Danganronpa 3

Tengan might be many things, but he's not a Remnant of Despair

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Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet.

He's not a RoD because he's the leader of the mega despair group.

Mega despair > despair

Komaeda might be many things, but he did literally nothing wrong and has always had the moral high ground

Yeah, he's not a remnant (as in someone who followed the ideology), he's the Ultimate Despair himself.

Yeah, he's a fanatic of whatever crazy ideology that V3's antagonist will be focused on. Probably Honesty.


He's not a Remnant because he's Ultimate Despair.

Junko is his Remnant.

>has a rod impaling his stomach
>turns out his a rod

Could Junko break her?

this will never be funny.
Off yourself pig.

Yeah he's just a member of Ultimate "Conduct Experiments on Teenagers"

He is, it's obvious all the lines that come after "Is that a question? If so I must answer it" are lines. It's a way he found to trigger Munakata while not triggering his NGcode.

Except every single time he broke everything in the name of hope.

I know of a cute chemist who suffered because of him.

Stay mad.

What is the most COMPLEX motive you can think of for Tengan being the mastermind?

Daily reminder that NicoB predicted that Tengan was the mastermind since episode 2 of despair arc.

His killing game was just for HOPE as opposed to despair, but otherwise it's the same shit. Problem solved.

I believe my bros, they wouldnt just put the bottle in there then not address it.

But he literally told Munakata the truth.

>Is that a question?
He does NOT say that for the first question. He jumps straight to "If so I must answer it".

>it's obvious all the lines that come after "Is that a question? If so I must answer it" are lines
>it's obvious all the lines that come after "Is that a question? If so I must answer it" are lies*
I fucked up.

Plenty of people thought he was suspicious. The pixel screen theory said he was the traitor as well.

Knowing DR3 this will be another fake out and Tengan isn't the one calling.


It's not Munakata that's the Mastermind, it's whatever project he worked on after Izuru

Probably the person who died right by the Izuru facility and has literally every motive in the world to kill the Future Foundation

>You say that like kodaka isn't a hack who doesn't understand good pacing

even with a rushed pacing they actually still cant bring her back, like its not a matter of "they cant bring her back and keep a decent pace", its that they quite literally dont have enough time left to keep her alive. Her explanation could be a fucking minute and it'd still eat up too much time even skipping the opening and ending theme.

>some faggot YouTuber predicted something

This. It's most likely someone using Tengans phone, and probably wrote the message in his blood too.

Pit Hope vs Despair to initiate survival of the fittest and trigger the evolution of the human race which he will rule like a God!

Well he kind of had his throat cut, so I'd hope it's not. It'll just be an automated message from Tengan explaining his reasons, or something.

>complain she didn't investigate that fucking door when i watched the episode, especially when the "big moment" was basically spelling out izayoi's obvious murder by ruruka
>"lol user don't doubt le ultimate detective"
>after chiaki dies, i get even more needled
>"lol user that was a trap like she said muh parallel"
>episode 11
I didn't like her in the game, but I wasn't too joyful at her dying. But after that shit and all the salt from Kirigirifags, I'm glad she got exposed as an utter retard AGAIN and died for it.

kill yourself.

>Knowing DR3 this will be another fake out and Tengan isn't the one calling.
Nigga we literally have only 1 episode left of Future. Even the rushed as fuck DR1 anime had already revealed Junko at this point. There's a limit to how many twists you can pile on top of each other in a single episode without it becoming shit.

He does for the OP pic. Rewatch it. Answering a question (a) with another question (b), answer (b), then answer (a), is the way he lies while not triggering his NG code.

Name ONE thing komaeda did wrong you waifufag

>the boss of this gym survives fatal wounds for just enough time to be convenient to the plot
Great writing

Or Tengan wrote the message to the person using Tengans phone.

He's actually Junko's ojiisan you fuckwads

You know for supposed Danganronpa Fans Cred Forums gets misled by red herrings very easily

Remember when you faggots all thought Chisa was the Mastermind?


It's going to be junko using tengan's phone
it's always junko, do you really expect DR3 to be an exception?

The bomb set up plan. He screwed it up and did it wrong.

And what about DR3 screams competent storytelling to you? Whatever happens in the last Future episode, I'm ready for it to suck.

I'm retarded, can you break this down even more for me?

They're saving plenty of plot points for the last episode though. 77th class, Togami's fate, etc.

Have you only realized now that this series has poor pacing and ends episodes with lol cliffhanger?

How would you even know that's a youtuber?



But he got his desired outcome. His class's test was delayed and they weren't kicked out as a result

He had the moral high ground and his plan succeeded

He's a mad hahaha

If he lies after answering (b) truthfully it should still count as a lie

Same, I was actually surprised they were so many to think that.
>m-muh Chisa character development!
They were probably just blinded by the perceived importance of their waifu.

Maybe Tengan's bracelet just doesn't trigger regardless of what he does because he is the mastermind?

Cred Forums tends to: 1) jump to conclusion 2) believe those conclusions are canon 3) make up retarded theories with those conclusions intact 4) believe every fucking character is gay

Blowing up that building, or at the very least playing with bombs.
Pushing Teruteru into starting the murders.
Turning Chiaki into a killer, forcing the survivors to condemn her.

Nice paint job.

I literally did just rewatch it. He jumps straight to that, both in the sub and in the actual line that he says. There is nothing, not in the tone, nor the line itself, that suggests he's actually asking something there.

Eleven episodes in, and we know fuck all about the mastermind.


I was actually predicting Tengan for mastermind since Future 6

>Remember when you faggots all thought Chisa was the Mastermind?
No one said that.


Thats been the thing for the whole show. People saying amazingly wrong predictions then pretending they knew it all along

i was someone who actually called the tengan mastermind thing for a few weeks and everytime i mentioned it people just said i was deluded. whenever i mentioned that by revealing chisa as a despair early on to both the characters and the viewer it meant she cant be the mastermind and i got called delusional for that.

So far the only big twist most people called was the underwater thing, and if you really can count it kirigiri dying cause of naegi but i didnt see people actually call her ng code.


