top Tier Akatsukis:Deidara, Konan, Obito

Odds are Yamashita won't do much key animation if any at all since he'll be busy directing and supervising two episodes in a row. Matsumoto and Kobayashi should be the main animation stars of the episode. Animators who worked on the Boruto movie should come along for this outing as well.


>Shikamaru + Kakashi revenge battle
>First Arc
>my boy Sasori

Best kage

The post said HOkage specifically
Best kage is Onoki.

Lightning. Strong military, strong leaders, delicious brown waifus.
Neji V Spiderman
Tsunade Search

>I don't give a fuck
>See above
>Kakashi vs Obito
>Land of Waves


Still mad Kishi killed him for no other reason than he didn't need him anymore and to "show how much Sasuke progressed"

Don't kid yourself, the Pain fight was awful.

Why isn't this a dubs thread?

>but no one give's a shit about Bort.
A lot of people like Burrito thats why it now has its own Manga but i agree. I liked the last movie and the Gaiden. Thats the end for me. The new Manga is non canon

I have absolutely no idea why anyone liked this guy. He always seemed popular among the fandom but I just didn't get it.

Because my dubs are greater than yours

This thursday is the one hour special. Then two episodes left and it will be over....finally. I'm beyond excited

It's happening next Thursday. TVTokyo is airing some special holiday program this week in lieu of a public holiday, so there's no Pokemon and Naruto airing.

>not appreciating art
sounds like a personal problem.

You fucking shitting me?

> but no one give's a shit about Bort

Actually I thought the Boruto Movie was really well done.

I'm not the only one that thinks this too:

Also both Naruto Gaidens were pretty good too...although they had Sarada and Mitsuki as the main character for each. Not Boruto.

The new monthly Boruto looks ugly, but it should like fine IF it gets adapted into an anime (with Kishimoto's art-style)

Nope, check the date on the official website.

Why didn't Itachi just told Sasuke that don't become obsessed with crushing Konoha and trying to carry burden alone is going to fail?

I liked it, but I really hate how bad Killer Bee got fucked

He is not dead tho
Yeah i think the same. but for me the franchise ended with Boruto the Movie. Th new manga is just over the top edgy garbage

Killer Bee got his Jinchuriki ripped out him, he's burning in hell lad.

>The new monthly Boruto looks ugly, but it should like fine IF it gets adapted into an anime (with Kishimoto's art-style)
They will make a special episode along with other Shonen Jump manga. A full will happen eventually sadly. I just want SP to leave Naruto

He did the same trick as when he fought Sasuke and Madara. The Credits show you that he is alive

What a bummer now my week will be boring

Kakashi vs Obito
Pain arc but I also like the last arc because of Obito

oh forgot, plot armor. oops

>plays while naruto and sasuke fight to the death

I swear I will fucking cry

I don't think the show ever did insert songs. Probably these tracks will be used in the fight though.

fuck I hope they really do play something sentimental

Over a decade and this is still the saddest and most well done death in the entire series.


Is there a link to a place to download all the OPs? I'd assume some gaia or narutofanforum member would have done that and it'd be lying around somewhere.

Name a better one then?

Actual important characters such as Jiraiya, Itachi, Obito, Hiruzen, Asuma even

The old man was great, a real shame he got nerfed to shit with the powerlevels of tobirama, minato and muh hash

How is that Indian or Pakistani or Muslim guy taking it now that Naruto is about to end? The guy who overreacts and screams in all his vids?

Hiruzen did get buffed when he was resurrected to fight Madara with the other Kage

He apparently had more up his sleeve...probably didnct want to go all-out against Orochimaru since he was his precious student

That and he was elderly, don't gotta worry about that with Edo Tensei


> Norio Matsumoto

Oh damn. Can't wait

Fujo's. Same with Iruka. Fujo's flood the polls in Japan.

I agree for the most part but at the same time fuck off deidara was cool and entertaining, iruka not so much

Huh, so they aren't going to do any pre/post-The Last filler or any more novel adaptations? That's actually surprising

If we don't hear Rocks, Wind or Haruka Kanata at the very least at the end, we riot

The power creep in the first and last op is ridiculous

Because Naruto has many OPs, I doubt they'll insert an OP song.

They're more likely to include the Main Naruto theme.. like they did in the final battle in The Last: Naruto the Movie.

Boruto the Movie included a Shippuden theme instead

>Sees child that has a powerful demon inside of him.
>Let's him suffer and develop emotional issues

Been thinking about this song for 10 years, forgetting where it came from. Cathartic as fuck

The fux was he gonna do mate? Say "Hey guys this is the 4th Hokage's son. He had to take the tailed beast because his mom died. Be nice to him even though he's kind of annoying in the first place" I'm pretty sure Minato asked him and everyone to protect his identity, hence why Naruto's last name isn't Namikaze
Hiruzen still always checked up on Naruto even though his place was a shithole

The people of Konoha were fucking assholes, nothing he could really do about that

Having him instead keep the Uzumaki name? the name of a supposed legendary clan with signature red hair and high chakra capacity? A family who has at least 2 of their members marry a Hokage?

