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Annie is love
Annie is life
I just want Annie to smile again
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out

big nose, who knows?

Jesus, Annie makes my heart go doki-doki.

That's weird user, she is really quite gross.

Is it just me or Isayama is drawing female characters manlier and manlier each chapter. Mikasa has a buffer body than Eren, is this a new phase?

mikasa is clearly a girl idiot

If I didn't know and looked at that pic, I'd think twice.

does armin have the colossal titan power now?

Their hands are touching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cute friends!


Eren just gets more girly with each chapter.

EH is canon.

>EMfags get to see their fingers lightly graze after 85 chapters
>LMfags get lewd dominatrix shit like this
Which is more canon again?


Nice try

Neither. Unlike you, not even Isayama is autistic over a little body contact. Well he watches MMA, so that would be weird.

>Takes a joke seriously
>Calls others autistic


>implying most delusional shipperfags don't get excited over any form of body contact

This is some hot yaoi



Dying is the canon thing for the EH pairing. Actually it never even existed.

Whatever helps you feel better EMfag

More like YH is canon, not EM but EM could be canon for all I care.

If you think a yuri pairing will become canon you are deluded

>loves LiS
>admits to loving Yuri
>editor came out and said YH is canon
>calling me deluded
Whatever helps you feel better desu. I wouldn't really enjoy the butthurt when it's shown in the manga when it's so sad for you guys at this point.

I guess the reason why I don't care if something clichee like EM happens, is because I don't care about EMA as characters. As long as they stay away from my favorites and don't ruin them, since we all know when they are involved, only their dreams matter.

Ymir is dead

We shall see, yurifag.

>they stay away from my favorites and don't ruin them, since we all know when they are involved, only their dreams matter.
I feel you user.

Who are your favs?

I like YH but it's cringy when people say it's already canon. We still don't know if Historia has romantic feelings for Ymir. Until then we can only say the pair has potential.

Isayama made it clear he loves yuri. And it's not like there's never been implied yuri in shonen. I don't think it's canon at all, but it has more going for it than most ships I wouldn't go as far as calling him delusional.

>You made me really happy
>You're amazing
EH has more mutual potential

I hate EM but if it happens subtly off to the side I wouldn't care. I just hope the final chapter doesn't end with them getting married or having kids because I didn't stick with this manga for years to see it end so uncreatively. I rather it go out with a bang.


I doubt it will be canon, since not a romance manga and so on, but I could see Isayama at least implying it.

I could go on

*confirmed canon

I can't tell if you're baiting but I'm not going to argue because I like YH and EH, so either is fine with me. I do think YHs connection is more emotional and personal, though. Fighting about it is pointless though because Isayama probably won't ever develop a relationship beyond ambiguous crushes anyways.

Even EA which is already delusional as hell has more potential than EH at this point. But sure, keep going.

YH also always seems very dramatic for some reason.

How? Mikasa got jealous for a reason.

I can understand EA, but I don't see how it has more potential at the moment considering they haven't interacted in a long while and Eren doesn't really seem to be that affected by Annie anymore. But I suppose that could change when she wakes up

>Mikasa got jealous for a reason.
Yes, this seems to be a running gag with her.

If I remember correctly Isayama mentioned Annie in the guidebook, when he talked about Eren's development.

This is something I think many readers miss. Mikasa's reaction was obviously supposed to be a humorous for the readers, yes, but even so Mikasa still got jealous of another girl being close to Eren. If she didn't feel threatened she would've reacted casually to their bonding.

Mikasa always getting jealous for no reason is the joke, user.

If we are to cite the guidebook, then in the latest one Historia was said to be an inspiration to Eren by Isayama

When else has she gotten jealous of another person who's around Eren?

Uhh Annie? Mikasa is always jealous. Doesn't make Historia special to Eren.


Annie, but barely any other girl talked to Eren much. Sasha barely even shows up or talks in general.

That wasn't a joke though.

He also mentioned Annie, when he talked about his development. In the section about Historia's development, all the credit went to Ymir, which is not surprising since it's true.

Yeah, that's why I wouldn't call it a running gag. It's funny to us but she was dead serious both times and clearly saw Eren's evolving friendship with Annie and Historia as a threat.

>Historia's development, all the credit went to Ymir
Fucking this which seems to be something only EHfags miss.

So. Now what?
What happens after basement? It felt like such a big reveal and there's so much to read and know that, what to do now?
Get off the walls is easier said than done. So, what to do?

Looking for BRAZ's luxury village.

Weird how it doesn't credit Levi too.

EH had some interesting development too and I don't think it's fair to gloss over that because they do definitely see each other as friends now. Ymir will always be an important part of Historia's life and anyone who denies that is delusional, but we can't just ignore EH relationship either. Of course, it's not as strong as YHs and never will be but something is there.

I don't know, maybe because if it wasn't for Ymir influencing her she never would have thought about his words or something like.

>but we can't just ignore EH relationship either.
Of course they're friends now, just like EJ.

EMA die when?

Return of Rico, soon?

That's true.

Afer RAZ and LH bite it

LH and RAZ will never die.

I'm glad you think that because some YHfags like to deny their friendship all together and act like they got zero development.

Soon! I sure hope!

This made me chuckle. Razldazzle indeed!

I wish she'd be my wife

I wish she'd die.
I actually just want EMA to die its getting fucking annoying

To be fair I see a lot more EHfags doing this actually.

How can some run-of-the-mill garrison girl be so cute?

wow wtf I love DisgustMan now.

Too bad she's gonna be Erens wife

Me too!

She's not run of the mill! She's a Captain of the 1st Elite! That's got to be worth something..
But her cute levels are insane!