Oh come on. We're all bandwagoning tengan at this point

He didn't blow up the building. He didn't play with bombs either.

Komaeda was not responsible for teruteru murdering. They established that teruteru was always going to do it.

Chiaki turned herself into a killer by picking that bottle, that's not komaeda's fault

>The despair of not tapping any of the prime pussy throwing itself at you

What if it's what Kodaka wants?

She would've if Juzo wasn't such a retard to stop her from doing it.

I googled it

So how are they gonna explain Tengan survived his slashed throat? Body double? He's actually Ultimate Wound Survivor?

>But he got his desired outcome
Yeah he got the desired outcome but he did the plan wrong.

If doing it wrong is about not getting the desired outcome then he did DR2-5 wrong by not getting the RoDs killed even though he executed his plan properly.

Please, please just start ignoring these people. They still insist on this idiotic theory even though both of last episodes have proven it completely wrong. All the things Tengan said were true.

If the fucking show itself telling them they were wrong can't convince them, nobody can.

We have an entire half of the series that is dedicated to showing off the Mastermind and we all act like it has to be the obviously sketchy teacher who is openly brainwashed instead of the person who eats shit and dies with huge regrets

I need Monokuma pics.

Post rare Monokumas

yeah pretty much this. She is deader than fucking dead

Here, more comfy version of that image.

This is exactly what it's going to be
There is nothing to prove that it ISN'T someone else (aka junko ai) using tengan's phone


He backed himself up as an AI. Worked for Chihiro and Junko.

*Gasp* NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!

This, and the fact that the survivor count went down as well.

Either this call is from the real mastermind (Some bullshit like AI Junko) or Hajizuru/Byakuya/some ally trying to contact Naegi and friends.

He got the morally right outcome - the survivors reforming - even when he didn't know that was a possibility. His luck works in a cosmic level to produce the best outcome regardless of it's what he wants

They don't need to. He's already dead and he succeeded on proving that HOPE conquers all by putting the FF in this game.

But everyone did say that back when the first episode started. People said this because she died first and compared it to Murkuro's death.
People stopped pushing theory after a few weeks, though since we were getting 5 new ridiculous theories every single week.

>Heh, I won't stick with any theory and call other people retarded for even trying. I'm so smart and unique

Ohio, user-kun.

>Junko AI was displayed on a phone in DR2
>Mirai 11 has mitarai (a junko accomplice) getting a message on a phone from a dead man
>Mitarai outright says that it was junko who did the mindhack video

It's going to be fucking AI junko, why the fuck did you ever think otherwise

So are we all in agreement, that Juzo was the best character to come out of DanganRonpa?

That wasn't his objective though. He failed to meet his objective.

Also he encouraged Class 77 to go save Chisa when he knew they stood no chance. That literally led to the end of the world so if nothing else Komaeda messed up there.

The one, literally ONE way they could bring back kirigiri is that its her on the phone, she was suspicious of mitarai this whole time.

I dont buy that i think shes dead as fuck, but im just trying to throw some hope towards the kirigirifags, i understand their pain.

It could be just someone else using Tengan's phone. We still have the mystery 16th person.

>This pic was absolutely right

>I won't stick with any theory
Sticking with your favorite theory no matter what is indeed idiotic though, particularly if, like most of Cred Forums, you follow it up with namecalling and categorizing.

Komaeda is the best to come out of all of danganronpa
Juzo is best mirai


He ended up being better even without Juzo boys meme magic. But they are a nice bonus too.

>are we all

Sounds like just you trying to force a new meme

We just assume Tengan's lines that comes right after a question are the only ones that can be considered answers.

So while by outward appearances their conversation looks like that
Question (a) Are you a remnant of despair?
Question (b) Is that a question?
Answer (b) If so I must answer it.
Answer (a) I'm not a remnant of despair.

It's actually.
Question (a) Are you a remnant of despair?
Answer (a) Is that a question?
Random babble (b) If so I must answer it.
Random babble (c) I'm not a remnant of despair.

It's not that he can't lie. It's just that he can't follow a question with a lie.

I still think they're all under Jabberwock island


He didn't, just like Kirigiri didn't.
The theory that "bracelet doesn't take their pulse, so the count drops anyway" is dumb as shit, and I've seen it with the Cure W shit, Miaya-bot, and Juzo's hand too much. Plus it can only mean the count isn't inflated by 1, but by 2 if it were ever true.

How do they even have a good enough signal underwater to be able to send and receive messages?

I fucking wish they stopped after a few weeks, people were flooding the boards with chisa mastermind confirmed after ep 9 and 10.

All the message said is "Hey Mitarai, long time no see ^_^"

So basically - it's not Tengan, it's someone who knows Mitarai.

So either Junko, or Nagito, or perhaps Chiaki, as those were the only three who knew of his existence as the SHSL Animator


Is Killer Killer going to be relevant in all of this? I at least want to see my son Takumi in a cameo.

>Question (a) Are you a remnant of despair?
>Question (b) Is that a question?
This is literally not how the conversation goes. Stop making up your own headcanon.

Kyousuke-kun, it seems my panties are wet.

If it were a Junko AI, or any other AI, Monokuma wouldn't such a half assed thing this time. It's not even in real time. It'll be a living person.

Here's list of people who can "long time no see" Mitarai: Junko, Impostor, Mikan

So Juzo appears in Killer killer?
What does he even do there?

Precious, precious smile.

>not actually being broadcast
>monokuma is just a recording
>infiltrated third party that could just blow the whole thing open
>the mastermind isn't even part of it
>no executions

Man, whoever made this killing game is a fucking hack

This is something that has been in my mind since Kodaka recommended reading Makoto Naegi's Worst Day Ever after episode 4 of Despair (the one with Komaeda and class 76) but seemed like a really long shot back then, but what if the old man that appears in the story was Tengan all along?

For those who haven't read it, in that short story Naegi, before winning the lottery for Hope's Peak, meets an unnamed old man with a beard who at some point gives him a cryptic speech regarding Luck and Hope. The old man later also turns out to be a surprisingly strong martial arts expert and his actions "indirectly" lead to Naegi winning the lottery for Hope's Peak.

