ITT: anime better than their source material

ITT: anime better than their source material

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t. kyoanifag

The novel is crap. It's not that hard to make something better although the show isn't much better anyway.

He's not exactly wrong. The novel is boring as fuck. The anime (or the first season at least) is at least a fun enough watch.

03 FMA, I read the manga after I watched the anime, holy fuck was it a let down, is like straight down magical disney happy ending-tier.

They are both shit.

t. EOPs

You have never read the novels, they are very good. I love KyoAni because they know how to pick good source material.


Stop baiting faggot. I've read the novels and they're boring as fuck. Kumin and Dekomori weren't even in the novels. KyoAni made the series better.

>Kumin and Dekomori weren't even in the novels
Yes they were you retard.

Not him but you got to be shitting me. You are telling me that Kyoani adding garbage low-tier moe pandering is improving the source material? The fuck are you on? The focus becomes divided between the actual plot and the MCs, and the newly created screen time hoggers. Fuck, the doujin material only focused on the main chunni girl, nobody liked the fake DESU DESU DESU, nor the shitty non-character tired-blob. Fuck yourself Kyoanuslickers.

Azumanga Daioh





Search your feeling Cred Forums you know it to be true.


My nig-noggers

How about the reverse?

>Muh tragic ending makes up for all the absolute bullshit that happens before it

FMA 03 fags really are the worst.

A real sign what good directing can do to 4-koma source material.

Adding to that.

This as well.

Some people might not agree but I think Gintama works better animated both from the comedy aspect and from the drama/action aspect

OP sorry for my shitty sarcasm detection ability, but is your pic related serious or joke?

The impression I got from Zestiria threads was that the game and its plot were so shit that anything (including the current anime) is better.

I didn't play the game, genuinely curious.