How do you get to be an elite in an army that almost never fights, anyway?

Isn't that obvious? By fucking her way to the top of course

I agree, I also think it's lame when others exclude the impact of other characters just because of shipping dispute. For example with EH or YH, you don't have to see it romantically just don't ignore their bonds. This can be said for other characters too.

Kill yourself piece of turd.

everyone should love me.
I have the best taste ever

She does fight though.. She was chosen to lead one of the elite teams in Trost, she fought against Zekes wall incursion and she has been waiting atop the walls with the rest of the soldiery on two occasions waiting to receive the Scouts.
And if cute counts towards skill, then she's exceptional!

Stop that! Don't be awful.

>I have the best taste ever
you want to kill yourself man..

Now I'm sad that I'll never be the superior officer she fucks to get ahead in the army.

>garrisons don't fight titans at all
>being elite for seemingly no reason
user.. I hate to break it to you but there's honestly only one way.

>wanting to fuck an ugly whore

She's one of the best soldiers in the Garrison! Hopefully we get to see some more of her soon. If she fights, which is always a treat to see, I have everything crossed that she will be victorious!

Please do ignore the onslaught of those in this thread who wish to attempt to muddy Rico's reputation. Those of us who greatly admire her know the truth! She got to her leadership position through personal excellence!

She doesn't do that. You need to workout and train hard to be good!

She does fight! And she's not like that. Stop posting those things.

Some people are just awful. Hard work on the characters shouldn't be soiled by awful posts.

Just die and never show up here again.


Rico is useless just like every person in the Garrison Regiment

Absolutely! Some people here can be so horrid.

Ricofriend posted some examples of some of Rico's shining moments. How can you say she is useless when she's a high-ranking soldier with excellent leadership and combat skills?

I already cut back on posting about Rico to try and make some Anons happy.. I just want to post and talk peacefully.

The Garrison is very important.

Fuck off cunt, you're the one enabling the retard by being braindead yourself.

You're both disgusting pieces of Tumblr shit.

They do jack shit all day.

This this this!

You should kill yourself.

We've established before, I don't use tumblr and I don't like it.

Some of them, maybe.

That's a terrible thing to say.

>jack shit
>implying they're not spending every moment fucking and drinking
Look at Pixis with his alcohol, what do you think his "aide" actually does?

Anka and Gustav are important aides to the commander, don't be disgusting.

Seriously, just do it.

>wasting time telling someone on a Mongolian tapestry board to kill themselves
I'd rather spare the effort for Arminfats.

No, user. Stop being awful to people.

>Mikasa has a buffer body than Eren
She's always had a buffer body than Eren

They are so fucking retarded it gets on my nerves.
>R-Rico is an respectable shit!
>Don't talk bad about Ian, he's a hero!
>craves attention by replying to every single thing and samefagging
I honestly don't care about those shit characters, it's those spam posts that are annoying.

it's this. Eren is literally a bitch.

And hell, even the Minafag isn't that retarded.

Ian's an hero

Don't go overboard.

Killing yourself for suicidal purposes doesn't make you a hero, Ian.

I am primarily an EHfag but I have noticed some others are quite volatile. It gives a bad name for the rest of us, because personally, I've had civil discussion with YHfags here before. That's just how it goes for anything I guess, a few bad apples have the louder voice than the decent fans.

>Both of them are 5 ft 7
>Mikasa is 11 pounds heavier than Eren
She's supposed to have a buffer body

We need 2 aot threads.
1 for shipping and 1 for aot itself.

Who is that handsome guy Mikasa is sitting on top of?

>We need 2 aot threads.
>aot threads.


Wow kill yourself cancer.

both would be shipping anyway

I agree. Shippingfags are just people who want to feel connected to the doujins they fap to, really boring to talk with about the series itself.

whats wrong with that?

how we out newfags

>whats wrong with that?
Crack shippers > Shippers > Tripfags > Whofags > You.

>Crack shippers > Shippers > Tripfags > Whofags
Kill yourself asap too.

All of those are terrible.

These aot threads are actually cancer.
Give 1 idea and get shat on because you said 1 wrong word.
[spoiler[I fucking hate summer[/spoiler]

Draw 2 and discard 1 or play as a 1/1

>[spoiler[I fucking hate summer[/spoiler]
How ironic.

I completely agree.

>Give 1 idea and get shat on because you said 1 wrong word.
Where do you think you are?

You're the most cancerous of them all. Fuck off already.


Can someone post the page from chapter 85 where Hanji says she wanted Erwin to live, but it was Levi's decision and there's nothing else to say about it?

Certainly. Here you go, user.

I love you.

Goddamn Hanji is wonderful.

That's very kind. You're welcome.

She certainly is!

Could you do be a sweetheart again and post the page where Levi makes everyone retreat so he can kick the door? I'd be very grateful

Certainly. It's in two parts!

And here's part two.

Thank you so much

You're welcome, user.

Levi a best!

Levi a shit


Why would you post this

Why the low res?

Agreed. Levi is utter shit, I also haven't seen that image in a long time

kys immediately


Only with Historia. She wasn't jealous of Annie, she just simple considered her abusive. And never with Armin. I don't want to attract the fujo.

Never go full ErwLfag. Never.

>she just simple considered her abusive

You can also see the annoyed faces she makes with Armin for the sake of the joke.

>she just simple considered her abusive
Do you have anything from the manga to back your theory up? I think it's plain as day that she was jealous.

What? Mikasa is always serious and she obeyed Armin. Eren was the only one that still can't believe it.

The training scene. She just interrupted them when Annie was suffocating Eren.

That was animated too which is nice.

