How badly do you want to be friends with Mokocchi?

How badly do you want to be friends with Mokocchi?

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I'll pass. She's a terrible person.

Tomoko is a great person read the manga again.

Why people put down tomoko so much she a great person just really shy.

Tomoko is really nice and really funny like anime manga and video games and if your having a bad day tomoko try cheer you up.

Tomoko is a great person.

I need tomoko in my life.


She is not real. So, no matter the effort it will all be worthless. I just want to make her manga/anime popular, thats the only thing I could do for her.

then why are you on Cred Forums?

>Why people put down tomoko so much she a great person

Everybody is like this. Everybody except Jesus and Buddha are assholes.

no one is perfect in this world that what nico tanigawa try tell everyone.

I really love tomoko so much.

This last bump.

She doesn't need friends; she needs a psychiatrist.

Give her 4-5 years and she'll be ready to make friends for real.

So is their relationship going to be a reverse of Tomoko and Sheep-Chan's where one girl thinks one's a pervert and stalker but the other has no idea what's going on?

Sheep-chan is so deep in the closet it hurts.

That just a joke in the manga don't worry tomoko like guys a lot.

We need protection tomoko form /u/ reddit tumblr and incesfags

That character design is beyond edgy.


The vermin had it coming.

She not from tomoko world.

And self insert fags.

I'm not like this. I'm tolerant person who can talk to anyone.

don't forget it's Tomoko Tuesday

There are people you wish death upon, don't lie.

Nope, there aren't.




>Tomoko's face next chapter

I really want to sexually fuck Tomoko and memorize every face she makes throughout.

And be her friend too I guess.

unless we call you shit? even i'm better than that

I respect your opinions.

I want become tomoko boyfriend.

I love tomoko.

How do Tomokofags feel about Hitoribocchi ni OO Seikatsu?


I didn't know that one. As could be expected from a seasoned Tomoko waifuist, I have a full-time job with responsibilities and series I need to catch up on.

But a quick look at it makes me wish for a creature Tomoko spinoff.


Tomoki is a ass that why tomoko is saying that.

>ywn cradle Tomoko in your arms while stroking her head


I want this so bad but it never gonna I want cry so much right now.

I cry today because of it.

You could lucid dream her maybe.

>tfw don't know how to, and too lazy to lucid dream

I'll look it up.

Yes .

Maybe you could daydream too.

Seeing Tomoko be /u/ raped would be kind of hot. I mean she seems to tease the idea in her head, but to get overwhelmed with a full on molestation would really shock her.

nico tanigawa hate /u/.

That is too bad. Rumiko also hated people talking about Ranma getting pregnant as a girl, but look what happened. You can't stop the pop.

nico tanigawa not like that.

Nico nico nii

only reason people want that /u/ shit in this manga that can masturbation to it nico tanigawa know this.

nico tanigawa if you see this please please keep /u/ out this manga . I know they can't see this thread.


Last bump with this thread.

Komi is superior

I mastered lucid dreaming when I was in a major depressive phase of my life due to an injury.

I can do it, but I'll just end up raping her then tenderly loving her.
I only want to love and care not spear her with my massive cock.

I'm not a very good person.


I day dream all the god damn time.


tomoko threads would be empty without them

Mokocchi is one of us

I know that.

I actually think Tomoko is a good test.
If you think she's a bad person then you're a normalfag and you need to stop browsing Cred Forums.

I am pretty sure Watamote threads have all kinds of people, just saying they should control their headcannons and not accept as a fact whatever they think.

I think out of logic, since Watamote is being made by a man and a woman, that they may be engaged one way or another, and since Tomoko is based on the artist perhaps Tomoko may end up with a guy similar to the other guy.
But I am not saying shit.

Which one is the girl again? The artist or the writer?

I am pretty sure the one lusting for Izumi is the guy.

I don't know, we know Tomoko is based on the girl's experiences, and she has pretty big lesbian tendencies.

Tanigawa Nico are a couple of Manga artists.

Here's the best minor character with only a page of screentime.

Need some more serious unflappable bluntness.


Tomoko based off artist. no artist not lesbian how do I know she keep hit on me in chapter thread.


I.m thinking over this it not artist mess with me.


Why can't that girl just come to terms about the fact that she craves cock?