Incidentally, Tengan died in the next episode of Future after Kodaka recommended reading the short story, in that episode Tengan mentioned something about a project besides Kamukura's, which he supposedly didn't want to waste. Several episodes later we learn Junko wasn't properly scouted into HPA, but rather she was admitted by the higher-ups in an unorthodox way (and Tengan was enough of a higher-up to know about the Kamukura project).

Thanks to the official relationship charts we also know Tengan personally scouted Mitarai (aka guy who helped Junko create Despair Video) into the Future Foundation without Kizakura's intervention unlike the class 78 survivors, even though the existence of the real Mitarai wasn't known to many people.

Now with the last couple of Future episodes it seems like Tengan has become incredibly relevant again all of a sudden, when we only have one more week to go.

What if Tengan really had a hand in everything?


The cutest.

It's fucking retarded how could people even think DR3 would pull a loophole bullshit like that.

Can someone actually provide a picture of the actual message? Because that shitty cliffhanger left the message ITSELF unknown, and just revealed the sender.
At least that's what I could read, although I'm relying on the subs here

It's not a meme, user.
Go look at the threads and check for yourself. I didn't believe it myself and thought people were just being annoying on purpose but it turned out to be true just like that one guy who kept saying that the FF were underwater long before it was shown.

I have forgiven him for his treatment of Hajime, his attempted murder of Kyoko, his asskissing of Junko and other general retarded thug behaviour.

I was also rooting for him last episode, pitied the loss of him arm and wanted him to survive.

Take that how you will.

>Hahaha did you expect me to have any sort of real conviction and risk the humiliation of being proven wrong? Tough luck pal


Then it's hack city

It's losing the scent. Danganronpa 2 taught that you can believe in HOPE and be just as big of a problem as Junko, so likewise, Tengan doesn't need to be Despair to be such a gigantic asshole

Juzo is a faggot that is only redeemed himself at ep 11. Komaeda is the best to come out of DR.

thats what made me suspicious as fuck of him, its also kind of hinted at that he was the one who let junko into the school.

That guy is just making things up.

>you can believe in HOPE and be just as big of a problem as Junko
Komaeda was never as big of a problem as Junko.

>being overly headstrong with regards to opinions on how a work of fiction is going to go and dismissing alternative views as being from groups of people that I don't like is "real conviction"
Cred Forums is for people over 18, user.




>Copying comments from Reddit

How low

Shes dead dude, they just dont have enough time to reveal she is alive UNLESS shes the one behind the phone text or shes going to appear at the same time as tengan as a confrontation to him.

that said its highly unlikely even then, the survivor count went down when she died while juzo lived. The bracelet argument doesnt work cause that would mean miaya wouldnt of ever counted

Yeah you're right, my memory was faulty, and I had this theory in my head for a long time so I didn't double check it.
But it still works with "I suppose I have to answer your question". Seriously why the hell would anyone say this, either? This isn't a political debate or the kind of question where you have to think before you answer. Moreover he does this for every important question. It's obvious he's lying.

I actually expected the broadcast to be a lie, considering the debilitated state they were clearly in of that building, and monokuma was telegraphed as a recording from the start. As well as the poor connection Miaya had when allowing Makoto and Aoi to talk to Byakuya.
Or rather, that it would be live. I always figured the game would be recorded, and the videos released publicly ala found footage or in that vein. But this game seems like it was pretty much intended to be completely covered up at this point, so kinda disappointed.

Actually I copied it from /drg/

So he answers a question with a question, answers his own question, and then he's free to lie?

Seems like a weak loophole.

Nobody but you cares where it's from.

> It's obvious he's lying.
You know, except the part where almost all his answers have been proven to be true at this point.

What the FUCK was Tengan thinking?

The NGcode was just weak to begin with.

I want to cuddle a Kirigiri.

Did the message say anything? I remember it just saying that he had received a message from Tengan, I don't think the message itself was shown.

Daily reminder that the only good thing Ruruka did was kill herself.

The mastermind is trying to make it look like this is a killing game on the same level as the DR1 one, but he clearly lacks either time, resources or talent to pull it off, so he's going full smoke and mirrors

I wonder why

>we will never know Mitarai NG Code

I wish it was Monday already.

>Capboy is the new Kirigiri
And no one is surprised.


What are the walking sounds that play when Tengan silently reveals the attacker's identity to Munakata in episode 5?

>UNLESS shes the one behind the phone text
Actually, that's very well possible if she woke up and took Tengan's phone. The text would get Mitarai, Asahina, and Naegi running, and then they'd find Kirigiri waiting for them...

Better not get my hope's up.

It was probably something minor, if it was suspicious at all Munakata would have noticed it.

>Mirai 12
>'You got a message from Tengan'
>opens it
>it's a photo of Tengan with monokuma twintails doing a double V sign
>'Upupu Mitarai-kun'

mastermind is Yamasaki Nakamura

He just wanted to revive his dead bf before finding himself a nice young body. Wasn't his fault Junko fucked the plans so he had to settle for an unfortunately fertile female body.
Fucking kids, man.

Well, now that you mention it, you're right.
It's just a theory I had ever since episode 4 aired.


Post yfw Sayaka and the DR1 cast showed up

mastermind is Adachi, the Ultimate Dimensional Walker

Does Cred Forums like boats?

Not liking all dimensions is true despair, but you'll make a great stepping stone for real HOPE.

>they didn't have enough budget to hire all the VAs for DR1's class and only Sayaka was voiced
best part of that scene

After Berserk, no.

I don't have a picture in my folders that just say
because that's how I felt

>liking all dimensions
Who's your 1D waifu?

'Cool cameo but it would've been better if everyone said something.

So I guess Tengan had a twin brother who got killed by Persona

>Enoshima Junko
>Ultimate Analyst, Ultimate Fashion Model
>Rich, Young, Beautiful
>Has Mukuro as her servant
>Has Izuru as her BF
>Has Mikan as her slave
>Has Matsuda as her beta orbiter
Squanders it all for muh Despair, kills self and dies young instead of retiring to the Bahamas at the age of 18 and enjoying a comfy life with her harem.