Yeah but Minato probably had some rivalries or whatever he didn't want Naruto to have to deal with

>Son Goku
>Killer Bee vs Sasuke
>Zabuza arc and Pain arc

The Last best movie

>the manga ended 2 years ago

Jesus Christ it feels like it was just yesterday.

>Might Guy in his wheelchair
It still hurts.

>you will never suck on Sakura's toes

>2 years ago

Why not adopt him?

I'm looking forward to the scene where Naruto blindsides Sasuke with his erection. That was pretty inspired in the manga.

Boruto anime looks promising too:

he was old as fuck and hokage, it's not like he would be the ideal father replacement

Better than nothing.

I like that OP and this ED. Something about the 1v1 sparring against a flat background appeals to me.

Yura Yura was my favourite opening too. The original ED was probably the best though.

Awesome, he did a Boruto OP too:

Tobirama "gas the uchihas" Senju
Lee vs Kimimaro

muh nigga

Man that new guy's art style is so shit.

>caring about Tenten
He just didn't want to waste any extra ink on something so useless.

Being Yukarin is suffering

It has its upsides.

Fuck all of you, how can everyone forget about this ending?

Opening 1 and 3 were amazing too.
Those hit my nostalgia really hard, harder than anything really.

this what happens when you drink the Lesbo kool-aid

I love how everyone was treating it like a normal sparing match but then Lee comes in really trying to fuck him up

fuck Obito piece of shit. Fucking this shit manga with its shit asshat characters that spawned after the pain arc.

I miss Neji desu. You see all the rookies grown up having kids and shit but where is my nigga Neji who had a better reason than sasuke to be edgy and bitter but decided not to try and commit mass-genocide. If I was Rock Lee I would have beaten the shit out of Sasuke and Naruto just for Neji's honor.

brings up a good point. Why even give him a last name in that case. Why not just leave it at no last name like Jiraiya (at least it never stated in the manga). It would further imply the whole orphan thing even more instead of giving him the last name of the only Uzumaki in the village where just so happened to be married the the Yondaime. Not only that, some people had to of noticed she was pregnant and simply connected the dots that Naruto looks like the Yondaime as well. The village is protecting the worst kept secret.

neji a shit



You're lucky I don't know how to make webms otherwise ill be dumping a hella lot of neji on your ass.

Neji would get whooped by Lee.


Rotation vs Fifth Gate boosted Kick = Dead Neji

Complain whole day on Cred Forums how this shit will never actually end and retards will keep making threads about it.


>Lee vs filler enemy is better animated than a Naruto and Sasuke fight

Thanks Pierrot, finally doing some justice.



I'd say it's better choreographed, but not necessarily better animated. Still great though.

This one the other hand, yeah.

Fucked up, thought it was Lee v Gaara. Ignore my point on it.

I don't know why they make well animated fillers and then poorly animate central chapters of the story.

Kurama, the rest are just fodder
Itachi vs Sasuke
Sasuke retrieval

Itachi and Jiraiya's

Lee vs Shira in the first six WebMs, and Gaara vs Shira in the other WebM.

When I get home, there are a few more filler episodes I'm gonna make WebMs from with Shino and Konohamaru.

Maybe from the Itachi flashback arc too but I don't know if that counts as filler.

It's gotten better, tho

Am I seeing Garra actually do taijutsu?

>That quality drop

That was a really gay dialoge. how can yuri show even compete

Tobirama, no competition

Tobirama Senju


I kind of want to say Mist but don't know too much about the other villages so Leaf.

Neji vs Kidomaru

Sasuke Retrieval Arc


But we did, even better than prime even with unlimited chakra.

>Hidden Leaf
>Part 1 - Neji vs Naruto, Part 2 - Jiraiya vs Pain
>Rescue the Kazekage Arc
>Pain or Itachi

Reminder that that the Pain arc was the pinnacle of Naruto, and that with some adjustments to finish plotlines before the Pain arc began, it would've ended Naruto on a brilliant note

>Eight, this is a no brainer
>Gaara vs Lee
>Sasuke Retrieval
A lot of people see it as the beginning of the end, but I always thought it was an excellent cap off to part one, showing the growth of every character involved. All of whom were forgotten about except Shikamaru.
>Obviously Itachi

Hiruzen's death.

>Thinking the Kyubi incident only made one or two orphan
Should he adopt all the other orphans as well?

