Why isn't there a megumeme thread?

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no new content and was a fotm/seasonal waifu who will soon be forgotten entirely much like pic related

I want to explode inside of Megumin!

But season 2 is confirmed.

>Genuinely like Megumin
>She's achieved meme status

Aqua > Megumeme

Megumeme is a shit.
Darkness is a best.


Why is she so pure?

I like my women sturdy, resilient, and lewd.

Nobody cares about her anymore. The time of megumeme is over.

I wonder if she has a better anus than Aqua

I don't remember the scene being that well animated, OP. What did you do?

Nobody has a better anus than Aqua. That's why she likes to show it off.

>He doesn't know about frame interpolation

That's right, I don't, so I asked.

>These new doujins getting scanned
oh baby

I love lolis as much as the next guy. But something about a tall, well-built waifu just gets me diamonds like no other. I just want to be princess carried...

>divorced masochistic slut

Relax. It's normal.

Don't call that sort of debauchery normal.

Because she's shit.

Would steal with.



I kind of want to skip straight to that side story. As much as I like Megumin, I'm not enjoying her prequel spin offs as much as the main story.

Don't be silly, OP. There already is

Are the prequel spin off boring? I want to read them for obvious Megumeme love related reasons, but I'm afraid I'm not going to enjoy them if they focus too much on the other girls.

The first one is the best and gives a lot of backstory. The second one is dealing with axis cultists nonstop and is okay, aside from their bullshit getting kind-of old. I can't bring myself to finish the first chapter of the third because it's as about Megumin as soon as she arrives in Axel and everything is so samey with no change in sight.

I really only watch for the MC and darkness. Other characters are just background nonsense

I found them pretty entertaining, even without Kazuma antics
For me the new spinoff is weird, I think that Megumin isn't acting like herself because they want to milk her off more

How can they milk her without any oppai?

I mean, how can they milk her whilst making her not act like herself?

It has a "cute girls doing cute things" vibe, at least from the first chapters.
But that's just my opinion, feel free to disregard it.

>A whole family of chuunis

Try village.

It's a whole village, everyone is like that.
Except Yunyun, she's the weirdo.

That only makes it better!

Guess I will give them a try then, but
>It has a "cute girls doing cute things" vibe,
>Megumin isn't acting like herself
This does sound really dissapointing,

Honestly, I would love to live in a village full of chunnis. Would be fun as fuck.

Why is kazuma's blues so good?

I was only talking about the latest spinoff, by the way.
The first one is really good and it gives a lot of backstory.

Then I'll start reading them while I wait for S2.

Yea your just wrong, Megumin is acting 100% the same as how she was in volume 8/9

Contradicting truth dubs.
Haven't ready any of them I will make a wild guess. It would make sense that Megumin acts different on the later volumes, because character development. I mean, she is clearly getting closer to Kazuma, and is probably more dere dere and comfortable around him.
If she acts the same way in prequel spin off is probably an issue of the writer getting too used to how Meguminn acts now, and forgetting how she acted before.

Got my megumeme Daki the other day.

I also have a megumeme onahole.

It wasn't supposed to be like this.

I envy you, but at the same time I don't have the guts to get a Daki. Will try to get a figurine as soon as I can though.

I was hammered when I ordered it and had forgotten about it until it got delivered if that changes anything.

I do want the figure though.

That sounds great. Did it felt like a gift?

Yeah my drunk self bought me a Daki.

Which is kinda nice because I'm a side sleeper and I may actually use it now that I have it.

>megumin spinoff
>she's shown to be 5x more of an asshole than kazuma

That was really jarring for me.

Enough with the Megumemes.

Megumin has been busy this week.

I bought one when I was sober...I felt like trash, but yeah I'll use mine since I sleep on my side


Damn, doc advidced me to sleep on my left side to avoid reflux, now I tempted to get one. I need to kill my roomates soon.

Do it already, your waifu will thank you for some alone time.

She really is retarded isn't she? Can't even spell "Eris" right.

ok, boobpad

>waga wa na
>wa na


She should be more confident but

Flat chest > saggy tits

Yes, she is the best for humping and dumping .

Aqua has great boobs 2bh

Stay away from my wife, cunt

Don't worry. Megumin is the only one I want.

That's why they work so well together.

lurk more faggot

Going to bed now, have a sleeping Megueme

>people trying to deny Megumin is best girl

How can she the best girl if she doesn't have the best asshole?

I really want to fuck the cutest chuuni.