Why is Junko so retarded?

I realized that if Naegi still had both, he would probably marry Kirigiri, fuck Sayaka, and kill Celes.

Kirigiri and Sayaka were the important ones since they're the ones he feels directly guilty about. I can deal with it.

mastermind is Nanako

official site updated with boxart for ants

>you will never save Nanami when she's on the brink of death
>you will never tend to her
>you will never see the light resurge in her eyes as her wounds heal and she regains her former physical condition
>you will never force her to sleep for extended periods of time "For the sake of her recovery" while you secretly operate on her body, pumping her full of all sorts of talents that she was never intended to have
>you will never see the smile on her face slowly die as she realizes what you're doing to her, too helpless to fight back, assuming the absolute worst intentions of you
>you will never continue adding in more and more talents to her, doing it ever so carefully so that her personality doesn't end up suppressed, ensuring that she can continue to enjoy talents
>you will never see her regain her smile as she realizes she was wrong to doubt you but asks you if she can be let go anyway
>you will never promise her that you will let her go soon and see her smile and give you a hug, letting you feel up those soft, squishy Nanamis right against your chest
>you will never discreetly hook her up to a personality rewriting machine when she's sleeping one night and force her awake just as it turns on
>you will never explain to her that you're going to overwrite her personality with your own, so that you can enjoy her body, and see the light in her eyes flare up one last time as she struggles to resist
>you will never listen with delight in the cries and moans she makes as she helplessly attempts to resist your assault, her mind in utter shambles as you force her personality to the back of her own mind and allow a superior personality, one of your own choosing, to take its place
>you will never let 'Nanami', the full, complete, Kamukura Izuru 2.0, out of the brainwashing machine and see her give you a big smile for helping her out so much all this time

What is there even to HOPE for anymore?

tengan was ultimate imposter

Why is she so pouty?

Actually, Tengan is "spoiler"Delta"spoiler" and his motives "spoiler"are very complex"spoiler"

dude despair lmao

I was just happy for that one annoying Sayaka poster.

>I actually live in Ohio
>And I have to be reminded of that every time I watch anime

It hurts



Chiaki was so pure! So kind! So talented! So full of HOPE!

Truly, her death was a waste. If only someone had found her, someone who could convert her into a stepping stone for even greater HOPE! Turning her into something just like Izuru or Junko!

Oh, how sad that nobody could do that. Right? :^)

Except we still have Despair 11 to reveal the mastermind.






It's not like she would mind in this state

Then he is a man of taste.


Cause a smart person would have figured out they were being used so the actual mastermind picked the dumbest evil person they could find.

who's the twitter artist?

>being a centrist means having no beliefs
I don't even know where to start.

So will the special episode just be a cast special or an actual episode? The BD/DVD and Funimation PR still treat it like one.

>Mondo turned to butter


Chisa is not the mastermind.
The mastermind is undead Tengan, with Junko's other arm, Chisa's arm, Ruruka's leg, Miaya's bot leg and Kirei Kotomine's heart.

I thought it would be like 40 minute special for both shows, but apparently it concern only Despair.

>English version in 2018

Which kind of shows Miayabot likely took a look at the codes while everyone(save Chisa) was asleep at the first knockdown. So what is curious is:
-Would Miayabot even have a bracelet on? I don't think we've even seen the bot wearing one, and thus the lie may have been having a code at all. Which could be very telling to who the mastermind was, or at least nail down participants in the plan.
-Who or what put the bracelets on the participants? If it was a person(other than Chisa I guess), then Monaca would be lying when she said she had no idea who the mastermind was, and nothing she said about the game was proven dishonest. For now, I'd have to say Chisa, because no one else has the opportunity with what we know now.

Punches people



Tengan with Junko's lungs and Chisa's boobs.

Just think, he would be married to Kirigiri but still fucking Sayaka on the side! Wouldn't this be despair, a man who could not control his dick, is despair.

You forgot Joji Nakata's voice.



We all know it's happening by Mirai 12, so we might as well start placing our bets now.
How will Junko come back?

What if the "Tengan" person is merely Munakata with Tengan's phone? It would explain where he got the Chisa pictures from after searching Tengan's body (Chisa sent them to him? He discovered them? Got them sent to him?). He went to Chisa's body after taking Tengan down.

Ted Chikatillo is such a stupid name.

Like Andrei Bundy.

And he could've referenced them in a better way, neither of them have anything to do with fireworks.


>40 minute special for both shows
Source? Someone said yesterday here that the final Future episode will be 50 minutes but never bothered to reply back.


After UDG

Even the Ultimate Hope can fall into Despair.

> fatman, who killed a guy for his AI waifu
> celes, who killed a guy for bishounen butlers
> mondo, who killed a guy because muh manly
> baseball, who killed a girl pretty much for no reason
> sayaka, who tried to kill a guy for muh idol group
> sakura, who killed herself
goddamn Makoto is retarded even when brainhacked

2018 earliest

Did you read only some parts of my post?


We know Munakata isn't the mastermind though, this wouldn't lead anywhere.

I guess that this confirms that capboy will be important, probably the new Kirigiri role. I also remembering that someone said that he also have an ahoge hidden under is hat.

I'll be mad if all the promotion Hopebot was getting before was just a red herring, he easily have the best design in the cast.

it's Hinata, who has the Ultimate phone tracing and Imposter talent

There's a reason that only Sayaka and Kirigiri were doing the main shaming. He feels like he failed the others but in his head he's directly responsible for both his waifus.

How are you dealing with the death of our beloved /a?

Blue hair got rid of her jacket for some reason.
Also I really like the way Gakuran boy is holding on to his cap.

My bad, I thought you read it somewhere hence why you said you thought.

I-I didn't want to play this stupid game anyway!

She'll be back next episode.

The straight line in Euclidean space. Yes, that means he's NTR'ing poor Euclid.

At least she was absolutely killing Cake aesthetics while it lasted.


Naegi > Hajime

>DR3 will end without Naegi and Komaeda meeting
Is there a single thing this anime can do right?