>A lot of people see it as the beginning of the end, but I always thought it was an excellent cap off to part one, showing the growth of every character involved. All of whom were forgotten about except Shikamaru.

Indeed. Choji and Neji having great fights and everyone thinking they have died at the end of the fights and then having Kiba and Akamaru unveil that wolf mode and him stabbing himself in order to rid himself of Sakon ( Or Ukon ) from his body quickly finishing the arc of with the Sand Shinobi arrival and Naruto vs Sasuke along with Itachi's backstory.

I thought he asked him to look after his old jacket.

To me, this image proves that Sasuke is definetly not really Naruto's best friend. I don't know who it would actually be, just that almost everyone in this image is a better friend to Naruto than Sasuke ever was.

It's been two whole years? Time is flying.

I intend to make a montage going from the beginning to Naruto grown up set to the first ED and adding it to the final episode, replacing whatever ED they have unless it's a special sendoff one.

Gotta agree. I haven't really liked an OP since AYA DESS

Killer Bee vs Sasuke
Deidara, without a doubt.

Naruto vs Sasuke
Sasuke Retrieval Arc

t. Sasuke

But Sasuke's would've been

>Don't care
>Me vs Naruto (pre-Shippuden)
>The Arc where I kill Danzo
>My Brother



maximum hype

It's going to be this.

>That lineup

I'm ready.

I hope they put in some music from the original series.

I remember how hyped I was as a kid when they first aired a Japanese OP.

i'm so fucking happy they brought naruto main theme back after so many years and it's even better with the new arrangement now


Holy shit I thought that was the kid from FLCL

>their kids now play together

>Remember being a young lad and your first glimpses of Naruto
It's amazing that my brother and I still have the same relationship we had as when he first showed me Naruto. Heres to another 10 years.

Is the manga passed the Boruto Movie re-telling yet?

I don't even mind the different artist, I just don't give a shit about the manga until there's new content

No, last one ended with Naruto getting kidnapped by the ayys

Not yet, should be in at least 2 months though.

Has Team 7 been crowned as the "Legendary Sannin" yet?


Re-telling the movie really killed my hype for it

Dropped this 6 years ago but I will definitely be watching this, Pierrot better deliver.

Hoping Shikadai will be more than a Shikamaru clone as the Boruto manga progresses

Some wind jutsu would be neat

> McDonald's
> Scroll-Gameboys

Is this still Naruto

The gaiden was terrible unless you are a delusional ss fangirl or like watching trainwrecks

They've already killed, dethroned or demoralized any opponent who could possibly instill upon them the title.
Naruto is already personal friends with pretty much everyone at this point.


You don't have to be into SasuSaku to enjoy Naruto Gaiden (Sarada Story)

I did find Gaiden's Mitsuki's story to be a bit more interesting...if anything because he was a bit of an enigma in the Boruto Movie

> The gaiden was terrible unless you are a delusional ss fangirl

Let me actually thought Naruto would end up with Sakura?

What did Sakura do that makes her deserve that kind of fame/notoriety on par with Naruto and Sasuke? Just being really strong doesn't cut it, and basing it on her being Tsunade's disciple is nepotism.

She punched god in the face.

Not many people can say they did that.

She helped beat god.

She was also a huge asset in the war

>Should he adopt all the other orphans as well?
Naruto is slightly more important than the other orphans.

Literally would've lost the war, and against Madara/Obito/Kaguya without her

Not that guy but it was a mess of a story and frankly I don't see how much ss fangirls can enjoy it when it makes Sauce a deadbeat that skipped on his family for ten years without even writing or visiting and the only shipfaggot pandering material is the last few pages of the gaiden which also involve Sasuke being too autistic for a kiss.

It didn't do a good job with either of the stories it was trying to tell: Connecting Sasuke and Sarada (which should have been the main focus of the gaiden) was done poorly because Sasuke wasn't allowed to speak to Sarada until the end otherwise the baby mamma subplot would have been solved way soner and the whole "blood connections don't matter, only love matters" message should have had Sarada tell Sasuke to go fuck himself for never being around for her.

The only enjoyable things were seeing SSfags chimping out because of the baby mamma drama, Sakura haters chimping out as well over her turning out to be the mom in the end and NHfags whining because for some reason they thought that the gaiden would be all about "muh happy dovey lovey OTP family"

At least Sarada was cute and likable, she was a decent MC and it was nice to see a relevant friendship that doesn't involve either party trying to kill each other.

they're already a legendary sannin in their own right. sannin just means three people, and they are legendary, so yes, by rights they the legendary 三人

Well, yeah but Nardo and Sasuke trascended sannin status and became ninja gods

>It has 3 of the top animators from the entire series working on it.
>This episode is reported to have been in production for months now.
It's not fair.

At least it showed that Orochimaru is just as fucked up as he was before.