Check first panel. It actually means Mikasa considered Annie an actual threat, while with Historia she just makes a funny face without going full edge.

Jesus, that ass shot.

No, Mikasa only interrupted them because she believed Annie was "hurting" Eren.

Love this clip, Annie a best.

Annie will destroy Mikasa.

I'm talking about

user isn't talking about that. Look at what Mikasa says here.


They fought at their best and it was a draw. Otherwise, I'd think Mikasa won.

She is just asking him what we all thought about his feelings towards Annie. He couldn't transform. With the panel of Eren reacting to the question, it means he didn't think about it before.

When will we see Hitch again?

>winning against Annie in hand to hand combat
Did you not understand the parallel between their fight and Eren vs Reiner in that very chapter itself?

Based on the pic, Annie has the advantage at least. But what makes you think she would beat Annie in hand ot hand?

I know. Eren couldn't transform and Mikasa asked him why. It's clearly that his feelings play a great part and she didn't say "Do you love her?", she just said if his feelings are stopping him.

Are you saying the whole collage of moments like this wasn't intentional but it was serious only with Historia?

>she didn't say "Do you love her?"
She asked him if he has special feelings for her, which could mean the same thing.

Can't you Whofags just leave?

Reiner lost vs many and he keeps jobbing.

Because Ackerproxy powers.

user, come on. You don't have to ship EA to notice Mikasa was obviously jealous of Annie. She could've said "is it because she was our comrade?" but she said "special feelings" instead.

What? Do you think everything is jealousy? That's fucking pathetic. In that page Mikasa was searching for Eren and the she saw Armin shaking. Shipperfags are disgusting.

>confirmed for having no reading comprehension
You should really reread the whole chapter again.

She wasn't their comrade and that question didn't imply she was jealous. She just wanted to know if her feelings were stopping him to transform.

It is not the same thing. Everyone could have asked the same question. Isayama wanted to show us that Eren didn't think about that before.

Mods, nuke this thread before is too late.

Are you retarded?
I posted that to tell you that Mikasa's cucked faces are part of a long-running joke, but you insist it was serious only with Historia. You are the shipperfag here m8.

>oh no, Eren is being hurt
>let's toss a 100 kg gorilla at him with all my Ackeroverpowered might, that'll surely safely remove every health hazard he may be experiencing at the moment
Really, user? Mikasa may be retarded, but I doubt she is retarded enough to have considered moderately rough h2h combat an actual threat to Eren's wellbeing. Annie was shown manhandling Eren during training before and yet it was only when she started flirting with him that Mikasa felt the need to interfere. She clearly had a bone to pick with her and it wasn't because Eren was being "suffocated".

It's a nice clip, but I absolutely hate Araki's decision to shoehorn it into the movie as it means it'll probably be left out of S2.

Are people really this desperate to downplay the relationship between Eren and Historia?

People can like whatever characters they want to user.

user please, they've been much worse.

Are people really this desperate to prove something that doesn't exist between Eren and Historia?

>that reading comprehension

>Reiner lost vs many
He lost single handled to Eren's grappling and then Bert bombed them.

>it'll probably be left out of S2.
Probably, but I'm hoping they work it in alongside llse's Diary. Very unlikely though.

>He lost single handled
No, Mikasa cut off his limbs and he lost force.

Doesn't mean we want to hear about them

Annie wasn't flirting with him when Mikasa interrupted them. If that was the case, it would happen in the scene when Annie smiles. Mikasa thought Eren was choking.

Looks more like EHfags trying to make the comedy relief moment special again.

Isayama said they couldn't finish the fight since they were separated

I didn't say it was serious with Historia. I said she could be jealous in that case but it's still under interpretation. Mikasa has always a serious and annoying face.

I always assumed Eren using Annie's fighting style instead of Mikasa's, meant Annie would have won.

That's why I said "WAS our comrade." Just because she turned out to be a traitor that didn't erase all their training days together. Mikasa could've said that if she didn't think Eren's personal feelings were preventing him from transforming, but she questioned whether he had special feelings for her. I don't know why you're trying so hard to deny this. Mikasa is crazy when it comes to Eren and it's perfectly logical to assume that she thought he had feelings for her even if there was nothing between them.

>Mikasa thought Eren was choking.
Very thoughtful of her to throw 95 kg at someone who is choking. She also looked calm about it, if she was worried about Eren she'd go help him instead of looking like a calm serial killer.

Not him but don't downplay their friendship and development just because you don't agree with the shippers.

>Annie wasn't flirting with him when Mikasa interrupted them
It happened the second Annie offered to teach him 'how to talk to girls'. She wasn't flirting in ch 17 when she smiled, she was just happy to have found someone interested in her arts at that time. There's absolutely nothing to suggest Mikasa's reason for interfering was what you think it was and everything to suggest she was jealous.


She threw Reiner to Annie. Eren was in the floor and didn't even move. Mikasa's target was Annie.

Yet she didn't blink an eye despite the fact that Eren was there too. Mikasa getting worked up like that is part of her character.

Pretty much. In every instance of Mikasa being worried for Eren's health/life so far, she was incredibly straightforward about it and couldn't stay collected.

She threw it on them both and he landed on them both. Reiner was too big to only target Annie, who was almost on top of Eren. Your reasoning is pretty absurd.

If she asks for his feelings it doesn't mean she is jealous because it was just a question and she didn't understand why he couldn't transform. She would never said "our comrade" because that doesn't sound like Mikasa and only Eren was close to Annie. I am not denying Eren's possible feelings for Annie, he didn't think about it before.

Dango, dango, dango, dango, dango, dango daikazoku!

But no one could have listened to that conversation and Annie wasn't even flirting with him. Mikasa thought Annie ws being abusive. Just let it go.