Hope won in the end and that's all he wanted. He was open to the possibility of the RoD surviving the trial

Not well, brother. Juzo was so cool and manly when he died.

with blood


>it's all in my head
>it's all in my head
>it's all in my head
>it's all in my head

I was doing quite well since Chiaki's death was much worse and I was dealing with that instead.
That was until they decided to scare the shit out of us by showing a close up of Kirigiri's poisoned face.
As if I needed more nightmare fuel.

No Mikan tier girls. Sad.

Celes is kinda hot.

Still in denial.

Something wrong
i hold my head
Kodaka you fucker
4 waifus and a bro dead


Maybe the message will only be sent when the killing game ends?


For the sake of your health I would advise to stop posting screenshots of dying Juzo.

I still can't handle his death pls ;_;


I started reading DR0 again. Now I'm kind of glad she's dead.


Kys Trump fag

Yeah, that closeup was just a little bit cruel.

Juzo let millions die to cover up that he has cock flavored spit.

Now he's redeemed because he saved a persona two manlets and a donut

That's actually a good point, since the signals were being jammed before, so shutting off the power would naturally shut off the jammers.

Even so, they're still far enough underwater to make me suspicious.

He's still alive, brother.
Inside your heart.

For what purpose?


Will you buy her latest book Fuck Off, Ghost?

Yeah, he went down well, but I'm not exactly going to forget that he covered up Junko's involvement just so Munakata wouldn't find out.

Fuck off to Cred Forums

Ryota being useful when?

Despair naegi is a pretty cool guy.

Stop trying to justify your attraction to him by turning him into a girl, please.

So at this point, this is gonna play out in one of two ways, depending on the contents of Tengan's message:

1) lol VR

2) The message was automated, like everything else in this game. After the message reveals Tengan's motives and methods, and exposes Mitairai as the person who made the original despair video, there's a big group therapy session as everyone digests this.

Then they read the final line of Tengan's message: "There's no way out. The exits were destroyed. No one knows where this building is. You're going to die down there."

Asahina says that if they broke the glass in the observation room, she could use her SHSL Swimming powers to fight the overwhelming current and make it to the surface. Problem is, she could only take one person with her at most, so she dismisses the plan. Then Munakata and Mitairai speak up, saying that it's fine- they're resolved to stay behind and pay for their role in everything that happened.

Naegi argues against this plan, but Munakata cuts off his arguments by breaking the glass and telling Asahina to take Naegi and go.

Everything happened the way it happened because of him.

So, it depends on what you mean by useful.

Red is a cutie even has the same beauty mark.

I'm not. She's alive

Ryouta shows there's more to being Naegi than being a hope obsessed manlet

Why is robohope in the center?

would the entirety of Season 3 end on a bad note since the final episode of Despair comes after Future?

Everything that occurred here, helped create Junko and myself.

>a comfy life
How dull.

No, because Despair ends this week.

All according to plan

Did you know that Chiaki and Junko are the only two heroines to have canonically suffered multiple executions over the course of the series?

Furthermore, that they are both the heroines with the greatest physical endurance shown?

Interestingly, there's also a bit of an odd parallel between their virtual and their real world selves. AI Chiaki and Real Junko died in relative peace, satisfied that they were able to achieve their goals even if they weren't quite able to overcome their trials. Meanwhile, Real Chiaki and AI Junko died in misery, cursing their fortune and dying in regret after being just about as completely destroyed as they could be.

Could it mean anything for the grand finale?
Maybe not, but it is food for thought.

She seems cold like Kirigiri, not my thing.

Nice to see you people still hope.
i lost mine a long time ago.

It ends with future. Next despair episode episode is the last one.

The final Despair episode is a VA special, not an actual episode.

oh damn. didn't know that

Cuz he is the protag duh.

You still have little bits of hope you didn't you had to lose!

I swear if this spotlight-eating Hopelet doesn't do SOMETHING beyond being a vaguely suspicious wimp/walking plot device...

Like, you could have had Gekkogahara in the Despair side working on some 'special 'therapy techniques on her computer and cut him out entirely so far.

She might not be all that cold hearted

Until Cure W is explained there will always be hope.

Well they kinda shown everything they had to at this point in despair.
found out how the RoD got brainwashed and everything.

I guess we'll see lol.

Daily reminder that ghosts exist in this series

Also, yes.


inb4 thats just a thermos from the meal they had before she died.

I thought it was weird how Junko has all these HPA specific privileges. She and Mukuro (who didn't know shot until the day she got off the plane) got into Class 78 via special process. Junko met Izuru BEFORE THE ENTRANCE CEREMONY. Junko knows and has an underground bunker and dungeon. I know she's Junko and thus ridiculous but it was implied she had a connection to the top brass at HPA.

We should've been more skeptical of Tengan.

It's hasn't been confirmed as that yet. There's a good chance it could be apart of the story because both Funimation and the BD's have 24 episodes listed.

It's not really hope, it's more like I can't move on until they explain the fucking bottle.

Now that he doesn't have to worry about his NG code stopping him, maybe.

What if she was brainwashed into loving despair this entire time?

Thank you.

Shame on you people for thinking the final episode will be nothing short of a 30 minute ruse cruise

I still have no idea why they kept his code hidden if they were going to just get rid of his bracelet.

Never. The last scene proved he's still a loser, I was fully expecting him to sperg out and run away again before he got the message from Tengan.


Hack move.


>Well they kinda shown everything they had to at this point in despair.
Despair 11 will be a flashback of Tengan's past.

They already pulled of the trap thing once, they not going to do it again.

How badly did your earliest predictions go?


Worst possible plot development

Except they didn't. Not yet.
Despair 11 needs to show us who the mastermind is and what their main motivations are, as there's no time to waste on that in Mirai.

Then put it on PC you fucks!

You guys develop these games on PC then gate them on retarded platforms!

>explicit talent-displaying outfit
And people think she's going to be the real protagonist

>Ogata thinks Juzo is the main heroine now
>Chisa's VA didn't like the episode because Chisa was kinda NTRed
Man, this shit hilarious

We're only a couple of episodes away from finding out if this is going to end up being played with.