>or like watching trainwrecks
Guilty as charged

J-just you wait user! the final Black battle will be insane!

> I don't see how much ss fangirls can enjoy it when it makes Sauce a deadbeat that skipped on his family for ten years

This is Sasuke. He doesn't care...he's more preoccupied with his "redemption".

He had two main goals since the beginning:
> 1. Revenge
> 2. Revive his clan

Planting his seed into Sakura was his plan for "reviving his clan".

Fuck off samefag. There's a DBS thread already, go over there

>What did Sakura do that makes her deserve that kind of fame/notoriety on par with Naruto and Sasuke?
What did Tsunade do to make her one of the Sannin except get drunk and suck at gambling?

Fought this dude

>Revive his clan
>have only a single daughter
>she's already got hots for the Uzumaki boy in her class
I mean, to be fair, he probably dropped that part of his ambition when it turned out that 3/4 worst criminals in history and the people who started the 4th ninja war were all Uchihas.

What did Jiraiya do to make him one of the Sannin except fuck whores and write smut?

They lost and then that dude got fucked by a kid wearing Madara's eyeballs and then by a normie samurai

>What did Jiraiya do to make him one of the Sannin except fuck whores and write smut?
Train the 4th Hokage who had the 7th Hokage, who also saved the world, whose son also helped save the world from aliens.

>What did Jiraiya do to make him one of the Sannin except fuck whores and write smut?
Get his ass beat by Hanzou. Just like the other 2 losers.

holy shit, this is hilarious

>tfw i'm on there
feels pretty good
I'm the madara reaction gif one.



>Best Hokage
Minato because he has the coolest Ability there is
>Best tailed beast
Son Goku
>Best Village
>Best fight
Naruto - Lee vs Gaara
Shippuuden - Either Gai vs Madara or Pain vs Naruto
>Best overall arc
Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant
>Best Akatsuki Member
Sasori of course

>Lee vs Kimimaro
Every move of drunk Lee just looks to smooth.
but what else can you expect from the best character in Naruto

Either that or YOU AR MY FRIEN
Brought me to tears thinking of that song when I read that panel.

>The anime is finally over
If someone told that to myself 10 years ago, I wouldn't believe it
I always thought the anime was going to outlive me.

the scene of naruto runing is top tier though


>His oneitis was in love with Kakashi

thats false, rin was in love with obito you didnt saw those 30 flashbacks were she only talks about watching over him?

The Gaiden was worth reading just for this

I will never not be butthurt at how little screentime Shino got in the series proper and had to have filler to give him decent fights

Obito, pls

Saw on a filler site that there's an episode after the final battle, any confirmation on it, it's called unison sign.

That probably covers chapter 699.

How can they cover their pre-battle conversation, the full fight and Sasuke's first monologue in just two episodes?

They won't. The double episode will only cover four chapters. There's another episode in the week after which will wrap up the fight.

>hour long special
>splitting the final battle in all of naruto into 3 episodes.

Sorry lad, it's going to end.

Unison sign is the name of the episode after the final battle one which is also the name of chapter 699.

She wanted Kakashi on her main hole with Obito on her mouth so she can keep watching him.

Even Obito wasn't autistic enough to pretend it wouldn't happen, that's why he plotkai'd his way back to make sure Kakashi didn't die.

Not really. Anyone could've filled her role. A summon frog or Kakashi resummoning Susanoo.

The most underrated character award goes to...

Did you check it?

>wouldn't work on Tobirama or Minato


He meant revive his clans honour, not it's members. Otherwise he could have just hit up his old bro Oro

>Filler fight is better than Madara vs Guy
Fuck my life into pieces

If fillers didnt have good animation it would put off people from watching them entirely.

Obito couldn't even use kamu cause the ten tails inside him.

This is unfortunately right.


Isn't Fire strong against Wind? Why can't fillers follow the established Pokemon rules?


I feel bad for people who don't watch fillers.
Mecha Naruto was the best thing to happen to the series.

He hadn't added the fire element to it yet, I think.

never played it, but from the videos I've seen, I'm getting some major pic related vibes from it.

The idea of Mecha Naruto was objectively bad, even for filler, and you know it.

Does this mean Temari is stronger than Pain?

Only the one Path that Konohamaru fought, and I think it's implied that Rasengan might've fucked Temari up.

I was gonna say the very first OP
but then I remembered it's trash

Wind was strong against fire because it feeds it.

Why didn't Obito just Edo Tensei Rin?

Last episode ending

Wind is weak against fire because it feeds it

>using ranged weapons against Temari
C'mon son, I've only played a couple of the video games and even I'm not that stupid

what if its really damp wind?