I love this pape

>implying she doesn't

>tfw listening to the ED
It's too depressing, man. It makes me feel like something bad just happened, but it doesn't matter because everything will be okay tomorrow. It hurts me through nice feelings and I hate it.

I think it's more likely that Aqua has a better asshole.


how new?

>waga wa na
You fucked up.

The verse about going out on a boat and making the seven seas your own hits me hard
it's a 10/10 ed

I want to commit a crime

I'd kill OP's mother just for a date with Megumin~

I'd kill OP and his mother

I'd kill myself just to feel the sweet release of death.

Is the show good? Can I compare it to Log Horizon?

How can one girl be so perfect?

But that's wrong you fucking retard.

very funny nothing like log horizon

Might as well watch it, I'm usually into other genres that's why I'm asking.

>A mistake
Is it really that big a deal to you?

excellent taste friends

>giving a fuck about what Cred Forums or Cred Forums thinks.
that my friend, means you have a weak mind, alway looking for the aprobal of people.

It looks like her legs stop at the kneecaps in that picture. Bandage isn't helping.

>stumpy Megumin blew her legs off

Yes. Don't use Jap if you can't even write a basic sentence.

She lost them in Vietnam.

>tfw survived three eid's in iraq
>had to help clean out trucks with friends that didn't make it
Death by explosion is not fun but at least it's sometimes fast.

That just makes it better. There needs to be more cute non-porn amputee art


Am I a faggot for prefering Aqua? Her Dame damenessis indearingly cute. Also that butt

Different tastes for different people.

I wish Darkness would go through some character development because her whole "lol masochism" schtick got old fast

The next novel that happens right after the season ends is character development for her

I want to steal Megumin's hat

>Katawa megumin
I need this

>not her pantsu

pls no

>not wanting to see Kazuma carrying her around on his back all the time

>wanting parts of megumin to be missing
>wanting megumin to have went through the horrific loss of her limbs
you're truly a horrible person

I bet that fag has never had to deal with a disability or debilitating injury.





Is Megumin a slut?

Yunyun says she would follow any man who gave her a meal is this true!?!?

I'd feed her for the rest of my life.

No, she is pure

Nigga there's season 2 upcoming

How can she be pure when she wants Kazuma's dick so much?


>says the slut
Yunyun follows any men that calls her a friend.

This thread is now a komekko thread if you have any complaints take it up with her.

I love this pic.

>Season 2 is eminent

It's only just begun.

I just love Megumin, my dude.

How much lewd drawing will erupt once everyone finds out Megumin has a tattoo on her ass?

Same. I need more explosion my life.


waga na wa Emilia!

Oh god, I love that voice so much.

I want to walk the path of explosions with her.


Yeah. I can't even count the times Megumin had to stop her from going off with skeezy old men.

Komekko cutest crimson demon
would daughteru

There are times for lewd Megumin

That time is now.


yeah sunnn

I only have lewds a few lewds of her, the rest are pretty much nudes. I don't feel like getting banned.



Why does she wear such lewd pantsu?

Is this true?
Why wouldn't she?


Black pantsu is canon

I know. I was saying why wouldn't she wear them as is why would he care? I pleases me.



we all do, user

When I see Megumin, something special explodes. It's my dick.

I don't understand.

>not her wand
Have some taste


Depressing? is damn comfy. The last line is the best.

When explain that he stop playing in the town to help his mom with the laundry


the best


Tsundere Kazuma acting like he doesn't enjoy a cute girl relying on him and pressed against his back.

Is anime-only stuff really canon?

I love this artist. I hate the torture shit she does though.

They are described as black in the LN, The artist fucked up by making them white in the illustration.

Is it wrong that this picture makes me want to commit a crime?

I'd steal her hat, too.

I hope a lot. There will never be enought Megumin's ass.

This pic is so sexual with out trying to be.

I want to fuck ths autistic wizard.

I want to learn lightning magic, build a railgun and impress Megumin with it~
Why can't this shit be real? I'd conquer their world with the knowledge I acquired over the years.

We all do, user.

Like i am gonna forget megumin, come on.

I want Megumin to be my wife.

We just need to get a tractor to hit us, user Maybe we will dream we are isekai'd and have our own Megumeme when we are in coma

>You fucked up.
You fucked up. She literally says WAGA WA NA MEGUMIN

Why is all the porn for megumin so shit?

She's too pure for it. The slightly lewd ones are the best.

Oh shit there's more

why wasn't I informed

There is a couple of good doujins, but most of them follow the same plot so they get kinda boring and repetitive really fast.