Very cute!

> no one could have listened to that conversation
Mikasa said "why don't you teach me those moves as well" out of nowhere just for fun amirite? How could she have known that Annie just wanted to that very thing to Eren at that moment? Hmmm

We posting cute Shingekis now?

>Your reasoning is pretty absurd.
That only proves that Mikasa is insensible even with Eren. That's how she is. Mikasa thought Annie was abusive and wanted her to try to fight with her if she could.

So you're not denying Eren's possible feelings, which are the most ambiguous part about this, but you're denying Mikasa's jealousy even though it was made apparent on more than one occasion? I don't get it.

And if I'm being honest, Mikasa asking him about his special feelings about a girl doesn't sound like something Mikasa would say either. She's not usually direct when it comes to personal feelings and it's rare for her to ask questions like that. I'd find it more believable if she referred to Annie as a previous comrade than her questioning him about his feelings. That was too personal to brush off as a simple question.

>Mikasa thought Annie was abusive
Exactly. And Mikasa thought Hisu was being abusive by making Eren carry shit so she wasn't jealous at all and just wanted lift Eren's burden.

Moves because she was suffocating Eren. That's the only thing she saw. It is so hard to understand? Mikasa just saw what was happening and reacted when Annie was being to aggressive. It wasn't an EA or EM moment, it was only about Annie and Mikasa's rivalry.

You are retard cause you can't compare things. It's tots different.


Did you actually read my post? If Mikasa couldn't hear shit, she wouldn't have repeated the exact same shit Annie was just saying to Eren. Fucking christ, EA is delusional but denying Mikasa being jealous of Annie is on a whole other level.

>my ship is canon because I said so
>your is different because I said so too
Sure thing, retard. Get better reading comprehension first.

Basically shipperfags in a nutshell.

How can she said Annie was a comrade when she wasn't her comrade? Yes, I am denying Mikasa's jealousy towards Annie. They only had a rivalry and that's why she asked the question about his feelings. It was fucking strange for Eren to act like that if he already knew Annie was a titan.

Mikasa is a psycho bitch with the hots for Eren and is delusional enough to think he actually wants to be with her, but Mikasa being jealous of Eren spending time with another woman is totally out of the question? I don't buy it. Sure you can twist the meaning around after the fact but so many fans who read that scene immediately thought it was linked to jealousy.


"Why is there a hot dog between your legs?"

I am fucking sorry. I thought you were being sarcastic. I agree with your post. So sorry, my mistake.

user she didn't repeat Annie's words. Mikasa saw Annie suffocating Eren, she threw Reiner to them and wanted Annie to show those moves to her. She just saw her moves, nothing more.

It's lovely to see some cute Shingekis around here again!

Very amusing! I wonder what Erwin would say in reply.
Also, Eren looks cute in his turban towel.

That's what common people think and that's why these threads are shit. If you can understand the meaning of the scene itself, but meh that's asking for too much.



Because she USED TO BE a comrade. Like I said, you can't just erase their history. Eren had a hard time transforming and also still had doubts about Annie being the FT. Mikasa easily could've said "Is it because she USED TO BE our comrade? Is that why you can't fight her?" Saying that would've linked up perfectly with what she said about her killing their squadmates because she could've added "she ISN'T your comrade anymore."

And I think they were rivals too, but Mikasa isn't the egotistical type that needs to prove herself. We know Mikasa has a crush on Eren and it's perfectly logical to assume she saw Annie as a rival for Eren's affections. I don't even like EA but it's impossible to believe your twisted logic. I think you see it differently because a rival ship is warping your perception.

>"why don't you teach these moves to me as well"
>"to me as well"
She clearly heard Annie offering to teach him. Mikasa was in their near vicinity, it's reasonable to assume she may have also been listening.
>Annie wasn't even flirting with him
Whether she actually was flirting or not is not the issue and not worth getting into, what matters is how easily it could be interpreted as such, especially by someone as possessive as Mikasa. Again, there is a stark contrast between Mikasa's behavior when she perceives a genuine danger or threat to Eren and how she acted in that scene. If she believed he was 'suffocating', she'd rush over and pull Annie off him herself without a second thought instead of making a scene of tossing Reiner and potentially hurting him even more.

>arms cross body
>knees barely hitting 30 degrees from center of mass


>that's why these threads are shit
This is one of the rare instances where people have evidence to back up their claims but you're shooting them all down with your own personal opinions. If you don't think Mikasa was jealous, go ahead and believe that, but everyone else who understands Mikasa's character will disagree with you.

>1 cmc
>get a 1/1 or dive 2 cards into your deck

Holy shit.

LM soon.

Long may the cuteness continue!

I-is his hand on her hand?

That's fucking ooc, Mikasa saying "she was our comrade". You don't understand Mikasa it seems. She would never say that to Annie and you know it.

>Mikasa isn't the egotistical type that needs to prove herself.
It has nothing to do with that, when she wanted Annie to fight her. That's the rivalry between the two and Mikasa thought Annie was abusive. Of course I am saying this for Mikasa's perspective and it has nothing to do with shipping.

Indeed, making sure to share cute pictures of the Veterans too.

I hate Isayama why doesn't he just confirms Hange's gender why does he draw her with boobs and won't admit she's a girl in his crappy manga why is he such a troll

Yes, and it is very lewd.

Isayama is a hack.

Because Hans is really a man. We're going to get a shirtless scene where he takes off his bra stuffed with tissue.

>She clearly heard Annie offering to teach him. Mikasa was in their near vicinity, it's reasonable to assume she may have also been listening.
Fucking hell. She was seeing what was happening. She saw how aggressive her training was.