Ill probably bait some narutards

>Why didn't Obito just Edo Tensei Rin?
He was mad at the system and why he thought Rin was killed and wanted to stop that, not really to bring her back, only to find out the man who took him under his wing did it all.....;_;


Some reason all shippuuden openings feel really gay/weak apart from couple ones.

Ah yeah, typed that wrong.

>lightning is supper effective against earth
This will never not trigger me


all of them are arbitrary tho

>120 posters
Moot you fucking traitor

The first three were rock solid, then were bad for a long time. I can only think of a few afterwards that I liked. Too many of them sounded like faggoty emo songs.

The original naruto op's were on a different level, so its weird the quality goes down so much.

Shippuden still has well-made OPs in terms of directing and animation, but song choices are up to whatever the music label wants to push at the time.

Yeah I've no clue how animation studios handle music and what kind of competition they go trough to get hold of the most hype songs.

Friendly reminder that we still have no idea what Fire+Lightning and Wind+Lightning are

> Naruto Shipudden: Final Episode September 29th
According to wikipedia, there's another episode on October 6.

Best chara

what happened to him was a fucking injustice.

>The Last best movie
disgusting shipper fag, serious shit tier taste.

Fucking Karin on her desk and doing science is an injustice?

I think you're just mad that your OTP never got a movie dedicated to them where they kissed in front of the moon.

Agree, how do you feel about Road to Ninja

He was too self aware for his own good

I remember when he blew some guy's arms off.

Shino laugh filler best

The Last was great. It and Boruto are the only good movies.

I guess I just wished there was more time with the other characters besides Naruto, Hinata, and moon was Sasuke even in that movie? He's on the cover..

He blew up a meteor with a Chidori, and his back was to the screen for 4-5 seconds I think.

so why was the ultimate god of the combined ninja-empire too poor to go to a restaurant?



I hate how kishi gave her a man jaw

>wanting Sasuke to have screentime
For what purpose?

He was fine in Boruto, but that's because he had long since mellowed out since is edgy teenage days.


To be fair, Sasuke had already done half the work there.

What's the main different between kishis art and borutos art? They kinda look similar but there is something off.

Funny how he made it into nearly every poster and trailer despite it.

Hinata is flat

For starters Assistant Kun can't fucking draw for shit.


fuck no that would fuck me up




I Re:Member that one

being ignored and eating my feelings.

Please, God, let this happen.

I really can't handle all the nostalgia I get from this series.

Honestly, Itachi's death would be more impactful if he was never reanimated.

>naruto ends on my birthday

What a gift

Why didn't Kakashi get married or have a child? He was one of the strongest ninjas in the world, and his father was said to be strong and saved the village one time.

Finding a girl would be easy.

Don't ask for too much

he's pretty much the only guy in the series with 100% win ratio

Because why would you hire a "god" according to you to go fetch a cat from a tree, take some missing nin, or whatever else random mission.

Its a combination of the world being at peace so there's no reason for big missions anymore, and his abilities being overqualified for small missions. Despite how he still ironically sucks at 99% of techniques. He's a guy who made a career off two or three moves at most, and a lot of those moves aren't really multipurpose moves. Even Hinata could probably use Byakugan for medical shit, and make money that way. Naruto can't use rasengan for much outside of fighting.

At least his wife is rich, which is how he can afford some things occasionally. Although Hokage probably comes with a better paycheck.

Even if you're a master of fighting, that doesn't mean shit when there's no fighting left to be done anymore.

Because everything after Pein arc was complete shit.
you would have thought he would get with Mei Mizukage thought.

I am just baffled by how fucked up and unfair the morality of this manga is.

Tobi obito pardon bullshit was disgusting.
Sasuke uchiha wanking taking the spotlight was shit.
TobiZetsu dara being behind akatsuki was terrible.

Retcons, change of tone, character regression and a bunch of droped plot points is what made this a regurgitated vomit fest.

>The Last was great.
literally the worst piece of anime movie I have ever seen. It was boring and repulsive.
Only naruhina faggots wank to that shit.

This is literally the only answer naruhina faggots always give. No argument at all.
It's like, why the fuck are they investing themselves on romance while projecting themselves on the most over rated blank character there is? Projection its the answer. Pathetic.

How contrived!. Sad.

Tell me, where you reading a shounen manga just for the "romance in it?"
In narusaku's defense at least they didnt need a shit movie to do retcons and to literally guilt trip the character on why he should love the blind bitch.

SS faggs are worse thought, because despite naruhina being a hollow fabrication made out of whim, SS its just fucked up.

>In narusaku's defense
opinion discarted.

I have to agree, it feels like he had some stuff to do or to explore, specially in flashbacks regarding his story and his relation to the tsuchikage.

But what pissed me off even more is how they used these death zombies like fucking fodder for shitt characters.