2019 for you

Predicted that Ryota, Munakata, Naegi and Asahina would live.

Also thought Ruruka would live and Hagakure would die though.

It'd be cool if we got a for real talented protagonist for once.

You don't get it. This is a double trap!

What if it's all a VR simulation orchestrated by Tengan to teach Munakata and Juzo a lesson and everyone is daijobu?

Agreed. Post happy, alive Juzo instead.

Why didn't Mitarai tell anyone about Junko Enoshima?

Coupla months after console release is acceptable you know.

Jokes on you. You're going to get spoiled anyway because the japs get the game first.

>He thinks Kodaka isn't going to wait until the very last episode to reveal the mastermind
This whole ride has been nothing but cliffhanger after cliffhanger

Of course she is you idiot.
All the better the ch6 reveal that she's been killing the victims and sending innocents to be executed. All for her "Chosen 5".

So, Mirai love interest heroines, or Zetsubou love interest heroines?

Did someone said cosmic?

I don't think Miaya would be very willing to use the NWP for something as stupid as that.

Probably because he's a big blubbering pussy who knows he's be implicated if somebody got far enough in stopping her

Now why did Munakata not tell anybody about Junko

I'm betting he died a virgin. No one else could hold a candle to muh kanata for him, probably.

He'd have to reveal how he made anime for her.

But then we don't fucking know what their deal is. Even the DR anime had Junko revealed in the penultimate episode.


Zetsubou because of Tsumiki.

Because he doesn't have the balls to accept responsibility.

Would you be alright with this ruler ?

Kirigiri = Chiaki but Mikan > Asahina so Zetsubou for me.

You know why

Chiaki is cute!

Yeah, there's 3 more left.
>inb4 VA special
Show me one legitimate source that confirms this.
There are none.
The only way it could be "special" is that it's the conclusion to everything, not just Despair-arc.

lol vr would be good for the characters' emotional catharsis though

They repaired Kyouko's hands.

>>There are none.
Except the TV schedule.

Zetsubou is more voluptuous, but either crazy either dead.

Mirai is more proportionate, but both are socially retarded.

Hey Hey

It's a reverse trap YOU DUMB FUCK

delet this

Did someone said HOPE?

So Juzo is Kohacka's favorite newcomer right?

How the fuck is Asahina socially retarded?

>Show me one legitimate source that confirms this.
The Tokyo MX schedule? I don't particularly care if we're going to get an actual episode or not, but it's much more legitimate than the advertising bait that is the displayed contents for the blu-rays.

Why is she so perfect?

I wonder if he had Junko in mind when he said that.

>Kirigiri in a bikini


Can she lead our armies to battle against the forces of despair?

As Junko so aptly put it, running away is his despair.
She didn't even bother to threaten him not to say anything, because she knew he would never admit to his responsibility in the coming of the despair apocalypse out of shame.

It's Mikan. Mikan "died" while making herself irredeemable. She spent most of her conclusion sucking Junko's cock after she remembered everything.

If I'm not mistaken, people who knew the truth of everything have a higher chance of waking up from a coma than those who don't. Of course, those who survived certainly wake up anyway.

Because he's a cowardly shit, but they might explain it with having something to do with Tengan making sure he didn't tell anybody.

considering she's loved despair since her childhood days, which is at least 10 years ago, that would be pretty BS if she was brainwashed into loving despair.

Did he? I thought that Junko did everything after she "stole" brainwashing ability from him

What if Junko was the prototype for Izuru? The talent of analysis forms the basis for procuring talents, and after studying Junko's talent & countless of experiments, they started the Kamukura project afterwards with their new knowledge. Junko was a failure. Tengan brought Junko into HPA to see whether the Ultimate Hope could stand up against her.

kek. any more gems?

Have you finished her Report Card?

She asked Makoto to pretend he's her boyfriend and spilled every spaghetti imaginable.

Tengan was the old man on the beach who mindhacked her when she was trying to make a sandcastle.

Link? I don't know where I can find those.

>Chiaki has Monomi
>Junko has Monokuma
What does this mean?

>naegi ends up fucking asahina out of despair
>suddenly Ultimate Time Traveller on the scene!
>transports unborn fetus into womb of somebody 100 years ago
And this is how Tengan came to be.

Please save her, Izuru.

Will Hajime's ever pay back Junko all that money he spent for his sticker?


She did, but he still contributed.

Plus let's be honest: even without Junko, making a brainwashing anime is ethically dubious even if you're doing it for HOPE

And Tengan is obsessed with fusing hope and despair dear god you might be on to something

Reminder to all Chiakifriends, Kirigiribros, Chisapals, and Juzoboys that this will all have a happy ending.

>She spent most of her conclusion sucking Junko's cock after she remembered everything.
Nothing to be ashamed of.

>>Chisa's VA didn't like the episode because Chisa was kinda NTRed
Fuck off Chisa VA, Chisa NTRed him for years.

U need to be 18 and above to post here.


I legitimately though Hopebot was the protagonist and all the Kaedeposting was just a meme


30 P E R C E N T

It'd be just weird to explain because it was weird.

I mean, he'd have to explain that Junko bumped into him at random and he was hanging out with Ultimate Despair in his house for days.

Yeah because liking fanart makes me a minor.
Fuck off retard.

Your least favorite character is revealed to have never died at all

How does this change things

Delete that right now.

He could probably get a Von Braun deal if he were quick on revealing/brought evidence with him

That's cute.

At least it means Izuru can obliterate the shit out of Junko again.







Tengan is really just an old fuck who cant express himself correctly.

where are asahina's abs and toned as fuck arms

what's the point in making her an athlete if you aren't going to deliver on delicious muscle tone

I want variety. I want actual CHOICE.


But Akane never died

was cute

Yeah, you're new


Toko never died

Yamada/Mundo lives. Nothing changes.

>tease boy's dick for years
>suddenly surprised when boy gets tired and finds someone else

You know what.

Pretty sure the weeb would be stuck outside just like Hagakure.

Also my least favorite charcater isnt dead. And he wont ever die.

