I'm slowly starting to think that all people begging for Index 3 and shitting on Heavy Object never read either

I'm slowly starting to think that all people begging for Index 3 and shitting on Heavy Object never read either.

Seriously, after few crappy first volumes HO is so much better than Index ever was it's not even funny. And it keeps getting better.

In the same time NT only keeps getting worse.

Either Index 3 or HO2 would be nice although the chances for both look grim. I haven't seen many complaints about the LN itself, most of it was directed at the adaptation. If they give it a second go I hope they don't make anything unnecessarily long so we could end on volume 8 or even 9.

It was a good adaptation.

The problem is early chapters were mediocre. It was the same in the LN.

HO sucks, All the in your face fanservice.

Fuck is it so hard to have the guys shirtless?

But that happens later.

Agreed with OP, not that NT is a dead fish, but his passion is obviously laid into his other works right now.

The problem is it's the Bleach effect, introduce an interesting character to keep everything alive, but with a huge cast, there are only so many cameos and ways he can bring them back into plot. The problem is the overall goal he wants to leave untouched but somehow he does seem to make interesting themes, just a bit under deliverable since it's just one boy with the power to negate. There are a lot of mysteries as well, it would help if certain ones get resolved with huge repercussions.

Heavy Object is fun.
Index is better. Granted I haven't read the last 3 novels of NT or so because lazy but everything up till then has been fun.

It's a real shame World War 3 will never get animated.

UK civil war and WW3 are really the only great Index arcs.

HO is fun but Index's highs were far better.

Intellectual Village is best though.

When? Qwenthur and Heivia are never shirtless as far as I'm aware.

They are at the filler arc on the anime.

What are you talking about?

Are you talking about the explosion?

Index 3 would cover the "Best" novels and people have been hyping it for years. Another HO season would be just as good as the first, but you don't see anyone really pimping any specific storyline they have to see animated. Also once Index 3 was done, no one would be asking for a 4 since NT is crap.

But Index 4 would be WWIII. People would be asking for it even harder.

When were they shirtless?

When they were almost dead


>premise of the series is retarded objects that are "impossible" to beat without other projects
>2 fag MC's managaes to beat one
>he then does it 3 times in once volume
>then they go and do it in every volume
>all the characters are trash except for brown haired MC
>dumb tsun hime and fake ohoho slut
>shit tier banter
I don't even know how such a boring plot and premise even go on for several volumes, atleast index has interesting world with mages and espers all over the world with even wars and arcs that aren't the same fucking shit.

Index is shit now but HO was never ever good.

>shit tier banter
Someone didn't grow up with cheesy 80s action movies, I see. Educate yourself.

Eew, what a shame and waste.
Fuck them.