Also isntead of showing off Killerbees team such as Omoi, they keep wanking the most unlikable pieces of shit like Darui. Literally "Mediocrity" the character gets showtime but the likebale ones dont?

This guy... its like he likes to be an asshole and likes to give spotlight to the ultimate asshats.

The manga/anime wasnt even good,just decent. Why the fuck are you all so hyped? Are you newfags?

see what I mean? Literally no argument at all. It's like they only think shipping rather than storytelling, which is fucking retarded.

By the way, I do not even like narusaku but I just happen to dislike Naruhina and sasusaku even more.
So since you happen to like narusaku, then here have some nice pictures.

By that logic Paper beats sissors

>I don't even like narusaku
>In narusaku's defense
The fact that you care enough to post this means you're either a troll or a very butthurt shipper projecting your two-year long bitterness over a children's manga ''romance''.By the way I'm not a shipper but I'm quite happy with SS happening since it never stops providing keks at sakura's expense.I also enjoy narusacuck tears, but I would absolutely laught a NH fags just the same had the situation been the reverse.Have fun though hopefully a couple of nh fags will take the bait.

>you're either a troll or a very butthurt shipper projecting your two-year long bitterness over a children's manga ''romance''
The fact that you get worked up so much explains the kind of manchildren that plague naruto's corpse state.

I am not a troll but since you seem to get "triggered" by it since you actually refused to give a proper argument just proves my point.

So what happened on anime last week? It seems Naruto, One Piece and DBZS is off last week.

I will reply just because you are not filtered

Naruto was off last week because of Pokemon, OP and DBZS probably due to falling on the week of a public holiday.

>I am not a troll
>N-Narusaku was totz legit though, fuck Kishi wahhh.
In case you haven't noticed I'm only replying to you because your transparent saltyness is amusing, to be frank with you I don't even remember what these relationships were even prtrayed in the manga, but the people that still care about them one way or another are always a welcome freakshow.

Tsunade (dem jugs)
Son Goku
Rain Village
Garra VS. Rock Lee
Pain Arc
Zetsu (bastard overplayed Madara)

In case anyone was wondering, the double episode will be in color rather than black and white like the episode preview suggested.


makes me want to watch only this episode.

Except I watched problably less than 100 episodes of shippudden before it dived into filler

I did read the manga but it became unbearable

should I come back? At the very fucking least, Naruto at least ends.

You can marathon the manga if you have the time, it's quite easy to read. Otherwise just feel free to watch the upcoming final fight. It's not like there's much backstory to get beyond Naruto and Sasuke settling their differences for one last time.

Mist- honestly all of them are veracious killers
Neji vs. Spike
Zabuza or Sasuke retrieval

>the manga ended 2 years ago
Fuck, I feel old.

>Re-listen to all the Naruto OPs and EDs
>that one ED where Naruto is running across a grassy field at night and he looked like the biggest twink fuccboi faggot in the universe
What the fuck was that about

It was a solo animated work by some young animator. Naruto has a few of those, that one unfortunately wasn't very good.

If you believe it!
Naruto! Naruto!
Believe it! Believe it!
Here I am with my Ninja Clan!
Ninja Clan, here we stand!
Naruto, I'm on my way,
Naruto, I'll be okay!
Getting ready to fight on set!
Come on best friends by my side!
Sasookay, is relly cool!
Sakura, da bootiful!

Itachi is too perfect for death to contain him.

I think Kishimoto said in an interview that he had considered having Kakashi get married, but wasn't sure who would be worthy of him.

>In case you haven't noticed I'm only replying to you because your transparent saltyness

yup you are assblasted about me calling you for the sort of shipperfag that you are. Pretend wathever you want to pretend, all shipperfaggs always use the same language.

I don't know how much to trust this at this point. They fucked up 8 gated Gai and that's where I gave up completely.

Does the Kaguya fight look decent at least?

Really? His Edo Tensei release was much sadder than his actual death.

Gai vs Madara and most of the Kaguya fight were affected by production of The Last and Boruto so there isn't any outstanding episode, given that the best staff were busy with the movies. At best the Kaguya fight had some episode with solid production values. But Naruto vs Sasuke will be well-made though given the staff working on it. Instead it's more of a question of how hard the staff can push themselves to deliver great animation.


Anko has always been thicc.

Naruto and Hinata complete each other.

To start with, they both had rough childhoods, just in different ways. Naruto never had parents and was shunned by the village. Hinata was the head of an ancient clan, but was disowned by her father when she couldn't live up to her name.

Secondly, their personalities complement each other: Naruto is brash, loud, and extroverted, while Hinata is patient, calm, and shy. Note that this is similar to Kushina and Minato's dynamic (pottery!).