That scene was pretty hot

Let's be honest wouldn't YOU kill yourself for a Sayaka Kirigiri threesome?

Alright official art then.
I just never saw it before calm down will you.

>fanart of Double Dragon Chiaki never
>you will never grope Chiaki's Double Dragons.

It means Tanaka doesn't die either.
Nice outcome I'd say.

Not even Kodaka would do something this retarded especially when Junko is one of his favourite characters. Its more likely Tengen was like Jin as the former headmaster and was obsessed with talent, saw how talented Junko was and let her do she pleased because he wanted to see how far she could go.


>where are asahina's abs and toned as fuck arms
That's not popular so it's not there.

>DR3 feels like a fanfiction
Though, it's a tie between him, Hiyoko, Celeste, Sayaka and candy slut

What is mask boy holding? Looks like another mask

It's official, user. Those Kirigiris are real.

Neither did I, I know it is just by looking at it.

I want a Monomi hoodie.

Too pure for this world.

Stop making Hifumi cool

>Junko is my least favourite character.

Ya What Nigga?


Well, he clearly didn't have any evidence with him. And DR3 showed pretty clearly that Future Foundation like to point fingers at people and execute them hoping for the best.

>DR3 Chiaki edits
Any more?

Not him, but I thought the schedule didn't specify what exactly the "special" entailed. I thought it would a VA special too but we're cutting it pretty close to the wire now and there are a lot of loose ends.

I want a threesome with Nanamin and Monomi.

She wasn't before, but she's been written like utter shit in 3, so even Hiyoko jumped her.

>I know it is just by looking at it.
That's not fair. There is fanart of official art quality out there. You can't slam him for that mistake.

Stay mad baconfag.

Do you think Chikaers is still running the snake valley?

But Miaya would be too busy spilling spaghetti all over the place to join in.

If you had to replace every non protagonist survivor with a character who died in their game who would you have survive?


I'm afraid not.

>pretty close to the wire now and there are a lot of loose ends.
While this is true, I really dont think "they cant end it within 2 eps because there is unresolved stuff" is an applicable argument for Danganronpa.

>Hifumi's the mastermind all along
>He caused everything in an attempt to cure his writer's block
>but ironically he can't top the events of real life and is forever enslaved to fan fiction

Drop the gun

>there is no mastermind
>despair has been actually defeated with Junkos AI
>entire mirai arc is just people chasing behind shadows
Would this make you feel despair?

DR1- Ishimaru, Leon, Sakura and Chihiro
DR2 - Mahiru, Hopeman, Twogami and Gundham

Tengan was unhappy with the way the FF was going

He watched Naegi win the game against Junko and decided the FF needed a change

He set up the game so that everybody would kill themselves, and Munakata would be driven to despair, killing everybody too.

Mitarai knew the monitors were killing people. So he just had to stay away from them while Munakata was killing everybody. Naegi and Kirigiri would keep him safe (Tengan told him to "escort her," but in reality, she was escorting him). Eventually, Munakata was supposed to die, and Mitarai/Naegi would take over as the new FF leader, bringing hope to the world.

DR 1: Naegi, Chihiro, Celes, Sakura, Sayaka
DR 2: Hajime, Nanami, Komaeda, Mikan, Nekomaru

>Walking alone in the hallways
>Hear this
What do?


>Implying that isn't cute as fuck

Not surprised she dropped in your rankings but no way is she the worst DR character. Leon, Yamada, Maizono, Celes from DR1 alone are worse characters than Junko.

After the shower, she goes out on the balcony to wipe her naked body. She doesn't realize someone might see her.

kill myself

pure joy, now on to a Zetsubou hen appearance

Then I have to wonder, what was there to gain from an NG code that basically guaranteed Kyoko's death? She was a killing game survivor, good at her job and not bogged down in the FF's retarded internal politics as well as a core supporter of Naegi.

>Now why did Munakata not tell anybody about Junko
Because both Juzo and Chisa told him she was innocent.

Dodge Raiden's sword.

That's lewd.

Sayaka, Chihiro, Sakura, Celes, Ishimaru
Imposter, Mahiru, Peko, Gundam

I fucked up.

that'd actually be really good I feel.

Spaghetti spinners aren't considered cute.

>Be in good mood
>Remember that I will never see Juzo smile ever again
How much will this pain last.

Can't break a dead person.

Knife Dispensers and Death Bracelets don't prep themselves

It's Chiaki

I mean it's so obviously Chiaki I'm surprised you guys actually think it's Tengan



>FF are completely and utterly retarded.

I'd just laugh if this happened.

I'd really hate it.

I think he knew she would eventually figure things out and end the game, so he had to kill her off early to ensure as many others die as possible

>pinkish hair
>big tits (only 2cm smaller than Junkos)
You know, if real Chiaki grew her hair out she might be able to pull off a decent Junko cosplay. A little too much on the short side to fool people, but it'd at least look better than Junko's own sister. Not that that's hard to do.

I really dislike everything about her. From her despair to that fake bubbly personality and caked up appearance

Miaya herself is cute as fuck, but a threesome with the other cutie in the cast would not end well.

Is there any confirmation on as to how Killer Killer would continue or when will it end?

I am honestly interested in how will DR's post-apocalyptic world would develop after they learn that their leaders fucking killed each other.

Manga seems like a decent place to continue HPA plotline

Mukuro, Leon, Sakura, Taka, Sayaka
Twogami, Nagito, Mahiru, Ibuki


NTR'd how?

Good. Because then Munakata would likely go kill himself for that.

is Killer Killer even referenced in the anime?

Doesn't it end in the next chapter?

But they're like sisters and love each other.

Not even once.

I dunno, that's why I am asking.

I genuinely think she's gotten bad enough to be the worst now. Her characterization in 3 retroactively makes every good/interesting thing she did in the previous entries (especially 0 and 2) be considerably worse, doubly so since we now know she's often lying.

Plus, I tend to care more about my affinity towards the characters than how interesting or well-written they are. After going through DR0 again, Kirigiri's fallen off a cliff for me as well, and Monaca's still second last despite being a very good villain.

No, as far as we know.

