Kenshin Brotherhood when?

Kenshin Brotherhood when?

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I thought the anime was pretty good, but maybe not the filler. Had a cool artstyle and a cute girl though. Which parts of the anime were filler? I think some of it might have actually been decent, but I remember some crazy nip magic episodes that were so dumb.

I remember something-something about Christians.

Something-something about Germans.

Rurouni Kenshin had the best OP/EDs.

fucking this. It's gonna rain is still one of my favorites

>something-something about Christians.

I liked this one. I think there was maybe a mushroom trip episode too. Good characters in this series. This guy right here though, amazing.

I am very partial to The Fifth Avenue Cafe myself.

Except for an interesting design he didn't have much going for him.
Ciao! Ciaooooo!

This was one of my favorites:

Doesn't really need one desu, the later arcs aren't nearly as good and Kyoto arc was perfectly adapted. Plus Trust & Betrayal.

Still hurts, man.

It would be fucking hilarious to see a modern TV anime trying to surpass Trust & Betrayal. The comparisons would be brutal.

>interesting design
Every character in this series for me.

Doesn't need one. Jinchuu arc was fucking garbage.

I prefer the dub

I actually cried when I saw that. It's a weird that a minor antagonist had much more interesting backstory and characterization than the fucking main protagonist.


So?That doesn't make you special you know
No thank you, i'd rather gauge out my eyeballs then having to sit throug another one of those >(something something 2003 muh childhood memories!)

The shit store called, they ran out of your taste.

Enishi was great.

listing two of the worst arcs in the entire show there.

The German ninja pirate gold arc was just retarded. The only thing you remember about it was how stupid it was.

The only thing you remember about the Christian arc is how angry it made you to shit on Kenshin's character, and how it resulted in you dropping the show.

Everything after the Kyoto arc can be skipped, frankly.