Finally, Hinata brings out the best Naruto. The Naruto we see around Sakura is a beta faggot who puts her on a pedestal and is always being stepped on. The Naruto we see around Hinata is confident and manly.

He should have gotten with Mei.

Best OP hands down

I'm scared they won't even have the rights to play such an old opening again but goddamn that would be something.

numba 1 speedo hunta

Two years of filler and now this?
I had it dropped all this time. Looks like I can pick it back up now.



Sakura is a trash waifu

cant be more biased than this.


How can you compare being an orphan to being neglected? How does that complement them?

Their personalities do not completement, they clash.
Naruto its hiperactive and happy, hinata its quite and basically its a blank paper for you to self insert.
If you think such relationship would work you are delusional.
>Finally, Hinata brings out the best Naruto.
How? this cant be proved since she literally was NEVER there.
>The Naruto we see around Hinata is confident and manly.
Projection kun, the only difference now is that Naruto is Hinata's trophy.

Heck, the only thing holding their marriage is Boruto. And this I didnt say but Kishimoto. Meaning that they arent exactly happy in their shitty marriage.

Yes the sequel its shit, the ending its shit but you apologists and shipper faggs are like the worst kind.

As if he where some sort of prize, give me a break.
I always thought that Samui or Mei would have been good enough.

Anyways this manga sucks anyways, only way to fix it would be to go back after the pain arc and fix shit. Just like what Yukito kishiro did with Battle Angel Alita.

>How can you compare being an orphan to being neglected? How does that complement them?
I didn't say their upbringings were complementary, just similar. They both grew up lonely and starved for affection, which is why they work so well as a couple.

> How? this cant be proved since she literally was NEVER there.
Every interaction they have showcases the best of Naruto.

>Heck, the only thing holding their marriage is Boruto. And this I didnt say but Kishimoto. Meaning that they arent exactly happy in their shitty marriage.
>I-I'm totally not a shipper, guys! I don't care that Naruto and Sakura didn't get together, honest!
ha ha

> Yes the sequel its shit, the ending its shit but you apologists and shipper faggs are like the worst kind.
The ending was great. The Last was great. Boruto the Movie was great. The sequel manga isn't even done by Kishimoto, so it's not even canon.

>pic not related

Why does this not include the most accurate one of them all?

>As if he where some sort of prize, give me a break.
Next to Naruto, he's the most desirable male in the series.


Is Shikamaru the best character?

>first of the konoha 12 to become chunin
>naruto's closest friend in the beginning
>ends up becoming naruto's right-hand man when naruto becomes hokage
>ends up with best waifu (Temari)
>probably fucked the second best waifu as well (Ino)

>intelligent but underachieving
>wicked sense of humour

Nothing says strong argument like working in the term 'literally' with reckless abandon.

It doesn't make you seem less intelligent or diminish your credibility at all!

what exactly is a shippuden

>tfw want to pick up shippuden again but get bullied on an anonymous malaysian spice trading board

I'll bite

favorite ending right here

Almost all of the secondary characters were head and shoulders above the main trio.

or something

Sasuke must have never skipped leg day to have a kick like that.

He should have been the new Mizukage instead of Chojurou.

it's fine as long as you own it

She figured out that ninja therapy would help prevent a lot of prodigies under pressure from snapping and going rogue.

>I intend to make a montage going from the beginning to Naruto grown up

Have you seen this ova it's a montage of them growing up a vital parts of the story to music

>Seeing he's low on money so decides to go somewhere cheaper



Look at these assblasted Shipperfags...

NaruHina and SasuSaku has been set in stone since Part 1, how could you guys not see that?

You really have to be in denial if you expected something different:

> Hinata's "I love you" to Naruto after Pain
> Sakura's "I love you" to Sasuke (several times already) after Kaguya

> Kishi: "JK, I think I'll go with NaruSaku instead lol"

I'm on episode 70 of the first anime. I know the Pain arc is awful, so I'm going to just read what happens in it and watch some of the more important parts of it. What else should I skip? (dont say the whole thing)

Your answer is:


Filler. All of the filler.

Pain itself wasn't too bad, I thought it was bad afterwards (the war arc)

End the first anime after episode 135. The rest is filler hell.

Does that mean they previewed an unfinished episode?

Pretty much.

>think to myself "oh I'm sure its not that bad"
>decide to look at the episode guide
>ep 136 - 145: random mission #2141
>ep 146 - 149: random mission #5463
>ep 150 - 156: random mission #5745

shit it just goes on

> a website like this exists

Where have u been all my life?

Just watch the few well-made episodes and read the manga.

The only notable filler among that filler hell is Hinata vs Bee Ninja, Curry of Life, and using Rasengan to make bread

>As if he where some sort of prize.
He has an accomplished history, was stronger than Naruto for a few seconds, wounded Kaguya, and became Hokage afterwards.