>If she believed he was 'suffocating', she'd rush over and pull Annie off him herself without a second thought instead of making a scene of tossing Reiner.
You are just proving what I said. It was because she wanted Annie to pay and she never liked her so that was the perfect excuse for them to fight.


And why doesn't he just tell us how old the vets are? I know he said Levi's age is relevant for some odd reason, but why didn't he tell us Erwin/Hanji/Mike's exact ages? I need to know.

I hate Armin but I like JAr. Is there something wrong with me?

Oh yes! There's plenty of that lovely lot.

>understands Mikasa's character
Really? Mikasa's character or EMfags? Don't make me laugh.

Probably because Erwin/Hanji/Mike are secondary characters.

Hange doesn't care about pretending. she's what she is, a flat cutie.

Gotta play aggressively. Use Kung Fu to control the situation.

Fucking THIS.

Levi's face is adorable in that one.

>Hange doesn't care about pretending
According to Isayama it's the exact opposite. Sometimes she feels like she has to fit in with the guys, sometimes she feels like she has to be a girl.

why is he so smug

Holy fucking shit what

>she never liked her
Why? Why would Mikasa dislike Annie for no reason? Sounds like a jealous bitch to me.

I haven't seen your picture before! It's great!

Because he is best boy

What kinda sound effect is ZAKK

Maybe the warriors really are the bad guys after all

But he already said Erwin was in his late 30s, Mike was older, and Hanji is a few years younger than Levi, who's in this early 30s. Why not just give the exact ages instead of saying all that?

She's unkept and unhygienic for a reason. She doesn't care what other people think.
And about that song, it's exclusively about gender roles. How you can still be a man despite having a girlish side and vice versa.

>She's unkept and unhygienic for a reason.
Isayama said in the Gekkan magazine that this is because it's typical for "otakus" and Hanji is kind of supposed to be one.

I meant after Annie's revelation but the rivalry was always there and it probably started with that incident. Annie calling Mikasa a monster proves it.

If that were the case, Hange would be fixing her stuffing at all times during missions. But you could tell her perky, cute petite breasts were real after Troute injured her.

>She was seeing what was happening. She saw how aggressive her training was
Yes, she did, and it's safe to assume she heard their conversation as well. That's most likely what prompted her reaction if you consider EA trained together enough for Eren to eventually master Annie's technique and assume her Muay Thai stance in an unconscious state as a titan. Refer back to
>It was because she wanted Annie to pay and she never liked her so that was the perfect excuse for them to fight.
That's just another headcanon, we have nothing to infer how Mikasa felt about Annie before the FT reveal from, and especially so if you deny she was jealous.

I had a dream that Jean/Hitch, Eren/Historia and Levi/Mikasa all had daughters and there was a lesbian love triangle going on between the 3 of them. JH and EH daughters had huge ladyboners for LM daughter, and LM daughter kind of liked EH daughter but had the hots for one of Nile's sons who was really buff and shit, he kind of looked like Reiner but with brown hair.

Armin was also really creepy and tried to rape EH and LM daughters, he was like that villain from Life in Strange. The ending was also the same and LM daughter had to choose between killing all the titans or save EH daughter and she chose the latter.

Thanks! Yours is also adorable.

>no Armin
Great picture, saved.

Annie was very cute in Lost Girls with the cats!

That's cute. If you ignore the rapey Armin part.

Thanks. Posting cute pictures means absolutely no shitmin.

I still need to read Lost Girls, it looks fantastic.

She's beautiful and she's a cat lover. Literally perfect.

>Armin was also really creepy and tried to rape EH and LM daughters

Why am I not surprised.

If you like Annie, you'll love Lost Girls!

It was really sweet to see another side to her, especially the day before her big mission.

Yes, Annie truly is perfection.

Fantastic! I'll be starting Lost Girls tonight then.

It was. Although, I still feel bad for her having been forced to train by her dad.

Exceptional taste and a lovely Annie picture.

>to assume she heard their conversation as well
How can you say that if she didn't say anything about their conversation but how she was fighting? Nah, I don't want to discuss this anymore EMfag.

Anniebot and CWLanon should fuck.

I don't trust that translation/interview very much. The fact Isayama said Hange's character was based on the live action movie's director doesn't make sense.
It also said Hange wasnt very good with casual chatting but could go hours and hours talking when it came to titans, which is bullshit since she's really sociable and good when it comes to dealing with people.
I thought he was just taking the piss. I mean, he never meant to make Hange's gender a secret, he only did it because he was butthurt after a fan couldn't tell what Hange was supossed to be because his shitty drawings weren't clear enough.
But considering the casting for the movie and the fact she's female in the anime where Isayama gave details about her and the staff had to follow Isayama's instructions really carefully when designing her it is painfully obvious she's a girl. Isayama is just a piece of shit who enjoys keeping her gender a secret because its a big deal for her fans, but only a retard would think Hange is anything but a female. The fact she has boobs drawn on her should be enough for anybody to tell and comprehend this but I still want confirmation. I hope the piece of shit keeps his promise and reveals it eventually

Did you read any of my posts? Annie offers to teach Eren her moves. Mikasa butts in and asks if she can take her up on that offer as well. How can you dismiss what was clearly intended to be connected?

If you're going to resort to fingerpointing, at least do it right. EM is one of my least favorite pairings in the series, precisely because of Mikasa's attitude.

I'm straight. I don't know about Anniebot.


Robots have no gender.

The warriors are in the right.

How come you haven't killed yourself yet?


Yes. The fact that you hate Armin.

Does anyone know what's on the dvd that comes with special ed. vol.20

Pretty sure that hasn't been revealed yet. Can only assume it's another OVA, but we'll see.