>tfw I was actually hit by a slow-moving tractor when I was a kid
And my family did laugh at me when they made sure I was ok.

Not gonna lie, is funny as fuck. I would probably laugh at myself too if something like that happened to me.

>so many near death experiences
It's like I can't die or death like to follow me around.

>iris has magic stronger than a crimson demon and swordplay more overpowered than a japanese guy with a cheat sword

This is some straight up bullshit right here.

Chuuni girls in other shows are annoying and cringy. Megumin is the only girl that can pull it off while being cute.

Iris should win the Kazumabowl

I hope the second season sells well, enough to warrant a third. My favorite volumes are Crimson Demon Village, and Princess.

Don't get ahead of yourself, They have not even announced a second season.


Aqua's nopan makes me hard as fuck every time


Because while she's a cute little chuuni she's also actually able to wreck some shit at the same time.

top kek. Needs a Megumin wallpaper.

Aqua is a dumb slut but she's a dumb slut I'd put in the total bro tier fuckbuddy category.

Are you daft?

Holy fuck, that fucking fig.

wa ga na wa meguming !

I want that so bad.


Damn it looks amazing. Even better than this one.

>ywn stare into these eyes all night long

Think I'm gonna just kill myself and see if she's on the other side at this point. Here's hoping that there are no age of consent laws in that world.

I still haven't opened it. I'm waiting to get a pillow first.

I have this coming in the next couple days. She is a cutie.

I actually really want to order this, have not bought a figure in a while but this looks so nice, plus you can remove her hat and she looks super cute.


め ぐ み ん < 3

Are the BD's any good? I only have the TV version.

I've shamelessly spent double that so I'm very tempted. I just got that collectors edition Spice and Wolf LN though. Fug. I really shouldn't be spending so much.

>no eyepatch or staff though
Kinda want to hold out and see if one comes out with both.

If there are, you still have the succubus option.

メ グ ミ ン < 3

Or I can work really hard and become boss nigga of the starting area and give no fucks about the law.

but yeah I'd fuck the shit out of that rookie Succubus.

>two years off to becoming a wizard
>still look like i'm in my early 20's
Hell, there's a double standard in this world if the guy or women that's dating a younger girl is pretty enough, they'd get a free pass. Seinfeld dated a 16 year old back when his show was being made. I guess I lucked out since I've been described like a male peacock before.

???? < 3

Congrats on the buy to both of you.

I'm tempted to get that one too, but I know local taxes will rocket the price to the sky. Still looks worth it. Maybe I should check for cheaper knock offs too.

A lot of countries have lower consent ages.
The difficult part would probably be finding a girl around that age that's interested on having a serious relationship and is a chuuni, if that's what you want..

>be 26
>people say I look 18
Feels fucking good man.

Chiro > Rurumo

>get I'd constantly and skeptical looks
>grow a beard
>never get asked for my ID again
Feels babyfaced as fuck.

>people think i'm gay
>gays and random chicks hit on me all the time
>play dumb or switch the convo to genetics to turn them off
Hell, when I smashed my head and slurred my words, I acted autistic to turn people off. My friend thought it was hilarious.


>chicks hit on me all the time
>play dumb or switch the convo

Sure you're not gay, bruh?

They're either fat, retarded or just plain ugly. The cute ones usually have a BF, and I've had more than enough times were it comes up she was seeing some one else. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Now I don't like to fuck with them, unless I know they're single and no kids which is rare around here.


It's a weird experience to feel jealous of a frog.

I want to be the frog as well.


Is even funnier when you are the older one in a group of people and yet you are the only one asked for you ID, I have been there.

That happens to me a lot, all the girls that seems interested on me are already dating someone else, but single girls never notice me at all. Weird shit to be honest.

Add another mark for "I want to be that frog"

The only Konosuba porn I've been able to get off to is that Doujin where Chris keeps breaking in.

That doujin is great because Kazuma is in character. I can totally see him doing that with her stolen underwear.

The ones who are seeing someone else are hungry as fuck. It's a instinct and the girls who marry/ are always in a relationship do it for the best combination of genes. I understood this early on, they don't want you for you, they want you for your looks and attention. If given a choice, they'd most likely stay with their first "mate" unless you're making a fuck ton more than him.

Makes sense, guess I'll be single forever then.

Yeah. If they break character it kills it for me.

Same. Also if the artstyle is too different from the original.
I understand some artist have their own style, but sometimes the characters look nothing like they are supposed to look.