ITT: shit shows that Cred Forums tricked you into watching

ITT: shit shows that Cred Forums tricked you into watching.


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Index and Railgun.

Fate/Stay Night and the VN

Here's a show I tricked Cred Forums into collectively watching.
Good times.

Seriously though, it's the EoE of anime.

He's not wrong. Re;Zero is barely cookie cutter time loop storywise with barely any interesting worldbuilding.

It doesn't even fucking exist!

Rather better off reading all you need is kill since it handles the time loop more effectively than re:zero.

Diabolik Lovers. It had some funny moments here and there, but overall it was utter shit.
I should have known none of the ridiculous VN(?) stuff would make it into the adaptation.


Here's a (You) now get the fuck out.


I came to post this.

Ninja slayer

Sakamoto, one of the most boring comedies I've watched until Handa-kun showed up

Stein's Gate
Attack on Titan
Code Geass R2
Rozen Maiden (although I ended up enjoying this one, despite it being garbage-tier)

you dun goofed.

Railgun is a masterpiece.

It was intentionally cookie cutter for plot twists, world building is a meme.

Kaiji and Akagi don't belong between that shit, faggot.

Steins;Gate for sure. Cred Forums calls it the greatest anime ever and then I watch it and it's literally just waifubait