Oreimo thread

Kirino a cute

kirino is for pumping and dumping

My heart explodes every time I see these two

Kirino is hot . Kuroneko a cute

Kuroneko is the cutest

>Oreimo thread
No thanks. I'll wait for the Kirino thread.

Why would someone break that level of social taboo to date such an insufferable cunt?

What about a backward oreimo, with a little brother and older sister that have a bad relationship but grow closer?

You mean a little brother and older sister who have a great relationship that worsens over the course of the story until they hate each other.

watamote good ending

Literally Liar x Liar.


I think you mean a shit

Kirino is the best girl and absolute winner

Why are they so perfect together, Cred Forums?

Because they're siblings and that's all that matters in a romantic relationship

Love between siblings is purest of them all

I want kirino to step on me

I want to cum inside Kanako after promising I wouldn't

Kanako is perfection, Kirino is up there too.

Didn't mean to quote anyone!

Kanako is the most fuckable Oreimo. You can manhandle and toss her around to bury your dick in her from every angle and then cuddle peacefully with her lying on your chest

Kirino is love. Kirino is life. Kirino is sex.

Best girl.

>Thinking of Onii-chan's dick
>Recalling the hot sensation of balls deep penetration as her walls were split and clit was rubbed

She wouldn't think about stuff like that. Kirino is a pure girl.

She plays eroge and reads doujinshi. She does more than just think about it


It's not impure and indecent if it's Onii-chan.