He's also pretty hot.

It's Nardo's last name

It's Japanese for "we've left filler hell, please come back to us we need more people watching".

>Next to Sasuke, he's the most desirable male in the series.

>mfw I willingly rewatched the filler of the first series
And I'll do it again, too! In years time.

A lot of it was actually funny and charming, imo.
Shippuden filler is much worse.
(Not counting Kakashi and Itachi stuff)

Who's this gal?

New Boruto Special coming November. Maybe it will introduce the new series?

Any word on Naruto Hiden being animated as part of Shippuden or separately?


Female Naruto?

The upcoming novel adaptations will be part of Shippuden.

Stronger than naruto?
When he gets the complete set of sharingan?













Im not even fan of a Naruto, but oh God if that happens, I'll be really happy.

I'm also suddenly nostalgic as fuck.

Because Obito was dead


Fire+Lightning = Light
Wind+Lightning = pic related

>episode will be in color rather than black and white like the episode preview suggested
Are people that retarded into believing they would? Didn't they do this once before?

I would change magnet and explosion positions between them.

No can do, we know that magnet is wind + earth from Gaara and Rasa's listed elements IIRC.

Well, I felt it was more logical that way.


hinata has no personality, kishi is pretty shit at writing women actually
being a sub isnt a personality

> kishi is pretty shit at writing women actually

Maybe. But compared to OP and Bleach, Kishi looks like a feminist


Still no one post the best OP, even the game have to mimic it:
2nd best:

I feel like OP 14 was used for the wrong series. It's really good but it doesn't feel right for the arc it was used in.

I started watching the anime again on Saturday after not watching it since 2009. Had no idea it was close to ending, I'll be sure to switch into maximum overdrive and start really watching

Just avoid filler hell whatever you do...

I dropped the Show in 2010. I did watched some episodes that had good animation and fight scenes tho. But i will start watching Shippuden next week. There are like 2 or 3 episodes left so that means no filler. I dpn't plan on watching from ep1 cause i already read the Manga

I'll try
Also, for goofs and gaffs I looked on Amazon for those rubber kunai and shuriken that they'd sell at Walmart and places like that, I didn't find them. Anyone know where to get them?

Some filler episodes are worth watching for the production quality alone. At the very least watch episodes 180, 194, 234, and 290 to 295. They're good if you're itching for something well-animated.

>slapping your husbando and telling him to stop being a bitch

I will never forgive Kishimoto for killing off this semen demon

Who the fuck is that


A's sexy, but completely irrelevant, assistant.

Actually I tried to skip all filler (except those "Power" episodes)

I might give these a try if they're well animated.

Holy shit, hold me, Cred Forums
You're telling me it's almost been two years since Naruto ended? Tell me, how long has it been since Zabuza? Wait, don't tell me.

everything war arc its complete steaming turd.

This is such an atrocity and looks so lame.

damn late to the thread
new thread when?

>I didn't say their upbringings were complementary
You literally said they complemented each other. You are backpedalling now.
Hinata did not grow starved for affection you dumbass, you are just now projecting that shit. Despite being looked down she still had her sister, clan and had her father.

>The ending was great.
Why? because it ended with naruhina? Give me a fucking break.
The ending ended up in fucked up morals, nepotism,hipocrecy, the ninja system never changed, superficiality, best guy ever and fucking Whim.
>The Last was great.
According to you because it is naruhina, but to no die hard naruhina faggs it is complete turd both in story telling and as a piece of movie. And I am sorry but your flat chested hinata IS canon since it is being edited by kishimoto.
>ha ha
Why do you think naruto would rather spend all his time on his office instead of with his boring ass shit wife?

Next week Tuesday of Wenesday before the finale

Only the best girl from Kumogakure.

I don't know what's sadder--how buttblasted Best Girl makes you or how you're legitimately upset about fucking Naruto of all things


I am upset at mediocrity.

You give heresy to your internal organs. This is why you project, because of the actual empty hollow that is your love life. Pathetic.

Mabui is kishi's best (read that as sexiest) female design.

>You give heresy to your internal organs. This is why you project, because of the actual empty hollow that is your love life. Pathetic.

What did she mean by this?


i never liked him

I bet you liked sasuke

I like him but I hate his "he is smart and lazy, just like me" fags

I mean Sasuke is great
yes the worst

>What did she mean by this?
that naruhina tards project because its self fullfillment on the lack of conyugal love within their lives and their incapacity to deal with someone that is not complacent to their every whim.

Nope, just think ss is a trainwreck

Muh t7

Sounds more like Sakufags.

Lot of your bitching sounds a lot like projection to me, user.

hinata so shit man

His team was too ninja and we can't have that unless you have Kishimoto's boyfriend in the team

Video game version was better