Don't know about you, but I would kill for Crimson Bow and Arrow and Wings of Freedom. Crimson Bow and Arrow was a pretty good watch.

An entire OVA dedicated to Armin's masturbatory habits. Can't wait.

That sounds fucking fantastic.

You cheeky cunt.

Right? Even if they need to go Crimson Bow and Arrow with Vol.20 and Wings of Freedom with Vol.21, that would be great.

I never watched those. I thought it was just watered down recaps for people who didn't feel like rewatching the whole season.

Yup. That's me.

Well that was dumb

If the characters all had tattoos, what do you think they would have tattoos of?


What names for the shingekis do you think fit them? Armin looks like a Seamus, Julian, or Jeremie to me, Mikasa like a Mikaela or Jamie, Reiner looks like a Brad, and Connie looks like a Ryker.

If it's not a recap then what is it?

Isayama is learning to build characters, and sloppy details like Hange's attitude, and Ackerman bloodline, show he is improving through many mistakes. The fact he said he didn't take notes is just one indication he is a noob.

Jean's name is perfect. He looks like a Lee.

>>Look at this photograph.
>>This is imprint of the subjects' reflected light onto a special kind of paper

More like a movie. A recap would be, "Last time, our brave heroes fought against the titan hordes blah blah balh"

Eren tattoo
A dead titan
A L on his forehead

He's gonna die and Boris will pity fuck her

Ugh god like, you are so controlling, Rod. UGH! You just don't understand me! Only Kenny does!

A shingeko find out is pregnant or that the shingeko he fucked is pregnant, what do you think they would do? Abortion? Adoption?

I really don't like how much Uri looks like Fartmin in the panel they photoshopped onto that.

But it's still just a watered down version of the first season, right? I just want to know if I'm missing out on something here. I watched the two new scenes but is there anything else?

Eren - Ryan, Alistair.
Armin - Simon.
Mikasa - Olivia, Beth.
Sasha - Prudence, Alice.
Historia - Rosie.
Connie - Jack.
Jean - Christopher, Chris.
Ymir - Jess.
Reiner - Calvin.
Bert - James.
Annie - Lily.

It all depends on who is expecting or the male is. I can imagine that Historia would be prohibited from having an abortion anyway, since an heir is required in order to continue the royal line. It is part of the duties of a monarch.
I can see Armin being enthusiastic about the female Shingeki keeping the baby. Jean might feel that way too.
Out of the girls, I think that Sasha would like to keep the baby. Annie might have liked to but would have thought about the future, perhaps had doubts about her abilities as a mother and would have decided to go ahead with the termination.

None of us to. It's worrying.

He also admitted he didn't pay much attention to his own manga after the chapter 57 fuckfest.

Borisfag is alive?

Alright, how about a breather from shipping cancer?

Any guesses about how the next arc will go?

>public adores Survey Corps
>suddenly full Corps of new trainees
>Rico & Pixis tasked with clearing the inside of Wall Maria
>biggest expedition yet to contact the other civilization(s)
>Levi death
>more misery

Pixis would sooner bring Anka for servicing duty.

>Levi death.


Hitch transfers to the SL

>Ymir's letter
>Eren and Armin are now super important and people worships them
>HIstoria makes some dumb decision after reading the letter seconded by Eren and Armin, while Nile, Zacklay and Pixis agree because butthurt about Erwin's death
>Manlet and Hange are not ok with this but don't have much to say
>Manlet leaves SL
>Mikasa is new Captain
>Everybody gets ready for Eren to learn how to use right the Coordinate
>People enlist because they are too overconfident

it'll happen soon man
that little display against the Warrior's "strongest" fighter highlighted how game-breaking he is

>cutting up Zeke was the last cool thing we'll ever see Levi do

Zeke is nowhere near the strongest they have.

>levi dead
But still guys someone should make a snk lore/ideas thread.
No shipping shit only theories and ideas.

Pretty much. And mostly because Manlet doesn't seem to have a palpable goal. I don't think he wants to die, he just doesn't care that much about dying fighting the enemy. Now, Isayama probably is going to make Mikasa win the fight with Zeke and Manlet dying protecting her.

>splitting a slow general into two
Your new is showing

Lore/ideas is how this thread should be, but as with everything Cred Forums. the shipper cancer spreads rapidly between chapters

Levi is dead inside. The only thing that can increase his mood or that even stands a chance of making him smile again is Hanji and their babies.

Just because Erwin died doesn't mean Levi no longer has a goal.

His goal is still humanity's freedom. I'd be surprised if he left the SL or died in some pointless way.

What happened to the harem?

I keep to the shadows mostly

I am not even talking about Erwin here and you have to name it.
I am talking about a palpable, tangible goal, Manlet doesn't have one, like, hate to say, Armin. So him dying for the greater good is something Manlet himself probably already considered.

It is just Hanji now. Levi realised that he needs a single loyal lady by his side. One who understands him.

What about the kids already 'in the making'?

This arc was even worse than the political arc

A present for you

Levi just wants to die already so he can see petra again. Fuck outta here with that bullshut

I do not believe anything came of that. Either way, we don't tend to talk about them. We should focus on Hanji's twin boys at the moment. They will be called Erwin and Moblit.

You speak the truth.

Nice one user

If there are twins in Moblit's family, then Hange may give birth to twins! Also, Manlet have a lot of babies in the orphanage he and Historia built.

Yeah, it really was. Bravo Isayama.

Only people taller than Levi stand a chance with him.

It's honestly hard to believe but yeah. Started out so well though.

Manlet only has lewd eyes for Traute. The rest of women in his life are imoutos or mothers.