All she had to do was look inside the secret door

Never trust Kohacka's words.

Is there a character in DR3 that isn't a meme?

Not even once

The most recent volume is pretty much all but said to be the 2nd to last volume. And it's still pre DR2 in timeline, although possibly the events are now concurrent with UDG.

>"it's the perfect way to have everything happen without being inside the building"

So Hagakure being the masterming is becoming more and more likely, huh?

Eh, at least Killer Killer has nice art and main girl is cute. It's an average read, I don't mind wasting time on it.

>Kirigiri's fallen off a cliff for me as well
Hey what's wrong with Kirigiri?

I'm with you bro. I thought the same while watching whole thing for the first time.


she just wanted to protect her classmates

Got nothing to do with waifufaggotry. If I'm going to get a reset of the game I want it to be drastically different, and Mukuro surviving ensures that.

Plus it'd be fun watching her try to keep up the act in class trials.

But they don't love each other like THAT, user. They'd just either convince you to do it only with them, or only with the other.

Plus, I want Hajime to have Chiaki anyway. The two deserve some time on their own after all this nonsense.



But why would Weedman have a helicopter shoot at him? For that matter, who even was in the helicopter?

The whole thing with her avoiding the 'secret exit' has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. It's amazing, even after giving her a pretty decent exit they manage to ruin her. I was hoping she would be safe from Kodaka in death.

Killer Killer is as relevant as DR0.

love reading old threads seeing people who think x is the killler
and then looking back on it thinking how we were so fooled :^)

>Tengan was the one who OK'd the Kamakura experiments
>Tengan was the one who covered up the first mutual killing game and all the strange deaths and occurrences prior
>Tengan actively protected Junko
I'm betting he's one of those fags that doesn't care if the winner is despair or hope as long as one of them proves to be SAIKYO

Remember that Naegi doesn't see Mukuro in his dream because he hates her guts


Wouldn't Killer and Killer Killer Killer be on the same side against Killer Killer?

I fully sympathize with Jin and see Kyouko as being unnecessarily cold, bitchy and prideful. She loves her family's legacy far too much. She's competent, sure, but she could do with being less distant towards people who aren't Naegi or Asahina.

Do you know if the DR:Kirigiri novels are translated anywhere online? I'd be interested in going through them to see what she was like before.

I like you.


Except he got hit with the "Who" meme.

DR1- Sakura, Taka, Sayaka, Chihiro, Leon
DR2- Mikan, Hopeman, Peko/Ibuki, Imposter.

He is the opposite of Nagito. Despair Grandpa.

She's human too. She's allowed to make mistakes.

I don't watch this. Did Naegi give into despair? Might have to watch it now.


Also, as said, even her perceived competence has dropped off dramatically after this episode. I know a lot of that is down to DR3 being shit characterization-wise, but it's sadly canon.

>inb4 Killer Killer was made as a convenient excuse to bring Junko back using SHSL Make-up Artist to make fake body.

His own AI of course. He's going to pick up Junko's plan in DR2.

He finally realized how many hot chicks have been DTF that he's entirely missed. It was too much for the poor hopelet.

Well, who is shooting at him if we assume that he is not the mastermind?

I just like that shipping far too much and feel sorry for both of them.

>Do you know if the DR:Kirigiri novels are translated anywhere online?
I have no idea.

Still not a waifufag

This also I want to see the mastermind carry all the sleeping body of the FF executives 300 floors below.


When did junko get the technology to upload AI's into real bodies,and how sure was she that's its going to work, unless they tested it on a certain "someone"

i truly hope that during the last episodes of the anime Hijirihara makes an appearance

>Do you know if the DR:Kirigiri novels are translated anywhere online?

Some tumblur user has translated some of her novels but is currently doing Togami's.

I think I'm just going to pretend that DR3 never aired unless the last Future and Despair episodes somehow redeem their respective shows.

>They still think kirigiri/chiaki won't come out alive last ep
It's fucking kodaka. Expect the biggest asspull next ep. I'm not even a fan of both

This can be easily handled using the advanced technique called non-canon metafiction.

Got a link to their page? It's better than nothing, for sure.

Well I still like her. She was a big part of why DR was so enjoyable for me. The series suffered a huge loss with her departure.

Yeah she is a cold person. I can't deny that but that's just her nature. Also, one fuck up does not a bad character make.

I would be redeemed if they say it's all just anime and what happened before was all just a game.

Considering the plan is 100% on Autopilot at this point, it could very well have been the Mastermind. It'd be kind of anti-climactic to have the finale of Danganronpa be killed by Togami's pilot shooting them down.

It's probably someone from Killer Killer or something.

I know, it's just my opinion after all. I fully understand why people like her, and prior to DR3 ruining just about everyone she was a very solid character. I just usually prefer warmth to outright competence.

That wasn't Junko tech though. It was the Future Foundation that would upload their VR selves to replace their memories in the real bodies. She was just using that to upload her AI rather than their recreated minds.

> tfw you will never hear Megumi Ogata's sexy voice irl

But Junko tech = FF Tech, because Tengan
The Tengan that allowed her into the school in the first place

Chiaki's breasts looks smaller compared to her AI version... WTF

>helicopter shoots a gatling gun at him
>not a single shot hits
checkmate paranormal fags, our boy is behind it all

That's just poorly done. She has big tits, see

>Junko is his Remnant.

That would be amusing and would explain everything.


Jun is a talent obsessed creep who abandoned her

He deserves every cold shoulder she gives him

But weedman is alive

The comic relief armor is too strong

what is weedmans point in this anime anyway?

Is insect man holding a wooden sword? Or a bug catching net

He takes up a character slot

It reminds me of Peko's justice mask

He only abandoned his family, and he was right to do so.

... Is that a Donut next to Alolan Aoi?
Is she going to be a Nagito version of Aoi? A character voiced by the same person, who on the surface is just like her original with seemingly the same ideals but we learn is actually a really twisted bersion of them?

I think it is meant to look like a bokutou or like a staff just to fool people when you find him in-game and discover it's a bug-catching net

Maybe the lie lies in "Unfortunately".