The male has no bearing on number of children at a time.


If Moblit had lived he would have been uncle and godfather to the babies but Levi is the daddy. I believe that Levi likes to take care of the children at the orphanage too, but naturally he has to put his own biological children first.

She was his uncle's pick. I do not know whether Kenny had a harem or a singular lady.

I liked political arc until turkey titan, the way they killed him it was retarded, and kinda settled the logic about how to defeat a titan: Isayama says so.

Fair, guess I just assumed it was about Erwin so apologies on jumping to that conclusion.

I'll agree that Levi has more than likely considered dying for the greater good. Rather he not die, but if it happens then so be it.

Kenny's team members were his bitches, they wore wigs and pretended to be Uri.

No problem. I can see their friendship and the liege bond, but Manlet is really into the hero thing, I'm kinda sure that was what Kenny made obvious in his last chat with him. At this point I think Manlet is taking too serious the uncle Ben's saying "with a great power comes a great responsibility".

That's what Isayama himself said.

>catch up
>Moblit dead
>Erwin dead
>Miche dead
>Marlo dead
>Bert dead
H-hold me

>Miche dead

>Jean's plan to beat Bert: Have JSC distract him from the front while Mikasa sneaks up on him.
>Erwin's plan to beat Zeke: Have the Scouts distract him from the front while Levi sneaks up on him.
>Armin's plan to beat Bert: Distract Bert from the front while Eren sneaks up on him.

Bravo, Isayama. Incredible tactics from true geniuses.

Agreed. He's someone who is willing to take on as much responsibility as possible, again it speaks to his hero complex.

>Moblit dead
>Erwin dead
>Miche dead


Funimation for Mike

Dubs of truth. Also, kek


>Armin's plan to beat Bert: Misdirect him with a hardened Titan, die but hold on long enough for sneaky Eren to feed the nugget fuck to me afterwards yum yum

I never normally like painfully OP characters in manga, but Levi just gets to me man.

The way he wiped out the entire Titan legion offscreen on flat ground then appeared soaked in blood, death-glaring Zeke got me rock hard

You forgot the worst thing.

>mina still dead

>Jean's plan to beat Bert: distract him, which mean a high rate of dying.
>Erwin's pln to beat Zeke: distract him, which mean a high rate of dying.
>Armin's plan to beat Bert: die so CT gets distracted.

She's alive in the game, Minanon
I just fought Zeke with her at my side

Oh, that reminds me. Everyone should get the game if you haven't already. It's the best we're likely to get.

Nice try, but Mikasa HATES Levi.

>survey corps has now a new commander, commander Hanji
>The 4th wall is actually unscalable because its built too technically superior
>Humans still exist outside the 3th wall in titan-free settlements
>its all set in the near future of the 21st century
>eren finally dies but armin sacrifices herself for him. Somehow this makes the manga notably better
>Sasha dies too because of previous mistakes made by armin
>armin died and no one other than mika cares

Whoever taught you to speak English should be murdered.

YH soon.

>The 4th wall
stop this meme

I'm so happy.

4th wall was all but confirmed. Humanity isn't extinct and lives comfortably, so the titans must be blocked off from the rest of the world with a 4th wall.

>Last page of the manga is the answer to the origin of titans.
>You turn the page, hurried and nervous.
>Blank page.
>You stare in horror.
>After some minutes you see some small letters at the bottom of the page
>"This is the 4th wall. The 4th wall is us. You, the reader, and me the writer".

Moblit is the daddy of the one she's carrying now.

Be nice that was probably his 3th time writing in english

I'm sure that Levi is the daddy. Moblit was just entrusted with the task of giving her back rubs and seeking out her favourite foods to satisfy her cravings.

>Mikasa HATES Levi
That's why she's going to hate-fuck him and show him who's the alpha Ackerman.

Keep saying that to yourself, Manlet only worships one dick, and is not hangoo trans dong.

this and that's mikasa's futa penis

Eren already dom fucks Mikasa and shows her who is the Alpha, it is impossible for her to assert herself like that over someone.


What's wrong with that post apart from the 1st and 2nd line?

So he lets Mikasa look when Armin fucks him?

In bed, yes.

Levi is in love with Hange. You'll see this soon.

This is correct. Also Hanji is a lady. She will have Levi's babies.

Nice delusion LHshitter.

Post cute Ymirs. I need them.

Mikasa already proved that she prefers to be the dom. Please, respect her sexual desires and let her hate-fuck that manlet.

>all this shit flinging to decide which self-insert looks better with Levi

user, now you're just shitposting.

They're both the only ones from the veterans that were left alive. There's no one coming in their way. It will happen soon.


He is best when not shipped with anyone.

How much longer do we have to wait for LM fucking? Is it being saved for the training arc?

Ymir is cute and not dead.

At least Kek acknowledges canon.


He is best when he is being a hero and taking care of little imoutos. Manlet is for big bro not for dad or waifu.

Already happened off-screen during the two month time skip. Too lewd to show.

See above you delusional piece of shit. Mikasa is fucking PREGNANT. Why do you think Levi didn't fight back? He didn't want to hurt his baby.

Nice try but Mikasa only has eyes for Levi's alpha dick.


He did not say anything like that, only tumblr delusions. According to Isayama Eren thinks of Mikasa as his mother.

My nigga, you speak the truth.

>and not dead.
Fuck I pray to God every day that Ymir isn't dead.

LMfags please, According to Isayama, EM is endgame. This has been addressed multiple times.

> Levi's alpha dick.
Sad because that dick belongs to Erwin and he is loyal to manlet.

According to the real Isayama, not the one your malfunctioning brain made up, Levi put his Ackercock inside Mikasa's Ackerhole while Eren was off being a faggot, as usual.


Heh, then why does EM basecanon, According to Isayama?

Was Nanaba preggo with Mike's baby? Can a dead person give birth in Hell?

Maybe she would be a switch for Levi but she's all sub for Eren.

I would love it if she was carrying Mike's child. What a beautiful child it would be.


That's kinda depressing though since they're both dead.

What if the recruits died instead of the veterans? No SJC but MNG.

Firing Pin is canon, it is known.

They have a happy life in Heaven.

However much I like SJC, I would have preferred the veterans to survive.

They're raising the baby in shingeki heaven. Erwin is a proud uncle and Petra stops by to babysit when the others are busy doing ghost stuff.


I really want hurricane to make Mikasa pregnant in the next one, preg/lactation is a huge fetish of mine.

I don't get why even argue it, according to Isayama EM is canon...

I want to do all kinds of lewd things with Eren.

I want to trace his soft lips before kissing him passionately. I want to feel his warmth through his clothes before ridding him of them. I want to lay my head on his chest and listen to his reassuring heartbeat,

That is true love.

Kill yourself.

Damn. I want this disgusting and stupid EMshit to go. Why?

Zeke pls

You can't argue with this butt. Eren clearly wants it, according to Isayama, that is.

Why has he got a pack of stickers in his mouth?


According to Isayama nobody should have big expectations about the plot. So if this is true, then EM is actually canon, and Armin is actually a genius.

He's getting his love glove ready.

He collects them. A perfect hobby for a perfect boy.

forced impregnation by Levi so he can 'claim' her from Eren

Now hold it right there, have you read the most recent interview? According to Isayama, EM is going to be canon.

I don't believe this and I'm a massive EMfag.

Eren is forced to take care of his wife's son while continuously getting cucked by Levi.

>I want to eat shit lots and lots
Nice try Mikashitter

I want to bully them off the board, but I can't bring myself to treat the mentally handicapped like that.

According to Isayama atleast regarding the newest interview, we'll see far more EM development in the coming chapters.

What newest interview?

He thinks it's his, of course.

>this new

>EM development
This is excellent news. Does this mean Eren is finally going to accept her as his mother? I'm sure, in time, he will come to accept his new step-father Levi, too. I can't wait to see all the family antics.

while continuously getting cucked by Levi.

fucking kek'd

Fuck off newfag.

I hope you're not being lewd.

That's a good hobby! I hope they're cute stickers he's collecting. Perhaps robots or Rugrats?

I don't approve of the Levi and Mikasa ship, but I must admit, it's a rather amusing image to imagine Eren boasting about his 'little champ' while everyone else but him can see that the child clearly was fathered by Levi.

Who JM here?

They're Pokemon stickers. I'd say that's cute!

Suddenly Eren and Mikasa always had the most complex and well built relationship but we never got to see it because it happened off panel. And now we should stick with what some random character says in one panel because that's development according to Isayama.


Nah, JH. Also would rather LM or even AM.

It is! I can imagine he's very keen to collect as many as possible. Every sticker, even duplicates, is cherished!

Very cute! Hanji is having a lot of fun!

JM will never happen, or LM, or AM, according to Isayama.

Guys pls, I just missed a couple threads. The last interview I was here for was the one where he mentioned they'd separate and I don't know if that counts as development.

I've actually been looking for this picture so thanks.

Sorry JH and AM are endgame.

He loves Charizard duplicates! A little mainstream opinion but it's very cute.

you're welcome my dear user

Nothing wrong with that! We all have our favourites and we have a right to enjoy them!

>I don't approve of the Levi and Mikasa ship
Can I convince you to like it by involving Erwin with them

>he doesnt know where Isayama interviews get posted

Flareon is best Pokémon


That's surprisingly hot

Stop baiting MikaQT. Your shit is stale already

>Nobody from the Reiss family is able to freely use the coordinate to help mankind

>Not a single shonen manga artist is able to write a protagonist that isn't an asexual freak, even Isayama

Is this like a genetic Japanese thing? What's the point having characters like Mikasa if they're just going to get ignored?
Did they all grow up reading poorly translated Victorian plays about unrequited love?

LME just seems so very strange. I'm afraid I cannot support this ship.

That image is named after me. Interesting.

A cute one for sure. I don't know many of their names, but I always thought that one was pretty.

Very true! Charizard is an oldie but a great one at that.

YH is the only acceptable xH
But the interview said JM soon.

>LME just seems so very strange
But Erwin loves his strong Ackerman's.

Shouldn't manlet be in the middle?

Not even MH? (Granted one of them is dead but)

not even him, but according to Isayama, most of his shitposts he predicted in the past will become true.

Jean and Hitch retard. It's going to happen soon.

>JM soon
Not according to Isayama.

I know that, but certainly not in the way the picture implies!



Here's the source of that image.

Mods please. Delete this shit.

That definitely would have been me if I was in that crazy situation.

The contents of the books will heavily bias all of this but I like it.

>>Historia will disclose something of importance from the books and people will break into civil war because rage.

>That face
Isayama really did failed her face there. Luckily, last arc's only redeeming quality has been precisely the expressions.

Levi is shit tier.

Historia will execute the remaining SL for hurting her beloved Reiner and for killing Reiner's bestie

>her beloved Reiner

Execute them for killing her beloved Bert then


>people shipping SnK characters
Keep up those headcanon mental gymnastics boys!

Me. I'm pretty sure is gonna happen. That's the impression I got the first time I read the manga.

Not gonna lie, I would probably fap to a doujin like this.

So has the Bertfag killed himself?